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Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is a 2004 semi-biographical film about playwright J. M. Barrie and his relationship with a family who inspired him to create Peter Pan, directed by Marc Forster.

Matthew Morrison Gary Barlow Alfie Boe Peter Pan Harvey Weinstein Melanie Moore Johnny Depp Edward Scissorhands Chris Pine Sleepy Hollow New York Laura Michelle Kelly Tony Awards Diane Paulus Jeremy Jordan Les Mis Tuck Everlasting

OK wait, finding Neverland and an American in Paris came through last year. So basically, we've had…
"It's just.. I thought she'd always be here " 😔💔
It is a joy to be San Diego! Find tickets to see Finding Neverland at the San Diego Civic Center, today:
GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! 2 TIX for FINDING NEVERLAND at up for grabs on our fb page!
I wanna go see finding neverland on Broadway so badly
😤😤😤 almost done with Finding Neverland part II 💪🏻
Now why am I watching Finding Neverland this is a tearjerker movie it's not like I cried my eyes out the first time I saw it 🙃
K. I'm just really angry that I didn't see Finding Neverland when it was here.
My promposal was gonna be finding neverland themed
Really upset they took Finding Neverland off broadway
Oh for goodness sake, is there any reason for a film to be as sad as Finding Neverland
FINDING NEVERLAND will fly into the for eight performances, May 2-7! 💫✨🎭. TIX:…
Or donnie Brasco. Or PotC 1. Or from *** Or finding Neverland. Hang on, how does that work?
Nope, last thing I liked him in was Finding Neverland in '04.
All I want for my birthday is a studio version of My Imagination from Finding Neverland
Gary Barlow has stated on the red carpet of the that Finding Neverland should be coming to the West End next y…
Ieri Heathers, oggi... Anything goes o finding Neverland?. One day more, another day another musical
I thought this was closer to Finding Neverland than now. At the very least, he looks healthier, stronger, prouder. That's a…
jokes on me for thinking that the movie Finding Neverland was cute and funny and light-hearted ;;-;;
Great line up but was hoping for Finding Neverland and Color Purple or Aladdin. Will keep fingers crossed.
Awesome pre show visit with dear pals Karen Murphy and Tom Hewitt before Finding Neverland at…
Finding Neverland with Paula and (@ The Smith Center for the Performing Arts -
Finding Neverland's score by Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy and the book by James Graham show a striking balance bet…
It's been two years and I still can't get over the fact that and I met Matthew Morrison at the stage door of Finding Neverland
Best way to spend my mornings would be travelling to see Finding Neverland in London
'I love humanising politics w/ real people' As This House wows West End, rd in conv w http…
and if I need a really good cry, Stepmom or Finding Neverland
.u were great on SYTYCD. U were amazing in Finding Neverland. But tonight, you were fantastic in I'm in awe
is warm for tonight's show of Finding Neverland.
Watching Finding Neverland in the Windy City with my awesome Dad. Great singing and amazing acting!
I was down for writing a paper about FINDING NEVERLAND until it said "20 points for areas of improvement" like no, the show is perfect...
A great day with On our way home from Finding Neverland at The Palace Theatre in Chicago.
I just really want to see Finding Neverland
'Finding Neverland' celebrates youth in story behind the story of 'Peter Pan'
Moana in the morning, all you can eat hotpot for dinner, and now Finding Neverland on Broadway to wrap it up! Good Saturday.
When you can't go to to Chicago to see Finding Neverland before it closes because you a broke *** college student
Finding Neverland was so so so SO good. I wish I was going to see it again tonight💙✨
So far Finding Neverland has ended my entire existence
Thankful to meet the extremely sweet & talented boys of the Finding Neverland tour! ht…
'Finding Neverland' the musical that does it better than the movie + more of this week's best theater bets.
Last chance Chicago to see Holiday fun for anyone who's never grown up!
circus of your mind from finding neverland is such a bop and the choreography was so freaking cool I stan this show so…
Zendaya's Finding Neverland is literally playing over and over in my head non stop. I can hear it so clearly in the back of my mind always.
Thank you for introducing me to Finding Neverland because I am OBSESSEDDD ✨
Watch perform on and don't miss your final chance to see the show in Chicago this weekend! htt…
Just finished Finding Neverland. Can't believe it took me so long to see it. Such a good flick. Should sell in a box set w/ Saving Mr. Banks
Had a fab night with my love colinbokowy seeing Finding Neverland…
Tonight I saw Cage the Elephant because I love them. One of my friends saw Finding Neverland. One saw Jonathon Safran Foer speak. Love.
Need more biopics where the author is the main character of their most famous work: Finding Neverland, Shakespeare in Love, The Raven...
Finding Neverland scribe on Peter Pan as true theatre anarchy. Opens 12/20
Every time I do a movie like 'Finding Neverland' or 'Chocolat' or '...
Ramin Karimloo for lead in Finding Neverland please!
I pray that I will one day find a bootleg of Finding Neverland with Laura Michelle Kelly and Matthew Morrison
got 2 c u in Tuck Everlasting, & Finding Neverland. Your line @ the end of FN about time is a beautiful full-circle moment!
If someone got me tickets to see Finding Neverland or Tuck Everlasting on Broadway, I'd love you for forever
Finding Neverland sounds like a stupid Peter Pan film but honestly it is one of the best films, done so subtly🙌🏻
The only musical shirts I own are Chicago & Finding Neverland & since Chicago is doing a tribute I guess I'll wear that tomorrow night.
So upset I'll never see in Finding Neverland
Hey, How much would I have to pay to get you to cover "All That Matters" from Finding Neverland?? 😩
I loved Finding Neverland!! My favorites of his are Pirates, Edward Scissorhands, and Sleepy Hollow!
So many shows I wanna see. Les Mis, Hamilton, Aladdin, Wicked, Finding Neverland. No money to see them LOL
At 'Finding Neverland' at the Lunt-Fontanne last night!It was SO good and sad.Mia Michaels choreography was amazing https:/…
This time around, he is expected to perform Something About This Night from his musical Finding Neverland.
Hey, Stephen!! You have a lot of people on Broadway on. You should REALLY have Alfie Boe on!!!He is in Finding Neverland now.
Ready to see Finding Neverland with Alfie Boe. Thanks for the photo…
Please have Alfie Boe on your show. Currently in Finding Neverland thru Aug. Fab singer and great cook too…
Project Runway really finds every opportunity to push the Broadway "Finding Neverland" each season.
Final day of show-seeing in New York! Seeing Finding Neverland and in The Color Purple 😢💜
Finding Neverland has some of the most ingenious choreography I have ever seen. Brava Mia Michaels. Brava!
we will start with What's Eating Gilbert Grape, onto Finding Neverland, then Edward Scissorhands and just go down the list
Finding Neverland was written by Gary Barlow, Eliot Kennedy and James Graham. It's based on the 2004 film of the same name.
Announcing that starting soon, Sylvia in Finding Neverland will have a daughter and that daughter will be played by me. Th…
WOW. Finding Neverland was INCREDIBLE. 3rd row seats and I enjoyed every second of it! LOVE❤❇
.will move direct from to from March 29:
Some how I have a Broadway theme outfit week 😊 today wore newsies tomorrow wearing finding neverland & thurs gonna wear how to succeed
Finding Neverland soundtrack is so perfect😍💕
My posse is on Broadway day 2. Recap from NYC - watching "Finding Neverland" and more.
Check out FINDING NEVERLAND on I'm thinking of going...
yes reminds me of the images of Matt when he was recording the OBC album for Finding Neverland
My newest obsession is belting All That Matters from Finding Neverland the musical. absolutely slays! One of my fave singers! 💖
Coming to London in 2017 - The new Broadway Musical Story of How Peter Became Pan TheatrePeople
also just found out that Finding Neverland is touring. Not sure if that will be thrown into the mix or not
Not on my list at all...I'm looking forward to 'Titanic', 'Aladdin' & 'Finding Neverland'
Apparently it's Rent's 20th anniversary tour and Finding Neverland is going on tour. Maybe I need to rethink my predictions.
singing at Broadway sessions the same week I saw Finding Neverland on my honeymoon in NYC!
This one, just remember me do not scare to dream and imagine! believe it :) via
And after I watch Finding Neverland, I just remember you. The one who told me about believing. I miss you, Pret. So bad.
yeah finding neverland, one of my parents favourite films. Only film i've ever seen my dad cry at.
on I'm listening to Finding Neverland by Zendaya
Me: "I think I'm gonna die.". (watching Finding Neverland): "Ssh...". Sorry for bothering you with my mortality.
Best wishes! I can't wait to see Finding Neverland.
And with your hand in my hand i am closer now to finding neverland -8-
We just watched the end of Finding Neverland in class which is a problem because it literally ALWAYS makes me cry.
freddie highmore is incredible as a psycho. i still remember when he was a tiny precious smol in finding neverland. but now. :O
I WISH, we're seeing finding neverland
Youtube interrupted the full Jurassic Park film score for an ad about Finding Neverland... even they know what I like 😂🐉🌌
I can't believe I saw Alfie Boe in Les Mis and now he's heading to Finding Neverland. He'll be amazing in it
Q: Which author does Johhny Depp portray in Finding Neverland?
Wait, Wait... Alfie Boe is going to be in Finding Neverland?! YES great casting! He can bring it to London too!
Alfie Boe is joining Finding Neverland! Guarantee he won't still be in it in July *cries*
Alfie Boe's gonna roll up to Finding Neverland like you think this is tough try prison for 19 years and then we'll talk o…
i just had a hysterical breakdown about how isn't in Finding Neverland anymore
I want nothing more in life than to play a role with as much love and joy as Laura Michelle Kelly plays Sylvia in Finding Neverland
Here's a video of last night's curtain call at Finding Neverland.
We graduated from fall out boy to the finding neverland soundtrack
thank you finding Neverland for making me laugh and cry...mainly cry...I loved it so much 😭
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I don't know which I'm more excited about, having the Finding Neverland soundtrack or having another Kaczmarek soundtrack! Love this compser
Finding Neverland was one of the best shows I've ever seen. I'm so thankful that I had the chance to experience such a beautiful masterpiece
but you did sing on the Finding Neverland album. Good enough for you then...
finding Neverland he came out after the show
Is Chris Pine going to be in finding neverland or nah?!?!
My friend from home is at Finding Neverland rn and I feel like such a proud mama
PBJ on a Mad Hatter plate. Finding Neverland with the littles and folding bitty pajamas that…
On my way to go see finding neverland on broadway:)
Despises musical theatre yet covered 'Circus of Your Mind' from Finding Neverland Musical
I'm declaring that I'm tired of the adult life. I'm finding Peter Pan and moving to Neverland.
didn't she sing on the Finding Neverland album? Did she not know that's a musical??
Off to watch Finding Neverland broadway show with
Mr. Schuester is KILLIN it rn in Finding Neverland 😍
Ari you're in the Finding Neverland playbill😍😭
Does anyone know if matt goes out to stage door on Saturdays for finding neverland
i saw Tony kill it twice in On the Town, can't wait to see him do it again in Finding Neverland
2-for-1 tickets are now on sale for Who will you fly with to
TT4/5, SISYL, Dubai, Finding Neverland, TTIII, Dubai again, the Girls, HP &..time 4 a part II 😉
on my way to work this morning... YAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE FINDING NEVERLAND SONG!
I have scheduled in advance. Hey what is your opinion on Finding Neverland?
Finding Neverland $5.00 via Couponing to Disney - Amazon has Finding Neverland on Blu-ray or DVD ...
Broadway Bound Dancers got to see Finding Neverland on Broadway last night! Today, they're at Broadway Dance Center!
An impromptu play bill signing With after an amazing performance in Finding Neverland on Broadway.
Chris Richards, actor. He is currently starring in Finding Neverland on Broadway!
Guys, go see Finding Neverland! It's an incredible piece of Broadway magic!
that would be amazing! While Gary brings finding neverland over here then we can arrange road trip all over the country
Finding Neverland was incredible. Strong performance, beautiful sets, and talented cast. . And yes,…
This is the worst essay ever omg. But hey, Finding Neverland is great ❤️
Had a great rehearsal today with Finding Neverland... I guess that's officially my first broadway gig?
Meredith saw Finding Neverland on a class trip yesterday. She didn't like it, and wanted the class to see Hamilton instead
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Tomorrow going to Central Park and buy the rest souveniers and gifts for fam and friends. AND AT 8 PM: FINDING NEVERLAND 😍💕
When I tell my mom I wanna go on a Sunday to see finding neverland just so after the show I can do stagedoor 😂😂
Becoming obsessed with everything you have done with finding neverland. Better later than never, right.
I am making a Sutton Foster playlist with a little Finding Neverland mixed in because that's the only way I'll be able to survive everyday!
Shannon and I are taking a Peter Pan coach bus to get to Broadway to see Finding Neverland. what a coincidence
Xtina's “Anywhere But Here” from the “Finding Neverland” album is now available for download: http…
Off to see Finding Neverland with my lovely wife for her special birthday! Are you free for New York in the New Year?
I'm watching Finding Neverland. A story based on true events on the writer of Peter Pan. Casts include Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.
Have to say saw went to NYC in summer and still love listening to soundtrack to Finding Neverland
Still listening to Finding Neverland. Still cursing Gary Barlow. Still amused by Matthew Morrison pretending to be a pirate.
I would like to see either Matilda or Finding Neverland on Broadway.
any plans to bring Finding Neverland to the uk? I loved it ❤️
not a question but just wanted to tell you, you did a fantastic job with the songs on finding neverland! My new fave musical 👌🏻
Finding Neverland is tremendously beautiful and classical, all thanks to The Great Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet Neverland
off to NYC next week to see Finding Neverland, can't wait😄😄x
when will Finding Neverland come to London? Desperate to see it 😃
"Finding Neverland" is one of the most beautiful film scores of this century.
I’m like so excited about Fiddler, Finding Neverland, and SR performing at the Macy's Parade this year.
Something Rotten is genius! Recommend it any day! Also Finding Neverland with is stunning!! Any of those two!
-When does spring start ? . - I live in Germany . *Depp hugging Highmore in finding Neverland*
Beyond excited to be returning to Broadway in Finding Neverland! ⭐️
I told my mom she needs to see finding neverland. And then we started talking about wicked and how we both wanna see T
Finding Neverland's show could be filmed for people who can't go to New York. Like this, everybody can watch the show. 😍.
yaaayyy!! Oh no, that *** 🤒 never mind, hope you get better ASAP! What was Finding Neverland like??!
Watched "Finding Neverland" with Momma. I have got to stop watching things I think I'll cry during.
Matthew Morrison and the cast of Finding Neverland
looking forward to seeing Finding Neverland on Friday night! We will be sitting front row!
Awesome performance in Finding Neverland last night. My family and I loved it.xx
Matthew Morrison has shaved his beard off :( Means the end for him in Finding Neverland. He looks completely different!
Chris Pine as JM Barrie guess I'm seeing Finding Neverland again
Harvey Weinstein wants Chris Pine to replace Matthew Morrison as JM Barrie in Broadways' Finding Neverland.
Dear universe,. Please let the rumours of Chris Pine potentially playing J.M. Barrie in Finding Neverland be true. . Sincerely, me.
I will go see Finding Neverland every night if Chris Pine is JM Barrie
Rumours that Finding Neverland may transfer to London in 2016:
Finding Neverland to transfer into West End next year?
please do open auditions for Finding Neverland ensemble in London!!
So Sara Bareilles watched Finding Neverland today and I'm actually waiting for photos of her with LMK and Teal Wicks! Favorite ladies! 😍
will be going to NY Feb 1. Will Matt still be playing Finding Neverland? Counting on it!
Fun little PSA you should all see the Finding Neverland movie too bc its also great and the plot is very similar and Kate Winslet
when they tell you Finding Neverland didn't get nominated for Tony Awards. 😂
I wanted to see Finding Neverland because of Melanie Moore but today is her last day so...
Love to The Weinstein Co. for tickets to Finding Neverland on Friday! Who wants to come with?
Between the Wonderland exhibit at The Morgan and Finding Neverland, I'm feeling very in tune with my classic British children's lit today.
Enjoy outdoors screenings of Finding Neverland and Four Weddings and a Funeral at Box Hill
‘Finding Neverland: The Album’ by Gary Barlow, John Legend and more | MUSIC at Telescopic Magazine
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
40th bday celebrations continue with a little entertainment. Finding Neverland was fantastic 👍🏻
The is out now, featuring Jon Bon Jovi's "Beautiful Day" and other great tracks. Buy now:
if I had one wish. It would be to sit next to you while watching Finding Neverland. Meet me in America?
you'd think movies like finding neverland and saving mr. banks would be happy films telling u abt ur fave disney movies but you're WRONG
Every time I watch Finding Neverland at the Tony Awards, I get chills. It is simply brilliant!!
Finding Neverland is one of my fave movies and it has an amazing soundtrack, too.
first shows I'm seeing are fun home, hedwig, and then finding neverland again (also low key wicked and aladdin)
The original cast album for Finding Neverland is out and I couldn't be happier
Find out what Neverland have to do with Christian faith:
Loved Finding Neverland , everyone go see this amazing show!
Finding all those kids was like finding Peter Pan's Never Neverland!
Actual chills every time the Finding Neverland finale comes on.
Seeing Finding Neverland on Broadway was the highlight of my trip in NYC. It was a beautiful masterpiece & dream come true.💚
Finding Neverland is also a sad movie
That scene in Finding Neverland when Johnny Depp says "She went to Neverland". God, I couldn't stop myself from crying. It was beautiful.
After Les Mis... Dad: So what's your favorite Broadway show now?. Me: Well, Wicked, Les Mis, Finding Neverland, and Aida are tied for 1st...
i believe... in the magic of broadway @ Finding Neverland Lunt-Fontanne…
I'm just so obsessed with . Finding neverland,. Alice in wonderland. and Peter Pan.
lngodines: So excited to meet and talk to the beautiful Zendaya at the Finding Neverland
so if you're planning a trip to NYC or already there and haven't seen finding neverland, i strongly suggest seeing it if you can
Finding Neverland just hit me right in the feels 😭
and I just linked her to the darren boot. and also finding neverland. pls watch them so we can talk about them more???
Diaporama : thecastofglee: Matthew Morrison and Zendaya backstage at ‘Finding Neverland’ (August 06, 2015)
finally understood what the finale on the finding neverland sound track is about, can you not emotions - I hate crying
I would love to go and see Finding Neverland with
hey guys, the Kelse is play Captain Hook in Finding Neverland on Broadway.
So my mom was watching "Finding Neverland", and when they entered Neverland, a bird flew into our house...
Why did I think watching Finding Neverland was a good idea 😭😢
When you listen to finding neverland and cry because you'll never sound like 😭
I want to watch Finding Neverland now.
Finding neverland might be easy then finding bae
Nothing makes me lose my appetite more than finding a hair in my food
When did I become finding neverland trash
I have two more finding Neverland shows !!!
I've been screaming the soundtrack from Finding Neverland for the past week, unapologetically
Absolutely loved seeing performing songs from Finding Neverland live. Thought I'd pass my cover on .
Saw "Finding Neverland" on Broadway. Incredible cast. Great, great show. What a joy...
Ugh I wanna see Finding Neverland on Broadway featuring Matthew Morrison before he's not in it anymore 😩🌃🎶
Shelby got to meet Melanie Moore. She is playing Peter Pan in Finding Neverland. She also won SYTYCD…
So we met Melanie Moore (winner of season 8 SYTYCD and not Ginny Goodwin) after Finding Neverland last night.
Walked by Finding Neverland and Isaac's like "Melanie Moore is in this..." RIGHT AS SHE WAS WALKING IN THE STAGE DOOR. CANNOT WAIT 4 TONITE
Photo Call: Michael Cerveris, Robert Fairchild and Young Stars of Finding Neverland and Matilda at t
Finding Neverland was such a fantastic show! you were amazing (and patient with my selfie skills)!
sah Finding Neverland this Werk. Such a wonderful Show and great cast. And you were amazing!!! 😊
Sitting directly beside Bernadette Peters at Finding Neverland. I have died and gone to heaven 😌
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My son Todd was sitting behind Leo and his guy pal Ethan Suplee mothers Day matinee of Finding Neverland:) for real!
Sitting 10th row center at Finding Neverland starring Kelsey Grammar and Matthew Morrison. Excited to see Julius...
Other than best actor and featured actress, Finding Neverland has been completely snubbed for the 2015 drama desk nominations! So shocked!
This is the lady of the hour, Diane Paulus, director of 'Finding Neverland' that premiered on…
Another Op'ning: The Blue Carpet at Finding Neverland: There is nothing like the electricity present on a Broa...
Best Director of a Musical, Large: Diane Paulus for Finding Neverland. Thank you for bringing this North American premiere!
Our very own Diane Paulus wins for Best Director of a Musical Large Company with Finding Neverland!
musical adaptation of Finding Neverland with Matthew Morrison and Laura Michelle Kelly :)))
Star takes a crack at producing: Bryan Cranston, 58, is to produce the Broadway production Finding Neverland.
Harvey has high hopes from Finding Neverland
New York (Reuters) - "Finding Neverland," Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein's first hands-on foray into musical theater and which
Thank you The Weinstein Company for the pre Oscar Party tonight celebrating Finding Neverland and…
Gary serenading me at Finding Neverland launch. Songs nice, but missing something (Jason, Robbie, Mark and Howard)
Only 18 days left till a group of us American Thatters get together for Finding Neverland this is so exciting!!!
Kelsey Grammer and Matthew Morrison are going to be in the Broadway production of 'Finding Neverland'! Take my money now!
Matthew Morrison has a big role in a upcoming broadway production called Finding Neverland
"After Dispute, Harvey Weinstein Parts Ways With the Press Agent for 'Finding Neverland' " by PATRICK HEALY via NYT
Awww, he would have been awesome to see. You should see Finding Neverland, score by Gary Barlow, Matt Morris leads. Awesome
I saw on Good Morning America yesterday! I can't wait to see Finding Neverland next year!
Check out my Q & A with the star of Broadway's upcoming "Finding Neverland."
Olivier Award winner reprises her role as Finding Neverland's Sylvia Llewelyn Davis! Visit
'star Matthew Morrison to lead 'Finding Neverland' on Broadway
Still so angry that Finding Neverland is coming to Broadway without Jeremy Jordan. Matthew Morrison? Are you joking?? Can't stand that man!
Matthew Morrison instead of Jeremy when Finding Neverland comes to Bway? So many levels of unacceptable. via
FINDING NEVERLAND chooses a theater for its Broadway premiere →
If Jeremy Jordan keeps his lead role:
Time is chasing after all of us, isn't that right?. [Finding Neverland]
Those boys should never be sent to bed.. . ..they always wake up a day older. [Finding Neverland]
Finding Neverland just announced their Broadway transfer and I literally heard a knife grinder.
"You find a glimmer of happiness in this world, there's always someone who wants to destroy it." . [Finding Neverland]
The previously reported Broadway transfer of Finding Neverland will fly into the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre after Motown vacates the venue ...
Neverland. It's a wonderful place... . I've not spoken about this before to anyone- ever. [Finding Neverland]
Finding Neverland, the new musical based on the 2004 Miramax film about Peter Pan playwright J.M. Barrie, will arrive on Broadway in March 2015 at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, producer Harvey Weinstein announced Sept. 29.
Finding Neverland is opening on Broadway April 8th!!
Just read the finding NeverLand Soundtrack could be out around winter 2015! That about right? x
has a home on Broadway! We are so excited to see this show and client here in NY! .
ArtsBeat: ‘Finding Neverland’ to Open on Broadway in April: “Finding Neverland” is the first attempt by Harvey Weinstein at producing...
Producer Harvey Weinstein gets back at New York Post columnist Michael Riedel for saying negative things about "FInding Neverland." Weinstein won an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Reading: "'Finding Neverland' to Open on Broadway in April" by PATRICK HEALY via NYT
The songs from yesterday are still stuck in my head. I can bet the soundtrack to Finding Neverland is going to end up in my bfs car.
Finding Neverland will open on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on April 8th 2015
Finding Neverland to officially open at Broadway's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on 8 April 2015
The Lion King was good but Finding Neverland was better.
*** is standing next to high school drama club geeks waiting for Finding Neverland to start.
Gary Barlow did the music for Finding Neverland?!?
I'm going to see Finding Neverland in Boston and I'm meeting Jeremy Jordan ☺️
Got out of Finding Neverland had a small chat with Jeremy Jordan then saw him in J.P. Licks not 20 min later
Finding Neverland is going to be a contender for so many Tony Awards when it moves from to Broadway
is mia michaels coming back? (Mia is presently choreographing a new musical "Finding Neverland.")
"'Finding Neverland' to Come to Broadway in March" by PATRICK HEALY via NYT
Meet the men behind the music in adaptaion of "Finding Neverland" -- & Eliot Kennedy:
Should I watch King Lear w/ Ian McKellen, or Phantom of the Opera tonight? I also have Inception (OMG Cillian Murphy) and Finding Neverland.
Cool!! Mine was Finding Neverland. I was 7 and I just instantly fell in love :)
I want a cd with Gary Barlow singing some of the songs on Finding Neverland. Hearing Jennifer Hudson sing Neverland just made me more eager to know how that song would have sounded in Gary's voice.
Just got tix to see these two amazing players in what promises to be a fantastic show! Finding Neverland with Gregory Holt and Bob Bowlby warming up the pit!
Need Doraemon to solve this Problem... (at Finding Neverland) [pic] —
My favorite Johnny Depp movie of all time has to be Finding Neverland. It is wonderful and "magical" (if you have seen it you'll understand that)
Tonight has been a Johnny Depp kinda night. I've watched Dead Man, Sleepy Hollow, Donnie Brasco, Finding Neverland, Edward Scissorhands, and the Lone Ranger. Just in the past few hours next is Rango, Ed Wood, Secret Window, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
Finding the Tinkerbell/fairy Neverland/Hook origin story to be delightful.
Just finished Finding Neverland. It's a great movie if you like that kind of thing. I don't.
I was finding my way to neverland. You know I like the scenic route [she grinned at ]
.Just watched 'Finding Neverland'. Imagine my surprise when seeing that 'Theater Patron 5' was Tobias Menzies. From 2004. Lovely movie. Sad.
Every time I watch Finding Neverland I remember why it's my favorite movie
"You promised to bring me to Neverland," said Sylvia Davies -Finding Neverland-
Finding Neverland is quite possibly the best movie ever. It is my absolute favorite right now.
I am obsessed with that ballad from the Finding Neverland musical, that Jennifer Hudson sang at the Tony's!
Last day of NYC rehearsals and moving day for Finding Neverland! Excited to see my parents tonight and head to Boston tomorrow for the rest of the summer! See you in August, NYC!
I am such a pro at finding CDs for a lower price! Just got Neverland for 12 €. I dont want to know the original german price lol
Finding Neverland gets me every time :(
Jesus, people I know need to stop being so impressive. I know someone in the ensemble of the finding Neverland original cast.
Ok New England family I am heading to Cambridge on Sunday for 3 1/2 months. Come see me and my show. The pre-broadway run of Finding Neverland at ART. Or just come for beers and food.
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