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Fine By Me

Fine By Me is an organization in the United States with the mission to give voice to friends and supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

Andy Grammer Andy Grammar

with Andy Grammer and Fine By Me only here:
He made me fall in love when he sang "propuesta indecente"by Romero Santos omg he's so fine😩❤😍
Loved "100 Years Of Jazz In 99 Minutes" on Sat. The fact it lasted 2 hours or so was fine by me - more to enjoy!
Very good chance that Traylor and Norvell stay and have major roles though, which is fine by me.
All I know is I don't feel as bad as ben right now and that's fine by me
I couldn't care less. If it prevents things like Paris from happening, it's fine by me.
Honestly can't see myself kissing anyone or being in relationship which is fine by me love where I'm at
"Nigeria Extends Deadline for MTN to Pay $5.2 Billion Fine" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
There is much to dislike in Starbucks. The cinnamon buns are fine by me though
OK. So your article is a carefully considered distillation of advice & input from a broad range of expert sources? Fine by me.
Today, we are deeply, deeply saddened by the passing of one of our fine young men, who went home to be with the...
One of the reason why I hate being a tall girl: boys around me think I'm doing fine by my own a.k.a mandiri pdhl emg butuh bantuan BANGET
Nigeria: MTN N1.04 trillion fine deadline extended by FG - Read and Share
Windy City by Krzysztof Hanusiak. A featured image in the group "Aerial Views - Looking Down" on Fine Art...
Oh I know that the music's fine Like sparklin' wine, go and have… ♫ Save the Last Dance For Me by Michael Bublé —
After recent events, you can bet security is on point. And that is perfectly fine by me. 😎 Head out a little earlier than usual.
Morning Flight - two seagulls in flight against a lovely blue background... original acrylic painting by Knee...
sciles | fine by me. ; HBD DYLAN LOML ILYSM . ((I made this like a month ago but never p... (Vine by 1988haynes) https:/…
Which is fine by me since my wrist is still a smushball that would lose in a game of mercy against a 5yr old
Joan the Maid Hears the Voices of Saints Fine Art by MysticThistle via
my weekend Was Fine, I think Lil keshi should win the Bet award upcoming Act of the Year plz play me Duro Remix by Tekno
Woohoo! Been summoned by oral girl! I arrive, quick chat then I provide oral. Once finish I'm just asked to leave. Suits me just fine!
The LRC is again offering an “Exchange Your Fine By Helping Others”. Between today and Wednesday, December 16, if...
anything that shows Trumps bigotry and ignorance is fine by me, regardless of punctuality :-)
Because I fogured you won't give up so :(( Aight, neechan's fine by me.
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If you say that and leave, you think I’ll be fine? 󾌵󾌳󾌸 ♫ AIRPLANE by iKON —
Introducing one of our 10 Minute Play Festival Finalists:. "I Was Fine Until You Came Into the Room" by Rich...
New exhibition featuring work curated by Allan Watson ,head of fine art at Gray's School of Art, opening this...
Rome is cheap on steam, but anything would be fine by me; I'd like to see how you play those games.
Take me to the time when things were fine, it's all broken now📝 ♫ That Should Be Me by —
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
'I want to be by your side' but you don't need me again :') take care honey i know you will be fine :')
If you wanna buy it yourself it's totally fine by me. I did reserve one GA ticket for you that I have until Fri to pay.
It's said that Australia is at the *** end of the earth. Sitting in our garden, that's just fine by me.
Mum look at me, I'm really okay. Trust me, everything is gonna be fine. (Vine by
alright sure! yes central london's fine but i'll only be in london by 22 nov. PM me for details xx
I look ugly in real life which is really fine by me
fine by me I'll reply back! But Ima get some sleep now goodnight hermosa sleep well! ❤️
MTN N1.04trn Fine:. The deadline of November 16 given to South Africa telecom giant, MTN by the NCC expires...
Fine.. You're telling me I have to take it back by force, right? ✍
free my IB. 😘😞 boy it ain't a hour/day that goes by without me thinking bout your fine *** Hurry home baby, I miss you. 😓
Fine By Me by Andy Grammar is an actual tune 😁
// Good luck Alicia and CH Fine By Me this morning! @ Freedom Hall
Fine By Me by Andy Grammer reminds me of you.
it'd be absolutely fine by me as long as RS made the break permanent & the band were honest w/ fans
signed a 4-yr. contract extension w/today?? FINE BY ME!! So EXCITED to see my favorite Buck in MKE until 2018! -Bishara
I'm literally never home anymore. But that's perfectly fine by me.
Fine by me, I'll have my bf and my bff. :]]
whatever its Lady gaga, whatever she wears, is fine by me :')
Fine by me,but that picture of him i sent you,omfg,crying.
and that's fine by me. Another 100 million in JP's piggy bank (paid to him in bronze coins obviously)
I only have one person who is truely my bestfriend. But that's fine by me, one bestfriend is honestly all I need. 
hey bruh, just to let you know, I been copying your style - fine by me, represent it well kind sir
Having Red Robins 3 times in the past 7 days is fine by me!
I like to deal with things alone. I never like people helping me. so if you leave that's fine by me.
Im just saying its fine by me that you never leave.
I still have $60 worth in Starbucks cards. Fine by me 💁
I can't tell where the journey will end , They say I'm caught up in a dream . Well that's fine by me ...
that's fine by me. Shall we meet outside BK as usual and go from there?
I'm just saying its fine by me if you never leave 💞😍
It's whatever. You don't wanna be friends, fine by me.
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My girlfriend rules . 1 day 2 stick of ciggies . It's fine by me brothers . Fine by me . Q
Fine by me. “Random question : if a girl has no boobs, is it wrong for her to not wear a top to the beach?”
We can lay like this forever, it's fine by me
I'm just saying, it's fine by me if you never leave
fine by me and Liam can be all your except he now has a girlfriend
fine by me. As much as I want it, I want you happy with it more
“Alright and you get NO contact from me.” Fine by me
Steak 'n Shake for dinner. Fine by me 😋
And we can stay like this forever its fine by me
that's fine by me, I'll be too busy getting flip flopped with my mates x x
Any show that smashes Rush Limbaugh and his lies is fine by me. All hail the Newsroom!!
They say life will pass me by if i dont open up my eyes well thats fine by me.
People said I'm a "Thot" that's fine by me cause when this "Thot" is your surgeon on day just remember I made it ...
If anyone wants to buy me a new 7 3/8 Dodgers hat it would be fine by me
Going through High School I've noticed that a lot of people I've held close just move on. And that's fine by me. Wish it were different.
It's fine by me, if you never leave🎶
So we're *** with male names. That's fine by me.
lol fine by me. I hate doing my hair.
He said we movin out the state.. Fine by me.
Fine By Me by Andy Grammer will never get old 😎🎧
🎧 "Fine By Me" by Andy Grammer -- just found out about this awesome artist tonight!
Fine By Me by Andy Grammer always makes me want to dance.
If you're into haunting Scandinavian literature, beautifully written, I recommend Per Petterson's It's Fine By Me. It depicts the growing up years of the two friends from his unforgettable Out Stealing Horses - one boy traumatized by his abusive father and the death of his younger brother and the ot...
"Fine By Me" by Andy Grammar is such a cute song 🎧👫
I always jam out to Fine By Me by Andy Grammer because its such a fun song. (:
as much as I enjoy your originals, that would be fine by me.
Ignore me cause I had a life last night, that's fine. Doesn't help that I have been "stood up" by the one thing I was looking forward to
yeah that's fine by me don't think I'm doing angthing;) going anywhere exciting Friday?;)
lmfao why cause I haven't been there? Lol completely fine by me
Its fine by me spend some time by me. Its a jungle out there come and climb my tree.
Boy, I want more than what we have, but if this is as good as it's gonna get, that's fine by me.
People act funny , fine by me please don't kiss my *** later .
It guy calling me babe... Fine by me;)
fine by me!! Do I have permission to follow her?? xoxoxoxox
It's fine by me if you never leavee🎧
I can't wear fake jewellery. I have a very bad allergic reaction. 😳 Fine by me.
This student section camera is awful...they can go ahead and do away with it. That would be fine by me.
I feel like she curved it, but that's fine by me!
I've spent this whole day with and that's completely fine by me
Yes, Deer ! by opendoorstudio via click to view... help this one out if you can...I think it is mighty fine!
The A Team is our song .. fine by me
My dad thinks he's a comedian! Winding me up by saying somebody has hit my car. Goes outside and it's fine! Phew. I will have my revenge 😡
Well fine by me don't worry when i do the same
staying in again tonight by myself, me and Netflix will do just fine 😌
It's fine by me if you never leave .
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Award Tour by Tribe Called Quest just makes me wanna chill on Miami beach and party with some fine *** women
The roads by me are still like ice rinks with loads of snow on it, the main roads are fine though, its just getting there that's the problem
LOOL I was fine then I just or drunk I don't remember how, and I was fine by 10:30 so I got my cuzzie to pick me up
Is it seriously already six?! This day is flyin but it's fine by me
That's fine by he waiting for you? ;-)
Now, let me be clear. We're doing just fine. We're moving forward by spending all kinds of money & making people happy- BHO
I was doing fine by myself. I don't need you. Especially if you're gonna treat me like crap.
It's fine by me, if you never leave 🎶
I come to my moms, open the ice box. And the first thing I see is Jell-O shots 👌 Fine by me .
Being sung "Fine By Me" infront of a crowd at school = my ideal formal asking. Too high expectations :P
GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!" , "You mean, where my laptop, iPod, and phone are? Okay, fine by me.
Any wedding where they play dashboard confessional is fine by me :)
Staying home while everyone is at snowfest, fine by me 😌
I know mate, its fine, I know how much u care for me and I will repay u by caddying you when u make it pro
Oh.we do beleive that Fine By Me and Grandfather Clock is finally done!! On to Stay and Sidewalk.
Success! Who knew Andy Grammer's Fine By Me would work to quiet a crying baby so well!?
Me singing Fine By Me - Andy Grammar. All credits go to Andy Grammar and the song writers and what not. I hope you liked it :) Please comment rate and subscr...
"Fine By Me" is one of my fav's! I'll have to look up Steve Moakler. Love expanding my music playlist :)
I am finaly getting to watch Married to Jonas!! So glad Courtney has a DVR.. And the E! Channel.. Also..Andy Grammer's cd hasnt come out of my cd player since i bought it Sunday..its soo good! Fine By Me is my fave track!
baby its ok! I'm fine. I'm here by urside & i'm not leaving u no matter how much u scare me.~~
Check out this great Fall Dinner Crawl we're part of in October! Hosted by the fine folks at the Wicker Park...
Lol, the nurse at my school told me not to go to school tomorrow just because i had a fever. I'M JUST SAYING IT'S FINE BY ME
So the men next door sit outside after work and have a beer Mon-Fri and that's fine by me but why yall loud by my window when I'm sleep?
okay, that is just fine by me :D i think most people are still working on stuff for it :D
I think it's fine by me, that I'm my own worst enemy
lol fine by me just text me and let me know bro! That sounds like good *** plan. Should be fun.
And it's fine by me, if you never leave.
Have to wait till January to get the 5 but that's fine by me
We can't live like this forever, it's fine by me. 💙
I think Carp is alright. FP Santangelo could disappear and it'd be fine by me. Radio crew is excellent.
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Erica never in here but Shidd fine by me but she cool ppl
Bein in bed before 1030 every night is fine by me
Everybody bout to start adding "nah-ee-zee" to the end of everything. Fine by me lol
smile Pearl! Everything will be fine. All of this pain will soon pass by in no time! (: SMILE! Show me your teeth! Lol (:
I'm just sayin' its fine by me , if you never leave .
Man wish a tall, fine young man would take me by the hand.
I like sleep with the air off n my window open this breezy is fine by me!
I have to go to Grady at 10 for fingerprinting, but we'll be back by lunch. Either one is fine by me :)
A mistake that i learned from is fine by me
Resentment by Beyoncé,You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera,I'm Okay by Chrisette Michele,Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy
It's fine by me, if you never leaveee.
"We need to talk" is like the Words that'll make yah heart drop.
He scooped me up in his ride! Friday by a quarter to nine! So fly and so fine! And I'm so glad that he's all mine!
I know this is a complete gong show, but any opportunity to see the p4p greatest mma fighter ever score a brutal KO is fine by me.
I just want to start off by saying I am truly blessed for having an amazingly beautiful daughter with such an amazing man. He has helped me fine me agin and has stood by my side thru everything. I can honestly I am head over heals in love with this man. I know everyone says all great things must come to an end but this time I think there wrong. Every morning I wake up and I see him my heart smiles. He treats me like his queen and our daughter as his princess. I am so very thank full to be able to call him my boyfriend. And no matter where life takes us I will always love him. I love you baby to the moon and stars forever and a day. No matter what!
In June 2011, MC Eiht released his single "Fine By Me" accompanied by a music video directed by Director Hugo V. under his new label Year Round/Blue Stamp Re...
Ive been thinking real hard about wetting my truck, im debating kandy black , which noone could tell but me ,or if you know your kolurs , which is fine by me .. or Kandy red even thought about a Mopar Blue
I don't hold grudges. Apparently you do. That's ok. Going on with my life with or without you..either is fine by me.
I have finished re-doing the FB list and my friend list ended up being 57. That is fine by me. Those who can read this remember I LOVE YA
A story that touches the heart of anyone who reads it and so I.
Blake just came in to tell on John for using salt without permission. Now, I've never told them they need permission to use salt. But if they want to police themselves over that... fine by me.
We made this video as part of our skit for Fall Recruitment 2012! Obviously it yielded wonderful results, as we can say without a doubt that we got the best pledge…
We put two nice fish in the boat came up short of placing... But is fine by me seen a couple good bags of fish brought in tonight always good too see in a tournament form me or others that's what makes fishing fun
Just got $126 for some old dvds & games @ mega media i think there going crazy but fine by me!
Huh so I miss two days of school...fine by me I get to go to the wild with my father woot! HUNTING! No school!
Looks like mum n dad just celebrate with ourseves, you know my boy just have a QUIET 1 we think. Dads not in the mood to celebrate his sons birthday, only cause its just not the same without you boy. Which is fine by me. I just also wanna have a quiet day today our son. Love you muchly our Boy.
At home with my boys YEP it's just us cuz they all I got at the end of the day.when everyone else decides they leaving out my life I KNOW my boys gon b right there and imma b good as long as I got them.(AND A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF OTHER PEOPLE BUT THAT NUMBER SO SMALL I PROLLY GOT MORE KIDS THEN I HAVE PEOPLE I CAN TRULY COUNT ON) LHH but that's fine by me Dinner, baths and bed I start orientation for my new job tomorrow YAY ME
So the German chocolate cake I made is almost done. I was going to make homemade lasagna but nope steaks instead. Fine by me. :D
Seems like err body has someone... But you know what, that's fine by me. I been doing it all alone for a long time, with or without a girl ima keep on doing it alone.
Heck of a Day. Luckily, all is well. Glad that the wind seems to have brought at least some rain. :) Can't wait for jv to come home.sometimes you just have a "moment" or "event" where you realize just how much you need your best friend near. Doc was hit by a car, actually a truck. He is OKAY. I appreciate our Vets. But, i was heart sick about the what if's... All handled...All is Well. (I do not like those criptic FB messages,,,that worry friends...) Did Not want to do that. He will be FINE! (me too.) whew.heck of a Day
Report today from Dr visit is, I'M CANCER FREE! they got it all, took extra, took in total 24 lymph nodes armpit & breast area... flow-up will be with Oncologist & Radiologist, after one month of healing from surgery will do radiation for 6 wks 5days a wk, precaution so nothing returns! fine by me! wooho! :) Glo & Sabrina woofwoof!! so HAPPY!
Can someone please tell me why there has to be so much drama?? I really don't understand why people can't just grow up and stay out of my life. you don't like me and that's fine by me, just stay the *** out of my business. Thanks:)
You know when you say that your best friends and will always best friends. Yeah sometimes that is just a BIG lie because the friends that I use to call my best friends aren't anymore because they don't know how to be a true friend like they say that they are...I have always been your best friend no matter what but now that everything is different and you have new best friends, I'm not apart of that anymore. But you know what I Don't Care! I have brushed it off my shoulder and I am going on with the rest of my life cuz if you don't want to be my friend then that's fine by me because I have other friends that treat me better than the way you have treated me..
Pls read this guys..its a vry t0uching and eyed tearing st0ry of humble man and a man wid a g0lden heart wh0 helped d humble sure you wil l0ve dis jus like me..
Not bad first day of work lots to remember but Ik I can do it. 2marrow acts n guess I gotta do pants shopping but fine by me
Baby girl is looking good, sono is measuring her at about 6lbs with a small head (which is fine by me since I don't use pain meds).looks like she should be able to stay put until at least 39 weeks.long as she is healthy than I am a happy mama!!!
Sweet definetly getting the iphone 5! Its mostly software updates, but it fine by me with all the sweet new apps. Plus i get $168 off of my iphone since im trading my old one in that has a tiny scratch
Its super amazing isnt it? If i have given a chance 2 meet him, i will do d same thing.
The roofers working on the home behind me are major Dub step and techno fans lol by back yard sounds like a night club. Fine by me, but I'm pretty sure my 70yr old neighbors are gonna lose it soon lmao
Wasn't even in class for 20min ,,professor collected papers and said she gonna call it a day lol NO PROBLEM that's fine by me
Interview I conducted with University of Tampa grads Greg Davis and Kristen Dunsmore at the 2012 International Society of Sports Nutrition in Clearwater, FL.
So we might be staying in a hotle tonight maybe with a pool and the hottub go me if so im going swimming and going in the hottub and having a good time i might even invited someone but i dont know yet cause they guy that is fixing are floor in are bathroom he gets off at 3 and he just doing it buy him self and i feel sorry 4 him cause we dont think he will get it done by then but its fine by me as long as the hotle has a pool and a hottub
That's my taxi days over, I sold my car today.woo hooo , new start , .Back to working again .The real world.fine by me.looking forward to it .
Logans being Mr. Independant today. Fine by me! Caught up on three days of newspapers AND finished my book! (That I started several months ago)
Bouta get a few mre things fa baby girl..then I'm done..I think..neva done lol but I'm good im 100 like a fast ball on my own..fine by me
If u wanna label all Republicans racist, bigot, and homophobes thats your ignorance and fine by me, but u wont stay on my friends list, I just deleted friend I dont care who u are
Guess it's back to the old days with you and me fighting, that's fine by me.
Nobody has ask for my opinion on the matter of religion,but I'm goin' to give it anyway. Here's my two cents worth. The radical fundamentalist of all yes I said " ALL religions need to just SHUT THE *** UP ! This has been a problem since the beginning of time probably.Too many innocent people have been killed in the name of some sort of religion one way or another.If you believe in something or someone it's fine by me,but don't try to harm me if I don't agree with you. You know opinions are like belly bottons everybody has one ( well except Adam and Eve ) LOL! IT'S A GREAT DAY FOR AMERICA !
Finna feed my lil cousins lunch.. They say they wanna take a nap again today.. Fine by me lol I stayed up wayyy to long last night anyways!
Gets my mate a mug for her birthday ,been given strict instructions not to touch lt or wash it up ! That is fine by me as less likely to break it !! :-)
Finally raining! 49 degrees, and rain all day. Fine by me. :]
you know you're from Albany when.Mommy and Daddy are leaving me with Deedee to go to the Ga Tech game Saturday. Ya'll remember that? Parents thinking they get the better deal when staying with DeeDee is just fine by me!!! Excited-pie!
I have none, and that's just fine by me
Rainy day! Probably gonna get sent home. Fine by me, Colorado rain is cold!
Hi everyone. Another video update of my Challenge Progress. Today I did something a little different. I have been doing The Body By Vi Challenge since the en...
Don't want to reply my text? Fine by me.. I'l juz move down the contact list...
Apparently my professor canceled class? Fine by me.
Do you habitually give in to other people because you just can't stand the thought of upsetting them? Do you put your needs to one side because you get a buzz from someone else's happiness, only to find that he or she is not a bit grateful? If so, you are most likely a classic "people pleaser," and you are, in all probability, not getting what you want out of life. It's time to shift the focus from others to yourself more often, and stop being a martyr. Steps1 Think of five times when you did or said something that did not truly reflect your own wants and needs, in order to please someone else. Write them down. For each of these occasions, imagine how you would have handled it differently if you'd chosen instead to please yourself! What is the worst that could have happened? Write down your worst fears.2 Look at your fears. Are they realistic? Are they truly terrible? You might be afraid that no one will like you, that someone will leave you, or that you will be left all alone if you don't say the right t ...
Prayed about it and am giving it to the Lord. What he has in store for my future is fine by me. Big leap of faith on my part because I am used to always being in control. Here I am Lord do with me what you may.
Salute to the Big Man Upstairs for wakin me and my little nutcases up this morning! Don't know what the blue *** gonna happen today, but long as it don't irritate my ulcer, it's fine by me! LLS Salute ya'll.
Was thinking of a place I'd like to go to for a vacation.and I realised that anywhere with you is fine by me. I miss you
woke up at 6am again today i guess Im on a new schedule. fine by me. goin to see my daddy today so excited!! Ive missed that old man
Some times random people come into your life that make you the most happiest person in the world and sometimes people like that leave and don't make you sad , they just make you happier to know that they were once there for you . That's fine by me because I'm the happiest I've ever been in a long time :)
Ok so I know a lot of Free Realms players are religious, and that is fine by me if you are Christian or ANY other religion I am glad you have your faith, I truly am. But what I'm making this status about is the fact that early this evening someone I enjoy talking to often on the official forums and in guild chat made the comment that they had a horrible night, and being the friendly person I am asked them why.. Well I shouldn't have. Their horrible night was because they had to "deal" with an Atheist, ok well... We're not lepers, we're not freaks nor are we bad people. Don't tell me I'm going to *** and I'm a sinner and an abomination don't talk about me, or people who share my views like we are the scum of the earth. I'm not sorry I am the way I am, I wont take the polite road like most Atheists do and say I'm SORRY I don't share your beliefs, I'm not sorry. I wont apologize for myself, I don't expect anyone to apologize to me for being religious because there's nothing to be ashamed of. I am sorry if t ...
Before 9/11 was out, I wanted to remember this anniversary in my own way... You see, on that day, I was living in a part of the country I would never be accepted into. I was a dreaded Yankee infiltrator into their Southern Culture. An outsider. I went down to Virginia a registered Republican...and quickly realized how much of a Democrat I really was. But on that morning... 10 of us sat huddled around a 14 inch old black and white TV, in a small office of a grocery store after the first plane hit. We couldn't move...few words were uttered. We watched in horror as the second plane hit. Our reaction was the same. As we, like every other American began to realize that this was a terrorist attack, I can safely say, that for the first time since I had moved there, I did not feel alienated. I felt a oneness...we weren't Yankee's and Rednecks, we were Americans. NYC it seems was a mutual point of hatred for us for the previous three years. For the Southerner, it was the culture, and for me, it was their sports te ...
I don't need a boyfriend or really care to have one right now. But when the time comes I don't need to be protected, I just want respect. I won't make you hold my bags while I'm shopping, quite frankly I'd rather go alone. I won't interrupt a football game because I'll be watching it too. I won't get mad when you want to hang out with your friends because I have my own as well. I don't need a fancy dinner date or anything special, sitting on a couch and talking is fine by me. You don't have to tell me that you'd love me if I was 300 pounds because to be honest, I wouldn't even like myself. I won't make you watch "chick flicks" because I'm probably as uninterested as you are. I won't ask you about your exes or ask you trick questions to cause a fight. I won't expect you to be the perfect as long as you don't expect perfection out of me. I swear like a sailor and I make inappropriate jokes but I know when to be polite and use my manners.
Fine By Me - Andy Grammer (: , up beat song..not sure your gen is into dat kinda stuff lol
I can not get Fine By Me by Andy Grammer out of my head :(
Lauren is unable to stop listening to Keep Your Head Up and Fine By Me. Andy Grammer, you are wonderful
If a guy dedicates Fine By Me by Andy Grammer to me I will love them forever
Fine By Me is always the first song that comes on when I put on Andy Grammer pandora
35 likes for a video of me singing "Fine By Me" by Andy Grammer :)))
Andy Grammer performs Fine By Me & Miss Me at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, IL. 8/15/12
lol. and umm I've been listening to this song lately :) Fine By Me- Andy Grammer
Fine By Me by Andy Grammer might be my new favorite song.
oh alright let's work two jobs today. that's fine by me. I was only babysitting last night until 1230 after working all day. here we go😞
All I had to do was clean the bathroom to get fine by me👍
fine ! Only cus you let me all you by your name & not Flako :)
Yeh usually By next day its fine. I had moisterizer on not cream so its hit me harder lmao. Oh well love it lmao. U brwn?
Fine by me is my new fave song. taken over heatwave
If its ok with u then its fine by me :-)
Its fine by me, if you never leave.
Gave you the chance but you threw it away. That's fine by me anws 😊
Well by jings it's such a perfect night for some fine musical medication, prescribed to you by your friendly...
The average person tells 4 lies a day or 1460 a year; a total of 87600 by the age of 60. And the most common lie is: I'm fine.
I need this bad. By Mon it will be fine. No worries. Leave me alone this weekend.
that's fine by me :) ill be at the station at 12ish, then at camden at 20 past :) so hot! We will get ice cream!
anytime is fine by me! If You'd rather finish Clash of Kings first I can read one of my other books while I wait. :)
well yea he never got caught and they left on the boat which means there will be another one!! Fine by me! I got the whole
The bangs I wanted and the bangs I did myself. Close, but no cigar. Which I fine by me since I don't like cigars!
That's fine by me! Makes holidays a lot more exciting!
I cant even fathom being addicted to's sad. That's why green is fine by me. No need to double my money.
I'm fine in the mornings when I'm by myself, but put me with people&I'm just automatically grumpy & annoyed w. Everyone
fine by me. As long as she dosnt touch. ;)
The fact that I got a desk for my room and have only used it for pouring shots is fine by me
So everyone just gonna be turnt at ? fine by me. 😏
Back from a quick trip to HEB - managed to get in & out & back home without getting rained on! Thunder both going & coming, but we stayed dry. Now it can open up & POUR down & it's fine by me, lol. I am gonna enjoy the rest of my lazy day!
A draw or a win for Sunderland will be fine by me. Saha this is your moment.
yea I got into uni so that's fine by me! Staying in bristol though so I'm still close to you ;)
I thought u guys work for him...but I won't ask too much. But, if u wanna give more, it's fine by me..
This weather is amazing. Seriously over the boiling hot humid weather. Hoodie weather is fine by me 👌☺
fine unfollow me but as soon as you set foot out of your front door I hope you get your arsed mawled by a dog
How many times can I go out to eat sushi in one week ...I think I lost count ... But that's fine by me.. Oh so good! Better keep my day job
...From earlier...The storm was this ominous cloud wall. The wind didn't pick up much and it moved very slowly. It got almost night time dark at 4 in the afternoon. The cloud preceded the ran by several long minutes. Then the rain started to fall. At first it was raining a good solid rain. Then it begin to rain so hard that structure that was no more then a hundred feet away disappeared! A three story building could not be seen! It was lightening all around.No worries I was very safe from my vantage point. The thunder and lightening were almost instantaneous. This went on for approximately 45 minutes.There were many big flashes,yet once it passed no evidence could be seen of a strike. Picked up my gear and traveled about 3 miles to a known Snook hang out. At this point the storm had divided in to two separate down pours. As stated before, well away from my location. There were very dark clouds overhead but no rain,thunder or lightening. Made one(1) cast and started to get bit immediately! To say that some ...
If you dress is short *** shorts with your titties falling out with fake *** hair and makeup, fine by me, but I'll see you as a sexual object, and of course, try to get in ;)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Idk how he does it, but somehow hubby has finagled his way out of going shopping with me again. That's fine by me though because I'll get to spend some quality time with my mother-in-law & he can keep up with the kids for once. This might even become an all day affair! ;)
Going with the flow today...Looking like the weather might change our Carowinds plans...but we've got some other plans if that happens. Wherever the day takes us is fine by me. :)
Well it's train delay today witch is fine by me lol its raining to so let all the trains come that want to
And you wonder why I dont care as much. Fine by me though.
I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea, that's fine by me. I'd rather be someone's shot of tequila!
Birthday shopping for mum and dad! Any excuse to shop and spoil someone rotten is fine by me though.
Some people know me bout as well as the street I walk to make it home.. That's fine by me
As a proud Australian let me just say I hope the All Blacks hump the Wallabies so robbie deans gets the sack put in Ewan drop Barnes and shoot Beale . In any order will be fine by me. Sorry to vent people . 8 Waratahs in the starting side. *** !
Just FYI to my Valley Girls.when I am call at 3 am PLEASE do NOT call me at 1:15 am to tell me I need to come in! It doesn't take me 1 hour and 45 min to get there! I am just saying! It's already gonna be a 16 hour day and the extra hour of sleep would be appreciated. Cause once you call me.. There is no going back to sleep. 30 min prior to call is fine by me. I live 15 min away. Granted.. Some live further away but for future reference... I am just saying. Looks like a beautiful day ahead. I can't wait ;)
Sure was a scorcher today, which was fine by me, made work busy and go by faster! Only 11 more hours then me and my posse are off to Hempfest! All packed and ready to go!
Two weeks on_Two weeks off in the Galley thats fine by me
Tonight my life will consist of Dear John and frozen grapes. Fine by me!
According to my sister im not related or anything fine by me i was got ma nigguhs
Okay here is the update of my career center news. I have an appointment in Mansfield, MO on the 25th of August. But the time is at 10:00 int he morning and I always go to bed at around 3 or 4 o' clock in the morning. So a day before the appointment I have to go to bed early. That is a drag, but that is not the bad news. The bad news is that the test will be 4 to 6 hours long. So by time I get done with the tests I have to do it will around dinner. But that is fine by me I don't have to cook that day. LOL
Too lazy to leave the compound. The hot tub rash (whatever the *** that is- bumps :( and tripping on the stairs with a gash to my foot) and sun stroke calls for Room Service Part Deux. That's fine by me.
If u don't like Devin Scott work don't come please it's a waste of my time n urs..4 all my clients who do come n like my work god bless u n thank u..I ain't begging nobody 2 come 2 me..don't compare me 2 others cuz I'm Devin Scott..if u gotta think bout comin 2 me that means u don't wanna come n it's fine by me..I'm blessed 2 do Wat i do..n i do it well thank y'all god bless :)
You can stay, and be a shadow in my house. But that's all. You want to leave thats fine by me. I really don't care.
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