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Fire Department

A fire department or fire brigade is a public or private organization that provides fire protection for a certain jurisdiction, which typically is a municipality, county, or fire protection district.

New York Fire Department Chicago Fire Department Ridge Avenue Police Department Columbia County Boy Scout New York City

At least 2 people shot at New York City hospital Fire Department rescue workers head towards the
Next he will say 911 was great for New York´s Fire Department. Great cuts to their payroll that day. YUGE
Congrats to Peter Burke Jr, '15 SCE, named chief Fire Department | get degree:
Drop by today to learn about Calgary's Fire Department. I'll be there from 1-3pm with a stick & puck if you want to play pass
Schmidt complimented the Fire Department on their "high level of paramedic and EMS support…
Modern day bucket brigade thanks to the DeRidder Fire Department.
A must see! ✔️out the send off Fire Department in Pennsylvania gives tonight! VIDEO: https:/…
On Wednesday, June 7th, the Fire Department will begin testing hydrants in the northwest section of the city,...
What about ---they could alert the Fire Department.
Thank you to the Fire Department for making this day special for our outstanding students!…
A big THANK YOU to the Fire Department, the Sheriff Department, and the City Police Department for…
Coroner and Fire Department say April's Fire at Glen Oak Towers was likely started by a cigarette. Victim died of s…
The Village Board and Fire Department congratulate our new Deputy Fire Chief Pat Fortunato and new Battalion Chief…
The following departments are hiring: Public Service, Fire Department, Police Department, and Administration.
Join the GC Fire Department and other experts to get in-depth knowledge on wildfires and how you can help prevent d…
"30 LA [Fire Department] employees made more than $315,000 in base pay plus overtime last year…" Raise taxes 🤷‍♂️
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Why are members of the Special Ops Command from the nation's largest Fire Department in South Bend? will be on the…
Many Lenovians are downtown Raleigh residents, so THANK YOU to Fire Department & all 1st responders for your heroics last night.
Firefighters pay attention to this video. KC Fire Department demonstrates measures to prevent cancer
Jim Nelson Silvis city clerk, Jim Grafton administrator, the Silvis Police Department and Fire Department---. The best America has to offer.
Love our community and its dedication to our learners!! Thank you Windsor Heights (Iowa) Fire Department ! The...
Fire Department communications issues came to the commissioner's table once more during their Wednesday morning...
'Business as usual' for Fire Department as they search for new chief & deputy chief says councillor:
Next Winter Tour stop will be with the good folks of the Hanover Park (Illinois) Fire Department. February 16,...
Chief Cooper, Columbia County will miss you! Thank you for your years of service to our Fire Department and our...
Fire Department says a suspect is dead in Ohio State University attack.
Crash flips SUV on roof. At noon, Belfast Police Department and Fire Department, as well as...
Very proud of our Fire Department in Columbia County. Highest ISO rating available - Might lower home insurance!.
Boy Scout troop meeting with my son. (@ CE-BAR Fire Department)
Bring the whole family to the Estill Springs Police and Fire Department block party at the First Baptist Church...
I honestly get goosebumps when I hear Chicago Fire Department say "Fire Department, call out!"
Admission for Two, Four, or Six at Haunted Trail of Horrors (47% Off) will be going this ye…
FREE medication and sharps drop-off event will be held 9AM TOMORROW @ Muskegon Fire Department Central Station
What fire department will travel the furthest to attend?
The Okotoks Fire Department is looking out for the safety of residents as the temperatures begin to drop.
Glad this driver was in the hands of the York Fire Department of South Carolina, because their…
A great example of department leadership. DFD being good stewards of our tax dollars!.
Fire above Jolly's department store in Bath 'treated as arson': A fire above a department store in Bath is believed…
Please support the Redwater Volunteer Fire Department. Auction and dinner this Saturday.
You Know Trump's lying when the fire department is waiting to put his pants on fire out incase it spreads to the audtorium…
Florence fire department making an odd rescue this morning
+ thoughtful pause. "Would it be okay if a few acquaintances of mine from the fire department would come too? I could be +
Fire Chief Malcolm has officially been with Lake Zurich Fire Department for 1 year! We are so incredibly honored... https…
Boi! Your new music is fire! 🔥 Like I actually needed to call the fire department just about my stereo catching on fire
Its gonna be a great day when the fire alarm goes off at 6:30 am and you evacuate & the fire department guys come woo hoo ❤❤ sexy sexy
Delmont Volunteer Fire Department to explore new revenue source: Billing.. Related Articles:
North Elementary students learned fire safety with the Antigo Fire Department! 󾟲
Thank you to the Haw River Fire Department for showing our Pre-K thru 2nd grade students the fire trucks and teaching fi…
Hoover Fire Department crews are on the scene of a working house fire in the 1700 BLK of Deo Dara Drive. Crews...
Search underway for missing Wash. firefighter
Rte 34: Trolleys in both directions are experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes due to fire department activity.
Firefighters working to put out fire in Little Village: The Chicago Fire Department was working early Friday to put…
My whole buildings fire alarm is going off at 230am, it takes the fire department 25 minutes, and I've decided
Six people dead and five injured in a four-vehicle crash in Kota Belud, Sabah, early this morning - Fire and Rescue Department
FYI y'all it seems to be contained and the fire department is working very *** it and and it…
Who fights fires if the fire department catches on fire?
can the fire department leave I want to sleep
10% off for all members on Stoves and Fire Places this weekend! Ontop of the 50% off in our giftware de…
best parade ever! I believe the fire department calls this a 'worker'
During that year,. the T-47 aircraft were destroyed in a hangar fire. The Department. of Defense decided to use the funding to purchase
Working on Fire: Committed to saving lives: HESSEQUA NEWS - Working on Fire (WoF), the Department of Environm...
A Kentuckian came home and found his house on fire, rushed next door, telephoned the fire department and shouted, …
The Walton Fire Department is going to scene to light up the area and assist in search, Boone Co dispatchers say. Traffic not impacted.
Big heavy vans, class! If you ever need a firetruck in there we should have a spare rig at Fire Dawgs Fire Department HQ!
Someone told me I was lit. . The fire department made it here pretty fast
Somebody seriously call the fire department has set on fire.
SEVERE FIRE DANGER . The following alert has been issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).
Many thanks to Maywood Fire Department for another great fire safety assembly. True heroes. MAS new staff members try o…
27 Calgarians recognized for bravery by fire department
Seemingly the entirety of Seattle's fire department have just arrived. We have a gas leak people. Run away!
tips; In event of fire if you can't escape ; Call the fire department and let them know your location.
Trump calls on State Department to fire Patrick Kennedy | Fox News Video
Fire Department lieutenant becomes 7th bicycle death this year
Person walks into Fire Department after being shot
Bristol, Tenn. Fire Department invited the public into the station to learn about fire safety
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Great oped by Mayor and Fire Chief Bradley on Central Falls diversifying Fire Department
Mike Winters, Chief of Fire Department, speaking to the Faulkner County Tea Party.
We already pay for our Fire Department, and in small towns they have volunteer FD's
.Great tip: Get the Fire Department to volunteer to operate fire pits in public square.
North Catawba Fire & Rescue Department responded to an early Sunday morning residential structure fire on Smokey...
Today is a great day to read about the New York Fire Department. I can't even fathom what they went through 15 years ago.
Milwaukee Fire Department laid. out 343 sets of fire gear representing. every single firefighter lost on 9/11
Happy birthday 󾔑 to this mother of 3. My birthday gift 󾔐 to you is the call to the fire department when you blow...
That moment in the evening when you wanted a little turkey bacon and not the fire department. (@ the Cave in FL)
Odds the fire department was sitting there and got a call/had to run
Yeah it's starting to calm down now. Still cops,fire department, and ambulances here thought
Letter: Make your voice heard on fire department
Someone call the fire department because that Cold Water remix is straight fire
Alert the fire department... I'm gonna do hot yoga 🔥
New York Fire Department members who died on 9/11.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Serving pancakes this morning with the Woodland Hills Volunteer Fire Department
Fullerton Fire Department says plane landing gear "buckled" on landing, causing it to clip building
New helmet stickers honoring the mesquite fire and Police Department. Thankful for their commitment and service.🔥🚔🚨🚒 ht…
.we need to have strict fire safety norms for commercial buildings, need to strengthen fire department, Int'l standards!
This is like running for Mayor of NYC and saying the city should think about starting a fire department.
Mattie, "if I get cut one more time I'm calling the fire department"
USE CAUTION: The Hickory Fire Department is responding to a TRAFFIC ACCIDENT in the area of 734 1ST AV SW HICKORY
Even calling the firefighters has an ethnic dimension in the WestBank via
I finally got my class As for the department and I fought my first interior fire.
When you fire , everybody wants to cuff it . So if you having trouble in that department .
I got everyone at my party to clap for the police and fire department. My life is complete
In the West Bank, even calling the fire dept. has an ethnic dimension
Every time I see this, I want to fire every record label's A&R department.
Fire the art department except the totally different art department that took photo.
Man you gotta love the first responders. Thank you to every police, fire department, and EMS
Prescott Fire Department accident demonstration at Firehall. Fire Department has plenty of activities scheduled...
FIRE: Oakdale Road, north of Sheppard Avenue West, Police on scene with the Fire Department ^CdK
New York STATE Fire Department. Not FDNY. Still stupid but headline is misleading.
The "Justice Department" is to justice as the Fire Department is to fire.
The NO Fire Department knows about HOT & guess who they said was the VERY BEST Hot Sauce?!
Saying "All Lives Matter" is like the Fire Department spraying water on every house on the block when only 1 is on fire.
Crash along Maccorkle Ave in South Charleston: South Charleston Police and Fire Department are on the scene as well…
Portland - Fire Department responding to Portland International Airport - report of an Aircraft Emergency - plane with overheating equipment
The Delta Township Manager’s office and Fire Department have received some calls and emails expressing concern...
teenagers). Many of these individuals had decals on their vehicles either from the Fire Department, Police Department or Nassau County).
A visit from the Preston fire department!
Olathe Fire Department said lightning is to blame for today's fire at the Avignon Apartment Complex.
is there actually a fire inside of you? If so you should probably call the fire department so they can come and put it out.
“I thought the fire department was paid out of taxes,” said Alice, who was sued after her mobile home caught fire. http…
Pineville Fire Department doing an awesome job with flood supplies to flood victims.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ohio Valley residents: there will be a drop off for the flood victims at the Weirton Fire Department tomorrow until 6:00!
One time my neighbors called the fire department on us for having a bonfire in our backyard so now we have to have them in our driveway lol
Situational Awareness. Learning from the best in the Fire Department.
The Dumont Fire Department would like to congratulate Lt. Pete Daniele and his newly wedded wife Taylor Daniele...
''The Fire Department has traditionally considered architecture a priority only when it's burning down ''- Justin Davidson
Scrum at neo-Nazi event in California injures 10: A spokesman with the Sacramento Fire Department said at lea...
I haven't left my house in 2 days if I'm not out of the house by noon tomorrow call the fire department
Also this week I'll blog about my visit this weekend to the Conquerall Bank Fire Department for a delicious meal.
Yeah. These guys are calling for calling fire department because the heater's on.
Olmos Park Fire Department. Photo is probably late 1950s or early 1960s
Can a fart smell so bad that a neighbor might call the fire department? Asking for a friend.
s/o to Rae Sremmurd only making fire department hits
Busy night for the fire department! Can smell smoke inside our apt and hear sirens continuously.
Kings landing fire department slacking pretty hard right now
Representing my city, my community & best fire department in America is a huge blessing, being a captain makes me strive harder.
Five people hospitalized after violence at Sacramento, Calif., rally, according to fire department.
.& Fire department What the *** is going on? 20 mins and you are 2 mins from here?!
My neighbors called the fire department to put out the fire and I haven't listened to fartun's mixtape since 😿🔥💿
Calling the fire department.awesome end to a screwed up weekend.time to go to bed🙄😣😕
Vails Gate Fire Dept. Appreciation Dinner Special thanks to for their great servi…
Update: Sacramento Fire Department says 5 patients transported to area hospitals from incident ... htt…
A great weekend! Learning from the best in the Fire. Department. Thanks to Northwest FD.
Fire Department rolls truck into Calgary Public via
I have been a Federal Firefighter with Fort Richardson/ Elmendorf (JBER) Fire Department for exactly 20 years.
Lowell has a report of a rollover crash at Lawrence and Moore streets. Fire Department has a report of a vehicle on its side.
When there's a Slip N Slide, the Fire Department and tells you to do it
Man hole covers billowing smoke but not raised off ground at this time (11.24pm). Fire Department blocked Pine Street first
We are still selling Boston Butts. We are also wanting to donate a butt to each Police and Fire Department in the...
I had a blast playing softball tonight with members of our county Fire Department. Lots of fun.
UPDATE| Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, and Georgia State Patrol all responded to fatal crash.
Richmond County Sheriff's Office and Fire Department responding to a fire near Gordon Highway in Augusta
East Bridgewater Police and Fire Department personnel will be hosting a Public Safety Open House, next Saturday,...
4:18pm The OKC Fire Department asking us to spread the word that OKC Fire Stations are NOT public tornado shelters. NOT pub…
2016 National Chess Champs greeted by Police and Fire Department and their friends!
Calling for volunteers to help with the Fire Department's emergency preparedness mailer on Sat!.
City of Richmond, VA Fire Department busy with brush fires including two that are halting train traffic near Powhite Pkwy and Forest Hill
Walsh: Fire Department maintenance issue &the public at risk&
Walsh: Fire Department maintenance issue 'put the public at risk': Boston Mayor Marty Walsh acknowledges that a…
New staff with the Fire Department came by today to learn about Seminole culture!
F.D.N.Y.: An Illustrated History of the Fire Department of the City of New York
spot on. We should all pay or don't use our Police Force, Fire Department, National Parks etc etc
City of Grand Island - Fire Department quickly put out a fire at 924 S. Cherry Street and saved two dogs Friday...
City of Manchester, NH Fire Department responded to over 21,000 calls in the city in 2015. Fires, rescues,...
NEWS ALERT: Fire in Ybor City: Tampa Fire Department is working a fire in the 1600 block of 7th Av. ...
Plattsburgh City Police and Fire Department are on scene doing welfare checks.
Suspected object found in New York City! Police & Fire Department on accident spot!
advises Fire Department on reducing 911 calls
Today I am with Chief Cox and other members of the Fire Department at the 2016 Annual Northeastern Fire Education Conference.
Austin Texas has a Division as part of its Fire Department with excellent material for homeowners to... http…
Motor Vehicle Accident at the intersection of Andrews Store Rd and US 15-501. Fire Department is on location. One...
Louisville Metro Parks & Fire Department "will be carrying out a prescribed burn of approximately 15 acres in Iroquois Park’s Summit Field"
Why sky lanterns aren't a good idea. MA regulations require a permit from the Fire Department to use them.
Englewood NJ Fire Department 3rd Alarm Fire at the First Presbyterian Church of Englewood 150 E Palisade...
Folsom (CA) Fire Department is accepting the first 100 applications for Firefighter/Paramedic until April 15:
The Fire Department says there was no deliberate attempt to ignore Nigretto or her contributions. But it does...
Dickinson Fire Department records an increase in response capability
Babies are so adorable until they start crying then you gotta leave them in front of the fire department with sad note to the new family
Details of the hiker rescue on Maui Monday afternoon:. Maui Fire Department personnel responded to a report of...
A Seattle Fire Department battalion chief has come forward with allegations of sexism, next at 11:02>>
Just listed to ill mind 8. Had to call the fire department.
HR256 [NEW] Honor the 50th anniversary of the May's Lick Volunteer Fire Department.
Upton officials aiming to improve paramedic staffing: The fire department was licensed to ALS level service (a...
1/"plan the way a fire department plans: It cannot anticipate where the next fire will be, so it has to shape an energetic and...
New firehall too ambitious?: The Kelowna Fire Department may have to wait a few more year before they can cut the ribbon on a new fir...
Forsyth fire department gets grant for emergency medical technology
"The way I see it is...a house in a neighborhood is on fire. When the fire department shows up, they don't start using water on all the
UPDATE: Employee injured in explosion in women’s bathroom at Georgia Gwinnett College.
Westfield Fire Department is currently responding to a/an 29B4 MOTOR VEHICLE A
Or a "free" road. Or a "free" fire department. Or "free" clean water out of the tap. and when the rich get...
apparently the St.Louis fire department is investigating. There are students at slu that can smell and see it too!
Mesa Police fire officer charged with murder: The Mesa Police Department officer who is accused ...
why did they move in the middle of the night?. And. why was fire department involved in physical contact?. ***
hey you should probably call the fire department bc you just got BURNED
Found this cool photo, not mine Chapel Hill Fire Department
The fire department came into my apartment and remembered Mr from Legally Blonde 😂😂😂
well thank you. It's before I joined the fire department. Lol
Thinking about holding a soccer tournament to fundraise money for the Irving Fire Department
Explosion injures employee at Georgia Gwinnett College: -- The victim's condition at 11:05.
One of my best decision I made joining the Moscow fire department back in June of 2014
Someone call the fire department... shes TOOO hot to handle. My twin 😊
When every tenant in your building calls the fire department. Thank you for keeping us safe tonight
We're all gonna be dead by morning. Guess I'll have that last sleeve of Thin Mints after all
City of Pocatello Service Level Report: Fire Department sees increase in calls for 2015
Should Lorain Police Department/ City of Lorain Fire Department have to retire at age 57 so the city can save...
Fire incident involving condo near EDSA Reliance NB. Fire department now on the way | Photo by https:/…
Finished my homework before 11:00 someone call the fire department
Officials talk future options for Fire Department FOX17
20 years working at airport fire department today! Time flies:
Black Lives, they matter here. Also, the fire department came. Gone now.
Richardsville Fire Department weekly activity. 28 total runs for last week. Everyone have a safe week!
Would laugh if one of your neighbors called the fire department...
The fire department got called & everything because it got stuck & started burning. I honestly don't know how you can mistake it for a grill
Salinas Fire to provide department update: It has also brought back key staff positions such as fire marshal, ...
The fire department is responding to several calls about smoke smell and haze. They've been unfounded so far.
But does the Fire department keep up?! Any idea how many firefighters are needed in a highrise fire?
Fire Department and Paramedics join Forces in Fire Station 5: NAMPA, Idaho - In order to serve the community b...
Tonight the Fire Department celebrates the graduates of our latest Citizen's Fire Academy! Congrats to:. Lauren...
March 19 is the 16th Annual Soup Sampler and Open House with the Fire Department! Details:
Assistant Chief Chris Rea says it feels good to be back at work at the Fire Department:
Taking part in mock DUI scene at Saint Ignatius HS w/ Fire Department and Mission Ambulance
Tonite on at 6 pm, Fire Department under review by City Hall.
Hm. didnt Chicago have a "voluntary" Fire Department around the time of the great fire?
Hi and I was Pole Dancing at Fire Department on Ritchie Highway to In this outfit
Fire Department investigating reports of person in marsh off Great Western Road via
i already sent a DM,bt how will u get it if the network *** ?u should fire your whole IT Department Team
Amid lingering doubts, fire department negotiates new contract
Pro Tip: . Do not let your kids push that red button in the elevator. The fire department will NOT think its adorable.
Crews from Engine 18 and truck 43 standing by. Pepco requested fire department to stand by while they reenergize.
Can't wait to join the fire department
Today we mark the anniversary of the line of duty death of Lakewood Fire Department Firefighter Calvin Clark.
Can't wait to join the fire department soon
Fire Chief job posting for the Fairview Rural FD in Apex, N.C:
TC Ln or PC (off Emmas Grove) flagged down by fire department for a DOA
Jaws of Life highlights $30,000 worth of gear stolen from Innisfree fire department
Come to the hollow Creek Fire Department today. The adult race starts at 9 o'clock. If you purchase food, it...
Husband was out half the night with the volunteer fire department. Whole house stinks like fire from his clothes. Ugh.
There's a special place in *** for people who steal from a fire department
Alan Kelly or Tom Hayes? Fifth seat in Tipp. Frying pan and fire department.
Today is market day! See you at the West Reading Fire Department from 10 am to 1 pm.
Rockford Fire Department responds to fire at two-family residence:
I would like to thank Public Works, the Fire Department and Crispin Piper for working tog…
Two people, dog saved from Glendale fire: Glendale Fire Department says two people and a dog were rescued from an…
This is me rescuing a freezing cold puppy that wandered up to the Fire Department this morning at 7:30am. Why me?
Reach out to your local fire department. They are here to help proactively
From Fire Department Activity - Ewing Twp , NJ: CMD reports fire on the exterior with possible…
Conneaut Lake Volunteer Fire Department gets attorney approval from bankruptcy court
Unoccupied St. John's home sustains significant damage: Crews from the St. John's Regional Fire Department wer...
Up Early for some Nashville Fire Department hockey. They take the ice at 645am
Camp fire last friday with the department
The fire department came and extinguished the Bern. Feel the bernt toast.
There was a carbon monoxide leak in our apartment at 2 am so the fire department and police and ambulance showed up..
Hi Yazzy, please hang fire. The department that I'm waiting to hear from don't open until tomorrow. Thanks, Tracey
CARVER FIRE DEPARTMENT: Dog saved from icy pond via
Come out tomorrow, for an all you can eat breakfast at Haycock Fire Department...
Why is there no fire department here yet god, my fire alarm better not go off i swear
mouth is on fire. Send the fire department
Fire in South Mumbai: Fire department finds no equipment
"Fire department investigating fire alarms on the 9th floor." . Have fun getting there fam, there's no *** elevators...
Central Alberta fire department robbed of emergency response equipment
Cicero Fire Department is currently responding to an emergency FUME/ODOR INVESTIGATION call.
The fire department in Oslo dumbfounded by people walking on the ice .
Awogs delivers again! The Virginia Beach Fire Department is very pleased with their new AWOGS helmet shields...
Latest fire department response times exhibit slight increase
When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water. - author unknown
MoCo Fire Department responding to the middle level of the Silver Spring Transit Center. Fire alarms activated.
The LAPD, Los Angeles World Airports Police and Fire Department are now hiring. Join CCC Sat. February 20.
Jim and Todd from the Bedford, IA Fire Department came down and picked up this new Ford F-250 Supercab 4x4 XL to...
It's on A&E.they follow New Orleans EMS, Police and Fire Department on emergency calls. It's pretty interesting.
The Columbia, MO Fire Department conducting ice rescue training at Bass Pro Shops, in Columbia. Crews will be...
Check for availability of smoke detectors in your area. (Fire Department, Red Cross) It may just save your life!...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The Police and Fire Department activity on Ridge Avenue has ceased. Thank you
Police and Fire Department activity has ceased on Ridge Avenue. Thank you.
Please avoid the area of Ridge Avenue, between Ridge 4th St. and E. 5th St, due to Police and Fire Department activity.
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