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First Ladies

A First Lady or a First Gentleman is the title used in some countries for the spouse of an elected head of state.

Michelle Obama First Lady White House Laura Bush Ladies First Patience Jonathan Anne Holton Jackie Kennedy Hillary Clinton Margaret Kenyatta Barbara Bush Rosalynn Carter Eleanor Roosevelt Betty Ford Secret Service United States

6. Introducing the KHALESSI DRESS. Honorary and the First Ladies . Littest of them all. Queen of All slay queens ,. Dresser an…
is setting a new standard for First Ladies in the tradition of Jackie Kennedy. I had lost hope of it ever h…
America has been blessed with some extraordinary First Ladies. Melania Trump will be top two!. Abigail…
First Ladies meeting royals: and more
1954, is thrilled to receive to view First Ladies exhibit. Here pictured w/ Mamie Eisen…
Everyone knows the bond between two First Ladies is strong. and the First Lady of Mount Hermon Baptist to…
Zambia's four former First Ladies in free sanitary pads campaign. - Lusaka Times
Patience Jonathan is one of Nigeria’s most-educated First Ladies, with an NCE, a B.Ed, and a PhD from University of Port-Harcourt.
watching a program on First Ladies smithsonian channel. Feel sad for Mary Lincoln. Eléonore Roosevelt was exceptional!
I get what that person inferring. Compared to other First Ladies like Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, J…
Oh, just some photos of First Ladies of the US who visited the Vatican (with hair coverings, or dare I say... Hijab?)…
Fox News defending by comparing her to past First Ladies is perfect.
Historically, First Ladies have taken a back seat. Some…
Just gonna say it... Melania Trump is by far the most stunning First Lady in the history of First Ladies! . https:…
Just in time for Valentine's Day! Sweet tastes from recipes of First Ladies. Martha Washington, Dolly Madison and M…
Maybe instead of Presidents' Day we can celebrate something else like First Ladies or finally declare Indigenous Peoples' Day.
I hope First Ladies keep up with this trend of wearing lesser known designers for the inauguration-Jason Wu, Hervé…
Melania Trump: Secret Lives of the First Ladies: Strange Stories and Shocking Trivia From Inside the White House: >>
always da qween👑 you set the highest standard for future First Ladies, and for that thank you 💖
As the new enters the White House, here is a look back at the First Ladies from…
I was excited about "crazyhead" because yes ladies fighting supernatural style?? But then they fridge the girls best friend first ep...
In our new First Lady will fit in with those ladies perfectly.
Each First Lady usually donates her inaugural gown to a museum. Look at gowns of past 1st ladies
Ladies only class daily at 8.30am and 8pm. . Led by our level 2 coach First class free. . …
Ladies While there's a MAN putting you last, there's a KING out there ready to put you first… .
Ladies and Gentlemen. Meet the first female President of the United States. Hopefully in 2024
Don't miss out on this great Kindle Deal on highly rated wholesome romantic mystery. http…
200 exhibitors join us this weekend. Are we seeing you there, brides?! First 500 ladies receive a FREE pamper bag... ht…
"I can dig this 'First Lady' bit, but what about my second, third and fourth ladies?"
A true South African welcome to ladies who had their first practice session at Hartleyvale yesterday
Replied him my name. Then he said "oh dorang letak kat bahagian lelaki". Then i realize they actually let the Ladies First to enter the bus.
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Tomorrow is the first day of class for the spring semester and I don't have any. That's how senior year is done, ladies and gents.
Prt3. . This is for the ladies who need some reassurance to remember their worth. Don't let a *** bring u down come…
The engines come to life at MMRT. The first round of practice sessions today is for the AATA Ladies race and Honda Ladies…
Our first night of FORGE went great! Really wish I took a couple of pictures! Big shout out the the Ladies Cake... ht…
Etiquette tip: While going up a staircase, the "Ladies First" rule should never be applied.
teary eyed...I love you Michelle you are the most beautiful one of the classiest first ladies ever. Never leave us please
omg i just watched PCAs performance. first time seeing them as a quartet and I'm LIVING. that was everyth…
Four ladies look for new men. Who'll be first to find their guy!.
if we had ladies like Halima, who has just called, Kenya would be a first world country
only 18 days into N017 and king niall has already won his first solo award let's get this party started ladies
Mrs. Obama is about to join the elite ex-First Ladies club. Four members: Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Hi…
I am so ready to be done with articles about First Ladies and fashion. But I doubt this will end in my lifetime.
For the record ...other First Ladies had such a thing. See Mamie Eisenhower
her clothes are the least expensive of modern First Ladies, look at Mamie Eisenhower for example
First Ladies class of the year at the new location this Sunday at 9am non members very welcome £6.
why can't we have wholesome First Ladies any more?. Oh, right, because Pastor Graham likes the Stri…
2 doz 1st Ladies other than that of spouse: daughters, daughters-in-law, niece, sisters, cousin, & aunts.
"So ladies, first put your hands on your waist, starting on your right foot, we're gonna lunge to a surgeon's office" http…
The 12 current Executive Producers of my first ever short music film! Ladies & Gentlemen please…
When a man says 'Ladies First' it really means, 'you go while I stare at your *** .
Ima just say that ya ladies need to do us men a solid and ask us on a date or talk to us first, just think itd be coo. Much appreciated
Indians really respect their women. Even in no. of infanticides, Ladies First.
whoever is first to KO her will totally gain stardom so like the race is on ladies
Mario's First single vs His Latest that just dropped today. Ladies, this man just wants to love and help you.
OAFLA thrives to facilitate African First Ladies Campaign for effective policies towards ending the
Ladies love it clean and portable 😘😘😘, not a bad idea of a first car ... Call for it…
ladies we are independent women, I say WE call Tom Hernandez first we ain't got time to wait for a man to call
First known depiction of a witch flying on a broom. Le Champion des Dames (The Defender of Ladies), 1451.
First Trailer of Despicable Me 3 Ladies & Gentlemen of the Internet 👏. . Gru and the Minions are back and it's Lit 👏🔥
💕🥃🥃Had so much fun with Jen at the First Ladies Jack Daniel's Party 🥃🥃🥃💕
Thought I heard someone say "Betty Ford is awesome" but then I realized no one else knows(writes 15 page papers)about feminist First Ladies
Michelle Obama will go down as one of the most beloved—and stylish—First Ladies in history: https:…
Uhh... Jaqueline Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter. All way better First Ladies than this wit…
Happy Birthday to one of the First Ladies of BBS!! 🎂🎈🎉
IMHO, Michelle Obama will be remembered as one of the greatest First Ladies in American history. 🇺🇸
Side note, First Ladies of VA event for HRC today. Anne Holton's mom, Jinks (far right) made joke about turning 91 on Sat
Proud to host the former First Ladies of VA and future Second Lady of the U.S. Anne Holton at today
Anne Holton, and other First Ladies of Virginia have come together in Richmond to show support for…
Honored to join the First Ladies of VA including Anne Holton, and other strong women of VA to show our support for…
Anne Holton will join other First Ladies of Virginia to campaign for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in…
Venezuelan-American designer Carolina Herrera has dressed US First Ladies from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama.
First Ladies of Chad, Mali & Niger at the Future Assured side event to showcase our achievements so far.
FIRST AMONG EQUALS we have a standard for First Ladies and Mrs. Trump the 3rd - falls shorter than Trump's hand size
I don't know about you but I prefer Grandmotherly-type First Ladies. "Can we get an Aunt Bea in here please?" ~ roll call
Is Nigeria's First Lady, Aisha Buhari, attending the convention of World's First Ladies in the USA? Lots of...
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Always put yourself First Ladies. It's not selfish, it's self-FULL. Keep your cup full then share what runneth over.
Wonderful talk at with Amby Burfoot about his new "First Ladies of Running" book.
[Monitor] Kampala -The founding First Ladies of the East African Community (EAC) have called fo...
In a memorable occasion for the East African Legislative Assembly, founding First Ladies of the EAC late...
You heard it here First Ladies he loves art museum dates
Some of Africa's First Ladies. Do you know them? . (FYI some African countries don't have FLs)
Mary Todd Lincoln and Betty Ford were both First Ladies of the United States
I've two First Ladies in my life. Barbara Bush and now Panama's.
Me when people try to compare other First Ladies to Jackie Kennedy, like "please tell me more"
First Ladies have always been held like specimens under a media microscope.
A great review from of First Ladies of Song and Beyond, our 30 April concert with Clare Teal.
There's just a few more days until joins us for First Ladies of Song and Beyond. Get a brief preview here https:/…
The Obamas gave Queen Elizabeth a 'photo album chronicling her visits with U.S. Presidents and First Ladies,' per the White House.
See over 20 First Ladies sets of china, see the famed Mary Todd Lincoln Purple china or the Clinton gold Rose Garden
Hey Redskins Nation, meet your 2016-2017 First Ladies of Football!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Look who went home today, one of our little "First Ladies" kittens. We are so happy that Mary Todd got a...
Jackie Kennedy: one of the most influential First Ladies; a prominent role for the National Cultural Center in DC
Nancy Reagan was one of 5 First Ladies who began their careers in public service as League members.
Doesn't matter that these men are the same party. Doesn't matter that both are white. Doesn't matter that the women could be First Ladies.
First Ladies: The Life and Legacy of Mary Todd Lincoln American Presidents Have Shaped the Course of Global Affairs
First Ladies steal the show in stunning floral gowns via
First Ladies in Style! Michelle Obama and Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau at the White House State Dinner
It's a standard tradition for First Ladies to attend funerals of previous First Ladies but none of the previous Pres. attended any of them😏
Do all First Ladies' funerals get military honor guards?
Presidents don't attend ex-First Ladies funerals, the current First Lady does. That's the tradition.
RIP Nancy Reagan. One of the great First Ladies in American presidential history.
Yes none of our former First Ladies can poll dance.
H. E John Dramani Mahama and H.E the First Lady Lordina Mahama were joined by First Ladies from some African...
Did you know Michelle Obama is 1 of the only First Ladies with a graduate degree?https:…
The Health of the First Ladies: Medical Histories from Martha Washington to M...
OK I looked it up.there are 4 US First Ladies with Graduate degrees...not 3. Pat Nixon, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.
Horsham&Capitol offers a night of pop classics to celebrate the First Ladies ... - Crawley Observer
The problems with First Ladies is that you have to set the standard. My role is ...
First Ladies throughout history have been judged by their fashion style. But is their fashion political?
A good First Lady? Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, none of those First Ladies were easy on the eyes either...
Two descendants of Pocahontas have become First Ladies of the United States, Edith Wilson and Nancy R...
Arise Women’s Conference 2015 brings together First Ladies and many more...
Honored that H.E. Mrs. Esther Lungu & other First Ladies have joined us in Dallas for http…
Laura Bush hosted First Ladies event Dragon Lady Obama teleconferenced in WAXED penciled eyebrows and it looks like cheek implants Goblin?
Michelle Obama is the prettiest First Ladies of all time.
Be my baby, First Ladies of Rock and Soul, North Wildwood NJ. NOW!!!
30 First Ladies converge at KICC for cancer conference
Fun press conference w/ former Ark. First Ladies. All recalling how they felt wearing evening gowns at inaugural ball.
Tuesday Trivia!. "Portraits of the First Ladies. Abigail Adams is shown at her desk, writing a letter to her...
First Ladies of the White House: Biographies in Brief - Nathan Lee | | Politics & Current Eve…
The cast of the First Ladies club at the walker memorial baptist church we had a blast doing the show…
1-Freedom of Information Act and Gover.. | 2-Tour of New York Times Book Review | 3-First Ladies and the White House
Photo: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama talk with former Presidents and First Ladies before a…
Then, in that same year -- for reasons that remain unknown to this day -- our future First Ladies of Comedy to...
Blind racism at its worst. Michelle Obama probably ties with Nancy Regan amongst the most elegant First Ladies
Every girl on IG can't have "First Lady" in they bio. It ain't that many First Ladies in the world lol
This is just the short list. Actors, politicians, musicians, astronauts, First Ladies, and more! We are not alone...
Here's a classic: In the 70 s Black River girls were the First Ladies and GM girls the Squaws. Also Mill River Minutemaids
Dame Patience Jonathan, the First Lady,  has criticized the scraping of the office of the First Ladies, arguin...
Nyeri County Secretary hosting a delegation of First Ladies from Kiambu, Meru, Nyeri and Kisii.
Just read First Ladies of the Iron Bowl. Congrats ...awesome lady and follow/follower
goes to New Delhi, something all First Ladies do. Thank you Jacqueline Kennedy for setting the trend! :)
A Big Shout Out to the First Ladies from First Baptist Muskogee for the BCM NoonDay meal at the Warner Campus!! Thank You!
Happy Birthday, Thank you for always leading by example.You are one of America's greatest First Ladies. ht…
That's the fabulous ladies and gentlemen, the first member of congress I ever voted for, and still my favorite.
First day in puri Arjuna house with the ladies 😊
Putting air in tires in mountain view. Police ask if I need help because I'm the first woman they've seen putting air in tires C'mon ladies!
Let's get this clear, first when I'm watching snapchats of and don't touch me or talk to me Do u understand ladies.
We are grateful to God and proudly announce our 3rd annual Empowerment Summit. This year’s summit themed “AJOURNEY through the GOSPEL” promises to be spectacular, featuring world renowned ministers of God, including Bishops T.D. Jakes and Tudor Bismark, as well as acclaimed gospel artists: Fred Hammond, Sonnie Badu, Tasha Cobbs and Pastor Donnie McClurkin. While ushering in the Thanksgiving Season, the summit will refresh, encourage and build up believers through the impartation of the Word of God and Gospel music ministration. The program will include Breakout teaching sessions, Healing School, Workshops for Senior Pastors, church Leaders and First Ladies and cover different topics of interest relevant to personal, spiritual and church growth in preparation for a successful New Year, 2015.
The stunning First Lady looks designed by the late Oscar de la Renta.
Ladies he put a condom on first or reveal his employment status
This is cool, I never knew any of our First Ladies carried.
Remember that She's the First has a meeting tomorrow during collab time ladies and gentlemen!!
Great first practice today ladies! Lots of talent and positive energy on the field! Let's keep it going!
We Remember Oscar de la Renta From the Kennedy's to the Obama's
Ladies if you have a pic from your first wedding as your main tinder picture -
Fort Mill Varsity Cheer wins FIRST PLACE in Region Championship for the third year in a row!!! Congratulations ladies!!
The Declaration was signed by First Ladies, Health ministers, NGOs & Pharmaceutical industries to control cervical cancer
LMAOOO you heard it here First Ladies. El que ROMPE toto
“Hey ladies, the phone works both ways. You can text us first too..” -UHS
Oscar de la Renta: Designer to the stars had zest for life - Whether creating red-carpet gowns for first ladies o...
Cheers to a successful first event! I love my ladies of And special shoutout to…
Oscar de la Renta, favorite of first ladies and Texas social set, was ...:
For first time in a long time, my relationship wasn't front & center for ladies night conversation. It felt good. It felt not-pathogenic.
Oscar de la Renta was the king of old-fashioned glamour, as comfortable dressing First Ladies as he was film...
The first ladies that loved Oscar de la Renta:
Ladies, this is why you should let the guy pay on the first date
Those that wore his couture collections were, stars, First Ladies and Who's Who...lasting words from Oscar de la...
Happy Roop Chaudas to all beautiful ladies .Well i have two in my life first my mom n second :)
De la Renta gave first ladies fashion, friendship
RIP Oscar de la Renta. So sad to learn of the fashion icon's passing:
It's weird Michelle Obama has time to send me emails listing the Six things she likes about me. I thought First Ladies had more important things to do with their time. How's her garden anyway??
First Ladies (and former first daughters) react to passing of Oscar de la Renta.
First Ladies of working together to empower women.
Fired after 31 years James "Jim" Whitey, the head gardener at the White House, was dismissed today after 31 years of loyal service to scores of US Presidents and First Ladies. In an exclusive interview outside the back gate of the Presidential Residence, the 64-year old Mr. Whitey, proclaimed his innocence and strongly condemned his firing. "It all happened so fast. I'm still in a daze," said the bewildered Whitey. "All I know is, I was getting ready to weed the rose bed outside the Oval Office window like I do every week. I called out to my assistants, "Has anyone seen the spade and the *** " and the next thing I knew, the Secret Service was hauling my *** off the property.
UPDATES FROM NEW YORK 1. Pitala Mutharika has openly accepted that he has completely run out of ideas as to how he can convince development partners to resume aid. 2. Malawi First Lady, Madam Getrude Hendrina Maseko is the only one who failed to attend a First Ladies' conference. All presidents' spouses attended and it was only her who did not attend due to the fact that it was chaired by Africa's most powerful woman, Dr. Joyce Banda. 3. It is only the Malawi delegation that had its entourage shamelessly scattered in the corridors of five star hotels clad in party cloth. All the other delegations have gone there purely on government business but the Malawi delegation seems to be on a party sojourn. 4. The Malawi president was the first African president to arrive in New York, TEN days before the official opening ceremony. And this he did with a bloated 68 member delegation largely composed of useless party fanatics. Ironically Mutharika will be among the very last to leave the USA. Other African delegatio ...
UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibe, applauded Africa's First Ladies today for their commitment to work towards an Aids-Free Generation. The meeting took place at the margins of the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, here in New York,
Do you have a pair of shoes that you no longer wear? First Ladies and the MMS Debate League have teamed up to...
An annotated compilation of letters to America's First Ladies. What would you write to her?
Trying to get to sleep but have the Xmen First Class theme song in my head. Sorry ladies, thus cool guy's taken!
S/O to tha first female team to Eva run tha city tha way these young ladies doin it ✔
John brown ladies and gentlemen. First time a sleeper has woken up for me and that's a W
Because who actually wakes up after their first alarm am I right ladies??
Read Book : Upstairs at the White House: My Life with the First LadiesJ. ...
Ladies if your first picture is an inspirational quote/meme, I don’t need to see any more pics, I already know you’re u… given to the first 15 ladies who register! It'll be a fun afternoon of hair & makeup chat — it's on Sept 27 at List, The Fort. See you?
A ladies smile , eyes attractive me at first over anything :)
Ladies: how will you ever submit to your husband if you won't submit to God first?
💛💙 Warrior Ladies will be playing their first game tonight! Goodluck KSA!
Ladies, you deserve to be his first place girl,not his "just in case girl"
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Ladies... When us guys do not answer the phone the First... Second... Or the third time... Chances are we aren't tryna chill.
Ladies' Code's first and unfortunately,. its also their last appearance on Weekly Idol.
Playing Aviara GC for the first time tomorrow, any advice ladies?
Tried Zumba at the gym with Kenia for the first time. Ha never again lmfao I'm terrible at following steps but em ladies b turnt xD
Ladies, Gentlemen, Irish Punks around the world: Here it is! Brian Boru's March is the FIRST track off of our...
This is a story about my friend Tatiana Maksimova from St. Petersburg Russia. I met her in a hostel in Kiev, Ukraine. All throughout my journey I have met people both online and in the places I stayed who were embarking on a new path or who were in some way doing something different, searching for a new direction, just embarking on a new journey, doing a lot of spiritual inner work, or were in one way or another on the "road less travelled." Tatiana was one of them. She was in Kiev to attend an "evolutionary consciousness group" where she was learning more about connecting with her heart, forgiveness, meditation, connecting with her Higher Self, increasing her intuition, and learning about the spiritual laws of the Universe. She and I "happened" to be in the same dorm room together (no one else was in the room) and ended up talking until 3:30 am. She told me she was struggling with a lot of things having to do with wanting to be who she was but the culture around her was not on that same wave-length. She ...
My mama taught me Ladies First so I feel like women should initiate the convo. But they scared in fear of bein called thirsty 😩
First home football game after party @ club Aqua Sept.13th with the Pretty Ladies & Them Red Divas ...…
Today, on this day, some 56 years ago, mama Nyamanda, the mother and founder of Our Future was born. I, the Head of state and government as well as my dear beautiful two and intelligent first ladies: Zaha Kwalira Wesizwe Mqobi Madhlopa and Princess Diana Mqobi Madhlopa send our heartfelt wishes to our dear mother as she celebrates her 56th birthday today. May her happiness and good health muitiply many times as much! May you also join us in celebrating this greatest day please!
Come support at their first home game this Wednesday VS. Sammamish!! Can't wait to see our ladies bump, set, a…
"First Rose now Winona... why do I keep getting attracted to ladies older than me? Nonetheless, they're both stunning beauties."
Tonight was such a great first Bible study with the lovely ladies of Minton! I am so excited to get to…
“And that ladies and gentlemen is why I took Calvin Johnson as my first pick. EATING.” Best choice I ever made
Memo: Ladies! You're not allowed to stress over a *** and be broke! Stress your Money first then MAYBE think about other bs
Aand we have the first hair-related creepy email, ladies and gents
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
When a guy says "Ladies First", chances are he said it to look at your ***
First Volleyball tomorrow at 6! I'm trying to see everyone get out there to support our ladies let's get loud!
GREAT first practice tonight ladies! Can't wait to see what this lacrosse team is all about this season.
Ladies once you post up that first twerk vid, youre automatically classified as a thot. So you might wanna think twice before doin it
I almost kicked the mail ladies *** when she brought him to our house cause my first thought was she tried to steal him 😭 idk why.
Happy 21st Birthday to the first member of Chong , make his dreams come true ladies
Successful first meeting for AHMO Gaming Club 2014-15!There were 42 new Pirate faces gracing our room today! Welcome aboard ladies & gents!
Hey ladies, TAKE NOTES"Like text him first too, make him dinner, buy him something. It's not all about you."
Spurs Ladies top the FA WPL Southern Division for the first time in their history after today's 5-2 win over Charlton At…
First day of dance classes = done!! This is going to be an amazing year 😊 love you ladies! 💖
Ladies, its not always the guy's job to text you first. Just throwing that out there
“John will say yes to anybody who asks him first so ladies and gentleman swoop first and win big”
I was with you when we kicked in our First Door.
You shouldn't have to depend on someone else to provide your joy. you should enjoy being happy with yourself first.
Bora relays her sadness for Ladies' Code in Show Champion winning speech: SISTAR won first place on Show Champ...
New employee brought an oppai mousepad to work on the first day. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.
PLs. Read it all & listen to everything carefully & Don't forget to SHARE SO PEOPLE WOULD KNOW: and after watching the Video Below watch this 2nd. Video: First Lady Imelda R. Marcos "SHOES EXPLAINED" Click here: have committed so many sins in my life, but stealing money from the people, from the government is not one of them." - Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos Now Listen how a brilliant Man answers all the Questions with decency and truthfulness. They say humans have six senses and (proprioception)-Body movement is one of them. "The Trial of the Century" did they prove anything? All cases filed not guilty! And what is the big Deal About the Shoes? Women love shoes, bag Jewelries Perfumes etc. even teenagers have loads of shoes, maybe even your Girlfriend, wife, fiancee has dozens of shoes. Actors & Actresses has loads of shoes.even other first ladies of other nations has loads of shoes. Even well known personalities do have a collection of beautiful shoes. And would you be happy if our First Lady representing o ...
First...there was the insta *** .. Now, ladies & gentlemen.I present to u, the very first.snap ***
If mitt Romney won we'd have First Ladies
Finest Sunday with Toni L. Guillermo, Ryan Velarde, Bobby Glen Casanos, Goldie Marie, Joe-Ann Palmada Bayona, the Laga Ta Bukidnon candidates and my fellow Tourism Officers and the First Ladies of Bukidnon. paka-aabangang TALENTS sa Talent Night on August 15... DON CARLOS' Megan Julia Roa Digal as Lea Salonga, Mara of Malaybalay as Christina Aguilera, the ROMANTIC NUMBER of Mjoy A. Obsioma of Malitbog (kilig keeyu ko!!! Uno!!!) and our very own Jetjet Cuaresma Tumongcay of KIBAWE sa iyang "Secret Love Affair". Pakkk!!! Tough talent competition, promise!!!
During a week of hyper partisanship comes an unlikely moment: two First Ladies reaching across the aisle.
the First Ladies conference is like no other! So honored to in covenant with some awesome women.
I did not know Phi Iota Alpha had First Ladies.
A FREE concert kick offs tonight at 7:30pm at Fox Park featuring '60s girl group hits by First Ladies of Rock & Soul:
46 Awesome Facts About the First Ladies: John Green and his awesome team dedicated this special Independence D...
I appreciate your emails, but I don't have the tickets for July 17th supper, music and my presentation at the church. They are going fast so get your reservations. I'll be talking about all things TENNESSEE with lots of photos to share from Andrew Jackson, Casey Jones, ELVIS, the USS Tennessee silver punch bowl, country ham, First Ladies, camp meeting at Tabernacle, and sailgating with the Vol Navy. Hope to see you there. For information 668-5209
Ladies, how many of you actually enjoyed the first time you had PIV sex with a man? What percent of the time d...
“"Ladies First" = Let me look at that booty while you walk in front of me.”
LADIES - When a man is working with your son, (especially the FIRST time) don't watch. Don't stand there. Don't...
Me: "Sorry dad, Ladies First.". Dad: "Well let me know when you become a lady.". WOW.
Yes, sure it was. Viktoria and Ladies First shared 100.4 MHz. Ladies First had 3 hours at noon (if I remember rightly 12.00-15.00).
My first year ladies have done it!!! God's Divas in the making! We…
Ladies how much does it mean to you when he first say he loves you?
Folks ain't going to like this But... Now a days anybody can be a First Lady she just has to Mary a man with A Title. Bring back the real First Ladies of Old. Wasn't a choice but a call.
“Guys actually like it when girls text first. Have some confidence ladies.”
Ladies if you see a dude licking ice cream off an ice cream cone...what's honestly you first thought??
u see a huge house I walk up to the door opens it Ladies First
This is Hilarious indeed ... It reminds me of my mom first flight! She felt nothing though we passed the worst...
Where do you live? - Besides, it was not Viktoria, it was Ladies First. With Bernd Schumacher, Bernie, who now runs
These two 70-year-old ladies Flying for the first time,But their reactions are HILARIOUS and PRICELESS !!! via
personally I think it should be Ladies First so it should go Morgan, Me, then Audey
No tennis today but plenty of football starting with the Ladies First.. Liverpool v Arsenal 12.15 and Everton...
Which costume did she replace? Someone @ me which one she wore for Single Ladies the first night
Ladies understand this:If you do leave a bad first impression,don't feel a certain way when I choose to NOT treat you to anything
S/O to dudes got some sick hair pretty cool dude ladies slide into his DMS head first
I dont believe that they guy should always text the girl first tbh. A girl can text first too, its not a one person job, js ladies.
Ladies give him something to respect. Don't throw your body all out in the open. Give him something to think about. Get that 💍 first.
Congrats to the fierce ladies of the Shanghaied Roller Dolls! It was my first time to a roller derby game, and my...
when he becomes president you and her will be first.. ladies I guess
OMG! IK!!! Jen did say that when he first came on set all the ladies in the crew were like swooning lol How could they not
after watching the first half of the AFL game, it would have been more fitting for the ladies to be on the main stage.
Ladies, listen I know that we love hard & strong, but first get to know & love yourself, then the one will come
Ladies, what's your ideal first date?
I met wonderful guys. Beautiful ladies and ooh what was beautiful about the ladies is that they have put kenya first!
I such; do not like it. You are a ladies' man. Is it stupid that I like meetings for the first time?
Sure, I remember my first lectures in both. Bio: (me) oh wow look at all those ladies :D whoa they're cute and smart :D
The Altar Guild ladies wrote a poem for me when I left my first church called “The Irreverently Reverend”
Great job today ladies! Be at DVC before 6:15 am Sunday for a 7:00 am first game. Breakfast after-bring cash!
Still can't believe I walked into the concert and saw and first thing! Love and miss you ladies so much!
/opens the door, steps aside. Ladies First?
First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan and other First Ladies during the 23rd Ordinary Session of the…
Oh, WaPo, you tried. First Ladies can and should be able to embrace sexy. My latest for
For the standard for First Ladies the world over, please read about Eleanor Roosevelt and Eva Peron. Those women are EXAMPLES.
If there is indeed truth to the adage about any publicity being good publicity, Seth Rogen and James Franco's forthcoming Sony comedy The Interview is in luck. PHOTOS Politicians (and First Ladies) Who Have Guest-Starred on TV Shows In an interview with The Telegraph, Kim Myong-chol, executive dire…
First Ladies self defence class was awesome! A massive thanks to Cal Snap member Ray, for running the…
Subject: Editorial on the First Lady From excerpts in his book on Presidents, V.P.s, and First Ladies, former Secret Service Man Ronald Kessler wasn't too complimentary to Michelle either. (See previous forward).WRE Maybe you don't care, but I do-I worked hard for the little I have and I resent their devil-may-care attitude with our money! by Mychal Massie Mychal Massie is chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21 – a conservative black think tank located in Washington, D.C. He was recognized as the 2008 Conservative Man of the Year by the Conservative Party of Suffolk County, N.Y. He is a nationally recognized political activist, pundit and columnist. He has appeared on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, NBC, Comcast Cable and talk-radio programming nationwide. Here is his article about our current First Lady. What on earth can Michelle Obama possibly be tired from? What has she done since her husband was elected that gives her one reason to be tired? I know that ...
What the Secret Service thought about the presidents and their First Ladies !! *JOHN KENNEDY *A philanderer of the highest order. * **LYNDON & *LADYBIRD JOHNSON **Another philanderer of the highest order. In addition, LBJ was as crude as the day is long. Both JFK and LBJ kept a lot of women in the White House for extramarital affairs, and both had set up "early warning systems" to alert them if/when their wives were nearby. Both Kennedy & Johnson were promiscuous and oversexed men. *She was either naive or just pretended to "not know" about her husband's many liaisons.* **RICHARD & PAT NIXON **A "moral" man but very odd, weird, paranoid, etc. He had horrible relationship with his family, and in a way, was almost a recluse. *She was quiet most of the time.* **SPIRO AGNEW ** Nice, decent man, everyone in the Secret Service was surprised by his downfall. **GERALD & Betty Ford **A true gentlemen who treated the Secret Service with respect and dignity. He had a great sense of humor. *She drank a lot!* **JIMMY ...
First Ladies had a great turn out at Spirit Night! Thank you to everyone that came out & supported our youth leaders! h…
USA's First Ladies share when to splurge, buy, borrow, and become a repeat offender via ^mb
First Ladies & Fashion: Who Pays for Them?: First Lady Michelle Obama in a Marchesa gown at the White House Co...
The Fort Worth Orchid Society meet June 2 at 7:00 at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden's garden center. Guess are welcome. The June program “First Ladies and their Cattleyas: 1929 to Present” is presented by Art Chadwick. Art founded Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc in 1989 with his father who had been growing orchids since 1943. Chadwick’s operates 11 greenhouses in Powhatan County, a retail store in Richmond, and boards over 13,000 orchids for local clients. Art and his father have the distinction of naming Cattleya hybrids after the wives of the last four U.S. Presidents. Art writes a monthly orchid advice column for the Richmond Times Dispatch and the Winston Salem Journal. He spoke at the Western Australian Orchid Conference and the World Orchid Conference in France. In 2005, Art Sr and Jr appeared on the Martha Stewart TV show with their book, ‘The Classic Cattleyas’. The company was later featured in Southern Living Magazine and the New York Times. Art holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from No . ...
President Barack Obama, Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and the First Ladies are all in the
Michelle O'Bama is among the most worthless First Ladies of all time. Sorry.
Oh, wait. Obama is a far cry from being the man and president Ronald Reagan was. Same goes for Moochelle and Nancy as First Ladies.
So quick question - Michelle Obama can never lend her voice to a foreign humanitarian cause because she's guilty by injection? Are people honestly saying that by virtue of who she is married to she is not allowed to publicly express empathy to issues outside of the United States? I'm honestly very confused by it since it's clear she has no real power to implement foreign policy. US foreign policy is crappy as *** this we know, so with all the negative talk surrounding Mrs. O lending a voice to the campaign are people implying that all First Ladies should just shut up, never utter a word, never show any autonomy and never show empathy to foreign causes? Can someone explain, please because I'm so lost...
I am fascinated with First Ladies. I'd love to have met Jackie Kennedy.
MossBrook: The Spring Play that I am directing for Oxford Hills Christian Academy is coming right up. I'd love for you to see the incredible performance on of my high school students is doing this year! Here's more info!: MARY TODD LINCOLN TO ADDRESS AUDIENCE On Thursday evening, May 22, and again on Saturday, May 24, former First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln will be addressing an audience at the Hosanna Church on Schoolhouse Road in Oxford. The public are cordially invited to attend this private sitting with one of our most intriguing First Ladies. Invited by the Dramatic Publishing Company and the Theatre Arts Group of Oxford Hills Christian Academy, directed by Michelle Wheeler and starring junior Amanda Komulainen, Mrs. Lincoln will grace the stage for one more public appearance and candid chat before she returns to her sister's home in Springfield, Illinois. History buffs and others will appreciate hearing from Mrs. Lincoln herself in regards to her childhood, courtship with the famous Abraham Lincoln, and ...
It's odd how most people make comments concerning Dame Patience Jonathan grammatical and English blunder but they clearly avoided the substance of what she was saying, only focusing on her English. I was moved by the video, and yes some parts of it is funny but the circumstances clearly are not. Although she occupies a very sensitive position being the First Lady of the world most populous black nation but i don't think our constitution made provisions for the academic qualification of the First Ladies. To me she speaks her English the way she knows best and she certainly sends her message across in simple and unpretentious language. Please the issue at hand ( the abduction of chibok school girls ) is a serious one and showing emotion at this sad issue does not deserve to be mocked.
On First Lady Dame Patience Faka Jonathan. So many people have written about the First Lady's poor grammatical expression this week ("na only u waka come","bloods we re sharing" & "there is God ooo").I really dont want to discuss her again.This is because urs truly (myself) is not a great speaker either,a reason why I fear criticizin one's grammar. But as usual,Jonathanians & most southerners dont see anythin wrong with her trademark "blunders".I differ however,hence,I've decided 2 point a few things out.U mustn't agree with me though. 1. Officially,our country is an English speakin nation. 2. It is expected that a degree holder should atleast be able to communicate in simple plain english. 3. The First Lady,like many of us,happen to be a degree holder that cant express herself very well. 4. My mother & urs may not be able to express themselves but they re not First Ladies,hence,re not in the public eye.So,why say 'most of our mothers would'nt be any different'? 5. We complain about Mama Peace because her ...
*Head of WAEC stated that Borno State Government while rejecting in writing, assured WAEC that full security will be provided in the Chibok school *The school is a mixed school, contrary to impression created by Borno Government, while Borno State Government in liaison with WAEC has finally re-located 180 students to another town to continue writing their examination Contrary to the impression being created by Borno State Government about Chibok Government Secondary School, the West African Examinations Council, WAEC, has revealed that the council formally wrote to the Borno State Government asking for the re-location of students registered for the examinations in Chibok to Maiduguri for security reasons. The WAEC Head of National Office, Mr Charles Ewerido told First Ladies and other women at the Presidential Villa on Saturday that the Borno State Governor wrote to inform WAEC ...
Remember the good old days of Stella Obasanjo. When all we’re worried about in our First Ladies is tummy tuck in and skin bl…
Girl Scouts Earn Patch at Edith Bolling Wilson Museum "It was awesome! I really liked making the sheep and the actresses." -Sylvia, 6 years old, Roanoke Girl Scouts from 13 towns and cities in Virginia plus scouts from Greensboro, North Carolina joined together for the Edith Bolling Wilson Girl Scout Patch Day event Saturday, April 19. Girls, troop leaders, and parents filled the museum to learn about Mrs. Wilson as the First Honorary President of Girl Scouts in 1917 beginning a tradition for all future First Ladies. Patch day activities included a presentation by Miss Lydia Showalter portraying "Little Edith" and Miss Sally James portraying "Young Edith" telling the story of how life was "the same and different" growing up in the late 1800's. Scouts climbed the steps to the upstairs' Bolling Home, just as Edith had as a little girl, to tour the home that shaped the early life of the future First Lady. Girls especially enjoyed standing in the exact spot on the summer porch where 13-year old Edith was ph . ...
I saw dresses that belonged to our First Ladies, the chairs from Appomattox courthouse, Lincoln's last top hat, the Star-Spangled Banner, and the greatest thing... Recognition to Mr. Peet!
Carolina Herrera (born January 8, 1939 is a Venezuelan-American fashion designer known for "exceptional personal style", and dressing First Ladies from Jacqueline Onassis to Michelle Obama. The New York Times cited her designs as "elegant and worldly without ever being fussy". Frequently associating with *** and Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol, at Studio 54, she became well known for her dramatic style. She first appeared on the International Best Dressed List in 1972, then was elected to its Hall of Fame in 1980. That year, her friend Diana Vreeland, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue suggested that Carolina design a clothing line. She did so, having samples made in Caracas, and showed them in a friend's apartment in New York. A well known Park Avenue boutique, Martha's, agreed to showcase her clothing in their prominent windows. Upon this initial success, she returned to Caracas and raised capital to fund a more formal launch. Her first runway show in 1980 included future supermodel Iman. The company has been base ...
It's not Pastor Appreciation month, but I want ALL First Ladies to know I'm thinking of u :)
If you are a public servant should you not have open access to your records? Common since says something is wrong here. Occidental College records -- Not released 2. Columbia College records -- Not released 3. Columbia Thesis paper -- "Not available" 4. Harvard College records -- Not released 5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released 6. Medical records -- Not released 7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- Not available 8. Your Illinois State Senate records -- Not available 9. Law practice client list -- Not released 10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released 11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released 12. Record of your baptism -- Not available 13. Why your wife, Michelle, can no longer practice law as an attorney? (Insurance Fraud?) 14. Why your wife has 22 assistants, when other First Ladies had one? 15. Why were you getting "foreign student aid" as a college student? 16. Which countries "passport" did you have when you visited Pakistan in 1981? 1 ...
Both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton , are TOTALLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY DEVOID of any type of accomplishment !!! Absolutely Positively NOTHING , ZERO , ZIP , NADA , SQUAT ! Not even a trace , NOT one iota of a SMIGEON of anything positive , worthwhile , or remotely of any value ! Oh there was that one thing about Hillary representing the BLACK PANTHERS in California . She was also fired for unethical behavior a few times , then there was that whole BENGHAZI thing !? Oh , yea and Michelle was really great at being REALLY GREEDY and Vacationing ! She did also really lower the bar on First Ladies being Classy and Gracious and stylish . Yea there was that !
How many First Ladies have run the Kudos to Margaret Kenyatta & also to - first &...
Many African First Ladies have run many times before. The difference is that theirs was an economic marathon in which they helped their husbands to run down their countries. But Margaret Kenyatta ran 42 km for a worthy cause. This is the kind of gesture that brings tears of joy to some eyes, inspires poets to write historical verse and fires up music makers to compose enduring songs. Even cynics and critics get inspired into creative imagination. I am very happy to congratulate Margaret Kenyatta for doing what no other First Lady has done before. Her run reminds us not just of the cause she was championing but also of important basics like the need to be able to run 42 km when we are 50 years old. (Some of us only run from the rain.) With her short natural hair, her fluent communication and now her marathon run, Margaret Kenyatta is re-defining the office of the First Lady and setting criteria with which we shall examine future First Ladies (and first husbands-is that what they are called?)
Congratulations to First Lady Margaret Kenyatta on finishing the London Marathon! Who cares about the time? Its still a World Record for First Ladies! UK, tumekupa wiki moja off, massage ipande kila siku mara mbili!
Mama Ngina was an influential First Lady alright. Ivory trade and all, so let's have First Ladies shape governance and policy
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