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Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester is a 2000 American drama film written by Mike Rich and directed by Gus Van Sant.

Sean Connery Rob Brown Coach Carter James Ellison Good Will Hunting Busta Rhymes Gus Van Sant

“You write your first draft with your heart, and you rewrite with your head.” James Ellison, Finding Forrester
A mothers last words to her daughter about finding the right guy.. Wow😢
Finding Forrester, all time favorite movie.
“We walk away from our dreams afraid we may fail, or worse yet, afraid we may succeed.” –Sean Connery ‘Finding Forrester’
Who has the Finding Forrester and The Alchemist connection power points done and wants to share it with ya girl 😇?
Leah Jade Wimpenny takes a closer look at DVD/Blu-ray FINDING FORRESTER for
"I'm writing. What you'll be doing when you start punching those keys." - Finding Forrester
"It's like, they let you get so far before they take everything away.". The movie Finding Forrester perfectly describes the season.
In an ordinary place, he found the one person to make his life extraordinary.
The sports movie is Finding Forrester, followed by Big Daddy, and then Searching for Bobby Fischer
"Bitterly disappointed teacher are either very effective or very dangerous"-Finding Forrester
PlexPy (Movies). Finding Forrester was recently added to Plex.
Finding Forrester, Detached, Drive, We need to talk about Kevin, American Gangster, Legends
"Why is it the words we write for ourselves are always so much better than the words we write for others?" Finding Forr…
"You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head." Finding Forrester
Finding Forrester is one of the greatest movies ever made.
Max,I see you channeling Finding Forrester,one of my favorite movies.
Write you first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head. from movie Finding Forrester
Finding Forrester is currently unavailable to stream on Netflix.
were Jamal & Clair supposed to be dating in Finding Forrester?
In between exceptional customer service, Traci is finding and filling holes!
Finding Forrester ✌🏼. Every time I hear Sean Connery speak I work on my Sean Connery impersonation lol.
It's from the movie Finding Forrester. Good movie.
Aww. Well I hope there were others you liked. Finding Forrester is another one I like. Go see it if you haven't
I don't disagree BUT whats wrong w/ slop? Its like that scene in Finding Forrester where Jamal asks why Sean Connery reads
Forrester shrugged in a way of finding it fair enough which he also said to him. "Fair enough. So how are you doing daddy?"
Finding Forrester is a good emotional movie
Finding Forrester always makes me cry.
The moment you realize the star of one of your favorite sneaky good movies (Finding Forrester) is in one of your fav TV shows (Blindspot).
I broke down crying at the end of Finding Forrester. I'm a mess.
But Finding Forrester messed me up though. That was such a good movie.
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Listen to Sean Connery - Finding Forrester by jamesivan96 on
Book trailer for Jacinta Howard's MAY 20th release 'Finding Kennedy'. Check it out!
My favorite Sean Connery film is Finding Forrester... or all of the others. I just love Sean Connery.
Total props for the Finding Forrester Connery soundbite pull!
This is so stupid. At least finding out that Ridge wasn’t a Forrester was a surprise to everyone
Man this turned into Finding Forrester alluva sudden?
Finding Forrester is another movie I have to watch
A bearded talking the "Back 9" of life reminded me of Sean Connery in "Finding Forrester" reading Seasons of Change. Just sayin'.
Well, none of my friends have seen it, but Finding Forrester is great!
the Wikipedia page for "Finding Forrester" doesn't have a Ray Guy punt hangtime
Make sure doesn't see that. I think he hates Finding Forrester.
A Knight's Tale, Good Will Hunting and Finding Forrester will forever be my favorite movies.
Just finished watching Finding Forrester. Very fine movie. 👏👏👏
I love to see movies about writers and writing, from Stranger Than Fiction, Ruby Sparks, Finding Forrester, Midnight in Paris, to Misery.
i kept getting by Finding Forrester this week, it was on like 3 times
Never saw Finding Forrester but I assume it only consists of Sean Connery saying "YOURE THE MAN NOW DOG!" Because of
Finding Forrester. All the movies on rock!!
So HRC camp "Finding Forrester'd" him except gave him a script. Seems like she didnt trust him without her voice.
👀📺 Finding Forrester. One look at & I was convinced that we would one day wed.
Finding Forrester is probably the dopest film I've seen this year 🎥
Finding Forrester will always be a fav of mine...such great performances by & Sean Connery 🙌
finding forrester is arguably my favorite movie in the whole *** world. Marvelous.
'Finding Forrester' is such a good movie!
Finding Forrester just proves no mater what color you are , we all can work together.. As uno.
If you've never seen finding forrester, you're the problem in the world today
Finding Forrester is one of my all time favorite movies
Finding Forrester is also a great movie
In"Finding Forrester", S C's character remarks that socks are poorly designed; the seam should be on the OUTSIDE!:0)
Finding Forrester is one of my favorite and one of the best movies that has ever existed, and I say this mostly...
The Shawshank Redemption. The Green Mile. Forrest Gump. Finding Forrester. Good Will Hunting. They sure don't make great movies like the used to
with Finding Forrester somewhere in there (pre-internet memes)
I watch Wimbledon and Finding Forrester every time they're on. They are great cable movies
Finding Forrester was an amazing movie
FINDING FORRESTER "You're the man now dawg!" is one of the most ridiculous lines ever.
Will always have a soft spot for Finding Forrester cause this film is basically me at the end of HS + my brief stint in college.
finding forrester was one of my most memorable and favorite DVDs I owned
. Have U ever watched the movie Finding Forrester? I think you'd dig it
"The key to a woman's heart is unexpected gifts at unexpected times" . ~Finding Forrester
Watched Finding Forrester for like the 12th time. Love all of your films!
have you seen the film Finding Forrester?
Started my movie education wit my guy a.k.a all the movies I havent watched that he deems important. Yea I just bawled @ Finding Forrester.
Aladdin, Finding Forrester and Galaxy Quest. "Never give up! Never surrender!"
Finding forrester great movie I love it .
as big bro in Finding Forrester made me believe he was going to magically become my big bro for Y2K
I'm giving away something for you on Finding Forrester DVD! Great Condition!. Get it here -
You can rely on Forrester receiving the ball on the turn & creating something. Seems to have that knack of finding space like Naismith too.
Feel like Iv lost a child finding out is out 😩
Yesss!! Puts me in mind of "Finding Forrester" w/Sean Connery. Great film by the way. :)
'Finding Forrester' is probably in my top 10 of favorite movies.
sounds like a coming of age movie. Finding Forrester. Good Will Hunting. Chasen Shreve.
Finding from marketplace survey: Customers trust marketplaces a lot
Wait, the troubled kid in this movie is the same troubled kid from "Coach Carter" & "Finding Forrester"? I smell a shared universe!
Interesting post on finding the right B2B marketing mix
if you watch "Finding Forrester" the camera pans over the books the kid reads, FW is the one whose spine looks brand new
Hey maybe a hidden gem on the movie front. "Finding Forrester" Favorite movie as a child, even more so as an adult.
Where can I find "Finding Forrester" & "Antwone Fisher" movies in Harare? The DVD stores I've gone to don't have them.
If you need a little writing inspiration, Finding Forrester holds up better than a high impact sports bra.
Finding out how your organization’s software delivery stacks up via a assessment is just a click away.
A line from "Finding Forrester". Sounds a lot better when Sean Connery says it.
Finding Forrester is one of my all time favorites.
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Watching, "Finding Forrester" ... I absolutely love this movie. Sean Connery plays such an amazing role.
Every time I watch Finding Forrester I'm inspired to write.
Rewatching FINDING FORRESTER & god its glorious.Time-capsule to the 90s, pre-9/11 NYC.Beautiful jazz.Like Good Will Hunting and 8MILE in one
Please don't turn the page on me Queen rahter u know r I may need to finding Forrester may be a kingdom r land n...
Watching "Finding Forrester" and remembering how in denial I was about being in love with writing at 12. This is one of my favorite movies.
I've basically been watching finding forrester all evening.
Talking to a youngster today in S London. Really surprised & delighted when they told me their favourite film is Finding Forrester.
Finding a way out of the security nightmare
Derrick, there was once a pretty popular site that many memes were born from called YTMND. also, I love Finding Forrester.
Sean Connery elevates everybody's game. in Finding Forrester he made Busta Rhymes look like Sidney Poitier
MOTM performance from finding his feet at the perfect time ⚽️👌
Forrester had a great game tonight, moved the ball, finding both space & players .. MOTM for me
Forrester has taking time to get fit and he is finding his form now.
Harry Forrester was great tonight, glad he's finding his form here
I wasn't too familiar w/ that period until Finding Forrester featured a couple of his songs on the soundtrack. Amazing scope.
I feel like I'm living the writing scenes from Finding Forrester
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The dialogue in Finding Forrester is better than your favorite movie.
Did you ever watch Finding Forrester? I personally never tried his trick of blasting the WB coz I am NOT a writer. Might work...
Can't believe no one brought up Finding Forrester as a hoops movie.
- Finding Forrester - The film that brought us the immortal line "You're the man now dog!"
yo to be real, Busta Rhymes killed it in Finding Forrester.
Finding Forrester is on HBO Go. Most underrated movie of all time
Does Finding Forrester count as a basketball movie?
I like Coach Carter a lot. It's not really mentioned often though. Finding Forrester and Rebound too.
Finding Forrester & Good Will Hunting both have remarkably similar plot-lines & are both 2 of my favorite movies. Seen them both 10+ times.
Just watched one my favorites Finding Forrester now bout finally bout to catch this documentary In My Father's House!!
Finding Forrester is such a good movie
Finding Forrester is such a great movie. Criminally underrated.
i'm watching Finding Forrester for the millionth time. Great film, and greater performance by you. One of my faves. Thanx
Finding Forrester is in my best movies.
Finding Forrester, one of my all time favorites. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend.
Finding Forrester on TV.. Already know I'm watching it
PSA: Finding Forrester is currently on HBO. You're welcome.
Lazy Sunday being a slouch watching stuff. Finding Forrester is one of my favorites. I had such a crush on Rob Brown when it came out.
Just finished watching the movie Finding Forrester, Man how that movie can keep you thinking
Finding Forrester remains one of my favorite movies that literally no one else has ever watched but me.
This sentence is only acceptable coming out of Sean Connery in Finding Forrester
Introducing my sons to one of my favourite films tonight - Finding Forrester
adopters looking for ways to manage multiple cloud solutions. Forrester survey
Finding Forrester, such an underrated movie
Finding Forrester is a top 3 movie for me
The key to a woman's heart : an unexpected gift at unexpected time. ★ Finding Forrester —
Just saw Finding Forrester for the first time last night 😳 AMAZING movie, I'm 16 years late as *** watching it
I absolutely LOVE watching Finding Forrester with and Rob Thomas!
.star of "Treme" and "Finding Forrester," says he was cuffed at after making legit purchase.
Rather than finding new ways to please customers, companies would be well advised to find ways to annoy them less exp -Forrester
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I'm pretty sure Creed is just the Rocky version of Finding Forrester. "You're the man now, dog."
War history books being featured at Finding Forrester's Books. $2 and up...
Finding Forrester. One of those movies I've watched more times than I can count and will keep watching at every opportunity.
I liked a video Opening to Finding Forrester 2001 VHS
idk if that's true. I saw it in Finding Forrester. One of the best movies of all time btw
Tarot Card readings at Finding Forrester's Books, Wed., July 8th 4-8pm for our New Age Night!
Finding Forrester x The Big Lebowski = Dope. Everybody needs to see Dope!
I think id pay him whatever he wanted for a feature n not even record a bar. Just sit in the stu n watch Finding Forrester
Go here to watch great Full Movies & TV ; Finding Forrester 2000 &...
Finding new music is just as good as nice butts and chipotle
Me, too. That and Finding Forrester, and Elephant Juice. LMAO. Love those kinds of films.
so...Zencole. their meeting was cute. However, Nicole finding out Zende was a Forrester should have been a thing.
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Stop trying to slide Finding Forrester quotes into this conversation.
Guys, don&miss the film "Finding Forrester." I just finished watching it, and oh god, what a -
I think that Hezonja is going to ball. He's nice, Oladipo better watch out... i picture practice with those two like "Finding Forrester"
Madonna's "The English Roses" books in stock at Finding Forrester's Books!
Learn to cook ITALIAN! Finding Forrester's has just the books for you!
what about the kid from Finding forrester? He had game and BRAINS!
When Sean Connery was cast in Finding Forrester, I hope they told him “You’re the ‘You’re the man now, dog’ man now, dog."
Forrester: Most apps are not compelling/convenient enough to outweigh finding, downloading, installing pains.
OK, I remember her in 'Finding Forrester'. One of my favorite movies EVER!! Happy Friday, young lady. YAY, Shelli with an I
Sean Connery and Rob Brown to reunite onscreen in reboot of the "Dude Where's My Car" franchise. Title: Finding Forrester.
Finding Forrester is still good, and Sean Connery is shtill shexy, but I forgot how long this flick is. Jesus, Gus Van Sant, I'm tired.
"Finding Forrester," y'all. Watch it. Gus Van Sant at his finest, IMHO. Thanks for the head's up!
Holy crap, Finding Forrester is on crackle! Crackle on that Robert Horry clutch level
Finding Forrester!! Excellent movie!! "Write the first draft with your heart and the second draft with your head" This is about my 8th watch..UP Entertainment!
Watching "Finding Forrester" & noticed Sookie Stackhouse is in this movie 😂 I love seeing TB characters in other movies
Finding Forrester would have been way better if it was James Earl Jones as Fake Ralph Ellison instead of Sean Connery as Fake JD Salinger
Yum Rob Brown! I'm watching Finding Forrester with Shazam. Try it now!
Watching Finding Forrester makes me want to find my dad's old typewriter. 😍
I'm wondering. . .what are your favorite movies about writing - like Finding Forrester and Stranger Than Fiction? Feeling like a movie marathon might be fun.
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The BMW symbol is a white propeller against a blue sky. They used to make planes for the war-- then they got into the car business. I love little facts like this. I got this one from a movie-- finding forrester-- an have been telling people this for years. I'm too lazy to wiki whether it's true or not. That would be hilarious if it wasn't.
- here's some help with futher/farther... Via a little clip from Finding Forrester:
"Downingtown Stem High School, where the only thing harder than the Ib exams is finding a decent looking girl."
Hehe Oh I used to love Finding Forrester. I think I still have the DVD. I have many cult movies.
Aw sweet :) mine was ville valo. I'm devoted for him ;) my fav movie is Finding Forrester
Rob Brown has been bae since FINDING FORRESTER.
No lie: I brought that Finding Forrester poster in from home.
the Finding Forrester poster killed me
I want that sick Finding Forrester poster
Seeing in Finding Forrester in english class
When the words don't come via clip from Forrester
lol okay, Elysium for Sci-Fi, This Is The End for comedy, Finding Forrester for happy feelings💁 I'm kinda into old movies
Just watched 'Finding Forrester'. I think that I will set my goals a little higher today.
Finding Forrester. Saw the movie again. An amazing movie with good conversations and some real quotable quotes...
Finding Forrester on Sony Pix. One of those underrated movies I absolutely love. Sean Connery is studly.
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Finding Forrester is such a wonderful movie. Discovering it only after ages.
FINDING FORRESTER is a kind of movie which you don't want to leave watching, even you r hungry.
An expression is worth a thousand words- Finding Forrester on
Finding Forrester ... another all time favorite.
Thanks so much! I enjoyed that conversation--could've kept going & talked Finding Forrester, Wonder Boys etc.
I'm bringing a Finding Forrester poster into work for a meeting today. Because video games.
learned all about this in Finding Forrester i think
“The key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.” –Sean Connery ‘Finding Forrester’ 2000
They Key to a womans Heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. (qoute frm Movie "Finding Forrester.2000")
Finding Forrester is an awesome movie
Finding Forrester is one of my all time favourite movies.. that n Good Will Hunting..
Sean Connery in finding forrester "they know all the rules about writing, but they dont know how to write".
A few of my favorite movies: Finding Forrester, Stranger Than Fiction, Martian Child. Can you figure? :)
In honor of the final week of the Battle of the Decades:. Finding Forrester. Had a cameo of the. Great Alex Trebek.
4 of 5 stars to Finding Forrester by James Ellison
I know what they said in "Finding Forrester" about what the BMW logo represents. So that's my guess. ;-)
Woke up coffee and started watching finding forrester
Once again, Finding Forrester, the movie.get into it!!
I'm watching Finding Forrester and earning great rewards from
The choir on Finding Forrester was on another level.
Finding Forrester, is one of the best movies I have seen in a few years
"Farther relates to distance. Further is a definition of degree." -Finding Forrester
Song 1 of 13 [second half] on the soundtrack for Finding Forrester: "Recollections." DISCLAIMER: This upload is non-profit, non-commercial, fan-made, and ent...
Post lunch fun? How about finding all the in London we sent out and about
Jim, This Pic makes me think of the movie "Finding Forrester". Except this Mr. Forrester had no problem getting to his seat..
Every time I was Finding Forrester, I just want to learn more & more things about this world.
"You're the man now, dog!" - Sean Connery in Finding Forrester (2000)
I'm listening to "Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World" by Israel 'IZ' Kamakawiwo'ole on Pandora
a few I've enjoyed are Stranger Than Fiction and Nim's Island (both with actress Emma Thompson), as well as Finding Forrester
"hey I figured it out, the book guy is william shatner". - andrew pace on the movie 'finding forrester'
This week's installation comes courtesy of Sean Connery in 'Finding Forrester'
"Using a contraction at the start of a sentence can make it stand out. And that may be what the writer is trying to do." Finding Forrester
I just realized that you have the same name as the kid in "Finding Forrester"
Have you seen Finding Forrester? There's a great scene in that movie about beginning sentences with conjunctions.
"Punch the keys, for God's sake!." - William Forrester, Finding Forrester (2000)
we're watching finding forrester in class & I need to go to a school like this
Easily the first "Finding Forrester" reference made in at least 10 years.
Born in a working-class district in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sir Sean served in the Royal Navy, worked as a lorry driver and coffin polisher, and competed as a bodybuilder before breaking into movies. Best known for creating the role of James Bond in the first five films based on the Ian Fleming's novels, Sir Sean quickly became a superstar in the early 1960s. After tiring of playing Agent 007, Sir Sean appeared in less mainstream films through the 1970s and 1980s, such as Zardoz (1974) and Time Bandits (1981). His role in 1989's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade started him down a path that mesmerized an entirely new generation of fans with hits such as The Hunt for Red October (1990), The Rock (1996), The Avengers (1998), and Entrapment (1999). In 2000 he starred in Finding Forrester (2000), widely hailed as the pinnacle of Sir Sean's acting career and, in the words of film critic Lisa Schwarzbaum, "a story that can never be told often enough."
movies were like that too. Finding Forrester, Saving Silverman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (a little more recent)
Here's my tribute to Mr. Trysten Cain: "Don Jon"; I went into this movie not expecting a whole lot because honestly, people told me not to expect a whole lot. I still trust those people and their opinions, but I have now learned to never question Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yes this is not a romantic comedy in the standard sense, and maybe that's what threw people off initially, but my god is it a well made movie. Sound cues were brilliant, visual motifs were amazing, the acting was superb especially from JGL and Rob Brown (who I have always enjoyed since "Finding Forrester"). It's not a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination but it's exactly what I have come to expect from Mr. Gordon-Levitt. It's a smart movie with a good message on objectification and yes Brie Larson is pitch perfect as always. I give it a .750 batting average (had to come up with something else as not to steal your grading system Trysten).
60 Minutes: Who'd a thunk it? Whitey Bulger giving me tips on how to stretch my socks so they do not constrict my ankles. Use a large bottle to weaken the elastic. My "Finding Forrester" moment! :-)
I loved it. One of my all time favorites. I'm still baffled by the disregard of this movie
I've never actually seen the movie Finding Forrester, but I assume it's just Sean Connery saying, "You're the man now, dawg!" for 88 minutes
The man who portrays Forrester in the film Finding Forrester actually has throat cancer...
*announcer voice* Tonight, we're taking it back to 2000 with: Finding Forrester.
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Finding Forrester is such a classic movie
Finding Forrester is a good basketball movie that also involves writing.
Badlands theme randomly plays out Finding Forrester. Shot by Harris Savides. Like they anticipated the tribute.
I'm more concerned about finding a beach house for spring break than taking notes during your lecture
Have you ever seen the movie Finding Forrester? Sean Connery as a hermit author who pays a guy to bring him new socks every week.
.Remember that time you were in Finding Forrester wearing your own clothing label? I just did and I fell over. Send help.
Finding Forrester is one of the best movies I've ever watched
Watching finding forrester! Shout out to Brian wards English 1101 classes
Big time! You, and scenes from Finding Forrester.
I bet if ol boy from Finding Forrester had been in a movie recently Macy's might not have profiled him.
Just read about ordeal at Macy's. Sounds like a deleted scene from a Finding Forrester Sequel.
great post by Kimberly Leszak. Rob Brown debuted in Finding Forrester with Sean Connery & more than held his own.
Finding Forrester is one of the greatest movies
I look like the guy from Finding Forrester in situations like this
Rob Brown of movies like "Finding Forrester" and "Coach Carter" is suing Macy's for being placed in a…
This version of Over The Rainbow was on soundtrack of "Finding Forrester" in which poet Charles Bernstein had an acting role!
2nd quarter is underway with great Wellness Plans and a look at social interactions with Finding Forrester.
Pretty depressing finding out that William Forrester is not a real person and that I'll never read Avalon Landing
Personally I am of the opinion that if you have not watched Finding Forrester you're messin' up.
The fine art of finding prospects. Marketers can do this with Predictive Lead Targeting. Learning from Forrester at
Somewhere over the rainbow ost finding forrester
Julius Randle kinda look like Rob Brown from "Finding Forrester" and "Coach Carter" fame.
A woman's head is always influenced by heart; but a man's heart by his head, may succeed, [Finding Forrester]
Teaching English class and loving it because my students are watching "Finding Forrester," a great movie about a...
Did you know the movie 'Finding Forrester' is a standard training material for all those in the sock industry.
Finding Forrester with Sean Connery used to be one of my favorite movies I had totally forgout about it .
Finding Forrester: Former teammate, agent weigh in on potential of Ginebra's surprise No. 4 pick NOT a few fans were surprised when Barangay Ginebra pulled off a trade with Barako Bull for the chance to make James Forrester the fourth pick overall of the last PBA rookie draft. Expectations, as a result, have gone up for Forrester, more so since he was taken by Ginebra at a time when other marquee prospects like Terrence Romeo, RR Garcia, Jeric Teng, and Alex Nuyles were still available. Aside from that, Ginebra didn't get him for a song, having to give up Rico Maierhofer and Willy Wilson for the chance to grab him in Sunday's draft proceedings. No wonder the question on most fans' minds is, "What's so special about Forrester?" Although the Fil-foreign guard became a YouTube sensation with his spectacular dunks and mix tape, he hardly made a big splash during his time with Arellano in the NCAA and Cagayan Valley in the D-League. However, his agent, Matthew Manotoc, believes Forrester is the steal of the dr ...
Watching Finding Forrester for the millionth time... every year
There's nothing better than a good soundtrack from the movies ... The Island, Invictus, Finding Forrester, etc etc
The Soloist, Shawshank redemption, Due date, Sholay and Finding Forrester are my favorite movies about (fully or not) friendship
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Finding Forrester you should watch it it's really nice
Speaking of movies Dani you have to watch Finding Forrester also change ur un to something understandable pls
Watched Remember the Titans and Finding Forrester tonight, 2 amazing movies that when I see they're on, I can't not watch them
I've watched Finding Forrester entirely too many times in the past few days.
Been watching finding forrester... will always be numero uno in my book...
"Finding Forrester" is probably one of my favorite movies
Don't know why I'm jus now watching finding forrester . Good *** movie
Instead, I'm watching Finding Forrester, where he X's out big chunks of the kid's writing and scribbles 'Constipated'. Hah. Yeah. Been there
I'm torn between Rugrats The Movie and Finding Forrester. Both equally great movies.
Boutt to watch Finding Forrester heard it was prettyy good movay.
You got to do what you got to do & ignore haters that try to stop you, may succeed, [Finding Forrester]
It just occurred to me that Bane's accent sounds exactly like every impression of Connery in Finding Forrester.
Watching "Finding Forrester". Never actually got a chance to really see this movie. Heard about it plenty of times.
Saw Gus Van Sant park his car across the street from my building this morning. Did not rush him with all my FINDING FORRESTER questions.
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