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Fires Brigade

A Fires Brigade (FiB) is a military unit of the United States Army revolved around field artillery. With recent structural changes, former Division Artilleries (DIVARTY) were reorganized into FiBs.

Fort Sill Headquarters Battery South Korea Camp Casey Fort Bragg Fort Chaffee Fort Bliss Command Sgt

And what about the Fire Brigade's attitude to those that ring them about fires -and their stay put…
Must've Been Great Living in Trumptonshire, No Fires, I Think The Fire Brigade were called out once & that was to a Bonfire
Tears won't put out fires, sprinkler systems and not cutting the fire brigade will
was going to say it's too hot but then I thought how hot it must be fighting fires. God bless the fire brigade!
So London Fire Brigade say there are 2-3 small fires in Towers in London per day & we have to wait for a report to put in sprinklers ?!
The fire brigade say they attend 2 fires a week in high rise apartments. They have never experienced a fire...
Get ready,masks up. Far left activists calling for day of rage, according to the Daily Mail.…
When it suits them,the Fire Brigade are consistent,they put out fires and save lives.whateve…
At both, the Fire Brigade were trying to put out fires and save lives?
There's more to the fire brigade then just fighting fires 😡
It varies from brigade to brigade. But your central claim - that we don't have fires any more - is utter nonse…
Fighting fires is, I believe, one of the most dangerous jobs there is.
London Fire Brigade (LFB) figures showed there were 684 fires in high rise flats in 2014.
London fire brigade boss: In Forest fires helicopters or even planes are use, why not in this type of fire? NO $$ ?
London fire brigade boss: ‘ why a country like England does not have helicopters extinguising fires? only ladders??
Fire Brigade: There is no . evidence of anybody dying. in a fire with sprinklers fitted. Tory Hammond: Sprinklers may. not save you from fires!
Philip Hammond saying that whether sprinklers put out fires is a "technical question" is an insult. Ask Fire B…
The fire brigade did well . It was not shortage that caused the fire . Fires happen that kill .
Being a for-profit fire brigade, his firefighters (mostly former soldiers under him) obviously set a *lot* of fires.
Crassus invented the 1st fire brigade: a group of thugs who set fires & extorted money from panicked people to put them out
Fires still ablaze at 1Tanjong Condominium in Tanjong Bunga Fire Brigade and Ambulances in attendance. Cas…
is flying with the KY National Guard Army Aviation, 63rd Theater Aviation Brigade to fight forest fires…
Independent review into fatal 2015 fires recommends urgent changes to bushfire brigade support by DFES…
God bless Chips for reducing chip pan fires. Great at thanks Dublin Fire Brigade.
HIGH for all areas across Cape Peninsula & Boland mountains today. Please report all fires immediately…
A 173rd Airborne Brigade paratrooper fires an M2A1 machine gun from his fighting position during Exercise...
The Trumpton Fire Brigade were never called out to tackle fires - you can't depict smoke, fire and water using stop-motion animation
Sorry I thought you were the hired brigade that fires at me without provocation.
Blaming ill people for NHS crisis is like blaming fires for needing a fire brigade.
ha. Think the fire brigade might want a word about all those fires too.
169th Fires Brigade of Colorado is deploying to the middle East on Saturday.
As Johannesburg wakes up under water, Bulawayo's fire brigade warns it may not be able to deal with major fires bec…
Kids in Aleppo are starting tire fires to confuse the pilots who drop bombs. Locals call them the “children's air defense briga…
Don't realise how scary fires are just had to call the fire brigade while a male passerby helped a woman get her...
In Chitral a fire-brigade is set aside for fires which may occur in the gardens of important people in the region. What a waste of resources!
If there are two fires and then I stop fire brigade coming into my house my neighbours will be looking at me. I'd expect wars
I`ve heard the London Fire Brigade have had to work overtime this weekend putting out Brexiter pants fires
Fire Brigade struggles to put out blazing fires in 3 separate locations in Karachi
Three major fires expose limitation of Karachi Fire brigade
Candles are the cause of 70 percent of all fires according the National fire brigade. Never leave candles burning...
PK: Three big fires in Karachi expose fire fighting ability of fire brigade
CFA is now a fire brigade for LNP; hosing down LNP fires!. No cut to health fire . education fire. Pension fire . Medicare fire
Nothing can backfire when there are so many fires to put out ! Rahul already went abroad to call in the fire brigade.
YOU'RE MEANT TO PUT TAPE OVER THE SMOKE SENSORS!! Also, why don't the fire brigade turn up when start fires?
Imitation of lightning fires to preserve the structure of pine forests: During this week, the Fire Brigade in...
Fire Brigade tackling major forest fires in Ilia, Viotia and Evia
Gerik fire brigade battled 60 forest fires last month: GERIK, April 3 — A total of 60 cases of forest fires we...
Principle 9 cyber fires don't have to kill. Be a fire brigade not an arson investigator
Firefighters fought nearly 10,000 fires in first 22 nights of the
Cleveland Fire Brigade - Stop Arson. Rubbish fires, even small ones, are classed as arson – your child could be...
Wye River on the road to renewal, great result for CFA Brigade fete today. Sculpture symbolic of 2015 fires
Abbott is like those arsonists who join the fire brigade, lighting fires to put them out
Voluntary Fire Brigade called out twice on Monday night: to two mystery fires in lake-shore area
big lesson from the Ash Wednesday fires of '83: brigade doesn't do enough coordinated practice.
It would be a shame if London Fire Brigade was no longer able to fight to fight two fires simultaneously.
Mayor plays tug of war while Londoners die in fires. Stop destroying the fire brigade please and maybe pay them properly too.
Coming up on Brekky: & SE CFS brigade bans fighting fires on State govt land
Actually sickening how wee *** go setting fires and the fire brigade has to clean it up when they could be needed for serious incidents
Meet London Fire Brigade’s firefighting dogs who sniff out causes of fires
I'm not sure if there's plans for fire brigade to put out the fires.
Dublin Fire Brigade are hiriing Most of us scouts like to start fires, therse guys like to put them out
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You wonder why they didn't call the fire brigade. But they did. .
And what about real fires with real victims? Setting off false alarms is a serious offense. Fire brigade should prosecute them.
3 fires near& including us today, not a single phone in our brigade has range. Like living in a cave
There's two fires down Sunrise Avenue, if you're up you might need to move your cars, mum called fire brigade were 10 mins ago
According to the London Fire Brigade, each year, well over a thousand home fires in the UK are attributed to candles.
While Vladimir Putin insists that Russia is not involved in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Russian military...
'Siberia Forest Fires' in Buryatia Have Burnt the Tanks of the Russian 5th Armored Brigade Near Debaltseve:
Ukrainians blow up invading tanks that misfire. Russia said they had accident in Siberia
The dude ran around setting fires until the fire brigade showed up to out them out then he set fire to the fire truck. Holy *** 💯💯
Just remembered asking if my dad gets commission for how many fires the fire brigade put out😂
Dublin fire brigade on high alert due to surge in kitchen fires.was
the CCP has become fire brigade. Putting out fires front, left and center. Moving to
Don't have a fire brigade, teach people not to start fires
The Tinkler out brigade will have to wait for the CAF competion to end before Iron Duke fires him.sishaya I
wasn't the only couple of fires our rural brigade had to fight today! Two more flared up in same area.
I'm now picturing a brigade of flying foxes using elemental powers to put out fires. This seems familiar for some reason...
Fire brigade to fight fires in city more efficiently. - -
Seeing as he is intent on decimating the fire brigade he could use them to put out fires.
I understand that water cannons could be good at fighting fires - why not let the Fire brigade have them
Stephen Norman, London Fire Brigade - important to learn from individual cases where fires have occurred/people died
Seen a post by London fire brigade about fires caused by overloaded extension sockets. I've never had a problem with over loaded sockets
Cleveland Fire Brigade tackled 2,753 deliberate fires last year. It cost nearly £11 million to deal with.
was going to show u these last night, sorry I didn't now -
Several units of the Dublin Fire Brigade are battling fires at a derelict housing estate in Shankill in South Dublin.
Our old home! Moved out at Christmas. Got married there. So sad to see. Developers had razed all but the 3 houses
Two fires reported at derelict properties in Dublin: Dublin Fire Brigade units battle separate blazes at bu...
You're using my picture from the fire in Shankill. A credit would be appreciated. Thanks.
Dublin Fire Brigade battling fires at derelict housing estate in south Dublin
Soldiers of the 17th Fires Brigade, 7th Infantry Division, participate in Range Week. A week long course allowing so…
stoking the Fires of War. 600 Troops from 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team heading to to train National Guard.
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Interesting factoid about the HH firebrigade: there were forest fires about 10 years back, fire brigade was
Police Fire & Rescue Brigade has skilled firefighters, modern firefighting tools & technology to extinguish fires in a short time.
We told Wenger not to play Alexis in that FA cup game. *fires up brigade again*
One Tree Hill CFS brigade is on active standby ready for a quick response if any fires break out
Why should someone have to pay for an ambulance when we don't pay the fire brigade to put out fires
Fire Brigade: 44 fatalities in fires in 2014
Cudlee Creek Caravan Park (CCCP) Fire Brigade unit ready 4 its Next deployment!. Hopefully not in our lifetime
The brigade is back with a BANG. fires the first salvo in support of Religion of Peace.
I also think all bets are off at 420. JBLM lost a Stryker brigade, has two left. Also closed part of fires bde.
Birthday Cake boy in SA fires gets a happy surprise from Plumpton Brigade
Meet these two Kersbrook heroes who formed their own fire brigade and saved 5 homes from fires.
.sends Rural Fire Service firefighters to help battling
VIDEO: Fighting fires in Australia's Blue Mountains: As deputy brigade chief and president of the South Katoom...
Deaf couple have been fighting fires for more than a decade:
Fancy testing your investigation skills? Try Brigade's quiz and work out the cause of these fires!
Two fires that i saw and called the fire brigade out to
No I want the Trustees, management & Fire Brigade to explain why no sprinkler system in place to combat such accidental fires.
Check out photos from the 214th Fires Brigade Fallen Soldier Memorial 5K Run at...
Soon as I heard the phrase Big Society I knew it meant having neighbours fight fires in street instead of having a fire brigade kind of crap
Lincolnshire Fire Brigade has decided not to hurry to house fires anymore, apparantly.
Tony abbott uses fires as brigade riding photo ops.
new gaffe after A&E/GP controversy 'Call Fire brigade to put out log fires if burning them down naturally takes too long'
There are more bullets than fire trucks, so trucks won't be putting out fires. Bucket Brigade?
Come out and join the 214th Fires Brigade as they honor those Soldiers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice at... http:…
Respect for the Fire Brigade! Not just fires but Road Traffic Accidents &more! Cut MPs pay/ give cash to FB!
Lots of Steel Soldiers are on their way out to new assignments and locations. Maj. Edward Smith, the brigade S-1 was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on 29 May for his hard work and dedication to 18th Fires Brigade. (photo by Christophe Nguyen)
The 18th Field Artillery Brigade was transformed into 18th Fires Brigade on June 13, 2007. The 18th Field Artillery Brigade was activated as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, XVIII Corps Artillery on Oct. 9, 1943, at Camp Cook, California.
As combat roles expand for females in the Army, the 18th Fires Brigade is on the frontlines for change. Meet Pfc. Kaitlynne Hardy, one of the first female-HiMARS Crew Members in the Division. Follow along as we catch up to her during her first live-fire! Don't forget to share this post so all of your friends and family can follow all of the updates from the 18th Fires Brigade!
Package of a transfer of authority ceremony, where the 17th Fires Brigade assumes command of Basra Province, Iraq, from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.
Many people know that the Dublin Fire Brigade responded to the fires and injured during the 1916 Easter Rising,...
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Send the Fire Brigade Team inside my Heart to Quench the fires of My Desire and save my Favourite Almonds
London Fire Brigade credits for a reduction of nearly 2 house fires a week compared to 2009:
Our brigade members are trained to handle many different situations such as Bush fires, Structural Fires, Car...
It's amusing when he fires a gun across the street to scare the Bannerman brigade, to which McCrea's moralist takes no issue.
London Fire Brigade credits social media with cutting fires .
Two major fires reported in city: The city fire brigade reported two major fires. While a fire at a textile unit...
If Her Inbrededness makes people train with Fire Brigade or lose payments, they may train, but MOST will NOT attend fires.
Arsonist continued to light fires while fire brigade was on scene: Forty people had to be evacuated from aged ...
KY National Guard 138th Fires Brigade howitzers positioned on the Clark Memorial Bridge
This commentary is about the 214th Fires Brigade's Command Virtual Open Door Policy that gives Soldiers a direct email address to the brigade commander and command sergeant major to address concerns.
PMQ's: PM accuses of setting fires & then complaining when fire brigade don't turn up to put them out. Maybe it's all the cuts
17th Fires Brigade female Soldiers participate in a seminar hosted by the 7th Infantry Division to educate,...
David Cameron 'He's like someone making fires and moaning at the fire brigade not putting the fires out!!' I applaud you Cameron
Cameron labelling Milliband as 'an arsonist who sets fires then complains the fire brigade don't put them out quick enough' made me chortle.
Join 75th Fires Brigade as they host the Final Friday Super Bowl Party on January 31 at the Impact Zone.
Great assessment by DC, Miliband comparable to arsonist complaining when the fire brigade aren't putting out his fires quickly enough.
Nice line from Cameron: compares Miliband to arsonist who sets fires & complains fire brigade aren't quick enough in putting them out
"He's like an arsonist who goes around lighting fires then complains the Fire Brigade are not putting them out fast enough!"
The fire brigade can't put the fires out because they've closed the fire the A&E
Ouch. PM says EdM is like an arsonist, goes around creating fires, then complains when fire brigade doesn't put them out fast enough.
DC We are recovering from mess Labour left. Like an arsonist who complains fire brigade is not putting out the fires fast enough.
PM: Ed's like an arsonist who sets fires and complains the fire brigade aren't putting it out. Demands apology from Labour.
Have been advised that the Fire brigade are dealing with 2 fires from lightning across the river and at black...
I don't even know what to say jesus poop. Fire last brigade. Putting out fires by ourselves until brigade back.
Service members at Joint Base Lewis McChord celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with displays, special guest speaker Patricia Talton and cake at Carey Theatre, Jan. 21, hosted by 17th Fires Brigade, 7th Infantry Division and I Corps.
What do the NSW Fire Brigade drink after putting out fires?. Sacred Grounds Organic and Fairtrade Coffee served...
Honor Martin Luther King Jr. with the 17th Fires Brigade Tuesday, Jan. 21 at JBLM:
So appreciative of the fire brigade that spent half of their night putting out the bush fires that were just behind our house, total heroes!
We are like the fire-brigade; when the fires are out we disappear
A good reminder from the Mangawhai volunteer fire brigade.
Not just putting out fires - the many important roles of the modern firefighter .
Engadine rural fire brigade will be sending crew to assist with the South Australian fires. We hope all...
Many of us will be enjoying a four day weekend in observance of Martin Luther King Day. The holiday honors the life of MLK and everything he did to help make our nation stronger and more unified. Please join the 17th Fires Brigade and the 7th Infantry Division in honoring the legacy of MLK, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 at 11 a.m. Enjoy your weekend Lancers!
Fighter from the Tawhid Brigade fires an anti-tank missile in Aleppo, on November 14, 2013
..said ppl should put out fires 'like the old days w neighbor help'.Bucket brigade on 1700+ acre fire?
The annual OCS & WOC Open House event will be held on 25 January 2014 at the 138th Fires Brigade Headquarters, Airport Rd. Lexington KY and on 26 January 2014 at Building 300, WHFRTC Greenville KY. This is an opportunity for Soldiers that are interested in becoming Officers or Warrant Officers to meet with representatives from both programs and get their questions answered. Each program offers unique benefits and opportunities for Soldiers willing to face the challenge. The following are some of the basic requirements needed to join either program: What you need to qualify for OCS: - US Citizenship (No Waivers) - 90 Credit Hours toward a degree from a Accredited College - Commanders Letter of Recommendation - Minimum GT Score of 110 or higher (No Waivers) - Pass the commissioning physical - All applicants must have 12 months remaining on their enlistment contract. - Secret or Top Secret Security Clearance - Cannot be older than 41 years and 364 days upon receiving commission. - Pass the standard 3-event A ...
Soldiers of the 17th Fires Brigade participate in Range Week to sharpen their skills as Army Soldiers and for one person a chance to have fun at work. These ...
So.Fires Brigades are converting and they decided to remove the entire EW cell? Real smart Army. Career tracker says that's kind of a big deal. Glad I got that in before October. Sounds like another PCS in October regardless. Civil Affairs Brigade here I come. Or my 4th MOS. lol Luis Holly Almeida DeLeon Kelly Jr.
18th Fires Brigade Commander Stephen Smith and his family welcomed leadership from each battalion and HHB to a holiday party at his house Jan. 10. The event was a success and everyone is looking forward to making 2014 a great year for the 'Steel' brigade.
Pfc. Christopher D. Espinoza of the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 17th Fires Brigade, sprints to the finish line while competing in a 4x400 relay race during the Deep Steel Winter Games on Nov. 22 at Cowan Stadium.
Soldiers and civilians of the 75th Fires Brigade welcomed Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Harrison, their 18th brigade CSM, during a change of responsibility ceremony Nov. 6 at Artillery Bowl.
If a Phoenix was a real, own able exotic pet how many times would the fire brigade get called to rebirth induced house fires?
Speed and danger of car fires shown in rte's search and rescue tonight. Training undertaken by Cork City Fire Brigade highlighted
Of the 520,00 incidents that the Fire Brigade attended just 153,400 actual fires were dealt with.
Veterans Day Story - So while I was the Brigade Career Counselor for the 18th Fires Brigade in Fort Bragg, NC I was the Top Producing Counselor (Come on, look at me) well my secret to keep Soldiers in the Army was the famous "Boom Boom" set!! Yes tank tops & booty shorts (Front of the panties had the 18th Fries patch with the words "My Big Guns Go" on the back in small print "Boom Boom"; for the wives and female Soldiers that reenlisted!! Well those things went like hot cakes; till the last pair. Soldier didn't want to wait till the next set came in and took the smaller size; wife complain and I had to see the Command Sergeant Major! Oh No - So as I listen to what he had to say he asked me do you have anything to say; my exact words "If he knew her fast *** couldn't fit in them he shouldn't have given them".Well obvious the story got out on a jump (My CSM) later on and I had moved to a higher position at 82nd Division; this Captain came in and looked at my name; He asked are you the "booty pantie" counsel ...
Tawheed Brigade fires a HJ8 missile destroying a regime BMP at the 80th Brigade
Gas fires must always be carried out. by the fire brigade.
Fire Brigade sees one work-related death in 130 years - AFTER 130 years fighting fires, the Jamaica Fire...
For fires, contact the nearest station first — JFB officials - THE Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) has called on...
If you see an incident, particularly fires with fire brigade attending, inbox us or wallpost us... Why not ring...
Thanks to Fire Brigade who put out a series of fires behind our house on murchison st last night.These gu…
A fire brigade truck broke down just by Borrowdale road and Churchhill 2day.How do they expect to be efficient in putting out fires?
Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 94th Field Artillery Regiment, 17th Fires Brigade, joined together to say goodbye to...
Sgt. 1st Class Kelvin Flowers, 18th Fires Brigade (Airborne), exits the chamber after completing the CS chamber...
Our Big Red One Soldiers in the 75th Fires Brigade at Fort Sill are hard at work! See what they've been up to...
Assumed command of 212th Fires Brigade at Fort Bliss, TX on 2 July. So very thankful to all the Soldiers and leaders who got me here.and to be back with troops again!
Today across 7th Infantry Division and 17th Fires Brigade we are standing up to Sexual Assault and Sexual...
Just found out that I am going to the 67th Forward Support Company at Fort Hood. If anyone knows anything about the 41st Fires Brigade or the 2/20th Field Artillery please let me know thanks.
JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD, Wash. – More than 400 Soldiers and Family members spent the day going through Deep Steel Readiness Boot Camp, here May 31 at North Fort Chapel. The command group of 1st Battalion (HIMARS), 94th Field Artillery Regiment, 17th Fires Brigade, decided to go beyond the required training to reinforce their Soldiers’ well-being before they leave their Families and deploy at the end of the year. “The purpose of this training is to facilitate resiliency and to give Soldiers an opportunity to develop life skills,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Dwalyn Dasher,1-94th FA. “These are life skills, it’s not something that you can do once and expect a change.” Unlike a typical boot camp consisting of physical strengthening and Army doctrine,this training is less stressful and includes the Soldiers’ Families as well. The Army Community Service provided instructors to teach four workshops: Resource and Ready, The Art of Marriage, Credit Conscious and The Wonderful World of Washington, all d ...
Welcome to the start of the Thunderbolt Brigade virtual town hall meeting! 17th Fires Brigade cares deeply about...
Today in Mounted Warfare History - 2007: 41st Fires Brigade activates at Fort Hood
Mad Angel Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment, XVIII Fires Brigade trained last...
Soldiers with 17th Fires Brigade and 1st Battalion, 94th Field Artillery Regiment joined citizens and city leaders...
Darin Poor, our dear long-time friend from El Paso died on February 27.  He went to work for a routine day and collapsed.  Despite attempts to revive him, he remained unresponsive.  Darin's funeral was yesterday.  These were my remarks.   Kori and Darin were our next door neighbors for years.  They moved in when Dillon was just a few months old.  It didn’t take long after they moved in for us all to forge some amazing bonds.  As we would learn, with the Poors by our side, there is NO family like your ARMY family.  My Travis desperately wanted to be here today, but he is currently with 210th Fires Brigade at Camp Casey, South Korea.  I hope what I share with you today gives you some new insight on a man my husband loves like a brother.  I will never be able to forget the images of what would happen every time those two knuckleheads got together.  There was usually a grill involved and two old crusty NCOs shooting the breeze for hours on-end.  Darin looked like a tough guy; a mountain of a ma ...
He finished his Basic there and stayed for his AIT there as well. Field artillery, 13 Delta, part of the 138th Fires Brigade.
Jim has put in his RFO, but probably won't get official word until a few weeks before move. Not set in stone, but looking like he's headed to 18th Fires Brigade. June time frame. Anybody got "the wife hookup" there? :)
88 years old and still swaggin @ HHB 210th Fires Brigade 2d Infantry Division
Soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and their dates attended the St. Barbara’s Day Field Artillery Ball hosted by 17th Fires Brigade, Feb. 22. The ball included traditions like mixing the ‘Field Artillery Punch,’ where commanders poured different drinks, each symbolic to the field artillery, into one punch bowl.
COMBATIVES UPDATE: Heading into the championship round this evening at Abrams Physical Fitness Center, the team from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment is in the lead with 314 points. The "First Team," 1st Cavalry Division squad is second at 240, and last year's champions, 41st Fires Brigade, are in third with 230 points. Third place matches begin at 4 p.m., with championship bouts to follow in all eight weight classes. The event is free and open to the public.
A Fort Sill spouse has been named one of 18 finalists for the worldwide Military Spouse of the Year award for 2013. Tara Crooks, wife of Army Maj. Kevin Crooks, 214th Fires Brigade, was named the Fort Sill spouse of the year and one of the top three overall Army spouses for the year. Also, she was ...
Dwight Luper Pass this on if you have any connection to the 142nd Fires Brigade. I met a retired 1st Sargent that just moved here from Fort Sill Oklahoma and talked for a while. He said the 142nd was very well thought of and respected at Fort Sill. He has been to Fort Chaffee in the past and was always impressed with them. Made me proud of my part in years past.
By Sergeant Grady Jones 3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, CO     FORT CARSON, Colo. - Beef tenderloin marinated and stuffed with sweet carrots, cheesecake made from scratch and gourmet bread pudding were just a few of the dishes prepared by Soldiers who competed in the 4th Infantry Division Best Chef cook-off on Fort Carson, Jan. 24.        Dressed in their “cook-white” and camouflage uniforms, two-man teams from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Brigade Combat Teams, 4th Inf. Div. competed in the event. A team from 214th Fires Brigade, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and a team from 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), also competed.      Each team worked to create a gourmet three-course-meal which consisted of an appetizer, main course and a dessert, from a mystery basket of food items. Dishes were judged by a four-man panel that made evaluations in categories such as taste, food handling procedures, cooking techniques and consistency in recipes.      “I think i ...
BELOW is a message to the 18th Fires from MAJ Scott Festa: Tomorrow is the last day that I will be the Brigade PA for the 18th Fires BDE. I have worked there for 6 years. There are Soldiers that have never known another provider for their entire career until tomorrow. There have been Soldiers that have moved to another post and come back only to find me there with a smile on my face, happy to see them. I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world to have been able to work for the people I work for and have the greatest staff anyone could ever ask for. I can only hope I have a similar impact at my new position. Thank you 18th Fires Brigade, you will be missed. sf
Two soldiers represent Fort Sill at inaugural ball By Mitch Meador The Lawton Constitution Two soldiers from 75th Fires Brigade represented Fort Sill at the Commander-in-Chief's Ball held Sunday as part of the inauguration festivities. Sgt. Benny R. Stetson said this is the first ball he and his wife, Melissa, have been to in the five years they've been married. It was also their first trip to the District of Columbia, and he came away impressed by its architecture and the national monuments. In the hours prior to the ball, they were able to take in the Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. "It was very emotional," he said. The 32-year-old soldier is originally from Rochester, Minn. Both of his parents were military retirees who instilled a strong work ethic in him. Both were Army originally, but his mother later transitioned to the Air Force. His early years were spent on Fort Bragg, N.C., and Minot Air Force Base, N.D., before his parents settled on a farm. He says h ...
*15 Jan, 1100-1200: 210th Fires Brigade and 1ABCT will host a Dr. Martin Luther King Commemorative Day Observance, starting at 1100 at the Warrior's Club, Camp Casey. The community is invited. For more information, call 732-8815.
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Am proud of my main man cam, out to do his bit with the local fire brigade
I have just watched the devastation in Tasmania in regards of the fires. I must say something here that probably who will read me will not like, but I have to say it anyway!! Have you noticed that the only things standing in the fire of a house usually are the chimneys (bricks) and some walls again bricks?? When Australia will understand that the way they are building houses here is not a good way... to build them?? If they were built with armed cement in bricks the total devastation we are seeing now would not happen. What it is wrong with the construction in houses in Australia?? I tell you what it is...they build houses with little bricks (sometimes only on the outside) plenty of timber and plenty of flammable material.and I will never stop saying Italy we build houses with light bricks with holes in the middle where iron bars are insterted and then filled with cement.undestructable I might say. The whole of the houses are finished with cement rendered ceiling and all!!! When are Australian wak ...
Going to try and get to Sorell for supplies, I think the Carlton Road is open. Will take some photo's to share with you. I have just read the story of the 3 generations of families from Brighton who were camping in a little clearing when the fire hit, while they were putting out spot fires., the helicopter spoted them and water bombed them and it keeped coming back to wet them until the fire had pasted. Isn't that a lovely story xx
YOU CAN HELP NOW Go to the Don in North Hobart... "I just spoke to The Don, they said they are taking anything and everything after 11 am" Keep me updated on this one everyone!
Screaming Eagles have some great history. What unit do you belong to? Want to belong to?
Republicans in office grew up dreaming of one day being able to do as much damage to our nation as possible.
Children poisoned by fumes after barbecue used to dry clothes Six people, including four young children, have been treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after their grandmother brought a barbecue indoors to dry her washing.The woman, who has not been named, lit the barbecue in the family kitchen before leaving the house in east London. Her three-year-old granddaughter collapsed when she was overcome by the deadly gas later that afternoon and was treated in hospital with five of her relatives. They included two boys aged two and 10 months, a four-year-old girl and the woman's two daughters-in-law, aged 26 and 29. Firefighters were called to the house in East Ham, east London, on Wednesday afternoon, soon after the grandmother set up her makeshift launderette. A spokesman for London Fire Brigade said the elderly woman carried the barbecue in from her garden at around 3pm and placed it near the back door to speed up the drying of clothes which she hung out around the kitchen.She then walked out, leaving her ...
Hubby now home safely from southern fires. Completely stinks, black from head to toe, and has thrown up due to the amount of smoke he had eaten through the day, but safe and sound. Time for some sleep before I go out again tomorrow. And a big thank you to those that dropped water and fruit at the Old Beach Fire Brigade today, much appreciated and those that need it will be very thankful.
Someone's going around lighting more fires in dodges on purpose! Everyone with a shotgun keep a look out!
Heading off to tassie tomorrow morning to help with fighting there fires.. See you all Friday
Smelling bush fire smoke in the house. Lots of dry lightning and strong winds from the south. Can't see any fire from the back verandah.
Learnt today that my cousin Marcus who lives on the Peninsula is out fighting the fires,lives at Koonya which is safe. Take care marcus, thinking of you and all Fire Fighters out there, Police, SES and anyone else helping to save lives, houses, animals etc
Heaps of wild lightening out to the west, don't know of it's going to hit use as the wind is all over the place.
Fire threat from lightning strikes: RFS responding to reports of fire at Jingellic and Mangoplah. Unconfirmed reports Adelong is currently without power.
I'm a bit over seeing people complaining about having nothing to do or they're bored. Why don't you join a volunteer fire brigade near you . And help out in the community especially at times like these when people need you the most ... There's always something you can do so I'm not sure why your complaining about having nothing to do or your bored ??? And to everyone who is out there fighting the fires good job guys and girls and stay safe!!!
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Kmart Newtown should be ashamed of themselves!!!
Our thoughts are with Tasmania at this time. If you want to help here are some FB pages to follow: Help the 2013 Tasmanian Fire Victims, Tasmanian Animal Assist Page - Tasmanian Bushfires 2013, The Salvation Army Hobart, Thank You Tasmanian Business that helped in 2013 Fires, Bridgewater Fire Brigade (Tasmania). If you know of any more pages please tag them in comments below.
Local volunteer fire brigade dealing with more than 7 fires, lightning all around, strong winds - keep them safe please.
Update l Tasmanian Bush Fire Emergency A contingent of 65 Victorians is preparing to head to Tasmania to help battle the bush fires. Victorian Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said planning is under way to send the crews to assist as parts of Tasmania's east coast have been cut off by bushfires. "We will send crews that will leave Sunday evening to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," Mr Lapsley told AAP. "They'll be crews that are both incident management teams, aircraft positions, so those that will manage and fly, and crews on the trucks."
You know fires are bad when the chopper arrives for the guy next door ( local Bush Fire Brigade Captain). He left a few minutes ago.
Fire brigade are here. Fires already out though. Police are closing the road though. Bye bye A21. Hope all other coaches are on M25 already.
So we just watched the news for the first time in 2 weeks .OMG I had no idea about the fires .except from what my friend John Borg told me .while we were away we put out a grass fire very lucky, my husband can be so vague sometimes but when it matters he is very switched on .he saw smoke and did this crazy u turn and before I knew it he was putting out a fire .I rang the fire brigade (what a rigmarole that was) and after the fire had been put out this young fire dude rocked up on foot to see what all the commotion was about . .some locals sopped by and they couldn't thank David enough was bad and close enough to scrub land to tear through little old Tathra.I am very proud .and grateful
Just to let anyone know that would like to donate to victims of the bush fires, Kingston Fire Brigade are taking the donations, this afternoon a lot of stuff has arrived!
Well, that escalated quickly. We could smell burning in the house, so my mum and dad (who are in the Rural Fire Service) ran to get the fire truck because it smelt like a house fire. I ran outside to see if I could find any smoke, then there was these loud popping noises. I thought it sounded like something exploding in the distance. Then one of the locals pulled up out the front of the garage across the road, next door to the fire bridage shed and said "It's in here! It's in the power box!" It was ironic, because the Captain of Barmedman RFS Brigade OWNS the garage in question. Right now they've got the fire out, but it's still smoldering up in the roof, but they can't put it out as it's above the electrical wires. Mind you, all of this took place in the space of half an hour, so it did escalate quickly. -Stuart
Just letting all my friends know, that have sent me many many messages in the last few days that my family and myself are fine.the kids and myself were evacuated and are staying at mum and dads and Nath has been fighting the fires along with the dozens of crews that have volunteered there time, our house is in the clear at the moment but they are keeping the fire at bay from naths parents place and our workshops with the loss of only fences and grass! the fire still has a good hold on parts of our town, with no loss of houses. Thinking of the people that are dealing with the other fires around our state, and as cheesy as it sounds thanks to our own guys and girls of our home town fire brigade of Ellendale! fire men and women's bloods worth bottling!
Mahan Mahjoor Geeveston Fire Brigade Two members of our brigade have done an extensive patrol of Geeveston and surrounding areas. There is no fires seen nor reported at this stage.. smoke is laying around Geeveston but it is from the three large bushfires up need to panic. Unlike · · 9 minutes ago You like this. Mahan Mahjoor Elisha Rose Yes, we are currently camping in Coles Bay amongst Tasmania's bushfires. The only road in and out has been closed, so we will have to wait it out until the fires pass/finish... The ABC radio just said our area was an "emergency area" and the fires in the closest town of Bicheno are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Not really the words you want to hear. But we are next to the water so feeling confident we will be fine. 5 minutes ago · Like
One boy home out of danger and another one gone into danger, you wonder why I am grey
I'm at work on a Saturday. Bushfires. Ah, summer in Australia.
Margate Fire Brigade would like to thank all it's hard working team in these trying times. Your team commitment and work ethic is truly undeniable. To all those that are supporting us in these difficult times you are never forgotten. To our close friends at Kingston Fire Brigade, stay safe out there and look after each other.
Tasmania is suffering major impact from current fires, although thankfully we are pretty safe for the moment at the farm even though Tunnack is being mentioned in fire reports. The guys and girls of the Rural Fire Brigade crews are doing an amazing job. Our Tunnack crew is out helping locally. Businesses are starting to bring in food and water to support the fire crews, people who have evacuated from their homes and livestock who's paddocks have been burnt out. Loss of property so far around 135, with one person missing. Awful.
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Is there a fire down geeveston way!? Looks really smokey from Huonville !
Fire Fighters, Police, Support Crew , Ambos and SES are all welcome to free drinks and meals at McDonalds Sorell.
Cambridge fire station are taking in some donations, If you would like to go donate some items, Preferably, drinks, food, blankets, toys for kids...
Thoughts are with all my native peeps in Tassie as they band together to get through the fires... Top job being done by Tas Fire Brigade. Stay safe everyone xxx
All my thoughts are with everyone involved in fighting these terrible fires currently and especially to the Snug Brigade at Lake Repulse.
BBQ lunch to be provided for people effected by fires at cricket club today! Showers and facilities available with towels! Please come help of you are available! Bring kids games balls etc to help on oval! Spread the word!
If anyone can leave comments on the Mercury website to share the word about this page, that would be great. While there is not a huge amount any of us can do RIGHT now that the disaster is still acute, I can see that soon, once the initial emergency is over, this group could really make a difference. Keep sharing!
Thankyou very much Greens, for not allowing people to have burn offs during the winter to get rid of the dry growth.we now have bush fires across the thanks to you causing this massive fire hazard you tree huggers. ;(
Who the *** deliberately lights fires just to watch others struggle to fight them and put them out??!! Gr makes me angry!
Anyone got the latest on the peninsula fires? :(
How proud and grateful i am of our fire brigade men and women who fought the fires yesterday what a amazing bunch of people they are, like a lot of people in delmore road it came so close to our houses we are so very lucky to have these trained people doing the job thsy do thank you.
There's already one suspected death so far so please when the guys trained and equipped tell you to go, go! Houses can be rebuilt but a if you lose your life trying to save your house what was it all for?
Have any of our responders had to deal with these types of fires? ^Adam
Message from someone who wished to stay anonymous: If there's no more bottles of water tomorrow hassle all The Reject Shop's for water! Rosny, town and Moonah. We open at 9. There's heaps of different sorts all for a super low price! Some are only 60 cents. Ask the managers to get it out of the storeroom as well! Hope this helps. We also have cheap toiletries too!
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Message from Otj: Hey ,please post . I am on my way to Kmart Newtown. Then spell woolies. ETA 15 min to Kmart. Truck with flashing beacons. Anywhere else he should go for water? Anyone know?
To join Churchill cfa or not to not sure what to do...
Is anyone in the know about the firies, and can tell us which brigades need water the most? Or should we seriously just go to all of them?
A few years ago,Victoria suffered its worst bush fires in years with many deaths. Today, thoughts go to Tasmania who are battling fires ATM
Who do u contact at Woolies and Coles for donations? Some Fire Brigades are out of bottled water!
Brigade at the ready again tomorrow ready to jump on any fires that start. A long hot week ahead.
Huge bush fires ! Homes gone ,lives at risk ! Stay safe peeps and thanks to the wonderful fire brigade battling away under severe conditions
Fires can start in fridge insulation and plastic
Yikes. Fires in SA. Fire brigade time? Good luck.
Listening to the fire brigade about how dangerous the next week is for bush fires in Melbourne... Please, please be careful & safe...
From 210th Fires Brigade trains Soldiers on combat lifesaving
Been on 4 turnouts to grass fires so far this holiday, 2 of little danger, 2 with serious potential. Brigade prepared for TFB tomorrow
feel your walls for heat. You'd be surprised how many fires are started within walls. I used to work for fire brigade.
The fire brigade in the Nelson Mandela Bay is busy fighting five veld fires in the city.
I dreamt that it was me in the fire brigade last night instead of my husband and I had his job! Wasn't worried bout the fires or heights...
Superawesome: if you put him in charge of fire brigade, fires break out all over!
Soldiers with 17th Fires Brigade said goodbye to the brigade command sergeant major and welcomed a new one
Fort Sill will welcome home Soldiers of the 214th Fires Brigade at Rineheart Fitness Center ... they are currently scheduled to arrive at 8 a.m. Saturday morning. Please join us in showing our pride and appreciation for a job well done.
Fort Sill will conduct a Welcome Home ceremony for Soldiers of the 214th Fires Brigade at 0800, 8 December 2012. The ceremony will be conducted in Rinehart Physical Fitness Center (bldg 2730). Please feel free to come out and support.
17th Fires Brigade welcomes new command sergeant major:
They had a quota to fill and she was a new leader with 17th Fires Brigade. Like others before her, the junior officer planned to make a fight of it, make them work hard to bag her, but one day she slipped.
Faces of Courage New Hampshire Air Guard Tech. Sgt. Nicole Costigan, a respiratory therapist with the 157th Medical Group is one of two NH guardsmen who had their portrait done for the 100 Faces of War Experience. The other is Sgt. 1st Class Neal Mitchell who served with the 197th Fires Brigade. Their portraits are accompanied by a written statement. As Costigan wrote, " I’ve seen how war has scarred lives in more ways than any of us will ever be able to comprehend. It has ruined a part of me too, deep inside, but I will continue to do it because it is the most rewarding experience I will have in this lifetime.
Congratulations to the the dedicated cooks of the 17th Fires Brigade and 555th Engineer Brigade Cannon and Castle...
Van blew up in flames, thick black smoke everywhere, fires brigade, police and all at the bus stop!
Bushfire Brigade Volunteers - Peter from Wallcliffe and Andy from Yallingup. 1st Anniversary of Margaret River Fires.
Fire brigade arrived all fires are out now
fire brigade, dk how to spell it or they just for fires. X
Soldiers with 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, 17th Fires Brigade, I Corps, move into position to engage cardboard...
also they bucket brigade their fires out. (I work in Firefighting chemicals) no longer use printers, & walk barefoot
Nine squads from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 18th Fires Brigade (Airborne), competed in the Viper...
I pay my taxes (sometimes) so I wanna see the fire brigade putting bloody fires out, not spraying water on things next to a bloody fire...
17th Fires Field Training Nov 2012 vo/sot: Members of 17th fires brigade spent just under three weeks at Yakima ...
17th Fires Virtual Battlefield Training: Soldiers at 17th Fires Brigade are pushing the limits of cutting edge s...
Check out this story and see how some 17th Fires Brigade Soldiers spent their Thankgiving in the barracks!
For soldiers living in barracks stationed away from home, Thanksgiving can be a blatant reminder they are not around family. Between the barracks and the dining facility, soldiers have everything they need to survive - but it’s not home.
In the police corner tonight boxing the fire brigade at the corn xchange hope there's not a lot of fires and murders in Edin tonight!
Brigade “shows off” for City of Tumwater, Sumner officials
This scenario was part of a 17th Fires Brigade training exercise at Yakima Training Center
An fighter of the Halab al-Shabah battalion under Al-Tawhid brigade fires towards forces in
A little video from our trip to FT Sill. My production and editing efforts are JV at best. I can only say that I was incredibly pleased by Alpha Battery's performance. A job very well done. Swift and Bold Centaur 6
I had the distinct privilege today, to serve Thanksgiving Dinner along with the other Officers and Senior NCO's in 6-37 FA, to the Soldiers of our Battalion and the 210th Fires Brigade here on Camp Casey, Korea. It never ceases to amaze me that seeing Officers and Senior NCO's serving chow always brings a smile to the Soldiers faces. What a small price to pay to make their Thanksgiving away from home a little better. May you and your family also have a Great Thanksgiving!
From 17th Fires Brigade, we want to wish you all a very safe and happy Thanksgiving day. If you are still looking...
17th Fires Brigade Demonstrates Live Fire to Tumwater Community: B-roll of Tumwater, Wash. city council members ...
The soldiers knelt on the ground, facing the suspicious van with weapons ready. The van's occupants called from inside, asking for supplies and aid for someone who was injured, but the soldiers refused to approach.
The fire brigade has told us to stop letting the monkey's cook their own food at the zoo. After three chimp pan fires in one week.
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moddedcarbine: A U.S. Army paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team fires his M4…
I hate the 18th Fires Brigade and 3-27. Ft. Bragg blows, but beer is good, scotch is great, and I'm not sure I will be conscience early enough Thursday to make dinner for everyone coming over. Well we'll see what happens.
Snowfall firing! Great photo of the 17th Fires Brigade conducting weapons training. Like and share.
17th Fires Brigade conducts a live-fire training exercise at the Yakima Training Center. King of the Battle!
Behind every good combat unit in the U.S. Army is a support unit that provides everything they need to function and fight. For 17th Fires Brigade, it’s the 308th Brigade Support Battalion. It furnishes battalions within the brigade with everything from hot meals to medical doctors.
Congratulations to Mark Beyl, a member of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 115th Fires Brigade, located in Cheyenne, on his state promotion order to Sergeant Major.
armywivesclub: U.S. Army’s 2nd Infantry Division 210th Fires Brigade in South Korea performs to PSY by going …
As promised yesterday, the remaining top ten questions will be posted throughout the day. If you can't log on tonight you can still post your question and we will answer it later this evening when we have the team gathered. If you need to do this, please remember to create a new post for every question or concern you may have, please do not comment under other posts or your question may be missed. If you have an answer to someone's question please wait to answer it until you see it reposted on the 17th Fires Brigade wall so that everyone can see it. We want you to address ALL of your questions no matter how big or small, there are no such things as silly questions. We look forward to hearing from all of you this evening!
214th Fires Brigade out of Fort Sill end Fort Chaffee training with live fire
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