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Fig Newton

Newtons are a Nabisco trademarked version of the ancient Newtonian fig roll pastry filled with fig paste.

Cam Newton Isaac Newton

Don. Who gives a flying fig newton about crowd size at a disaster? Oh you do? Ego! F…
10k would really change my life right now; scratch that, I could stretch 5...
"In America, we don't eat one fig newton, we eat the whole sleeve!"
Is it an either/or thing? I'd prefer to be a fig newton of your imagination than a vampire.
I'm pretty much an old lady because boy do I love a good fig newton, always have
That was the commercial. German guy lamenting how far he was from the Fig Newton, when that's the onl…
.I always thought it was 'far Fig Newton'.
What is the best flavor of fig newton, en tu opinion?
Tfw u know there's a difference between a fig newton & a nutrigrain but you rly can't remember what
"[In 11:12-25] Mark is serving up a Fig Newton...And when you look at what's on either side, the middle makes sense." -
What in the flying fig newton does this even mean???
I never knew what the inside of an old, microwaved, fig Newton smelled like before, but thanks to vape stores, now I do.
The new on-screen box score for NFL games is like the Fig Newton sticker Ricky Bobby put on his windshield. Large and hugely inconvenient.
She said mans would be a fig newton if he was a snack.
I chose Fig Newton and Al Gore. Am I doing this right?
Taylor Swift has gone to the dark side? She's about as hard as a fig newton who she trying to fool!
Good lord, the dough in Fig Newton recipe is exactly like the product, just better in every way. So good.
Made some home-made Fig Newton's ... Started yesterday with making fig jam from fresh figs then finishing up the...
"I'm just a fig newton of your imagination"
That's like picking a cake over a lint- covered fig newton. It's not favoritism. It's the obvious choice
I just willingly ate a Fig Newton, so don't question my dedication.
Roses are red,. blood is also red. I now live Brooklyn,. and just heard two gunshots. -poem excerpt from "NYC: Struggle City" by Jesse Newton
Then again if i'm being honest i don't even know what figs taste like past a fig newton lol
This *** box fell in the bay and tried to gut a fig newton. Im done
Newton would have been at home here, but Trump ain't no Newton, more like a Fig Newton.
I've never had them fresh, only dried or in a fig newton ❤️
im gonna marry someone with the last name Newton so I can name our first born Fig
Overheard: At the *** cafe - Barista: "I have a medium grande fig newton fleet water no-foam cappuccino...
I got suspended for 2 days in third grade for calling Isaac Newton "Isaac Fig Newton" and have never disrespected Sir Isa…
This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I sure do love fig newton
Fig Newton and their laws of fig Dynamics
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Jut a total badass driving down the road, reaching over to his passenger seat for another Fig Newton
I don't think I've ever actually had a fig (excluding fig newton) but they look like the least appetizing fruit eve…
I just ate a fig newton, so let ya mama know that her man is thinking about the future 😉
Wait a second! You're trying to tell me that, Sir Isaac Newton didn't invent Fig Newtons? 😫
This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard & I dated a man for FOUR years who thought Isaac Newton created Fig New…
In real life this one of my favorite songs and Also in real life I'm (also in real life im all four of…
God, I have to fig newton might have a long I've been awesome chair.
Fig Tree, Metlife Mall & Newton park bring you some healthy salad with today's While stocks last. https:/…
8 years. . No scandals. . No mistresses. . No impeachment hearings. . Just class and grace, personified. We sure are going t…
Lindsey Graham! Why are you still around? Fig Newton Gingrich, failed Speaker, spouting off forever? Get f'ing lost.
This is just a long fig newton. I can't critique this!
I'm just a fig newton of your imagination. Bite me and I will dip you in a bloody mary bloody mary bloody marsha marsha mar…
I thought I saw a cookie on the floor, but I was wrong. It was probably just a fig newton of my imagination.
What is a Fig Newton anyway? Maybe the Most mysterious snack of them all.
It takes her to bring me to give your past so I could use wine to fig newton might be a galaxy far, far away.
Cam Newton is on the sideline flossing his teeth, man. It would be wild if he just got done eating a Fig Newton. Can you i…
Eddie Lacy wishes they could've played Carolina to get him some Fig Newton.
Fig Newton just checking in, still waiting for adoption, showing his awesome leash skills! Contact Tim Brown...
Fig taste different when they're not in Newton form. 💫
Im watching the news and this weather guys name is Fig Newton
I support the 2nd ammendment, like it's not even crazy. I would have been carrying in the church and that terrorist would have been dead.
You could just tell me you hate me instead of giving me a Fig Newton.
Bought a fig newton today..officially turned 64 too
had the greatest idea 2day. Someone needs 2 take a Fig Newton & Iggy Azalea & make Figgy Azalea😂. I think ur the man 4 the job
On a scale from 1 to Oreo, I give these a fig newton.
A historically black church was shot up in Charleston, SC. Description is a "clean shaven white male".
that sux. Perhaps it is not available in your neck of the woods. When you get back to fig newton land ywatch it
Driving this fast in the rain is dangerous but I do love fig newton
Any Newton other than a Fig Newton is an abomination.
. Crap adheres to other crap, albeit in a crappy fashion. . --Isaac (Fig) Newton's First Law of Levity
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Oh those writers know GH history so well that they don't even know that the WSB wouldn't give a fig newton that Lucky was kidnapped.
In The Garden: Fig Newton Trees: and to this day every fig tree he sees is a “Fig Newton tree”. This story rem...
I got a mountain of single pack oreos and fig newton's I'm working on.
I bet you're a fig newton kind of cookie eater
Is there anything healthy about a nutrigrain bar or is it just a big fig newton bar
If I was Mark Jackson, I'd have cried my eyes out all night.
The most frustrated person in the world right now is Mark Jackson.
Know what you call a cookie that's shot out of a cannon? Far-Fig Newton
Shumpert and JR Smith are playing so bad the Knicks will probably try and get them back
I think in Canadia you guys get more filling in yours, but it's Fig Newton filling so you're welcome to it 😝
Is that magnesium fragment in my Fig Newton or a figment of my imagination?
im so emotional rn. im literally crying about someone eating my fig Newton bars. i really wanted to eat them 😭
Every time i see Fig Newton treats, I think of lol!!! Laughing in the store lookin like a *** weirdo.
Happy birthday to Fig Newton you're finally 21 and I'm actually scared for you
If you're a fig and you don't eventually end up in a Newton it's like what are you even doing with your life?
Little kid on eating the inside of a fig newton " you just stick your tongue in it and start licking"
I Jake the Snake 'em, DDT' em in mausoleums.
It's a fig newton of your amalgamation.
Vandy baseball wins with a walk off and Blackhawks win the cup. Twas a good day.
When videogames give me choices, I always Google to see which choice is the best. I need to stop spoiling the games.
I barely know who any of my mutuals are anymore be their display names are fuxking like "peach baby" or "banana nut muffin" o…
Wanna go cliff jumping this summer so bad
How many dances does this school have?
What about Assassin's Creed Unity? You got a whole broken game to fix, Ubisoft.
No a fig newton is not a cookie shut up
Wishing I lived in the A so I could vote for
please elect to any office he wants so I can fulfill my dream of being the corrupt, seedy friend from his hi…
Biggest cheer in the hall of whole show was for backwards compatibility. A man literally leapt from his seat and punched…
He fell asleep playing Elder Scrolls, and his character is running in circles. 💀
Is there any word on when the Purchase and Content Usage service will be up and running again?
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I had a Fig Newton this week and god hates figs Matthew 21:19
How did Sir Issac Newton come up with this Fig Newton idea anyhow?
If I'm Cam Newton, I'm celebrating my first career playoff win with some Fig Newton's. What a great snack for a great play…
I should be sleeping but hey why would I go to sleep when I can stay up and not know what I'm doing
War journal: The children have left. I have survived with a handful of almonds, one fig newton, some teddy grahms, and a fun sized twix bar.
"That's a fig newton of your imagination" -
2015 goal: Learn piano so I can play the Charlie Brown medley
You ever get bored and just look through everyone's snapchat best friends to creep on everyone's life?
why am I tired all the time now help
Not gonna put myself out there for someone if they don't show they'd do it for me
"Did you know Isaac Newton had a brother? His name was Fig.". ~my grandma
Who puts a croissant in a Krispy Kreme box? Evil people that's who
Yep. Dear Santa, please may I have one fig newton
Especially while you are at home probably eating oreos or fig newton's all the *** day
Ok Huey P. In Playin bro, no disrespect. All jokes. I feel you tho. As a man w/a family, they r protected at
"I couldn't name three Vice Presidents, but I know the Fig Newton song."
*takes bite of fig newton* . "I just remembered I don't like fig newtons"
All I've eaten for two days is a fig newton and a rice Krispy treat
DON'T EVEN leave me alone with a box of whole wheat Fig Newton's and a carton of milk. about some generic brand Fig Newton rip offs?
In the end, he went for the cupcake. Me, I was looking forward to seeing 4 candles in a fig newton.
My mom just gave me a weird look for taking a snap of me eating a Fig Newton😒
Spaz gon chill with the name calling his fig Newton cookie head ***
My son, negotiating an alternative to the cupcake we got him to celebrate his 4th birthday: 'maybe we could put a candle in a fig newton?'
Don't know where my leaves went for this project but guess who doesn't care? this guy😊
Someone snatched my fig newton bars and I feel miserable yo
for us Brits, what's a raspberry fig newton?
it's ok. Kind of like a fig newton but not as good.
The fig taste really comes through & the best part is the crust.
I'd guess a dessert, probably a bread or something like a fig newton. "Pudding" in that sense doesn't mean what it does now
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I'm eating dried fruit. Fig newton. Peach. Apple. Just watching my health . .
Seeing people say stuff they want and knowing you would do it for them but don't because they wouldn't care 😒😪
The grandparents from Willy Wonka ft. Fig Newton breath
If it helps, I'll change mine to the I think we're all pulling for them next week anyways...even w/ Mr. Fig Newton
Aaaw the two fig newton colored gals hugged it out.
Can I just bring a little DVD player tomorrow and watch movies all day in class or no?
That's like wondering if Isaac Newton invented the fig sandwich.
Fig newton is sounding more and more like RW with every passing week...
“Why is everyone so outraged about this photo?
I'm in the mood to go on an adventure.
Snacks for tomorrow's sangha soltice observance: fig newton's & twinkies. Because they make me happy :)
Alot of people with mental illness are online and in the real world. Make sure to be aware and pay attention i love yo…
Glad to know I'm not good enough for you
Anyone looking at buying me a Christmas present, I'll take a Fig Newton jersey. XXL. Appreciate it.
"I hate you fig Newton! You're just a cookie you little son of a gun! I'm just going to dunk you!" Mom on Cam Newton
"I hate the Browns but I hate Cam Newton more." Fig Newton
The unit of weight for Christmas puddings is the fig newton
the Browns need to tackle this Fig Newton guy
With Bradford's and Fig Newton's injuries, they Saint pretty much HAVE to keep Ryan Griffin. The question becomes just him or Luke too.
I honestly can't think of anything worse than having to watch Steve Buscemi really take his time with a Fig Newton.
Newton (toy poodle) tried to take a selfie, but he's not very good at it. We now fondly call him Fig…
The MVP Award go to my brother Keyshawn Strickland lookin like Twig-Lightyear 😅😅 But this my Multi-Talented *** brother, *** has no Position his position is ATH (Athlete) he a coo *** *** when he not Posing in front of a mirror lookin the inside of a Fig Newton, *Kevin Durant Voice* "You The Real MVP"
This is the "◼️Jesus cup" It has goldfish, chocolate chips, fig newton bars, *** mini cookies, and applesauce.
Are you ever craving a certain food so intensely but at the same time it sounds really awful? my and fig newton's entire relationship
Big list from a girl who couldnt work out a Mothers day poem this year! If anyone's been sending donation or thinking about it, this just in from Alaura Megan Seidl on the big trail hike. I need to eat quadruple what I planned to stay alive! Feel free to send: Beef jerky, Slim Jims, Nature valley oats n honey or peanut butter crunchy bars, Apples and cinnamon oatmeal, Snickers, Packs of fun size candy bars, Reese's fast break, Pasta sides and/or rice sides, Fig newtons, Small or average size peanut butter jar (not glass), Nutella, Pepperoni, Tortillas, sour patch kids
"A healthy twist on the classic fig newton cookies, your entire family will love these energy-packed snack bites that are naturally gluten free, vegan and paleo-friendly." ...
I'm beginning to question your logic for questioning my logic... to quell all doubts, I taught Newton and made Fig Newtons soo
I've never been called a fig newton before.
RIP Issac "Fig" Newton. You will be missed greatly.
We need to talk about your cookie situation. You had a fig newton. I oughta slap you. Me to my mom.
Walking down a dark unlit street and got scared by a baby bunny .after i realized it was just a bunny i lured it to me with a fig newton and he let me pet him! cutest thing ever
Apparently you can trade a Prius for a Porsche. Who knew
my dad just yelled at me for eating the last fig Newton.
I was holding my phone and a fig newton and I tried to plug the fig newton into my charger bc I thought it was my phone
Tbt to when Ms. Carlson screamed at Erica for eating a fig newton in the hallway...🙈
For anyone who missed out on the Fig Newton eating contest at our Pub Run on Tuesday, you can relive the bodacious night by watching our video. Special thanks goes out to Newton Running for sponsoring the night along with Lone Tree Brewing Company and Polidori Sausage for creating awesome food and drink. Remember, the first rule about Pub Run is to talk about Pub Run!
Day 3: pop tart and fig newton supply running low but the Gatorade stash is nearly untouched
FARK AND A FIG NEWTON! What is it with people/media/politicians and CRIPPITY CRAP CRAP! Sorry... just have to open the relief valve every now and then... but SERIOUSLY?!?! KEERIiiPES!
should totally work in HR, because he does not give a flying fig newton! So says and I after mucho vodka
Sadly, fig season has been dwindling to an end, and while dried figs may never compare to fresh ones, they’re still quite the treat. Which is why today, I’d like to share this recipe for homemade Fig Newtons (if you’ve never tried them or have no idea what they are, you won’t need to find out after…
So get this a serving size for Fig Newtons is two cookies what the *** who can only eat two Fig Newtons its not possible what is the world coming to
Every time I have a fig newton I expect it to taste so much better than it does but I'm always left disappointed!
Eating last meal of the day (to most people, it's early, but we try not to eat after 6:00pm). Vanilla Greek Yogurt with honey and granola and two fig newtons on the side. You know, you just have to keep it all in balance :)
No-Bake Fig Newton Bites {Gluten Free, Vegan & Paleo} Ingredients 3 cups dried figs - hard stems removed 1 cup walnuts halves ¼ cup flax seed meal 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract ½ teaspoon salt Instructions Place all ingredients in a large food processor and pulse until finely chopped, almost the consistency of sand. This may take 4-5 minutes. Remove blade and put aside. Scoop mixture out one at a time using a small ice cream scoop. Form mixture into balls by rolling in between your hands. Enjoy room temperature or refrigerate in an air-tight container for up to 7 days. Notes Don't be afraid to press the mixture tightly together with your hands when forming balls. As the heat of your hand warms up the mixture, the natural oils in the walnuts will release helping to bind the balls.
Misty Blue and me out on the trail - she also ate Lindseys fig newtons !
It makes me a little sad that my first thought upon biting into a Turkish fig is, "Wow, tastes like Fig Newton."
Perfect afternoon snack! I used to love fig newtons. Now figs are a favorite snack
Did you know that Fig Newtons were named after the town? Check out the Boston Globe's article about interesting Newton facts!...
True story: somewhere in the rural South . An old lady cries out ,THEY GOTT'EM BACK THAirr.!!!.Jimmy lee from next door calls out , WHO! She said .DAT BOY.. they shol nuff gon kill'em dead..Jimmy lee hollar YALL GET YALL GOTDAMN *** FROM BACK YOUNDA!!! Then her husband yells out from porch while eating his fig newtons..Girdie Mae get back on dis porch and stay out *** folks the sound effects grew louder POW, BONG ,KA POW ,DING, UGH UGH!!. To be Continued!!!
I know you can't calculate the area of a fig newton
The fact of the matter is nobody, not one person, knows where we came from and where we go when we take that last final breathe of air. I feel like everything would be so much easier and more peaceful if we just accepted that. There is way too much Religion-vs-Science going on in the world and the “gospel truth” is that NO ONE really knows. It’s ALL theory. If you believe in the Big Bang you are basing that belief on FAITH a.k.a. complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Science can’t flat out PROVE it happened, nor can religion PROVE it didn’t. If you believe God created the planet in 7 days and that thought keeps you warm at night, good for you, but you are basing that on FAITH and ultimately faith is just a feeling, or even something that we learned early on. Everyone thinks they’re right and everyone is probably completely wrong and we’re just spinning around on a tiny blue dot that could collide with another planet at any second and then POOF all remnants of humanity gone fo ...
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5 Ingredient No-Bake Fig Newton Bites via my kids favorite to make
{New!} 5 Ingredient No-Bake Fig Newton Bites So good and so easy!
The amount of lightning in this thunderstorm is unreal. This is how I imagine the next Thor movie to start
...Will power is not getting fig newtons but still wanting them so bad!...
My fig newton is all grown up 💋 I'm sorry I can't be in NY with you on your birthday. I love you! 👭
Did you know this about the U.S.? STATES AND WHAT THEY ARE FAMOUS FOR (DID YOU EVER IMAGINE?) : ALABAMA .Was the first state to have 9-1-1, started 1968. ALASKA .One out of every 64 people has a pilot's license. ARIZONA .Is the only state in the continental U.S. that does not follow Daylight Savings Time. ARKANSAS .Has the only active diamond mine in the U.S. CALIFORNIA ;.Its economy is so large that if it were a country, it would rank seventh in the entire world. COLORADO .In 1976 it became the only state to turn down the Olympics. CONNECTICUT .The Frisbee was invented here at Yale University DELAWARE .Has more scientists and engineers than any other state. FLORIDA .At 874.3 square miles, Jacksonville is the largest city in the U.S. GEORGIA .It was here, in 1886, that pharmacist John Pemberton made the first vat of Coca-Cola.interesting! HAWAII .Hawaiians live, on average, five years longer than residents of any other state. IDAHO .TV was invented in Rigby , Idaho , in 1922. ILLINOIS .Has a Governor in j ...
I just ate a fig newton, thought you should know it's not that weird
Yeah me, day 1 of my new diet almost over & i didn't cheat yet :) hmmm are Fig Newtons a fruit?
Who knew that Mr. Samuel L Catson would like fig newtons?
Pop Quiz: How many ingredients are in a fig newton?
A fat free Fig Newton is basically a fruit, right
Happy ! You me to just eat a fig newton and run faster. xo
Damned Fig Newtons one week then Pepperoncinis the next! (heck, at least I'm not Pregnant)
This is where I say that I've never once in 32 years had a fig newton, right?
"it's a fig newton of your imagination" - Granny 😂😂😂😂
Sunburned after a 45 minute lunch outside. It's so pathetic at this point
you're darned tootin' I love fig newtons . . :)
I don't trust anyone who counts a fig newton among their favorite types of cookies.
It's the summertime & the livin' easy got kid cuddies grillin breezy cool boy chillin jumpin through hoops he shoots fig newton fruityloops!
"This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I DO love fig newtons." -ricky bobby
I dont live in a house anymore it could be considered a rainforest at this point its so humid
that place gave me the WORST smelling farts but it was so good
So drew looks at me while he is eating fig Newton. And says I sure do love fig newtons. Talladega nights he has this movie memorized
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htjmfisherman: ya but what are Hermann’s thoughts on fig Newton’s?  he doesn’t give flying one?
is that the place we ate at before Bloomsburg?
You know what tastes good gold peak raspberry ice tea and fig newtons
Judy had several names. Onion Ring and Fig Newton.
Dodgers 3rd Basemans name is "Chone Figgins",,my mind sees this guy walkin around in his underwear eatin fig newtons,
For the past 5 hours, I have had salted cashews and fig newtons .-. (But not for 5 hrs straight😐!) Idk y tho.. 😂
The Choco Leibniz is, of course, the greatest rival of the Fig Newton. nealstephenson
There's a man sitting next to me making love to his tonic and gen 🍸
Through 2 days of NFL draft the school with the most drafts is... Notre Dame. Not Bama. Not Ohio State.
I dont wanna see nobody under the age of 65 eating no dsmn fig newtons go somewhere with ya old young ***
Nixing arctic zero. Hungry but don't want 2feel full. Faux coffee & 1/4 of a cashew fig carrot bar (like Fig Newton) handy.
Sticking with the theme of the week, I made some Fig Newtons. I’m sure they’re still loaded with sugar and all sorts of crap, but by not being coated in a layer of chocolate, they always seemed like the healthy alternative. I was kind of a weird kid and actually loved Fig Newtons growing up.
DO IT!! season 2 comes out June 6th you have to watch it before!
it's not completely horrible, but I don't think you'd like it
Yesterday was the 1st time in a long time that ive had fig newtons. Unfortunately my girlfriend wanted to drive like a badass n spill all but 1 of em. That was the end of that
What if Fig Newton's new slogan was "Live Fig. Die Young"? Or, "You Only Fig Once".
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world!! Just watch out if she hands you a sleeve of fig newtons! Lol! Love you mom!
Fig Newton was a smart cookie. Ha Ha get it
Well my dog ate a pound and a half of fig newtons... She left me 8. Awww how thoughtful!!! Lol
I have GSC fairies following me :-) every time I think about doing wrong something happens and I have to eat clean:-) I think I want tacos and I can't bring myself to skip my smoothie. I went to buy some fig Newtons and when I got to the cash register the package looked tampered with so I put them back. Self consciously I guess I have been re-programmed to eat clean
Craving Hawaiian punch and fig newtons!
I think I found a new gang of straight boys to hang with. One understands my fig newton struggles, so basically DEAL.
Any newton but a fig newton is a newton for me
Got my PJ"s on,hot coco n,fig newtons gonna be a quiet Friday night for me,myself and I.. Good Night ya-all n sleep sweet n embrace your dreams bout peace,compassion and a whole lotta LOVE.
So I'm cheating tonight with a soda and fig newtons.
I'm a Fig Newton of your imagination.
thought Isaac Newton was the inventor of fig newtons
that's because Albert is a fig newton🌻
Why have a cookie when you could have a fig newton? . To that I say: Why have a fig newton when you could have a shot of Clorox™
With that rent I could just buy your house and have the 5 year at your place
BBQ grill utensils, extension cord, chocolate and fig newtons
Don't judge because it's the Friday night after field day, but for dinner I had Tator tots and wine, MEANWHILE, our Baby Harry had a hamburger patty with cheese, a couple of Tator tots, a container of peaches, some applesauce, and a few fig newtons. I think my Miguel is gonna need to get another job to feed this boy! The second picture is how he says " I love you"!
Jamie just told me I smell like a fig newton
My wife thought that "fig newton" was the name of the fruit. I tried to explain to her that it's just a snack made from a fig and i don't think she believes me.
I just ate a whole row of fig newtons.made with REAL fruit! Was that a healthy snack? LMBO
Need energy for game this afternoon? Stop by for free sample (while they last) NOW Manuka Honey & Chia Bar-like fig newton, but better
Everyone is always drug testing me.first the NCAA now this job
Jonathan Boss-Hawg Smith your diet fig newton was delivered this morning, its on your desk lol
Congrats 2014 graduates. Now it's time for the post college depression to set in!
Imani left a fig newton in my bag...useful because I was starving.
Got her saved in my phone under fig newton!
Mike Van Hoozen is the only weird *** I've known that liked Fig Newtons as a kid.
If my dog isn't up, I shouldn't be up
Light rain currently Elaine Pierson Riazi Rise & shine bed heads grab your Kellogg go shake & Fig Newton and head out the door.rain and goofing off ya gonna be late
as I sit here alone remembering as a child the good and bad times one person came to mind. his name is Major Moore.he would tell me about his days as a buffalo soldier. all the time eating his favorite snack (fig newtons). it had to be Jesus. can't remember the last time I even spoke his name. I love my great uncle. he was also my scout master at Evergreen Baptist Church
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Carob Chips & Fig Newtons - posted in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications: Does anybody know of any unsweetened non-dairy gluten free carob chips? Thats a product that seems to be somewhat difficult to find. Also, does anybody know of any commercially available gluten free fig newton…
Fig Newton on 2nd base with Manbearpig coming up to bat
I didn't realize how many calories a fig newton has in it..
With the 45th pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Lions select, Kyle Newton, backup JV quarterback from Davison Michigan.
Fig Newton's were named after Isaac Newton's brother "Fig" who had the apple thing happen to him except with a fig and…
“Fig Newton... No Bueno”. I'm from Newton MA, birthplace of and thems fightin' words.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who likes fig newtons. Am I really alone in the universe?
Found a fig newton in my bra today not questioning it
Nerds Rope is the king of all candies
No one with a shaved *** has ever voluntarily eaten a fig newton.
Miss Belle today - she was looking for her fig newtons and was not disappointed. I also took her favorite flowers to her in a little bunch - Dandelions - and she ate them right up!
I love how the kids get excited about Fig Newtons!
Ate a massive package of fig Newtons during our day yesterday. ;)
Wow why would anyone need to eat a fig newton, a dried fig is already a fig newton this is awesome
I can always count on you for kind words
Had a wonderful Easter Brunch at Inn Season Cafe with Paul sans large rabbit. then went to visit my brother Ron. I made him a photo album. It brought back memories of his childhood. As he ate his fig newtons we looked at photos and remembered friends and family names from the past. He looked at dad's picture and with tears in his eyes said he really misses dad. Other photos brought a smile to his face.Hope everyone had a nice Easter ! ps I really miss not having Easter Baskets around filled with candy I could sneak and eat. ;)
this was great - loved the fig newton account! Takeaway: don't take food from random spectators!
Had one of the best days ever yesterday at Sixflags with Joseph Flanagan and Zane Fig Newton. Glad we're always able to make anything we do an adventure full of laughs and awesome memories(: Love you guys!
Happy Easter! Lot's of folks are waking up to their new furbabies today. Congratulations to Deedee, Tracey(Gracie), Hurricane, Camellia, Georgia, Sissy, Pandemonium, Bonnie Sue, and Tornado! On foster to adopt are Carlos, Sophie, Hera, Fig Newton, Irony, and Georgie! It was quite a day for our Chihuahuas! REMEMBER, we will not be at Petsmart today. Home eating chocolates today!
you fig me newton?? I does what i can when i cans what i does
911 operator: What's the emergency? . Me: I JUST ATE A FIG NEWTON! . 911 operator: Paramedics are on there way sir. Me: (sobs)
I just created a Kyle Newton Radio and became friends with 5 different Bob's
I have recently made a major decision. Though I am functioning (sometimes just barely tho) and I may appear to be moving forward, I am having a VERY hard time. Not sleeping, crying A LOT and feeling sad. I can't risk falling into real depression (been there, done that). I am scheduled to see my therapist next week. At the end of the day it is my responsibility to take care of myself the best that I can. I know without a doubt that is what Honey Man would want. I had a REALLY GOOD DAY TODAY with my god daughter yet, I am here now (1:45 a.m.) unable to sleep. Already eaten one whole row of strawberry fig newtons and on my second cup of "sleepy time" tea. I am 21 lbs lighter than i was in December. Dropped one whole dress size (size 6 now). Anticipating the arrival of my grand baby is pretty much all I have to look forward to right now. It is what is keeping me going. This unborn child is the door that God opened for me when he closed the door on my love story. And so I wait . . ..
I found out tonight that when I get my pig they like a all the things I like...our diet will be the same of Oreos n marshmallows n of course fig newtons (fruit fulfillment) lol! This explains the extra 20 lbs on the gut!!!
My son really asked me.hey mom do u know the scientist fig newton...???.lol
So my cat just took a bite of my fig newton..
I knew my cats were a little weird and will eat just about anything… but I have never seen her eyes light up and come running like she just did… over me sitting down with a couple fig newtons.
Two things I like that most people don't like: - Raisin Bran Cereal -Fig Newtons
Got er saved in my phone under fig newton
Yoplait yogurt flavor idea: Fig Newton. And it will be called Yo' Figgity
"Fig Newtons where named after a town in Massachusetts, not the scientist!"
just tryna make new friends... Hi I'm kasey newton
The news doesn't give one flying fig newton about some random person on the internet who did nothing wrong
Newton was a smart cookie. Is that where fig newtons come from?
Feet are dry. Scarfing fig newtons. Waving bye to Cody and his ohana figuring out now where to eat. Today was 6 and a half hours or so on the water 30.5 miles. omorrow will be even longer. Cheeehoo
Trivia: The fig newton was named after _.
Sun Run Participants! One week left! Here are some nutrition tips for the day before the Sun Run! NUTRITION: LET'S DO THIS WELL FUELED! In these final days leading up to Sun Run Sunday, top up muscle glycogen (energy) stores by eating high carbohydrate meals and snacks. Do this by emphasizing vegetables, fruit, grains and even low fat milk products. Remember our half the plate as vegetables in most meals goal? Keep doing that. Here’s how the final nutritional hours should come together: Saturday night - High-carbohydrate pre-race dinner and snack: Fill half of your plate with high-energy foods like vegetables, pasta, rice, quinoa or potatoes but not carbs alone. If used to eating chickpeas, black beans or other legumes, add them. They make for long- lasting fuel the next day. In this high-carb meal, don’t forget the protein! Accompany the carbs with salmon, chicken, lean beef, chickpeas, tofu or a familiar protein choice. This is not the time to experiment. Eat an evening snack for an extra energy to ...
Getting ready to watch the "Ten Commandments". I use to watch this with my grandparents every Easter eve. Back before there was cable and video. It was an event. Usually with Fudge ripple ice cream and Fig Newtons.
This is highly inappropriate but I do love fig newtons!
Adventures in moving: started putting a few items in the kitchen cabinets. A couple items would not go all the way back. Grabbed my many-purpose wooden. thingy... and climbed on it to see what was blocking my boxes. It was a single, individually wrapped fig newton bar. In other news, I think I need a step stool for the kitchen.
No, not really, although I seem like I am. Would that be Olivia Fig-Newton?
I have a death wish today. I just ate red pepper hummus, pita chips, 2 dill pickles, 4 fig newtons, and a swig of oj...
Spending too day with the in-laws. Making Easter baskets for the church kids. Empty tombs, jolly rancher cross pops, fig Newton bibles and crown of thorns. Yummy
Am I the only person in the world that likes fig newtons or...?
Everyone from Kenton the open house I attended was built by Charles Roser of the Runkle (Johnson) candy factory. The story is he sold the rights to the machine which made the fig Newton for a million dollars. My mother remembers this story. Anyway he built the first subdivision in St Pete including homes, churches and the original hospital and later settled Anna Maria Island. If you are a Kentonite that loves history, touring this neighborhood is a must the next time you are in our area!
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22 miles done. Encouraging run- felt much better today than the last time, and could have run more. Thank you to Erin Sullivan Mullane, who suggested the Gatorade chewies- not bad! Also tried eating fig newtons to break up all of the sweetness- also good! Legs feel pretty good considering. Hopeful for a day like today on marathon day!
I don't trust anyone who's favorite cookie is a fig newton
Ninja Boy just devoured 3 PB&J's, a banana, an applesauce cup, 3 fig newtons, and a bottle of water. Growth spurt maybe? ;)
Is this just a fig newton of your hallucination? Giddyup...burp.
I don't care how 'certain', 'sure', 'confident' you are, evolution is a fig newton of the imagination.
Which is worse...burning up inside or allergies. Walking my dogs every *** time I turn around or dying for some Fig Newtons? I need a tissue and some ice cream.
"I was reading a Fig Newtons label -- I was trying to see if it was OK to eat them. Everything looked pretty good, the fat content and everything. So I'm thinking I could eat these. I looked at the serving size: two cookies. Who the *** eats two cookies? I eat Fig Newtons by the sleeve. Two sleeves is a serving size." - Brian Regan
Day 2 the crew is getting restless and tired following a prolonged squawk. Some one is getting into the supplies 4 fig newtons are missing and 8 ounces of milk may have to lock em up.
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