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First Amendment

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights.

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After year of campus protests, Supreme Court reaffirms there is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment https:…
One hundred years ago today, the U.S. government declared war on the First Amendment
Right. Except for the First Amendment, the 13th, the 14th, the 15th, the 19th, the 27th, the Civil Rights Act,…
Beautiful piece by Dahlia Lithwick:;Fear of the First Amendment in time of violent protests.
If you want to understand faith and freedom, read the First Amendment." — Dr. Larry Arnn
I'm eagerly waiting for the 'free speech movement' to announce when they'll be protesting this violation of the First Amendmen…
True for citizens, but our First Amendment does not protect some dude on a Yemeni hilltop.
Suddenly, the left cares about free speech? Like when they allowed to speak freely at
I know he's a brilliant legal mind, but I bet hasn't read Davison v. Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.
This is totally serious and not sarcastic, by the way. I think will be a strong First Amendment advocate in the DOE.
I have no expertise on this issue, but Eugene Volokh says no PF, so makes me skeptical that it's an…
Did you tell them you are in violation of the first amendment by blocking people and deleting comments…
--> "The protection of speech critical of government officials is perhaps the core concern of the First Amendment."
The real violation of the first amendment is the suppression of the unpopular speech online.
"Surely the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment yet stands as an untirin…
White people, the First Amendment establishment freedom of religion, ensuring that there is no prohibition on the free ex…
A First Amendment lawyer examines the threat President Trump poses to a free press in America.
Then the beheading of Trump in effigy also falls under the First Amendment, no matter our personal op…
. I March to Protect the First Amendment . I March to Protect Freedom. I March to Protect Democracy . I
Greg Gianforte body slammed a reporter in Montana. He’s now a congressman with a duty to defend the First Amendment.
The Right can barely distinguish First Amendment protest from…
"The theme of the night was about honoring the First Amendment, and you want me to censor myself?"
Attn: General Kelly. Please take some time in Vermont, where people have respect for the First Amendment.
(D-FL) says that because she's black, she has additional First Amendment rights.
It does not. In West Virginia and the rest of America, First Amendment rights are not confined to a press conference.
Trump attacks judges, researches ways to change the First Amendment and NEVER condemns oppressive dictators. https:…
5/5/1967: Protests are protected by First Amendment guarantees of free speech and dissent, Assistant Attorney Gener…
Isn't it a basic right to laugh at something we find ridiculous? First Amendment?.
Overview of forum discussing Floyd Abrams's new book, The Soul of the First Amendment
Daniel Shuchman calls Floyd Abrams' “The Soul of the First Amendment" a "fascinating history" in book review:
Enjoyed hearing Floyd Abrams speak ab the First Amendment at the Meck Co BAR's Law Day Luncheon uptown today. Poignant issues in 2017.
Join our Chapter for an informative presentation on defending the First Amendment on May 8.
Charlotte's Law Day luncheon featured First Amendment champion Floyd Abrams. Listen to his interview on
Floyd Abrams on the health of the First Amendment and why he argued for Citizens United:
Interesting segment on 90.7 KWMU by Floyd Abrams regarding his book The Soul of the First Amendment.
There's been no stronger First Amendment advocate & defender than Floyd Abrams during the last 50 years:(2) via
Floyd Abrams on The Soul of the First Amendment on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins this morning.
Free speech expert Floyd Abrams calls the First Amendment the heart of American exceptionalism. He joins us this hour.
At 11 ET: The Soul of the First Amendment, w/ and Floyd Abrams. Tune in at
Priebus says Trump administration has 'looked at' First Amendment changes to protect Trump /love the egg-shell skin
A review of Floyd Abrams's book The Soul of the First Amendment"
Live now Floyd Abrams discussing his new book The Soul of the First Amendment, tune in:
ICYMI: Floyd Abrams, author of 'The Soul of the First Amendment' joins us to discuss
Your daily PSA that "free speech" is not the same as the US First Amendment, and disapprobation of outlets is not silencing t…
Never forget that our freedoms are best defended not by the Second Amendment, but by the first. .
Also, the first amendment says the GOVERNMENT can't tell you not to say something. I can tell you not to say someth…
ironic.lefty media can't swallow the Antifa irony. Antifa stands for Anti-First Amendment
These are the First Amendment pins that every attendee received tonight. Sending some to the
I kind of agree. I said derivative, but still distinct. England doesn't have our First Amendme…
Seriously is bringing it all. Lifting up the First Amendment & telling the truth about being a minority
Regarding the When Trump attacks the press, he's attacking the First Amendment. They're cheering against the C…
First "alternative facts," now this: "Students Have an 'Alternate Understanding' of the First Amendment." [https…
In the States it would breach the First Amendment
Donald Trump rounds on media at Pennsylvania rally as Washington press calls for defence of First Amendment  …
They are behaving as terrorists when they deny American citizens their first amendment & assembly rights.
Hasan Minhaj becomes serious for a moment about First Amendment
It's in the First Amendment because it had to be: government always antagonizes the press.…
Hypocrites! They say they uphold first amendment but shout down anyone who dares to disagree with them
How much celebrating did you do when the Dems tried doing this?
First Amendment but they could care less about the rest of them or us invoking them.
The is "celebrating the First Amendment." Yeah, right. Just like CNN has been telling nothing, but the truth 😂
Why not allow the first amendment at Our college campuses. Do you think it ONLY represents the mainstream media? I…
Congrats. It was a good solid program, Hassan was funny,irreverent an on point. The first amendment…
.on DAPL resistance: "What is clear is that in North Dakota, you do not have a First Amendment right" https…
First Amendment will not exist if you are under Sharia Law.
There's a reason it was the FIRST Amendment.
God bless the first amendment and well done, Hasan Minhaj. . 💕😘👏🏼
Fun assignment: Ask attendees wearing their new virtue signal to name all 5 First Amendment freedoms in order wit…
Overall though despite some uncomfortable moment people think Hasan Minhaj did a good job esp connecting first amendment, m…
"Comedian Hasan Minhaj ends on a serious moment about the First Amendment"
"Even the president is not beyond the reach of the First Amendment.". Comedian Hasan Minhaj gets serious about free speech at
“Top Ten College Administrations Most Friendly to Terrorists and Hostile to the First Amendment”: Vassar College https:…
Journalists celebrate First Amendment at a correspondents' dinner with no Trump, no glitter, by
The Trump-less was a quiet affair that paid homage to "the First Amendment and good journalism." https:…
Journalists want to protect the First Amendment?. Where the *** were the MSM protecting right to speak?.
Where were they when the First Amendment was rescinded on college campus?
Pro tip: if you’re caught peeing in public, write the word “Hi” – now you’re expressing a First Amendment right.
Donald Trump addresses NRA like the last 100 days had never happened
How's the First Amendment doing in age of Trump? We asked 15 panelists from across political spectrum to weigh in.
The focus of this year's White House Correspondents' Association dinner will be on the First Amendment.
1. It was a larger point about origins of ACLU and First Amendment. 2. Berkeley is a public…
Here's where the speech became secondary and the suppression of the First Amendment took center stage!
The released a tracker that monitors and explains threats to our First Amendment rights.
Worried about your First Amendment rights in the age of Trump? You're not the only one. Read more.
Howard Dean vs. Eugene Volokh on the First Amendment, Round II. I'm betting on Eugene.
Lawyer: Protesters violated Trump's First Amendment rights by presenting "dissenting views" at his rally
A thoughtful interview, especially o the First Amendment.
Boo Howard Dean for not getting the First Amendment, cheer Robert Reich for defending free speech at Berkeley
Trump should defend the First Amendment at Berkeley by calling in the National Guard to protect speakers against... http…
Time to cut 100% of fedeal funding INCLUDING student loans to ALL colleges that infringe on the First Amendment!
It's amazing isn't it that all those defenders of the Second Amendment seem to forget that there's a First Amendment. ht…
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Save the Date: announces "A Toast to the First Amendment" WHCD party on April 28th. Read more here:
City of Puyallup WA claims First Amendment right to protect former councilman's emails. We'd love to ask James Madison about that.
Vote NO on Neil Gorsuch. Too right wing. Based on religious beliefs. Establishment of religion the violates First Amendment.
Thanks, Rachel, for making it clear that the First Amendment protects your publishing the Tax returns, and for a brilli…
Rachel Maddow says the First Amendment gives her the right to publish Donald Trump's 2005 tax documents.
and no , I won't shut even though u liberals hate free speech and want me too go read the first amendment
"Diane" still threatening me with legal action after Day 2 of Letters to La Cucaracha! (She's not aware of the First Amend…
a defense Act to our First and most important amendment?? One word...HATE. hates Blacks,women,LGBTQ!RESIGN!
The First Amendment of the US Constitution concerns our basic liberties $ 45 is violating it.
THe First amendment was in our Constitution first to protect the rights of ALL Citizens!! Why would we need to have .
Who are you to say someone's not ready to have their opinion voiced? The first amendment not a thing anymore?
First the Turkish Parliament approved the Constitutional amendment to Presidential system subject to final referend…
To all interested in the current controversies involving the media and First Amendment Rights, note this panel...
The First Amendment allows even hated groups the right to free speech:
.America, we can do this. It's called the First Amendment.
Letter: First Amendment, safety at issue with - :
Should the First Amendment freedom of religion serve as a shield for assault and battery? We say no! This is...
does the SOS remember there's a first amendment?
The first amendment applies to all people in this country regardless of status.
cuckaidiot you have a dangerous mouth and your First Amendment right should be removed
you do realize there's a first amendment right? You work for us you answer to us. Hitler rid his country of questions
Whatever happened to first amendment rights?!
Van jones does not need to walk back Trump compliment. Anybody for First Amendment👏
Again, trying to undermine our First Amendment. This alone is grounds for impeachment.
"You don't have a right to do this!" Uh, per the First Amendment, yes, as a journalist, he does.
Bet they wish they had a First Amendment.
Liberal media attacks conservative media in WH. First Amendment for me and not for thee?
Hey You got any position's available?. Found another pro-censorship person who'll gleefully deny ppl first ame…
. Huh. You think exercising our first amendment right is a waste of time. Interesting.
No papa, it's all you all with one foot in the grave. Time to slither off the stage. Past time really. First amendm…
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Constitutional Right to Peaceable Assembly, 4th Right in 1st Amendment by which we organize to protect the others https:/…
What the WikiLeaks document dump tells us about the CIA's Frankfurt base - First Amendment could protect Assange…
Recent court decision on airport protests notes timing of a protest can have “irreplaceable First Amendment value”: https:/…
Interesting decision... considering Megan Rapinoe, and the First Amendment of course...
It's called a free press. You know, First Amendment, Fourth Estate, ring a bell?
."I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me. Nobody. Who uses it more than I do?"
.I wish you would fight for the First Amendment!
Have you guys herad of the FIRST AMENDMENT. Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of religion.
Like I have said, the first amendment in our Constitution doesn't give u the right to b an *** Including a rac…
Trump is such a danger to first Amendment that celebrities mock him live during the most watched television events in the cou…
"I love the First Amendment, nobody loves it more than me." - Donald Trump, 11 hours ago
A win for now! Push back against these anti-protest laws. They clearly violate the first amendment. Keep an eye...
Is the first amendment really under fire?: via
Betsy DeVos | First Amendment rights of students | attack
Amazon cites First Amendment protection for Alexa in Arkansas murder case | TechCrunch   10% Off
The First Amendment gives the media the right to criticize you
Hillary Clinton: Pokémon Go to the polls!. Donald Trump: I will eliminate the first amendment . Bernie bros (still): B…
The first Amendment to the constitution is as important as the 2nd.
Appeals court: First Amendment gives public right to video police
Federal Appeals Court rules in favor of First Amendment—you can film cops
This is the first amendment getting mentorship from Mr. Neato.
David Seaman's You Tube account was deleted. What the *** happened to the first amendment!! Then Google deletes 144,000 pages?
The fact is that they don't want Trump to exercise his first Amendment.
Does anyone find this ironic seeing Sean Spicer assert that a person's insult are not upheld by the First Amendment?
"I'm all for idealism, but we can't even get a permit to assemble" - we must always fight for our First Amendment freedoms
Exxon has filed a 'civil rights' lawsuit claiming free speech rights to lie about climate change. This is insane. . https:/…
A free press is so crucial to holding power accountable, the Founding Father's made sure to protect it in the First Am…
Someone please explain to McCain & Kasich that criticizing the media is not a VIOLATION of First Amendment rights but an…
is the enemy of America. The first Amendment is about truthful free speech.
While people focus on continues to undermine the first amendment while preparing for war.
So why can't business owners have their right to the First Amendment as well?
Trump saying he "loves the First Amendment more than anyone" is like a dude telling his girlfriend how much he loves her whil…
Shutting down the First Amendment, bit by bit.
Republicans in more than a dozen states try to shred the First Amendment
So true. No one is stopping the first amendment. No one is against the first amendment, unless of course you...
As Trump attacks press, where are Republican backers of the Constitution (including First Amendment on free press)?
Yes sir. The First Amendment does not have a politeness requirement. I work in a shop called NoneYaBizness.
Those opposing Trump are the true Patriots! Defending the First Amendment; freedom of religion, freedom of the press - America's foundation.
Did White House exclusion of press violate First Amendment?.
You know this is the first thing Trump has said that makes total sense. How could he celebrate the first amendment?
I liked a video victorville police officers tells me too keep walking first amendment audit
Congratulations on supporting an administration *** bent on repealing the first amendment.
(WHCA) is supposed to celebrate the First Amendment. Too bad most of them will be celebrating "fake news" journalism instead.
Interesting assortment of takes from First Amendment experts on Trump excluding media organisations from WH briefing https:/…
Because President Bush supports the first amendment.
The staggering hypocrisy of this statement.. ! I can't even... First Amendment, dear Mr Tewari. Also Satanic Verses. W…
Very first constitution all amendment by Nehru was to curtail freedom of speech ...
"Tell the Trump folks, in various vivid ways, to go screw themselves and do your work from the outside."
I tried to say what I felt about Donald Trump that's called my first amendment rights.But guess what I got flagged and
Good news! A bill that would infringe on core American civil liberties (SB 1142) died in Arizona legislature. TLDR: First…
That must mean we should invade Muslim countries that violate the First Amendment of its citizens.
Studying for first amendment exam. Bonus points for me being Susie homemaker with healthy snacks and tea…
Sean Spicer raged against First Amendment after college newspaper misspelled his name as ‘sphincter’
In college, Sean Spicer had an, uh, interesting view on what the First Amendment doesn't protect.
Starving people at camps for expressing their first amendment rights is torture.
Trump’s fighting the media, not the First Amendment . via
Sen. drops first bomb of grocery-booze bill, offering amendment to exclude from selling spirits…
How about honoring long time First Amendment defenders Tom Brokaw, and Dan Rather at WHCD since President d…
I support the search for truth, for facts supported by empirical research, and the First Amendment.
Except that Trump is attacking the First Amendment. Which is attacking democracy. You absolute plum.
Civics 101. . Foundation of our country's democracy: the Constitution. . First Amendment: Freedom of speech and religion.
.has argued that the First Amendment could be a source of criminal procedure rights, but I doubt he had Alexa in mind
Best way to show your love for the First Amendment and Houston -- Subscribe to the Chronicle
Only a FAKE PRESIDENT would declare the First Amendment to be the enemy of the American people.
thank goodness for James Madison and the First Amendment!
Con. stitutional law: the First Amendment only covers unpopular speech - think about it – popular speech needs no protection!
Fighting for the First Amendment with Kevin Martin, Whistleblower Philip Haney & Milo Yiannopoulos: LIVE 11am-3pm CT htt…
'Anticipatory Breach of Peace'​ is an Affirmative Reason to bar First Amendment - Hate Speech on any School Campus
Is it responsibility of to be chief information officer for Congress itself or to defend & protect the First Amendment?
When Section 1201 prohibits fair uses, it runs afoul of the First Amendment's protections for freedom of speech.
His order violates First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965
so much for the First Amendment & freedom of the press; NYT & WP lack of spine helped put an insane narcissist in White House
.Abortionists in China don't have a First Amendment constitutional right to American taxpayer money. It's pretty…
Hey, The point of the First Amendment is that you guys don't get to decide who criticizes you and how.
This is the same man who had Chief Justice Roy Moore suspended for upholding Alabama's First Amendment rights.
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Stacy Allen on Donald Trump and the First Amendment w/ KSAT 12
@ (Electronic Frontier Foundation): +Techdirt is defending itself in its "First Amendment fight for its.
shoot a gun for a first time. Just look at their reaction!.
Better something like the First Amendment over in America.
"It’s all or nothing when it comes to the First Amendment at the courthouse."
- that's my first amendment right and yet the EC diminishes my right.
Excellent! Can also read-- both Bushes let the muslim problem slide. Video: Robert Spencer on War on First Amendment
Everyone is on to you now. You have zero cred. But First Amendment! Please stop undermining American democracy. Thank you.
Maybe Macy's shouldn't have fired Trump in 2015 for exercising his First Amendment rights over immigration policy? https:…
There is absolutely nothing 'democratic' about liberals' against our First Amendment:
People who won't be cheering:. - Those who want to rewrite First Amendment. - Those who want to destroy Second…
2017 = A TERRIBLE YEAR FOR RIGHTS: 2017 will be a successful year for anti-LGBT discrimination due to Trump
You mean "plot" to do things like exercise their First Amendment rights? 🙄
Twitler is not interested in, and does not understand, the First Amendment. At all.
25th Amendment, Section 4 - Could this be the first time in history it gets used? I hope so. I honestly do.
I liked a video from First Amendment Friday: Fayette County Sheriff's Office
First Amendment: To uphold religious freedom, do small things with great love
How about the MEN pass an equal rights amendment first before any of us chooses 2 take…
I wonder which will come first, impeachment or an invocation of the 25th Amendment?
2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for anti-LGBT discrimination
Are memes covered by the first amendment?
You attacked the first amendment, you don't get to throw "fascist" as a slur anymore. Sorry.
The First Amendment protects free speech and press, religious exercise, and the rights to petition peacefully assemble.
And, it's also why Trump should read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which gives the right to a free press i…
Free speech set to become a thing of the Past when rule.
Presumably it can If the fake news incites religious or racial hatred. You can't hide behind the first amendment in the U.K.
Or a version of the first amendment for free speech.
What is the Fate of the First Amendment in the Age?
what do abortions fall under though? You said the first amendment but what part of the first amendment?
By blocking those petitions, you are impeding the first amendment.
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Actually it does. All other liberties based on first amendment
Republicans just made it illegal to protest on the floor of Congress. Farewell, First Amendment.
Imagine being the guy cheering the fact that six people died in a car accident while exercising their first amendment right…
Video: Robert Spencer on the War on the First Amendment
There is no right to a book deal. It is a choice to embolden and profit off of white supremacist speech. It isn't first…
.is more interested in First Amendment retaliation against than Russian interference with our…
NJ imam supported by Gov. Christie wants to replace First Amendment with
.Did you really violate the First Amendment to our Constitution & deny the voice of We The People?.
The First Amendment protects us from the government, not from private companies.
What Is the Fate of the First Amendment in the Digital Age? via
The Citizens' Assembly will hold its first debate on the Eighth Amendment this morning.
So much talk about Second Amendment in US. First Amendment so much more important, so much more at risk, with much gre…
‣ Whatever Happened to the First Amendment?... | "Pacifica’s radio station in..." | |
Melania Trump, who's currently suing a publication for defamation, says her goal is to protect the First Amendment
Communications Director for Trump Inaugural Committee on women's march: "We very much respect the First Amendment" https:/…
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On crosses, nativity scenes, and Peanuts characters: 'Tis the season for First Amendment lawsuits
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's resignation (or being forced out) means the end to net neutrality and the First Amendment. I'll miss all of you.
Jeffrey Toobin: Gawker’s Demise and the Trump-Era Threat to the First Amendment via
from Etienne Taylor... It would be hyperbole to say that the First Amendment had just been repealed, but just...
Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes: Democrats, not Donald Trump, are the real ‘threat to the First Amendment.’.
Communication Arts students celebrated our First Amendment rights on Marywood’s campus.
Facists among us// TIME WARNER CEO: The ‘real threat’ to the First Amendment came from Democrats, not Trump
Time Warner CEO says Democrats, not Trump biggest threat to First Amendment |
Time Warner CEO: ‘Threat to the First Amendment came from the Democratic side’ - Hot Air
I like the First Amendment too. And the Fifth! Takings Clause too... 💋
Yeah, as he and the Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists hide behind the First Amendment. Hypocrites!
“The arrest of Father Linton is an outrageous violation of his First Amendment rights,” stated Allison Aranda,...
Texas v. Johnson (1989), sorry Trump but it's First Amendment speech.
The 1989 Supreme Court case of Texas v. Johnson disagrees with you sir, as well as the First Amendment
People shouldn't burn the American flag, yes. But it is a right under the First Amendment as a form of symbolic spe…
Ahem, Texas v. Johnson (1989), First Amendment rights are still a thing...
27 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag is protected by the First Amendment. Scalia agreed. https:…
A 1989 Supreme Court decision, Texas v. Johnson, said burning the flag is a protest protected by the First Amendment
First Amendment, Texas v. Johnson you headass. And all the other headasses who support this
I saw the First Amendment play the Nassau Coliseum in '98. Classic, amazing show, treated fans like gold. you…
Arrests of journalists at Standing Rock test the boundaries of the First Amendment by...
SPJ has defended the First Amendment and promoted ethical journalism since 1909. Join us in our fight:
An incoming president shouldn’t do anything but express full and unmitigated support for the First Amendment. And the secon…
Wish some of the handgun lovers obsessed with Second Amendment obsessed half as much about the First Amendment.
Freedom of speech + assembly are guaranteed under the First Amendment, but it has been denied to protectors. https…
Enjoyed my conversation with about the media, the election, Trump & the First Amendment.
Freedom from Religion Foundation vows to violate the First Amendment by prohibiting the free exercise of religion i…
Timely reading: "Perilous Times" - Geoffrey R. Stone's essential history of the First Amendment and free speech. https…
First Amendment protects SPEECH that you dislike. A shirt is not an act of violence. Also- 'journalis…
Let's pass the Defense of the First Amendment act !
Q&A telling important stories, defending the First Amendment & shooting in Memphis for People vs. Larry Fly…
It violates the First Amendment, the Third Amendment, the Equal Rights Amendment and the Second Law of Thermodynami…
Here's another one for They will be coming for you! First Amendment, Second Amendment. Get off your hi…
"Ballot selfie" bans are a clear violation of the First Amendment and should be struck down across the country. https:/…
"Be yourself with a little bit of courage," Mary Beth Tinker said, First Amendment activist and keynote speaker at…
"To me the First Amendment is about how we treat each other..."-Mary Beth Tinker
That's funny. I kind of thought Abraham Lincoln approved of the First Amendment, even if modern-day liberals don't
Unless the employer is the federal gov, then it does not infringe the First Amendment. Employer can set rules.
Judge won't trample on First Amendment, but Morton, ND, still says can find another judge to go after Amy Goodman
The fascists are here to take away the First Amendment. They are Democrats.
Evaluating this & student First Amendment rights with today. What does the law say?
Without the doctrine of fair use, copyright law would run afoul of the First Amendment. That's what the Supreme Court says…
But, hey, the First Amendment never got in way of Trump threatening or filing frivolous lawsuits via
Please sign, for example the Right to Burn a Flag is Protected by the First Amendment: via
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Wants to Subjugate the First Amendment -
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Supreme Court to decide if Gov't Censorship of Hateful trademarks violates the First Amendment. It does.
Attorney: NM city discriminated against ministry: Officials in a southern New Mexico city are getting a lesson in the First Amendment...
In America we have the First Amendment which contains a clause guaranteeing the free exercise of religion
There's nothing in the First Amendment that even remotely talks about spending money for poli
Today Mayor Horrigan held a press conference to announce the First Amendment to the City’s Consent Decree for…
Protected by the First Amendment on YouTube? Gary Rogers and Ryan Kauffman defend YouTube video defamation claim: https:…
First Amendment lawyers: Lely can't force students to stand during national anthem via
Lots of First Amendment implications in the ESPN/Pierre-Paul lawsuit (via
Deadspin: Is Pierre-Paul vs. ESPN about privacy or the First Amendment?
Who’s more American? The QB who lives the First Amendment or the autocrat who uses Article 46 to skirt the Fifth?
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