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Five Star Movement

The Five Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S) is an a political party in Italy launched by Beppe Grillo, a popular activist, comedian and blogger, and Gianroberto Casaleggio on 4 October 2009. The party is populist, ecologist, and partially Eurosceptic.

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One of Europe's biggest populists just made a move that could push UKIP to the brink of financial ruin
Five Star Movement dealt blow as aide to Rome mayor is arrested / tutti corrotti come sempre :(((
anti-euro 5 Star Movement votes to split w/ in EU Parliament in grab for more influence
Italy's anti-euro Five Star Movement votes to split with UKIP in European Parliament in grab for more influence
Italy's Five Star Movement votes to leave Eurosceptics for Euro liberals
Still shocked he sought link with THESE people: pro-Putin pro-Assad anti-Ukraine. Failed, but trust is shattered.…
6/n Today's problem is they need to find a new home in the EU parliament
Five Star Movement’s founder calls for vote to reject citing “improper use” of EU Parliament funds
There's a split between Italy's Five Star Movement and its Eurosceptic allies in the European Parliament
Ukip's EU funding at risk after M5S quits Nigel Farage's Brussels group
Me on the secret Verhofstadt-Grillo deal that has left liberal MEPs dismayed
The end of a beautiful friendship: Five Star Movement has left UKIP behind & voted to join pro-EU alliance. h…
There is not enough common ground to push forward ALDE's pro-European agenda with the Five Star Movement. More: https:/…
The decision not to accept Five Star Movement as a member is a wise one. Read my statement here
M5S MEPs in chaos after plan to ditch Farage for new alliance crumbles
Italy's Five Star Movement part of growing club of Putin sympathisers in west
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M5S is the Five Star Movement, the party of Beppe Grillo.
You might put Beppe Grillo from Five Star Movement. (Not an endorsement from me.)
Impressive. source on the Five Star Movement is Mr. Article is about fake news.
SAM Italy won't extradite him. JOSH The best part is that Italy won't extradite him.
'We have had ENOUGH' Populist leader condemns EU for making Italians 'SLAVES' of Brussels
Zoggie:. 'Grillo is an Anti-Semite(sic). The Five-Star Movement (M5S) is more dangerous than the Fascists'
Alessandro Di Battista: full transcript of interview with Five Star Movement's 'heart-throb'  via
The populist Five Star Movement has become Italy's biggest political opposition group. What does it stand for?
referendum: a win-win scenario for the populist Five Star Movement, say &
A "win-win" scenario for the Five Star Movement in tomorrow's ?
This is why Italy's Five Star Movement faces a win-win scenario in this weekend's referendum
Fascinating piece on Italy's Five Star Movement and its web of fake news outlets
I'd be interested to see Five Star Movement in power in Italy after the referendum. I'd be like England under control of FUKP.
Five star movement and Beppe Grillo is coming at the right time to seize power of Italy. The consequences will be disastrous. Watch.
Defeat for PM will not necessarily sweep the anti-euro Five Star Movement to power.
I'm more concerned he is the leader of the Five Star movement.
Will Italy open the door to Five Star? . Italy’s Five Star Movement was riding the anti-establishment wave.
Nice interview by the Telegraph to Italy's 5* Movement Alessandro Di Battista:
Europe and the UK should fear the rise of Italy's Five Star Movement, writes Peter Foster
La Stampa reported blogs, social media accounts and websites in Russia con. to the Five Star Movement spread fake news harmful to Mr. Renzi
the Five Star Movement in Italy want to vote NO because. ..? As far as I know they want a different referendum. What do they say abt this?
Five Star Movement's slogan is italian version of Watch out
Spread of in Italy and the Five Star Movement. Via
Here's my 2013 paper on Beppe Grillo & his Five Star Movement. Useful for those following the
Five Star Movement (planning street parties if PM is defeated in constitutional
only hearing of the Five Star Movement.
Watch this space: Five Star Movement, fake news and the Russia connection ahead of the Renzi referendum in Italy
Wait, Dario Fo was part of the Five Star Movement?
How did the Five Star Movement get this far?
After millenia, the city at the heart of the Roman Empire will be governed by a woman for the first time.
BBC NewsThe anti-establishment Five Star Movement has made big gains in Italy, winning mayoral races in Rome and...
Rome elects first female mayor in setback for Italian PM
Rome elects first female mayor in breakthrough for Five Star Movement:
Italian referendum on offshore drilling fails due to low turnout. Not even close. Win for Renzi, defeat for Five Star Movement.
The Five Star Movement is not radical – Beppe Grillo is one of them, not us | Wu Ming Foundation
RIP Gianroberto Casaleggio, 61, Italian entrepreneur and co-founder of Five Star Movement.
Gianroberto Casaleggio died at 61, Italian entrepreneur, co-founder of Five Star Movement -
BTW, today this guy died. He was *just* the thinking mind of one major political party.
The grey eminence behind Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement died today. What will be of the orphaned political movement?
Gianroberto Casaleggio, the co-founder of Italy's Five Star Movement, dies
also these silly pirate parties and things like the Five Star Movement
Italy's Five Star Movement supports a referendum on Italy's membership of the
Sad to hear of death of Gianroberto Casaleggio, genius behind Five Star Movement. He was an inspiration f…
Digital media and Italy's Five Star Movement. My colleague has published two new studies:.
How the Five Star Movement used non-traditional media to mobilize supporters. Free to read:...
Five Star Movement proposals to introduce high speed Internet in Italy ignored: (it)
Two new articles on Italy's Five Star Movement (coauthored by me & via
The vote was triggered by the Five Star Movement. Get your facts right.
The only Italian party we have any connections with is the five star movement.
Movement>straight from the office>city FM 3:30 tune in >be a kolombolicious beta Pikin. Five star
Five-Star Movement to abstain in high court election: (AGI) Rome, Sept 17 - The a...
Sweden Democrats aligned to UKIP in the EFDD along with Italy's Five Star movement.
Finding it hard to understand Beppe Grillo and (Five Star Movement) in Italy? Here's a good analysis:
NEW EFD GROUP FORMED IN THE European Parliament. “WE WILL BE THE PEOPLES’ VOICE” SAYS UKIP LEADER Nigel Farage A New EFD Group has been formed in the European Parliament, currently comprising of 7 national delegations and 48 MEPs. UKIP Leader and EFD Group President Nigel Farage said: “I am very proud to have formed this Group with other MEPs and we undertake to be the peoples’ voice. "We will be on the front-line working for the restoration of freedom, national democracy and prosperity across Europe. Expect us to fight the good fight to take back control of our countries' destinies. "We have struggled against much political opposition to form this group and I am sure it will operate very well. Now it is formed I expect other delegations to join soon.” Beppe Grillo of Italy's Five Star Movement said that: "It is a great victory for direct democracy." The Group will meet in Brussels on the afternoon of Tuesday 24th June and is comprised of MEPs from: UKIP, Italy’s Five Star Movement, Lithuan ...
Britain’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) may have dodged a bullet fired by the Conservatives straight at Nigel Farage. Members of Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement, the Italian anti-establishment, anti-EU party, voted to have their 17 members in the European Parliament join UKIP in the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group. The European Parliament operates in such a way that parties from across the continent and Britain join together in wider groupings, with a minimum requirement for the number of members and the diversity of countries in each group. Following last month’s European Elections there have been concerns that UKIP …read more Source: Breitbart
An Italian anti-establishment political group called the Five Star Movement is turning its attention against Europe.
Depends on how the negotiations with the Five Star Movement goes I would presume.
Some MEPs not giving up on the idea of extra colleagues from Five Star Movement
Beppe Grillo, head of Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement, tells Tom Kington why he's a fan of Nigel Farage - and why he is considering an alliance with Ukip
UKIP leader Nigel Farage may have found the perfect partner to help him defeat David Cameron’s attempts to strip UKIP of a voice in the European Parliament. As Breitbart London reported earlier today, Cameron has sent his deal makers out to woo right-wing parties in the European Parliament to join the Tory group and abandon their former alliance with UKIP. Now it looks like Farage is in talks with Beppe Grillo, leader of the Italian anti-EU Five Star Movement, which came second in the elections and won 17 seats. The two met in Brussels today for what was described …read more Source: Breitbart
An alliance between UKIP, AfD, Five Star Movement and The Finns would control 50 seats in the European Parliament
President and professor of Political Science President Franco Pavoncello was interviewed by the BBC News on the upcoming European Parliament elections in Italy and the role of the Five Star Movement led by former comedian Beppe Grillo.
The last ten years has seen political parties with the same DNA as the AAP, what are being called ” insurgent parties”, asserting themselves across the globe- the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) in the UK, the Tea Party rump of the Republican Party in the USA, The Progress Party of Norway, the Front National ( FN) of the inimitable Marie Le Pen in France, The Freedom Party in the Netherlands, the Five Star Movement in Italy.
With independent, daily reporting from around Europe, The Local is a window on life in other nations. Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. The Local - Italy's news in English Greetings from Rome! Having expanded our news coverage to France and Spain earlier this year, we’re now proud to introduce you to The Local’s Italy edition. As Europe's third largest economy and one of the most desirable places in the world to visit and live, Italy is an exciting and vibrant news patch. But the country’s news is often under-reported internationally, so people tend to miss out on the complexity of what's really going on. Our editor in Italy is Angela Giuffrida and it’s her job to show that there's a lot more to Italy than crisis, corruption and the Colosseum. The country is at a turning point. Insurgent parties like the Five Star Movement could change the political landscape. Young Italians are exploiting financial incentives introduced during the Mario Monti era to set up their own ...
Investors’ love affair with Italian debt is on the rocks and will face tougher tests ahead. Foreign money returned to Italy last autumn with the European Central Bank’s pledge to buy sovereign bonds from struggling countries in the eurozone’s periphery. But this new confidence hangs by a thread, as Italy’s inconclusive election raises doubts as to whether it will form a credible government that could meet the terms of ECB support. Yields on Italy’s sovereign debt have already risen, but may get even worse as investors realize that a left-right coalition government is destined for failure. How then can Italy regain markets’ confidence? The country is almost certainly heading back to the polls in three to six months given the distance between the Democratic Party (PD) and Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Liberty (PdL) alliance on key areas such as labour reform and taxes. During this time, the political gridlock will give fertile ground to Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement, which pledged to all ...
Serious delays in banking union Frankfurter Allgemeine reports that the banking union project is facing serious delays; reasons are delaying tactics by Wolfgang Schauble, but also the deeply interlocking nature of the various parts of the project, with delays in one area causing delays in others; the SSM is unlikely to become operational in March 2014, its envisaged start date because of delays in the European Parliament; the delay in the harmonisation of national resolution regimes is contributing to delays in the setup of a central resolution regime; no progress at all has been made on common deposit insurance; Bild uses EU report on Cyprus money laundering to argue that Germany should not have granted aid in the first place; PD has brought in a proposal for constitutional change that would effectively ban Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement from standing at the next elections; Grillo promises social unrest if this change is enacted; Matteo Renzi says he also opposes the law on the grounds that it is im ...
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Default on the public debt, nationalization of the banks, and a citizen dividend could actually save the Italian economy.
Beneath its populist sheen, Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement hides right-wing tendencies and represents a continuation of the present economic and political system.
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COMMENTARY: Italy’s baffling election was not just about austerity: Beppe Grillo and his Five-Star Movement se...
Italy's Beppe Grillo, the leader of the Five Star Movement, talks to Aljazeera via
The comedian-fronted Italian Five Star Movement is not a radical, progressive party - this is no laughing matter
REVISTA THE ECONOMIST Italian politics No clear end is in sight to Italy’s electoral stalemate ONE after another, ways out of the impasse created by Italy’s indecisive election are being blocked. Only two have not been rejected out of hand: a fresh election; or a government of novices from the Five Star Movement (M5S), whose spokesman, Beppe Grillo, an ex-comedian, wants a referendum on leaving the euro and a restructuring of Italy’s public debt. Without a breakthrough, it seems a matter of time before investors lose their nerve. The election gave a majority in the lower house of parliament to a centre-left alliance led by Pier Luigi Bersani. But in the Senate the centre-left fell short, and the M5S now holds the balance of power between Mr Bersani’s group and a conservative alliance fronted by Silvio Berlusconi. That appears to leave other possibilities open. The first to be rejected was a “grand coalition” of left and right. Mr Bersani ruled this out because a deal with the scandal-ridden Mr ...
Prabhat Patnaik Article in Ganashakti... THE CRISIS AND THE LEFT - CHANGE WILL COME AS THE THIRD WORLD’S ECONOMIES ARE HIT HARDER In his new book, Power Systems, Noam Chomsky raises the question: why has the present economic crisis not evoked the sort of massive protest from the working class in the United States of America that the Great Depression of the 1930s did? True, the scale of unemployment today is not as large as it had been during the 1930s. Nonetheless it is substantial; and the crisis has already lasted five years with no end in sight. And yet, America remains a ‘desert’ in terms of any militant working-class mobilization against it. The proximate answer he provides for this difference is the collapse of militant trade unionism in today’s US; but underlying this, according to him, is the collapse of the US Communist Party, which had played a major role in mobilizing the workers during the Depression. Since Chomsky, as an anarchist, is not known to be particularly well-disposed towards ...
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Before sitting down to an interview with TIME, Beppe Grillo, the comedian who has upended Italian politics, stops to give his wife a kiss goodbye. “Ciao,” she tells him. “For goodness sake. Don't create too much chaos.
The country is witnessing a political minuet between the army and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Myanmar’s opposition in Parliament.
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Italy's political gridlock deepened as a spat between the main leftist party and a new anti-establis...
M5S says it will not help form Italian government via
We need a British Beppe Grillo to shake up our political system. Charlie Brooker, perhaps?
Politics is harder than Grillo's Five Star Movement in Italy makes it out to be (expect reelections)
I'm watching Zeitgeist since it seems to have inspired a great part of the Italian parlament (the Five Star Movement). I jumped on my chair at this sentence: "It is virtually impossible to understand how biology works outside of the context of environment".
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Beppe in fact a stabilising factor in the political system?
Comedian Beppe Grillo was surprised himself when his Five Star Movement got 8.7 million votes in the Italian general election of February 24-25th. His movement is now the biggest single party in the chamber of deputies, says The Guardian, which makes him “a kingmaker in a hung parliament.”
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Italy’s Pier luigi Bersani vowed to break free of the country’s austerity regime as he laid out plans for a centre-Left government, risking a serious clash with Germany and the European Central Bank.
M5S emerged as the strongest party in Italy's lower house of parliament, as a new citizens' movement expresses the mounting rage and anxiety spreading throughout crisis-stricken southern Europe.
Five Star Movement is holding its line because it wants to bring down Italy's political old guard once & for all
Italy - Web guru tastes power as new political movement goes viral
"Roberto Casaleggio's Five Star Movement aims to pioneer 'new, direct democracy'..."
PARIS (Reuters) - Italian comic-turned-activist Beppe Grillo has blazed a trail for populist political movements around Europe by taking his Five Star Movement (M5S) from obscurity to become Italy's largest
Beppe Grillo's extraordinary success in the recent Italian elections tapped into anti-establishment feeling that is ripe for the plucking in other member states too
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The rise of Movimento 5 Stelle signals to some the entire project of the EU is at the brink of collapse
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Here in Italy, a large proportion of this "indignation" was intercepted and reorganised by Grillo and Casaleggio...
Interesting blog on Grillo's Five Star Movement and influence of US libertarianism (amongst others)
Listen to the blog of Beppe Grillo, founder of the Five Star Movement. Click on the Ascolta link at the bottom of each post...
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Almost two weeks after an inconclusive election, there is still no clarity over who will govern Italy. Markets so far have taken a benign view. Yields on Italian debt are only marginally higher than they were before polling day. Yet, in the long run,
Today's editorial on Beppe Grillo - Five Star Movement should prove they are more than just a protest party
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Italy's five star movement is led by comedian Beppe Grillo and has 25pc votes in lower house!! Party chalu karen:)
Maybe the Aam Aadmi equivalent Five Star Movement's Beppe Grillo will survive to become the PM!
Wow India needs to do an Italy - Five Star movement started by a comedian is single largest party in lower house
"...Third, and most entertaining, is the elections in Italy. Without kidding, I’ve been rolling over the floor laughing. It’s a farce, but it’s all dead serious. Immortal Berlusconi made yet another come-back. He had been declared politically dead by many commentators who don’t understand a thing about Italy. He might not have won parliament, but he did win the senate, which could give him enough political leverage to keep his *** out of prison. But the real winner of the election is comedian Beppe Grillo, leader of the Five Star Movement, a party-political version of the indignados. In the foreign press, Grillo has been called a populist and has been compared to any other populist in Europe. This is not just bad journalism, it is intentionally misleading. Beppe Grillo and the movement he inspires is one of a kind, at least for the moment. I remember the very beginnings of his political campaigning. It started in theaters, it went online through his daily blog, then he came to the squares to decry ...
Five Star Movement Wins in Recent Elections, what does this mean for Muslim relations in Italy?
8am?!?! Are you mad? yeah I wanna write about the five star movement but I got to 100 words and didn't know what else 2 say
CDS: Grillo's Five Star Movement Near 29% in Post-Vote Poll. His movement should and his movement will be a precedent in other 'sick' states
Grillo, head of Five Star Movement, sympathizes with and has proposed a 20 hour work week. They got 25% of the vote...
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Water, Sustainable Mobility, Development, Connectivity and Environmentalism. Five Stars. The revolution is just beginning
I really like to know your opinion about the five star movement, in Italy... New suggestion for institution vs collaboration?
They would not be so inconsistent if they had studied economics. -- The Five Star Movement | The Economist
They are demanding the self-organisation and self-management of society: let's do our very best without them
Will success of the Italian Five Star Movement produce the same effect elsewhere in southern Europe? via
Europe, Unemployment and Instability The global financial crisis of 2008 has slowly yielded to a global unemployment crisis. This unemployment crisis will, fairly quickly, give way to a political crisis. The crisis involves all three of the major pillars of the global system -- Europe, China and the United States. The level of intensity differs, the political response differs and the relationship to the financial crisis differs. But there is a common element, which is that unemployment is increasingly replacing finance as the central problem of the financial system. Europe is the focal point of this crisis. Last week Italy held elections, and the party that won the most votes -- with about a quarter of the total -- was a brand-new group called the Five Star Movement that is led by a professional comedian. Two things are of interest about this movement. First, one of its central pillars is the call for defaulting on a part of Italy's debt as the lesser of evils. The second is that Italy, with 11.2 percent ...
Quell ignorante, quell “comico” dei miei stivalli, che da mesi strilla ciò che tutti dicono nei bar sport…il genio Grillo ! EXPOSÉ: Italy's New Leader: Here is What He Says on Israel New popularist politician's remarks on Israel - among other topics - raise concerns over antisemitism... Beppe Grillo INN: G. M. Beppe Grillo, the comedian turned politician, has just become the leader of Italy's largest party, the "Five Star Movement" in an upset victory. This populist Europhobe got one fourth of the popular votes. He is the idol of Italy's youth. He is the anti-corruption crusader. He is the guru of the Internet. But Beppe Grillo is also a demagogue with a virulent hatred for Israel and the United States. And his popularity, despite his despicable remarks, shows that the word "Jew" has become an accepted insult once again in Europe's public square. Mr. Grillo does not hesitate to say that “talk of Israel is a taboo, as is talk of the euro. Just touch it, they will tell you that you are racist an . ...
From Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement in Italy to Ukip in Britain, minor parties are shaking up the political establishment
M5S denies talks with Democratic Party: (AGI) Rome, March 3 - Alfonso Bonafede, of the Five Star Movement, whe...
Honest change is comming read this !!! Italy Elections: The Euro-elite is losing trust The result of the elections in Italy is shaking the power elite. The mainstream media all over Europe and internationally portray it as a desaster and blame it on the Italian voters. The desaster seems to be that a relatively young movement (not even a party) has emerged as the strongest single force getting 25% of the vote and is refusing to form a coalition with any of the traditional parties resulting in a stalemate. This young movement calls itself the Five Star Movement (Italian: Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S). Their five stars symbolise what they stand for: - publicly owned water - sustainable mobility - development - connectivity - environmental protection The figurehead is the ex-comedian Beppe Grillo. He suggests things like: - the traditional parties are corrupt to the core and have to go - the people should decide whether Italy should stay in the Eurozone - there must be a law on the conflict of interest (politicia ...
Pirate Party in Germany. Five Star Movement in Italy. Still hope for revolutionary change at the ballot box??
Jamie Bartlett: Grillo's Five Star Movement won 25% of the votes in Italy's election through mixing new technology with old-style activism
Mr Grillo, whose Five Star Movement will have 109 MPs and 54 senators in parliament, also promised to block the both the mainstream parties at every turn unless they met his conditions. Mr Grillo who can not enter parliament himself due to a past conviction for manslaughter following a car crash, said: “ “We’ll start doing what we have always said …public water, public education, public health. If they follow us they follow us. Otherwise the battle will be very hard for them, very hard.” He added that a minority centre-left government would not last more than seven to eight months. Nonetheless, Stefano Folli, a columnist for the respected Il Sole 24 Ore business daily, said the only two options were a left-led “equilibrium government” that would rely on Grillo votes in the Senate or a right-left interim majority to pass key reforms and before returning to the polls within a few months. Roberto D’Alimonte, political science professor at Rome’s LUISS University, said: “Grillo will play a ...
Correction. Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement is now the largest "political party" in Italy with 26% of the vote. Youth unemployment is 37%
Elections Plunge Italy into Political Chaos February 26, 2013 | 0332 GMT When Italian comedian Beppe Grillo created his Five Star Movement three-and-a-half years ago, he probably wasn't expecting it to become the voice of a country beset by a deep economic and political crisis. The overwhelming performance of the Five Star Movement in the general elections that were held Sunday and Monday confirmed that the crisis of legitimacy that is threatening the traditional political parties in Europe has finally reached Italy. While Grillo's party ended up in third place, one in four Italians voted for it, and the party became the most voted-for single party into the Chamber of Deputies (the two mainstream parties, the Democratic Party and the People of Freedom, competed as part of electoral coalitions). What is a Geopolitical Diary? George Friedman explains. The complex political and economic climate in Italy explains Grillos' success. For the past 14 months, the technocratic government of Prime Minister Mario Mon ...
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Fresh euro crisis as 25% of Italians vote for anti-austerity Five Star Movement party run by a COMEDIAN
A man, a plan, a van THE Five Star Movement (M5S) did not exist four years ago. Its candidates have no experience of parliament. But they may yet fill about 10% of...
All across crisis-hit Europe, voters are disillusioned with mainstream politicians and are turning to populist and radical parties. In Italy, the new rising force is comedian Beppe Grillo's grassroots Five Star Movement. But can the charismatic agitator supply real solutions to the country's problem...
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