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Fight Song

A fight song is primarily an American and Canadian sports term, referring to a song associated with a team.

Rachel Platten Piano Guys Marilyn Manson Katie Perry

Blue Knights Kick of the Season with Fight Song in the Hallway before the Pep Rally!
Julie Bowen is HUGE lefty, she was in "This is our Fight Song" video for the DNC last year.
Too many to name all but here's some. Iron Maiden - The Red & the Black, R Platten's Fight Song, Paul…
Yes Thank-you Rachel Platten, Hawk Nelson, Needtobreathe and Zechariah; You inspire me!. Fight Song. This is my...
This is our Fight Song! Rachel Platten to headline star line-up at LGBT Network's LI Pride June 9-11!
Now Playing: Bumaye (Fight Song) by Ed Welch on BAM 4G Radio. TUNE in to
Who can I speak with about replacing the Fight Song with Store by Carly Rae Jepsen?
I'm just staying up to watch Rachel Platten accept her lifetime achievement award for "Fight Song."
Found out yesterday that 'Fight Song' is NOT sung by Demi Lavato and I can honestly say it was the most disappointed I've felt in a while...
You think Fight Song is Katie Perry's, and you call anyone else a moron? LOL
"The Piano Guys" play their version of "Fight Song," song adapted by the Clinton campaign. Wow.
Question, are The Piano Guys low key throwing shade by playing Fight Song?
Piano Guys troll Clinton by playing "Fight Song" at Trump inauguration ball.
Wait, the Piano Guys are playing "Fight Song" at one of Trump's inaugaurual balls? Somewhere, a bunch of former Clinton a…
"Fight Song" singer Rachel Platten says she didn't give Piano Guys permission to use her song at Trump celebration
The Piano Guys play "Fight Song" at Trump Clinton campaign's... by via
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Rachel Platten doesn't "approve or endorse" performance of 'Fight Song' at Trump's inaugural ball:
A senior source tells me National Cathedral will perform "Fight Song" in protest. via
People keep asking me to do a Ciquizza song. I'm thinking... the FGCU fight song in the style of Coldplay?
people think it's not 😩I've literally listened to a song before that made me want to fight 😂😂
I will fight iheart radio bc they invited Niall and only let him sing one song. He is worth more than one song!!!
I put my head phones on and that song was playing so I just turned the volume all the way up and walked rather than get into fight etc
Fight On - This song is dedicated to those who are and will fight the good fight of FAITH
I listened to that song ready to fight 😂 Kanti 😒 Lionel Reachi
The best in the world Rachel Platten - Fight Song
Don't Go is literally exo's best song. FIGHT ME!. EXO
😂😂my alarm clock is the Oregon State Fight song... I'm surprised I don't complain about it! It's been over a year now...
I'm so confused every time Cristian drinks he tries to fight me but we literally just sang that one "shake that *** watch yourself" song
The most beautiful song ever written literally fight me if you disagree
It would be a crime if we didn't end the flight with the fight song.
No Quarter is the greatest song ever and I'll fight about it
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
This is my fight song, take back my life song ♫ Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Shia labeouf live is my fave song fight me
Stand Tall is the best song of Donald Glover's album, do not even fight me.
I'll play my fight song, And I don't really care If nobody else believes- Cause I've still got A lot of fight left in me
I spend a ridiculous amount of time deciding on a walkout song for someone who will never actually cage fight.
Found my fight song and my final song
I love Christmastime in Austin 😍this is at the infamous Mozart's light show! even did the UT fight s…
TBH I listen to fight song just as much as I did during the election. Reminds me that we still have a lot of fight left in us.
I got in a fight with some white guy in hs bc he said this song was trash
Stargirl is the best song on the album...I will fight over this
Join me in against cancer - all proceeds from downloads of this song support
"Fancy" by Reba is honestly the saddest song ever written you cannot fight me on this I've heard "In the Arms of An Angel" and I don't care
Georgia's fight song underrated in catchiness!
Dark&Wild//BTS. • the best intro and outro fight me. • when they finally did hip hop justice. • 24/7 heaven is the bes…
Tamar Braxton's song "stay and fight " will forever be a song I sing at the too of my lungs everytime it comes on 😭✊🏻💞
spent an hr watching elem. school talent shows & I'm sorry but boy singing for good has a better voice than girl w/cancer singing fight song
this is my fight song. BeWell HEAVEN
When you're on a flight full of Buff fans you sing the fight song
Parts of Speech Anchor Chart. This can be sung to the tune of the Notre Dame Fight Song.
The Vikes should change their stupid *** fight song to "Scroll, Vikings" to promote literacy.
That song make me want to fight a hater 😂
shameful that people do not stand for America Favorite Somg!! many people fight for Ameica Faveorite Song! please do not ruin The Song!!!
First stop on 25 days of Christmas tour for us was @ Country Village to see reindeer, Mason sang them the LW fight…
I saw at Ozzfest 2001 as well. Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song via
Playing the fight song after a loss?
Watching on talking about the last 10yrs reminds me of when we had to sing the fight song after a first down..(part 1)
Turns out is the Vikings' fight song.
Have you decided on your entrance song for your final fight? Still think, "It's a man's world" defines you the best!
A whole bunch of people on this plane just chanted some kind of sports song featuring "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" w/ raised fists. American culture
World, today you were rather *** me. But that's okay. With a spirit created to soar, I am not easily tied down. This is my Fight Song.
Every pnb song is a banger you can't even fight me on this
Tonight was a hard night for me b/c my grandpa passed away a few days ago. I heard Fight Song in the car & it was great.
Happy Sunday. Yes, it's a happy Sunday, cause we have our Fight Song, we have each other and a vision of...
Not for nothing, but not having to hear "Fight Song" every two seconds after today is going to be such sweet relief.
Season of the Witch by Donovan is the best non-Thriller Halloween song, fight me
We're about to play FIGHT SONG by Listen & Vote 4 More:
Just used the fight song as a lullaby. I'll take my Nanny of the Year award now, thank you.
Bolbbalgan4 debuted with “Fight,” off their EP album,“Red Ickle.” This song is such a bop istg, you will not regret listen…
I may have used your song Fight in my YouTube video that no one is going to watch (don't worry, I credited you)
"Please don't take my sunshine away!" I sing this bedtime song and fight back the tears.
Let's Stay Together: lets stay together how many times i made love to my wife after a fight to this song thanks lyfe
America take a bow. We about to show the world, women are equal now! (From Democrat Ntl. Convention Fight Song) 💄👠💪
It's TIME to do OUR PART! Go Vote for and for all This is our Fight Song!
Learning the cheer part to fight song
I will fist fight everyone that says anything about inside out not being the chainsmokers best song. It's the best.
Hey your Fight Song was just played during the pregame of Game 3 of the World Series!
. A shorter version of this song Could be an Anthem for Women to fight against Misogyny & Sexism!
I know all you people clapping off the beat with the Abilene High fight song are Church of Christ people.
I just used Shazam to discover The Fight Song by Marilyn Manson.
So playing halloween music instead of the fight song ok
Graveyard Bride and Ray doing karaoke - Fight Song!
Had to grind out the win, and we'll happily sing the fight song in celebration!. Back in a tie for first with NDSU next…
Watching The Great Pumpkin tonight? Sing along to Mizzou's fight song 'Every True Son' when the WWI Flying Ace returns home! ht…
you know Michigan borders Ontario, right? Did you at least realize MI is in EDT despite the following from…
Right Here was the most underrated song on the Believe album fight me
he's in this season! So good. He sang Rachel Platten's Fight Song. So dang good
This is my fight song. Take back my life song. Prove I'm alright song. My power's… ♫ Fight Song by Rachel Platten
OG Fight Song: Watch Newton native Rachel Platten sing the National Anthem at the World Series…
You know Wiggle by Jason Derulo still exists, as well as Fight Song by that Rachel Platten chick.
I added a video to a playlist Fight Song - Rachel Platten | Lyrics
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Can Rachel Platten please sing Fight Song once she finishes the anthem?
Rachel Platten just sang the national anthem at the Cubs game but tbh I wish she had sung Fight Song
Just announced! (Fight Song) will perform after the match in on October 22!…
Singing the school Fight Song to celebrate our 62-56 win over Baldwin Wallace. Photo courtesy of…
and they only make love with Fight Song pumping out at an 11 over Hillary's pretty dated stereo
Tue"Fight Song"by Rachel Platten is simply&universally inspiringa!Hope Sen.Chris Murphy shares the same view!
Stephen Colbert and John Oliver crashed the celebrity "Fight Song" video
"Fight Song" made me want to stab myself in the eye *before* DNC started. . Now it makes me want to stab everyone else i…
She sang that joint "Fight Song". Personally, I think she looks like Barbie Blank mixed with Kimberly Perry.
So was in the Fight Song video, then the James Cameron climate video & that was just today 👏. I got my 😎…
So glad that covered that Whofest video "Fight Song." "Wait Mary Louise Parker was NOT in that" was the exact same thought I had.
Interesting, Hillary plays Katie Perry's "Fight Song" The lyrics say " I don't care about anyone else but me" So fitting!…
"Fight Song" by Rachel Platten always reminds me of "Elizabeth Webber .I've loved watching Elizabeth rebuild her life the past few mths!
Rachel Platten releases new version of 'Fight Song' to benefit Orlando victims -
Playing now on my other laptop. Fight Song - Cover Song - Rachel Platten by .
Sweet Briar College is the winner of the "Fight Song" contest. How appropriate!
Sweet Briar College Wins! . This is huge! Fight Song helped us rally to save Sweet Briar! Holla! Holla! Holla!
Listen to Fight Song by Rachel Platten to motivate yourselves!. 5SOSFAM SLAY
This is my fight song. Hello morning,… ♫ Fight Song by Rachel Platten (at Hall Beladiri GOR Satria) —
I liked a video from Rachel Platten - Fight Song - Jillian Jensen
Wish that "Fight Song" song was out when I was in high school. I'd be making so many killer jokes about it in marching band
We're excited to introduce our new Lab Anthem (aka "The PIs Fight Song"). To be sung to the tune of The Bridge Over the River Kwai:
I'd like to fight the injustice of when you were young by the killers being such an under appreciated song
Fight song should be nominated for song of the year.. It has change and saved peoples life!
Work is the best song out there right now, fight me on this uglies
I'll learn the Marquette fight song if you do!
Fight Song by Rachel Platten (with Frengky and Aas at Full Time Cafe) —
1) When she wrote a song for Ronan Thompson. All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.
if a song make me wanna fight my grandma then it cranks . If not , it don't make my phone
kanye's Ultralight Beam is the song that you play when you've had enough and you're ready to fight ur inner demons
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Can you hear my voice this time? This is my fight song. Take back my…
Is it tacky if I request my Dj play the fight song at my wedding? 😂
Every now and then the Grammys get it right. This band / song Rocks!!! – ♫Don't Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes, from
my mom likes the this my fight song or whatever and I don't think I can trust her tbh
Summer of 2016 song for me, unreal performance last night!. Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight - Grammy Awards 2016
If fuller house changes the theme song in going to fight someone
I absolutely love Fight Song, it is such an inspirational song!!
I liked a video from 2016: Kevin Owens 1st WWE Theme Song - "Fight" + …
This is their fight song. Take back my life song.
Everybody please go and vote for my friend and check out her new song "Fight Like a Girl"!!
When Fight Song plays in commons and you know it's gonna be a good day 👌🏼
you rock! I have used "Fight Song" for many videos of mine. I really love it. Lyrics make me feel so good.Congrats Rachael 💕
this song makes me feel like I'm walking on clouds lol
Best rock song Alabama Shakes? R U joking? Repeats "don't wanna fight no more" SEVENTEEN times in a row. And that's just 10 seconds!
Gosh darn song making me fight back pregnant lady tears in Walmart.
Heard back to back at this breakfast place- La Vida Loca and Fight Song an dream!
Listening to Fight Song by Kidz Bop Kids, on my Echo!
Omg I just heard Fight Song in public and I sang it to the entire room full of people . It was an absolute riot !!! Yay yay I love you Rach!
I liked a video from Fight Song by Rachel Platten performance by Hudson Falls High School
My new favorite anthems are: Wonder-Emile Sandé & Fight Song- Rachel Platten.
Some Sister Sin - Fight Song for all you fellow Sinners!🤘.
Fight Song really suits TMR ,idek why it makes me cry!
Fight Song by Rachel Platten (with chairul, sudrajat, and 2 others) —
Everybody's worried about me. In too deep, Say I'm in too deep ♫ Fight Song by Rachel Platten
I fight for you~~  hm I guess not for this time, next chance maybe, and now,… ♫ Fight Song by Rachel Platten
I liked a video from Fight Song - Rachel Platten COVER by Niki and Gabi
DHR "Fight Song" for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. did you see this ?
I don't like Fight Song bc it's so generic like what problems have you really had to fight attractive white girl who…
Seriously scream-singing Fight Song. . It's a five hour shift at a diner on a Tuesday, not the end of Lord Of the Rings. Calm down, Fefe.
song request: Fight Song by Rachel Platten and Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
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Listen to Fight Song by & on the dreams and aspirations of students
Forget what you heard, Living on a prayer is ECU's fight song
Whenever i think of summer 2015 all that pops in my head is Fight Song
fav if I should do an acapella video of me playing the french horn to the assumption fight song
“Clinton opened by telling the crowd that she is inspired by Christina Aguilera’s song “Fighter” and plans to fight for every…
Starting right now ill be strong.I play my fight song and I don't really care if nobody else believe..?
Sing the fight song!! Aztecs win!!! Advance to the MWC finals Saturday night vs sjsu. 7pm Sportsdeck.
The ladies give a nice performance of the SDSU fight song for the crowd. They will be back on Saturday for the MW championship vs. San Jose.
Growing up in Ohio rocked because in music class we always sang the Ohio state fight song
This song makes me wanna fight someone and I love it
Leading off the play list for is Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" and Rachel Platten's "This Is My Fight Song".
"My power's turned on. Starting right now I'll be strong." Fight Song by Rachel Platten
1 song - 80,000 spins = $5.74. This is how well streaming pays the songwriter. Just think how many songs,...
true. But the stadium is dope. Wifi was banging but that goofy *** fight song.fam...lmao
I liked a video from Hermione Granger | Fight Song
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when mrs. Dunn counts over the speaker and you sing fight song yourselves bc band leaves you 💞💞
5ys ago Fri: Dave Matthews forgets lyrics to Christmas Song / has to fight off laughter to recover - 11/6/10 Philly
If you hate the song Fight Night I probably hate you.
at Police Chiefs Gala for Victims Services. Stealing the event and touching hearts with her Fight Song http…
A genuinely amazing song don't fight me on this
THIS IS OUR FIGHT SONG!!! Watch out, Iowa.The Lancers are comin' for ya!!! https…
Btw, Bengals have the best fight song in the NFL
Well one Zumba class with Fight Song later and I'm running for president
I liked a video from Fight Song - Drum Cover - Rachel Platten Ft. Orlando Drummer
.to fire up for International Night tonight at 7 pm, here is the Fight Song said in 8 languages: https:…
Rob Thomas to headline Mistletoe Show with 'Fight Song' singer Rachel Platten
Meet Lila. She's 8 yrs old, on the England karate squad, and loves "Fight Song", for obvious reasons.
Huge shout out to Drum Majors for coming and teaching our members the lyrics to the fight song!
1,300 musicians play the fight song at Watch the full show:
there's a new song that got leaked I wanna fight someone
so never heard the fight song. Trust me...I played it!
My powers turned on starting right now I'll be strong — AND I'LL PLAY MY FIGHT SONG
Death by Viet Cong is song of the year fight me
Have you heard the demo for my cover yet?
Hi Tegan! Saw your 911 video and your Fight Song cover! Amazing voice! Great job on them! Eugene!
Video: ryannorth: flavorcountry: cynnamynn: this is the song that plays when you have to fight the village...
I know the whole Eagles fight song 😏🙏🏽
Hey Just need to say that I'm too obsessed with Fight Song, it's helped me through so much. So thank you for my
Imagine you and luke get into a bad fight and break up but then he texts you the lyrics of broken pieces. A song he wro…
DjSmall Wonda new track a song about putting up a fight against mental and physical rape. M.A.R men against...
when I pick a new team, the conditions are no child beaters and a banger of a fight song.
hey so I just uploaded my new sign language cover of Fight Song! Please check it out!
Music should support the song and not fight it! . Call-In: 712.775.…
On Andy from Ohio is singing the Toledo fight song lol
Cuz, like, there's an eagle and a fight song but, like, there's also this tiger. And who could ever choose???
"Welcome to Olathe South, and now our Fight Song!"
Guy in Ohio on Toledo fight song and Bielema.
If I hear one more commercial that plays "fight song" in the background I'm going to kill someone
Sarah just played the USC fight song and then looked at Katie and I like we were crazy when we started clapping 😅
I'm fully expecting to hear the UGA fight song
Me whenever the tiger fight song comes on
I want to walk into every GOP debate, playing Twisted Sisters We're Not Going To Take It! It's our fight song n…
Touching visit to Children's hospital to sing "Fight Song": ''
I liked a video St. Xavier High School Swim Team Sings the Fight Song
they just played Fight Song to support the Jimmy Fund at the Red Sox/Yankees game.
if i hear Fight Song on the radio one more time i might just have to go Vincent Van Gogh on my ears
The 1st rule of Fight Song is that no one talks about Fight Song-we only sing it alone & cry while thinking about dealing w…
WAKO Radio's Top Hits for the week of August 24th: 1. "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten 2. "Photograph" by Ed...
Fight Song by Rachel Platten is number 3 in Cayman Islands top 100 songs
just heard Fight Song on the radio. Just as good as when I first heard it at the Great South Bay Music Festival!
my for tomorrow's Radio City show is Fight Song by Rachel Platten 💪🏻 or Elastic Heart by Sia! 💜
Kelly got her Heartbreak Song. Rachel got her Fight Song. Taylor got Our Song. I got my Broke Song.
I think i'm going to make a Catherine Chandler character study vid to "Fight Song".
I don't really believe in "guilty pleasures" because it's like LIKE WHAT U WANT but I think me liking Fight Song is an exception
Help MSU Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Fight Song: MSU wants you to be a part of the Spartan Virtual Choir in…
Join the Spartan Virtual Choir to celebrate 100th anniversary of Fight Song:
Spartan Virtual Choir - 100th Anniversary of the MSU Fight Song via
MSU is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Fight Song by creating a virtual choir made up of fan videos:
The State News - Call for Spartan Virtual Choir celebrates 100th anniversary of Fight Song
Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the MSU Fight Song and be part of the first-ever Spartan Virtual Choir. Visit
MSU Fight Song turns 100; worldwide virtual choir launched. EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – It’s one of the best-known
Magical moment: The wind rising to "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.
I love the positive message and light that is in Fight Song 💖 Congrats on being number 1 beautiful!
S/O to Tim McCarver for the Fight Song shoutout during the Cardinals game!
I love this lot...Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Lyric Video) via
When "Fight Song" plays in IHOP and you're wearing a Senior Elite World Champions T-shirt 😍👑
Listen to Fight Song by chris hahn on
Perfect song to start the day! "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten from Fight Song ♫ Fight Song
Vote to get Fight Song by Rachel Platten played next on HOT 99.5!
SO many areas I can apply this song to my life; past, present & future. 😼 Rachel Platten - Fight Song:
A friend told me this reminds them of me. Agree :) Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Lyric Video) via
Fight Song by Rachel Platten is my theme song now! If you guys haven't checked it out, you definitely should! Motivational!
Can you cover Fight Song by Rachel Platten for me? 😊❤️
This is the second time I've heard this, and I really like it! ♫Fight Song by Rachel Platten, from
Fight Song by Rachel Platten is my new theme song
Fight Song by Rachel Platten gets me all jazzed up.
Rachel Platten - Fight Song (cover) by me please check it out I'm so happy with 2 views in 19 hours though
Someone please, for the love of SwanQueen make a fan video using the song Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Not sure about playing a slavery song on the way to fight a black man.
The Game of Thrones theme song makes me wanna do push ups or run somewhere or fight in a tourney or something ahh I dunno
Watch dedicate a performance of to their friend following his tragic death:
.heading out to the bus to the Hawkeye Fight Song.
I live my life based off the song fight night
My office is next to the admissions welcome room, so I get to listen to the MSU fight song on loop at work
Put "Mine" by and "Fight Song" by on the same playlist and then go and conquer.
Thank you Findlay :D and the fight goes on, with a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts x
Bad Romance is the best pop song of the past 10 years, fight me
"I'm In It" is the love song of the decade. Fight me.
I added a video to a playlist Brutal High School Fight Song [HD]
"Can't fight this feeling" by REO Speedwagon is literally the best song ever written
Pro Cannabis Movement song kick starting awareness to the fight to legalize Cannabis/Hemp in Pop Culture
If Fight Song has helped u, share ur story with and get to hang out with me backstage at each tour stop. ht…
How about the Michigan State fight song? Does that count as a song? Because that's what I've had on repeat today
If you haven't heard "Fight Song" by take a's very empowering!
im listening to the hannah montana station on pandora and still every song reminds me if zayn i CANNOT ESCAPE FIght . Me
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Thank you guys very much and all who have favorited and retreated this. Like the song goes, it's our fight.
I was singing the Rebecca Black song. But I don't hit girls so we can't fight 😔
A fierce legal battle with millions of dollars in royalties at stake has broken out over a 100+ year old song...
Jus heard the classic song from the classic bar fight scene in a Bronx tale 😎
Lol band got interuppted and didnt play the fight song LOL
Hearing fight song on the radio right before competiton weekend. ✨
“I hope they're teaching these new Noles that's there's no "what, what" in the fight song
I'll fight their doubt and give you faith with this song for you.
Titanium is ELENA GILBERT'S theme song dont fight me on this
I still maintain the theme from coach is the 2nd greatest fight song in college football
Every time I think of my HS fight song I get the Notre Dame fight song stuck in head... (No, they're not the same)
Judge set to rule on copyright battle over Happy Birthday to You, world's "most popular song"
Here's my review of the second song on Nickelback's hit album All the Right Reasons, Fight for All the Right Reasons.
I love this song because it reminds of the epic Fight Club ending 👌
Marching Band playing the fight song with help from
MT dedicate…to their friend following his tragic death: nice touch
We just sang and played the AHS fight song in the middle of time square
Just sang the fight song in Times Square!
Do you think silence is worse than the fight? Check out this weeks song here:
Watch AMFMS' video for the anthemic 'Teenage Fight Song' | Related Articles:
I liked a video from ♫"Fight It Off" A Minecraft Parody Song of Taylor Swift's Shake It
LUWoSo practicing our Fight Song & Alma Mater with Pam McDermott and Lisa Kinzer. Juniors won the singing contest.
Houston Chapter sings the UTEP Fight Song at the UTEP Alumni Association Pick-Nic. "Down in the West Texas Town...
Shoutout to the Bullock Creek High School Marching Band for playing the MSU Fight Song at the National Cherry Festival!
Day 2 of cheer clinics 7-8:30pm in Alumni gym. Hope everyone worked on that Fight Song! Those trying out tonight, remember your paperwork!
His iconic "Fight Song" will live on forever at The Florida State University. .
From Dr. Garnett S. Stokes, Interim President: Our entire Florida State University family is deeply saddened by the passing of our dear colleague Thomas G. “Tommie” Wright. As a composer, international performer, pioneer of educational television and beloved professor, he touched the lives of thousands of Florida State students. Professor Wright joined our faculty in 1949, and one year later he composed the music for the “FSU Fight Song,” the iconic signature sound of the university. By the time he retired in 2008, he had taught more than 58,000 students and left an indelible mark on Florida State. While Professor Wright attained the pinnacle of the music profession as a performer and pedagogue, his reach went beyond the students who majored in piano. He generously dedicated the greatest share of his distinguished career to teaching music appreciation classes for general university students. Whether performing concerts with leading symphony orchestras around the world or working in commercial radi ...
My morning song. fight has been prepared for, let's go.
Nice OP song but what's up with this dreamy fight
This song gets me hype to fight lmao
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Wednesday Question: Best Song About War? [News]: UG News: Time to hit the battlefield UG. Or fight against it.
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