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First Day

A First Day of Issue Cover or First Day Cover is a postage stamp on a cover, postal card or stamped envelope franked on the first day the issue is authorized for use within the country or territory of the stamp-issuing authority.

Wet Hot American Summer Melania Trump

First Day of School - Uni Deaf & HH students embark on new Exploring Computer Science Class.
Olympics|Beach Volleyball Keeps the Beat on the Olympics' First Day, Into the First Night - New York Times
Beach Volleyball, a Brazilian Passion, Keeps the Beat on the Olympics’ First Day, Into the First Night
First Day at Sea for Operation Jeedara en route to defend the Great Australian Bight from https:/…
U.S. NAVY, 1945 First Day of Issue, "MIDWAY, where the *** Navy suffered its fir
Sarah Silverman busted Bernie diehards, Sanders electrified, and Paul Simon performed on First Day:
"Democrats Struggle for Unity on First Day of Convention" by PATRICK HEALY and JONATHAN MARTIN via NYT
Get noticed on the very first day of your college! Time to
This is how to make a Cool Impression on the First Day of College.
With the fans mobbing and booking the first-day-first-show tickets, it is now gathered that there are plans to...
So, Day 1 of GOP convention: Trump stole a song from *** icon and an entrance from WWE and his wife stole a speech from…
First day of college tomorrow! Thinking how to create that first impression? . Just
Went skateboarding with some buds and was trying so hard and had so much fun I forgot to eat! LOL Just ate my first meal of the day at 8pm!
Protests were a minor part of the Day 1 storyline
On this day in 1900: The first Métro line in Paris opened for operation.
An First impression on first day at your new school.
my night is sorted, Elliott first than Wednesday favourite day of the week 😀👌😜
First day of practice August 1...Two weeks away!
She definitely did better compared to her first day in the "cool"…
If "that" becomes the first lady one day of the USA...I CAN'T DEAL
Oh boy, our first day in Bavaria and there's people getting stabbed already!
Pretty pleased with my first day as Melania Trump's speechwriter.
Ofc the hottest day of the year is the first one where I'm in an office all day
I joined instinct on the first day it came out bc I really like zapdos and how edgy the symbol for it looked so yea .. LOL
☀️ Enjoy the first day of your summer holidays everybody. Stay safe & we look forward to seeing the children back on the 5th September. ☀️
Now Kat is dragging Jeffree?!! Is it my lucky day?!! First Taylor now Jeffree!? this is too much for my poor petty heart
So excited to dress up for school on like the first day and then it goes to wearing work out clothes & my hair in a bun🙃🙃
Professors looking at me on the first day of class like: .
Bed time - ready to begin our first day in Barcelona tomorrow🤗 bestfriend ❤️
I told someone for the first time the other day that I have a degree in literature 😂 it's weird.
Amazing first day of the convention! Just wow! Some truly inspiring speeches given by everyone!. https…
First and last day pictures.. We still have Sawyer too but this is a tradition her and Parker 💕
First day of the Republican National Convention went about as you'd expect
You know your day is going to be good when the blood lab people get a vein on the first try.
Missed my first day of yoga. A little bummed but choosing not to beat myself up. Tomorrow is just as good.
This is just too funny . It's only the first day of the RNC and it's a trainwreck. I'm excited for this week
Yoga to start the first day of the hackathon.
I just liked ALL of the first 5 posts on my fb news feed, what a day
The sun is out on the first full market day of the week
I will never forget the first day when we started talking... Happy 17th!❤❤❤
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BRO been my day 1 since first grade 😎 have a sick day man ily 💞
So far we've had a white supremacist congressman, a soap star saying the President is Muslim, and a plagiarized speech. Good fi…
🇨🇷⚽👐. Watch get back to work on our first day of training in Montreal!.
First day of work experience today ugh
Our lovebirds in clark, pampanga as they celebrated their first v-day as bf/gf. TOMIHO 7thHeaven Months
Lt. Gen Michael Flynn is lighting up the crowd!. What an AWESOME first day we are having!.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I'm not sure of what is going to happen at the first day of class
It reminds me of the orientation video Michael showed on my first day. "The Scranton Witch Project."
u guys!!! DADDY ISSUES might be my first music video ever to break 300K views in its first day! AH
Flicks from the first day of camp in Las Vegas!. 📷:
Still to this day I wonder why the best people have to go first... Something I'll never understand
First day of school im walking pass everybody because nobody was fw me during the summer 😴
First day back at work after going on holiday is the worst 😭💔
The whole cycle with no stops at all for the first time on the hottest day of the year! GEDDIN.
lisa: "there was just no sexual attraction." . Hun you banged him in that tub the first day don't even lie.
Woww what an Overwhelming video, try it on first day of college.
After the convention floor fight and the Melania Trump plagiarism debacle, I'd say the first day of was an unmit…
Can't believe all this happened on just the first day of the convention.
Tomorrow first day of training, hoping it goes smoothly 🙄
Free lunchtime talk on Thursday: The Thin Red Line - the First Day of the Somme and the 2nd Mons by Richard Frame
First Day off called for some family time and ice cream with my mom and auntie Debbie xoxo…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
. First Day of School The Teacher Says you will have to stand up and introduce yourself
Nothing says summer like kids, watermelon and splashing! Welcome to the First Day of Summer! htt…
DOE Announces Winners of CTE Makeover Challenge on First Day of National Week of Making
First Day back to School at Rend Lake College. Count down to completion of degree. Wish me luck
1064 -- Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts -- First Day cover
WARNING: Awesome day ahead .. it's a Friday and First Day of Spring!
First Day outfit for the Vertical Stripe Polo and Navy Trousers
I liked a video from Kevin De Bruyne's First Day | Inside City Special
Social skills in learners with autism spectrum disorders: First Day at Work
(First Day as a Park Ranger). ME: Does anyone know the wifi password?
No idea why I watched Wet Hot American Summer all the way through. Not sure why I watch the entire series of First Day of Camp, either.
'Harry Is the Best as a Guy Friend': Polo Star Nacho Figueras Joins Prince Harry on the Royal's First Day in Florida.
1979 First Day of Issue Cover (FDC) - signed by legendary singer Patti Page
I’ve had such a good first day in DC, I can’t wait til tomorrow ✨
MATCHDAY! A busy day ahead! The first team play their final game of the season at home to (3:00 KO) Please join us at the Bowl!
Pristine greens on a bluebird day... No better way to celebrate the first day of the season. ht…
Day 1: Ok team everyone in the newsroom by 3:30AM. We'll suck out the first lot of news, then you can all stand around for 8 hrs
I met my president this morning am glad to meet you sir. Actually you have been my first client today so…
Back in the Day: Apr 30 | Sekajja scored with his first ever touch to save in 2011. https…
Wanna argue all day , make love all night. First your up than your down , ain't no between.
The boss discusses Norwich's hopes of avoiding relegation ahead of Watch it LIVE:
Understanding Me: Because understanding ourselves is the first step
So the first day of the season see the 1s visit 2s host Bromham and 3s host good…
Ugh. Gotta love the first day of turkey season.NOT
It will be special because it's going to an early Mother's day date! First time that we won't celebrate it on the exact day! 😭
What's your first stop on a day out in Romford?
First day of exam leave and for some reason I'm up before 9am😾
slept so much yesterday that on my first day off in ages I'm wide awake at this time
Can't believe it's been a year since I first met and in Glasgow, best day ever😭❤️
He said he would love to play there, but only the first day so he can enjoy the 2 other ones without stress !
It's here. Semi finals day. Let's do this. Although, first, let's go see a man about a car 🚙🚕🚗
Thanks's a huge success of first day of ODD EVEN.
Why did I wake up at 8am on my first day off in 13 days 😩
Good morning in the first day of 2014
My first Saturday off of work in like 6 months and I'm up at 8 ready to spend the day doing uni work😭😭😭
I made it to day 30 - I've finished with a fun, music inspired poem (my first ever!). 'This is a song about Susan'
I wanna take it back, to the day when we first met. If i could, I would start all over again.
so, today I'm watching descendants of the sun since it's the first day of my summer vacation. 😋💖
I liked a video Crazy First Day of Vlogging
It's your first day at work yet here I am so clingy. I miss you baby 😔😘
“Lmao first day of college :') she's missing a toe and has no pants.
But overall my day rounded out well when I went to swim practice and played ultimate for the first time this year with everyone. Good times.
Not even 9am and my first page of inks for the day is finished. If I weren't so all over the place I'd be hella proud of me.
All the corporate companies are doing this only tat they add all MG amount of small centres in the first day collections t…
Every day the first thing I do is read blog! Arran is one *** of a lad!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Every day, the first and last things i think about are: 1) My family being well. 2) Building the best toy company in the world.
F1 Russian GP: Raikkonen bemoans difficult first day in Russia -
It's the first time I've had a day off in general really
ON THIS DAY | in 2005, Chelsea beat Bolton away 2-0 to clinch our first ever Premier League Title.
First day in a month I'm not shrieking with sciatic pain in my back and down through my knee as I walk. Totally marvellous.
Derby Day!. Today the First Team hosts their neighbours from the Hilltops, Norwich CEYMS in a 2:30pm kick off.
looking like it's going a great day for racing. First time in 5 yrs since I've been to Fleet, can't wait!
Released in 2002, "To The Future" was our first - and to this day, our only - official video. would you like us...
April 29th: Recovery Day 1. My first day of recovery after surgery! In this update, I talk ab...
First day of chemo is done and in the books! Between being on…
Exams are approaching and I'm still as clueless as the first day of uni😂😂
Volunteering with for the Red Cross Today, doing Every Day First Aid training!…
Great day yesterday with Tiger, Mark O'Meara, and Mike Abbott, at Tiger's first US design course, Bluejack National. Just sp…
First day of the weekend would not be a productive day. When you body nak lepas geram berehat lepas kau lenjan dia lima hari
I still the remember the first day I laid my eyes on you
First day back home, and I'm already heading of to work.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of waiting before I get to meet in person for the first time in 6.5 years.
JUST ONE DAY TO GO!. until the whole county celebrates. the first ever https:/…
so happy I got Mother's Day off, first year with a job so I can spoil my mum even more 💓
Day 11:100 a DeSoto Threads piece inspired by my last year at Camp DeSoto and my first ele…
Ye first day u were actually needed early lol
I am so afraid that I'll wake up and it's the first day of school oh no what have I done with summer
A first class sergeant said "is also diligently training. He seemed really hungry as he ate a lot. Tomorrow is D-day"
‘Cause I knew. The first day that I met you. I was never gonna let you,. Let you slip away. 🎶🎶
[first day as tour guide at the zoo]. Kid: whats that. Me: thats an emu. Kid: no it isn't. Me [picks him up by the throat]: w…
On the First Day of HOOT!: We are counting down to the HOOT! gala, just seven days away on April 30th. This fi...
versus Mechanical on the First Day of Life in Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants
Gear up for the First Day of Trout Season this Sat. 4/16! County Parks will open at 6:00 a.m. Read more info here: http…
First Day of the Spring Steam Gala. Day of Intensive operating with 5 locos in steam including top and tail,...
Greece Sends Migrants and Refugees Back to Turkey on First Day of New Deal
3 Weeks In Fort Worth, Tx. First Day of work is Tuesday. Opening an H&M downtown
On this day in 1969, the first 'Bed Peace' was held at the Hilton Amsterdam.
Can't believe this is my first day off after two half 4 starts and I've had to get up to take simo to work, never rate😦😴
Had an amazing day with you at concert! First concert ever, glad it was logics!
Shout out to my teacher who said I'm going to end up working at McDonalds… tomorrow's my first day.
What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day? — hgio
Easter weekend is approaching. . Get your friends together for drinks and a meal and enjoy the first Bank Holiday since New Year's Day!!
I could sit here and complain about the leaving cert all day and then I could do something about it... Yeah never mind first option please
Dee Willson is under the microscope of Jamie Tremain about her first book & her path to publication.
First Day: Laura Mecca, "You can walk on the grass in Australia!"
Another good day for First team beat 3-2 and the Reserves beat 3-0. COYG!
1 DAY TO GO: Until we face in our first home game! Got your tickets? —>
Amazing first day in yesterday and looking forward to what's in store today!
for being one of the first casts I watched, for the GDI News chance, and the nice words the other day.
Here's a clip from my first session of the day. 🎹🎶 with…
Last day! Today is the final day to voice your support to put people, not cars, first:
I hate holidays. I'd rather be at work cause it *** being all alone on my first day off since Christmas.
love that im gonna bring her first holiday with her💜 Mother's Day 😩💝
When it's the first day of class and the Professor says "Most of you will fail this class"
I still remember the first time, day, and place we kiss do you?
First Lady Aisha Buhari got $22m forex from CBN on the instructions of Emefiele and the company sold at N362 same day.
It's a great day family... Welcome to the our first service at And yes, we are still .
“After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the to…”
early one morning. Life surprised us, as promised;. a second first day.
the day has arrived! Get our first three albums on vinyl HERE:
I don't know any by name! Haven't listened to them much. I heard pillow talk for the first time the oth…
Remember the day we first started talking on the internet? Because that's what started you and i
and darling I swear I've thought of u every single day since we first met
Sprints and splashes on regatta's first day - Virgin Islands Daily News
and reading thus first thing in the morning definitely made my day 😍😍. Thanks dear 😀
Where did my positive people go . . . . Start your day fresh. First Good day I hope you well😎
first day of summer im always like i gotta be productive, gotta improve myself mhmM and ill stop stress eating
No matter what day it is. will come out to the pest problem you might have.first call of the day off we go
My first day back like 2 weeks. I got heatwaved 12 times and come back to having to knife to slide faster
27March1917 The first battle of Gaza second day operation map Blue:Turkish Red:British
First thing happening on my next day off in sf is dedicated to walking around Berkeley or Oakland by my lonesome
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A weekend storm bearing down on the Northeast on the first day of spring is expected to dump u…
Groupchats:. Lit for the first day they're made. Dies a couple days later. Turns into a promo gc
if you will watch first day first show . FAN MOST LIKED TRAILER
What a day for as the first part of is all about 2017 https:…
1989 sold 600k copies in its first day US sales. Prism by Katy failed to sell 400k copies in its first week sales 💀. htt…
Batman V Superman outsold Age of Ultron on first day sales by making $27.7 million
For the first time in 3 years, my department hasn't given me two exams on the same day! Maybe they do actively want us to pass and graduate?
The first day of British Summer time does not disappoint
Such a rad day!!🤘 Came in first on highest bunny hop contest, and Ledge and rail contest... Also won in a game of foot down😝🔥
Update your maps at Navteq
Helpful tips for your first day at a new hospital via
March 22 – First Day. Theme: Novena before the Feast of Mercy. [In His revelations to Saint Faustina, Jesus...
First Day of Spring: First Day of Spring: Digital Sheet Music of First Day of Spring Composed by: Carl Czerny
Greece Struggles to Enforce Migrant Accord on First Day: After a European Union deal with Turkey t...
Who is excited about the First Day of Spring? Celebrate by joining in on the 1 mile hike around Bicentennial Park...
of the Day! Murder on the First Day of Christmas
First Day of Spring? - Sunday March 20th. Spring Equinox . In the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal (Spring) Equinox...
Green Bay Splits on First Day of Under Armour Showcase: Katie Rossman records her first win of the season in 7-1…
Listen to First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes Cover) by Larry Fisherman on Mac doin all sorts of thins
First Day of School Be Like [MLP Comic Dub]. 💖watch it if you like high pitched ponies or whatever💖
Tonight!! First Day of Battle Of The Fans Semi-Finals ! Come to inside Hard Rock Hotel and Vote for... https:…
I liked a video First Day of Big Bear Mountain Trip
The First Day of the End of the 2nd Amendment Will Be the First Day of the Second American Revolution ⇒
First Day at School, a poem by Roger McGough
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Journalism Freedom of the Press Pent Arts cachet First Day cover on
I added a video to a playlist Curious George's First Day of School
it's the First Day... of the rest of your life... Timo Maas ♫
First Day: Leaving the Cook Islands alone: Margaret first came to Australia from the Cook Islands in...
First Day: The pioneering surgeon who came to Australia on a leaky boat . via
Explosion Rocks Kabul City on First Day of the New Year - Afghan official says an explosion has rocked Kabul on...
First Day of the Year 2016. Took this photo at Center Mall.
First Day in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica: Woke up to a fabulous cooked breakfast at Cafe Rico preceded by a bowl o...
Coffee on this First Day of Winter in my new Salinas Valley Comic Con mug from the
Eyes on the Street: On the First Day of Loop Link: Loop Link station on Washington east of State. Photo: John…
Ever wonder what a school building thinks bout what goes on inside? Check School's First Day of School pics by Christian Robinson
First Day of competition today. Varsity is at home, JV is at Lakota East, and Freshmen are at Purcell Marian. Good Luck Everybody
it's First Day of The Somme by Martin Middlebrook, packed with oral testimony of survivors
Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime via
First Day: 68th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam will be live from Delhi from 5:00 pm IST onwards
Christopher Meloni is killing it on WHAM: First Day of Camp. Can't believe he hasn't done more comedy over the years.
sapafrica First Day of Code for 48 pupils of Obalende Primary School, Lagos.…
First Day of the new nine weeks. Make it a good one smile more be happy
People - Bill Rancic: Duke's First Day of School Was 'Tough on Daddy': "He's hanging in there now. Still havin...
Bill Rancic: Duke’s First Day of School Was ‘Tough on Daddy’: Jason Kempin/Getty. The first day of school was tough for dad Bill Ranc...
1203 Dag Hammarskjold -- First Day cover with block of 4 stamps
VA: First Day of Striped Bass Season. Nor Easter 2015: Today is the first day of Striped Bass Season here in t...
First Day of UKM UNJ Orientation with Elfa's Singer Group !! Great day ever 😁😁.
Michael Cera was so funny in First Day of Camp
TODAY is the OFFICIAL First Day of Hunter’s Cub Scout!!!. GOURMET POPCORN SALE!! . Please support Hunter’s very...
Funny or Die: Rob Gronkowski Texts Julian Edelman He's Excited for the First Day of School: . ...
Happy First Day of School NYC Public Schools! We'll be taking First Day photos in the lobby
First Day of School Tomorrow London Can't wait.. She talking Bout 2nd Grade bout to be Hype..
First Day! Dr. Cash is greeted by 7-year-olds with welcome signs at Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet Annex 59A.
It's the First Day of School! We just know it's going to be a great year here!
Just in case you missed it on my blog, here are my Top 20 Things NOT to Do on the First Day of School. Hope none...
The cover's already online, so let's put it up here: School's First Day of School, my book with Christian Robinson!
The Gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Order would like to wish you a great First Day,
Good morning Who's ready to DREAM BIG and have an amazing school year? Also looks like great weather for a great First Day!😎
Photo: First Day of School! Khalil starts 8th grade! The last kid at St. Francis. Off to school by himself...
First Day of Missio Dei Camp. Can't wait! May the Lord's mission for us…
Tough call choosing my First Day of School outfit for tomorrow. So many choices when you make everything look good
Celebrating everyone's First Day of School has been an absolute blast for me. I love the pics that have been...
GARRETT | Thoughts for the First Day of Classes - Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun: Cornell University...
WTAE-TV's Ashley Daugherty will be forecasting the weather live from Bethel Park High School on the First Day of...
Go get it . First Day of school first class music . @ Cuyahoga Community College - Eastern Campus
NEW_ID & First Day ft. IVAR - Show Me will be available on DOORN Records September 7. Subscribe to Spinnin' TV...
First Day of School is 8/31! 6th grade report to the cafeteria; 7th&8th grade report to the gym. It's going to be a great y…
*First Day of School*. Teacher: "David did you read the books you were required to read over the summer?". Me:
First Day of Class: See the sights as University of Alabama students begin the 2015 fall semester
Today is the First Day of School for our Front Royal/Warren County Community... Remember to be safe while...
Please tell me I am not the only one that binge watched, "Wet Hot American Summer, First Day at Camp"
1233 -- Emancipation Proclamation -- First Day cover with block of four
michael showalter played the most convincing reagan i've ever seen in WHAS: First Day of Camp.
Chris Pine hot rock star from the 70's Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp so foxy
I find this awesome: . The Five Major Actions Ted Cruz Vows to Take on His ‘First Day in Office’
Video: First Day of Gators Practice - Here are several minutes of clips from the opening session of...
Josh Charles is already my favorite part of First Day of Camp. I mean, he's my favorite part in everything, but like especially this.
First Day working with Juan and I already love the dude. He listens to Cole. 😎😎😎
Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day of Camp taught me that H. Jon Benjamin's voice seems more natural coming out of a can than his mouth.
Joshua's First Day of First Grade!! It's bittersweet! I'm so proud of my big boy. He woke up this morning telling...
Lol haven't started my first day at UO and I already miss waitressing
MYLC ALERT: Signing people in this morning for the first day of High School 101.
I still remember the first day I met you. That's when my life changed.
No more slacking. First day back in school since about 3-4 years. Let's get it!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
nah 😂 I decided Ima go in store . We wearing them on the first day right ? 😂😂
First ones in line at Indiana Jones on our last day in Disneyland,
First day of school feels like: so upclass. 😯😬
Be sure to tag your first day back pics with to be included in gallery
On this day back in 2009 released 'White Liar' to radio which became her first song!
Imagine Ellington takes his daughter to school and on her first day he makes a promise that he'll always pick her up even …
My first school day and everything is going wrong...
Today is my first day back to both school and work since my mom had her stroke last weekend .
"The time you lose you don't get back." - Wise words from our first Day 2 speaker, Brent Hamacheck.
- Our first album was released on this day 5 years ago!. released August 3, 2010:...
A sure sign that the countdown to the first day of school is underway: lots of familiar student...
GA grad is presenting at today's first-ever day. Tune in to support
The night before first day of school 😁😁😁
Illinois lost more than 40 manufacturing jobs per day through the first half of 2015 http…
It's just starting to hit me. Last first day of the first sem -ever- on Monday.
6 Tips for Back-to-School Shopping: You can trim costs before the first day of school. 
"First thing early monday morning, I'm gon pack my tears away. Gat no cause to look back cos I'm looking for me a better day"
Detroit Lions -- Ameer Abdullah stands out on first day of camp
What is the first thing you do on the internet every day?
Won my first sprint car race on this day in 2007 Was slick to a huge cushion. Passed my buddy
Make sure you get your package the first day. The pre orders come a day early and they are already sold out!!!
First day of school people be fresh and clean months later they be dirty dirty
This morning my brother drove his brand new red *** Lexus to his first day of senior year
Sayang, one day will u be halal for me? Right now, we finished up our studies first, find some job, we keep " kumpul duit & g…
Not ready for all these cheesy teachers who like to learn about us on the first day.
Free printable First Day of School Signs: Download these free printable First Day of School Signs.
Turns out I'll be in AZ for the first day of school, too. Maybe I should stop by and see some old friends.
One year ago finished the first day of preseason and took a killer ice bath😭💀
For the first day of school in APush?
Today is the first day of the AASD Positively Educating Healthy Kids Summer Institute
🎂Happy kwon's day party🎉 . We will invite you for Jokwon's 27th Birthday Party. Date:22th Aug.Sat. About 50 people(in first com…
Like I said the first day of school . Stink bombs aren't funny or cook
When it's the first day of school and the teacher says tell the class about yourself
Storytelling starts the first day of school.
On this day 101 years ago the first world war began. It solved nothing.
One day I just want to look back on life and wonder why I was ever worried in the first place
If yall don't see me the first day of school hit up Oakes' office bc I'm stressin 😅
5 Comic Strip Activities for Writing on the First Day of School by via
First Day at Gym - Super Exhausted 😫😫😫. But at Job now - my hands feel numb. Thanks Coach for the Circuit Training -.- .
.davidwain michaelianblack and joelotruglio talk First Day of Camp
“Freshman on the First Day of school true af
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