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First Communion

The First Communion, or First Holy Communion, is a Catholic Church ceremony. It is the colloquial name for a person's first reception of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

First Holy Communion

Me, too, and I remember the age of accountabiltiy (I don't recall it calle…
Wow. My Old parish. Had first communion there
Still, what about children receiving communion for the first time?
First they came for me & my husband and I let it go. But now my gluten free bread?! Too far popey, too far. .
We have recently engraved a money box for someone's first communion!! What do you think? We can engrave almost anyt…
I have my first communion dress which was made from my mother's wedding dress
My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81, I bought with my communion money in 1982. I was 7.
We visited the Gandan Monastery on our first day in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Instead of focusing on the exterior of...
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin says some within the Church don't want First Communion prep to be removed from schools
A happy family day for Victoria, celebrating her first communion! @ Sydney,…
Do you have your baseball uniform on when you where practicing for your first communion?
At a funeral ten days ago they offered GF communion hosts. First I heard of it but makes sense if you're faithful (…
First meal on the moon was Presbyterian communion. Last man on the moon said it was i…
Six years apart. . First Communion to Confirmation. My son and my daughter. . .
I lost all my pics from last night and I'm lowkey more upset about those than losing my brothers first communion pics
Hydrangea hair wreath with veil - wedding veil - flower girl veil - first communion hair wreath with veil…
First Communion celebration at a Chaldean Church in Ankawa, Iraq.
the movie First Sunday is actually funny af. why was the takin the communion wine back to back😂
. I'm Catholic and I made first communion and I understood everything you said lauren 😊
First gluten free communion bread, now foreign relations.. Any ideas on tackling issues closer to home?
I found my first communion ring I thought I lost! BRB crying tears of joy
Aria in that wedding dress looks more like a kid attending her First Holy Communion .
Pictures from the First Communion on May 17 and the May Crowning are up on our website.
First Communion and Fatima: How Lucia's First Communion Formed Her to be a Saint
The second grade made rosaries celebrating their First Communion and the month of Mary. Several parents joined...
This is George. He's in my class, making his First Communion today. All my students are Blue Jays fans,…
Eater is finished and we start to plan those 1st Holy Communions we have started to add our personalised gifts to...
The First Communion... Mine was a bit wonky
Today I booked myself my first wedding cake as well as my first communion cake
Well *** ! Lol thats yamaris first holly communion too. Let me guess your getting a new car 😜
No disrepect intended First Holy Communion should be a time for celebration, children shouldn't be afraid.
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Babe don't play! You gon be the madrina to all 5 of my kids! You gon be jayces Nina for his first communion! 😏
LOL @ my grandson, Giovanni ~ He looks so bored! You can't be bored, it's your First Holy Communion. Grandmom's heartbreaker.
4/17/2016 Flashback! These photos were taken exactly a year ago after Katie's First Communion and right before the……
Shimmery pink first holy See our entire unique collection
100 rts and I'll wear my First Communion Dress to prom
It's the season of confirmations, baptisms and first communion. We'd love to make a beautiful cake for your celebration.
It's a 50/50 apparently because she doesn't want to miss some distant cousins First Communion
She has the fashion sense of a first communion child, tho.
Gabe received Baptism, First Communion and was Confirmed this weekend!!
Shipped out this sweet, little cross necklace for a special first communion gift today…
Through communion we can manifest a paradise on earth -- lasting peace and harmony. But we must first cultivate it within ourselves.
Lot of new invitations in my shop including these pretty lavender and mint invites
These adorable girls are celebrating their First Communion next weekend and painted goblets as keepsakes of this...
Made my first communion this past weekend.
Is your child making their First Holy Communion this Spring? Add some decor from Apple Ice for your event!…
Congratulations to those who received Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion at this year's Easter Vigil.
Rosary from my Grandfather in 1971 for my First Communion. He inscribed the case with his pocket knife.…
Mike Pence looks like he's doing his First Holy Communion
Second grade First Holy Communion takes place this Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Please pray for our second grade students and teach…
Martin was killed 1 day after receiving the Most Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, at his first Communion, t…
... apparently it's the 50-year anniversary of the first communion? Could be a regional thing, judging by the Google results
Haven't taken communion since I was a kid and got caught stealing the communion bread at church 🙈. First body.
That First Communion glow! Fr. Mike May celebrated Easter Mass in Andros, Bahamas, and this little girl rec…
Found my First Holy Communion book. Who made me draw a picture of myself 'examining my conscience?!' I WAS SEVEN
First Communion retreat coming up on Sunday, March 19-details on the website!
My son was so proud of his First Communion banner! Thank you Oriental Trading Company for providing the supplies...
thanks for the updates first Communion in kells tonight
Jesus gave his life for our sins . Gal 1:4. First Tuesday. 7 p.m. tonight. Simple worship, communion and prayer. Come…
Should you take part in any church ceremony, including your First Holy Communion, if you don't regularly attend or…
OIT quote of the day: "OIT allowed my boy to take communion with us at church for the first time today."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
t's about that time of the year again! Have you found a first communion gown for your little one yet? Special...
Come and join us tomorrow (8th) for the first of the Lent Midweek Communion services. 11.30am in the North...
A late congratulations to our students who received their First Communion this past Sunday. May God continue to ble…
My mom told me I'm picking my aunt up from Mexico for my brothers first communion. I was not aware of this. 😅
Catholics will probably never budge on Papal Primacy. That is why Miaphysite communion will happen first.
Remember to stop by the St. Paul Angel Gift Shop for all your Confirmation, First Communion, Easter and Graduation needs.
Baby futboy got molested by catholic priest when he done his first communion
Our entire Spring Schedule which includes Lenten, First Communion, and Confirmation, can be found on the homepage...
Today reminds me of that time I got a beast wars action figure for my first communion.
Keepsake Gift for Baby or Little Girl. This beautiful necklace makes a perfect gift for Easter, Baptism or First Co…
Planning on hosting your baby's baptism or your child's first communion is coming up? Check out these easy tips!…
Working away on First Communion orders! Thank you for an awesome platform to sell my goodies!
Kid's Barong Tagalog. Perfect for your little man's First Communion. Call now! Limited stocks available!
The Anglican Communion’s first mark of mission is, “Proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.”
Wednesday is our first Communion in the City. See you at the Town East Mall Food Court at 6:30 for a brief...
Sandals, Girls white for First Communion or Easter (Peters twp) $8 We love to market to girls.
My first Communion Clipart for Girls. Cute Communion graphics, bible, rosary..
Evelyn - as photographed by Valerie Thomas at Evelyn's First Holy Communion.
Father Thomas and Father John helping our P4 pupils prepare for their First Holy Communion 🙏🏻
We're dress shopping for her first communion and Lauren thinks she's Beyoncé.
First Communion. Okay kids, we're going to take communion for the first time which is actually eating bread that's God's flesh
First Communion parent meeting for St. Mary parishioners is Wednesday at 7:00 pm (parish hall)
Lovely new selection of First Communion and Confirmation cards and gifts now available at Holy Rosary's Church...
Y'al. Nadia and I get to be Keely's sponsors for her Baptism and First Communion on Easter Vigil! ☺️
First Communion & Confirmation Enrolment Weekend is happening this month. Please refer to the Parish Bulletin for d…
I was punished for reading Auguste Comte in church. My Bible is one that I have had since my First Communion.…
Not often I get to do First Communion instruction in the summertime! (@ St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Congratulations and God's richest blessings to the First Communion class at Fairlawn Lutheran Church and School
Ulster Bank publishes results of First Communion financial survey
Some First Holy Communion cakes, thanks for looking.
The First Communion - The Commercial Side: Dearest hearts,I can see more and more how our life gets transform...
1 X White Glass Rosary, 6mm Beads, Great for Women or Girls. Perfect for First Communion, Rcia or
Marco Rubio always looks like he's rented a suit for his first communion.
I spent my night crafting with my cousin for her son's First Communion party. It was a great night. And she fed me.
Corpus Christi Sunday! What a blessing it will be to witness the children receive First Holy Communion! I weep tears of undeserved joy. 😢
Planning to celebrate your child's First or Napkin Rings
First Communion photo pose like a model!
first Communion with kid rock. Guess that old school. Lived you red nose
I finally did my first communion lol 😎
Yep. Clearly, she's getting ready for first communion.
I remember taking my first communion with real wine i was like 17 and i was actually appalled when i got wine instead of grape juice
lol and in the middle of Addie's first communion Will crawled over 5 people in the pew to tell me this again
im really thinking about going to go help Ms. Andrea w. the first communion kids tbh bc it was so much fun
bet lol I'll pick them up after I'm done w my first communion
Child Beauty Pageant Coming to a Parish Near You! on the hullabaloo of the First Holy Communion. .
Best wishes to all the Bective Cannistown GFC girls and boys who are making their First Communion on Saturday.
proud of our grade 2s who will be receiving their First Holy Communion on Saturday.
Look at Robert! Looks like its his First Communion!!
First Holy Communion Portraits. Starting at just $49!. Call (970) 712-0970 to schedule your portrait session.
Looking forward to a beautiful First Communion Celebration
Yes, Canon North was a great friend of my father. He gave me my First Holy Communion in 1965
Absolutely buzzing for sunday.. zaks first communion then off to the oakwood with to see 💚
my sweet Jaci at her First Holy Communion. Tonight..Mikayla makes her Confirmation. Time moves fast!
Today I had a first communion. I love spend the afternoons with my family.
The boys and girls of P4 were in fine form at the thanksgiving Mass for First Communion!
We (Orthodox) have both bread and wine for Communion, and priest lets celiac woman come first and gives her only wine.
Throwback to when we were 10, or 11 or who knows how old but it was our first communion an… https:/…
First Communion Boy with Cross Original Painting on by FlorLarios via
Heidelberg Catechism . Q. 55. What do you understand by "the communion of saints"?. A. First, that all and every...
she wants to use her First Communion $ to take you out to dinner when you are in town for WSC Boston! 😊
First Communion for my sweet niece❥♱ @ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
First Communion dress, day two. St. Paul Sunday morning.
First Communion stare down @ St. John the Guardian of Our Lady Parish
SBS students celebrated their First Communion at Blessed Sacrament Church. We are so proud of you
We are so blessed! Our 2nd graders have been making the Sacrament of First Communion.
Congratulations to the children of St James Catholic Church, in Elizabethtown, who made their First Communion yesterday.
My sister didn't appreciate how I insisted we blast Arcade Fire's Neon Bible album on the way to her goddaughter's First Communion.
And bonus Jonas, I'm going to be a sponsor at the confirmation Mass at the same church where the kid I babysit is making his First Communion
Parents who have children receiving the sacrament of First Communion this Sunday - their rehearsal is tonight at 8pm
First Communion will be this Sunday, April 24, during the 10:00am Mass.
On Sunday, our First Communion students prepared "We Care Baskets" complete with personal …
A beautiful First Communion at St. Patrick Catholic Church - 97 children received His holy body and blood. Thanks be to God!
Treat yo self! New in stock: First Communion 4x6 Malden Frame. Shop it now at
My life will never ever be the same again..First Holy Communion with my dad!
Special occasions deserve special celebrations! You can celebrate your kids' First Communion at our Village in a...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
to the day before my first communion but I'm not catholic no more so it's all good
Holy Communion:. PRIEST:"This is the body of Christ. Take it ". ME:"Uum,can I instagram it first?". *We laughed & then I was ex…
wait I got some First Holy Communion money, I forgot. Still though, Catholicism is lame
Today I get to see Experience Easter in action with Communion first at the Remember Me station
Im so excited for my first communion on Thursday I can't wait
Purple Pearl Rosary first communion gift confirmation rosary…
First Holy Communion rosary bead tin with matching by giftabulous
I've known him since 2nd grade, went to Sunday school with him, did my first communion with him... Come again?
my lil cousin who has fam that follows Judaism, is getting his baptismal and first communion for his 13th this weekend cuz 'murica
😂😣 😵 wow. Also, maybe its just me, but I don't feel like that's an appropriate look for a 10 y/o's first communion.
The first . Communion to be celebrated
Peter Gunz looks like he's wearing first communion suit. His whole swag is VIM.
From your wedding cake, baby showers, Baptismal , First Communion , and so many birthdays for your family. Thank...
First Communion/Confirmation students participated in a Seder meal on Sunday.
Id feel bad if i missed my little sisters first communion, but then i remember my parents werent there for mine 🙁🤔
That thing where you're halfway into the first song on a Sunday morn and realize you left your Big Gulp cup sitting on the communion table.
Children preparing for their First Holy Communion made their first confessions this evening.
Shopping for my sister's first communion dress is a mission😂🙄
Long-time (NOT old!) friend John VanDommelen helped out at our First Communion retreat! h…
Our First Communion retreat at St. Mary's was informative AND fun! htt…
Love this cake Isabelle made for our first Communion
Question:What do kids wear now for their first Communion? Are we still doing the fancy kids white wedding dress thing?
Y'all invited to the baptism and first communion 😊
A sugar! Help! the fruit they don't you? They drove his first communion in Moycullen.
Seven of our young members have completed the Early Communion Prior to Confirmation course and will receive first communion during this...
of course they do! Sigh. How silly. Really surprised they had first communion stuff though
Denville's Faith & Begorah carves niche in First Communion fashion by William Westhoven
Jenny Barrett had her first meet before her First Communion no joke
Come in today from 12:30-6pm!. Need First Communion dress? Prom? Wedding? Dresses and tuxedos and accessories all...
And oyster *** + grape juice for communion will never be satisfactory. Ya'll are weaklings. I've been drinking wine since first grade.
no she didn't. Lmao my mom really brought out my first communion pic 😭😭
Wave Palms this Sunday! 9a.m.-Traditional Worship with First Communion; 10:15a.m.-Connect Worship with hands-on child component. Join us!
First Communion Necklace ~ First Communion gifts for boys , Religious Gifts for Holy..
First Communion is right around the corner! Did you know that St Margaret's Hospital in Spring Valley has great...
I'm just here feeling deeply inadequate about my First Holy Communion. Not for the first time.
Our Cross Cake is a beautiful part of a Baptism, First Communion or Confirmation celebration
we renew this day at thy feet the promises of our Baptism and our First Holy Communion. via
Adult Confirmation Preparation. If you were baptized Catholic and received First Communion,. but have not been...
Word of this week is Communion, a website merger. "The CEO celebrated his first communion with wine."
My niece makes her first communion next month. Here she is in my first communion dress. 😢😍
My brother's first communion is going to be on the same day as my Formation tour LOL
First Communion Parents Meeting and I only offended one parent
Second base, first date, first communion. Same diff.
Yesterday we celebrated first communion with some of our young students!
Peoplesdebate Gerry O'Boyle with a sellotaped badge of his first communion picture
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
First Communion parent and child workshops at St Cecilia Newcomb Friendship Center
Nwt new Talbots girls white first communion dress wedding flower girl size 12 $50.00 via e…
Confirmation and First Communion is up too!! Cards, gifts, Lea's Hallmark first, we have an...
first Michigan game or first Communion?
Starting to teach my First Holy Communion class tonight and start my second job on Wednesday 😅😅😅 Lord grant me patience & strength
My uncle, Count of Paris, and my aunt, Duchess d’Aoste, preparing to receive their first Communion, Morocco, 1914. htt…
First Communion Class - Feb 23, Mar 1 and 8. 630-730 in the Sanctuary. Join us for 1st Communion OR for a refresher!
My latest Banner Kit review!. Do you know anyone (or school) that needs First Holy Communion Banners? Tell...
What a special moment watching your little one make their First Holy Communion! Celebrate this…
Show her how special this day is with her very own pearls. . .
First Communion or Flower Girl Bracelet and Earrings by Saralibbey via
Grace sheer embroidered tights, perfect for all your special occasions, First Holy Communion, Confirmation,...
photo, French sepia portrait of a young girli..
I did dig the fact that she dressed like an aunt at someone's first communion who is on the prowl.
Protestant boy punished for not attending Catholic First Communion via
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Meeting : Tuesday 6.30pm in Primary School for Parents/Carers and children making First Communion
Elegant First Communion invitations where colors can be customized for your son or daughter.…
I became a wine enthusiast during my first communion mass
Please continue to pray for the children who will recieve the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion later this year!
20% OFF ALL CLOTHING, SHOES & SKI is on sale for the first time this season! COMMUNION DRESSES+SUITS Arriving in...
We now sell gift bags , new baby gifts and cards , christening gifts and cards , First Holy Communion gifts and...
Friday 26th and Sunday 28th February - Confirmation and First Communion preparation resumes.
School vacation is over and we are back in full swing!! We are working on a 40th Birthday Order, First Communion...
Other services: 8.00pm First Communion of Christmas at Holy Trinity; 11.30pm Midnight Eucharist at St Oswald's. Pls celebrate with us!
Catholic Children in Local Educate together school pay €50 to local Parish for after hours preparation for First Communion.
Nephew's First Communion asual driver (@ Parish of Christ the King, Church in the Sky in Taytay, Rizal)
Took him to his first communion classes and now she's giving him breakfast
Lol forgot I found this drawing I made for first communion class. Oh…
1536-1549 IDT another first for me: Holy Communion in the open air to the sound of multiple explosions and sound of mosques call to prayer
My neice made her First communion at age 13 and had to wear a baby type bonnet with her communion dress per the parish dress code.All the girls looked cute with their bonnets on.
Wine tales would find trouble at a First Holy Communion.
Seminar later at 1 pm for my baby sister first communion katamad ang inet
Getting my first communion with PAPA
Lord, grant us the grace to always receive Holy Communion with the wonder of our First Communion and the hope of our Viaticum.
First Communion meeting 7pm at the parish hall Tuesday for parents of grade 2 students
On the day of his First Communion.. @ Paco Catholic School
I went to my brothers' First reminded me why I left the Catholic Church...felt so ritualistic and lifeless
Thank you to Father John and parishioners for a lovely First Communion service for our P4 children. Great choir and h…
Months of preparation have lead to this day First Communion is finished. It was a lovely ceremony with lots of happy families and children
My little girl got her First Communion today. @ The Holy Name Of Jesus Catholic Parish
Early start in The Boro for Bubba's First Communion. Beautiful day for this happy and holy event.
Please join us to pray for the 135 children who will make First Communion on Saturday evening at the 5:30 p.m. Mass.
Miss Ava wearing her First Communion dress and ring her little brothers four wheeler !
Reminder that the First Communion meeting is at 3.15pm tonight for those making first communion Please bring First Sacraments book :)
Congratulations Jonathan on your First Communion! Thank you daycy21 ! 💗💗💗💗
Update your maps at Navteq
Does anyone have any good pictures of first communion this weekend?
First Holy Communion cake . Cross with pink buttercream . Vegan/ dairy free chocolate cupcakes with…
Time to get cracking on these First Holy Communion photos!!
That was the day I got my first communion. My being late with that, is totally worth it! I love you tungaw 💕
I'm no good at 'cool' but remember bein stunned by First Communion in the Picasso museum. He was just a child when he painted it.
Just did my First Holy Communion on the train. Praize jeebus.
Congratulations to all the pupils from the Quay National School who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday.
So proud of my big little girl on taking her first communion today. She is truly blossoming into a…
And then my morning, filled with Malia snuggles, "I got your nose!", and Leilani's First Communion!…
First Holy Communion: There will be a 'Breaking of Bread' service tomorrow morning @ 9.15am in the school for P4 children and their parents.
Our will make the perfect first communion souvenir
Celebrating a child's First Holy Communion soon? Check out our new range of beautiful gifts and keepsakes...
Saturday Edwin invited me to his niece's first communion and ain't the fight that same day?
Had the most amazing day. First communion of my son. What a beautiful day! 😊
we're having a party 😍😚 my brothers kid is doing his first communion. Big dance and all that good stuff. 😏
All purpose parts banner
Little cuz Andrew's first communion n' post ceremony reception! by czarraga831
Congrats to Monika on her First Holy Communion w/ sister Alexa altar serving.Dreams do come true.
My doppelgänger had her first communion this weekend & she looked so beautiful 💛
Sacramental Programme for First Holy Communion families continues today at 6pm - "I am the vine and you are the branches."
I bought this cutest dress EVER! I cannot wait to wear them for first communion😊
thank you Lucy!! 🙈 where did you find that First Holy Communion picture!!!?? Xxx
thanks, it's First Holy Communion next weekend, lunch at Longueville Manor with In-laws. Have a great week :)
man.. I need to take mine. Haven't even gotten my First Holy Communion 😐😂😂
So looking forward for my little cousins first communion on Saturday 😊
First communion pictures make me happy that I gave birth to atheists.
First communion day for my son. I wore a dress, but forgot jewelry. I missed the mark. My Lia Sophia days offered some great choices.
I got to go to church cause I gotta practice for my first communion lmao
My Nieces and Nephew, photo preview to First Holy Communion.
Got Nonis her first communion dress! Looks like a princess dress so pretty 😍
you can't get ur Eucharist without getting ur first communion ? They won't let u
oh boo! and no i don't but Saturday its my brothers first communion you should come and bring the babies if you want
The Baby's First Communion. So memorable for all of us girls to be able to wear the same dress.
When you don't get invited to your own cousins first communion .
Busy but fun day. I babysat and went to my twin cousins's first Communion party. :) Anyone else do anything fun this weekend?
So very proud of my little bro and his first communion today!🙏🏻
note... I used this line at my godson's first communion party last night. Guests had mixed reactions.
In my defense, father, there is literally *nothing* in the Bible that says you can't bring an air horn to your son's First C…
beautiful to witness Lula's first today. God is Good
We have everything you need to make your child's First Holy Communion special.
This happened during first communion picture.
Santiago's big day! Confirmation and First Holy Communion. @ Our Lady of Perpetual Help…
So My Best friend And I Are officially ministers of Holy Communion ❤ Today we served for our first…
Today you had your first communion and next week you turn 9🙈 my little man needs to stop growing up😭💕
Congratulations to my little girl for making her First Holy Communion yesterday.
My sweet oldest two prior to chase's first communion. 3 days post surgery.
Yareni yesterday, did her first communion. 😊💖💖💖
Glad I was able to go home and see my little sister take her first communion! Now it's back to the…
So thankful to have be part of Owens life and celebrate his first communion. I love…
Little Angel - White satin and tule first communion dress with long gloves, veil and ... -
Kids reaction to first communion wafer ... Video is self-explanatory via
My sister on her First Communion in the 70's with me, a.k.a. young Kris Kringle from "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town".
At my first communion when the priest gave me the Bread, I said "Thank you Baguio" (My City) Instead of Amen
It's not too late to order your First Communion Rosary! Contact me for personalization options or if you have any questions.
I'm excited for Saturday because my brother is making his first communion and confirmation 😇☺️
Handmade for your wedding or first communion!
Look how cute I was at my first communion
Mom and sisters coming for Liney's first communion Sunday. If you aren't busy, come to the house for burgers and cake around 5. ☺️
First Communion Hair Bow by marimari via via
Practice, with Tavian & Class for his, First Holy Communion. He made it!! 3rd Grade just like Daddy. :) William...
April 19 is a great day for St. Mary's! First Communion Mass is at 10AM and our school choir will be singing for this eve…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
We made these banners for our friend Kristie and her boys. It's for their first communion ❤️
Can't believe my babies had their first communion rehearsal tonight.
Some more Mother of Pearl - with First Communion coming up, these would be a lovely gift!
Does anyone know where I can get a camo bible? I have a first communion next month
Silvia: Dad did mom tell you I want to get baptized and do my first communion?!. Silvia's dad: Are you okay?. 😂😂😂
Religious First Communion Confirmation bracelet cross by beadhobby via
And my nephew makes his first communion 👼
Did he attend a Corleone first communion party by chance?
wish I could! I have to set up our club 3D shoot and my kids have their 8th birthday party and First Communion sunday
Garrett just told me he doesn't get the wine at church anymore because at his first communion he ate the bread that was in it 😂
I get to write Rylan a letter of encouragement for his first communion 😈💙☺️
I hope he can make cc for Haydens first communion
Is your child making His/Her First Holy Communion,or Confirmation this year?.Special Discounts...
Just did my first confession with Fr. Sebastian. Looking forward to first communion.
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