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Fine Gael

Fine Gael (– meaning Family or Tribe of the Irish ) is a centre-right to centrist political party in the Republic of Ireland.

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I always thought Fine Gael liked the queen? Was that just a John Bruton thing? Might have s…
.Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny, who announced his departure earlier this year after 15 years as leader of Fine Gael.
Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny will resign as leader of ruling Fine Gael party
The bets are in on who's to replace Enda Kenny as Fine Gael leader
In a change to TV schedules watch special, 9.35pm tonight on as Enda Kenny steps down as Fine Gael leader
Emotion the order of the day as Enda Kenny steps down at historic Fine Gael party meeting htt…
As a mark of respect to Enda Kenny, flags over Fine Gael buildings will fly at half-wit mast this evening.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny steps down as leader of Fine Gael
A good guy BUT it is the right decision time for a change Kenny to retire as Fine Gael leader at midnight via
"He came in crisis and he left in crisis" - SF Leader Gerry Adams reacts to Enda Kenny stepping down as leader of Fine Gael ht…
Taoiseach Enda Kenny quitting as Fine Gael chief to pave way for new leader, by
Taoiseach Enda Kenny resigns as Fine Gael leader effective from midnight tonight.
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny is to step down as leader of Fine Gael from midnight
Taoiseach Enda Kenny to retire as Fine Gael leader from midnight tonight
Kenny confirms he is stepping down as Fine Gael leader from midnight
Enda Kenny announces resignation as Fine Gael leader via
Enda Kenny announces resignation as Fine Gael leader
Enda Kenny to step down as Fine Gael leader at midnight:
Prediction: If Leo Varadkar becomes next Fine Gael leader there will be cabinet reshuffle. . Simon Coveney will become Minister for Finance.
Fine Gael's 'Minister for Social Protection' Leo Varadkar is to bring in a bill that includes the...
Fine Gael productions are delighted to bring a modern reinterpretation of Beckett's classic to the Dáil bar: Waitin…
Ah but in Ireland that would be (was?) Fine Gael. Many years ago, I attended Konrad Adenauer Stiftung meeting from…
The last fire sale of Aer Lingus, NAMA assets and shares was for Fine Gael election funds. AIB the same
Local senator, Dr James Reilly (FG) has confirmed that Fine Gael are in the process of putting aside €250 million...
A Fine Gael view of a river: "Waterford can't is stymied by the Suir." Senator Paddy Coffey on RTE Radio this morning. Marvellous!
Time to get rid of Hierarchy. But do Fine Gael/ Fianna Fáil / Labour want change? My piece in https:…
A new Fine Gael leader would bring exactly as much change as a Fianna Fáil led government would: None.
No Fianna Fail TD has credibility in criticism of Fine Gael. You were given the chance to rid Ireland of Enda, instead you…
Fianna Fail councillor complaining about Fine Gael's right-wing ideology, like there's a difference between the two parties
Kerry Senator warns Fine Gael in danger of turning into family at war
Imagine ... it took a television programme to bring all this sickness & vileness to light. Fine Gael, you have brought SHAME to the
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The Moriarty tribunal found that Denis O’Brien made improper payments to the Fine Gael communications minister.
Fine Gael's death wish. Jim Daly TD shows that the John Bruton VAT on Children's Shoes Tendency is still undead.
Translated, John Bruton of the IFSC & Fine Gael means slashing the wages of all workers, other than senior banking…
Denis O'Brien's Fine Gael and want to criminalise social media while chanting '
The carve-up of state services continues. Say "Thank you" again to Fine Gael & those sick standing by it.…
Fine Gael & Senator Alice Mary Higgins feuded over office space at Leinster House as they tried to have her 'moved'…
Electricity Pylons going across Fine Gael farmers land gets Regina raging~not child poverty, not homelessness, not decrepit…
Guy I know said he votes Fine Gael, "because my parents do", and I so very nearly slapped him
The health service and hospitals by the time Simon Harris and Fine Gael are finished with it.
James Reilly 2011: Fine Gael would abolish the HSE by 2016. .
James Reilly, Monaghan 2008: . "..we are men and women of honour in Fine Gael. We keep our word" .
Fine Gael new Health correspondent live on now
Could that be Fine Gael TD's daughter & would-be queen bee Kathy Sheridan?
One wonders if Enda might be tempted to do a John Major and stand in a leadership contest he calls himself? No...
Achievements from 2016:. - got article published. - got blocked by anti-choicers/ Fine Gael-ers, thus saving me the bother of blocking them
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Just shows how much of a Mess Fine Gael are when they have Nothing to replace the village ***
Fine Gael keeping the recovery going.
Fine Gael will not change leader in 2017: (SN)
Fine Gael asleep at the Wheel! Trolley numbers have again exceeded the record in the first week of 2017. This is...
Fine Gael & Fianna Fail are bad for your health.
Maintaining a diplomatic silence on foreign affairs issues, Charlie Flanagan concentrates on shoring up Enda Kenny.
Record number of people on trolleys in hospitals,homelessness epidemic, home repossessions daily.Fine Gael, a great bunch of lads
This is beyond a joke. Record Trolley numbers in A&Es in the opening week of 2017. Fine Gael Asleep at the wheel!...
Fine Gael / Labour HQs are running 'Recovery' units with soup kitchens & foodbanks attached.
Fianna Fáil 31%, Fine Gael 28%, Sinn Féin 16%. Also, seems to have also cracked the key to immortali…
Fine Gael leadership talk is 'disruptive' of preperation to tackle Brexit consequences, Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan said.
Soundbites. Words like 'society, empathetic, caring' are foreign to Fine Gael or they wouldn't have to specify…
What other Minister gets away with not commenting on their own job?
Fianna Fáil surge ahead in new poll as Fine Gael's popularity with voters stalls, full details in today's…
FG will not change leader in 2017, says Paschal Donahue.
Transport Minister Shane Ross accused Coalition partners Fine Gael of treating him and his Independent Alliance ...
just crying over Diego and Gael at 1am this is fine
Fine Gael will not change leader in 2017: Paschal Donohoe -
Shane Ross: Fine Gael tried to isolate Alliance TDs -
. Blueshirts were the founding stone of modern Fine Gael-is Taoiseach a fascist?do you have FG connected supporters?
Grey is nondemocratic, dark green is Fianna Fail, light green is Fine Gael, black dot is majority, white dot is minority/coalition
Fine Gael is all that stands between us and the even further Right.
In ur years as CoS, would u say Labour was more in agreement w Fine Gael or more at odds?
Presumably Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are hoping they can weather one term of new politics then get back to taking turns.
It's incredible how those revisionists wielded so much power in the 26 counties, aided and abetted by political lackies…
Enda Kenny risks Fine Gael row over third term in power -
Just commented on New poll says people want Leo Varadkar to be the next leader of Fine Gael -
Jim Gibney: Republic's government reverting to Fine Gael `type' - the Irish News
Fine Gael team song now. Creating jobs... . For da bhoys. For da relatives. For da senator . For the grateful. For the €£$
Shadow of and tribunal hung over Fine Gael via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Enda Kenny of Fine Gael who use Gardai, State Depts and to harass...attacks social media. . https:/…
Fine Gael and Labour deserve credit for the 75 social houses built in 2015.
Richard Bruton again failing to rule out Fine Gael leadership bid on Here’s what he told me last week
In fairness, you have to admire Fine Gael's technique of breeding an identical tone of arrogance into their young men.
Well now we can see how young Fine Gael view lone parents. Not much hope for the lone parents in Sligo, if this...
and any young person in Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael is just waiting their turn.
Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Labour Party have let young people down –. .
sorry but Susan Mitchell v Fine Gael waffle its Susan EVERY time I will trust.
Indeed, but let's not be unfair to Fine Gael's Michael Lowry by n…
Sinn Fein: "Simon Harris needs to buck the Fine Gael trend when dealing with the EU": Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boyl...
Independent says Fianna Fáil are furious over Fine Gael's decision.Richard Bruton appears to b acting exactly like Ruairi Quinn
The Policing Authority by unambiguously stating the obvious is at odds with comments from Garda Commissioner, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.
Fine Gael in government without suspend Irish Water and doing away with Jobbridge. What did Labour do when in government?
"Fine Gael got fewer votes than last time but they have more ministers than they ever had. And each minister costs us a lot of money."
How many more like has Michael Noonan, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail abandoned to vile abusers?. https:…
He gets into the ministerial compound because of a squalid little deal done by Fine Gael with independent TDs.
Good riddance to Joan Burton as Labour Party leader, her politics more akin to Fine Gael.
Fine Gael talks with Independents end without agreement dashing Kenny's hopes of being re-elected Taoiseach tomorrow htt…
Ireland to have minority Fine Gael government after deal agreed
Fianna Fail supporting a Fine Gael minority government is coalition by proxy. .
Fine Gael set to form a minority government after reaching a deal on Irish Water with Fianna Fail
Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil may be closing in on an agreement allowing the formation of a minority government
"At the election Sinn Fein was not engaged in the Never-Neverland stuff that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael engaged in"
Say No End game now playing out between Kenny, Martin: Equally, Fine Gael believes that a majority...
Acting Minister for Finance Michael Noonan: 'It's an open secret that Fine Gael would ... -
A nightmare government of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour will not deliver change
Fine Gael and Labour lost 56 seats in election now both looking like heading into Government.. ***
Gerry Adams says public patience is wearing very thin with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael –
Leo Varadkar says Fine Gael will need to get independents or smaller parties on board to get to 60 to ensure a viable government
Fine Gael considering fudge on bills, adding to Property Tax to broker deal
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Mayo Fianna Fail TD says people didn’t vote for her party to go in to power with Fine Gael. That story plus lots more on…
a fair comment. Fine gael - the last thing a northern nationalist will ever rely on!
A bit like Denis O Brien than? Amazed Fine Gael didn't embrace him to their breasts
I'm glad I voted Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour now.
Fine Gael they're nothing more then fascists and a pathetic excuse for a party
BBC News - Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil resume talks with independents and Green Party
Fine Gael makes first concrete offer to Independents - Irish Examiner
It's time somebody shouted stop to Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil's education plans
Increasingly clear FF now hold the long term strategic advantage over Fine Gael
The 1916 rebels would have put Fine Gael up against a wall and shot them
Is it true the that today March 31st, 34 days since the election was the first time Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil contacted one another. Shocking
It's a good sign that FF & FG can't even agree over the substance of a phone call...
Eoghan Murphy's vision of "new politics": keep Fine Gael in the driving seat - certainly not what I was elected for
Fine Gael were always the voice of treason, not reason.
You'd almost think Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil want things to go on as long as possible, like planned all along...
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I think it's outrageous that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have yet to talk,5 weeks after election.
How much are our political 'leaders' getting paid not to talk? Unacceptable that Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil were not talking to each other
So the low down Fine Gael meeting 15 indepts on mon/tues to agree documents, Fianna Fáil meeting them mon/tues for talks…
How the fear of upsetting truck drivers was deemed a more pressing issue than climate change by Fine Gael government
Fine Gael's offering to Ind TD's for a Citizen's Assembly on Seanad reform is a joke. We don't need another report, we ne…
Enda and Micheál finally speak on the phone - but there's confusion over who said what (via
Contact has been made between the leaders of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael on the formation of a coalition government. More at 7pm.
The Fianna Fáil leader says he will talk to the Fine Gael leader next week. More at 6pm.
.Any Ninja Turtles down there? And if so, would they go into government with Fine Gael.
Fine Gael waiting for that phone call from Fianna Fáil
Kerry Fine Gael TD says rotating Taoiseach could work: more on News 30 at 5.30pm, 96-98fm or
Proposed reduction in VAT on new homes via
Pat Doyle of the Peter McVerry trust has called on Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil to start talking saying the homeless crisis n…
the most famous mistake ever made by Fine Gael. Minister Tully mixed with gerrymander. Tullymander.
Confusion reigns: FF says Micheál Martin did NOT see text from Enda about meeting tomorrow before speaking to media https:…
The right to life is non-negotiable. Roll on a second election & we'll put Fine Gael out for a generation.
To add to the intrigue at Leinster House, Fine Gael had a spy on the plinth filming Micheál Martin’s press conference earl…
Something for you two ignoramuses as Fine Gael and Fianna Fail destroy the republic. https…
Fine Gael's Simon Coveney says everyone elected to the 32nd Dail has a responsibly to contribute to the construction of a stable government.
FYI, NUI Seanad voters: Fine Gael is claiming Pearce Flannery and John Higgins as party candidates
Joan Burton and Labour still wedded to Fine Gael as they support Enda Kenny for Taoiseach
A Fianna Fail-Fine Gael coalition is a bit like Richard Burton-Liz Taylor relationship.on paper it looks good but will end in tears!
Can Fianna Fail and Fine Gael work together? Bertie Ahern joins Shane Coleman this morning on The Sunday Show
Also, Fine Gael actually know how to support a minority government. FF don't. And it's not very Fianna Fáil
Fine Gael is open to change on Irish Water. via The Irish Times and today's policy is.
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny's Fine Gael party will only seek to form a minority government if it can strike a deal that ensures smaller…
All over in Meath West, gets the 3rd and final seat at the expense of his Fine Gael colleague sitting TD Ray…
Fine Gael's Peter Burke and Labour's Willie Penrose take the two remaining seats in the 32nd Dáil.
Audio on the live blog: The Longford Leader talks to Fine Gael solicitor Kevin O'Higgins...
Fine Gael's Dara Murphy beats Labour's Kathleen Lynch to the final seat in Cork North Central.
According to RTÉ polling data, here is how few people actually want a Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael coalition
Richard Boyd Barrett tells George Hook that Fine Gael "represents the 26% of people who felt the recovery".
It turns out that the late John Healy's verdict is still accurate: Fine Gael are political amateurs, gentleman farmers and lawyers.
An emotional day for all parties as Fine Gael's congratulates newly elected
Waterford result: John Deasy takes last seat for Fine Gael in
Fine Gael's John Deasy has been elected securing the fourth and final seat in
It was a short-lived draw! Fine Gael take the lead thanks to John Deasy securing the last seat in Waterford
The election of John Deasy in Waterford means Fine Gael have more seats than Fianna Fáil for the first time since counting beg…
John Deasy: 'There was an unhealthy strut about Fine Gael over the last year, some people lost the plot'
Fine Gael's John Deasy has been elected on the ninth, and final, count in Waterford
Fine Gael's has been elected on the sixth count in Meath West
Fianna Fáil's Michael McGrath hinting that the party's stance on a coalition with Fine Gael may be softening.
If Fianna Fáil pass Fine Gael then Enda Kenny would have to resign as FG leader stat but remain as Taoiseach until new govt f…
All the while the bankers & speculators go free thanks to Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael & 26County Labour
Meanwhile back in real world. Kenny ignores Fine Gael abandonment of kids to abusers http…
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Enda - Fine Gael's offering nothing to help people to buy a home
This is basically what's going to happen in Ireland, except Fianna Fáil, Sinn Fein, Norn Iron and Fine Gael respectively
There is a long memory of Fine Gael in my family associated with housing and bankruptcy of builders.
Fine Gael: If we get a majority, all mentions of Gerry Adams will be followed by "who was probably in the IRA and hates B…
At the start of the month, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil voted against a ban on fracking. https:…
Fine Gael set to keep three seats in Taoiseach's Mayo constituency - poll:
Labour are red . Fine Gael are blue. Both tell lies. And that is true.
The latest poll shows support for Fine Gael is down:
Fine Gael to launch election manifesto as latest poll shows drop in support for party:
Fine Gael's party political broadcast declares that not voting for them is "stupid". Such a charming bunch.
Bertie Ahern does not believe Fianna Fáil will go into government with Fine Gael
Micheal Martin conceding that Fine Gael are simply implementing the late Brian Lenihan's and FF's plan. 2 sides of the same coin.
Fine Gael voted against every Bill Brian Lenihan put forward, now they're trying to claim credit for his recovery
FF's Sean Haughey (son of Charlie, grandson of Lemass) indicates he's open to 'national interest' government with Fine Gael.
Taoiseach: “Irish Water charges will remain in effect if Fine Gael and Labour are re-elected to Government” -
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Favoured son of Fine Gael avoids €57 million tax bill. We wonder if a trip to the Special Criminal Court is in order h…
FACT: Sinn Féin wants to abolish the Special Criminal Court. . FACT: Fine Gael wants to abolish the USC.
Out canvassing with Kate O'Connell FG last night! Brilliant candidate for Fine Gael in Dublin Bay South
What have Fine Gael ever done for West Belfast and it's people??? I'm intrigued to know???
South Dublin, property developers, Fine Gael et al - you can keep the hand egg. One half is too much for me. Jumping off the bandwagon.
Time to join forces for Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil | Irish Examiner // they are identical so why not
Ireland 2021. Fine Gael promises a Special Criminal Court in every living room in the land
Enda won't even open the Tribunal Report into clandestine payments to Michael Lowry AND Fine Gael.
Fine Gael and Labour at odds over universal free GP care. via The Irish Times
Irish Times cyberpoll: Fine Gael and Labour long cyberway off cybermajority
Irish Times poll: Fine Gael and Labour long way off majority opportunity for new parties like RENUA
Fine Gael politican canvassing on the bridge. Told him off with a quick "Erin Go Bragh, NI MAITH LIOM BLUESHIRTS"
Fine Gael has three steps, one forward and two back.
Following on from his lectures on the 1916 Easter Rising, Fine Gael's John Bruton remembers the French Revolution
"Why can’t Fine Gael stay away from sleaze?" Justine McCarthy on the appeal of Michael Lowry
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Fine Gael's Maura Hopkins urged to take Labour Senator's lead in political stance on Athlone Boundary Review...
EXPOSED: Fine Gael brainchild behind Simon Coveney caught on video confirming Ireland's water to be...
Uncovered: Simon Coveney spells out clearly Fine Gael's plan to make Irish Water a commercial organisation. ht…
Fine Gael to promise return of dental benefits
Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin in scathing attack on 'right wing' Fine Gael
Well, let John Bruton, Fine Gael politician and spokesperson for bankers, have the floor. "If the 1916 leaders...
In 2001 John Bruton resigned as leader of Fine Gael following a vote of no confidence in his ab...
"Kenny will become the first Fine Gael leader to serve a second term as Taoiseach", eh, Garrett Fitzgerald served two terms
TD Perry added to Fine Gael election ticket: TD John Perry will be a...
Here's an odd one from Lyndsey Clarke of Fine Gael in 2014 Cork City North West
Pat Rabbitte: I don't see an overall majority being the likely outcome for Fine Gael in election: Labour TD an...
Government committed to full employment by 2018: Fine Gael's director of elections Brian Hayes has said the Go...
Ahead of the launch of the Fine Gael's London Young Professionals Network, there will be Christmas drinks for all...
I M F / E C B and their supporters in Fine Gael / Labour and Fianna Fáil should be ashamed of themselves .
Looking at the polls, it could very well be a Fine Gael/ Fianna Fail coalition next year. Imagine that. Young peeps switch off.
Fine Gael would be disgusted with me, I brought 4 young people ranging in age from 18 to 22 in to register to vote earlier. …
Burke added to Fine Gael ticket in Longford-Westmeath: Fine Gael have added Westmeath County Councillor Peter ...
Electioneering for Fine Gael, pure and simple.
Fine Gael TD & Landlord is to sell all properties. Believing new rent certainty laws impinge on his right to …
Should TD’s be private landlords? Cork Sinn Fein Councillor notes that one Fine Gael TD has MORE than TEN…
Fine Gael throwing all problems into the long grass for the next government. If they win the punishment will continue and nothing solved
'What happened here is very clear': Fine Gael backbenchers got an interesting Gardagate (via
majority of people DONT want water charges yet Fine Gael/Labour insist it's going to happen whether they like it or not
absolutely nothing to Fine Gael/Labour dictators. Doesn't matter what the people say, is what Enda and Joan say.
Byrne RTE1tonight - It would appear Fine Gael politicians seem to be feeling nervous by the surge in protest against the party. GREAT
Fine Gael landlord TD to sell his 10 properties due to rent hike freeze
Regina Doherty is in favour of wind turbines..,just not the ones in her backyard..just like travellers...mealy-mouthed Fine Gael.
If Fine Gael REALLY care about the disappeared how come they do nothing about the case?
Poll shows five point increase for Fine Gael via
Revealed: How Fine Gael wants its councillors to say the EXACT same thing
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.Tom Barry Fine Gael Td will be forced to sell his 10 Properties
Fine Gael don't care about waiting lists. They all have health insurance and don't wait for their hip replacement and a priv…
Denis O'brien, Michael Lowry and Fine Gael know that a new Irish Govt. will act on the Moriarity Tribunal.
Fine Gael would even risk the Good Friday Agreement to score political points out of their fear of losing power to the left.…
That's Fine Gael gone in the next election anyway
People are blaming the water charges, the budget, the Irish weather, hair, Piers Morgan, Dana, Fine Gael, injuries and Marado…
terrifying bunch of reactionaries unopposed - I'd say Lenny Henry was only guest not hand picked by some Fine Gael committee!
Taoiseach: "Fine Gael will not form a 'footsie' government with Fianna Fáil if we are ... -
Taoiseach Enda Kenny rules out "footsie" coalition between Fine Gael and Fianna Fail [].
Keith Allen SIPTU "I want 2 put it 2 u that t Labour Party is the enthusiastic & active collaborator with Fine Gael in impos…
A Fine Gael candidate farts in Outer Mongolia: headline news across the board on Irish media.
listening to fine gael senator is like being on a different planet Who does he think he is fooling? Fine Gael voters ?
Is it true that Fine Gael are eyeing Peter Robinson and Sinn Féin are considering Jamie Bryson for seats in the Seanad?
.doesn't understand why Fine Gael not damaged more in polls . Aw, bless!
Fine Gael has to add eight women to hit gender quota: Social Democrat TD Stephen Donnelly said: "Our experienc...
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If watching on remember that Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil abandoned & then imprisoned people like Don…
In an echo of John Bruton, refers to the Peace Process as "the bloody process.." Fine Gael disgrace!
A vote for Fine Gael's democracy is a vote for Dáil diktat. You vote, they rule like KINGS & GUEENS. Republic dies.
Tom O'Higgins' judgment in the Norris case is a terrible black mark in the history of Fine Gael.
David Vance, NI Unionist bigot who shares many Fascist views of Fine Gael
Minister hires former Fine Gael councillor as a chauffeur on wages of €630 a week
Bertie Ahern is not gone he's living the high life WHO WOULD TRUST A Fianna Fail & Fine Gael government
Fine Gael's John Perry claimed €156,525 in 2014 for 'Public Relations'. I've never heard of him! Money well spent??
Fine Gael senator Cáit Keane was worried about Yanis Varoufakis wife riding on the back of his motorbike without a helmet. I'm Embarrassed.
Barry Cowan: I would refuse to part of a government with Fine Gael as the lead party
ICYMI, a Fine Gael senator is worried about Yanis Varoufakis’ wife
I reckon Joan "I always wanted to be Fine Gael" Burton looks at her dog these days and sees a new Sinn Fein TD.!
And top class lawyer! Ex-Fine Gael senator nominated as EU judge.
Agriculture minister Simon Coveney has signed off on appointments of 2 failed Fine Gael general election candidates to board of Bord Bia
Two former Fine Gael candidates appointed to state board minister Simon Coveney signed appointments off last week .
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.I'm no fan of Fine Gael or Labour but I'm amused at a TD taking the high moral ground on this!
Today in 2003 Senator is chosen as Fine Gael's first spokesman on Dublin
I kind of like Alan Shatter a bit now I know he's written a novel. I know he has 15 properties and he's Fine Gael but novels are nice.
Billionaire who made clandestine payments to Fine Gael & Michael Lowry TD is angry at RTE …
Ask qns on Denis O'Brien or Fine Gael and he'll block you. That's mad Ted! .
Is Simon Coveney seriously being mooted as a potential rival to Leo V for the next Fine Gael leader? Haven't seen him in months :-/
Fine Gael show real commitment to marriage by cutting funding to front line prep service.
You say Eamon Gilmore was warning of Fine Gael water tax..while Labour intended to introduce?!
Amazing piece by Fine Gael general secretary Tom Curran on his *** son and voting yes.
This would be the equivalent of Fine Gael hoovering up the likes of Alan Kelly, Brendan Howlin and Jan O'Sullivan's seats.
Who is Kevin Cross, chairman of the Referendum Commission? How is he related to Fine Gael?
Fine Gael's director Simon Coveney is debating Ronan Mullen on
As far as I see, last night's Dublin Bay South convention was the first contested Fine Gael convention - came close to one in Dublin West
Eoghan Murphy & Kate O'Connel are Fine Gael candidates for Dublin Bay South after convention tonight
Fine Gael isn't so much a political party as an unlikely coalition, able to accomodate nationalists, republicans and John Bruton (
Take note : Not bad looking Lowry to drag Fine Gael to a new low
I cannot believe Fine Gael r actually considering this. If they r, they have the morals of a sewer rat, apolo…
Corruption thrives in the Crony Kickback Party. Secret Fine Gael bid to woo via
Rip off Renua. How lo g before people realise ye are a rip off of Fine Gael. Not too long Id imagine.Keep it up
Secret Fine Gael bid to woo Lowry via be carful who u vote for,wolfs in sheeps clothing.
Secret Fine Gael bid to woo Lowry via
Secret Fine Gael bid to woo Lowry Remember who Lowry is (really is).
Debt foisted upon us by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael Labour is now €215,600,000,000. DO NOT PAT WATER TAX! http…
The greatest inequality in society is between rich and poor but Fine Gael and Labour haven't embraced ending that difference.
Bruton & Fine Gael described the 'Celtic Tiger' as a 'Celtic Snail' and demanded LESS regulations of financial Services.
Totally agree that fre GP care should have been rolled out on a needs basis. Pure vote buying by Fine Gael and Labour.
Secret Fine Gael bid to woo Lowry..I know you didnt make the cut at but dont give up Shane !!.
LOL, In one day, I could defraud the state out of as much money as 1000 social welfare fraudsters can in a year. Thanks Fine Gael ;)
This what the Continuity Fine Gael party stands for. Is this really any different to political arrests? htt…
In 2011 Fine Gael promised a democratic revolution. In 2015 Fine Gael is cosying up to Michael Lowry. Reminder:
New politics? 'Michael Lowry approached by senior Fine Gael figures about the prospect of propping up the next govt' h…
The smiling and occasional winks across the Dáil chamber have worked. Secret Fine Gael bid to woo Lowry
FG extending the career of Lowry again. The undue power he holds as a "freelancer" is why he keeps getting elected.
Fine Gael was always Toxic,Lowry back in is a perfect match. Pillars of Corruption in Irish Politics.
Secret Fine Gael bid to woo Lowry by and
"The pre-election manoeuvres (by fine gael) bear a startling resemblance to the first Bertie Ahern Fianna Fail-led governm…
Some craic on the young Fine Gael pages about the drinking ban tomorrow
I met a young Fine Gael student in GMIT at the weekend and he did not know what 1916 meant!You should hear some of FG Youth
Fine Gael selects David Fitzgerald to run in Carlow-Kilkenny by-election. He beat former IFA president John Bryan
Cllr David Fitzgerald beats John Bryan to gain the Fine Gael nomination to contest Phil Hogan's old seat in Carlow/Kilkenny
John Bryan loses to David Fitzgerald in Fine Gael selection contest for Carlow-Kilkenny by-election
A third of nominated judges are linked to Fine Gael
Yesterday I finally copped to the fact that Labour, Fianna Fáil and the Sinners all have an Ard Fheis, but Fine Gael now have a Conference.
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