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Final Fantasy

is a media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and is developed and owned by Square Enix (formerly Square).

Final Fantasy 15 Spirits Within Square Enix Final Fantasy Tactics Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy 8 Kingdom Hearts Tetsuya Nomura Distant Worlds Louis Vuitton Crisis Core Hironobu Sakaguchi Mega Man Minish Cap Sean Bean Bravely Default

Turns off Final Fantasy Explorers I've had enough of Final Fantasy thank you very much
Sviđa mi se videozapis Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Part 62- world of ruin part 2 and the cure for insomonia
Prompto's episode on Final Fantasy 15 Brotherhood is so good. I only shed a couple of tears OK?!?! 😭
Hey if i got Final Fantasy explorers would anyone wanna play
Final Fantasy Explorers... isn't really... my type of Final Fantasy... I'm gonna return it tomorrow.
I may get Final Fantasy despite my basic disdain for the premise of Final Fantasy: Sausage Fest. But I also could get Dragon Quest 8...
I didn't think it possible, but they actually made a good Final Fantasy game!. GG old school Square
Final Fantasy games are discounted through the Steam Winter Sale, which doesn't happen often. FFIX for $10.49:
Jealous of Japanese video game fans & Final Fantasy fans They get this arcade version of TheatRhythm
I made a new Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn character because it was giving me issues to…
Petition for Florence Welch to perform the theme song for every future Final Fantasy.
13. Final Fantasy has been crap for a long time and if you say it isn't get that Square Enix *** out of your butthole
Oh, and surprising no one, Yoko Shimomura composed an incredible soundtrack. Her and Final Fantasy are a match made in heaven
Yeah, Yoko Shimomura DEFINITELY composed this. Is this the first time she composed music for a Final Fantasy game?
Tuuka Rask is a great hockey player name. sounds like a Final Fantasy character.
yeah, we learned that way back when Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within did the exact same thing in 2001.
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The main character of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. (Had to check this was American)
it's like a real life Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. If you haven't seen that movie watch it now before you watch that show
This Netflix original film, Spectrals, looks cool, but wasn't this the premise of Final Fantasy: Spirits Within?
Pom Poko is the best Final Fantasy' train it seems 🤔.
What the heck, this is literally just Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
I unironically like The Spirits Within as a scifi film but this is the real Final Fantasy: The Movie to me
By contrast look at, well, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, which was directed mostly in a way that could've just been live action.
It's kinda strange when Square Enix take 10 years to make a Final Fantasy yet do a sorta good Monster Hunter game due to the hunt quests
I really like the new picture for Final Fantasy 15 Square Enix made.
I honestly think Final Fantasy XV maybe be the best Square-Enix badged main series Final Fantasy. Square badged is FFIX.
Pre-order World of Final Fantasy at PS Store to get the Sephiroth summon, 3 extra Mirages & the Japanese VO pack:
I finished the main script of World of Final Fantasy already
I'm so glad Square Enix has managed to bring the magic of buggy open world games to Final Fantasy.
I liked a video from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - ProJared
The new 'Final Fantasy' game is one of the most beautiful games we've ever seen featured in NBC s Science of Love
Kind of like how Lost Odyssey was the best Final Fantasy game of last generation?
I have not really enjoyed a Final Fantasy game since IX. The last big budget JRPG I liked was Lost Odyssey. Will I like Final Fantasy XV?!
Can't wait to play Final Fantasy 15 😊
Check out this collaboration I did on the top characters!
Today is possibly the best day ever. First the start off of a week full of the DC crossover and then finally Final Fantasy 15 drops tonight
Tomorrow I lose my best friend for a week while he play final fantasy XV I shall miss him..
The poll is closed and the results are in! Our next game starting tonight will be fully voice-acted Final Fantasy 8
square not giving out early copies of final fantasy XV, but i'll try to get a review out within the week
My copy of Final Fantasy Tictacs... ... is in mint condition.
It's definitely the best Final fantasy movie at the vary least.
I want to be like my cousin. who legit took a day off work just to play final fantasy xv
Can I purchase the final fantasy jones soda separately. Or do I have to buy the game to get 1.
Then how do you account for the sellers who already have these items in hand and for sale on ebay?
I look forward to playing Final Fantasy XV and avoiding being a cynical *** when comparing it to other RPGs.
Its almost 2017 and I'm still laughing about Final Fantasy Tictacs
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Final fantasy xv by Prince jack ep2 via
PlayStation shares a pair of new Final Fantasy XV commercials:
REVIEW: Final Fantasy XV's world is filled with natural splendor and harrowing dungeons. https:…
Planet Final Fantasy 7002 . Starts Now! . Head to chat and pick a planet. . Idk why though.
FINAL FANTASY XV Have GameBook but not using (First times the charm ): via
I liked a video from FINAL FANTASY XV - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 - Niflheim Base
Final Fantasy 15 is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Final Fantasy Tweepstakes! RT, fill out survey & follow for a chance to win a currency code. https…
I finally have Final Fantasy XV! The feeling of holding it is so weird...I'm so happy (crying).
When Kingdom Hearts 2.8 promo was packaged into your copy of Final Fantasy XV before it was delayed
Final Fantasy XV Producer Shinji Hashimoto & Game Section Manager Kenichi Shida has landed in Mexico and says hola to al…
Come watch me play the Karmic Justice event on Mobius Final Fantasy: is where you shall find me!
I was in Middle School when Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced. Right now, I'm in Grad School.
Final Fantasy XV comes out tomorrow, which means I can't guarantee my full attention will be towards the :-X - Juan
i have played the game now for like 17 hours. 10/10. Didn't like final fantasy. Know i'm a fanboy https:…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Stop by a midnight launch event tonight & get 20% extra credit for your games & accessories toward
Just finished watching Kingsglave. As a stand alone movie its not that great. But as a precursor to Final Fantasy 15 it's great.
I'm still not finished world of final fantasy yet, if you wanna drive and pick it up you can borrow it till you get yours :)
Hooking my data plan to my xbox to download the release patch for final Fantasy, I've got no shame.
When you're the only person not getting Final Fantasy 15 tonight.
Fun Fact: Ubisoft have released 15 different Assassin’s Creed games between the date Final Fantasy XV was first announced…
Trio of Fate Speedrun Marathon starts now ~ Xenogears 100%, Final Fantasy 8 Any %, Chrono Cross Any% in one sitting!
I feel really bad because I want it to be my new game to play a crapton of, but I also got World of Final Fantasy earlier
I liked a video World of Final Fantasy - Tokyo Game Show Trailer 2016
What do you play now? Sara's big things are Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy.
World of Final Fantasy is a treat for fans of the series, but doesn't offer much for newcomers. Our review:
Anticipating the next Final Fantasy seems like the movie _Independence Day_, you're evil.
Successfully arrived in Vegas for fan fest. Final Fantasy is definitely fun, Vegas is not so fun.
Masashi Hamauzu has done lots for the Final Fantasy series. Here's a selection of some of our favorite tracks by him
Check out for amazing illustrations on RWBY, Gravity Rush, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and much more!…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Yokai Watch games always come out at the most inconvenient times! Right between Dragon Quest 7 and World of Final Fantasy this time!
Bit swamped n stressed rn but this awesome geeky Final Fantasy black mage T-shirt came thru the post n made my day 😸
The moment you've been waiting for. Pit your favorite Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy characters in a match to the death. In boardgames.
ive never been interested in Final Fantasy in my life until XV was announced. Game looks so cool and im stoked to play it
if I find that there's time in my life for two+ story based games, I'll be adding in Final Fantasy and/or Pokemon Ranger!
'Kingsglaive' may be the best 'Final Fantasy' movie yet, but it might not appeal to non-fans
Terra, Bartz and more confirmed for World of Final Fantasy:
Terra (FFVI) confirmed to be in World of Final Fantasy.
So pretty much for the profitability of Fun Fun Island for decent mini games there is the entirety of Final Fantasy for mini games 2 compare
Sean Bean in the the Final Fantasy movie? You know he dead.
Have you ever played a game from the Final Fantasy game series?
Final Fantasy Tactics is secretly the best Final Fantasy game
I really like Fire emblem. If you love Final Fantasy Tactics,you will like it. It is really good. You get two games w/ Fates
We got PS Vita and 3DS, Bravely Default is a good game similar to Final Fantasy. I will probably try Persona 4 Golden soon.
Final Fantasy will be on the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System! https:…
When asked about the many sequels, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi compared it to saying "This is my last Oreo, th…
I liked a video from Final Fantasy 8 Bosses part 4
In the Final Fantasy series Moogles were used as Summons twice in Final Fantasy 8 and Tactics as Mog!
I liked a video from Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough - Saving Balamb Garden
Also Windows OS are like Final Fantasy games. Everyone loved 7, hates 8, no one remembers 9, and 10 is split.
Nomura said after World of Final Fantasy and KH 2.8 release.
Interview with Arnie Roth on Distant Worlds and the Music of Final Fantasy
SaikouCon and Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy are teaming up to give one lucky winner two (2) tickets to...
The guy who remade Fern Gully w/ borrowed assets from Final Fantasy is complaining about lack of imagination in TFA:
Avatar was just Fern Gully with CGI assets ripped out of Final Fantasy games but JJ Abrams is the one lacking in imagination.
dude you matt and Elliot should do a 3 player playthrough of Final Fantasy crystal chronicles
I liked a video from Final Fantasy 9 Bosses part 7
I added a video to a playlist Twitch: Final Fantasy 7 Session Vincent Valentine
That's weird. It seems like all the Final Fantasy games are on sale except for 7... but everyone tells me to start with 7.
I only want for you to consider the *possibility* that the ign of Final Fantasy (video game) is 7 and not WonderSwan: 8.6/10.
Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi set to open new development studio
Sean Bean plays the king in this new Final Fantasy movie & that let's me know that the king doesn't survive Lmao
World of Final Fantasy is due out in Japan on October 27th, North America on October 25th and Europe on 28th.
Actually, Silent Hill started at 2, like Fallout began at 3, and Final Fantasy began at 7.
Not yet man! I wanna get it soon but I just haven't had the money lately. After buying Doom & Final Fantasy 15 I'm broke
Epic in a partnership with Ian Bogost are combining Grim Fandango and Q.U.B.E.. The twist? it's a Final Fantasy romhack
Unbelievable. Art Tatum created Final Fantasy boss music decades before video games were even invented.
Going to start Final Fantasy 14 Stream back up today! Onward to Sylphs!
Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy (Live) by Nobuo Uematsu You have to listen to this! ♫
Final Fantasy scores by Nobuo Uematsu hands down, greatest video game music ever!
I still fangirl over the fact that I once saw Nobuo Uematsu, the composer/producer of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy music, in the flesh
"There are only 13 days until the world ends". -Lightning, Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns
Yea, just look at Final Fantasy, 12 was a pseudo MMO, 13 was on autopilot, 14 was an MMO, and 15 is Kingdom Hearts.
When you talk about the Final Fantasy series, the series started selling be...
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, known for his work on the Final Fantasy series.
Based on what we've played, watch us predict Final Fantasy XV's chances for success.
I'm just tired of Final Fantasy, period.
Final Fantasy naming summons after indian deities never made any difference, so far as I can tell
Baby Metal sounds like it would be the perfect background music to old Final Fantasy 8 fan videos.
Chance to unlock a special prize! Follow us at Final Fantasy XV and join the campaign!
Tbh nicki's look pains me but i also live for the fact that she looks like a final fantasy character with all those belts
Tuesday Afternoon Training- Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward come and watch on
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation®4! (PLATINUM DEMO – FINAL FANTASY XV) live at
The most obnoxious thing about fans of Final Fantasy is they inevitably start reading FF into EVERYTHING.
I joined giveaway for a copy of XV on PS4/XB1!
Basically Final Fantasy cosplay for rich people.
Play the final fantasy xv demo and the music already got me emotional lol
On this week's GI Show, we answer dozens of your burning questions about XV. https:…
I liked a video from UNCOVERED: FINAL FANTASY XV
Played the new Final Fantasy XV demo and it is the cutest thing ever!!!
Nikki looked like she was giving hints she was in the next Final Fantasy and I love it!!
Today on Daily Miqo'te from Final Fantasy XIV cosplayed by More: https:…
How am I just now hearing about this great-looking successor to Final Fantasy Tactics?
I added a video to a playlist UNCOVERED: FINAL FANTASY XV
if we gotta have outrageously rich ppl at ALL, it's a great tradeoff that they agree to do final fantasy/star trek cosplay for us ever year
“Let's give up! Forget our Focus, we don't need it!”. — Vanille to Fang (Final Fantasy XIII)
"When prayers turn to promises, not even fate can stand in their way.". — Fang (Final Fantasy XIII)
The Met Gala is just Final Fantasy cosplay for rich people.
There's a ton of exclusive information on Final Fantasy XV in our (finished) content hub. https:/…
Final Fantasy vibes with the stained glass 😍 @ Sagrada Familia De Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain
Final Fantasy 10 Rocks With This Awesome Drum Cover - YouTube drummer Andrew Fleming has followed up his Sonic ...
I know! It's even better than that upside down Final Fantasy white mage outfit she wore!
"Final Fantasy Tactics" isnt really a final fantasy, it was a strategy game based on Final Fantasy. Like Pokemon Conquest is--
I liked a video from Final Fantasy 2016 Demo: This Game is Amazing!!!
The FATHER of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, personally gives his blessing to Amazing, definitive words.
As a long time Final Fantasy it warms my heart that the series is a big deal again & people are talking about a new game in a positive way.
they'll have to work out roman numerals for 1bajillion for that game! It's sad that I remember just...Final Fantasy
I can't believe I just pre ordered Final Fantasy sausage fest.
In posts about Final Fantasy, cooking recipes & Disney's Frozen, I saw this annoyingly familiar comment: These trolls have no chill.
Platinum Demo is basically Kingdom Hearts without Disney... Wait, that's just Final Fantasy.
This is a giant Final Fantasy love fest, on a Theatrhythm-like level. I'm perfectly okay with that.
This whole event is a big love fest for Final Fantasy and I'm loving every second of it!!.
Final Fantasy looks like a total bro-fest.
Listening to The Black Mages, Nobuo Uematsu's progressive-metal Final Fantasy cover band, because it is 2004.
So honored to be the new model for Louis Vuitton! Catch me in Final Fantasy and Las Vegas Strip 😽
I mean... Some of the music is composed by Earthbound Papas! *-* The same ones that compose the music for Final Fantasy games
are there any tabletop games that thematically match jrpgs? Like doing Final Fantasy or Suidoken as a tabletop experience?
Still not sure I can conceptualize a Final Fantasy character shilling Luis Vuitton on Union Square
. I Like MK, Street Fighter, Grandia, Final Fantasy, Streets of Rage,. Dead or Alive, Mega Man Legends and King of Fighters.
you should draw Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy
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Stream will begin soon 15-30 minutes. Yu-gi-oh, Xenoverse DlC solo run and if all goes well Final Fantasy x-x2
Expecting to stream some Final Fantasy 14 Heavensward in about 15 Minutes. Please come by and hang out Bring Friends
Games I'm looking forward to: Star Ocean 5 and Final Fantasy 15💕
I feel this way about Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, or even the Godzilla film with Matthew Broderick.
I can't wait for World of Final Fantasy, where I'll spend another 80+ hours of experimenting with cute creatures
My name is Final Fantasy and everyone one of my plots say religion is bad.
Top 5 music from video games:. 1. Legend of Zelda. 2. Super Mario Bros . 3. Sonic . 4. Metal Gear Solid . 5. Final Fantasy
Omg Miss Universe/Philippines is a huge Final Fantasy nerd and it's too adorable
For example, last year I saw a ton of amazing Final Fantasy 13 Lightning cosplay. Each version of her was there. This year? Didn't see one.
I added a video to a playlist NEScaping with a Final Fantasy 1 Playthrough Volume 13
Again showing that gamers are everywhere! - Square Enix Invites Miss Universe to Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Event
Square Enix Store for the Americas Offers Plenty of Discounts in Anniversary Celebrations: Deus Ex! Final Fantasy!…
the end reminds me of Final Fantasy: Advent Children
Final Fantasy cosplay to get you through the day. . Double tap for a like! 👍🏻👍🏻
Despite only recently learning more about Final Fantasy, I'm feeling a connection with Cloud Strife
Play Arts Kai figures, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake, are on display at Toy Fair.
oh *** oh I. am getting younger. now I'm in my 20's. playing Minish Cap. and Final Fantasy. making mistakes. and losing my virginity. over and over.
Never thought I'd see the day Final Fantasy collaborate with Louis Vitton
Final Fantasy goes high fashion with Louis Vuitton and Prada
"'Final Fantasy' star Lightning will be the new face of Louis Vuitton" times are changing! via
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core came in the mail yesterday and I played for 12 hours before my eyes blurred! 10/10
Colony Wars : Vengeance, Gundam Battle Assault, some Mega Man and Final Fantasy games as well. Also have disc's from PS Magazine.
Shinji Hashimoto was holding a World of Final Fantasy illustration by Tetsuya Nomura.
My words say Final Fantasy but my soul says Dark Souls
Check out this awesome Vincent Valentine Cosplay from Final Fantasy by Hailey S Cosplay!…
I had a dream I did my senior project on why I love Final Fantasy. Program director probably won't go for that...
it's a Final Fantasy game in the style of Monster Hunter, 4 player!
Katsu 004 - Zack Fair | Final Fantasy. Great cosplay by IronSoul and the eyes make me stop every time! Really glad...
If I recall correctly it's like a Final Fantasy sequel: new setting and all that. And funny you mention a time line...
My next Final Fantasy will be 4. Then 6, 9, and 14. Might check out 10 as well. And 13 to see how bad it is.
A coworker said I was dressed like a Final Fantasy character on Friday. I have no idea why he said that... I was only wearing one belt.
In unrelated news, Christmas gift has put all of the Final Fantasy music in the world into my head. Theatrhythm is so fun!
I still can't believe Lightning from Final Fantasy is modelling for a Louis Vutton campaign.
Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger go orchestral with JAGMO in March:.
Louis Vutton is using a Final Fantasy character as a model, so my dreams of a mithril hoodie that is both slimming and +5 INT are close.
But first, it's time to play Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm - it's absolutely brilliant, and I am filled to the brim with nostalgia every time.
A side effect of playing Theatrhythm so much is that I now have large chunks of every Final Fantasy soundtrack memorized. Time to transcribe
(2/2) SMRPG, Mario Sports Mix, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and of course Cloud in Smash 4
3D asked for Theatrhythm: Curtain Call for Xmas and got it, which is funny because she mostly just watches me play Final Fantasy
Series I’m not that much into as others, but do respect a lot; rated by “care”:. 1. Final Fantasy . 2. Mega Man. 3. Castlevania
Good RPGs on the PS3 are Ni No Kuni or Eternal Sonata not Final Fantasy.
There's only 5 games that have made me cry in my life, and funny enough 3 of them are Final Fantasy games. XIII-2, Type-0 and Crisis Core.
I knew there was a reason I did the Cloud solo today. Final Fantasy is 28 years old. Holy crap... 3 years younger than me.
He's from Final Fantasy, and 7 at that, so you put him in any fighting game and he's probably going to do pretty well.
Tetsuya Nomura is the Steven Moffat (of Doctor Who showrunner fame) of the Final Fantasy fan universe. Discuss.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a trailer, will release episodically -
I liked a video from Tetsuya Nomura on why Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn't t…
"I haven't played Fire Emblem, but I'm pretty sure it's like Final Fantasy Tactics, only Final Fantasy is better"😜😂
Pic related for me. I love Final Fantasy but I can never seem to get into Tactics or it's sequels. It's a shame b…
Watch new Just Cause 3 trailer with CG done by Final Fantasy effects studio -…
"Jeremy Soule had a buggy equipment that made it impossible to write music that was as fast as Nobuo Uematsu's songs in Final Fantasy games"
"To thee I grant this gift of light, upon thy head a crown of might.". ― Crystal (Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light)
I added a video to a playlist Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles OST - Oh, Light...!
>Guilty Gear. >Final Fantasy. Now you're comparing apples to tomatoes.
Well, I'm not big on the Final Fantasy series, but this Direct gave me classic Pokemon news and three new FE games, as well as Zelda!
Hey, Nintendo! Minish Cap for the 3DS!!. (And more Final Fantasy games too, maybe...)
I'd agree, if it weren't for Final Fantasy: Tactics!
V and Tactics are my favorites. Job system was the best thing to come out of Final Fantasy.
I liked a video from Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Gameplay Trailer @ 1080p HD ✔
Those monsters are AMAZING. They’re like off-brand Final Fantasy bosses that never made the cut.
New games on Tales from the Borderlands, Total War: Warhammer, World of Final Fantasy, Kitty Powers' Matchmaker...
also one of the reasons why i never got into Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts lol cos the style is so. nah
Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy's character designer, picks his three favorite Lightning fanart:
can you bundle with an HD release of Crisis Core? Love from every Final Fantasy fan ever.
A little love for Final Fantasy VI up in Heavensward!
things I'm good at include: reflecting on my life to final fantasy music
Might just move to Japan and play Pokemon and Final Fantasy for the rest of my life
I think the fact it's a Final Fantasy game does 'excuse' (for want of a better term) a lot of its failings, as well as it being
AMV Final fantasy XIII New Perspective-Panic at the Disco(HD) via
Playing some final fantasy then league
Justin REALLY wants to live in Final Fantasy 7's Midgard. Because he loves giant swords. New -
that's the problem with games today, all online, I'd be happy going back to final fantasy if it went back like 10 & previous
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation®4! (FINAL FANTASY XIV) live at
Don´t miss out on the VII Remixed album =)
the only problem with SMT4 is that it really looks unfancy in general. No fancy Final Fantasy (or DDS) stuff.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
We're so happy to see that Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy was one of the most popular games amongst cosplayers at Tokyo Game…
😊☁️🎧. Falling asleep to Final fantasy sound track w/ incense like ima dream myself in one of the dramatic storylines wow ty 💫
For a limited time, Mobius Final Fantasy players can obtain FFX themed ability cards and one special job! http…
The best video game in the world is Final Fantasy 6, i give it a 6 outta 5! (he he he!)
Final Fantasy music is the sweetest lullaby ever.
June 15th 2015, the day the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced.
ever since Insurgent. plus he likes Final Fantasy. AND he's Wally West. plus he covered Beyoncé.
I gotta shop at Modell's & Zara now cuz everywhere else they're selling Ninja Gaiden or Final Fantasy 7 Sephiroth fashion.
The problem with Final Fantasy games that have Roman numerals in their title is that Siri can't seem to understand me to play their songs.
New Favourite: Distant Worlds II: more music from Final Fantasy von Nobuo Uematsu
Kenny Omega having an RPG-based gimmick is mindblowing to me. He talks like a Final Fantasy boss! It's ~*bonkers*~!
Yes! They're all Final Fantasy names, except Walt Jr, Pina and Colada. And all the rooboys have variations on Bobby
The World of Final Fantasy es tan bizarro que me encanta.
WWE's added some Final Fantasy easter eggs to last night's Monday Night Raw:
As if you weren't da bomb before, you're a Final Fantasy fan, too! EPIC WIN!
Watch as WWE's Xavier Woods plays the Final Fantasy victory theme on the trombone on Raw
Xavier just played the Final Fantasy victory tune!
Square-Enix are going to be keeping fans waiting for fresh news on Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3.
Ready for some more Final Fantasy and coffee between 7 and 7:30 am!
Dude needs to be my Final Fantasy 7 Remake/Shenmue 3 moment.
Join me hibernating till' Final Fantasy 7 Remake is released.
Is there any chance we could get an episode of Film Riot dealing with making Final Fantasy battle effects in After Effects?
Get the original Final Fantasy for free on iOS or Android
Plenty of good JRPGs out there. Just not the big names. Bravely Default is a better Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy!
Parasite Eve is my favorite Final Fantasy game
Ethan Hunt & James Bond in one film.that's my Final Fantasy...then as Thomas Hardy wrote."I can pass away and die" Ecstas…
Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider publisher Square Enix on Thursday announced financial results for the quarter ended June 30, and the co...
A lot of people don't realize I do have a huge nerdy side. I love anime, Final Fantasy, Disney, Kingdom Hearts, comic bo…
It's my understanding that there are over 10 Final Fantasy games. Maybe 14, why is a remake of 7 such big news?
I like every main numbered Final Fantasy game I've played which is all of them except 9, 14.1 and 13-3
Just saw the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra play music from Final Fantasy, now it's happy hour 🍹🍴
Check out our newest video on Final Fantasy 14 Heavensward! Bad *** Game! .
For some reason was selling Final Fantasy 14 Heavensward for half off! Time to pick up a new MMO!
Time to bury my head in Final Fantasy (14) to stop myself looking at postgraduate study fees...
|| I might add Final Fantasy, Dynasty Warriors and Drakengard verses to this account. For they seem compatible .-.
*setting off an intense but thoughtful 16-hour debate on Final Fantasy* I thought FF8 had its moments compared next to FFIX
Spent 8 hours drawing Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series! 😁 😁
(( I never thought I'd see the Final Fantasy verse look this barren.))
TIL SquareEnix is worth less today than it was right after Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within bombed at the box offi…
Like, the way it seamlessly ties together everything else in Final Fantasy lore... amazing
Thanks to an earlier skype convo I had, I got curious and started searching the Windows Phone store for Final Fantasy games.
I liked a video from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Announced -
/ Final Fantasy 7 PS4 remake won't be like-for-like copy, director confirms: Tetsuy...
Still can't stop thinking about that Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Fun facts you didn't know about the original Final Fantasy (NES, 1987)
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"Sora hits things with his keyblade. None of the plot makes sense. Here's some bad Final Fantasy fanfiction. Roll credits."
Listening to a creepy hillbilly man banter about Deep Space 9 as he does Final Fantasy fanart is the highlight of my week so far.
Final Fantasy might be the big dog, but the Tales series of RPG is pretty solid too. Check out some fan art here.
Will the Final Fantasy 7 Remake come out before Final Fantasy 15!?
I liked a video from Final Fantasy 15 Final Fantasy XV - ENGLISH Trailer
hack and slash e.g. Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 15.It could be likely he'll go in another direction
We’re recording our E3 episode early tonight, at 7 PM Eastern! We might talk about Final Fantasy for a minute or two.
I'm gonna make as many Final Fantasy references as possible until the game comes out so fair warning you're gonna get like 12yrs of puns
not even the gameplay though. ROB was the sole survivor of his race. a Final Fantasy boss killed 90% of the cast. Sonic was there
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