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Fireman Ed

Edwin M. Anzalone (born September 19, 1959), better known as Fireman Ed, is an enthusiastic superfan of the New York Jets since 1975, although he was a fan of the Miami Dolphins until the age of 10. One of the most well known National Football League fans, he rose to prominence by appearing on many local radio shows.

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Brave sheep saves fireman stuck on roof...
Tune in to our Instagram live or on Wednesday at 2:30 to chat w/ & Fireman Ed! (1 of 2)
Jets haven't been the same since Fireman Ed retired.
He played the dumb new fireman in Roxanne
I enjoyed it. Mostly because I imagined Fireman Ed yelling it at the top of his lungs.
Anyone who doesn't hate Dancing Larry is an *** .. version of Fireman Ed
The time in 2015 the crew & Fireman Ed took over a Dallas bar the night before the game.
Between Ed, Alex's fireman costume and Taylor we just need T. Hawk and Ken's cowboy costume from SFIV and we have the village people in
Easy to play on emotions, one could make similar argument "Police/Fireman protectio…
Remembering my two favorite Bruce Harper & Joe Klecko reminds me of Fireman Ed & his long suffering brother.Dude must have back pain
Re: that last one, you forgot Fireman Ed.
What is offensive at all about Fireman Ed? Mentioning him in comparison to Charlotte's purple shirt guy is just crazy.!
like if Fireman Ed out a Dolphins hat on in support.
Totally love Fireman Ed. You should auction leading the chant with Ed on jumbo. I'll start bid @ $100
That time Fireman Ed bid $1000 to spend the night in NYC with & Ryan Fitzpatrick
A huge shout out to Fireman Ed for coming by the Paddle Battle and revving up the fans with J-E-T-S chants ...He had it roaring!
Some more shout outs Fireman Ed & Crazy Chrissie.. Today would not have been the same without you!
final answer Anderson, Mauldin, Taiwan Jones, Dion Bailey and Wes Saxton...and Fireman Ed to the left!
NFL regrets to inform Complainants no files from Dr Elliott Pellman can be located. It's believed Fireman Ed took them with him.
the dude is literally the Detroit fireman ed😂
. Green and White! . Rex is gone. . Revis is back. . Get too root against NE 2X/year. . Marshall/Decker. QB of the future . Fireman Ed
what a joke. Ed the fireman might just top himself
Good thing Fireman Ed is wearing that rescue helmet ... Hackenberg's passing accuracy may lead to some cranial blows
I think Fireman Ed just handed in his resignation again.
already putting a crying Jordan face on fireman Ed
Fireman's Ball tomorrow, Clinical starting on Sunday in the ED. Going to be a fun weekend!! :)
20 pax for Fireman Ed's jack Webb dumbness. //
20 pax for Fireman Ed's jack Webb dumbness.
Mother of god...RT Right now, Fireman Ed is leading a J e t s chant in front of Buckingham Palace
is that the new fireman ed for the New York Jets?
can we stop with this fireman ed crap….its not relevant to what we want which is a Jets SBowl Title
Fireman Ed left because the team was on the decline, he wants back because he senses they are in the right path
I'd rather listen to that fraud fireman ed than whoever this lame blog owner is.
if you wanna see Fireman Ed back leading the chant J-E-T-S
What they did to Fireman Ed changed my view a bunchThis plane crap,makes them no better then Eagles fans, whom I've long despised
what is with the media's fixation with fireman ed? No jets fan I know is clamoring for his return.
Nice jab at the today. Have fun during the season lookin up in the standings! Check for Fireman Ed in the basement!
any truth behind the rumor of the return of fireman ed? I keep reading about it but don't see any credible articles or sites.
you should have Fireman Ed skydive into during Game 1.
are the biggest joke in the Even fireman Ed quit them
It would be nice if Fireman Ed returned; however, I am a lot more interested in resigning Mo.
way to prove jets fans are complete *** bags. But we already knew that. Even Ed the fireman jumped ship.
I see it now. Can you have a plane land Fireman Ed into practice now?
Good going guys! Hope to see you all at London for these Jets events!
remember when the Pats murdered Fireman Ed on thanksgiving? Is he allowed back yet?
I have no personal gripes with Fireman Ed but he’s not my mascot. He’s not the reason I’m a fan. His presence is not the experience.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wilkerson, fine. Fireman Ed? We've done fine without him, thanks.
Woody has two more steps to take to win back Mo & bring back Fireman Ed: via
Brady's case moved to NYC. That should be fair! Will "Fireman Ed" be part of the jury? Enough already.
you can have Geno Smith for him. I'll even throw in Fireman Ed.
is and will always be so much cooler than Fireman Ed.
Tom Brady deserved the 4 game suspension (*FireMan Ed JETS Fan Voice*) lol
lol fireman ed is not Michael Jordan. I did enjoy the chant originally. It got stale and contrived. I also
not a fan of fireman ed. Let sleeping dogs lie.
all he post about is bringing back Fireman Ed, makes me wonder..Are u Ed
Most fans/tix holders I know think Fireman Ed is a first-class clown & were happy he left.
After switching allegiances from MIA to NYJ, "Fireman Ed" stuck w/ team thru thick/thin, 'til halftime of "Buttfumble"
The "was chosen by Fireman Ed for his affinity for MIAMI HOF WR Paul Warfield; he was a Fins fan first.
Fireman Ed is that dude... Best Fan for Any NFL Team!
we are doing everything we can to bring back Fireman Ed, Jace... The crowd is going to ROCK this year! We are restoring the chant!
I can't wait I'm going to meet the guys from let's talk jets and fireman ed in London
let's not even talk about Wembley unless it's the final of one of the cups! 😉
So apparently me and Elliott are the only people in Dublin who didn't go see ed sheeran... but we loved Norman price in fireman Sam...
Evidence that Fireman Ed isn't coming back?
Evidence that Fireman Ed isn't coming back? jetsfanmedia
2015 New York Jets: approximately 900 WRs for Geno Smith to not throw to but hey, that *** Fireman Ed might come back!
And unless the Jets hire Fireman Ed as their next GM anyone will be an upgrade over John Idzik.
Staten Islander Derek Tabacco a semifinalist to be New York Jets' next Fireman Ed for a game (video)
The *** Jets! There was a stretch in the 80's when we couldn't beat Walt Michaels. JT said it best about Fireman Ed et al!
Really?!? SMH... Jets tried to coax Fireman Ed out of retirement (but not to play CB):.
help get Fireman Ed back, please help my petition.
NY Jets searching for next Fireman Ed to lead J-E-T-S chant
The New York Jets super-fan known as Fireman Ed simply grew tired of the increasing harassment in the stands at Metlife Stadium. Some cursed at him. Others spit on him. Beer was also tossed his way.
Fireman Ed lolll... him and Lil Baby Nick Swisher should exchange Tampons
I remember that preseason jets giants game fireman Ed was doing the jets chant and a giants fan went down there and stopped him lol
Fireman Ed needs to go the *** away!! Tired of hearing about this man. MOVE ON!!!
nobody cares about fireman ed. He is a attention seeker just like the Jets
Fan favourite Fireman Ed still roots for NY Jets far away from spotlight
“You should bring back fireman ed... they tried bro
You should bring back fireman ed...
To me, there's no chant without Fireman Ed. All persuasive powers shld be employed to sway him out of retirement
Fireman Ed, a Dolphins fan, is a clown.
This tradition *** at this point I would gladly pay for Fireman Ed back. How about that?
Would Fireman Ed lead a chant again? "I would do it for old times' sake."
I don't understand why fellow Jets fans would give fireman Ed crap
Joe Benigno of turns down the pefect mong job that would honor his passions: both &
Fireman Ed: PSLs helped contribute to negativity at games. |
Just make amends with Fireman Ed ... RT: Don’t just be a part of the gameday tradition, lead it."
Would Fireman Ed be welcomed back to MetLife with open arms or nah? Why do people hate him? Cause he supported Sanchez?
Gotta love Fireman Ed just wanting to be another fan and *still* taking interviews...and more-so BASHING FELLOW FANS. Amazing.
Its a shame how Fireman Ed went out. Was a huge part of the experience. He's definitely missed by this fan:
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Fireman Ed was right! They were no longer guests, were now tenants (in perpetuity).
Fireman Ed says PSLs changed vibe at MetLife: "I feel like the fans felt like they were entitled. It just changed the whole attitude."
What am I missing why would anyone be mad at Fireman Ed?
Fireman Ed gone but he still roots for JETS -
It's a total insult to all Jet fans especially the fans who bought the PSL's that the Jet management is now going after bottom of the barrel free agents when they are 29 million dollars under the cap. Been a Jet fan since they signed Joe Namath and I am now on the verge of joining in with Fireman Ed as a retired Jet fan after seeing the disgrace that is now transpiring. If Woody and Idzik had to sell PSL'S would they be going after these no-names ?
Ed Reed is just a little late to the party, so make him feel at home, Gang Green. Oh, and please inform him all about that Fireman Ed guy...
Ed Reed wasn't happy to hear that Fireman Ed no longer leads chants during New York Jets games.
“ICYMI: safety Ed Reed calls for retired Fireman Ed to make comeback. |
Yardbarker Rumors Ed Reed wants Jets to bring back superfan Fireman Ed
Ed Reed on Fireman Ed: "He retired? I can't believe it. We need to bring him out of retirement" (ESPN)
Jets' Ed Reed calls on Fireman Ed to come back
I have already grown to hate Ed Reed after trying to suggest Fireman Ed needs to be at this weeks game.
“According to Ed Reed challenged Fireman Ed to come out of retirement. *** Yea! This is better than RAW
Jets: Ed Reed Says 'Fireman Ed' Needs to Be Brought Out of Retirement -- 'I need him getting the whole stadium crunked.'
Can Fireman Ed solve the road woes? If so, I'm all for him coming out of retirement. Otherwise….meh.
In so much agreement with one of the best defensive players Ed Reed we need fireman ed back rn
We need a return of Fireman Ed to bring back the spirit of the Jets. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!
Ed Reed calling for Fireman Ed to be brought outta retirement. Road to 9-7!
Ed Reed wants Fireman Ed back. If this happens that would be amazing. The stupid J-E-T-S chants are soo stupid without him.
Ed Reed on fireman Ed come out and get the stadium rocking Reeds already a jet J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS
Ed Reed wants Fireman Ed back...'scuse me while I go wipe my tears. :')
No way I would welcome Fireman Ed back. I get not following a losing team. It's rough I get it. But the noise he made. Nah man
Ed Reed had no idea Fireman Ed quit... "We need to bring him out of retirement!"
If Ed Reed gets Fireman Ed back, his job is done lol
Lotta people may disagree, but Fireman Ed is a huge joke. Met him - not friendly, extremely condescending and pretentious.
Fireman Ed quit this time last year.
Ed Reed called for the return of Fireman Ed.
Agreed! I'm not even a Jets fan, but Fireman Ed is the real deal. An inspiration to football fans everywhere!
Fireman Ed, please come back and crunk Jets Nation up!
Ed Reed wants Fireman Ed back to get the stadium "crunk". . I knew Ed was old but *** didn't know he was old enough to s…
as a Jets fan i could care less about Fireman Ed. he left when the Jets were down and out.
Ed Reed is a Jet and Fireman Ed quit.
Fireman Ed quit on us why would we want him back?
Ed Reed needs Fireman Ed because he's burnt so much
Ed Reed: "That guy with the hard hat on, is he still here? What’s his name, Fireman Ed? I need him getting the whole stadium …
Fireman Ed please come out of retirement!
For the first time, the Dolphins won't be dealing with NY Jets fan favorite Fireman Ed Sunday at Metlife Stadium.
A sad day for Jets fans: Today is one year since Fireman Ed stepped down.
Rex Ryan and Geno Smith *** so bad I think I saw fireman Ed today with a giants jersey on
I think the NYJs need Fireman Ed back! Lol.
where are you Fireman Ed? The JETS need you more than they need a 7th QB on the roster.
JETS fans need Fireman Ed back in the stadium.
Thats a hard loss to swallow. But as i see it 12-4 or maybe 11-5 will be more than good enough to keep fireman ed . Oh wait. He quit the jets...
I really wanted to avoid going on here tonight to speak on the state of the Giants, but I will briefly. If you have been a Giants fan for a significant amount of time, and didn't hop on in the recent years of the teams success, this isn't that new of a feeling. We have sucked in past before too. Sadly, this appears to be of those years. We're not turning on the team, but accepting this really wasn't meant to be. I am 26 now, so I sat through the Dave Brown and Danny Kannell years. This is nothing. If anything, the Giants have spoiled me with championships in my lifetime. It could be worse really. Hey, I'm over it. I'm still a fan at the the end of the day but some years aren't meant to be and I've accepted that in 2013. Let's hope we end it on a bright note and rack up as many wins as possible. But do not be fair weather guys! Do not turn into that "Super Fan" Fireman Ed, who abandoned ship on his team...front runners are the worst fans of all. Just my two cents... -Andrew
“lol yea, I forgot there was no such thing as a Jets fan.” @ Fireman Ed
at least giants fans are more loyal than fireman Ed.
Fireman Ed had the same look last year just before he quit.
I'm loving every minute of this, just saying, welcome to our world giant fans, sincerely, fireman ed
Incorrect. You really think Fireman Ed is a fan of burning? Maybe Sanchizes burning loins.
Meer I heard you were interested in trying out to be the next Fireman Ed, any truth to this?
That fat, bald Ohio State fat who paints his face is sad. He is the Fireman Ed kind of fan who thinks he's part of the game. He's not.
But where does Fireman Ed fit into all this??
Couldn't get the picture in time, but there's a guy here today with a Fireman Ed-esque Canes helmet on. In the Dolphins' stadium? For shame.
Fireman Ed to the rescue... Save those sausages!
launches 0600 tmrw. Fireman Ed is Q. See u in the gloom.
the cliffs notes. Replace fireman ed w/ buckiguy
Ah Jets. I'd be more interested in them if we had our own Fireman Ed and equally tacky chant.
Don't forget the butt fumble and fireman Ed leaving
Updating our website for the Falcons-Jets preview, and there are just too many hilarious Fireman Ed photos to choose from.
Ok my second observation since i got here l...they ALL(men &women) want to have sex with Drew brees. Its nuts! Yes WORSE then jets fans with Fireman Ed.
If the Falcons get beat by the JETS ima pull a Fireman Ed, ima just stop watch football all together cuz I'll be *** if i like other team😎
I wonder what fireman ed is doing with his life
I guess I am not a very good Jet fan. What happened to Fireman Ed? I just read in a post that he is gone.
After today Lauren Camel will know more chants than Fireman Ed
More annoying in football: Fireman Ed or Bob Costas' halftime rant against gun control?
Who wants the exclusive on my Fireman Ed-like press conference?
Anyone know if Fireman Ed is gonna be at the game next Sunday? I know he said he was retiring for now but...
There's no way Fireman Ed can put out those flames in New York. It's an Inferno right now. Lol
Fireman Ed wasn’t even a Jets fan from the jump (bandwagon cac started off as a Dolphins fan)
Lmfao go ask fireman ed who he'd rather have. Blaine > your qb.
Fireman Ed runs the programming for espn because a. He's cheap B. no one can really tell much difference c. He's rowdy and folks like him
while their at it they ca have Fireman Ed
At this point the Jets should just cut out the middle man and start Fireman Ed at quarterback.
How is fireman Ed not in this article, he may be the biggest reason I hate the Jets.
I resent being called a Fireman Ed but I can't disagree with any of that article. The Jets are bad- 2-14 bad.
The Jets suck, and their fans are even worse. Every one of them a Fireman Ed.
Things a New York Jets Fan says: The New York Jets have arguably the most intense fanbase in the NFL. Former Jets aficionado Fireman Ed led the charge at the team's home games until hanging it up after decades of cheer brigades, citing "unruly" behavior for his exit. The fanbase hasn't lost steam in the wake of Fireman Ed's apparent "retirement." The things Jets fans say have remained static, except for deadbeat clamors for backup quarterback and media sensation Tim Tebow. Fireman Ed was a sideshow. Most Jets fans wouldn't perceive themselves in that brand of limelight. A major contingency of the fanbase is still static in how it expresses itself, regardless. The following examines famous chants and phrases that Jets fan say: Jets fans arguably own the most famous chant in professional football: "J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!" It's a trademark in the team's legacy and staple in the fan experience at the stadium. The chant, which most outsiders perceive as obnoxious, helps to define Jets nation in positive fas ...
Mike Lupica, who recently wrote that David Garrard isn't better than Fireman Ed as a QB, will be rewarded with John Idzik as a guest today.
i said Shane Falco, Flash Gordon, Fireman Ed, or present day Joe Namath
Anonymous Sources : John Idzik to cut Fireman Ed in order to free up needed cap space.
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Elgin Fireman Ed Hansen and AFSCME member Diana Quesada are the 2013 recipient @ Hickory Stick Bar & Grille
FOR ALL YOU FIREFIGHTERS WITH DAUGHTERS Fireman's Rules For Dating His Daughter I am very dedicated to my work. I wear firefighter shirts every day, even when I’m not on duty. The fire department is my second home, and my second family. It often seems as if my life revolves around the fire department, but it means nothing compared to my little girl. I am normally a very friendly person, but if you hurt my little girl you will make me mad. I know my little girl is growing up, even if I don’t like it. She seems to like you, so I’ll tolerate you dating her, but here are a few things for you to think about while you’re with her: First of all, I go into burning buildings to save people that I’ve never even seen before, you can’t imagine how protective I am of my little girl. I once broke a man’s sternum by accident while doing CPR to save his life. If that’s how I help people what do you think I do when I’m *ed off? I investigate arson fires. I know exactly what clues to look for to prove it ...
R U gonna tell us about how bad Brady & Belichick R in the playoffs like last week? Rich Eisen = New Fireman Ed
Fireman Ed is the Jets equivalent of w/ Louisville
Fireman Sam wore Boots! Not rubber wellies! Back to sex ed with the lot of you!
fireman Ed stopped chanting because he said the jets were terrible and embarrassing, not the fans guys.
All I can say about Fireman Ed I'm glad he's a nice guy to walk away. Cause if that was me.
fireman Ed had enough of them, he new how bad they were after being a fan for 50+ years he had enough..
Apparently FB has determined this page will be shut down...I was reported for spamming...unfortunately they won't elaborate but say after reviewing my page I'm Just Heavily Medicated is guilty as reported by whoever you were. My intent here was to make life a little lighter...for all of us. It's been a fun ride ♥
Fireman Ed is an upgrade to Sparano. West Coast off w/out talent @ QB, RB, WR, OL & TE is awesome. Keep Ryan away from Draft
Woke up to happy kids, watching LEGO cartoons, Cuddling with kids, cherishing the moment, envisioning a squeaky clean house but... I'd never trade it for happy kids... A lot of cold/flu viruses navigating through these walls...Enjoyed a visit with mom and dad a few days ago Just enjoying BEING, no drama, just being... Reminding my self that I built a two story fort with lumber from American Surplus.last summer. I was tutoring my small children this week and remembering what An awesome teaching staff I enjoyed being a part of in the . Willmar Public Schools, teaching Math and Reading To Elementary students, teaching two years of Community Ed Classes in the Norwegian Language and being Director of First Step, Inc. And successfully, I might add. The owner and I Built the business from 45 little cherubs to 80 providing Care to some wonderful teachers, doctors, fireman And plumbers. Kauri and Martha would sit in the Office with me while I answered phones and... they enjoyed, I think, removing the perfor ...
Fireman Ed is proof that even Jets fans can't stand Jets fans..
Veteran actor Robert Wagner, 82, is reportedly refusing to cooperate with detectives conducting a renewed inquiry into the 1981 death of his wife Natalie Wood. Eyebrows were raised earlier this week after police said that Wagner -- who is not a suspect in the case -- had declined numerous times to ...
Monte Kiffin isn't dead and Marinelli will be D-Line coach.
Somewhere Fireman Ed is weeping in2 his helmet.Being a NYJ fan is absolute insanity
20 million over the cap. Lame duck head coach. No qb. No fireman ed. has some job ahead of him. This is as bad a situation as it gets
Ahh seeing fireman ed at the gym makes me upset about the debacle of the New York Jets :(
Sports! Jets superfan Fireman Ed hangs up his helmet
The next General Manager of the New York Jets will immediately face a highly scrutinized press conference, where he will answer to a group of bitter beat writers and angry,anxious fans. In hopes of him succeeding and seeing our generally miserable fan-base have something to be happy about, I have prepared the following suggested comments for his first press conference - (Walk out wearing a Jets polo shirt, holding a clipboard filled with player evaluation notes, with a stop-watch around your neck and a visor on. Jets fans permanently hate “accountants or bean-counters” after Mike Tannenbaum the past few years. The worst possible thing you could do is come out wearing glasses, holding a calculator and use the word “process” more than once. So make yourself look like a coach or “A REAL FOOTBALL GUY”) “Hello. Let me begin by asking Manish Mehta, Gary Myers or anybody from The Daily News to leave the room. You are banned from the building this season. Is this fully legal? I don’t know. But you ...
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Marry a Lawyer...its Legal. Marry a Doctor...its Healthy. Marry a Policeman...its Secure. Marry an Actor...its Thrilling. Marry an Artist...its Creative. Marry a Businessman...its Profitable. Marry a Teacher...its Educative. Marry a Pastor...its Spiritual. Marry an Accountant...its Financial. Marry an Author...its Adventurous. Marry a Musician...its Romantic. When You Marry a Politician... It's.?
Love my life, Love my kids, Love Ed and the most important thing is I LOVE MY LORD!
not a good time to be a Jet fan!! When John Clayton painted the GM picture it said it all!! Even fireman Ed quit!!
My mom and grandma were mackin it today. Grandma to a fireman and mommy to a con Ed guy. Holler
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isn't that what Fireman Ed is up to in his retirement?
HA! Maybe it's time to rethink your loyalty - follow fireman Ed's lead!
Taking water on the fly. Photo credited to Ed Wittekind.
I go live today at 12:00 EST time Troy! If you want to give Fireman Ed a call I won't yell I promise! (646) 200-3380
It's like my good friend Ben Affleck told me "a dropped name should be treated like a beat poet at an open mic night. Completely disregarded."
Nice news article about an old fire truck being donated to Corinth VT Fire Dept by the City of Torrington. The story features old friend Ed Pospisil, former Captain in the Hartford FD and now the Chief in Corinth!
On the show today: we're talking about where you think Tim Tebow will end up. Will he stay in NY, move to Jax, play in the Canadian Football League?? Share your thoughts and we'll air them on the show today at 11am and 2pm on NBC.
Today the FDNY will decide my fate. Hoping my career isn't cut short. Due to a stupid thumb injury.
next on the show: was fireman Ed behind tebow not playing?
Harriet. Harry-ette. Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis. Beautiful, bemuse-ed, bellicose butcher. Un-trust... ing. Un-know... ing. Un-love... ed? "He wants you back," he screamed into the night air like a fireman going to a window that has no fire... except the passion of his heart. I am lonely. It's really hard. This poem... ***
Somewhat related: Ever see 15 Minutes? Ed Burns is a fireman who has to hand in his badge and gun.
heavy discount-lol. Rex's GM to have the balls to cut him. Deserves a chance, just not here. Wonder who fireman Ed will back
Fireman Ed would start the chant. Mean machine. Mean machine.
Wonder what Fireman Ed is up to lolll
I'm a Fan of Fireman Ed. He'll be back!
you think fireman Ed is coming back?
at least its not Fireman Ed. Then I would be concerned.
Hey you want to come on Fireman Ed's show I promise I will not "blow you up"
Feel sorry for the kids watching Tv such crap on today, remember when we had Tweenies, Lilo and Stitch, Postman Pat and others
Hey wanted to let you know I am the guy who called in who you asked if it was Fireman Ed what's wrong get a little angry?
Same reason Fireman Ed was so famous for the Jets: hardcore passion
I wonder if fireman Ed would consider the Jets GM job?
Pp Hey ladiess what is your veiw on having to pick between mum and partner at child birth if you have to pick 1? =/
8 hours of new EMS protocol roll outs. Yeah me.
A friend of mine had some links to conspiracy-theory 9/11 videos. One of them actually caught my attention, the one about WTC 7 and how it appeared to fall by controlled demolition. Indeed, it does appear this way. At first I thought it was a coincidence, and then I started thinking about designing and constructing such a building. You know that it won't last forever and it will have to come down somehow someday, so what do you -- the building designer -- do about your building's exit plan? The answer might be that you pre-wire it and pre-rig it for its eventual demolition. Sounds insane and impossibly dangerous, I know, but maybe there's another reason as well. Maybe in the case of unforeseen catastrophe, you have been instructed to ensure that your building never falls sideways into another building causing even more loss of life and major damage. It could theoretically create a domino effect with a whole row of buildings for blocks knocking each other over. So you have to make sure that your building o ...
My son finally got a fire call (volunteer fireman), his first structure fire, (I remember my first structure fire too) just hope he is safe and learns a lot! Gonna be a long night, can't sleep knowing he is out! Too many years in EMS.
fireman Ed “Lmao the jets fans should NEVER TALK for years ! Mark Sanchez got the butt fumble on Thanksgiving wanna rehash that?”
I'd say the same thing if I was a Jet fan. You know your team *** when you make Fireman Ed quit!
I swear I think I just saw fireman Ed at the pats game
Did I just see Fireman Ed with a pats jersey?!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
2 observations b4 the phone dies. A. I think Fireman Ed is here wearing a Pats jerz B. Arian's gonna write haikus about da Pats all day
lol is that dude there every week? Is this a Fireman Ed situation that I was not aware of?
*** first Fireman Ed gives up and ditches the New York Jets now Jack Nicholson has seen enough with the LA Lakers. Read more after the jump.
Fireman Ed is gonna be gone for a while.
In all the years Fireman Ed been a Jets fan, how many Championships have the Jets won? You see where Im going with this...
Looks like Fireman Ed is having a hard time giving his tickets away (PIC):
I think he retired last year? All the super fans are retiring =( Hogettes, Fireman Ed, Barrel guy...
FLORHAM PARK, N.J.  A couple of days before the season opener, Rex Ryan delivered a fiery speech to the New York Jets, expressing his anger with the media's perception of the organization - you know, the whole circus thing. Basically, he told the players: Let's go out and show 'em we're not a bunch of clowns. For one glorious afternoon, the Jets were nothing to laugh at. They were magnificent, blowing out the Buffalo Bills at home and restoring hope after an awful preseason. As it turned out, they had as much staying power as the man who led the stadium that day in a pregame cheer from midfield: Fireman Ed. The Jets peaked in Week 1, and that's a sad commentary. Ultimately, perception became reality as the Jets evolved into a butt-fumbling, quarterback-juggling laughingstock. Mercifully, the season ends Sunday at Buffalo, which, by the way, has won the same number of games as the Jets since opening day - five. How did it get this bad? Here are six reasons for the Jets' demise: 1. Schott in the dark: Wi ...
Angels sign Hamilton along with Statue of Liberty, Music Hall and Fireman Ed.
Fireman Ed is probably the loudest fan of all at Metlife Stadium. No hat, but probably still loud.
Skit of the week, metaphor for season: Fireman Ed retires from fire dept. at scene of actual fire
The Jets losing Fireman Ed is like Lyndon Johnson losing Walter Cronkite. Discuss...
"Fireman Ed is that neighbor that puts up 10,000 Christmas lights and thinks his neighbors love him and envy his house." - Colin Cowherd
"Fireman Ed? Say it ain't so? I'm not Rich Kotite, we can get better. Come back!!"
Jets hit new low as superfan 'Fireman Ed' quits his beloved team for season -
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After hearing the news that our most popular fan Fireman Ed has quit, Rex Ryan has contacted him for a QB tryout.
Jets: Fireman Ed will be missed: Jets coach Rex Ryan was upset to hear Fireman Ed is steppin...
Rex Ryan will miss 'passion' of Fireman Ed
Colin Cowherd just called Fireman Ed a tool on national radio. Colin Cowherd is my hero now.
What do you make of Fireman Ed's act of writing an op-ed column saying he's done with the J-E-T-S chant?
Fireman Ed had every right to leave that position. Blame it ALL on Rex Ryan!!!
Hm.What's wrong with this picture.A fifteen year old with cancer was able through the Make a Wish foundation go to East Rutherford to meet the Giants and watch the Sunday night game against the Green Bay Packers. Now the defending Super Bowl champs were in the middle of a two game skid. The young man was asked to address the players before the game and he did. All he said was."Play like champions, play like the champions you are." Justin Tuck was floored by this saying.."Here's a kid who doesn't know us except for what he sees on TV Sundays. He could make any wish and he chose to watch a Giants game and meet us". On the flip side, the one person who goes to every home game, gets shown on the jumbotron leading his famous.J. E. T. S. Jets, Jets, JETS! Cheer to stir up the fans and the team, gets heckled and abused by his fellow Jet fans for wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. The abuse gets so out of hand that "Fireman Ed" has written to a local newspaper that he will no longer lead anymore cheers, not wear ...
BREAKING NEWS: Fireman Ed quits because Jets fans are *** He is now a ny giants fan
You know it's bad when New York Jets superfan Fireman Ed is quitting on the Jets & we still have 5 weeks left in the season
No more Fireman Ed.. That was the best thing the New York Jets had going for them!
Fireman Ed is going to jump on the New York Giants bandwagon talk about being a loyal fan I know the Jets suck but at least stay loyal
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It was the best birthday ever as the New England Patriots set the Jets franchise back about 4 years and personally killed Fireman Ed!
One last thing on Fireman Ed, I don't care if he becomes a Dolphin fan, never comes back to Met Life stadium or watches all the rest of the games at Indulge (although I'm note sure why he would do that since The Wine Loft Pier Village has way better football and Happy Hour specials) he is a NON-STORY to any real fan.
NFL: 'Fireman Ed' stepping away from spotlight
Fireman Ed, the most famous of Jets football fans, announced today that he will no longer dress as a fireman for Jets football games. I guess watching Mark Sanchez wreck himself against his own linesman was enough to make even the most die hard fan say screw it.
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Fireman Ed showed a skeptical world that New York Jets fan are fully capable of spelling single syllable words.
I heard today that The N Y Jets "unofficial mascot - Fireman Ed " is retiring. Good Fu**ing bye. He is a total FUC**NG tool . I sat behind him a few years ago and he never watched the game . He just watched the Big Board the whole game to see when he was going to be on and then got up. He did get the crowd going but, Watch the game buddy.
BREAKING NEWS: The New York have reportedly found a replacement for Fireman Ed.
So long Fireman Ed. You were the only true fan of the New York Jets
Jets superfan Fireman Ed hangs up his helmet
San Diego State has reportedly agreed to play BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl. BYU fans pull out all the stops to entice Jabari Parker and Fireman Ed has had enough of Jets fans.
So. in flipping past sports center I see Fireman Ed is hanging up his helmet for the Jets. after that loss. they all need to hang it up and revamp for next year. this is a greek tragedy. lol This man he stopped even TALKING about football. He's also taken a razor in a feeble attempt to get that Jets sticker off his bumper. poor baby lol
The New York Jets best player just retired, Fireman Ed.
How bad does your T-E-A-M stink, when it's fan quits on it too ? Even the second coming, I mean the almighty Tim Tebow couldn't save Fireman Ed from giving up on the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. That's how bad they S-U-C-K -- if the Jets need a QB, we can send them Charlie Batch, even Tim Tebow wouldn't over throw Heath Miller by 5 feet from 5 yards away.
Ed Anzalone isn't quitting the New York Jets. He's just quitting Fireman Ed. Anzalone, the Jets' unofficial team mascot for decades, explained his decision to hang up his fireman's hat in an open letter.
Wow you know things are bad for the New York Jets when their fan Fireman Ed hands in his walking papers. Not because the team *** (they do) but because the fans have become too hostile. People I give you the 2012-2013 New York Jets.
As a New York Jets fan I'm completely ashamed of the fan base for the reasons why Fireman Ed is stepping down. flat out embarrassing
Fireman Ed quit the team, the jets have reached an all time low. And that bar was already pretty low.
Three things to note: First, a message to Fireman Ed. Nobody cares that your feelings are hurt!! Second, this play looked so good that I think it was practiced!! Third, I got a team in Durham, NH known as the Wildcats who could beat this NFL team. *** I got a team in Plymouth, NH known as the Panthers that could beat this NFL team!!
"Fireman Ed", of New York Jets fame, hangs up his helmet, cites arguements with fellow Jets fans as the reason. YOU SIR, ARE EXACTLY THE HALF-ASSED, BIG MOUTHED BUTTHOLE I ALWAYS THOUGHT YOU WERE. You haven't got a clue on how to be an actual, REAL fan...and not that you really care, but I have lost all respect for you as a person and a fan of the game. I'm glad to learn I'll likely never run into you at MY home field, and be exposed to you, your foul mouth or your cry-baby attitude. Suck on THAT a while Jetfans! LMMFAO!
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Just when you think the New York Jets season could not get any worst , Fireman Ed is hanging up the helmet :-)
ESPN and Rex Ryan talking about Fireman Ed "retiring" as if he was a part of the team. What a joke.
Fireman Ed is putting up his fireman hat and put his Mark Sanchez jersey in the trash. That's pretty bad when you lose your number one fan and refuses to go to anymore games
Fireman Ed's application for New England Patriots season tickets must have finally been approved!
New York Jet's "Super Fan" Fireman Ed is retiring and not going to anymore home games. ESPN, I have one question...pretty much the same question when you covered Jack Taylor (mister 138 points in a game both teams LET you score that much) the *** is this news? Is it a slow ESPN news day? *** I highly doubt most Jet fans care about Fireman Ed.
DAM Rex Ryan !!! You made Fireman Ed retire !!! Your gonna end up being the worst coach in Jets history !!! Worse than Rich Kotite !!! DAM !!!
New York Jets superfan "Fireman Ed" Anzalone is hanging up his fireman's hat.
Does this mean Fireman Ed makes the national talk show and/or talking head rounds now?
Fireman Ed, Good riddance you drama queen. How does a guy on government $ afford that good of season tickets? You, Sanchez, and Rex Ryan should roll off into the sunset together.
*** when Fireman Ed decides to bail out on the jets, you know it's bad. Follow to the promise land.
Ed Anzalone, blaming the boorish behaviour of fellow Jets fans, announced that he was retiring his Fireman Ed cheerleader routine.
so Fireman Ed "resigned"? Exactly from what may I ask? Being an *** at a football game? I didn't realize that you got paid a salary for yelling just about the dumbest chant in sports ."J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets".means nothing, makes no sense, 70,000 *** follow him and the dumb chant and now no one likes him anymore and boos him because the team stinks? For real? are you kidding me? As much as I do not like him and is act and he is no more important as a fan as the other 70,000 people who attend their games, he surely isn't the blame for them losing nor should be booed because he wears a Sanchez jersey (I have booed both of them for years now myself win or lose!) and what happened to the Bruce Harper jersey anyway? what is he resigning from.not wearing his green football helmet and sit on someone's shoulders at the game and chant anymore? Give me a break. First of all if I sat behind him and he kept getting on someone's shoulders in front of m and I couldnt see I would tell him to sit down and shut up an ...
I believe Fireman Ed the Superfan for the New York Jets has found out how divided our nation has become. Only it was in Metlife Stadium which the Jets call their home. He will not do the Jets chant anymore because 50% for one quarterback and the other 50% for the other.
What was the best or most funny part of this past week in NY sports? Giants: Dismantle the Packers Notre Dame: Finally back challenging for the National Championship Jets: Mark Sanchez runs his face directly into his own lineman's *** while fumbling Jets: Fireman Ed quits...Sorry, Jets Jets: Images of Rex Ryan eating a turkey leg resurface Mets: They sign Wanel Mesa (9+ ERA in the Independent League last year), Jamie Hoffmann (.153 Major league batting average), Scott Rice (31+ years old and career minor leaguer), and Carlos Torres (5.26 ERA last year)...and did not protect Aderlin Rodriguez (their best non-pitching prospect) from the rule 5 draft!
Out of respect for Fireman Ed retiring from being the Jets superfan, I will be spelling things out and repeating them three times. cc: Steve Boese
Pathetic Fans drive Fireman Ed away. "I decided to leave Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic. This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another. The stadium has become divided because of the quarterback controversy as well. The fact that I chose to wear a Mark Sanchez jersey this year and that fans think I am on the payroll — which is an outright lie — have made these confrontations more frequent. Whether it’s in the stands, the bathroom or the parking lot, these confrontations are happening on a consistent basis. Although I can “hold my own,” I do not want to lose my temper and make a stupid mistake. I have a responsibility to the families and kids that enjoy the game and Fireman Ed. Anzalone added that he will always love the Jets and continue to attend games, just not as “Fireman Ed."
Today, Fireman Ed "retired" from being the superfan that stirs up the Meadowlands, truly symbolizing the death of the New York Jets for at least this decade.
Fireman Ed has hung up his helmet at Met Life Stadium. He's a fan, right? Don't fans stick with their teams through thick and thin? If you love Gang Green so much, you stay with the team. It's just that simple. On a personal level, I have been a Yankees fan and a Detroit Pistons fan for over 30 years. When the Yankees were horrific in the 80s I still followed them. When the Bad Boys from Detroit were disbanded, I was still loyal. If the Jets turn it around next year who do you think will hop right back on the bandwagon? Fireman Ed, that's who. Fan is short for fanatic, and Ed from what I can tell by your recent retirement from rooting for the team that you love so much, you are your biggest fan. That's not being a fan, that's just living in a Fantasy world, where if your team doesn't win, then you go on to the next flavor of the month. Welcome to reality Ed, something I hope you become a fan of real soon. Class Dismissed!
Fireman Ed, thanks for showing Rex Ryan he ain't worth an empty can of bullybeef
Fireman Ed has quit on the Jets.apparently one of the reasons is because he was wearing a Sanchez jersey and classless Eagles fans disguised at Jets fans heckled him. Clueless Eagles fans also infiltrated the crowd at Metlife Stadium and held up a sign calling for the firing of head coach Rex Ryan. This is pure madness since Rex Ryan took the Jets to two straight AFC Championship games. Weed out these invaders and restore order. J-E-T-S.wait who's going to lead the chant now?
I think it's funny that Fireman Ed 'All of a Sudden' realized how dangerous Metlife Stadium is. ~2007 Gate D Jets rituals
Mike Lupica on Fireman Ed: "If Spike (Lee) stops sitting in the first row, will there be a retiring ceremony??"
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