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Final Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy is an 2001 drama TV film based on a novel by Linda Fairstein and starring Dana Delany. Delany also producer.

Linda Fairstein Alex Trebek Helen Reddy

Is it wrong to gloat when I get the final question right, and the contestants don't?
The final jeopardy question was something about a European country and I dead *** answered "Genovia"
OMG, I got the final Question on right and all the contestants got it wrong. I feel so smart right now. lol.
62.7% on tonight. But I ran the 1st 4 categories and got the final clue right (none of the contestants did).
Another triple stumper on final that I got.
I'm not saying you should want to date me but I did just get the Final Jeopardy question right
2016 per Doc was answer to final question
But then I did get the final jeopardy when none of the competitors did, so that's something
Seriously, no one got the final? No wonder western society is so messed up - we're doomed to repeat history
I knew ALL answers but 3 on Jeopardy tonight!. And final Jeopardy was far too easy!!!. LOL
Me and my horrible handwriting got the Final question right when nobody on the show did :)
Not sure if I'm more upset the ppl on Final Jeopardy didn't know the Anschluss was in Austria or that I'm watching Jeopardy on a Fri night
This is 2nd time. Was Final Jeopardy ? couple yrs ago. No 1 got it
I think I just peaked in life by getting the final jeopardy question right when none of the contestants didn't πŸ˜‚
14 games in a row now, the leader going into Final Jeopardy has missed Final. The record is 16:
That was a Final Jeopardy where I was mad I missed it, but felt better because the contestants all did too.
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Highlight of my week was beating all the contestants in Final Jeopardy
I always feel like a genius whenever I watch jeopardy and get the final question right, but all three contestants miss it.
no Final Jeopardy? Then repeat of Nightly News final story. Then random Jeopardy episode. What's up WCNC?
When you get final jeopardy and none of the contestants do
*** What happened in final Jeopardy? And now another episode? Are you going to chop the end of that one off too?
When you get the final jeopardy answer correct and nobody playing does... then you realize they still get money and you get nothing
When you get the final jeopardy question right
Getting final right when all the contestants get it wrong is a rare but amazing moment
So cut away before Final Jeopardy, now is showing a tape of a different show instead of Wheel of Fortune.
Rofl it's silly but I love guessing right on jeopardy. I normally get mor right during the game but I got final jeopardy right πŸ‘ πŸ‘
That satisfaction from getting the Final Jeopardy question right πŸ‘Œ
Nothing makes me feel smarter than when I get Final Jeopardy right and none of the contestants do.
There's no better feeling than getting Final Jeopardy when no one else did
Getting final jeopardy right when none of the contestants do always makes me feel unjustifiably smug.
I got the answer to final jeopardy correct. It is a good day.
Hey why did you cut away from during the commercial break before Final Jeopardy??
what is wrong with your broadcast? You interrupted final Jeopardy with the news broadcast that already played
That feeling when you are 2/2 on the last 2 final jeopardy questions πŸ’―
When u know Mount Fuji is in Japan winning the final question in jeopardy cuz ex bf was station there. At least I gained something for him
Yo if I was in this episode of jeopardy rn I'd be going into final with like 10,000$ πŸ€“
There is no better pick-me-up than guessing the Final Jeopardy question correctly πŸ‘
Cheryl won by the way, because she knew what "pneuma hagion" meant in the Final Jeopardy.
Fall back two games in the Pac-12 title race and the Sacramento-San Jose-Phoenix route to the Final Four is in serious jeopardy.
πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”. What is "phrases on TI's word of the day calendar" . *wins final Jeopardy*
I could never win Final Jeopardy because even if I knew the answer I'd probably butcher the spelling so bad it wouldn't count
I never knew until this past year you have to wager first before knowing the final jeopardy.
...and replaced with what, exactly? *insert theme music from Final Jeopardy*
Israel: u know "she's" for violating UN Res :) Jeopardy Final Round Question: who's for violating UN Resolutions?
When you guess the answer for Final Jeopardy blind, actually get it right, and make your wife think you're some kin…
So, we've gone 13 episodes without the leader going into Final getting Final correct. Is that a record?
.Good to hear from a guy who'll end up being the answer to a Final Jeopardy question no one could answer
facts he's brilliant but it was stupid wagering $9401 on final jeopardy like come on Colby
this has to be fake. No way in *** would anything video game related be a Final Jeopardy subject.
I'm always proud of myself when I get the Final Jeopardy question right
ha yea it was actually final jeopardy tonight I was watching while we were going back and forth
Great, evenly-matched game. I predicted the Bible-belt woman would win w the Final Jeopardy category πŸ˜‚
that's the answer to double jeopardy. The final question is "What is Can you not?"
Feelin so smarticles getting that Final clue right. Great game played by all the ladies; they were all killin' it!πŸ‘Š
Final Jeopardy was a huge letdown. Was hoping for more drama there.
final category was Religious Terms. Of course, it was a question b/c according to show writers its the only religion.
When you actually get the final question right solely because it's a Greek word from the Bible.
Horrible, horrible Final Jeopardy clue tonight which implied the exact opposite interpretation of its answer. Bleah.
Don't think I've ever seen a game this close going into the final!
All 3 contestants on Jeopardy are within $700 heading into Final Jeopardy. That has to be near a record.
Final Jeopardy is going to be tough because I'm an atheist.
Wow going into final that is the closest I've ever seen the scores, cool! I look forward to that question & outcome. :)
Oh man, basically dead even in final Hope bets wisely!!
Alex Trebek: β€œFinal Jeopardy! And the answer is: β€˜The source of all Western racism in 16 words.’”. James Baldwin: β€œβ€¦
Final Jeopardy . This Southern California city , is the only one willing to embrace . the dysfunctional org…
I remember one of my last shows, the Final Jeopardy! clue was someth...
Was so hyped during Final Jeopardy. Doing that math to guarantee your win by a dollar. Whew.
You're given as much time as you need to calculate a Final wager. With those stakes on the line, you trip…
When one of your students wins final jeopardy on a history question πŸ˜€
The kid in the middle did his math. He knew he was winning if he got Final Jeopardy right. Stop overreacting.
When you're an teacher you get pumped at Final being an historical document.
When u feel cool u know the final jeopardy but then remember it's the teen jeopardy week LAWL
Brother is guessing the Mayflower Compact for his final answer
I don't think we'll see "Charles who fixed my tie" in this Final That was taped only a few days before tonight's game.
dude wagered everything on final jeopardy yesterday after being told it's a two day total and missed it. Doesnt get it.
Final category is Early America my is going to be Jamestown
Imagine not only losing everything on Final but having to come back the next day and being reminded that you won no money.
remember, anything earned today can be doubled in Final so Michael is effectively $14,000 behind & Alec is $5,750 behind Sharath
Day One of the Finals will air today at 7 P.M. on Then, go to at 7:30 P.M. to watch the final game.
student to compete in final round of Teen Tournament tonight at 6 pm! Proud of you
Main problem would be me risking everything on Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy
What a gripping Final Jeopardy! I think I experienced every emotion watching the final moments.
You don't know heartbreak til you lose $50,000 by $1 in Final Jeopardy.
6 for 7 on final jeopardy since last week hey alex trebeck PUT ME ON MAN
Our affiliate (aired a rerun last night instead of the Teen Finals. Is there way to watch it before tonight's final?
Madison teen to compete in final round of Jeopardy! Teen Tournament: A Madison teen makes it to the finals on… https:/…
Team Jeopardy final question: "These women have been capped for . Answer: "Who is..."…
Best of luck Sharath Narayan, a student in tonight's Jeopardy final!
The Final Jeopardy! questions seem to be, by design, things you cant know. And so its not about who knows them, but who can
But that aside, the correct Final Jeopardy question is, "What is Martha's Vineyard?" not "What is Rikers Island?" you ***
[Final Jeopardy]. Answer: 2016 . Question: What is the longest year in US history?
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I liked a video Best Final Jeopardy answer EVER!
Bootleg Jack Edwards risked everything in Final Jeopardy and zeroed out, sick burn
This Teen Jeopardy contestant may not have won Final Jeopardy, but she won our hearts instead:
It's Teen Week on Jeopardy and a girl didnt know the Final Jeopardy answer so she wrote "What are THOSE?" and my faith…
Final Jeopardy question: Which US War has resulted in the worst devastation? The War on Drugs? The War in Iraq?...
CELEBRITY Jeopardy. A monkey flinging his feces could get to Final Jeopardy.
Woman was winning in runaway & would have blown it if she had gotten the Final Jeopardy question wrong. She's a loose cannon.
Final Jeopardy clue inside Archives of the University of Notre Dame :: Knute Rockne's Recreation of a Pep Speech
And your final Jeopardy! category is "Music Videos Where Ladies Dance On Drake."
Of all the buildings I can correctly identify in this final jeopardy, it would be the Bellagio
Final Jeopardy: "My Mexican employees love me. They affectionately call me 'Stubby Fingers'."
I got the Final Jeopardy question tonight ("I Am Woman," Helen Reddy), though none of the 3 female contestants did.
Playing jeopardy in class rn and I don't know any of the answers lmao ugh I've got a lot of catching up before the final πŸ™„
Final is AMERICAN HISTORY. wanna bet it's about a man?
Final Jeopardy - Pop Music Milestones - 1972 anthem of an artist born Australia to reach # 1. Helen Reddy - I Am Woman - not Olivia - U.K.
Breast Cancer Awareness
just saying your advanced years of experience earned you Final Jeopardy success tonight.
Missed Final tonight because I thought Helen Reddy was Canadian. Confused her with Anne Murray, *** it. And I KNEW the song!
I always feel so superior when I get Final correct and the contestants don't.
Alex has never heard of the song Back In Black. Strange. I got final I Am Woman. The three women contestants didn't.
I am embarrassed by the responses on Final Jeopardy! tonight.
I got that final. I guess at age 16 in 1972 I thought I was! πŸ™‹πŸ»
That moment when you nail a Final that all the studio contestants miss. I'm not a woman, but still hear me roar :-D.
That was really the easiest final jeopardy question ever!!! And no one got it!
It was final Jeopardy, so she felt she had to write something down I guess. How embarrassing. It was I Am Woman by Helen Reddy.
Final was impossible. And smarty pants never heard of Back in Black.
Final jeopardy time... if it's modern pop music I'm screwed...
Whenever I watch for reasons I can't explain, I hope is the answer to Final Jeopardy.
And your scores before final jeopardy...
Rock & Roll Part 2 was released in 1972 and is played in every stadium. Could have disputed that Final
Someone's answer on final Jeopardy was "back in black" and Alex Trebek said he was "not familiar with that song?. Ya kidding me?!
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A Jeopardy! contestant wrote "Back in Black" for final J's pop music question. Alex replied, "I'm not familiar with that song."
on jeopardy - the final question was in pop music and it asked which Australian born artist of pop music in 1972...
Awful Final clue today. Everyone deserves a on it.
My tv always cuts out during Final Jeopardy. Unless I already know the answer, I never get to find out the correct one.
Bethesda was an answer on Jeopardy AND I knew the Final Jeopardy question!
Rachel's run should end, as Natasha only needs to risk 1801 (and can go as high as 7199) in Final
My guess for Final before the clue..."The Bodyguard" soundtrack.
lmfao you know them tryna find a reason to open that case. But double jeopardy laws they already made the final decision
The feeling you get when you get final jeopardy right.
Kudos to all three ladies who missed Final today. The answer was "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy. Sorry, Gloria Steinem.
I don't believe I had ever heard of Banksy before your Final Jeopardy--which, of course, I missed at home.
Final Jeopardy reveals is unfamiliar with "Back in Black," a contestant thinks John Cougar is Aussie, and Helen Ready was 1st.
my final jeopardy answer will always be β€œSuck it Trebeck.”
Myjah knows a lot about double jeopardy and sometimes when she gets final jeopardy right she gets really excited
So I am watching Jeopardy. The Final Jeopardy category is pop music milestones. The answer was This 1972 anthemic...
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OJ of course can't be retried. he's protected by Final Jeopardy
i kept waiting for a sequel, Final Jeopardy.
If that knife at OJ's house is the murder weapon with his prints he can't be tried again because of final jeopardy. Did I do that right?
Final Jeopardy:. What are dentists and nail ladies?. Name two customer service jobs where you openly dislike your custo…
I added a video to a playlist The Final Wager – Fritz Holznagel on his Jeopardy! experiences
This is not Double Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy was the civil trial. This is Final Jeopardy.
So may have knife in case.He cannot be re-tried unless the judge is Alex Trebek at which time he could face Final Jeopardy.
Do ppl in other parts of the world know the Final Jeopardy song? Or is in only culturally significant in the USA?
Wait a minute. Final Jeopardy is coming on
who is the really smart guy with 2.5 college GPA that got us in 2 wars the sametime? final jeopardy music playing loudly in my head!
FINAL: EWU falls to Idaho State 71-75, dropping to 10-7 in Big Sky play and putting their 1st round bye chances in jeopardy w/ one to play.
Did just give the Final Jeopardy category? What just happened?
Final Jeopardy-Am History- In the 1960s it's legislature referred to this place as "His Majesty's ancient colony and dominion"
On page 51 of 336 of Final Jeopardy, by Linda Fairstein: Liking this so far... Alex seems...
Answered the final jeopardy question before it was even asked😏
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It's a good day when you get the Final Jeopardy question correct.
OMG, I think I got Final Jeopardy and if I did I'll be super excited!
I gotta say, I'm pretty good at getting the final jeopardy question correct.
I got final right. It was JK Rowling πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
Just guessed the correct final answer without even seeing the clue. .
20 correct including final. Good confidence builder for my online test a week from today.
How many famous female Brits named "Jo" who, as a child, wanted to become authors are there? I thought final was far too easy.
Just got final jeopardy correct before they even read the question. I'm a winner!
I got the final jeopardy question right πŸ€—
was the answer to the final jeopardy question. I finally got one of those right!
Final trivia! (Like final Jeopardy but cooler): In a recent Iowa speech, said this man is his idol
When only one person gets the final Jeopardy question about right
52 years and no one has written Mike Jones during final jeopardy. However, first correct answer, in 2004, was "Who is Jones?"
What feels better than crushing a Final Jeopardy question? I hope something does, some day. πŸ™
Just got the final jeopardy question right... F.W.M
So was just a final Jeopardy answer. I got it right along with just one of the contestants 😁
You were the final Jeopardy question 2nite! Didnt know Jo March was your favorite literary heroine (still guessed right though)
When I completely destroy my parents on Final Jeopardy after they tell me it's incorrect. Get rekt mom and dad πŸ€—πŸ€—
Getting final jeopardy right is so satisfying
Something so satisfying about getting the final jeopardy question right
I just nailed the final jeopardy question. And I've never even read Harry Potter. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
I finally answered a final question in jeopardy right and only because it was about jk Rowling πŸ˜‚
for PT crowd to the Final last June which revolved around Lord Byron's pronunciation of "Don Juan":
Its such a good feeling when you get final jeopardy
That final was cake, and only my girl Kyle got it.
It's embarrassing how excited it makes me to get the final jeopardy question right.
I've never been more excited to get a final jeopardy right beforeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ahhh I didn't stay for final jeopardy I definitely should have then omg
When is the obvious answer to final Jeopardy and you get it right instantly!
All of the players knew about Don Joo-an in the 6-15-15 Final.
No big deal, but I just answered final jeopardy correctly!! J.K. Rowling for the win!! πŸ€“
I bet my dad twenty bucks on a final jeopardy question and I won πŸ€‘πŸ˜Ž
Wow @ the Jeopardy contestants who didn't answer "Who is in Final Jeopardy...
okay the fact that only ONE person got Final Jeopardy right tonight makes me want to commit murder
Wow, the Final is seriously easy, imho. Think Harry Potter.
was the answer to final ! I knew the answer immediately, surprised only one contestant got it right.
I think I'm the only person that gets really excited when I get the final jeopardy question right.
final answer was JK Rowling, I just thought you should know.
Final question was about like I wouldn't know that!!
When I can guess the answer for final jeopardy before the question is asked one contestant cant even think of it
There are few things in life that feel better than getting the final double jeopardy right. Because my life is sad.
LOVE IT when I get the Final Jeopardy question right.
Hey, , you were just the answer to the Final Jeopardy clue on Jeopardy! You've finally made it to the big time! Congrats!
wow only one person on jeopardy got the final jeopardy and I guessed it right what is this?
First time getting the final jeopardy clue correct. It's been a good day.
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Timed writings are basically just long, drawn out final jeopardy questions.
you were the answer to the final question tonight and I got it right! I didn't do so well in the rounds though. LoL! πŸ˜‰
Man it feels good to get the final Jeopardy clue right when none of the actual contestants do
My dog judgementally stares as I scream the final jeopardy answer @ the contestants. Tonight yelling at them was no exception.
so final jeopardy I got the right answer before I even saw the question. It was extremely weird. JK Rowling.
Man I always feel like such a genius whenever I get Final right ⚑️
So I just knew the answer for the final Jeopardy question so I'm basically a genius.
Say what we are all thinking: the answer to final jeopardy was "every mildly successful British female writer after Louisa May Alcott"
.you were THE answer on Final I think that means you get an automatic spot on the show?
Just got Final Jeopardy right before they even showed the clue. I hereby announce my candidacy for President of the United States
I live for the nights I get final jeopardy right
.final jeopardy question tonight was misleading. JOsephine March/JOanne Rowling, so they don't share a name!
When you guess final jeopardy before he even asks the question 😱
The answer to tonight's final question was And 2 missed it?! πŸ˜‘
You got the correct answer on Final Jeopardy, you just wrote it in a blue digital pen.
Got Final Jeopardy right again tonight, thank you
I can't believe I missed that Final question. I read , Jo and May and went with Alcott
Way to be the Final Jeopardy clue today!
OMG was the answer to final jeopardy tonight!
Woo! I got final Jeopardy and two of the three contestants did not! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
I killed Final Jeopardy tonight. I bet it all when I saw the category "Famous Brits"... the answer... JK ROWLING
I immediately figured out the final jeopardy question! That never happens!
I always get so excited when I get final jeopardy correct
β€œWhat is a flavonoid!”. One day this will be the answer to Final Jeopardy. And not just the adorable thing I always say wh…
My impression of Darrell Hammond's impression of Sean Connery is getting good. Also: I just yelled "Suck on it Trebek" after Final Jeopardy
On page 465 of 590 of Final Jeopardy, by Linda Fairstein
On page 364 of 590 of Final Jeopardy, by Linda Fairstein
On page 221 of 590 of Final Jeopardy, by Linda Fairstein
On page 90 of 590 of Final Jeopardy, by Linda Fairstein
Was surprised that 2/3 contestants got tonight's Final Jeopardy. I need to bone up on the Hanseatic League.
42 right; $27,600 Coryat; instaget on Final Let's see how the game is going... WOOHOO! Two more runs since I got home!
Wicked was the answer for final Jeopardy!!
I wanna go on Jeopardy, wager a negative number in Final Jeopardy, get the answer wrong & indignantly demand Alex subtract my negative wager
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ I know I was killing it and I got that final jeopardy questing right too
Dennis wagered $2000, leading by $2000. Why wouldn't he wager to lead, going into "Final"? Lucky for him, he got away with it.
The final category on Jeopardy is based on the Prime Meridian! How exciting grade 6!
why kind of final answer question is that ? Universal donor is so easy to answer.
Just got the final Jeopardy question right without having to even think about it - so I'm quitting my job to just be a smart person now.
I got final Jeopardy. Brighter days are here.
Good Final category!! I straddled the Prime Meridian in 2003!! My obvious guess before the clue is Greenwich.
Stumped all 3 contestants tonight... Let's test your Final skills,
Still envision a nod from you. Considerate to your followers & not at all arrogant. Final Jeopardy "Final Wave" says it all-
The answer to Final Jeopardy yesterday was WICKED. Thought of you, naturally.
They don't dont do final rounds of Jeopardy at the dome do they?
Totally got the right answer for final Jeopardy tonight!
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Mets win, Isles win, Zack gets final jeopardy right. We call that the trifecta
Poor question choice on today. Very low scoring game, yet too easy of a final jeopardy.
Imagine if elections were like Final Jeopardy in that you locked in your vote before the debates even happened. Would anything even change?
final jeopardy tonight "A line from this 1995 novel is β€œthe infant glistened a scandalous shade of pale emerald”.
was tonights Final So stoked I got it Right!
Great game, but I did NOT know Final Bummer. But that guy from Massachusetts looks like a multiple champ...
Got the final jeopardy question right..the answer was wicked
Nothing makes my day like answering the final jeopardy question right
Every time I get literature questions right on Jeopardy, especially during Final Jeopardy, I feel like my degree is worth something πŸ˜‚
ours too! And I got the final question right tonight. Woo hoo!
Not gonna lie: I feel like such a when I get final Jeopardy! right
When you know the Final question because you love musical theatre πŸ’ͺπŸ’š
Y'all. The final Jeopardy! question was about Wicked. I may or may not have (loudly) shouted out the…
My wife was correct on final Jeopardy two days in a row. It may or may not be causing domestic issues at home.
I always feel so smart when I know final Jeopardy.
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Just got the Final Jeopardy question right.
The final answer in jeopardy was Wicked πŸ˜±πŸ’
Just dominated Final Jeopardy... Some one owes me $26,001 and I'll be defending again tomorrow
I always feel good when I know the answer to final Jeopardy.
I correctly guessed the final Jeopardy! answer, I'll be waiting over here for Mensa to get at me.
This happens (sadly) only once in a blue moon for me: knowing the answer to Final πŸŽ‰ . Wicked.
How about a "Maths" Final Jeopardy category one day? Seems history/literature make up the vast majority.
When I get the Final Jeopardy question right!
I don't feel great about getting final jeopardy correct when all of the contestants are also right okay
"Julez lets go I'm here." "Its final jeopardy you're going to have to wait."
Dude when I get the final Jeopardy question right I straight up feel like Einstein
When no one else is home to witness you getting the correct answer for Final Jeopardy.
Mom: "The final question is about 20th century novels, you can finally put your master's to use!". Me:
My guess or Final before the clue: "Love Story."
I liked a video IBM Watson: Final Jeopardy! and the Future of Watson
When you watching Jeopardy and you know the final Jeopardy answer.
Does Joe Biden want to be the other half of a final Jeopardy! question with Alben Barkley? Tune in to find out.
The music should be the final Jeopardy music. Maybe they'll find the answer 4 once
Yeah, I think Jeopardy is the real loser here for making a Final Jeopardy question about the most cliched poem ever.
Too hyped about getting the Final Jeopardy question right.
How did these contestants on Jeopardy miss the Final Jeopardy question
Final Jeopardy question from Friday nite! I think I know it!
I just got the Final Jeopardy question correct and all three players didn't. Booyah. (The answer was Dr. Seuss.)
Was pretty excited to get the correct answer in Final Jeopardy, until I realized it's the Teen Tournament...
Contestant misspelled Brigham Young University in Final Jeopardy as "Bringham Young." What a name for a Mormon school.
Pantsless pervert Clark the CUB tonight's Final Jeopardy! clue; stumps all three contestants
Bob Duff: Rainmen cite safety concerns for cancellation of Game 7
Final Jeopardy question correct after betting the whole farm]. "Really? He's...gone?". For good!. [The older man seems +
Me when I get the final Jeopardy question right 😁
Going to final Greg does not have runaway, but climbed from 0 to lead.$16,500, Chris $14000, Amanda $10,200 Anybody's Game.
Just watched Jeopardy, had it recorded. Greg had me scared there! He really did pull a perfect poker face on that Final Jeopardy.
This final Jeopardy answer has the worst grammar ever...everyone was bewildered. So wrong. I can't even...
That may have been the most exciting non-tournament game I have ever seen. Dandy final jeopardy was the cherry on top.
We learned from today's Final Jeopardy that Walter Mondale is still alive.
Tonights final jeopardy said mondale was youngestliving vp. not true. al gore is youngest living.
Answered Final Jeopardy tonight before the clue even came up. I'm that good.
My power went out as they started revealing the Final Jeopardy I guess I just assume I got it right and move on
As long as I get the Final Jeopardy question right I feel like I should be a champion!
My final jeopardy response was incorrect I apologize
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