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First Picture

First Picture (2006) is a documentary film by Akram Al-Ashqar. If follows the story of a Palestinian child from Tulkarm Camp for the Palestinian refugees.

I added a video to a playlist First Picture of Arpita Khan’s Newborn Baby is So Cute !!!
Beyoncé shares first picture of twins Rumi and Sir Carter via
The first picture looks like Mel Gibson
First you have to subscribe to my youtube channel. It is called logbeardj. Send me picture of you subscribed.
Wow this is amazing😍i even thought it was the original picture at first
Somebody gotta be first to up the picture lol
One of my last nights in Hawaii, missing Texas more than ever.💙 had to cover up my bras in the first picture😂
Why is this the first picture on Google maps 😂😂
Damon doesn't want to admit it in this picture but he had a great time on his first boat ride 🚢…
I thought that was Kourtney Kardashian in the first picture
I had my hair chemically straighten last summer, and while it didn't make my hair super straight it mad…
I saw my first monarch today it landed a few inches from my feet and flew off as I tried to take a picture. Sadly...
I liked a video Beyoncé Posts First Picture of Newborn Twins
Goldstone didn't enter the Emin picture until 3 years after Trump first met Agalarovs. To me, this means Goldstone was ch…
Thought that was Mike Lowe in the first picture lol
Mega-congrats to on signing her FIRST PICTURE BOOK CONTRACT, with https:/…
Describe your first thoughts after seeing this picture with an emoticon ….
Whenever I show my mom a picture or a video I found on the internet the first thing she asks is "who's that" mama I don…
The guy in the first picture is a singer from Argentina, his name is "El Polaco" And the person in the second picture i…
Your eyes in the first picture thou👀
Doggy?! Happy birthday. When's the first picture? 👀
My first panorama picture, from our dinner at Iron Bay in Marquette. Pretty cool place in the summer.
Megan Good just made this picture she the first one I looked at 😍😍😍😍
Beyoncé just posted the first picture of the twins Sir Carter and Rumi 😩😍
The life is an mosaic, but first your part makes the picture complete for me and is open also an new, our
That first picture is a tb of my dad when he had hair, I swear 😂😂😂
First time the 8's will connect online. Join the party! Details in the picture!
I remember when I first saw this picture I went and bought me the same blazer😂 ur my style icon ❤️😘
Chelan School of Innovation wraps up an impressive first year of Big Picture Learning programming!
Rare picture of the first two rappers ever.
Riteish Deshmukh and wife Genelia bring their new-born son home.
the first thing i said when i saw a picture of WQ right now was "oh my god" in a high pitched voice with tears welling up in my eyes
I wonder if a girl has ever played on an Xbox without taking a picture of the controller first to show everyone she's a "gamer girl" 😂🕹
PICTURE HOME . For the first time, only for you, . we present our new collection "PICTURE HOME" . in our best...
We take the same picture twice, First with our hearts then with our cameras. LCS - Life
Don't know if is up in this picture, but Foster's Cross, who got him his first professional win as a jockey
[SELF] First ever cosplay for both me and my son. Had to repost because he made me change the picture!
seeing how cute our customer is ! She said this is second order from our store,she looks pretty but the first picture is really funny
See your very first picture here in black-and-white!
looks like a family picture lol Vivi dgaf on the first pic 😂😂😂😂
I'm not the first person to make this joke, but I'm the first to make the picture
First picture I took when I saw Nassif😍
just landed in Thailand and the first picture she sends is of an atm😔😒
Because this picture means so much to me, I drew it. It was the first time I saw you perform. ❤️ You were amazing.
Meet the first-ever military officer to win Miss USA title. Picture: Instagram/missusa https:/…
our first hug picture to our last... I love you so much and I'm so proud of you. ❤️
all of you take it easy and I see blue moon picture for the first time , beautiful 🎋(´Д` )
First her picture now her video.she is gonna faint...;)
Alternative reading is Liberty leading the people.First picture,resistance to encroachment,last one of sovereignty
Let's do the Time Warp again! Here's your exclusive first look at
Picture from the finish of yesterday's duathlon. Hopefully the first of many races for GBR.…
He’s so arrogant in the first picture, so sad and removed in the second.
The purpose of human is evidenced by gravity; but the first picture of water, some exceptions among a man who gives.
Beautiful picture! 😍 Deleted opening scene first revealed at V, 2010
This was the first selfie I ever took in my life. I used it for MySpace profile picture.
First Roland Garros title for Djokovic: Novak Djokovic joined the tennis greats on Sunday when he downed Brit...
Beardless Mark Hamill Spotted in a Pub in Portmagee. First Picture with Daisy Ridley!
I can't get passed the first picture 😨
We all look so hot in that first picture... especially
Remember kiddo I was in the picture first ☺️
I love when i go to jeffs profile the first thing you see is his picture and then dariyons right behind it.❤
A picture from the first day shoot of the core team. Can you guess who the man is to left?
So picture 4 minutes left, team only has 2 TOs left, they give up a first down but other team us still in...
thanks for this picture at Tinley Park on the first of August
why that first picture but I miss you so much more❤️
Dad killed in plane crash poses with his son for the first time in a family picture: A dad, Taurean Summers, w...
Even though I met you in a club in a tight dress, at first sight I could picture you in a white dress.
Throw back to the first picture we took in August of 2013 when we met. This was in my car right after…
I look terrified in that first picture
first off, your username oml rip. Second off, this picture is making me wanna FLY AWAY
No like now you can just send texts without sending a picture first
my icon is my first ever picture with Nicholas I'm so embarrassed ()
My parents let my sister who just turned 12, get an Instagram (it's all monitored) and her first picture is of her stabbing a baked potato.
iOS 9. Peep the bottom of the first picture. And the middle finger emoji 😩😩😍
Our school got a picture of the opposing qb crying & made a 6x4 foot poster of it & held it up the first play, we won b…
He is pale af in that first picture 💀
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
🐉😈🔪 : I love the picture addition 😂 you were my first friend when I moved here and I still love you 🍑💙
If a guy's first picture has like three all super attractive guys in it, I just swipe left because it's overwhelming
From the first picture to the most recent picture, I now look more calm and not nervous 😂
first I accidentally leave you out of my 54 Below picture, then I steal your sweetheart.…
I wish I still had my picture from my first iPhone 😭
First week of school and I already sent one of my friends a picture of my hw 😐
I'd like to appreciate how derpy I look in the first picture😹 but I love these pictures.
Your first night in heaven. I picture you laying in your momma's arms. Rest easy my beautiful angel.
My first and second picture on Instagram go together perfectly
this is the first picture I saved after falling in love with the boys & here I am 3 years later :') goodnight
This is all I could see in your first picture. Sort of like seeing pictures in the clouds.
First Picture of Mark Hamill as the Trickster in 'The Flash- Episode VII: The Speed Force Awakens'
Planning on visiting our exhibition? Check out picture gallery first! http:…
Lauren Goodger posts first snap of her hunky new boyfriend: Lauren Goodger posted a picture of he...
This is indigenously built first aircraft carrier for India..
Picture taken after my second salary of 8,000/- back in oct 2000. Spent first salary on shoes for my parents.
*kyungsoo creates an instagram account*. *uploads a picture of seoul as his first post*. *one year later*. Kyungstagram - 1 post
Country’s first transgender principal takes charge of college in Bengal | See at: http:/…
When I sit down to make a sketch from nature the first thing I try to do is to forget that I have ever seen a picture
I posted it first so technically she copied my birthday picture ;)
First picture inside the cbeam bldg. Nevermind the 2 freaks. 😂 Thanks Ket for the pic. 😘
It's online official! Taylor Swift Instagrams her first pic of Calvin Harris, and we have so many Tayvin feels: 💕
The X-Files returns: First official set picture released: WITH filming underway in Vancouver on The X-Files re...
Oh. I guess I should have checked the picture first.
First picture is a muffin, second is a crumpet
[Because the first impression is important , how to optimize your profil picture
Two conditions. First, and most /important/, I want, no, /need/ to see this picture. And second, what bet was this and >
ID picture taking will be done during the first week of classes! - UST OFAD
The X-Files tease return with first look at Mulder and Scully reunited.
First thoughts, beautiful picture, second, is that a flag or a bloody carrot
PHOTOS: Emotions ran high at Tiyan High Schools first ever graduation ceremony.
'The X-Files': First picture released from set of new event series
When you click the first picture only the gold shows due to it not having a background
How time flies. The weird thing is I can still remember the first picture. I am so thankful to…
He won the best picture Oscar for the first Rocky film in 1977, which was written by its star Sylvester Stallone.
PREMIERE: is streaming first movie score "Music for the Motion Picture Victoria" in full! http:…
Photo: First time student with but regular student sent me this picture...
*insert first grade picture here* HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my day one since first grade. Love you Hclem 🎉🎉😚💞
Attitude Magazine » See the first picture of Darren Criss in ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’
Omg that first picture, thanks miss u & love u sm💖
Photo: soumeki: So my friend sends me this picture of Hanae and Toshi, at first I was like, “PFFTT WTH ARE...
first picture we ever took together. It's horrible... But so us;))
NO 😂 this is literally my first time seeing that picture lol so funny
to the very first time I tried to take a yoga picture. Shot was decent but my updog was all…
with my first visitor's pass picture from 7 years ago to this semester! The…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
All I see is Kaisoo. In every freaking picture of EXO the first thing I look for is if they are standing near each other o…
1st picture was 2 years ago & 2nd picture was this year, gutted I don't have my first year pic😢🗻🎿
nah ive had that before. Got hit in the face with a line drive playin first base. Not about that that
The former first lady lost the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination because Barack Obama was the picture of cool. This time she's not
This supposed to be our first and last picture together but I turned out like a mess. ***
This spectacular picture may be the first signal of Dark Matter ever seen! Read about it: http:/…
One Direction has released their first Zayn-less promo photo:
Photoset: magicdolly: tonygoldwynnerd: HAPPY TONY TUESDAY! Omg The first picture, His watch what...
First a lot of melting snow again! Funny time of the year ;-) . (golden oldie picture...)
PICTURE: Airbus rolls out first Leap-powered A320neo: Airbus has rolled out the first A320neo to be fitted with the…
First look at as Apollo Creed's son in 'Creed':
Aviation MRO News: PICTURE: Airbus rolls out first Leap-powered A320neo
Randeep Hooda looks oh-so-hot in the first look picture of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani. The Highway actor gets ripped for...
Our first picture we took together 💕💕.
Pic: Brace yourselves - it's One Direction's first press photo as a foursome
Breast Cancer Awareness
'DID YOU KNOW HARRY LEAKED THAT PICTURE HIMSELF??" . I can always count on Ed Sheeran. First 18 and now this.
Make a great first impression with your avatar! Try a new picture, make sure its in focus, cropped nicely …
Picture of the Day: with her first book, 'A Twist of Lennon', published in 1978. With…
I picture my dream girl carrying a pizza as she trips and lands face first in it, smearing grease all over her freshly-clea…
If Beyoncé were to post a picture and captioned it our celebrities would follow suit. An outsider has to do it…
15.04.2015 || This was the very first picture that we have taken when I send you off to Bali in 6 May…
Q5- the first person to comment a picture of michael with red hair and luke together in the same picture (only them two can be in the pic)
One Direction releases first Zayn-free promo picture and everyone looks sad😭😩
fun fact: my first ever picture on instagram was kourtney Kardashian and Mason 😂
I just saw this fetus Liam picture on ig and it reminded me of when I first saw this years ago.
I thought the first picture was a condom. Really confused me
Google "Internet", click on "Images", click on the first picture, right click, save the picture. Congratulations, you've…
First picture 2013 and second picture now . The reason why I need to go shopping, so badly
First headshot (preschool photo). In the class picture I got to stand dead centre because my teacher…
We just uploaded our first picture on Follow us and we'll follow you back!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
First picture of the planned allotment at Hull Road Park.
DailyMirror: First picture of mum who dropped two-year-old boy into cheetah enclosure at zoo
PICTURE: Airbus rolls out first Leap-powered A320neo
JP Morgan, Wells Fargo profits offer mixed picture of state of US banks
I'm kind of in love with this picture. I wasn't at first but ♥ ♥
Great picture of the kick-off golf season for these middle schoolers. Those boys finished in first place!
Picture: Munir arriving at Paris with first team squad, ahead of the game against PSG tomorrow [fcb]
When you tell someone to take a picture of yourself but they end up taking a selfie first
Q4- first person to comment a picture of ashton wearing his 'pugs not drugs' shirt
First Picture of Charlie Hunnam on the Set of Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur' | Rope of Silicon
'Jihadi John' Unmasked: First Picture of Mohammed Emwazi as an Adult Emerges - ABC News
throwback to the first time I got my eyebrows done and I showed the girl a picture of and said "make them look like that"
First ferguson then New York now LA this ant no coincidence the media Trynna start some type of race war pay attention to big picture people
“The Evolution Of Arctic Monkeys their music was better in the first picture
when was the first picture, I only remember the second one
I'm so glad you posted it. The first picture of her from K9 and Co. is my favorite all time pic of Sarah Jane. Thank you.
Last night, I helped a 95 yr old woman take her first picture with Santa, she was so happy & excited. These are the reasons why I love working at the Fred Loya light show 💚 Light show will be on this weekend, & every weekend up to Christmas day. 6,7&8pm.. Go see the show, get your chocolate, cookies, pictures and enjoy!!
What a great picture - submitted by a customer - of the Adult Salt Suite in Lake Worth. Call us for your first...
I showed my mum this picture & the first thing she said was 'how nice does the dog look!' 😂
Best picture from our first hockey game (that's Ian, he explained all the rules to us)
NEWS:. Here is the first picture of the night. being interviewed by L!fe News in Russia. Stay tuned!
A clear mental picture is the first step,. in turning the invisible into the visible.
Instagram: Picture of a kid who is in the gym for the first time in months with the caption: "The workout grind is real…
couldn't forget about lil mickey baby.😘 he was mad in the first picture bc I said I was a thug 😂😂
Why was that caption the first thing that came to mind when I saw that picture?😒😂
this is the first time I've worn this dress so naturally I had to document it with a picture
Look at manny and urijah in the first picture when they were little. Lookat them now in the next 6 pictures.
that was actually the first picture my mom ever took of me. I was more of a rescue pet than…
R.I.p baby girl 🐶💘 from the first day we got you a week after i was born, to the picture i took of…
The first picture we posted together compared to my fav wedding pic. ☺️💕 happy one month of marriage to us.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
“He skipped a big part of that picture lmao” I was lookin at that like nah she gotta wash up first
That was the first picture I tagged her in. Any anyways I just don't want ghosts
Blurry picture but I got my first tattoo today!!! I am now King Deen for life lmao
My mom, Patsy Arnold Painter, makes amazing blue jean lap throws shown in the first picture modeled by Mallorie. ;) She also made twin bedspreads for my grandgirl's bunk beds. Both would be amazing Christmas gifts. Let me know if you would like to know more.
Im a little late, but happy 15 months we took this 15 months ago, the first picture we took together
Thats how short my hair was 6 month'sago and now look at it healthy and stronger than ever even tho the first picture is 2 year's old its the only one that I could think of that would show the length that it was b4 I braided it this time around
Wish I had a picture from our first season together, but I'm really glad this girl has been by my side…
Omg this is like their first official picture together where they're actually posing alone
where u found the first and last picture? 😍 They didn't post (?)
This was the first picture of Luxe. Today is her first birthday and Im so happy. :) Hihi. ♡♡
This picture is from highschool but I just wanna say good luck to my main man at his first meet of the season today!
Luke texts you this picture saying "I'm SO not letting these 3 be the uncles of our first born baby"
When someone comments about being the first like of a video/picture “Finish this: When someone says…
I've realised in my friend dying that people will walk away from people they love deeply and feel fine. and feel no way as the persons alive for them to point at and blame. But only in the passing of that person when there's no longer an object to point at, or blame, does a person point at themselves in truth, LOOKING AT THEMSELVES IN TRUTH, when u think about walking away from those u love entirely, first picture them dying, and if after that u know you have done everything in your power, only then can u be convinced it's the rite thing,
First picture is my father Harry Hayes , my grandmother Alice Spragg Hayes, then me and I am holding my oldest son Daniel (Danny) Hayes. Second picture is my grandfather LeRoy Hayes, my father Harry Hayes and me My father is holding my oldest son Daniel (Danny) Hayes
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Ok the first thing when I saw the picture on the right was SHANG so here
Ok this is so bizarre I wanna know how fb knows who are the "people I may know"? I mean usually it's like a friend of a friend or something but today the first picture was my sons orthodontist? We have no mutual contacts, he's from some other country, he's not related to anyone or friends with anyone I know, how in the world??? This world is a scary place!!!
Well, I don't want to put anyone off their dinner, but after a very tough year, both exercise and nutrition wise, here's the results of my efforts!! First picture was in March, the last in December.
Happy Birthday to my dog BooBoo. She is 9 today. The first picture is at 8 weeks and Boo was fighting for her life, she had Parvo. 9 years later she is a little curvy but happy dog. Cesar Milan would tell me I should not own a dog, cause 110 lb dog sleeps in Bed with us in our King bed., unless we have kids at the house. Boo, being Akita and German Shepherd is very protective of her family. She will not sleep in bed with us if our girls or grandchildren are there. She will lay on the hard floor at the front of the hallway to ensure no one can come down the hall to hurt us. She is such a good dog. HAPPY Birthday BooBoo!
I'm trying to find a very reasonable large area rug for LilyAnn's nursery with the first picture as my inspiration...I have been rug shopping online for days and days and I cannot find anything ivory in our price range so i'm settling with beige. These are both 8x10 for under $150 at Walmart!! Help me choose! (or help me find something better!!! I honestly do not like online shopping and this is the last big thing i need in her room!!!) Carah Spencer Emily Lodes Emma Stephens Beckemeyer Natalie Ewing Rachel Lowe Brooke Cagle Cindy Cagle Rebekah Burton Moore Teresa Brown Jenny Brown Jessica Hope Brown
Ok, there is quite a bit of people "friend and customers" wondering where I've been. So, I decided to post the reason. I had a torn Achilles' tendon and had surgery 5 weeks ago. The first picture is 1 week after surgery and the 2nd is this week (5).
MINI COMIC CON COME ON DOWN free to get In !!! free toys for kids! Gaming!!! Art!!! I having buy 1 get 1 !!! The address is on the first picture!!!
Setting up mates new semi auto rimfire. It's a Spikes Tactical. First picture is the group shot at 75 yards. About 2" group. Second picture is group of less than an inch shot with a H&K 416. Both groups shot by the same person with same ammo. Methinks the £2k+ semi auto was a "Friday Special".
This is my first picture to the group. I live in north central British Columbia, Canada and this picture was shot on November 16th before the first snow hit our area. I live in a city of about 80,000 people or so and the picture is a rural area on the eastern edge of the city on I used my Nikon D3100 using the 55-200mm 4-5.6 lens the exposure data is 82mm f 8 1/640s iso 200 white balance was set to cloudy i didnt do much post processing except cropping and also only have the Nikon ViewnNX2 program, no photoshop, or lightroom.
I do not remember the star on the mountain in Virginia, but the first picture is my scaled down version of the "famous" landmark. The second is of the front porch with the nutcrackers reminiscent of my trip to years ago, and the last is the manger scene my in laws made for me and I painted (OK, they are my sister's in laws but they are wonderful and she shares them 😊).
Gm Fb!! So Tony Hill got Miyah the Elf on the Shelf... the first picture was from the first night. Last night Miyah and TJ spent the night at her Grandparents...she has been calling me all morning to find out what the Elf ( Miyah named her SHETA) did last night.. see second picture.She made me some coffee😂😂
Today would have been my mom's 90th birthday. First picture taken in 2002 and 2nd in 1956. Miss you mom!
Type your first name followed by "meme" into google images. You're only supposed to share the first picture, but I had to do the top 2 :PPP
I've been raising grandchildren for quite a while..the first picture is when Shea, Caiban & Rhiannon first came to join Stephanie and Jena, who had already been with me for a number of years, the second one is "my kids" today. We've had good times and not so good times and we don't always get along or agree...but we have love and are a family.
Adam's first picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus. This is for you, Sheri Adams Bailey.
lol I couldn't figure out who you were at first😂 your picture really suits you
Extreme couponing! I coupon because i have to. Its now my DNA . First picture is 1/2 of my stock pile. If you have question PM me or email me ashleynichole64
Just met the first people to EVER ASK ME FOR A PICTURE EVER in Toronto while I was doing carrie!!! This is such a TB http:…
Picture with my beautiful mom in honor of the first day of breast cancer awareness month 💕💖
I'll get you guys a picture by Saturday. Friday is homecoming and will be the first time breaking out this bad boy. Can't wait!
today was the first time ever, that I had seen an unattractive picture of . EVER.
This is the first picture taken in the Cooper's new Texas house. As it was taken a dead body fell from the ceiling.. http…
Here's a nice little throw back with my girlfriend to the first picture we took😊😘
The first picture of being an the world
A6:Use in place of rubric-Have copy of progression for each S, mark it up 3x -first OD, published piece and post OD.Complete picture!
2 years ago today I got my first iPhone and this was the first picture I ever took 😂
I'm not sayin its zombies... But if you need me I'll be locked away at my TA centre... Keep your infected *** ..
to this amazing girl. Our first picture together 😉😘
*aw moment!!* I did Kylee's very first homework assignment with her! & then she threw a fit right after so we couldn't get a good picture 😐
and a throwback to our first picture as a couple. I love you
You've given me a picture of a love at first sight thing, lol XD
++ Breaking news: the is now on ++. Find out the first picture we posted and start to follow us. h…
My wcw goes to my beautiful perfect love girlfriend! This is the first picture we ever toke Happy 3…
Since it's the first day of October,. that's a reason to post a picture🍂🌅 @ American University
I will be the first to get vball picture 😌💕
special and intimate and it's Whit's (And mine!) first time. I'll post a picture of Whit's "after glow" when it's all said and done.♥
At first I thought "Ok a picture of Lu- oh ok I guess it isn't just a picture of Luke.
Happy first day of Here's a picture of a leaf on my wet windshield :).
*** marriage finally legalized in Saudi Arabia, picture of first *** couple in their wedding
The first time my hair doesn't look like crap in a picture
Demon-guide Aleister Crowley communicated with; He drew this picture pre-1920s. Grey alien first described 1947.
You heard it here first folks, a RARE picture taking part in leg day. You heard right CODY ON LEG DAY. Big day folks.
Foto: mia-redworth: Tattoo picture no. 536271 -first time using any effects on VSCOcam que maravilha
The first picture is from Pinterest and the second and third picture is how mine turned out!!! success
First picture - top row is $10 second row is $5 and the other little Jordan pair is $10, still needs to be edged. All posts. Second picture - all $25 except the Adidas pairs - $15. One Chicago bulls and both Adidas pairs are posts, rest are hooks. First come, first serve.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
His kingdom for a horse! Check out the first picture of Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III. http:/…
first two GoPro videos were a success. picture quality was great!
I always picture this building as the first ten or so stories of the transamerica pyramid
I have a picture of the obstetrician who delivered me and to think that she was the first person to touch me is so surreal
The first picture is from the 4th Annual Quarry Lake Festival where Soror Ann-Nakia helped to man the kids zone...
Panorama: This is the first picture I ever took of myself where I felt sexy nude. i took it a few months...
Proud to be... mom!!! A picture of a friend and her first baby daughter :). .
The second picture is my response to the first one
🍂First day of October🍁 {each person fails one at a time trying to get a jumping picture}
He's so silly. It's like he's trying to decide his next meal in the first picture lol
Oh we had fun unpacking fabric this afternoon. The first picture shows some of the fabric and the pre-cuts from Hoffman--Bali pops and their 10" & 5" squares. The second picture is with the "Under the Stars" new fabric from Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Inc.. There are s'mores, sleeping bags and the little campers. The camping scene is in flannel. There are also coordinates for the flannel. Oh too cute. What do you think campers.
It's done!! This monster of a hat that had me stumped for weeks is DONE!! I love how it turned out! First picture was the inspiration ;)
Banana Spider on the chicken coop above the nesting boxes. First picture taken from the outside and the other one is from inside with a chickens view through one of the slats.
I took picture of me today at Lifestyles. The first picture in the pink shirt is After and the second picture in the navy shirt is Before. I am not a picture person. My Dad was always saying, Sharon come on get in the picture. I am doing this because Visalus works!!! Being committed to your health is what it takes!!! I hope one person will decide to get healthy from my 90 Day Challenge!! Keeping it real because that is me!!! What you see is what you get!! Come on join me!!! Who's with me?
We at Lake And Cake start off with our beautiful fresh shiny "The Kind Secret" Coffee Beans. We express it and we have a beautiful creme as in the first picture then we heat the milk and create a lovely foam and we have created a Cappuccino !
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The First Picture of You" is the debut single by British New Wave group The Lotus Eaters. The song was first recorded ...
CIRCULAR POOL This was by far the place to take photos with so many little waterfalls and leading lines on the walk to the pool at the end of the gorge which was a stunning cliff face with a small waterfall into a deep pool, the first picture is a single shot of the pool and the second picture is eight images stitched of the cliff face
Last week, Lisa and I took a "grownup" trip to Las Vegas. Something really cool happened while we we were there that we want to share with Haley's friends. While playing tourists, we stopped in to Hard Rock Cafe on the strip to have lunch. Just before sitting down, I asked our server if there was some sort of map of the place that showed all of the memorabilia, explaining that we didn't want to miss a thing. She said that there was no layout of the building, but immediately began pointing out the artists and artifacts near out table. One of the things near us was Paul Stanley's guitar. I told her that we definitely wanted a closer look at that because we have a huge KISS fan in our family. She asked who that was, so I pulled out my phone to show her a pic of our Haley in her KISS/Hello Kitty hoodie. Clearly she was very touched by what she saw, but she took our order and left to turn it in. A few minutes later, the Operations Manager of the Cafe walked up to our table, holding a giftbag. He explained to u ...
First picture today weather :( The others two that where I want to be ... Lovely day everyone x
The first picture is what I walked out to see after the intense winds:( The second and third is after I heaved the tree back into position and used a bunjee cord to secure it to the fence! What are my chances that the tree makes it???
Hi my name is Sadie . I am a husky/chow mix . I am not from a reserve but I am from a smaller town and was in the shelter. The first picture was me when I came into care and then I was shaved down cause my fur was so badly matted. I am fully vaccinated and spayed. I am 8 years old 49 pounds and looking for my retirement home. If you would like to meet this girl please call Kim at 623 -3116 . or send a email to tammiand I will send you a adoption application. I may be getting old but I still have lots of love left in me to give you
was going through some pictures on my computer and came across these two, so thought I'd post to show the comparison! Pictured is Windmills Masked Supremacy aka Augustas, first picture is him at only a few days old and the second was this past summer as a yearling! I LOVE how he is maturing and think he is just going to get better with age! I only got him out to a few shows this season but plan on showing him extensively in the 2015 season! Augustas is sired by my 29" stallion "Tucson" who was a 3X National Top 4 in 2013 in both halter & driving.
I am back home and excited about this cooler weather! My furbabies are enjoying playing outside longer in these temperatures! I am beginning to get back in contact with those of you who have contacted me about our available babies. I still have these precious parti babies. let me know if you are interested and how to get in touch with you! Thanks! The first picture on the top is the only girl left and the other two are her sweet brothers!
Sorry we haven't updated lately! We have been enjoying the freedom of not having to wear a cast!!! It is so amazing how our brave little man bounces back so fast. The first picture is of the first time he got to wear real clothes since the surgery! He was so excited he just couldn't wait to wear them lol. We also went to visit Jackson's Nana and she had him a basket of goodies ready. Nana sure knows what he likes :) The second picture is after Jackson got out of his first bath since the surgery. He loved it!! Stayed in as long as we would let him...until his toes and fingers wrinkled lol. Then yesterday Adam and I decided that we all needed to get out of the house so we took Jackson to the mall and just walked around for a while. He decided he just had to ride the fire truck so of course we let him :) Then he found a woody pumpkin decoration and we did that this morning. He was so excited...and I now have a woody pumpkin setting on our speaker in our living room. That's alright though. Jackson loves looki ...
Hooray! Here are our September 5 passes winners! The first picture won because it got the most "likes." And the second picture was chosen by random drawing. Alejandra Labra was our eyewitness while we did the drawing. Jennifer Jones, you wouldn't believe BUT you won again!
These are a couple of the largest toad that I have seen. Not sure what species but they hang out by my shop every night. That is a quarter in the first picture for reference.
First time me and actually hung out she got a *** picture 😂😂😂
Goodnight 😴 first day of school tomorrow 🌝 but this picture of Ashton helps me
I posted the wrong picture earlier...THIS is the apology!. First person in the history of ever!
A beautiful picture of the First Family..
[Trans Snapped a picture with Rain senior! 17/09 will be the first broadcast of "My Lovely (cont)
We have some decals left from the Deer classic for sale!! Small decals are $3/each and large are $4/each. Message us with ur order and we can send u an invoice through paypal or u can mail us payment. We have small and large of every design except for the gray an black with the turkey and deer(the first picture) we only have large in that style.
My first picture on gram lol nice he says lol
So my first assignment for photography is to take 100 pictures of things that make me happy so I need a picture with Brittany & Jane ASAP
Take a peek at an exclusive picture from the first shot of Having a blast. :)
Best picture my mom found. But we won 7-1 in my first college game!
Found a picture of on her first day of high school
Also, 26 episodes for the first 26 acts means no special acts. So no Casablanca or ChibiUsa picture day
tHIS IS WHAT I HAD TO SAY (I hope y'all can taste the sarcasm in the first picture)
First graders on iPads! We drew our favorite things in Doodle Buddy, and emailed the picture to their teacher!
Forgot to take a first day of senior year picture so here's a second day of senior picture 😁😊
remember this picture back in high school the first time I saw you my heart stopped and I thought -
Visiting my primary school tomorrow - here's a picture of my first day at school in 1995. I look like such a dork :3 http:…
Kathalean is AMAZING! WOW!. "I wanted to share my journey with you all. The first picture I weighed 198 pounds and...
Of course on the first day of school I have to take a bathroom mirror picture💁😋
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I have a bed similar in syle to the one in the first picture. I'm thinking of painting it red for a Simply White...
I don't have a first day picture AND my parents never let me have a dog. God I'm underprivileged.
Can my girls stop growing up?! 😩 Cass had her first day of 3rd grade today 💔 and Nat just wanted a picture, hehe.
First picture on my phone was with the person that hates me more than life itself
Picture of a group of white boys captioned: "First day of school with the squad"
“I got this picture of Niall at the first Detroit concert last week new avi
Today was an AMAZING day! Little booger got to meet Chico! He is the mascot of the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball team!!! Ever since the first picture of Chico came out little booger always smiled big and didnt want me to take it off! Well today he meet him! I cant thank Jessy Castaneda enough for making boogers day!
During better times First Picture is myself on top Archbishop David Scott and Bishop Tony Palmer at the Synod...
if I get cleared you'll be the first to get that picture👊😊
Theo Walcott shares first picture of his son Finley
Why do some people still think its ok if they uploaded a picture with a "but first, let me take a selfie" caption
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