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First Lady

A First Lady or a First Gentleman is the title used in some countries for the spouse of an elected head of state.

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Hillary is the only one of them that has a beautiful life size portrait in the White House as First Lady of the United Stat…
Of course Kid Rock wore a Fedora. And super respectful to former First Lady, say what you want at least HRC lived i…
Just gonna say it... Melania Trump is by far the most stunning First Lady in the history of First Ladies! . https:…
Such a beautiful First Lady from the inside out. The media fears you will discover her heart of gold...
"A new First Lady for every year of his presidency": 1999 list of campaign slogans is perfect:…
The only trick they missed was the stripper donating blood to the First Lady.
Melania Trump, US First Lady, wins damages from Daily Mail over allegations that she worked as an 'escort.'
Newman for VP and Cosmo Kramer for SOS, and that would make David Puddy the First Lady
Tammy Wynette was called "the First Lady of Country Music". She helped to define the role of female country...
And for the conservative Catholic family Pope Frances and Jesus with the First Lady nude with that another woman.…
Do you remember this First Lady fondly? Your library catalog has 13 pages of Jacqueline Kennedy, including books...
At Excel Academy, DC's first charter public school for girls, the First Lady, Queen Rania and receive flowers…
Their Royal Highnesses met with the President of Austria, and the First Lady at Hofburg Palace.
Thank you America for putting a classy First Lady in the White House, Melania Trump -- Not "Bill Clinton the Rapist!"…
Your stunning and brilliant. Your the most beautiful and classy First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy. God Bless America.
The Republican Women of Gregg County are excited to announce that Cecelia Abbott, the First Lady of Texas, will...
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I'm sorry, but how exactly is she serving as First Lady while living in her ivory tower in NY?
Gorgeous, beautiful inside and out, and smart - our First Lady of the United Sates!
Melania Trump: 250,000 sign petition demanding First Lady move to White House or pay for Trump Tower security
The former First Lady will speak at the 2017 AIA National Conference on Architecture:
Watch the Livestream of and former First Lady of Haiti Mildred Aristide at The Wright.
At Looking forward to hearing from the incredible Hon. and the former First Lady of…
Lou Henry Hoover-First Lady of the United States b. 1874-is Scientist of the Day!
US First Lady presents Sandya Eknaligoda with the “International Women of Courage” Award. Story link:...
Lillian Gish, the “First Lady of American Cinema” is pictured here in 1915. She was born in Springfield, OH in 1893…
"The President and the First Lady will also host President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan at a dinner on the evening of April 6."
First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump twinning with her stepdaughter.
"The time for empowering women around the world is now. First Lady of the United States of...
LIVE: First Lady delivers remarks at the 2017 International Women of Courage Award h…
Mary Todd Lincoln, everybody's favorite First Lady of the books at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN
This shirt is too much now...It should be "hidden" by the First Lady for like 20 years! Even the Constitution isn't cast i…
The Transition Chairman of Ika Local Government Area is busy going around and telling people that the First Lady...
Lumos joined the Vice Prime Minister, Ombudsman for Children & First Lady of Ukraine today
At Legend, is Head of State and Chief of Staff…First Lady, Senior Advisor, Secretary of State, Cabinet Member...
Join us in saying Happy Birthday to our wonderful First Lady! @ Greater Grace Temple
President Paul Kagame and First Lady of Rwanda Jeanette Kagame meet His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican.…
So is First Lady to / That's got to annoy President Bannon.
Bigotry and Fraud Scandal at Kindergarten Linked to Japan’s First Lady - The New York Times
"My name is Maria Kanellis-Bennett and I'm the First Lady of Professional Wrestling.". Not new to RP. Literate. Ships w.…
First Lady promotes girls' education in Cambodia.
Absolutely. Also the First Lady is totally absent. After Michelle Obama, what a loss!
(2) to Michelle Obama's example, she decided she just won't be First Lady.
The safety of our First Lady is very important. And Presidential duties include traveling expenses. Obama did the same.
Libs defend rapper who threatens the First Lady into sex slavery. But call Michelle Obama a monkey, they're calling…
I'm quite aware of that. And our First Lady is a college drop-out who plagiarized Mrs. Obama's speech.
Melania Trump, occasional First Lady, $180 million/year. Barack +Michelle Obama, 2 for the price of one $400K/year. Which is better deal?
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Meow Bow Wow threatens the First Lady of the US & the MSM is silent.Can u imagine if someone said those things about Mrs…
ICYMI: college recommendation letter was written by former First Lady
Are you serious? They should be fired. No one does this to our First Lady. No one disrespected Obama wife or any of the
Michelle Obama was the First Lady & all First Lady's set causes/agendas. Ivanka Kushner ain't no 1st Lady.
Obama is still my president and Michelle is still my First Lady
Governor & First Lady, Representatives Sonya Murray Anderson & Hannah Kelly at the Mansion.
😊😊Its Great to have a First Lady that's works at Making America Great Again!
May 10, 1869 - Transcontinental railroad completed. Julia Grant was First Lady at the time.
"Pastors" and their First Lady & First Gentleman. The 5 fold ministry is for the edification of the saints - the...
Trump discloses what goes on inside bedroom with First Lady
. The Roundtable of the First Lady - A portrait of pain by Pablo Larraín (and Natalie Portman).
You are beautiful inside & out. I am so proud that you are our First Lady. God Bless you & your family! ❤🇺🇸💙
This leftist bully just attacks the First Lady for no reason. Disgraceful.
Taylor refused to attend the First Lady, Melania Trump luncheon for because she does not support Trump. https:…
"Zambia has been shaped by a long & rich history of bold women who have continued to create Change". First Lady.
Do u see the irony of the First Lady giving remarks on but the WH barring news cameras from capturing her actual remarks?
In my state, the First Lady is more powerful than the deputy governor. She controls four LGAs
The Twin House, completely built by the is the office complex for the First Lady and Deputy Governor…
Nicole came in third on our Heartbreak hill run 4 km. First Lady home. Well done Nicole.…
How beautiful is this photo of Queen Letizia of Spain and Argentina's First Lady, Juliana Awada? These soft pink shades…
A First Lady that young girls can aspire to instead of no class ghetto witch Michelle!
These days, dressing the First Lady is a contentious issue.
First Lady Melania Trump and making the First Lady Classy, Elegant and Beautiful Again! So Blessed to have our First Lady & Family!
Thank you for your column on our First Lady. It is appreciated!
Michelle Obama was the first black First Lady of the United States and she is the only First Lady that has two Ivy Leag…
You would've never seen the President Obama, First Lady or any of their staff behaving like this. So low class and…
Celebrating Lundi Gras with my New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the First Lady. Happy Mardi Gras! Landri…
Pastor and First Lady of Trinity Fellowship Church came in to discuss their
Melania Trump refiles Daily Mail lawsuit after removing all mentions of profiting from being First Lady
Melania Trump just removed all references of her plan to profit from being First Lady from a lawsuit
Kenya: First Lady to support distribution of relief food in drought-hit areas: First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has…
Who had something to say about the First Lady of Shoot Your Shot Tabernacle Episcopalian Baptist Cathedral? !
congratulations to the pastor and First Lady of the church
Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings was the First Lady of Ghana and founder of the 31st December Women's Movement
First Lady truly appreciated by me a Christian thought so much of her prayer she said before introducing our President
."I am proud of her. I am as proud as I can be of our First Lady."
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta meets the First Lady of the Central African Republic, H.E. Brigitte Toudéra and Executives…
Happy Presidents Day To the First Lady thank you for sharing your husband with America…
NYT punk Jacob Bernstein, who slandered our First Lady, is Carl Bernstein's son. Another MSM clown trading on d…
Great rally tonight in Florida! I'm very proud of President TRUMP'S Administration & the First Lady, Melania.
Stella Obasanjo was the eleventh First Lady of Nigeria from 29th May, 1999 until her death on 23rd October 2005.
Mrs Brown was no more First Lady than Mrs Blair or Mrs Cameron. The First Lady lives in the big house up the road.
Melania Trump begins her First Lady revolution with a hashtag via
Question: when Mike Pence becomes President, do we have to call the new First Lady "Mother" like he does?
If a rodeo clown can be fired just for wearing an Obama mask, surely a hack reporter can be fired for calling the First Lady a hooker.
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worst First Lady in history right now. Even worse somehow than Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan
Area reporter spreads lies about the First Lady, media refuse to report his name, then describe the whole thing as much ado a…
Harvard law professor who taught Barack and Michelle Obama says former First Lady 'should've been...
People love defending Melania but what about when an actual First Lady as committed and involved as Michelle Obama dealt with…
Happy Birthday to our First Lady, Karen Turner! Have a bless day!!
Hola Presidente! You can't go anywhere in Nicaragua without seeing the visage of Daniel Ortega and the First Lady.
First Lady Edith Wilson, a descendant of Pocahontas. The first First Lady to assume presidential functions.
Heading down a rabbit hole now. What rules do apply to the First Lady? Public records rules do:
Michael C. Hall and Jodi Balfour are joining the upcoming Season 2 as the late President and First Lady (Jack and Jackie…
Rare Video: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, First Lady of the United States in Peshawar & Khyber Pass, March 1962
Expecting anything less? Not surprised. Melania sues over lost millions as First Lady via
Melania Trump says escort story stopped her from making millions as First Lady -
Melania Trump says being First Lady could mean millions for her brand -
Imagine if Michelle Obama had sued someone because they ruined her chance to profit off of being First Lady.
Throwing Shade at Designer Ralph Lauren Dressing Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump - Lacey on First Lady in White House htt…
Melania Trump views being First Lady as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for her brand
I've read that paragraph from First Lady's lawsuit against The Daily Mail and I still can't wrap my head around it.
Talk for yourself, Trump, so far best president ewer. NObummer with a male first lady, worst president ewer
What a dream it is for Mr. President Erdogan and The First Lady to invite me to their home.…
So y'all really gonna let orochimaru be our first lady ?
I've got news for her...NO ONE wants to look like her. NO ONE thinks she is First Lady. NO ONE looks at her w…
I believe the phrase you're looking for is "First Lady months."
Melania Trump: Libel kept me from cashing in as first lady via
[October 2009] Lady Gaga speaks at the National Equality March, the first national march for LGBT rights since 2000. ht…
That was after Hillary was First Lady. Melania's using her position while First Lady. Big difference.
Melania Trump's lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady by selling clothes and fragrances
Well we all get to be First Lady just once.
6. He argues being First Lady makes it easy to sell things like shoes & accessories because she's photographed a lot https:/…
The First Lady of the United States is suing because being called a prostitute has impaired her ability to profit from her p…
First Lady's lawsuit: ​”Plaintiff had unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to launch commercial brand"
Conservs who hate Michele Obama have 2 explain what they think of Melania wanting 2 use FLOTUS role 2 make $150 mill ht…
3. She's admitting she wanted to use the office of the First Lady to score multi-million dollar endorsement deals
5. Her lawyer literally describes the position of First Lady as a "once-in-a-lifetime" money making opportunity!
"Read your book *** " I would definitely be Abbey Bartlet if I was First Lady
One of my favs taken on assignment in w/former First Lady of Nancy Freudenthal discussing…
Good morning! Abbey Bartlet went through too much as a First Lady & is too good of a human to have to suffer throug…
First Lady is a title first attributed to Mary Todd Lincoln. She is the wife of the President. She is not elected.
Credit where credit's due, Melania Trump may mark a turning point in the retrograde "feminine" responsibilities of the First Lady
All you guys who think the First Lady is so breathtakingly hot, I've got three words for you: Mary Todd Lincoln.
Gambian kids doing an impression of former President Yahya Jammeh and former First Lady, Zinab Jammeh.
This White House is so anti-woman it doesn't even have a First Lady
First Lady of the Commonwealth Lauren Baker read to kids at to kick off our PJ Drive pres by Freihofer's.
PJ Drive with Bruins and DCF! Lauren Baker, First Lady, Commisioner Linda Spears DCF, at the kick off PJ Drive!
Hillary Clinton is a Lawyer, Professor, First Lady of Arkansas & America, Senator & Secretary of State, her first 7 days wo…
I love my President I love my First Lady ❤️
Ok, I'm lost: why is the First Lady of a supposedly populist administration on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico eating jewelry…
I think North Korea would love you , maybe he make you First Lady there, but you no speak good Korean right? Shame
5 years from now no one will remember you lol you will fade away but the First Lady will be part of history forever jealous?
It's almost time to say goodbye 💔 is making her final rounds as First Lady. ht…
Awww President Obama kissed First Lady, Michelle's hand...he adores his wife.
You are still my First Lady. There is no term limit. You are and no one can tell me otherwise. Thank you…
Michelle Obama tears up during final speech as First Lady
But most of the ppl saying that are people who do support trump and shame other girls bodies like when Michelle Obama became the First Lady
We will never have another First Lady as elegant, poised, charismatic and accomplished as Michelle Obama
8. I will never get over Michelle Obama getting lit with Missy Elliott. The coolest First Lady ever.
Finally an real First Lady who can communicate with the world, Michelle only spo…
Our FOREVER President and First Lady having a well earned and well deserved vacation in the British Virgin Islands. https:/…
and you as Governor. Peggy will make a dynamite First Lady of South Carolina.
out of line "Chelsey Lately"...grow an adult about your candidate losing the election. Leave the First Lady alone.
Our new First Lady had great interviews with Larry King, Joy Behar, Lesley Stahl, Anderson Cooper & more. Very smart.
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📷 Can we talk about this for a minute? This is a Yale-educated law professor, First Lady, Senator, and...
A real gentleman for the new First Lady! What do you think Jack…
If you like the look of gloves with suit jackets like First Lady check out these colorful,...
"I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him." -- Melania Trump, First Lady.
Naive fallacy in recycling Jackie Kennedy fashion is that, were Jackie Kennedy alive & First Lady in 2017 she would d…
Hervé Pierre, the former Creative Director at Carolina Herrera, is behind the First Lady's white gown.
Your fave's music couldn't get a warring former President and First Lady out on the dance floor (de facto Peace Ambassador) but hey, do you
I am deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as First Lady!
Awkward moment: BBC presenter warns viewers a black woman leaving the White House is NOT the First Lady
Great observational skills when u let everyone know that the random black woman leaving the White House was not the First Lady.
The new White House website has a full run down of all the magazines our First Lady has appeared on but the LGBT page has b…
Name a First Lady more beautiful than Michelle Obama. Name a president more attractive than Barack Obama. I'll wait. ht…
"Hey Staff Sergeant you're gonna dance with the First Lady tomorrow". (Squad's eyes get big). 1SG: Sir are you sure about...
I'm a million percent sure that with his small mouth, the First Lady gets off on her own.
"From the moment the First Lady, Melania Trump stepped out in the baby blue cashmere frock from Ralph Lauren, America…
Staff Sergeant Jose A. Medina will dance with First Lady at the third ball tonight
Before I go cover nationally ranked tonight against Pacific, getting a little love in with the First Lady of law - Judge Judy
Wishing you and Michelle a well-deserved rest. The best President and First Lady of my lifetime. Love you always!
Has our new First Lady sold sex out the back door of the White House yet? Are there any West Wing mirrors in which she looks pretty?
does an incoming First Lady give an outgoing First Lady a gift..? I'm guessing that's not the done thing
Former President and First Lady Michelle Obama will be missed they were respected and loved
Soon to be ex-First Lady. Parting gift. Yeah, she's not pleased.
President Obama kisses First Lady Michelle Obama on the cheek as they await Pres.-elect Trump and Melania Trump's arrival at White…
Melania reached the highest rung on the sugar baby ladder: First Lady of the USA
One day, I want to have the same calm Hillary Clinton had today. Showing up there as a Former First Lady.
Future First Lady Melania Trump gives a gift to First Lady Michelle Obama as the Obamas welcome the Trumps to the White House. htt…
🆘‼️😀 USA: Festive attire (Ralph Lauren) of Melania compared to former first lady Jackie Kennedy-Onassis.
if you have more followers than the First Lady
Donald: I will now hand over to Melania. Melania: It has been an honour to be your First Lady for the last 8 years. Bara…
US Warlord Donald Trump poses for inaugural photo with First Lady Ivanka Trump and unknown ***
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President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama presented with flags that flew over White House on first and last day of presi…
Former first lady of Canada is SAVAGE
Today being President Obama's last day, let us not forget how Michelle Obama gave us the best first lady looks of all time htt…
Glamorous gives new color to profile
this is interesting but I also find it amazing this is the first time "lady" has been used
not trying to be a jerk.. but the fact that Obama was the one to help the new First Lady up the stairs and…
Idk if I should ever aim for a sugar daddy because I may accidentally become the First Lady of the United States
If you guys are not doing anything after this, there’s a job opening for president and First Lady in Nigeria.
The most beautiful and elegant First Lady!!! No others can compare❤
melania: thank u for inaugurating my husband! my first initiative as First Lady is called "Let's Move!" a fitness plan t…
3 more days and Melania will be the most beautiful First Lady since Jackie Kennedy! Sorry Obama it's just the *** truth!
Congratulations to our new president and First Lady A$ap Rocky and Lana Del Rey 🇺🇸
Former Pres. Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama board military plane to head to Palm Springs, California for family vacati…
When all you wanted was a sugar daddy & now you're the First Lady of the United States
First Lady Trump looks absolutely stunning! Thanks for not dressing her! https:… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Oh, ew! What is the point of the Secret Service if we can't protect our First Lady from this?!
it is clear that our new First Lady has no need for Tom Ford. Her style and grace is a reminder of Jackie Kennedy. Beautiful!
Feeling a lot of emotion watching President Obama and First Lady board the marine helicopter. 😪 Godspeed! Good luck to Sasha and Malia!
Personally, I think Laura Bush was the hottest First Lady of all-time.
Never mind, I forget Hillary was once First Lady... and Laura Bush has a useless degree
In our new First Lady will fit in with those ladies perfectly.
"I can dig this 'First Lady' bit, but what about my second, third and fourth ladies?"
[REVIEW] Natalie Portman brings to life the mystique of an iconic First Lady in Jackie
Being your First Lady has been the honor of a lifetime. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. -mo
The 41st president and his First Lady have been hospitalized with respiratory issues
First Lady you've given that position honor and elegance like Jackie Kennedy
them: Jackie Kennedy was the best First Lady! . me: Michelle Obama tho. them: but Jackie Ken-. me:
Jackie Kennedy, movie lover: how the First Lady brought Hollywood to the White House
Chicago's First Lady had a great great grandpa who fought for the South's Stonewall Jackson & General Le…
Happy Birthday to First Lady Michelle Obama! - the smartest, coolest, hard working, game-changing First Lady there ever was…
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Happy Birthday to the queen herself, Thank you for being such a phenomenal First Lady and woman to look up to. ❤
Happy Birthday to this phenomenal woman we are blessed to be able to call our First Lady. 🌹
Happy 53rd birthday to our amazingly intelligent, classy and beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama 🎈
Brilliance. Grace. Class. Beauty. A truly phenomenal woman. First Lady of the United States of...
Happy Birthday to a phenomenal, compassionate, wonderful woman and role model. The greatest First Lady in history! .
Did you know??? Thomas Jefferson's wife died before he became President, so their daughter was the First Lady.
CNN reported today that Melania Trump as First Lady, vows to take on cyber bullying. She might wanna start with her husband
oh my goodness , is a relationship like President Obama and First Lady Michelle too much to ask for ?! via
Designers reflect on dressing First Lady Michelle Obama. - Read More
Melania Trump's makeup artist responds to designers who refuse to dress the future First Lady.
Who will dress First Lady Melania Trump for inaugural balls?
. There's nothing wrong with a lady making the first move. then the guy takes…
This lady on the train looked at me and smiled. My first thought was "do I have something funny on my face or what?"
soon to be First Lady is gorgeous! Don't ask me if I think M.obama is pretty because...
First lady of Odeta Nisha. ambassador of
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I'm prepared to say without any hesitation Michelle Obama is the greatest first lady in the history of our country!!
For the first time ever, Lady Liberty will be a black woman on U.S. currency.
She's getting a glam room in the WH .. First Lady of Nudes ..
For the first time, Lady Liberty depicted as African American on a coin.
Donald Trump revives then-first lady Hillary Clinton’s idea to kick media out of the White House
Lady Laura Rosing knows two things: first, she will marry for love, and second, she detests rakes.
So happy to have a feminine First Lady again
Monica Geingos, Namibia's first lady adjusts to the spotlight 📻
Come out and support your lady mantas as we take on PC for the first match in our fight to the district title! 7 @ our hom…
Michelle Obama is the greatest First Lady of all time
First lady Melania and the political fashion police
Yea it's about time you spent your own money ... We just wanted a First Lady we could afford to feed ...
Frmr nude model & paid escort "only first lady to come from fashion" ??? Who'll dress "quiet and reserved"
Incoming First Lady Melania Trump faces 'political fashion police'
For the first time, Lady Liberty will be depicted as a woman of color on U.S. currency
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You're a very sad person. She's our first lady, get over your lies.
program on the first lady's legacy is a must watch. An inspiring story that spreads hope
My only regret is I'll miss the subtly elegant glamour Michelle brought to the White House as First Lady.
For 1st time in US history, Lady Liberty is depicted as a woman of color on US currency. https:…
You Vs. the First Lady he told you not to worry about
First lady Melania and the political fashion police |
I am so ready to be done with articles about First Ladies and fashion. But I doubt this will end in my lifetime.
First things first I gotta get a tattoo centered around my daughter ❤
I think she will support her family. Michelle dressed rauncy. This first lady has class.
I can understand wanting a businessman as President, but a working girl as First Lady?
President Paul and First Lady now join members of government,civil society from and beyond for the Nat…
Our Pastor is Omega; our First Lady an AKA. And Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. Happy Founders Day
And the First Lady of competitive eating? wins the award for 2016! CONGRATS!
You brutally raped a 13 year old girl at Jeffrey Epstein's house when Ivanka was 13. Now she's your de facto First Lady.
John Patterson on Natalie Portman's stellar turn as Jacqueline Kennedy in First Lady biopic Jackie.
I'm watching Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon and literally crying I'm going to miss her being out First Lady so much
VIDEO: Stevie Wonder Pays Tribute to Michelle Obama on Her Final Days as First Lady via
if conservatism is supporting a First Lady who poses nude, call me a liberal any day! I'm sure Nan…
Vice President Joe Biden: Michelle Obama is the finest First Lady that has 'ever served'
Who cares? Jacqueline Kennedy was just another cheated on First Lady. Mamie Eisenhower was, too.
By having been a successful California assistant district attorney while serving as First Lady of San Francisco. Any que…
People saying Michelle Obama is the baddest First Lady 🙄 sorry sweetie but have you even heard of Martha Washington…
We were pleased to welcome First Lady Ann Scott to CVA today!
Clare Hollingworth, the first to report the outbreak of the second world war, passed away at 105
forever my President, forever my First Lady. thankful. 🇺🇸
Longleat heir has son born by after medics warned could kill Lady Weymouth via
Two south side Chicagoans named Barrack Hussein and Michelle LaVaughn became president and First Lady of America. Anyt…
Thank you President Obama & First Lady Michelle for 8 years of…
Oprah Winfrey will replay "First Lady Michelle Obama Says Farewell to the White House" on Jan. 16 and Jan. 17.
You will be missed! You have made us all very proud to if called you our President, First Lady and f…
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President Obama with First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Malia on their way to Chicago for his final speech.
Madam former first lady, please you ever heard of shooting oneself in the foot?
If John Dear and Darling spoke dog at all, Lady would not have been a wrapped present in the first place.
“I want our young people to know that this country belongs to you – to all of you, from every background and walk of life.” –Th…
The POTUS called the First Lady's full (government) name like she has serious street credibility in Chicago.
President Obama for First Lady Michell Obama: "You have made me proud. You have made the country proud." https:/…
She was not proud of the country that allowed her to become first lady until her husband got elected. What a traitor
Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You will forever be my President and First Lady.…
I just wanna know what the *** Melania is going to do as the First Lady🙄🤣
Michelle Obama will go down in history for transforming the role of the First Lady. Honestly in a league of her own.
📷 letaliabane: There will never be another President and First Lady like the Obamas. 
My first pair of old lady glasses. Looking forward to getting them.
we will miss you and the First Lady. Thank you for all you have done. You are too awesome for words.
Youre made she will be seen as a wonderful first lady while Michelle embarrassed America.
Pres. Obama offers emotional tribute to First Lady Michelle Obama in farewell speech. "You have been my best friend"
Little Giant Ladders
Our president and First Lady have been "rock stars." I know that they will continue to be.
Michelle was really the baddest first lady of all time. it ain't even close the rest of them white women were ugly.
probably the best First Lady of all time. .
Pres. Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Malia board Marine One at White House before farewell address in Chicago.
Recently I had the chance to thank our First Lady. I started to cry, and she stopped me and said, we have work to do. Let'…
why do you endorse people that demand the sexual assault of our new first Lady? are not with yo…
17. This 106 year old lady was so excited to see the first black President and First Lady 😩
First Lady for 8 years. Queen for a lifetime.
"Being your First Lady has been the greatest honor of my life, and I hope I made you proud." —The First Lady
Remarks by the First Lady at Arrival of the 2016 White House Christmas Tree
Secret Service went on TV for interviews b4 election and said she was a nightmare of a First Lady, totally different off cam. I can see this
Pres. Reagan and the First Lady waving to the crowd at the museum Jan. 20, 1981.
America has treated President Obama and the First Lady like crap, so GOD has taken its protection off this...
Paul Cambria spoke to and about Carl statements about Pres. and First Lady
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