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Finding Dory

Finding Dory is an upcoming 2015 sequel to the 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo to be directed by Andrew Stanton, who also directed the original film.

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"Finding Dory" will be at Roswell's Riverside Park on 7/15. Thank you to Hulafrog Alpharetta-Roswell, GA for the... ht…
Look, I've said it before, but I love Thomas Newman's musical score for Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. 10/10, Tom
I hope Trump is enjoying his in-flight movie right now. I hear "Finding Dory" is good. Also, there's complimentary peanuts, which is nice.
Make fun of the disabled while Finding Dory!
Everyone is butthurt by a 6-second *** couple in Finding Dory when in Kung Fu Panda Po has 2 dads for the whole movie 🐸…
Spent the last hour of our trip home giggling watching Finding Dory & Happy Feet while we navigated a gnarly storm 😍. 2/2
Steve Pilcher development art for Brave (2012) Production designer of Brave and Finding Dory
Ellen DeGeneres' response to Donald Trump screening "Finding Dory" at The White House is everything 😂
Can we talk about why the shipping container that was going to Cleveland in Finding Dory had an emergency exit in the ceiling
Don't forget to join us tonight for Finding Nemo & Finding Dory, snacks, and raffle prizes! It's time to get in the spring brea…
Free movie today at the Orpheum Theater, Finding Dory, starts at 2pm.
I just watched Finding Dory and it made me happy.
Ellen Degeneres calls out Donald Trump by using her movie 'Finding Dory' as an example that kindness conquers hate. https:…
Mock boards exam in the morning, mini Disney marathon in the evening :) Beauty and the Beast, Finding Dory, and who knows what else :)
Yes, and we played foosball, chess, and are getting popcorn ready to watch Finding Dory and The Parent Trap together! ♥︎♥︎
Finding Dory, Parks and Rec, The Office, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Grease (not grease live, but it's ok), Shrek The musical
The Dan hasthe flu movie marathon continues. So far: Remember the Titans, Temple Grandin, and Finding Dory. Any suggestions for next?
Donald Trump missed the point of Finding Dory, so Ellen helped him out: via
Ellen DeGeneres explains 'Finding Dory' for presidents who might have missed the point…
ICYMI: Ellen DeGeneres used as a metaphor to speak out against and the
This is so great! ❤️❤️ Ellen uses 'Dory' to slam Trump's immigration ban via
finding dory and project X will be on netflix tomorrow, you're welcome
"Dude", it feels like you're about to cry. Are you still totes emosh after Finding Dory? DM me that r…
She explained her view on the Muslim ban using her movie "Finding Dory"
My co-star Ed O’Neill and I thought it was a perfect time to show you the deleted R-rated scene from "Findin…
Ellen DeGeneres expertly uses 'Finding Dory' to comment on Trump's travel ban
Wanna know what I thought about Trump watching "Finding Dory" in the White... by via
Ellen DeGeneres shuts down Trump's Muslim ban using the medium of Finding Dory
Are u pumped finding dory goes on netflix tomorrow
Ellen DeGeneres hits back at Trump by explaining Finding Dory plot
While Trump was watching "Finding Dory," innocent travelers languished in detention b/c of his illegal . Get…
Little Giant Ladders
Ellen DeGeneres hits back at Trump ‘Muslim ban’ by explaining ‘Finding Dory’ plot
“They help her even though they’re different colors, because that’s what you do when someone's in need - you help” 
President Trump screened "Finding Dory" at the White House. Ellen DeGeneres hints that he didn’t learn its lessons. htt…
WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres took a moment on her show to discuss Trump's crackdown on immigration using "Finding Dory"
Let ur grandkids watch Finding Dory, u should watch this Learn!.
As refugees spent the weekend trapped in airports across the US, Trump screened "Finding Dory" at the White House
.so sorry the president was inconvenienced by remembering genocide. I hope he was able to enjoy Finding Dory.
Trump screened "Finding Dory" in the White House as chaos over his travel ban broke out
Bethany is so amazing!!! We saw Finding Dory when we went to go see the college she's going to go to in the fall. S…
15 craziest Oscars snubs and surprises: Amy Adams, Finding Dory, and the insane Mel Gibson nod h…
some of my favorite characters in Finding Dory are the cuddling otters 🤗
A great article on the great Finding Dory and its portrayal not just of disability but of “disability culture”
Disney channel has a cool commercial that tells you what happens in Finding Dory by emoji.
can't.your niece won't stop kicking me and your nephew insist that I lay in his bed and watch Finding Dory 😩
Finding Dory is seriously the cutest movie ever and I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry a little
We just watched finding dory so I asked my dad if he liked it & he said "hopefully you guys will get lost" ☹️
If you're wondering how many times u can watch Finding Dory in 6 hours, the answer is 4 🙃
My favorite character from Finding Dory was Gerald
I got paid to watch Finding Dory today. 🐠🐙
I added a video to a playlist Disney Pixar Finding Dory Finding Nemo Color Mix-Up Toys for Kids
Finding Dory excites my inner child so much😭💕
Smh my mom walked in on me crying to the ending of finding dory but i ain't ashamed it was a really good movie
Please RT? Whoa, dude?the full Finding Dory trailer is here
My sister leaves in a few hours, so we're watching Finding Dory
Gerald off finding dory is the cutest thing
I liked a video from Everything GREAT About Finding Dory!
"Aren't you a little too old to be seeing Finding Do-". Me:
I don't know what the Times is talking about, Finding Dory takes place in the real world. With real Sigourney, too!
*** is Finding Dory?. Someone needs to make Finding Wolfie's Hairline 👀
Finding dory is the most cutest movie ever😍🐠
"I don't care if you work right now mom, but you just have to sit with me and watch Finding Dory and talk about Finding Dory with me, okay?"
Me and laynie are watching finding dory and this is the second time she's watched it and this whole time she though…
just post the meme, it works best if your profile picture is of Dory from Finding Nemo
Started watching Finding Dory and already have cried in the first 5 minutes, it's so sad!
for real it would be dope to pack like 20 people in my room to watch Finding Dory 💯
I liked a video You've Found the Latest 'Finding Dory' Trailer
oh I've also rewatched finding dory which I've never done before- rewatching something so soon
Got the movie finding dory from walmart 💙🐠
*** who decided to make the beginning of Finding Dory so sad I'm sitting here drunk on rum cake sobbing
These Ice Cream Floats are perfect for movie night via [ad]
Yummy Disney Finding Dory Chupa Chups pop ups and other yummy candy, watch!
"How did you spend the first day of the new year?". Me: "well I went to church & then watched finding dory 3 times while eating cake.".
I know it is, because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you, and I'm home. (Finding Nemo)
Today I watched finding dory &I I cried the entire movie bc it was so sad & happy
Finding Dory and Moana were the best kids movies of 2016
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Official end to the holidays. A night of gimme five and now to watch Finding Dory.
for refrence I want to see Civil War, Doctor Strange, La La Land, Moonlight, Sausage Party, Finding Dory, Kung fu Panda 3 (cont.)
Diane Keaton on the DVD release of "Finding Dory" & James Charles, the first male CoverGirl, today at 4pm.
For families looking for an activity a few days after Christmas, will show "Finding Dory" Dec. 27
Snuggles with a chow mein & the hubby - I'm determined to be better for Milos birthday — watching Finding Dory
Chocolate milk and Finding Dory. The perfect way to neglect my responsibilities as a college student.
the amount I cried at Finding Dory is actually disgraceful, when will I learn not to become attached to moving pictures of fish
Out on Blu-Ray today:. Finding Dory featuring the voices of Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed…
I really want to watch Finding Dory tonight, but I don't have any money on my Google account oops.
Finding Dory is being released on 11/15. Order your copy today!!
Submissions due: Fri. Oct 28!! Last week to submit Box Tops to enter to win Disney/Pixar's "Finding Dory" on Blu-ray/DVD+DC (out: Nov 15)!!
Folding inline scooter, Finding Dory. Did you know that you can now pre-order toys for Christmas fro
Don't miss Finding Dory this evening at 8pm in Baker Theater!
The is awesome and is showing Finding Dory tonight at 8pm in Baker Theater for free! Plus free popcorn and pizza 😎
Come to Baker Theater at 8pm this evening for a free showing of Finding Dory! Pizza and popcorn included.
So excited for Date Night, just got to get work over & done with 😫 Finding Dory & TGI's 👫💜
If all work goes to plan today, I'm considering a themed double bill of Finding Dory & The Shallows tomorrow.
Oh my goodness! We were at the Great Park Empire Cinema and saw Finding Dory. Good film too (I don't normally do animated films.)
For what it's worth, I think Finding Dory is one of Pixar's best films, and I wasn't even that much of a fan of Finding Nemo.
Still need to see Finding Dory, The Purge, Bad Moms, The Legend of Tarzan, Nerve, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, & now S…
At the cinema watching finding dory — watching Finding Dory at Regal Cinema Wadebridge
Finding Dory beats Jason Bourne at UK box office -
I've got quite a few films to watch at the cinema when I get back: Finding Dory, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond and Jason Bourne.
On Wed at 6 PM: Get to know Swindon by bike, (2D) Finding Dory, Jason Bourne, (2D) The BFG, (2D) Star Trek Beyond
Finding Dory poster at California Adventure perfectly describes most sorority girls nights out in ttown
Distressingly few think pieces on the subtextual similarities between Finding Dory and Jason Bourne
03:45 The Film Review: Anna Smith joins Gavin Esler and to give her thoughts on Jason Bourne and Finding Dory.
My *** account & eyes are going to be so sore tomorrow because of a short marathon, BFG then Jason Bourne then Finding Dory
"hi um, sorry for butting in, but I'm a baker so I'm wondering about the well being of those Finding Dory cookies."
he's 12 has ASD and has waited 3 years for finding dory to come out at the cinemas so is VERY excited and want to make night
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
if I drop some finding dory goodies at Stockport cineworld could your staff present them to my son when we arrive tonight ?
Finding dory tonight with little man 👍🏻😜🐳
It's Finding Dory Friday! We have plenty of showings all day in 2D & 3D. Check the website and book early to avoid disappointment 🐠🐟🐠
The Finding Dory filter on snapchat is life
Finding Nemo is one of my favourite films can't wait for finding dory today🐠
Please. All I know is that I missed them. I really, really missed them. Do you know what that feels like? –Dory (Finding D…
Although we went to see bfg anyway, so tht will be the 5th week at the pictures in a row🙄 but finding dory is a MUST
Finding Dory is out today (hooray!) - why not treat your little one to this adorable Dory toy from The Entertainer?
just noticed i actually look like Gerald from finding dory
Ummm I legit sat here for 20 minutes trying to figure out which Finding Dory character Flotus was and why she was so popular t…
I literally don't even care might just go see finding dory on my own
Alex and I have booked tickets for finding dory, probs gonna be the oldest in the cinema🐠
So excited to watch finding dory in 3D🤓🐟🍿
So happy finding dory is finally out 🎉🎉
A hug for having to work late. A heart for the Finding Dory reference.
Today, I am going to an aquarium to see Finding Dory. Doesn't sit well with me.
Can not wait to see FINDING DORY later with the kids. Dont know whos more excited me or them ha! dorys not british is she? 🐠🐟🐋
Really looking forward to seeing the Heart Premiere of Finding Dory tonight, thank you 😊
When you realise finding dory comes out today and it makes you feel much better🌝
Don't forget it's the 'Finding Dory' launch today!
I found finding dory online, but it's in Spanish and Spanish 1 is coming in handy right now.
So today is the day. Finding Dory is out!!! 😁🐠😁
Come see what we thought about Finding Dory !! (You will be surprised)
Almost definitely more excited for Finding Dory later than my 7 year old brother is 😂
night out in Manchester tonight, mcm & Finding Dory tomorrow and I go on Miami on Thursday. Can't wait for this next week 😁😁
The Times Film show: and I review Jason Bourne and Finding Dory. Only one of these is thrilling.
okay I vote cuddle party like all the little otters in Finding Dory
Penelope has woken up so excited to see Finding Dory today 😁🐠
Told ms I wouldn't spend money but here I am going to the movies tomorrow to watch finding dory again bc I'm a child
LOVED the short before Pixar's Finding Dory, I wonder what they'll do for the new Jason Bourne film!!
Jason Bourne, Finding Dory, The Commune and more: In cinemas this week
Finding Dory: our interview with director Andrew Stanton and producer Lindsey Collins
We spoke to director Andrew Stanton and producer Lindsey Collins about Finding Dory, in cinemas Friday.
In Yesterday's Metro newspaper, interview with Eugene Levy, star of Finding Dory - and Cannibal Girls!
How did the camera man hold his breath that long to record Finding Dory?
I might (finally) make some Fan Art for the Finding Dory party using my costume. It's gonna take a while though.
Finding Dory box office collection: Disney-Pixar’s animation film set to cross $400 million mark at the internatio
The girls first theater movie. — watching Finding Dory at Regal Cinema 14 Franklin Square
Go on the red carpet of Finding Dory with some of your faves at the UK premiere!
Jason Isaacs attends the UK Premiere of 'Finding Dory' at Odeon Leicester Square on July 10, 2016
I think I am suffering from short term memory loss... — watching Finding Dory at Grand Cinemas - ABC...
Finding Dory at Barnes and Noble with Oz and Simon!
When the whale shark in Finding Dory has the same name as your girlfriend and she thinks she can talk whale now
10 years for illegally downloading a movie?. Better off being Adam Johnson then downloading Finding Dory . lmao https:/…
󾇉 Movie date with my nephews! 󾌧 — watching Finding Dory at Event Cinemas Pacific Fair
The purple shell scene in Finding Dory gets to me man..
As of now, top 5 movies of the year: . 1.) Swiss Army Man. 2.) Midnight Special. 3.) Green Room. 4.) Captain America: Civil War. 5.) Finding Dory
Spielberg's The BFG Struggles at Box Office - Report: Disney's Finding Dory was the No. 1 film at the US box ...
"Finding Dory" stays at in the U.S box office, Tarzan debuts at (
"Finding Dory" tops North America box office again -
Finding Dory is literally king of the box office rn, it really *** for the movies that were released this month
'Finding Dory' is swimming past all kinds of records:
Finding Dory leads U.S. box office for a third week as Tarzan and The BFG falter via
'Finding Dory' stays No.1 at the box office, dwarfing 'BFG,' 'Tarzan' - The…
I wonder how many shocked faces came out of that Finding Dory screening with the Sausage Party preview XD
they showed a Sausage Party preview before a showing of Finding Dory that's SO BAD LMFAOO
I'm at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas for Finding Dory in San Francisco, CA w/
Finding Dory is such a great movie 💫
It’s ironic that when this Finding Dory party starts (on Club Penguin) for players worldwide, it won’t even have premiered…
When little Dory opens her mouth for the first time during Finding Dory
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Just saw a commercial for Long John Silver's immediately after a commercial for Finding Dory. That seems...wrong.
Jus saw an ad for Finding Dory followed by an ad for Long John Silver.
Playing movie catch-up this weekend: Finally watching Finding Dory. Saving Swiss Army Man tomorrow, Our Kind of Traitor on Monday.
So many movies I need to see right now! Swiss Army Man, Warcraft, Shallows, BFG, Finding Dory, Free State of Jones, Indepen…
Setting myself for quite the triple feature today with The Shallows, Finding Dory and Swiss Army Man. Wish BFG was ocean-based.
In "Finding Dory," a fish searches for her family, aka her Blue Tang Clan. If this joke has already been done, please don'…
Movie theater shows trailer for R-rated movie Sausage Party during Finding Dory screening
'We regret it,' cinema exec says after Finding Dory fans shocked by Sausage Party trailer
EW: The trailer for the R-rated 'Sausage Party' was shown before 'Finding Dory': 😁
Theater accidentally shows profane trailer for 'Sausage Party' before 'Finding Dory.'.
Cinema apologises after playing NSFW trailer before 'Finding Dory' screening
When you realize you are the Gerald from Finding Dory of your family
lol, I need to save every penny going to see Ab Fab movie & Finding Dory, then I'm only spending on the stuff I need.
Sound for storytelling? talks Finding Dory and collaborating with Thomas Newman via
Finding Dory is cool, but Pixar, please... We're still waiting for The Incredibles 2...🤔🤔
All purpose parts banner
Swim over to to find a fun assortment of "Finding Dory" merchandise:
I'm at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 - for Finding Dory in New York, NY
Finding Dory .. Hope I didn't need to see Nemo!! (@ AMC Quail Springs Mall 24 - for Finding Dory)
Enjoying Lilly's first movie at the theatre! — watching Finding Dory at Cinamark Alliance
Ready for this! With Shannon, Robin, Ju and cousins! — watching Finding Dory at Studio movie grill Pearland
With my best buddy — watching Finding Dory at Highland Theater
Good morning I think it's gonna be a Finding Dory kind of wknd. I hope I don't forget anything. 😏 ikaw, forgetful ka na? 😁🤔
anyways I saw Finding Dory again today and in the credits it said skywalker sound and I WAS JUST THERE RECORDING AN ALBUM! . .casual
They were going to name 'Finding Dory' ; 'Hunky Dory.' :)
Dory time! (@ AMC North Point Mall 12 - for Finding Dory in Disney Digital 3D in Alpharetta, GA)
Join the Rockdale County Autism Support Group this Saturday for a sensory friendly showing of Finding Dory.
Had to work at 4:30 this morning. Went to a 10 o'clock showing of Finding Dory the night before. Got 3 hours of sleep. I'm DEAD. RIP to me.
Will someone please go to Hobby Lobby with me and possibly to see Finding Dory
Once-in-a-generation strawberry moon tonight - so Finding Dory and a moon I won't see for another half century. 😍
Finding Dory set a box-office weekend record for an animated film
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Finally Dory can remember something more than P.Sherman Sydney☺️ ★ Finding Dory (with 👨👦👧 at —
Listen to the creators of Finding Dory! Check out this great Podcast:
China Box Office: 'Warcraft' Marches Past $200M, 'Finding Dory' Debuts to Solid $17.5M: 'Warcraft' is falling fast in the Middle King...
The most unrealistic part of Finding Dory is that one of the characters really wants to go Cleveland.
I've watched Finding Dory, The Last Witch Hunter, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and am about to watch Dracula Untold today. Good stuff.
Disney Pixar's "Finding Dory" has debuted at top of the North American weekend box office. It raked in 136...
'Finding Dory' blows animation record out of the water taking in $136.2 million in North American theaters.
I just wanna go watch Finding Dory & eat at Rib crib 😩
Ordered a beer at dinner before Finding Dory, yup im old
Some fanny on FB just shared an image that spoils Finding Dory. Not planning to see it but if its true lol
Sutton enjoyed Finding Dory but the popcorn was his favorite. @ Liberty Theater
It's what you do for a little midget! — watching Finding Dory at Regal Simi Valley Civic Center Stadium 16 & IMAX
It's really good, yall! — watching Finding Dory at Beacon Theatre
I wanted to see Finding Dory at the El Cap while in town for E3, but it was all sold out already :( To the
Too many little kids in this movie theater to watch Finding Dory! This is for us young adults don't y'all know that?! 😒😒😒
boru siahaan's night out ★ Finding Dory (with Gaby, Stephanie Azalia, and Grace at —
Diet COLA, flavoured popcorn, movie with sunny boy...majja ni life — watching Finding Dory at PVR, Koregaon Park...
Anna's cried 3 times each in Finding Dory, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Me Before You & over 10 times in The Good Dinosaur
my cousin saw Me Before You and she loved it so we're going sometime this week and of course Finding Dory will be great
When your battle buddies would rather see The Conjuring 2 than Finding Dory...
Is the Finding Dory hysteria over yet?
I think I'm the only person in the Milky Way galaxy who couldn't care less about Finding Dory.
I'm at Cobb Merritt Square 16 Theatre & IMAX - for Finding Dory in Merritt Island, FL
So excited to go see Finding Dory and Alice Through the Looking Glass with bae tonight. 😍😍
This is my first time in a movie theater since Lafayette. — watching Finding Dory at Cinemark Tinseltown
Need someone to watch Alice Through the Looking Glass, Finding Dory, and Now You See Me 2 with
I'm seriously gonna go to the movies by myself to watch Finding Dory.. maybe even watch Alice Through the Looking Glass
Finding Dory is FINALLY here! And you can get tix from ONLY $5 at Union Station Kansas City Inc. on KC's BIGGEST...
Need to see Mike and Dave need wedding dates, Finding Dory, The conjuring 2, the Purge, and Tarzan
Big hero 6 was my fav animated movie I wonder if Finding Dory could top it 🤔
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Going to see Finding Nemo Vs. . going to see Finding Dory
Finding Dory was so good but I'm ready to go home and watch OITNB
Kyle and I have a date tomorrow to see Finding Dory! Not sure if I'm excited about going on a date (bc that's been a while), or for Dory!
There are 2 types of ppl tonight:. Finding Dory . or. Orange Is The New Black
Only things that matter tomorrow: Finding Dory & Orange Is The new Black
Tomorrow is going to be so great because of Finding Dory and Orange is the New Black.
I'm so so excited to watch Finding Dory
While at Splash Pad, had a kid invite me to go see Finding Dory with his family. Didn't invite the kids, just me.
I hate my life because I close tonight and Finding Dory and Central Intelligence comes out tonight smh
OITNB, Finding Dory, and Central Intelligence all come out tomorrow 🙃 i got some tv watching to do
Both Central Intelligence and Finding Dory come out this weekend!!! 😍
I'm an adult and I'm still crying over Finding Nemo 😭 I'm gonna be so messed up after Finding Dory
been 13 years since Finding Nemo tho 😂. ★ Finding Dory (with Arni Tria at —
Awesome interview with the ichthyologist who advised Pixar on Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.
Do you think 'Finding Dory' will be better or worse than 'Finding Nemo'?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Its showing Finding Nemo & i have got to watch Finding Dory this weekend
A kid bashed Finding Nemo and said Finding Dory will be lame and I got so defense real quick
We all love Finding Nemo, but how does Dory hold up? Here's my review of "Finding Dory"!
i don't think you could appreciate watching Finding Dory if you haven't watched Finding Nemo yet.
Finding Dory: What made Finding Nemo such a hit with fans of all ages?
Spoiler-Free Movie Review of What parents want to know! https:…
Just preordered my Finding Dory tickets for tomorrow 😄
Watching finding dory tonight and I think I'm a bit too hyped about it
When finding dory comes out next week
The entire cinema for finding dory is filled with adults lmao amazing
Available Friday: Finding Dory Playset & Nemo! Limited stock so be quick!
Finding Dory is not for your toddlers. It's for the people who waited 13 years for this moment. Your kids can watch it on…
I really want to watch finding dory 😭😩
any woman willing to watch game 6 with me tomorrow and then go see Finding Dory after might be "the one"
Well, at long last I'm booked for !. Also a preview screening for Ice Age 5, but more importantly FINDING DORY
Canny wait to see finding dory before Ma pals 🌞🌞
The long wait is over! Finding Dory is coming on the big screen starting tomorrow! With that, let's do a very...
Took my baby out on a movie date today. Hope you enjoyed Finding Dory as much as ate did 😂💕
Finding Dory at the Blue Carpet Movie Premiere - via
I need to see Finding Dory when it comes out in the cinema🐠
Finding dory tomorrow.. Gotta be there
Ladies and gentleman, please remain calm, but Finding Dory is released today😁🐟
Anyone wants to watch Finding Dory, 9.30pm tonight (16th June) at Mid Valley. I want to sell 4 tickets. Dm me for detail…
Tomorrow Johnny & I want to go see the conjuring but Juans 🐱 self rather see finding dory 😭😩😂
Review: Dory is back in Pixar's charming sequel Finding Dory - ★★★★☆ -
All I want to do is go to Disneyland have a bread bowl and watch Finding Dory. 💙🐠
I’m more excited for Thomas Newman’s score to Finding Dory than the actual film. One of the all-time best film composers.
Thomas Newman composed the music for Finding Dory
June 17th? I'm hitting every little kid in front of me w that RKO finisher. Been waiting for Finding Dory my whole life yo…
btw: whats the average rating of Finding Dory?
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Kaitlyn Olsen (Destiny) and Ty Burrell (Bailey) at the Finding Dory press conference…
why are ppl freaking out bc a *** couple is in Finding Dory.. no one cared when a girl fell in love with a bee.. https:/…
People be freaking out about potential *** in Finding Dory & I'm here like ITS A CARTOON MOVIE ABOUT FISH THAT CAN…
Ugh why do all my Disney friends live in other states.who's gonna drive 45 minutes with me to go see Finding Dory in IMAX😢😢😢
Brand new Finding Dory event coming to SEA LIFE soon! Can you see her? In cinemas...
People upset that a *** couple is in Finding Dory are also apparently unaware the star of the movie is a *** https:/…
Movies I need to see this summer: The Conjuring 2, The Purge, Finding Dory, that Pets movie. The new Matthew McConaughey movie. I'll be busy
New 'Finding Dory' Trailer: Meet the Younger Version of Dory: . The new trailer sees how the younger D...
Disney/Pixar's big underwater hope for the U.S. summer holidays drops its second trailer. Finding Dory sees Ellen...
Come find Dory with the Rachel Carson Middle School Touching Heart Club for Finding Dory for a Cause on 6/17! Tix:
Win tickets to the advance screening of Disney’s Finding Dory with .
I wonder if I can lobby the Warwick Arts Centre cinema to show Finding Dory on Amecon weekend
Who's next?! Finding Dory, Moana, Rogue One, Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 CANCELLED?! (PLZ...that no)
Im an adult I say as the top 5 movies I am excited for this summer are:. 1 Xmen. 2 Finding Dory. 3 suicide squad. 4 Independence day. 5 Ice age
I bet Finding Dory will be the biggest box office hit this year
Thank you to Ellen and Diane for a wonderful little tribute to all the moms from Finding Dory
Ice cream in my new Finding Dory bowls! 👌🏻😋
But man we gotta talk about the finding dory trailer weeps
hey, hey can we see Finding Dory when I come visit?
The cast should reunite this summer by going to the Finding Dory premiere and they could all dress up as the characters and yes
Characters from the "Finding Dory" movie can now be found at Epcot's Turtle Talk with Crush: https…
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