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First Nations

First Nations is a term that collectively refers to various Aboriginal peoples in Canada who are neither Inuit nor Métis.

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New on the blog: Drinking water crisis in First Nations communities violates human rights
if we 'support' Israel for their 'biblical' land, why do we still discard First Nations people here and around the world?
Would it be different if it wasn't only a First Nations community that was affected?
Wawa, ON, looking at biomass district heating; opportunity for First Nations - -
Ontario is investing in infrastructure and skills training in First Nations communities in Northeastern Ontario
First Nations honour tearful Gord Downie: 'Man who walks among the stars' via
Currently reading 'Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee' & it seems like nothing is changing, First Nations are still gett…
'I want this to stop': Students organize rally after First Nations woman struck by trailer hitch
Man arrested after trailer hitch thrown at First Nations woman in Thunder Bay, victim's sister says
My grandmother looking gorgeous.She was born on Six Nations, the largest First Nations reserve in Canada.
2. Sick and tired of Indian Affairs denying First Nations kids proper health care.
The high cost of food on First Nations reserves | TVO
Housing is central: adding your work to the Resource Library empowers all First Nations
WATCH: First Nations demand action after funding request to prevent suicide pact delayed.
A cousin of mine, objects to my request to gut the "Indian Act" because we are infringing on other First Nations...
visits Fort McMurray in support of First Nations.
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Yukon Forum set to begin soon. Gov. and First Nations have signed declaration outlining commitments incl. joint fiv…
She has no historical education or other connection to First Nations issues, but trust her, she's a doctor.
Very proud of Québec and Canada, reunited today for the same priority : First Nations & Inuit's education.
Vancouver Sun 'Have to spread the message:' Jane Fonda lends ear to First Nations on oilsands Vancouver Sun FORT…
ICYM: First Nations at forgave vets. Ancient wisdom of body-mind-heart-soul & restorative justice prevailed
He was the first First Nations player. George Armstrong was the first indigenous player whose mother was anishnaabe…
"Boyden is a darling of Non-Native Canada. When he talks First Nations people, he drowns out indigenous voices."
??? We know the issues. >More action is needed to fight abuse in First Nations communities: PM via
First Nations take Canadian government to Supreme Court over fossil fuel projects.
Feds provide inadequate care for First Nations: internal memo
Victorian Government to begin cybertalks with First Nations on Australia's first Indigenous cybertreaty
Quebec announces inquiry into treatment of First Nations - Probe comes after Indigenous women in Val-d'Or accus...
'Music to our ears': First Nations leader lauds federal minister's call for more school funding
Trudeau says First Nations 'don't have veto' over energy projects
"Indiana" needs similar, for indigenous First Nations
32 Indigenous leaders make up the newly appointed First Nations and Metis women's economic security councils.
First Nations high school in Thunder Bay receives grant to help girls hit the court by…
First Nations claims process slow and ineffective via
looks at how children from First Nations communities in the Maritimes express their pain through art.
A group of Indigenous children and teenagers from First Nations communities in the Canadian Maritimes were asked to…
plus you'll learn tonnes of history about the Canadian Inuit & First Nations people, the politics of healthcare/remote access
Sgt. Tommy Prince is the most decorated First Nations veteran in Canadian History. He fought in both World War II and K…
It's usually Canadian, refers to a First Nations concept of being two-spirited, as I understand it.
Don't miss this free webinar on First Nations child welfare - Nov.16 @ 1:30 PM EST w/
The Treaty of Niagara renewed & extended the Covenant Chain between Britain and First Nations in 1764.
Except for First Nations men & women who got the vote in 1960 from a Conservative government
The Liberal leader said he would also work with First Nations to renew and revive the Martin Liberal government’s $5 billion Kelowna Accord.
Shutting down the climate change department would be beneficial to redirect funds to children's of the First Nations
First Nations see economic future in Canada's growing clean energy industry
Feds to appoint special adviser on First Nations border crossing challenges
First Nations meeting with federal officials in Kamloops, B.C.
MPs unanimously back NDP motion on First Nations child welfare
Pressure mounts on federal Liberals to invest in First Nations child welfare
First Nations in Canada urgently reclaim their lost languages before fluent speakers die.
'Sad & brutal' death of First Nations teen an example of Gov't neglect
First Nations education: Are we still getting it wrong?
'Sad and brutal' death of First Nations teen in Kenora an example of federal neglect, NDP … http…
'Sad and brutal' death of First Nations teen called an example of Ottawa's child welfare neglect
Phil Fontaine, Fmr National Chief - Assembly of First Nations, ‘this had to be a public is our struggle, we made it possible’ 
First Nations man spends 4 years in solitary confinement in northern Ontario awaiting trial:
Grateful to for providing an important update on First Nations's issues in Northern Ontario earlier today.
I have to prove I'm First Nations through blood quantum, Can you prove how Canadian you are with t…
Significance of Recent Poles Raised by the First Nations of Haida-Gwaii -
We ALL have a STAKE in the Peace River Valley. Get your stake in the ground & support the First Nations' legal fund ht…
.is scheduled to visit the Peace River Valley tomorrow. Says he "stands w Treaty 8 First Nations" re:…
The multiple inequities First Nations children experience has a price and too often it is the kids who pay. Time 4 feds 2 do…
That moment you agree to give Tom Flanagan your CBC interview on and Trudeau's betrayal of First Nations.
Not all First Nations oppose oil and gas development [says Tom Flanagan advocate for Indian Resource Council]
This is harrowing! First Nations' kids have seen systemic injustice generation after generation.
NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was disappointed that the Liberals rejected an amendment to include First Nations consulta…
143 years ago today representatives of First Nations, including Shoal. Lake 40, finalized Treaty 3 with representatives of the British crown.
National Resources Minister Jim Carr says there won't be a veto for First Nations communities:…
First Nations people of the Grand River Territory stand with protest signs as they force the redirec
Also if there are any First Nations students interested in attending the MSVU mini camp should see Shawn Maloney in Student Services
...(including neo-colonies to imperialism, like First Nations, the Black Nation and Xicanx and others in the euro-american nation state)...
new council chamber art a symbol of relationship between city and First Nations
How a historic court decision is driving a new wave of First Nations protests
Shawn Atleo abruptly resigns as national chief of Assembly of First Nations via
Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson says First Nations art is often an expression of the history... Read Here:.
As a demonstration of goodwill and sincerity towards First Nations please release this man.
BC First Nations, business council pledge economic support with new agreement - Vancouver Sun
72 hours to evict: First Nations send message to salmon farm
The plight of First Nations communities like those encountered in Canada highlighted by The Tragically Hip:
driver training program aims to increase First Nations safety on Highway of Tears
Did you know there are three First Nations athletes competing in the 2016 Olympic Games?
Jordan River Anderson. He gave First Nations children the gift of equity. Now let's make sure Canada honours it
ENCORE: Canada's first female First Nations surgeon on the racism she sees in healthcare. https:…
Feds & provs kept terms of ref for inquiry secret & failed to consult families, First Nations or advocates:
.Meaningfulness of Trans Mountain pipeline consultations questioned by First Nations chief
First Nations people being used as Human lab rats, and health Canada knew all along, like Indian Residential schools
To the First Nations person who was talking to a woman about how she was "1/18th Indian" I apologize on behalf of white people
fast fact: forbade First Nations from forming political organizations by
Ontario to loan First Nations up to $268M for up to 15M shares (2.5%) of at $18/share via
Andre Bear and Cheyenne Fineday were elected to executive positions with the Assembly of First Nations (AFN)...
"We showed our commitment, now you show yours." First Nations youth to Assembly after walking 950 km to Niagara to draw attention to needs.
First Nations youth walked 950 kms to the AFN Assembly in Niagara to…
First Nations, will be over it about same time Jewish people get over the Holocaust.
B.C. government failed to properly consult First Nations on pipeline, court rules
Basketball is culture in coastal B.C. First Nations communities - a story by
ngl I think some of the coastal First Nations art from where I live of salmon is pretty dang cute
Native Americans / First Nations (et al) are not Indians, and there is no country named East India, nor is there...
Though I'm quite sure they don't call themselves "American Indians". Native of First Nations peoples will do.
No - Courts overturn approval due to lack of consulation with First Nations:
'Our very existence is being wiped out' by industry, say Northern B.C. First Nations
Federal court of appeal finds Canada failed to consult First Nations on pipeline project
Thank you BC First Nations! "The Federal Court of Appeal has overturned approval of Enbridge's controversial...
Court overturns Northern Gateway pipeline approval for failing to consult with First Nations
If it wasn't for Laura Secord and a band of First Nations warriors, we might not be celebrating tomorrow.
BC First Nations take their opposition to Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline proposal from coast to coast:
So grateful for Indigenous leadership:. First Nations take opposition from coast to coast
BC First Nations take pipeline opposition from coast to coast
From Georgia Street to Wall Street, BC First Nations take opposition to project from coast to coast:
B.C. First Nations take Kinder Morgan pipeline opposition from coast to coast
Energy East would fuel 'fuel catastrophic climate change,' says Assembly of First Nations in Quebec
Assembly of First Nations of Quebec says would "fuel catastrophic
opposition is growing! Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador opposes http…
would 'fuel catastrophic says Assembly of First Nations in |
I don't know but I like the word First Nations over the word Indians and I like it's use for Central and South American Peoples as well.
First Nations thought leader says old way of thinking is the new way forward | UToday | University of Calgary
ask First Nations and folks of colour if they agree, look at founding narrative of white colonial etc
p First Nations standing together with Mayor Gregor Robertson in Ottawa, giving the message "Kindermorgan will...
Good read on First Nations use of Stanley Park: 'Stanley Park's Secret" by Jean Barman (Harbour, 2005)
Vancouver mayor and First Nations chiefs ask federal leaders to say no to Pipeline.
First Nations help with search for missing Enderby woman - Salmon Arm Observer
Joe Gallagher says all 200 BC First Nations came together (historically) in May 2011 to create FNHA
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
.Growing North project inspires solutions for First Nations community in Northern Manitoba:
Health Minister Jane Philpott is travelling with NDP MP Charlie Angus and First Nations leaders today to take stock…
RAW: National Chief Perry Bellegarde talks about closing the gap in services between First Nations and the re...
Bernie Williams is working to end the epidemic of violence against First Nations women.
‘It’s time for heroes to shine through’ in communities says First Nations actor turned motivational speaker
ON’s First Nations Health Action Plan is built on a strong foundation of collaboration with First Nations partners https…
ICYMI: 'We've got to act quickly' : First Nations leaders optimistic but cautious about new Ontario health spending
First Nations leaders optimistic but cautious about health care plan
What's there to be nostalgic about for First Nations people?
Want to improve economy in north? Invest more in First Nations, Manitoba chief urges
Trustee censured for remarks about First Nations at Cobourg high school
Inequity in funding 4 First Nations police services has a “clear impact on public safety in affected communities.” htt…
'Meaningful consultation' a meaningless term, say First Nations opposed to more pipelines
Awesome! Means White Buffalo woman is raising up the First Nations. TrulyBetter than
Ways your faith community can mark the 30th anniversary of Apology to First Nations. ht…
Watch the video the police altercation with First Nations teen weeks before her death
Father of 14-year-old First Nations girl found dead in Kenora calls for inquest Police accountability for
Police altercation with First Nations girl caught on vi…
Museums and libraries need to repatriate knowledge base back to First Nations.
Phil Fontaine is at it again for Canada to dictate the relationship between Canada & First Nations.
explore First Nations' roots on legend of...
Time will tell re: healing for First Nations in Canada.
ital, is home to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, with exhibits on natural history and the people of Canada’s First Nations.
Dozers loaded and on our way to protect our First Nations and Lac St Anne County.
GoFundMe campaign aims to get First Nations basketball team to summer games
Trudeau sayings lots of right things about First Nations in Canada but I don't see how anyone could trust him yet.
Tribes, First Nations need INDEPENDENT advice, not DNA test cos. to advise, preferably indigenous scientists who get enrol…
I studied your work in my First Nations course this semester. Thank you for being such an inspiring artist and activist!
2014 Battle of the Nations. Browsing through Finland's first year ar
Why pipeline supporters should welcome Trudeau silence on Energy East
You should read the BC First Nations stories about Raven. He was their trickster god.
First Nations food truck at Clipper’s terminal a win for Songhees
Alberta First Nations Leaders head to Vatican to meet with the Pope
Dave is right. Great insights about Israel from a Canadian First Nations man
- Humanity First also now has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the Uni…
Maxed out electricity supply fuels housing shortage in northern Ontario First Nation
Ask to fulfill his committment to First Nations and stop
stolen Indian lands for sale with stolen titles. thieves, return it to the First Nations, the First Americans! https:/…
Why electricity matters in solving the First Nations …
Good to see the relentless explaining to Canada's leaders what a real climate plan would look like.
target Trudeau's plan with Climate Action --
It's sad First Nations people still face unequality today, like we r not even from here. 😠
Indigenous owners outraged at site earmarked for Australia’s first nuclear waste dump
I admire Chief Redsky's articulation of the tragic story of Canada's treatment of the First Nations people and...
Since Europeans settlers arrived, First Nations people have faced hardship, corruption, rapes, violence, the list goes on.
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First Nations food truck at Clipper's terminal a win for Songhees - Times Colonist
Mar 13:10 "And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.
Huge impact of equal funding for First Nations reserve schools
Have an All Star World Cup where all players are paid equally from central funds and developing nations get first pick of eligible players.
You can’t build a new relationship with First Nations and allow Site C dam to proceed | David Suzuki Foundation
Why ? HOPE! Hope for the future, for family, for equality, for First Nations. Hope 4 the little guy
The C series pollutes and the First Nations say their noise will impact their hunting grounds. Time for a lengthy consult!
Breaking: The United Nations has charged the Spurs with crimes against humanity for what they did to OKC in the first half.
Not just her moral & legal duty. Hydro One's sale value falls if Wynne fails to reach deal w/ First Nations
Paywalled, alas, but I know one outlet that’s been covering a possible First Nations stake in Hydro One
Government of Canada Announces New West Coast Energy Fund for First Nations in British Columbia - Canada News Centre
'This is history in the making': Sask. First Nations leaders meet with Trudeau.
Great opportunity for Child & Family Therapists to join a world-class First Nations organization in northern BC:
Assembly of First Nations of Quebec & Labrador chiefs meeting in St. Sauveur
Pam Palmater. . The same situation has been in many First Nations, not just Attawapiskat. Pikangikum's situation...
Will Feds deliver their promise? Youth Center for young people...for a long time Gov't has failed the First Nations acr…
'We know who our people are,' Ontario First Nations draft citizenship law: First Nations in ... @
Ape Alert: Attawapiskat youth urges Canada to ‘open its eyes’ to First Nations communities
First Nations group aims to break silence about sex for Tsleil-Waututh youth
Project grants announced for the prevention of sexual violence in First Nations communities.
should do a series on First Nations children taken from their parents n families. So many out there still missing 😕
Carver brings new life to traditional First Nations wood
7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. is a collective of seven First Nations artists, referred to as the...
During suicide debate Justice Minister says it’s time for First Nations to shed Indian Act ‘shackles’ via
So proud of r people 4 standing up! We can't let crisis in Attawapiskat or other First Nations continue: http…
Have an idea for promoting First Nations wellness? Apply for a grant by Apr 29, 2016:
So many young First Nations are migrating to British Colombia to attend University of British Columbia - UBC...
now to make First Nations kids aware of their true value and potential.
Engineering students from University of Regina focus efforts on safe drinking water for First Nations
7 First Nations account for nearly half of aboriginal suicides in Ontario, report says
University of students take a crack improving water quality on First Nations reserves
Reminder (again) to the news media: you don't have to say "First Nations community." Simply calling it a "First Nation" will suff…
Bullying @ school stems from violence @ home. First Nations are rife with violence. Even university educated Indians are violent.
First Nations field monitor Austin Paul reports from the Saint John River.
First Nations man's beating during arrest called racism and abuse by family
Thank you Rebecca Thomas, Halifax's new Poet Laureate, speaks of reality of First Nations community
The First African King to take African rural development to the United Nations | The Anchor Online...
Fix the american tanks, seems american tanks has longer spotting and spotting first before other nations better view range
Impressed by merging of First Nations tradition w/education for students including
Justin Trudeau is enabling First Nations internal corruption. That is "pushing the reset button" on the relationship rig…
Back to the drawing board for Brave Warriors: Namibia first appeared at the Africa Cup of Nations finals in 19...
Is the university of lagos really the school of first choice,the nations pride ... What do you THINK
4 things First Nations are watching for in federal budget
India joins select grp of nations with 1st indigenous composites Sonar Dome. htt…
Band members come forward with allegations of vote-buying on Saskatchewan First Nation
why not confirm if knows who the BRICS nations are first before dishing out those fact
Siksika man injured during arrest to file a complaint against RCMP
you mean you're NOT destroying the boreal forest, caribou habitat, and First Nations communities?
off to a good start - a lovely manhole cover with Native American/First Nations artwork
Not saying that I do, just saying there are plenty of first nations people who support both.
Manitoba First Nations say fulfil promise and turn over more treaty land
120 years ago the first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens. (300 athletes from 14 nations)
Our bones & our blood & our sweat have built the wealth of nations. Our burial should not be the first time we rest. https…
- that'll be a first! . The EU is a dictatorship and only by nations uniting against it - will the EU be defeated.
Our first nations people want a treaty not a corporate sponsored means of control.
Today in 1896:the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece, with 241 male athletes from 14 nations partici…
. More immunity in African nations cf to the America where it seems to be being seen for first ti…
Don't be fooled! At least 75% of our First Nations people do not want this as it will only give gov more control.
Kakegamic says in the past year, the First Nations high school has had to conduct searches three times for missing student…
Suganaqueb coordinated volunteer search for Jordan Wabasse in 2011, says 'we had a lot of help from different First Nation…
For the first time in history, the declared global action on malnutrition:
so, I, as one of the people living off the theft of land and way of life of First Nations Peoples, am trying to educate myself
Deep Water: Searching for answers in the deaths of seven First Nations teens in Thunder Bay
and they never add in: "Though I am fine with living off of the theft of land, & way of life of the First Nations Peoples."
Manitoba First Nations say fufil promise and turn over more treaty land
First encountered beggars in South Africa, 1970, en route by boat to Nz. An African family. Next time was in Canada, 1997, First Nations ppl
Deep water: "Between 2000 and 2011, five First Nations teens died in the rivers of Thunder Bay…" This piece is great
The path to First Nations equality lies in treaty, not recognition, writes Kristen Zornada. https:/…
Ignun' *** Politicians: "How do we help First Nations!?". Me: "You have the Indian Act AND RESERVE SYSTEM! UNDERSTAND OPPRESSION MUCH!?!"
Thrilled to see this news: SF passes first fully paid parental leave law in U.S.
It seems pretty evil on the one hand to ask "How do we help First Nations?" while having a department of "Indian Affairs" at the same time.
Note he's you are a first class first nations loser. Go apologize to your aunties.
Be proud you repealed the Financial Transparency Act for First Nations
Powerful statement Canada’s First Nations: The social and political determinants of health - via…
PM Trudeau appears to be part of the criminal problem that is on our First Nations. Chiefs need 2 be held to account
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This Inquest is revealing how hostile northern towns (Thunder Bay) are to First Nations kids. And how heartbreaking it is…
Out there: First Nations kids are travelling hundreds of kilometres to attend high school
0407 | NEW NATIONS. According to Scriptures, nations are sons, Israel is the first born!. How then is it possible...
All Canadians should understand the struggle of indigenous people say former B.C. Chiefs
Jurisdiction not an excuse for lack of action on First Nations' hea…
.First Nations honour woman who went on hunger strike over Site C
Nations live by a conscience, not by tournaments: Suhel Seth
We are learning about primary and secondary sources in our First Nations and European Explorers unit!
Subscribe to read report on the First Nations activists resisting tar sands mining in Canada:
Educators eager for new materials-eg First Nations inclusive-in Canadian history will not get them w/out publishers or compensating writers.
Chief Robert Joseph, one of the kindest positive thinkers I have spoken to about Jews and First Nations. 💕
Let's "Raise a generation of First Nations children, who never have to recover from their childhood" Cindy Blackstock…
Cindy Blackstock, child advocate has taken on the cause of Canada’s First Nations children, who have been...
"Tapping into a history that connects maple syrup to First Nations"
Canada:Tapping into a history connecting maple syrup 2 First Nations -True, FN showed the French how to harvest sap
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Almost an entire third of the nation's budget is for First Nations. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.
talks straight about failing First Nations kids in care, education & TRC implementation:
First Nations will continue to deal with infrastructure deficits, despite budget.
.fulfill your oath to First Nations; stop . http…
First Nations, northern infrastructure to benefit from federal budget
If Trudeau can spend $200M on Canada Day celebrations, he can put $200M in this year's budget to end vs First Nations kids in care
Mary Greyeyes-Reid first woman of the First Nations to join the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, 1942.
As a SK tax payer I want to direct my property taxes toward First Nations education.
Study suggesting oilsands link to cancer in First Nations community to be released today
New Quebec history course falls short on First Nations
Wounded Warriors run through Comox: “We have First Nations veterans in our communities, and raising awareness ...
First Nations culture, ceremony shine at LUNSA powwow -
First Nations culture, ceremony shine at LUNSA powwow.
The and First Nations & Inuit Health doing a joint review on Dental NIHB. Your feedback is needed
US student asks about Cda's relationship with First Nations, PM says he doesn't know that Cda has a lot to teach an…
Trudeau looking to improve state of First Nations education
Time to ask Canadians what they receive as a Canadian for the treaties that were signed with First Nations people..
Royal BC Museum loans First Nations exhibit to Naval and Military Museum
Auditor General report: 50 % of First Nations people living on reserve had not graduated high school. Canadian average = 10 %
First Nations interests have produced the city's first native Hotel
Two more First Nations courts proposed in British Columbia
Joseph Boyden reminds is Canada not built on 2 solitudes, but 3. First Nations, French, English. Long road ahead.
Mike what about Chinese, First Nations , East Indians and the Muslim community?
BC breached its duty to consult the Gitga’at First Nations about the Northern Gateway pipeline.
Justin Trudeau keeps company with a corrupt squaw who runs organized crime under guise of the Assembly of First Nations. Give me a break!
genocide against First Nations people, operation ranch hand...
Yes it is. First Nations are full partners in climate change action.
Do the First Nations need a treaty or is it the aus govrnmnt that needs a treaty to gain legal legitimacy?
First Nations communities are being destroyed due to lack of funding. Our gv'ts need to take action
Toddler healing after dog attack - Cowichan Valley Citizen of First Nations get on with addressing concerns!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
First Nations chief files complaint after ceremonial pipe snafu at airport: Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand ...
Indian Country will be set free from the Assembly of First Nations ball and chain. =>>Robin Zander - In This Country
Canada still discriminating against First Nations kids: Cindy Blackstock
Ottawa to overhaul welfare provisions on First Nations reserves /via
Bravo for including Provincial, Indigenous and First Nations leaders in planning for a cleaner future!
First Nations have no relationship with New Brunswick government, 2 chiefs say
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with aboriginal leaders Wednesday to discuss a role for First Nations in...
Victorian Govt to begin talks with First Nations on Australia's first treaty
RAW:churchill menu inspired by ingredients the explorers and First Nations used in the area over 250 years ago
Murray Sinclair: Time to right the wrongs of the past on First Nations educn v…
Editorial: First Nations face capital crunch by
Despite controversy at First Nations actress in the Revenant wasn't invited to Academy Awards. https:/…
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