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First-class cricket is a class of cricket that consists of matches of three or more days' scheduled duration, that are between two sides of eleven players and are officially adjudged first-class by virtue of the standard of the competing teams.

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USA! 24-hours left to get your order in. We'll upgrade First Class to Priority for FREE so u can make that Christmas eve delivery date!
Review of our refurbished Business and First Class lounge at by
plus, I don't know what he means really... X-Men DOFP (and First Class) is one of the best, and favorite superhero movies..
I liked a video from Hidden Meaning in X-Men: First Class – Earthling Cinema
Peace was never an option. 🎬 X-Men: First Class, 2011, Matthew Vaughn
Watched X-Men The Last Stand and Origins Wolverine yesterday. Last stand wasn't great, Wolverine was awesome. Can't wait to see First Class.
3 business men sitting at my table in First Class, drinking beer, acting like ***
X-Men: First Class is coming to Dice Masters in April!
Here it is, my video edit of X-Men Apocalypse's Auschwitz scene with Magneto's theme from First Class.
Yesterday: X-Men: First Class. Today: X-Men: Days of Future Past . Oh this is wonderful ❤😍
Suspending my disbelief that the characters in X-Men: Apocalypse are 10 years older than Days of Future Past and 21 older than First Class.
"You want society to accept you, but you can't even accept yourself." - X - Men: First Class (2011)
X-Men: First Class (2011). "You have a chance to become a part of something much bigger than yourself."
National Youth Service Corp Friday cleared air over the controversial death of a First Class graduate of...
We have our first birthing class today! I am both nervous and excited! 😊👶🏽
Check out our first Winter Cocktails Class of the season featuring on Friday, December 9th!…
You're a class act my friend. First fighter I met at Jacksons when I walked in. Kind, friendly, yet a badass warrior. All…
It's a new feature of the COLLEGE TOUR: First-class campus hotels.
can you tell me why you still haven't dispatched my order after a week? Even though I paid nearly £5 for first class delivery?
For someone who has written 10 page paper on the first amendment for my law class, i know what im talking about.
Junebug, Lab (9), Bleecker St., NYC• "She graduated from therapy dog class. She's big, so I think she'll start working with…
Great presentation today by for my First Yr Seminar class! Fabulous resource for
IT NEVER ENDED UP WORKING, I had to skip my first class today to get this done 😒😒
I've accidentally slept through the first 2 classes of the one class I'm not doing so hot in. Please pray for me and my grade.
My first class got cancelled. My other ones should learn by example and cancel themselves.
How do students in a comp 2 class not know the difference between first and third person? 💆🏻
GAME DAY! Colgate and renew their rivalry for the 151st time and first at Class of 1965 Arena at 7 PM!…
Ungroup first method & expanded method for subtraction in Mrs. Hasting's 2nd grade class
This is the first time I haven't left this class like 45 minutes early I normally dip so hord from this class wow tbh
thank you for skyping with us. Sorry about the microphone not working at first. My kids loved skpying with your class.
In high school . "I will never smoke weed". First year in college . "Can't wait to get outta class to smoke"
When the professor starts teaching on the first day of class
my first class is at the exact location of the shooter. For some reason my alarm went off late and I had to skip. I now…
Another first class centre in Karachi. Welldone State Bank for providing a wonderful venue 👏🏻👏🏻 others should follow h…
Turn down carryovers, turn up first class
When you wake up to a no class email for your first class 😛😛
IM DEAD in my comm class my prof asked for examples of spin-off shows and the first thing someone shouts? SUITE LIFE ON DECK.
And taking our first byob ceramics class on Thursday.. Love my mans pt2
I should have paid that little bit more for me and Neo to ride first class.
First day of sociology and the class is already divided over the election
I will miss the class and grace of First Lady Michelle Obama!
Haven't even left for my first class yet and I'm already regretting going
Mental Health First Aid class open! One session left before the end of the year! HM01627
It's fine but the First Class costume was WAY cooler IMO. Bryan Singer needs to steer clear of the X-Men franchise.
This is the first lawsuit against Theranos that’s seeking class-action status. Two More Investors Sue Theranos...
Already falling asleep and I haven't gone to my first class yet 🙃
domain names
Finally went to my first class to find out it's the last day of it, how did this term go by so fast???
Don't think I have been to Chem class since after the first exam
Things I did in class: sent 26 pictures of cats, bought two Christmas presents, designed my first home. . Things I didn't do: pay attention
I always travel first class as it happens: the difference is I pay for it myself, rather than expecting licence payers to do so
How many Leopards were slaughtered to make that seat upholstery? 🤔 Class 317/7 Declassified First Cl…
I didn't go to my first class and I'm still in Nates bed. with another class at 10 😂😂😂
First time in history, half of the newest astronaut class is female! v
taught my first ever social studies lesson to a real 7th grade class and I didn't even suck that bad!
I'm pretty sure my brain can no longer retain information from any class this semester. As if it had retained anything in the first place😅
Your 2015-2016 "New Heights" Yearbook just received a gold medal! This is the first year the class has gotten above a silver!
Taking a CPR and first aid class next semester. Bout to be an easy A
Skipped class for the first time this semester and it feels god
This is first class mingling here from and Leo!
Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame announces its first Charter Class 2017
'Cause I have a first class life. Really.
Missed my first class because it was so hard to wake up this morning
First semester having an 8am class in college and they feel like 0 periods in high school.never taking one again
Progressive society means putting the working/ middle-class first. They're the basis and main driver of our economy.
missing class to do work for a class but also not doing the work for my first class because I was doing work for another class
first time I've been to class in a month and theres only 4 people here including me :)
this would be my first time missing it, I have an A in the class. someone give me a reason I should go to class
Award winning software, first class support, true collaboration and now with no licence fees. Can you afford not to…
This guy came to class for the first time ever and asked for the notes so he can study for the final which is this Thursday 🙃🙃🙃🙃
First 5 mins of class consisted of fighting a bee in the room
Woo hoo! 🎉 It's our first STRONG by Zumba™ class at the brand new Community Hall in Great Denham TONIGHT! 7:30PM...
What’s the difference between first class and business class? By
Just Pinned to Stuff you would like on eBay!: Gift Republic First Class Cuppa Stamp Porcel…
if I call him or not is none of your business. I called him in class and that was the first time in forever
Today was our first day of DecemberTerm Circle Time with 8am Latin Class on the horizon. I know what we...
First class back after vacation, sleeps through 8am
Breast Cancer Awareness
40 crores poor people 60 crores middle class people 20 crore rich people . who make black money first we need to search Indian politicians
considering very recent form of Saha and Parthiv's consistent run in first class
The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, has awarded First Class degrees to 49 students at its 39th
First Class : Meet the women Alan Joyce credits as making a difference at
FACT: Blessed with a First Class in information technology. Meet 33 year old Speaker of the Katsina State House of Assembly…
Here's what it's like to fly First Class on
I don't think First Class is all that good but it was the one that best got the team dynamic.
The guy sitting next to me in First Class smells like a combination of Woodford Reserve and methane.
The Iron Bridge is very popular, it's even featured on postage stamps including a new First Class stamp in 2011 and on a 19…
What it's like to fly in the best airline in the world for First Class service
First Class: class travel. Class. New! Learn about the new American Airlines Flagship (SM...
Graduate Trainee internal audit. Less than 26 years of age. First Class or Second Class (Upper) .
Cathay Pacific will be serving wines in First Class
paid for a First Class ticket from Woking to Huddersfield and I can only get a free tea and a snack box?
Avengers, Jurassic Park, probably Frozen, just every Disney animated movie, MCU movie, First Class etc.
I know ppl who took longer and got First Class and Upper Second Class Honours though. You mean sumn else when u sey "type"?
Matthew Vaughn all the way! First Class was superb. Or how about Tim Miller, after his fine work on Deadpool
40 Niger Delta ex-militants graduate with First Class and Second Class Upper from Benson Idahosa University -...
Forty delegates under the Presidential Amnesty Programme graduated in First Class and Second Class Upper Division...
A hundred years ago, the editorial congratulated for becoming a "City of the First Class"
Private Jet is receiving maintenance, have to fly First Class on an A380...
Watching Tony Kaye being the ultimate First Class host. Calm, professional, organised. I want to be like him!!
Nigerian Geniuses: Dr. Ibe Kachikwu is the current Petroleum Resources Minister who has four (4) First Class degrees https:…
Wellingborough to Market Harborough. It was the carriage just after First Class
Listening to some Henry Jackman soundtracks on Apple Music, including First Class and Big Hero 6... So good!! 😍
Available NOW: Original Soundtrack of - 'First Class', composed by Henry Jackman
How It Really Went Down in the First Class to Graduate Female Rangers | SOFREP via
Alumni Success - Zeinab Ibrahim-Hashi. Zeinab (ISL London Class of 2013) has recently graduated with a First Class...
Nigerian Geniuses: O.Ojumah of UNILAG graduated with a First Class after spending 16 Years in four Universities
Hats off to - Winfield, and Mingo Central for their fundraising efforts to help flood victims. First Class all the way!
Kumar Sangakkara has moved past 19,000 First Class runs today .
Gotta remember Jane Goldman. She doesn't get enough credit for her awesome contribution to the First Class + DOFP + Kingsmen scripts.
First Class: The St. George's Experiment - the story of 5 pioneering students.
Theater but not as good as DOFP & First Class but way better than X3. Probably my 4th fav superhero film this year out of 4
First Class was like "What if mutants secretly did the Cuban Missile Crisis and then the rest of history was normal?"
Did u know the Golden Eaglet, was retired & replaced w/the First Class award which later became the curved bar?
Michael and James on the set of First Class...their chemistry is EPIC. https:…
Hugh Jackmans 15 second cameo in First Class makes me so happy everytime
One simple way to solve this: When you check in, they should give First Class passengers a Kennedy Center Honors pendant.
I liked that and I thought First Class was pretty great. I'd love a break, then a reboot with a new director
Colony makes people starts first Burton then Goi. Colin your top notch too. First Class show guys
Looking forward to tonights session. Triple bill First Class, DOFP and finally at ✊
X-Men triple bill tonight; First Class, DoFP and then Apocalypse at midnight!🎬
Zack Stentz (writer of Kevin Smith ep of Flash, First Class, & Thor) is currently writing the Booster Gold movie.
Glad I opted for First Class coming home. Sorting the hangover out nicely. Nice lunch and regular mugs of Yorkshire Tea!
Also no joke I bought First Class on Blu-Ray twice today so if you think your life isn't together, remember this
X-Men was always good,but I love the Wolverine Origins. This X-Men follows the First Class story line
First Class, has a greater emotional impact at the end, which DOFP didn't achieve as well + Matthew Vaughn>Bryan Singer
I really enjoy the mixing of real world events in 'X-Men:First Class'. Matthew Vaughn did a cracking job,would like to have seen his DOFP
Two comic book heroes go to battle tonight. XMen: First Class is on at 9pm while the Dark Night is on at 10.15pm
It was acceptable in First Class but Days of Future Past and Apocalypse should have featured a blue JLaw for almost the whole time.
The first one was not terrible. First Class was the best of all. Days of Future Past was palpable-ish.
I amazed by DoFP but Matthew Vaughn had something more w/ First Class put me if XMen will be different this time. Then its back to Singer.
It's movie night on Ch. 307. Tune in for First Class starring Mike Ezuruonye and Ruth Kadiri at 7pm.
First Class cricket during the 1926 General Strike >no evidence yet found of activity by Geoffrey Boycott's family
- 1957: Bill Alley makes his First Class debut v Lancashire. He goes on to make 16644 runs in his career https:…
Did You Know, in First Class debut, he scored 92 against the likes of Joel Garner and Malcolm Marshall?
When your friend carries you in all first class 😂
Narendra Modi says he didn't go beyond high school. Gujarat University VC says he is MA first class. Who is lying?
‘Kalvari’, the first of the Scorpene class being built went to for the first time today. https:…
Sitting in on my last first class of college. What a weird feeling.
Wanky tight chest, dry cough. 😡. Delivered first class from the kids.
I did this class when I first moved to California. It was a 'Kids on Camera...
Chortling about Ocado's suggestion of "new things for you to try: pack of 12 first class stamps". I have indulged in first class once before
'enthralling scene painting...first-class' — ★★★★ for Die Walküre from .
Pat's first class movie is on now...
OnThisDay 1969, Brain Lara was born, most famous innings of all time: 400 & 501, the highest in Test and first-class history.
Falls asleep in the back of her first class, using her book as a pillow
India’s 1st indigenous Scorpene-class stealth submarine Kalvari hits the sea for trials: 10 things to know
Just In: India's first Scorpene class submarine INS Kalvari sails out of Mumbai harbour for Sea trials.
I'm going to attend my first class late because ill eat pancakes and oh god it's so worth itTt
Deals unpressured through the first-class tub rentals: vSPdvi
Wow first class once again. Thanks and all the team, with special thanks to Dale for service.
Sitting in first class onboard a bullet train heading to Tokyo. I've dreamt about doing this for so long 🚄
Listen, I know you came first in the class , but there’s no need to keep …….. A showing up. B bawling. C whooping. D...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
donate keep your words.Otherwise get ready to apologize.You illiterate liars are ruining India.
I can just tell in gonna geek out so hard flying business class tomorrow it will be like spot the girl whose first time it is 😂 🙈
If you want to be first class, you must first DO first class. This is not something you get, but you earn. http…
If any SoundCloud users would like to use a service where they are treated as first class citizens, let us know, we'll help with migration!
Some first class investments being offered on this website.
really looking forward to starting the Saturday Morning class, first one 7th May! @ Gracie…
Wait a minute. Beast's hair isn't part of his natural mutation? According to First Class.
like I missed first 4 weeks of class because it wasn't on my timetable so I didn't even know it existed
There's no racism like Israeli racism - first class really!
When you wake on a Monday and you have a test first class.
We go the extra mile to share our expertise and first-class with clients
Your magic's first class. I have a better opinion about you now.
Shocked by all these text abbreviations--good first slide for class.
FINALS WEEK DAY 1:. *has a final paper due a 2pm*. *passes paper at 5pm*. *department secretary says i'm the first person to pass in class*
Here's what the very first episode of Doctor Who spin-off Class is called via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
BREAKING NEWS: Arvind Kejriwal attempts suicide after knowing that Narendra Modi has a First Class in MA
Life is vanity, just as he sang. You fly to Abidjan in first class but return as cargo. Give thanks to God for life. https…
Johanna Johnson 'jet-setted the world First Class' as business went into liquidation - Daily Mail
Services are: first class displays,we have experts who make the best atmosphere, Call us now!
First class 'unconscious drunk and stoned' performance..for the entire day.
Modi got a First Class in MA from Gujarat Uni...Modi Scored 62%..Kejriwal asked his internal Lokpal to re-examine Modi's…
We're flying First Class with which obviously means a limo from the lounge to the jet ✈️
At the Oval, Marcus Trescothick has just notched his 59th First Class century. Still going strong at 40 years old! https:…
If you can't fly Private! First Class is the next best thing!
A 59th First Class hundred for Marcus Trescothick!! 💯 💥 . An exquisite knock from him!.
Play abandoned on a day that belonged to Marcus Trescothick, who scored his 59th First Class century .
.Would you be able to do it on First Class tickets, or would you need a private jet chartered?
You look pretty comfy, Chad! We look forward to many more First Class rides with you.
The on trial in the new First Class lounge at Kings Cross station
Don't sleep on 'X-MEN: APOCALYPSE'. . First Class was great. . Days of Future Past was great. . Apocalypse ends the trilog…
I like Bryan Singer at the wheel of the Xmen movies, but Matthew Vaughn killed First Class. Would've liked to see him continue.
Delta running a big sale on First Class to Europe:
Sure glad I got upgraded to First Class for this flight from Los Angeles to San Diego!!! 😂😂😂
Dont miss Trail to First Class!: Your Lewis and Clark District Scouting Email Newsletter for 04/09/2016 -
Would you like to become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner? . I am facilitating the First Class here in...
.Jason also got caught flying his mom First Class paid for by the taxpayers!
I must say.YOU are a First Class *** ! Screw all the UNITED STATES CITIZENS - you continue to say F_CK Trump Supporters
like Free Books Online: Romance Novel by AJ Harmon "First Class to New York " -
Trip report: B77W First Class overnight to https…
Not quite: Kevin Bacon was only in "X-Men: First Class" as Sebastian Shaw. Ellen Page wasn't in that movie.
First Class lounge is well ... First Class. Launch of the airline's daily circular flight to
Brain Lara is the only player to scores 100+, 200+, 300+, 400+ & 500+ in the cricket histroy combind (First Class, ListA, Tests & ODIs)
American Airlines saved 40 thousand in 1987 by taking out an olive from First Class salads.
GREAT service from Cheri onboard flight 751 in First Class. So refreshing!
More men from First Class survived the sinking of the Titanic than children from Third Class apparently. Ye gods,times never change,even now
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
X-Men: First Class (2011) 7/10 -- entertaining with plenty of exposition & bent metal. Sets up the story well
X-Men: First Class is much better than the Last Stand.
While watching X-Men: First Class last night I realized how much superhero movies lose their punch when they sidestep real political figures
Can we just talk about how awful of a villain Kevin Bacon is in "X-Men: First Class" lol
Hugh Jackman's cameo in X-Men: First Class is pretty great, as short as it is
Watching the newest trailer for X-Men Apocalypse makes me miss the chill bromance in First Class. Do they have to save the world every time?
I was just reminded of X-Men: First Class and do Greg Berlanti and Bryan Singer frequently have lunch? Like whoa, weird *** erasure there!
I honestly have no idea what to do with X-Men: First Class. *** erasure in *** narrative with *** creator? So bad.
I also stand by my statement that there has only been 1 good X-Men movie, and that’s First Class.
No hate here. Just very little expectations. The only X-Men movie I really liked was First Class. Been disappointing.
since no one else wants to answer properly, it's Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class
Hi Gavin. It's all good. This would be a First Class ticket, as well as being a very flexible one. - Andy
We don't belong here. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. 🎬 X-Men: First Class, 2011, Matthew Vaughn
JAL First Class/ JAL Suite. Step in make yourself at home in this newly designed and wonderfully…
Quick question for - what train origin times is the First Class evening meal valid on? Might be booking a trip you see..
Abdur Razzak becomes the 2nd Bangladeshi cricketer to pick up 400 wickets in First Class cricket! Congrats Raj bhai! https…
I haven't seen First Class in so long. It's still super tight. Michael Fassbender es bae
that's business class on an A380 Airbus. First Class is private cubicles. They don't pour u a glass, u get ur own bottle
here, its BMW 7er for First Class in the commercial section & Porsche Panamera for the Private\Charter section of the airport
INSANE DEAL. 12k to Europe. 19k to Europe in Premium Economy (think domestic First Class).
Is it Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class & do you start the ticket in Amsterdam? /Nes
I've liked First Class and Days of Future Past. Not as good as Marvel's studios Avengers & Cap but good
Short visit to Edinburgh for Student Comedy fest. Well chuffed with our sketch show! Now taking my first First Class train trip
Is this the X Men: First Class extended version cause I don't remember half of this stuff?
I want Matthew Vaughn to direct another X-Men film bc X-Men: First Class was definitely the best of the whole franchise
So sad about the Ziegfeld closing. I attended the premieres of Spotlight and X-Men: First Class there. One of the last great theatres.
"You may cook for First Class but I wouldn't serve that to Coach". 😂 I freaking love Chef Ramsey
Why don't more people talk about how awesome Kevin Bacon was as Sebastian Shaw in "X-Men: First Class?"
First Class by Henry Jackman is also a gem.
President John Mahama banned public officials in Ghana, from travelling First Class.
It costs £250 for an open First Class return between London and my home in Chippenham. Three of those and I can fly to New York. Gah
Biggest lesson I learned in 2015... Don't give someone First Class treatment when they didn't even pay for Economy/Coach
Previously: Photos: Rochas Okorocha's son graduates with First Class in Mech Engineering
Finally I had a chance to sit on garuda.indonesia Boeing 777 First Class! Well it's a mockup but…
In hindsight First Class should have been all about the first X-Men class(Scott, Jean, Bobby, Warren, and Hank).
When he first showed up, if I don't get it mixed up, he was Staff Sgt. Jasso, and before he left he was acting Sgt. First Class.
Here's a thought. If you had to buy a First Class stamp (63p) for every e-mail that you send today. How many would you actually send?
Simon Harmer completes 250 First Class wickets. Wriddiman Saha was his 250th Victim.
Previously: Son of Gombe state governor also graduated with First Class
Congratulations to Duncan Watmore of - he has First Class degree in Economics & scored in the Premiership. A …
The Polar Express is coming to the Enter to win First Class tixs via
.new First Class planes have *32 inch* TV screens... That's twice as big as my TV at home...
75% off a First Class flight to Hong Kong from & Sounds like it's time to plan return trip! https…
Don't start me lol! Mans seeing Woody The Wood Pigeon walking up & down carriages chilling in First Class not getting turfed
that looks more like Liev Schreiber than you. Like wolverine and sabretooth had a baby in First Class
"In June, the Army negotiated a first-of-its-kind sponsorship deal with the producers of “X-Men: First Class,” backing it up with ads..."
Watching X-Men: First Class and cleaning up my flat. :D
By the way, if I looked like you, I wouldn't change a thing. ✧ X-Men: First Class, 2011, Matthew Vaughn
yeah but there's still franchises that revive it, like X Men : First Class. Returning with decorum
Theres an X-Men movie called First Class, you should try it
X-Men: First Class was god. I loved it. 
The X-Men movies have always been strong on female characters. Mystique has been leading this franchise since First Class. …
Can't imagine an X-Men movie without him! It would be nice to see him even if it's just for a cameo like First Class
The fact is that they had a good, small, character focussed thing with X-Men: First Class and they should of stuck with that formula.
If you have a track record of new build housing delivery, you need to check this one. First Class all the way...
Michael & James in First Class. Charles' glance here is EVERYTHING. htt…
Like you gotta be insane to say Fantastic Four was better than First Class and Days of Future Past like ***
lol I'm actually bracing "Apocalypse" to be a disappointment given how awesome "First Class" and "Days of Future Past" were
How do you Award Dr. Oburu Odinga CBS First Class honors. Likes of Cecil Mbarire and company.
What a weekend! Thank you for your Southern hospitality, Dallas. @ First Class on Delta Airlines
you mean when I came into class? Or when I first told you to work harder
Friday Night Turn up class tomorrow on & First…
Huge congrats to our first class Carat teams around the globe & our first class clients Mondelez!
their SDK does this, you first results contains all the Parse.User class method var collection in
BTW Julie was the first woman I had a crush on here in North Carolina. We graduated in the same class.
Looking forward to our first ever Starting Point Class!
I'm excited to teach my first Helps & Administration Class on next week!
"This dude in my class is datin my ex, everytime he comes in I start singing "I Hit It First" by Ray J." - AIS
The Pentagon may not have Sergeant First Class Charles Martland's back, but more than 130,000 Americans do
Gonzalez is class at first base. He fields his position effortlessly.
we teach about the natives in history class, yet they are so overlooked in society. The First Nation 💓
Come to the first-class deals atop fraught with danger render credit motorcar capitalize online: ZElHtwETb
"the only fear I have of flying is them running out of bloody Mary's in first class". my moms bf😂😂😂
I'm just back here in my $757 economy emergency row seat with more legroom than all of first class
Final: Tallassee 47, Marbury 12. Tallassee now 5-2, 3-1 in Class 5A, Reg 3. Hosts unbeaten Beauregard for first place next Friday.
I got someone to vote for the first time. She was of the apathetic class not too long ago. She voted ABC (not sure which), out West.
There should be a special place in *** for professors that assign work before the first class.
First place for both the spirit stick and the float goes to the seniors! Congratulations class of 2016 💛🐝
Jam the first-class afford over an voiture knock dead function: fihqfT
"Contents were missing:" USPS carrier accused of stealing thousands of first-class mail via
Just because you sit in first class, doesn't make you a first class person.
first ever class meeting will be next week Tuesday, October 13th in room C202, Mrs. Hecita's class during lunch!! Hope to see …
First school to ever win the VVC football title 4 years in a row, proud our class was the ones to start it! 👍🏼🏈
On the eve of my first solo makeup class I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you to everyone that has had a...
Good for me, bad for you . Trudeau: Middle-Class Tax Cut Will Be 1st Liberal Bill.
so I slept through the my first class today...
The fact that I actually have an A in a math class for the first time since middle school makes me happier than any boy has ever made me
That completes an ESM sweep of the Class A American. Likely going to be: Fowler at ESM, Fulton at J-D in first round of sectionals.
The Swatch started offering their first class for aspiring watchmakers in September 2005.
Loved my first class with Patricia Moreno. Very and I feel so much more…
Man, they REALLY want us to pony up for first-class! huh?
G8 win. Thanks to the boys for signing n pics Especially First class all around.
Trudeau says a Lib gov't would make middle-class tax cut first bill in parliament. Wealthiest to pay more.
First official workout class @ Shatter today. Thanks to Lucille for teaching 101 edu & for guiding me through…
with repostapp. ・・・. Class is in session. First lecture is entitled "Inches &…
First homecoming. . She's got so much style and class.
Alhamdulillah for a great first session of The Good Life! Next class is tomorrow at 10-5 iA
Justin Trudeau first bill if PM will be a tax cut for the middle class cdns making 45-90,00$ save up to 675$ per yea…
I understood first hand today why people prefer not to go to class the next day after partying the night before.
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