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Fisher Stevens

Fisher Stevens (born November 27, 1963) is an American actor, director and producer. His most recent successes include the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for his film The Cove and 2008 Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary Feature for his film Crazy Love.

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its a shame Ol’55 is banned .. that was a great choice . heres hoping theres gems like ... S…
Sufjan Stevens loves complicated heroes who, for better or worse, represent something unmistakably American. His latest ode i…
Surely you recall the part of the documentary spelling out how for the longest time Apu…
"You know, Short Circuit was good, but you know what it needed? More racist Fisher Stevens"
Hey Gators. Chant “Jimbo Fisher” all you want. We are pummeling you in basketball. On your home court. You are We are u…
Wouldn't want the creators of The Simpsons to give Apu the Axe, he should stay as feel we have slightly more S Asia…
I’m dying. This looks like she face swapped with Fisher Stevens.
Our HOA stipulated that each household is only allowed a maximum of two Fisher Stevens. We already have…
Christopher Plummer to replace Fisher Stevens in 'Short Circuit 2'
... and some of those names could be Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, . Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Greta Gerwig, Fran…
I for one am interested to hear his take on Short Circuit and Fisher Stevens.
and there were so many more... Martin Landau ( w/a special guest Julie Newmar), Robert Vaughn, John Cassavettes, Fisher Stevens
It's been a while since I saw the Super Mario Brothers movie but all I can think of when I look at t…
Bono crushing that Fisher Stevens feel on SNL rn rn.
Bono is starting to look like a cross between Fisher Stevens and Jerry Stiller.
Bono's got a Fisher Stevens thing going on
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What a fantastic evening in London !! Making my way home via the underground was a real downer after this event 😂😂
Why, yes I did just say the words, “National treasure and beloved character actor Fisher Stevens,” without a hint of irony.
"All the President's Men" is on HBO this month if you wanna see Fisher Stevens play Jared Kushner.
Remember 12 months ago when folks were saying Jimbo Fisher is now Florida State's coach through 2024? ... I had to…
I think it is possible to be very grateful for the job that Jimbo Fisher did during the vast majority of his tenure in Tal…
I had a teacher in college, to insult him we called him "Fisher Stevens" I think he was the plague
I know there are more recent examples, but Fisher Stevens was not that long ago.
number five is alive! sadly, fisher stevens, so not Asian.
"We wanted first and foremost to make people aware of the importance of this issue and that there is a ticking cloc…
There are plenty of passionate lifelong supporters equipped to offer positive contributions to the cause of this football…
She might look like Fisher Stevens in drag, but you throw some warpaint on that kisser and you're good to go.
I can't wait to get old and rich enough to wear Eileen Fisher. I want to dress like a Vulcan art professor.
Happy birthday Mr. Fisher Stevens I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading,SM
I have a problem with Apu. I also have a problem with Fisher Stevens in Short Circuit 1/2 whom I honestly believed…
My mind is blown that the Indian guy in Short Circuit 1 & 2 was actually Fisher Stevens doing brown face with a...
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As if my being sensitive & having been adversely affecting by things like Fisher Stevens in Short Circuit is some m…
Also the name of a show where Fisher Stevens reviews old episodes of his favorite Erik Estrada vehicle
MSOC: Fisher drops its first match of the season, falling to Stevens 1-0.
Flicked past 'The Burning' and stopped when I saw a crazy young Fisher Stevens!
And Fisher Stevens didn't brown up for it!
FH: After a Stevens go ahead goal, Emily Markarian scores her sixth of the season to tie the game up for Fisher with less than 10 to play!
FH: Fisher tied 1-1 with Stevens midway through the second half. Bre Socker has the Cardinal goal, with Lauren Fazio picking up the assist.
Anastasia Bailey & Charlie Stevens share the impact of Fisher & on their academic & research careers.
That's a great episode, Fisher Stevens is amazing in it
I just watched the Columbo episode with Fisher Stevens. Guest stars ain't what they used to be.
I broke my Renzetti vise last night and contacted Mike and Jules Stevens from the Essential Fly Fisher about...
Me: why do I think that actor is familia-. Husband: Fisher Stevens. He looks like Fisher Stevens. Me: *** that's right
When I read this, I heard Fisher Stevens' voice and inflection.
Why does Jurgen Klopp always remind me of Fisher Stevens?
I'm watching Early Edition, and it's showing its age. Fisher Stevens just said "I'm tellin' you, they never should have broken up Ma Bell."
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I found your actor look a like, Fisher Stevens
Am I the only person seeing a little bit of Fisher Stevens in there?
Before the Flood Screening with Fisher Stevens at Ridgefield Playhouse on October 1 benefits
9a. Carrie Fisher salutes George Lucas at his AFI Lifetime Achievement Award,
9. I love so much that the last thing you hear in JEDI is Carrie Fisher starting to break character and laugh.
Fisher Stevens, yeah he played 'against type' in Short Circuit 2 but he has chops.
Maze the force be with you: Farmer pays tribute to Princess Leia
I regret I have yet to see John Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown, directed by that guy we were all jealous of in the 90s, Fisher Stevens.
You are telling me that Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens didn't win outstanding nonfiction directing for Bright Lights??? WHAT THE ***
Final score for St. John Fisher match was 7-2! Catch us at Stevens courts this Wednesday against Stockton at 3 pm!!
I wish. Loved it as a little kid, watched it as an adult and realised the Indian scientist was Fisher Stevens browned-up. 😣
Fisher Cat Stevens is the greatest portmanteau that there ever was
And I was one of the few people who knew Fisher Stevens from Early Edition ;) Or in Germany "Alone Ag…
My view today versus my husbands view - I'm not sure this is right Fisher Stevens!!!
Be sure to see "Before the Flood" An important film by Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DeCaprio. Post…
Ghost Cannoli starring Fisher Stevens. DM me for further details.
Connie Stevens is related by marriage to Carrie Fisher.
“Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal”, by Christopher Moore and read by Fisher Ste…
At last night's protest at Trump Tower, with Mark Ruffalo, Marisa Tomei and Fisher Stevens (plus Olivia Wilde)
Thanks to Jason Mantzoukas on I just discovered the guy I thought was Michael Douglas's brother is named Fisher Stevens
Kendall Jenner is about as Indian as Fisher Stevens was in the movie Short Circuit.
Dear god, no. Lol. But Fisher Stevens is still hilariously terrible as the baddie.
I’m still in denial about the makeup Fisher Stevens wore for that role.
Fisher Stevens is directing John Leguizamo's one man show.I guess this is as close as we'll get to a Super Mario Broth…
How great is Fisher Stevens? He gets billing in the torrent title of Short Circuit 2!
Director Fisher Stevens of Environmental doc talks about the Swamp Monster in charge of the EPA and more...
Fisher taking the mound for the 8th inning. Seven solid innings of baseball from ☠️
BB: Dawson moves to 6-0 on the season as Fisher (27-7) drops Stevens, 9-2, to move to 14-1 in the E8. No. 15 Cardinals host RIT on Wednesday
Watching Short Circuit reminded me what a fantastic actor Fisher Stevens is. You wouldn't know he was white...
Scott Brooks is out there playing checkers talking about King me. Brad Stevens is out there like Bobby Fisher. Check! Make Ollynk guard
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Watching Short Circuit, but I can't help doing a full-body cringe every time Fisher Stevens says anything
took me years to find out that Fisher Stevens was a white actor essentially black facing the part...
I still remember the moment when I discovered Fisher Stevens wasn't actually Indian.
And that's Fisher Stevens seated on the ground next to him.
SB: No. 6 softball takes 2 at Utica and has now won 14 straight games. Next stop - Ithaca as Fisher takes on Stevens in the E8 Championship
Did know it was paying homage to by hiring these two ladies (each pictured with Fishe…
Popped in to see the first half of the Garth Brooks Tribute at Core Theatre last night, Great show! Wish I could...
Backstage with Werner Herzog & Fisher Stevens during event tonight. Great! And tomorrow will be amazin…
Hollywood is just trolling us. Tilda, Scarlett AND Fisher Stevens!
In making Fisher Stevens was most bothered by Indonesian forest burning to create palm oil plantat…
Q for Fisher Stevens:. Tar sands mining scene was disturbing. Would you do an entire documentary on tar sands?
This weekend's Project events at are focused on climate change & the environment. Fisher St…
I think this picture of Fisher Stevens is great so I'm sharing it with you. Deal with it.
She didn't grow up Fisher, she grew up Stevens. Your mother raised you. Your father just deposited sperm. Wasn't capable of anything else
Being able to watch the Short Circuit movies without constantly going "Fisher Stevens, what the *?"
Check out this great event going on at ASU. Don’t miss out!
actor Fisher Stevens gets the gasface
In retrospect, I totally SHOULD have yelled "Hack the planet!" when I saw Oscar-winner Fisher Stevens at Regrets: I have this 1
An weekend! Fisher Stevens & his film w DiCaprio on Fri & Directing Icon Werner Herzog w his film on Sat. Tix still available!
Nuts that Fisher Stevens, Michael Cudlitz, Cheech Marin, Doug Hutchison, Patrick Fischler, M. C. Gainey, & ALL of Deadwood were on this show
Aziz Ansari did an article about this guy because as a kid he believed white man Fisher Stevens actually was Indian.
Wait, that thing you are all sharing has Tilda AND Scarlett AND Fisher Stevens?! It's like a parody of whitewashing over…
AND fisher stevens. this is like an asian erasure trifecta
AND fisher stevens, what a time to be a white person
Short Circuit features Fisher Stevens in brown face. Bill and Ted is fine but has the 80s comedy "f*g" joke
With my fellow organizers of tonight's anti-Trump rally - Fisher Stevens and Mark Ruffalo.
Brown dudes guide: Aziz is Aasif Mandvi, Dev Patel is Kal Penn, I am Fisher Stevens & Dinesh D'Souza is just a bunch of eels i…
Trump was up for Fisher Stevens' role in the 1995 film.
Saddest orgy I ever went to was on New Years and attended by Fisher Stevens, Jon Cryer & 4 fatties
All aboard the Elvis Wagon for the final journey and gig of 2016. Worcester, here we come and you had better be...
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Short Circuit: in which our imagination is stretched to its limits by Indian Fisher Stevens & Steve Guttenberg, PhD, not the sentient robot
If that wasn't Fisher Stevens playing D&D with on the please don't tell me.
Directed by Fisher Stevens of Early Edition & Short Circuit fame*. Bet the ladies had fun with his name! . *also da…
Andrea Case Joely Fisher is not the daughter of Debbie Reynolds she's the daughter of Connie Stevens..CARRIE & TODD Fisher are hers.
I liked a video from Fisher Stevens, Bright Lights, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds
Leonardo DiCaprio: We're LIVE with Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Stevens at the ... -
also, the 'indian' is Fisher Stevens in brown face.
Watching and thinking that if done today Fisher Stevens wouldn't be allowed to play an Indian guy.
16 Dec 2016 at 2pm - Film Show and Discussion . Before the Flood (USA, 2016, 96min) directed by Fisher Stevens
Aziz eventually spoke to Fisher Stevens about it
I've actually been a big fan of Fisher Stevens as a questionable Indian stereotype for years
Yep. Fisher Stevens has done some very interesting interviews about it since, re: being 21 and accepting any role Hollywood offered
With memories of STAR WARS, WISHFUL DRINKING and so much more, our writers pay tribute to the late Carrie Fisher
in Debbie Reynolds tribute you said her kids Carrie & Joely. Carrie & Todd are her children. Joely Fisher's mom is Connie Stevens.
A new favorite: I Only Feel You © Ivana J Fisher Susan A Stevens by Susan/Ivana on
The story behind a well-timed photo of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher
Interviewed Dir. Fisher Stevens re: his HBO doc Starring &
Carrie Fisher. David Bowie. Muhammad Ali. Prince. We’re taking a moment to remember everyone we lost in 2016.
Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher in Ladies' Home Journal in 1973. So sad. 💔
Carrie Fisher's former assistant has a great story.
Feel so bad for the Fisher/Reynolds/Stevens fam. Heart breaking loss of Debbie now too.
Fisher Stevens' documentary, Bright Lights, w Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, will air on HBO in March 2017.
Joely, daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens, also shared a throwback photo of her and Debbie Reynolds,...
actually I was right. Her mother is Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher is her father according to Wikipedia
How sweet of her to call Debbie "Mama". Dia anak Eddie Fisher dgn Connie Stevens padahal.
Joely Fisher's mum is Connie Stevens who is still alive. Joely is Carrie's half sister, but very close to her dad's 1st ex.
Joely and Tricia Fisher are Carrie's half sisters, the daughters of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens.
Joely Fisher is the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens.
EVERYONE IS DYING OMFG. So sad to hear about Debbie Reynolds, right after Carrie Fisher.
BREAKING: Actress Debbie Reynolds has died just one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher
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I think Ted saw Joely Fisher as Sally Bowles in CABARET, if memory serves. I think Connie Stevens is her mother.
you should know better. Joely Fisher's mother is Connie Stevens
Joely Fisher is not Debbie Reynolds daughter, she's Carrie Fisher's sister. her mom is Connie Stevens.
Joely & Tricia Fisher are not Debbie Reynolds' daughters. Their mother is Connie Stevens.
Joely Fisher is Carrie's half-sister but Connie Stevens is Joely's mom, not
Joley Fisher is not related to Debbie Reynolds, she is the child of Connie Stevens & Eddie Fisher.
. You do know joely fisher's mother is Connie Stevens. Right?
Joely Fisher is not Debbie's daughter, she is Connie Stevens daughter. But the children share a father. They are close.
Joely Fisher's mother is Connie Stevens, not Debbie Reynolds. should know that.
Joely is the daughter of Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher.
Fisher Stevens alone is Eskimo Brother with 75% of Hollywood
Short Circuit 2 is the right answer here.even though fisher Stevens character is a terribly racist move
Unfortunately, the public might not know that we get a script usua...
ICYMI: takes on climate change with actor and activist in his new doc https:…
I really wanted to be born a woman. It all started there. A South ...
Before The Flood by Fisher Stevens A must watch for these days!
Related: didn't know Fisher Stevens was white until I was about 17, 18.
At first glance I thought this was Fisher Stevens from Short Circuit.
am i the only one who thinks that looks like Fisher Stevens ? :D
pretty sure year 4 is actually Fisher Stevens.
Gary Stevens absolutely romping home in the race for Most Stylish Football Pundit of the Year, 1992
Now that you mention it, there should be an unlockable SMB movie Fisher Stevens sprite in Mario Maker. EMBRACE IT, NINTENDO.
I'm having a lot of fun with Watch Dogs 2, but I seriously expect the final bad guy to be Fisher Stevens as "Hacker…
Filmmaker Fisher Stevens talks about his new film ‘Before the Flood’ | Larry King Now | 
BEFORE THE FLOOD by Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Stevens is a riveting account of the dramatic changes now...
"Before the flood" - Filmmaker Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio in this film present that a riveting account...
Ghost ride the whip and hand Fisher "Plauge" Stevens a floppy disk with the DaVinci wirus on it.
Happy birthday to . Terry Gilliam and Jeff Bridges on the set of 'The Fisher King' (1991)
My one complaint is that the good Ha lets rollerblade while Fisher Stevens skateboards. Should be the other way around.
But did I think it would last more than 13 episodes at the time? N...
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Current mood: Embarrassed Fisher Stevens didn't win an Oscar for his work on Short Circuit
Wait...Fisher Stevens got so famous from Short Circuit that he was able to date Michelle Pfeiffer???
Fisher Stevens is in this "Frasier" rerun. Luckily, he is not doing an awful Indian accent/stereotype.
Fisher Stevens, 'Before the Flood': Video of the Q and A at Hamptons International Film Festival… via
And TV is not the easiest place to be dangerous or on the edge. Especi...
The reason I took Early Edition - besides the fact that I liked it...
you look like a broke *** Fisher Stevens and it is realy annoying always being begged to follow you. - Sincerely, Everyone
If friggin Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio can't convince you that climate change is real then maybe the changing climate can
'Before the Flood' director on what Trump's win could mean for the environment via
But I used to have a bit of a gambling problem. And that would have b...
Park & Ocean friends check out this movie trailer. from Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens and...
Are you sure those pictures with the bearded fellow isn't Fisher Stevens?
with the beard he looks like Fisher Stevens. This is very cool
The climate-change documentary is directed by Fisher Stevens and is a look at the Earth’s future if we continue...
I use that as my responsibility on the show, to be the pragmatist.
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Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change doc is streaming for free online
"Can we talk about Fisher Stevens?". This week's looks at what's weird with Short Circuit .
Required viewing. Watch with friends/family. Don't be afraid of it. Embrace, and act.
As a kid, I loved Short Circuit: I mean, sapient robots - come on. I watched it again when I was ~30. Suddenly recognized Fisher Stevens.
The most jarring experience I had with Hollywood whitewashing is when I realized Fisher Stevens played Benjamin Javeri in Short Circuit. :(
I spent 20 minutes flipping between pictures of Fisher Stevens and Daniel Stern, so I'm at about 78% confidence that I can tell them apart.
Leonardo DiCaprio conveniently photographed with Fisher Stevens in New York after backing out of Hillary Clinton…
It's going to be mind blowing when killer is revealed to be Fisher Stevens' sassy pharmacist character
"with cups so big they might as well have nipples on them" -fisher Stevens (friends)
Apparently that didn't matter so much to India who all thought Fisher Stevens was Javed Jaffrey so much so he had to deny it.
Fisher Stevens, give this man an Emmy
Mercedes Fisher & Kathryn Stevens welcome to the Greensboro Soccer Family🦁⚽️
Stefan looks a bit like Fisher Stevens in this pic. Related?
30 years ago Fisher Stevens would have been playing Nasir in THE NIGHT OF instead of the pharmacist.
🚨 Fisher Stevens' character as offensive as you remember 🚨
Fisher Stevens & Jon Bon Jovi . Crying cuz I'll never be this cool.
hey man, back then, even Matthew Lillard was considered "cool"... Fisher Stevens is still cool though:
I don't know what you guys are talking about, Fisher Stevens has never looked better.
THE NIGHT OF brought Fisher Stevens in just for a one minute scene where he says "uncontrollable crying jags, shrinking balls" 🔥🔥🔥
Short Circuit was some of Guttenbergs' best work. Fisher Stevens too.
look man Fisher Stevens donning brown face wasn't cool but calling him a violent criminal is a bit much
Listen to Midsummer Meltdown 2016 Mix - DJ Charlie Shane by FISHER_BEATS on
Listen to Charlie Shane mix by FISHER_BEATS on
Stevens point squad was all in black & white✌🏼️
man, I wish I was a Fisher Stevens clone!
Happy birthday to the man who married Liz Taylor, Debby Reynolds AND Connie Stevens! 10 Things About Eddie Fisher:
we comin at you from THE REAL Stevens Point, WI✌🏼️💕
But I'm trying to play into this role as much as possible and be a nicer person in real life.
... I don't get why Fisher Stevens is involved ...
Hopefully, it's an inspiring environmental message to preserve the oceans, co-written by Fisher Stevens.
You know, it's a very sexist society, Indonesia.
Fisher Stevens as the trolling pharmacist. This foot plot gets more screen time than the murder defendant.
When ends, I want 2 super cuts: the 'eczema' stuff and 'Fisher Stevens, the public-shaming pharmacist'!
Directed by Short Circuit 2 star Fisher Stevens (who also produced THE COVE and RACING EXTINCTION)!
lands documentary to feature Fisher Stevens’s The Turning Point. I had the pleasure of...
Leonardo DiCaprio teams with Fisher Stevens for THE TURNING POINT doc on climate change at
Watching My Science Project. Good times! Fisher Stevens, and Dennis Hopper. Still makes me laugh.
Fisher Stevens as the pharmacist is priceless
I was ok with request, I was going to write to Al again. You know Fisher Stevens, could he give Al my email? Thank you.CGK
Anyone notice the pharmacist was played by Fisher Stevens.Thankfully I don't think he was in
The acting in The Night Of is just soo good. John Turturro alone but even Fisher Stevens in there is GOLD.
Fisher Stevens in the Night of and all I am thinking is what are you doing outta McGintys?
The producers of discuss their follow-up to
Giuliani is such a big fan of Short Circuit, he's invited Steve Guttenberg and Fisher Stevens to his next birthday party.
Noted experts Steve Gutenberg and Fisher Stevens scheduled to speak
no one will play Ben as well as Fisher Stevens
Still watching this, Fisher Stevens calls Dennis Hopper (King Koopa) a "oppressor of the proletariat."
Fisher Stevens getting an Oscar for his work in Short Circuit
My fond memories of Short Circuit are tainted by the Fisher Stevens 'Brown Face' revelation.
baby Jason Alexander and Fisher Stevens are great.
The Burning is a who's who of 80's character actors: Brian Backer, Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander.
Cary Grant is SO tan in "To Catch A Thief," it looks like he's doing an impression of Fisher Stevens in "Short Circuit 2."
What, you thought Carrie Fisher wasn't going to bring her dog to the Correspondents' Dinner?
"I like people and get along, and I'm afraid to express my anger and my rage." - Fisher Stevens
Or at least he could have said Fisher Stevens from Short Circuit.
I used to be more of a wild kid. But I've slowed down.
Move over Bobby Fisher. Magnus is in da heezy!
They really have. Shame there was no Fisher Stevens.
E8 WLAX UPDATE: Fisher is the No. 3 seed and will play No. 2 Stevens at 1 p.m. on Saturday in Ithaca.
Featuring Short Circuit and HACKERS star Fisher Stevens as ... Christopher Nolan, mibbe?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Instead of a John Wayne Day the US should have a Fisher Stevens Day
And then there's Lamb by Christopher Moore which is a great book and narrated by Fisher Stevens so it's fun to listen to as well.
Fisher Stevens as the dweebiest Columbo villain.
Actor and Director, Fisher Stevens recommending film:. http…
Does it come with a little Fisher Stevens Lego man and a brown magic marker so he can get more "in character?"
I can't watch anything with Fisher Stevens in it without yelling out, "Number Johnny Five!". Not a problem, per se.
I still dont know how i feel about Luke Walton. Could be the next Brad Stevens. Could be the next Fisher, Rambis, Brian Shaw.
The reason I know who Fisher Stevens is, is because he played in Key West with M & When the Party's Over with my other love Sandra Bullock
Fisher Stevens plays creepy/odd people so well. ALSO BELZER IS BACK ❤️
I have theories too complicated to fit here. Fisher Stevens cheated on Michelle Pfeiffer with a regular gal. It’s not logical.
Ladies and Gentlemen - I am absolutely over the moon to say that tomorrow nights Legends of Las Vegas Show has...
So we can finally move past the "Brad Stevens is a better coach than Derek Fisher" sophism, right?
Could you imagine going from Scott to Fisher? I'm so glad Brad Stevens is here.
- Fisher Stevens and electrocution - a perfect pairing for a Monday commute to Trenton!
In QA to it was a racial change to become an Indian nerd like Fisher Stevens from Short Circuit
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BB: Last chance for Fisher here in the B9. Stevens plated a run in the T9 to make it a 5-0 game.
BB: Double play ball ends Fisher's half of the 8th inning. Cardinals trail 4-0 going into the Stevens top of the 9th.
BB: We have completed 6 innings here at Dugan Yard. Fisher trails 2-0 to Stevens.
BB: Stevens uses 3 hits and an error to plate their second run of the contest. Fisher down 2-0 going into the B2.
BB: Stevens plates a run in the top of the 1st. Fisher coming up in their half of the frame
BB: Stevens goes down in order in the T8. Fisher up 5-2.
BB: Stevens gets out of the bases loaded jam with a 6-4-3 double play. Fisher up 5-2 going into the T8.
BB: Simmons doubles down the left field line to put Fisher up 5-2 in the B7. Stevens goes to the bullpen for the 2nd time today.
BB: 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB in the T4 for Stevens. 5-6-7 hitters coming up for Fisher in the B4. Cardinals up 1-0
It is. People never believe me when I say that Fisher Stevens has an Oscar.
Fisher Stevens back in the day too.
BB: Fisher's rally comes up short in game 2 as they fall 3-1 to Stevens. Same two teams tomorrow at 12pm.
BB: Fisher goes down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 4th. Stevens leads 1-0 as we head to the top of the 5th.
BB: Fisher sets Stevens down in order in the top of the 4th. 4-5-6 hitters coming up for the Cardinals.
FOUR weeks today. Neil Diamond at The Deco - in the form of Fisher Stevens' superb tribute act. Saturday, May 21.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Kevin Hart as Jack, Kate Upton as Chrissy, Olivia Munn as Janet, Wilmer Valderama as Larry, and Fisher Stevens as Mr. Furley.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Adrian Brody, and Fisher Stevens went to a rainforest in Sumatra to protest palm oil factories
Leo traveled to Indonesia to Gunung Leuser National Park in Aceh on Sunday, March 27 along with actors Adrien Brody and Fisher Stevens.
Sooo... Adrien Brody, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Fisher Stevens were (or are) in T.N. Gunung Leuser, Aceh. :O :O :O
Both Craig and Fisher Stevens recommended The Fisher King. So I guess I have to watch that one at some point.
as long as they double down on the racism and reveal that Fisher Stevens cousin is Vijay Singh (also played by him)
I asked a guy from India if anyone ever told him he looked like Fisher Stevens and he laughed he told his wife and she burst out laughing.
is this an "Fisher Stevens playing an Indian guy" in Short Circuit 2 moment?
Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, and The Weinsteins all got their starts with this fun 80's slasher.
Vintage Vegas: couple Eddie Fisher (at Caesars) and Connie Stevens (at the Flamingo) celebrate show biz in the '60s.
don't forget the classic "Hackers". Mathew Lilliard and Angelina Jollee defeat Fisher Stevens in epic Hack-off... To save the world
woohoo! The correct handle is but Kasia is also a great follow!
About 40 tickets for the next A Beautiful Noise Show - its going to be another Sell Out and a Great Night !
It got a little boring I guess, playing the same note over and over.
No, but I'm really lucky, because I'm not the superhero.
really under-rated show. Also featured the great Fisher Stevens
No one needs to know about Fisher Stevens in brownface until they watch
Eddie Redmayne will one day be my generation's Fisher Stevens
Congrats to Rich Fisher. Pretty sweet high school head coaching gig he just landed. (per
Our founder, Fisher Stevens, and Sting at last night's Sundance Sky Ladder premiere! Regram:…
If you watch the movie 'Hackers', you'll see Fisher Stevens with a VR rig strapped to his head that looks like a Gear VR.
Officer Eric Johnson is my favourite character. Dream casting: Fisher Stevens.
Well, I just wanted to be a person. I just wanted them to keep writing me a...
Fisher Stevens had that look on lock decades ago
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