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Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot is a documentary television series that premiered on May 30, 2011, on Animal Planet. As the title suggests, the program follows the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) in its search for Bigfoot, a cryptid hominid living in the wildernesses of the United States and Canada.

Animal Planet

The one show that is so ridiculously funny to me is Finding Bigfoot. Watching groups of people shouting into darkness filled woods kills me.
I am big fan of the Animal Planet show "finding Bigfoot." I would love to see a show "Finding Islam", Squatches are far less dangerous.
Those rascally puppies work for a Govt agency that doesnt want people to watch Finding Bigfoot!!!
We picked this up at and we're looking forward to finding Bigfoot in this middle grader, out in May.…
The only thing I see when I look at Betsy devos is her husband, *** Devos, giving his eye witness account on "Finding Bigfoot"
I stopped watching smith he is horrible! I'd rather watch finding Bigfoot on demand! ITS MORE REAL! Lmao
I can't believe what I just heard! Moneymaker just said on this episode of Finding Bigfoot, that's a stump not a Sasquatch.
yes before filming the newest episode of Finding Bigfoot I decided I needed a change :)
I liked a video from REACHING THROUGH THE WINDOW?! | Finding Bigfoot Multiplayer
I liked a video from THE NEW RAKE?! | Finding Bigfoot Multiplayer Gameplay (
Didn't know which one would happen first finding Bigfoot or a hotel for padre but padre finally came through!
2 things on my bucket list: a night in the woods with the Finding Bigfoot crew & storm chasing (tornadoes) in the Midwest.
Wait a second. The Finding Bigfoot crew came to western NC and I didn't know about it?!
When you're trying to spend some quality time with your dad but he wants to watch re-runs of "Finding Bigfoot" 🙄
When love is more difficult than finding Bigfoot. Big Yearning is thrilling, funny, and sexy.
I always say I'm gonna go to bed early and wake up early to finish my hw, then all of a sudden it's 3AM and I'm marathoning finding Bigfoot
that's the only thing I'm ok with getting in the way of Finding Bigfoot tbh
oh okay . I was really excited to see finding Bigfoot
Finding Bigfoot/Killing Bigfoot. Says a lot about human nature doesn't it?
So there's a show called Finding Bigfoot, where delusional people are searching for something that doesn't exist.
Nobody better tell me Finding Bigfoot isn't real. That's my line in the sand. I mean forest.
At least we still have Finding Bigfoot.
Why is finding a good girl like finding bigfoot
Play with a friend FINDING BIGFOOT play dumb but very exciting all lovers recommend games )))👍👍
I liked a video from FINDING BIGFOOT IN MINECRAFT!? | Minecraft Roleplay
I liked a video from Minecraft Finding Bigfoot - HE WANTS TO EAT US!! | Minecraft
These finding bigfoot people all voted trump
the producers of the so called show. "Finding Bigfoot". are going broke with funding. last I heard...
My Dad after that game: Well, at least Finding Bigfoot is on tonight
I said "I have more hair on my legs than they do on their head" and jack goes "finding Bigfoot"
Just found out that Finding Bigfoot is coming back on
I have Finding Bigfoot on the main TV so it's all good here...
At a friend's house to watch the superbowl and I forgot to record the new episode of Finding Bigfoot tonight. What have I done.
Apparently there's a show called "Finding Bigfoot". I don't wanna spoil anything guys, but... they don't find him
Favourite classic paranormal monster — Hmm, probably Sasquatch (you can thank "Finding Bigfoot" for that XP).
when is the new season of finding Bigfoot being aired in the U.K. Please ... thanks
*Watching Finding Bigfoot and they hear beavers splashing, not Bigfoot throwing rocks*. 12YO: They should call this Finding Beaver. Me: Uhh
. I'm sure your show is going to be good! I like the finding Bigfoot shows so I know this one will be interesting
Big win for the future of Finding Bigfoot & Pawn Stars today.
Finding Bigfoot is from Hawaii tonight; like anybody cares
Sitting down watching Finding Bigfoot. Bored out of my mind😛
A good appetizer for tonight's new Fin…
TONIGHT: New episode of If you missed the premiere last week, here is a brief synopsis...
Finding Bigfoot keeps me on the edge of my seat😅
That show finding bigfoot is just frustrating
then you can be on Finding Bigfoot Lol! :)
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it's actually a pretty funny show, like finding Bigfoot!!
Finding Bigfoot will always be my fav show 😍
Watching Finding Bigfoot. Always think they're going to find one this time. Guess I'm just an optimist.. .
I'm now watching finding Bigfoot episode with turtleman on it
remember when i got attacked by finding Bigfoot fans
The fact my mom watches finding Bigfoot ❤️
Thankful for the new season of Finding Bigfoot that starts tonight
3:00 PM Pacf time, Bigfoot marathon prior new episode
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why do they call it FINDING BIGFOOT on Animal Planet when they NEVER EVER caught anything on camera!
Out of all the tv shows that get cancelled, I can't understand how Finding Bigfoot has been on for 5 years.
Finding Bigfoot is the best show on TV (at the moment)!
Curled up on the couch watching Finding Bigfoot. That's where I'm at in life rn. . .
Pick up the Finding Bigfoot book (perfect for his age) for a summary of evidence for bigfoots!…
How is Finding Bigfoot still producing shows when they've NEVER found a real Bigfoot
We watch "Finding Bigfoot" to listen to all of the information they have gathered on a species that doesn't exist.
Finding Bigfoot is the dumbest show. There is not one or we would have discovered it a long *** time ago we're smart
finding bigfoot has been on the tv for some reason & ive watched for like 10 min and feel my IQ slowly dropping already
why hasn't Finding Bigfoot found Bigfoot yet?!?
Finding Bigfoot is what happens when are postponed and there's nothing else on TV. Thanks so much, weather
it's as if they're intentionally not finding Bigfoot so the show can continue
When big brother is at a birthday party, and you just wanna have a friend over to watch "Finding Bigfoot" with you.
A Finding Bigfoot marathon starts at 3 pm today and leads up to tonight's new episode at 9/8c. The team will be...
Doesn't get much better than watchin some not finding Bigfoot
Someone tell me why I'm watching a marathon of Finding Bigfoot..
Finding Bigfoot: "I've been tracking Sasquatch for 25 years". and you still haven't found one..? Probably cause they don't exist..
proving a trump lie is like that finding bigfoot, show I mean how can hide🤔from our technology? but 7 years later still not
How is Finding Bigfoot still on TV even though they've never found Bigfoot?
I wanna go on that finding Bigfoot show and find this ***
The Finding Bigfoot team this week capture footage of what could be one of Hawaii’s ‘Littlefoot…
That statement removes all of science from search for Bigfoot. Casts a shadow on credibility of Finding Bigfoot show.
watching finding Bigfoot. Never a question
Let's take a step back & focus on a serious issue in this country right now. . It's 2017 and "Finding Bigfoot" is still airing new episodes.
How the *** did I miss the new season two hour premiere of Finding Bigfoot last week?¿?¿
If you like that suspense, you should check out Finding Bigfoot
I watched finding Bigfoot the never find him
Another "finding bigfoot" type show is around the corner. This time they plan to find and kill it. "Killing Bigfoot" is the show.
Airs: January 15 at 9:01 PT/9:01 ETAnimal Planet has the fifth season premiere of Finding Bigfoot, the show ... -
How does Finding Bigfoot keep getting funding??? Show been on for years and every episode is just sticks rustling off camera and screams
tfw sleepy but he's making me watch Finding Bigfoot with him.
The team is learning more about the Menehune on an all new episode of tomorrow at 9/8c!
Finding Bigfoot has been on for EIGHT YEARS. Can you imagine eight years of a cooking show that never made any edible meals?
One wish for my bday (2weeks frm 2day) is to meet the people finding bigfoot.
U feel Finding Bigfoot fans are starting to come on your side about There is NO BIGFOOT and losing faith in finding one!
Finding Bigfoot in Search of the Menehune - next question: Has anyone seen a Menehune? Sure, after a Mai Tai or two, or three!
I am so excited!!!Just saw "Finding BigFoot" schedule on Animal Planet. Taping 8 shows in next 2 days that I had missed within last year.
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Finding Bigfoot has been on for 11 Seasons. Not one sighting of Big Foot. Right up there with the Big Bang Theory for us…
Jaboody Dubs: Finding Bigfoot (One of my favorite videos by these guys)
Most mind blowing thing about YouTube Heroes to me is that Youtube actually has a staff. Like finding out Bigfoot existed this whole time.
Getting anxious about wondering when the new season of Finding Bigfoot is going to start?
FYI If you think your political hot takes may sway an undecided voter you probably DVR Finding Bigfoot.
I miss watching Finding Bigfoot w my little sister
If I look for Bigfoot, would that be considered finding myself?
We should hear something about Dungeon Cove soon. I suggest you ask about Finding Bigfoot.
im at my dads and he's making me watch Finding Bigfoot with my hand just now or am i just hallucinating from lack of sleep?
I'll definitely do Maryland (near DC) at some point. The only question is whether for an episode of Finding Bigfoot…
Alaska Monsters, my new favourite "reality" program. Even more ridiculous than Finding Bigfoot but with guys who look like Bigfoot 😳😳😳
Sweet story about finding friendship in unusual places. Take one little bigfoot and add a clumsy, awkward girl...
finding Casey is as hard as finding Bigfoot
Finding a Yeti, Bigfoot is akin to finding "THE" Constitutional Conservative for these searching searching! Vote TRUMP
The chance of being chased by bigfoot while riding a unicorn seems more likely than finding a logical reason why Trump is a POTUS candidate
FBI has a better chance in finding BIGFOOT
shouldn't be too long before Exponent makes a guest appearance on Finding Bigfoot insinuating more probable than not.
love your pursuit in finding Mr Squatch and your musical ability. Here's a little Bigfoot music download
you'd have an easier time finding Bigfoot.
There's Sasquatch everywhere fool. Don't you watch Finding Bigfoot?
Can Finding Bigfoot be a tv show again
I love the show finding Bigfoot and following the cast but the excuses for not finding Bigfoot are remarkable.
Tried finding myself a hobby...took one of those online says I should spend my time looking for Bigfoot 😆
they asked me watch Finding Bigfoot with him.
When love is more difficult than finding Bigfoot. The Sasquatch Susies series.…
Yo, if you find that in this world, light the beacons of gondor. It's like finding Bigfoot in nessie's swimming pool
is finding Bigfoot tracks easier after a rainy day?
How is finding Bigfoot still a show
the key to my heart is the complete DVD collection of Finding Bigfoot
Im watching finding bigfoot and its really awful but i kinda like the tall girl so im gonna keep watching
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I would like to join for finding bigfoot if there is a bigfoot in malaysia. Although there is few sightings in johor.
The mere fact that finding bigfoot is a farce.
Finding Bigfoot has 10 seasons but they still haven't found big foot. What's up with that?!
never mind that, when's Finding Bigfoot's new series back on in the U.K.??
I am a big big fan of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet Network. True. Oh dear..
Once again, Finding Bigfoot is ignored by the
I I should've been watching finding Bigfoot
hey every time I see one of those finding Bigfoot shows on tv I start singing do you want to build a yeti
Want to know how redneck my family is? My dads cousin was on a t.v show about finding Sasquatch & Bigfoot so there's that
I would like to see the finding Bigfoot team on a deep woods month long search with a legit Native American tracker.
who cares cause the finding Bigfoot show is so much better and awesome. A great cast
Hey, is Finding Bigfoot still on? Haven't seen it for ages it seems.
"Finding Bigfoot" is legitimately one of the most entertaining shows on tv IMO. I love how the experts start shouting matches
Imagine Henry starts watching Finding Bigfoot with Robin & convinces Robin he's real and in Maine as an April Fools prank.…
Never liked the first one so not seeing this sequel. It's like Finding Bigfoot. Just scarier and multiple shaky cameras😂😱
domain names
better chance of finding Bigfoot or Nessie tonight
How I imagine all of those 'finding Bigfoot' shows go.
"Finding bigfoot" is my new favourite program. Everything is bigfoot. Jobby in the woods? Loud unexplained noise? Wife's left ye ? Bigfoot.
*** I would love to do a cool expedition to find a cryptid. Finding a Bigfoot, chupacabra, or a lake monster would be rad.
Happy birthday to the biggest dork I know ❤️ hopefully you'll get on finding Bigfoot soon😉
do you know when the new season of Finding Bigfoot will air in the UK?
Is this Blair witch or finding Bigfoot 😂
why isn't Finding Bigfoot on demand?
Just watched or the weirdest episode of Finding Bigfoot ever...
Now that we've found Nessie, can we divert all of our resources to finding It's so, so important.
do you think Dwight K. Schrute watches Finding Bigfoot?
Finding Bigfoot: By Edward Ooi Hello everyone, it’s me again. Ever since young, I have always been very inter...
We have sent 2 of our workers to join the Finding Bigfoot people. Surely they of all people will be able to find us the golden goose! 2/2
Cast of Pawn Stars vs. cast of Finding Bigfoot in a fight to the death. Who wins??
The researchers will be in Jackson Tuesday. They want you to tell them about your BF sightings.
These finding Bigfoot presenters are as thick as flat earthers!!
White people just obsessed with finding Bigfoot & mermaids so they can ruin their lives too
Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet my new guilty pleasure: sort of Most Haunted in woods but with more colourful cast -never find Bigfoot obvs
You're probably the type that watches 'Finding Bigfoot' in hope of an episode where they actually find Bigfoot
Michigan Bigfoot vocals recorded on Finding Bigfoot location
You know you want to read a message board thread in which a "bigfoot hunter" tells stories about his encounters.
*goes to dentist appointment* . *should go to school for the last 3 blocks* . *stays home and watches Finding Bigfoot all day*
Have they ever found Bigfoot on Finding Bigfoot ?
Michigan Bigfoot vocals recorded on Finding Bigfoot location -
Like Bigfoot...shoot first ask questions later..ALIENS, they are ready to blow their head off before finding out who they are..
do you watch the TV show finding Bigfoot I hope they find him this year!
Finding Bigfoot Filming In Mississippi: The Finding Bigfoot team is in the great state of Mississippi looking ...
I've already watched 30 episodes of Finding Bigfoot and so far. NO BIGFOOT FOOTAGE...
You guys, Bobo from Finding Bigfoot is here in Farmington! My mom is laughing at me for fangirling about it but DUDE 🐵😱
I'll watch a season of finding bigfoot after I see the CNN headline:. "BIGFOOT FOUND"
My father legit just told me to write my essay for AP English on the importance of finding Bigfoot.. He backed it up w/ 3 reason why to too.
I rather enjoy watching Finding Bigfoot. Some strange reason I believe their out there. 🕵
They should do a Finding Bigfoot and Making a Murderer mix.
Wow. Larry is Hitler and the photoshop Oklahoma fan in the same thread. That's like finding the douchest Bigfoot or unicorn.
'Finding Bigfoot' is on. Hello old friend(s).
The Finding Bigfoot team is heading to territory this Sunday at 10/9c!. Have any of you ever seen...
The six science mysteries that might be solved in 2016 via
Kinda weird searching for Bigfoot all this time then finding it was me
told Matt Moneymaker he is making a fool of him self & Finding Bigfoot. He thinks every photo is Bigfoot & he called names like a child,NUTS
The show "Finding Bigfoot" achieves a level of earnest stupidity that's really something to behold.
Watching finding Bigfoot. They still not found him yet lol.
Dr Louise Gentle in the - on the six science mysteries which could be solved in 2016
From Bigfoot to finding life on Mars: Experts reveal which scientific ... - Daily Mail: From Bigfoot to findin...
They need to stop making the show about finding Bigfoot because he's not real
Experts reveal which scientific mysteries we may FINALLY solve in 2016
In mid-January 2016 the Finding Bigfoot series will be filming in the vicinity of Jackson Mississippi, then heading to…
The struggle between watching Finding Bigfoot, Rocky, Batman Begins, and Sunday Night Football 😳 good tv night 😁
The River Monsters guy is more likely to find a sasquatch than those imbeciles in Finding Bigfoot.
forever confused as to why Finding Bigfoot is still a thing. it's been 6 seasons and they haven't found Bigfoot. who funds these shows?
[Co-Worker] Hey did you see the new episode of Finding Bigfoot?. [Me] Did they find Bigfoot?. [Co-Worker]
the thesis is that Bigfoot got popular because lower class white guys felt marginalized and felt finding Bigfoot
Hey Cliff. Hope your well? Do you know if Finding Bigfoot is going to be showing in UK. Are you making a new series at all?
According to David Paulides 411 people have totally disappeared from America national parks and yet the Finding Bigfoot team are still here
Quiet Friday night in by masel only 1 thing for it ... Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet 😀😀😀
In the meantime, use my field notes to help curb the addiction:
How does this girl get this, but finding Bigfoot hasn't gotten any footage is 6 years??
I hate fake documentaries like this "Finding Bigfoot" in Animal Planet. No one will ever be so stupid to believe that.
well then I'm going to quit looking. I got other things to do. Better odds in finding Bigfoot.
she said normal, order pizza, watch 'finding Bigfoot' split bar of Xanax and knock over mailboxes
CNN needs to learn the difference between speculation and facts. Maybe they should cover finding bigfoot.
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There have been 7 seasons and 81 episodes of Finding Bigfoot, and yet, nothing. But on the next episode.
This was on my timehop from 3 yrs ago. Reiley looks perfect. I look like something they would film on Finding Bigfoot
I am glad u kept a show that gets more results than "Finding Bigfoot".
Sask. government boasts school savings; akin to finding Bigfoot?
I think the show should be renamed "Not Finding Bigfoot"! 😂
I liked a video from ARK Survival Evolved Gameplay - S3P6 "Finding Bigfoot" (Early
*** show I've ever seen as bad as finding Bigfoot
I always say the corporations who run gov and give you shows like Finding Bigfoot and Kardashian's also give you your news!
You have a better chance of finding Bigfoot than finding a parking space at Montana Tech
Finding Bigfoot is my new favorite show. Those guys are American heroes
Finding a good research project feels like finding Bigfoot
“Finding an actual unredacted risk assessment in practice is akin to finding Bigfoot." SK govt boasts P3 savings
7 seasons of finding Bigfoot and not one piece of evidence... Se-ven
Now theres a show about finding bigfoot...
I'm watching Finding Bigfoot and they're serious!
remember them nights we used to watch finding Bigfoot all night
Cliff do you know when the next new season of Finding Bigfoot is comming out for late fall 2015?
There's an episode, "Finding Bigfoot: Rejected Evidence?". 'Sorry Bob, but that's clearly a photo of a sock on someone's hand, not Bigfoot'.
Can you start with the cast of "Finding Bigfoot?" They never actually found Bigfoot, so the title is false advertising!
Going to get my books and finding out where my classes are just made me that much more excited to start my journey @ SFCC. Go Bigfoot! 👣💙⛳️
I look like I came from 1976 . Finding Bigfoot via
Gents, the G-spot may be harder to find than Bigfoot, but finding it will make you just as much of a legend…
Seems like the people in jack links commercials are way better at finding Bigfoot than anyone on the history channel
"Welcome to another episode of Finding Bigfoot. In this episode... we.. don't find Bigfoot.. b-but maybe next time!"
What ever happen to being a classy lady? Looks like I'll have better luck finding bigfoot. Before I can find a lady with real class.
maybe next week they'll bring in Bobo from Finding Bigfoot
Finding Bigfoot is my favourite show
I liked a video from ARK: Survival Evolved - FINDING BIGFOOT! Ark Survival TAMING
'Finding Bigfoot' crew hears tales of Sasquatch sightings in SC - Aiken Standard
I cannot find one up here either, I reckon I've got more of a chance finding Bigfoot.
They should change Finding Bigfoot to Comedy Central instead of Animal Planet bc it makes me laugh so hard... Like So realistic dude... 😂😭😂
I see this show on Animal Planet called "Finding Bigfoot" and I think more people would watch it if it was called "Found Bigfoot."
Finding Bigfoot has been on the air for 5 years. It should be called Not Finding Bigfoot.
Got a finding bigfoot themed party expedition thing to arrange (by Sunday). Loads of ideas, zero time!
how come you're still showing Finding Bigfoot I mean it's been 4 years and all you have is sounds
You have a better chance of finding bigfoot, than my biological father. lol but itrue tho
If Finding bigfoot as taught me anything it's that they can be any size!
Bro it been like 6 season of finding bigfoot! And yall still havent found him?.take the hint!
Finding Bigfoot came to central Florida and I didn't even know!
On this episode of Finding Bigfoot. We still don't find Bigfoot
Ghost adventures and finding Bigfoot are so cheesy, this is how I spend my afternoon.
Not sure if you had luck finding Bigfoot (haven't been home to see the ep) but I'll keep my eyes open
Lemme guess. Finding Bigfoot is on you're bucket list?
I hate that channels don't really broadcast what they are anymore. I want to watch the history of film NOT FINDING BIGFOOT YOU PIECES OF SH-
There's been 6 seasons of Finding Bigfoot and they still haven't found him.. He doesn't want you to find him!
he's out here in Cali! The finding Bigfoot show has been in my county a few times!
Theres been a show abt finding bigfoot on 4 years now, and nobody's found bigfoot. Either you really suck at what u do or theres no bigfoot.
Finding Bigfoot has been on for 4 years and is still called finding Bigfoot despite having never found bigfoot?
I dont know whats more irresponsible by Airing that shameless commercial or airing Finding Bigfoot LOL
What is the closest you've ever been to finding an actual Bigfoot?
How is 'Finding Bigfoot' still a show til today? No wonder why everyone hates America
Finding Bigfoot: Camping out and filming ourselves with nightvision cameras.
Finding Bigfoot has to be THE dumbest show of all time
There is so many of these finding Bigfoot shows on the Telly. You would think one of these shows would actually have found Bigfoot by now.
The problem with "finding Bigfoot" is that if Bigfoot was found, guaranteed it's not being shown on that show. They shot themselves in the
There's a show called "Finding Bigfoot" and I don't have a show. THIS is a problem.
Will they ever stop filming Finding Bigfoot? I mean if you've ever watch Harry and the Hanendersons, it should be pretty easy.
Looking for a partner to start our own "finding Bigfoot" TV series . DM me if interested. *Serious inquiries only*
How is "Finding Bigfoot" still on TV? Nothing ever happens. It's the same routine. "Oh that's a 'squatch for sure!". *cat meows in distance*
Finding Bigfoot a nice pair of pants
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A woman that can handle me being away for a deployment.. Doesn't seem like much but apparently I'd have a better chance finding Bigfoot
I should be sleeping but I am watching Finding Bigfoot instead. Ok
Finding someone who watches Finding Bigfoot seems like it'd be the bigger discovery.
Finding Bigfoot ... the monster truck, not the cryptozoological creature
So many episodes of finding bigfoot, but they never found the hairy *** . *** 😒
HGTV, Finding Bigfoot, and Shark Week make my heart happy and also make me feel middle aged
Why are there so many shows about finding # Bigfoot...seriously
I hope my roommate is okay with HGTV, E! Network and the occasional Finding Bigfoot marathon because if not...yikes
Tv shows about finding chupacabras and Bigfoot are as funny as they are stupid. I'd love to make a parody show of them.
I've decided to drop out of school. Need to chase my dream of finding the Bigfoot, wish me luck. Black Panther out.
One witness described Bigfoot grunts sounding like a bear, a cow, and a person yelling all at once. Bigfoot
Can someone please create a creature like Bigfoot, so I can get paid to make a show about finding it? Please. I'll split the $ with you.
.no they exist. The finding Bigfoot show is making a spin off called . Finding gun owners who want guns banned
Nothing much. I just gave up on TV for the day. Finding Bigfoot isn't on anymore and 10 o'clock TV *** now :)
Why am I punishing myself by watching Finding Bigfoot. better question, why isn't Ghost Adventures on
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We're exactly one week away from the new season. Get your Bigfoot calls ready! >>
Finding Bigfoot is coming back for an 8th season but they haven't found a Bigfoot some point you gotta change the name
How the *** is there another season of finding Bigfoot ITS NOT REAL
the Finding Bigfoot people should come here
lol it's okay because there was a finding Bigfoot marathon on tv today and I watched all of it, I'm pretty much an expert now💁
*** is Sasquatch 2015, I literally thought it was people going to meet up and watch Finding Bigfoot all day while sharing yeti stories.
Bigfoot Issue Ten years after it came out, I'm just finding out about this book.
Cancel Finding Bigfoot. All these years and I still haven't seen that SOB. Bobo is a fraud!
dude I just watched a bunch of Finding Bigfoot today and am ready. Take me.
My dad just taped an episode of Finding Bigfoot in Lake Tahoe for I'll know how to survive this winter
Finding Bigfoot ... dreamed i was out wood knocking last night and wound up clobbering my doggie...oops
. And the finding Bigfoot team still hasn't found a Squatch.
My mom loves watching Finding Bigfoot and actually believes bigfoot is real 😐😐😐
Perks of it being dead at work is that we're watching Finding Bigfoot eating caramel cheesecake and drinking loads of coffee drinks
I thought the Sasquatch 2015 snapchat was gonna be like a finding bigfoot episode and not gonna lie I'm disappointed
Finding Bigfoot, treehouse masters, pool masters, yeah, I see all the animal content.
I've spent my afternoon watching finding Bigfoot, so that tells you where I'm at
I've been watching finding Bigfoot all day. Is that what my life has come to??
Been watching Finding Bigfoot for almost 3 hours. Needless to say I'm now an expert!
"It could have been NOTHING else but a Sasquatch." Heard on Finding Bigfoot.
I've literally just been sitting in my room watching finding bigfoot all day. All day!
I'm such a sucker with the Finding Bigfoot show
Been Squashing out all afternoon watching the Finding Bigfoot marathon on the Animal Channel Trying to see if I can pick up anything new
I fell asleep in hotel room watching Finding Bigfoot. We are your goals.
“Are they finding Bigfoot in that snapchat thing or is it music festival crap?” dissapointed
Oh wow. I almost forgot finding Bigfoot was on al day. Yippee.
bro finding bigfoot is a ridiculously funny show LOL
The show "Finding Bigfoot" & "Bitten" on Animal Planet are the fakest stupidest shows on TV, Totally fake & stupid
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