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Her name is Fiona Hill and she is under George Soros' pay! Roger Stone reporting!
George Soros penetrates White House!. Fiona Hill, who has been on payroll of Soros/Open Society Institute, has been appointed by McMaster.
Fiona Hill,on payroll of Soros & Open Society Institute, infiltrates Trump Administration . via
Fiona Hill, currently on a leave of absence from the Brookings Institute, has joined the National Security Council…
Fiona Hill, Presidential adviser, How is she in the White House? She worked for Soros and the and the Open Society Institute.
Mc Masters, Fiona Hill, Brookings Institute, David Brock, it's going in another circle.
Theresa May in shouting match with her chief of staff Fiona Hill, according to Sunday Times £
The appt. of Fiona Hill is a bad sign that Trump is capitulating to pressure from the evil Left.
U.S. Embassy stops visa interviews for Afghans who helped U.S. troops
Fiona Hill is DT's new advisor on Russia. She isn't a Putinist.
"With President Trump’s “get along with Russia” policy lying in the tatters of a Nikki Haley at the UN and a Fiona Hill at NSC Staff,
Fiona Hill co-wrote a very detailed book on Putin. Now she's in Trump's White House.
Fiona Hill, the smartest and most knowledgable expert on Russia who authored the best book on Putin is now the WH seni…
If the news about Fiona Hill going to White House is true, America would probably have the best expert on Russia since…
Can't but wonder if choices of Fiona Hill for Russia job and Jon Huntsman for Amb. to Russia are efforts to pr…
That's two reasonable people Trump now has on Russia: Huntsman and Fiona Hill in the NSC.
More signs the US establishment is taming Trump: After appointing McMaster and Fiona Hill, he's to name Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia
Fiona Hill, a prominent Kremlinologist, has been tapped for a top White House — a sign of a tougher line on Russia. http…
Also, hasn't he tried to get Fiona Hill, a well known Putin critic at Brookings, to be the top Russia person on the NSC?
Trump Admin picks Fiona Hill as Senior Russia Director for NSC. I've known Fiona for 20 years, she's absolutely world class.
From Fiona Hill, reportedly on deck to be the new NSC senior dir for Europe/Russia.
With Huntsman as ambassador to Moscow & Fiona Hill in charge of Russia in the White House, we'll have 2 grownups overseein…
Russia expert Fiona Hill offered a place in WH. See her article Putin: The one-man show the West doesn’t understand htt…
I'd like to note a bit of good, even great, Trump administration news: Fiona Hill, chosen for the senior WH spot on Russia, is…
Why would Putin want to meddle in the US election in the first place? Fiona Hill explains:
Fiona Hill: Russia has managed to cast a great deal of doubt over the integrity of the US political system. WATCH: https:/…
This only defends the role, not the nasty way that has Fiona Hill handling it - which is the bone of c…
Assigning blame for the leak is different than assigning blame for the original hack, says Fiona Hill to
Check out newest special on fallout in feat. Dennis Ross & Fiona Hill
Happening now: Fiona Hill, Dennis Ross, Nasser Hadian on blowback on Mid East:
Watch Trendlines “Blowback?: Ukraine and the Middle East" The consequences of the crisis in the Ukraine for US-Russia relations and the Middle East will be the subject of the next PBS NewsHour/Al-Monitor “Trendlines” web special, which can be viewed on, Wednesday, March 12, at 10 a.m. EDT. It will feature Dennis Ross, William Davidson Distinguished Fellow and counselor at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy; Nasser Hadian, professor at Tehran University and a contributor to Al-Monitor; Fiona Hill, director of the Center on the United States and Europe and senior fellow in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution; and Ben Caspit, columnist for Al-Monitor’s Israel Pulse. The program will be moderated by Margaret Warner, chief foreign correspondent for PBS NewsHour. Read more:
.Fiona Hill discusses her new book “Mr. Putin,” & ways the US can deal with the situation in Ukraine
Fiona Hill on Russia move in Crimea: 'Post imperial hangover..plays very well at home. Weakness will come later if it falls apart.'
Poutinisme "Putin's vision is not to restore the Soviet Union but to restore Russian greatness," said Kathryn Stoner, a Stanford University professor and expert on Russia. "It's the Russian empire, which is a very clear political and economic system." Stoner called that system "Putinism" and described it as a complex mix of de facto authoritarianism at home and anti-American obstructionism abroad. It is by no means a Soviet-scale threat to the United States. But experts describe it as a controlling, culturally conservative system that Putin actively promotes to counter what he sees as a degenerate and decadent West. "They're definitely setting themselves up in opposition to the United States," said Fiona Hill, an expert on Putin at the Brookings Institution in Washington. "Being the leaders of a conservative coalition of countries who oppose *** rights and *** marriage and those who want to see less of a role for the church, more of a secular society."
Hear more on U.S.-Russian relations from Fiona Hill, & tomorrow at Brookings:
Which Vladimir Putin Are You? - "Who is Mr. Putin?" You are Mr. Putin! With apologies to Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy of the Brookings Institution, whose book Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin inspired this quiz.
Public Health England is holding a National Network School Nursing webinar on 10th January 2014, from 11:00 to 12:30 There will be updates from PHE on the school nurse development programme, and work streams from RCN, SAPHNA and CPHVA. Please contact Fiona Hill, P.A. to Wendy Nicholson for further information: E: fiona.hill T: 020 7210 2718
scholars Fiona Hill & Erica Downs speak at conference: Energy and Security in Eurasia, 4/8
Pageant of the Tsars Symposium Saturday 2 March 11:00am - 4:00pm $65, $40 Member, $20 Student Location: Visitor Center Theater Part of: Lectures and Talks, Members', Russian Hillwood and the Initiative for Russian Culture at American University are pleased to present a symposium complementing the exhibit Pageants of the Tsars: The Coronation Albums of the Romanovs. The exhibition marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Romanov dynasty in 1613 and explores the history of Russia through the lens of Hillwood’s collection of five coronation albums. Spend the day with Russian scholars, including exhibition curator Kristen Regina of Hillwood, Anton Fedyashin and Eric Lohr from American University, Fiona Hill of The Brookings Institution, Russell Martin of Westminster College and Edward Kasinec of the Harriman Institute at Columbia University.
Vladimir Putin has been Russia's dominant political figure for more than a decade, but he is a man of many identities. He likes to play roles. The images that his public relations team has orchestrated range from big game hunter to scuba diver to biker, even night club crooner. It is reminiscent of the British cartoon character Mr. Benn. Observers have variously said, he has no face, no substance, no soul; he is "the man from nowhere" —a nobody, yet a man who can appear to be anybody. Of course, Putin is not a "nobody"; he only wants the world to see him that way, and he has gone to extraordinary lengths throughout his life to conceal who he really is. In this book, Russian experts Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy answer the question, "Who is Mr. Putin?" Drawing on many sources, including their own personal encounters with him, they argue that there are, in fact, several "real Putins." His outlook has been shaped by many influences —a combination of archetypical Russian mentality, a very close reading of ...
Would the real Vladimir Putin please stand up? Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy on the many faces of Russia's president.
In 30 mins we'll begin registration for our U.S.-Russian relations program this evening with Fiona Hill from
We're excited to welcome Fiona Hill, who will be speaking about U.S.-Russian relations and Vladimir Putin, to our podium tonight!
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