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Fig Newton

Newtons are a Nabisco trademarked version of the ancient Newtonian fig roll pastry filled with fig paste.

Fig Newtons Isaac Newton

I can always count on you for kind words
Had a wonderful Easter Brunch at Inn Season Cafe with Paul sans large rabbit. then went to visit my brother Ron. I made him a photo album. It brought back memories of his childhood. As he ate his Fig Newtons we looked at photos and remembered friends and family names from the past. He looked at dad's picture and with tears in his eyes said he really misses dad. Other photos brought a smile to his face.Hope everyone had a nice Easter ! ps I really miss not having Easter Baskets around filled with candy I could sneak and eat. ;)
this was great - loved the fig newton account! Takeaway: don't take food from random spectators!
Had one of the best days ever yesterday at Sixflags with Joseph Flanagan and Zane Fig Newton. Glad we're always able to make anything we do an adventure full of laughs and awesome memories(: Love you guys!
Happy Easter! Lot's of folks are waking up to their new furbabies today. Congratulations to Deedee, Tracey(Gracie), Hurricane, Camellia, Georgia, Sissy, Pandemonium, Bonnie Sue, and Tornado! On foster to adopt are Carlos, Sophie, Hera, Fig Newton, Irony, and Georgie! It was quite a day for our Chihuahuas! REMEMBER, we will not be at Petsmart today. Home eating chocolates today!
you fig me newton?? I does what i can when i cans what i does
911 operator: What's the emergency? . Me: I JUST ATE A FIG NEWTON! . 911 operator: Paramedics are on there way sir. Me: (sobs)
I just created a Kyle Newton Radio and became friends with 5 different Bob's
I have recently made a major decision. Though I am functioning (sometimes just barely tho) and I may appear to be moving forward, I am having a VERY hard time. Not sleeping, crying A LOT and feeling sad. I can't risk falling into real depression (been there, done that). I am scheduled to see my therapist next week. At the end of the day it is my responsibility to take care of myself the best that I can. I know without a doubt that is what Honey Man would want. I had a REALLY GOOD DAY TODAY with my god daughter yet, I am here now (1:45 a.m.) unable to sleep. Already eaten one whole row of strawberry Fig Newtons and on my second cup of "sleepy time" tea. I am 21 lbs lighter than i was in December. Dropped one whole dress size (size 6 now). Anticipating the arrival of my grand baby is pretty much all I have to look forward to right now. It is what is keeping me going. This unborn child is the door that God opened for me when he closed the door on my love story. And so I wait . . ..
I found out tonight that when I get my pig they like a all the things I like...our diet will be the same of Oreos n marshmallows n of course Fig Newtons (fruit fulfillment) lol! This explains the extra 20 lbs on the gut!!!
My son really asked me.hey mom do u know the scientist fig newton...???.lol
So my cat just took a bite of my fig newton..
I knew my cats were a little weird and will eat just about anything… but I have never seen her eyes light up and come running like she just did… over me sitting down with a couple Fig Newtons.
Two things I like that most people don't like: - Raisin Bran Cereal -Fig Newtons
Got er saved in my phone under fig newton
Yoplait yogurt flavor idea: Fig Newton. And it will be called Yo' Figgity
"Fig Newtons where named after a town in Massachusetts, not the scientist!"
just tryna make new friends... Hi I'm kasey newton
The news doesn't give one flying fig newton about some random person on the internet who did nothing wrong
Newton was a smart cookie. Is that where Fig Newtons come from?
Feet are dry. Scarfing Fig Newtons. Waving bye to Cody and his ohana figuring out now where to eat. Today was 6 and a half hours or so on the water 30.5 miles. omorrow will be even longer. Cheeehoo
Trivia: The fig newton was named after _.
Sun Run Participants! One week left! Here are some nutrition tips for the day before the Sun Run! NUTRITION: LET'S DO THIS WELL FUELED! In these final days leading up to Sun Run Sunday, top up muscle glycogen (energy) stores by eating high carbohydrate meals and snacks. Do this by emphasizing vegetables, fruit, grains and even low fat milk products. Remember our half the plate as vegetables in most meals goal? Keep doing that. Here’s how the final nutritional hours should come together: Saturday night - High-carbohydrate pre-race dinner and snack: Fill half of your plate with high-energy foods like vegetables, pasta, rice, quinoa or potatoes but not carbs alone. If used to eating chickpeas, black beans or other legumes, add them. They make for long- lasting fuel the next day. In this high-carb meal, don’t forget the protein! Accompany the carbs with salmon, chicken, lean beef, chickpeas, tofu or a familiar protein choice. This is not the time to experiment. Eat an evening snack for an extra energy to ...
Getting ready to watch the "Ten Commandments". I use to watch this with my grandparents every Easter eve. Back before there was cable and video. It was an event. Usually with Fudge ripple ice cream and Fig Newtons.
This is highly inappropriate but I do love Fig Newtons!
Adventures in moving: started putting a few items in the kitchen cabinets. A couple items would not go all the way back. Grabbed my many-purpose wooden. thingy... and climbed on it to see what was blocking my boxes. It was a single, individually wrapped fig newton bar. In other news, I think I need a step stool for the kitchen.
No, not really, although I seem like I am. Would that be Olivia Fig-Newton?
I have a death wish today. I just ate red pepper hummus, pita chips, 2 dill pickles, 4 Fig Newtons, and a swig of oj...
Spending too day with the in-laws. Making Easter baskets for the church kids. Empty tombs, jolly rancher cross pops, fig Newton bibles and crown of thorns. Yummy
Am I the only person in the world that likes Fig Newtons or...?
Everyone from Kenton the open house I attended was built by Charles Roser of the Runkle (Johnson) candy factory. The story is he sold the rights to the machine which made the fig Newton for a million dollars. My mother remembers this story. Anyway he built the first subdivision in St Pete including homes, churches and the original hospital and later settled Anna Maria Island. If you are a Kentonite that loves history, touring this neighborhood is a must the next time you are in our area!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
22 miles done. Encouraging run- felt much better today than the last time, and could have run more. Thank you to Erin Sullivan Mullane, who suggested the Gatorade chewies- not bad! Also tried eating Fig Newtons to break up all of the sweetness- also good! Legs feel pretty good considering. Hopeful for a day like today on marathon day!
I don't trust anyone who's favorite cookie is a fig newton
Ninja Boy just devoured 3 PB&J's, a banana, an applesauce cup, 3 Fig Newtons, and a bottle of water. Growth spurt maybe? ;)
Is this just a fig newton of your hallucination? Giddyup...burp.
I don't care how 'certain', 'sure', 'confident' you are, evolution is a fig newton of the imagination.
Which is worse...burning up inside or allergies. Walking my dogs every *** time I turn around or dying for some Fig Newtons? I need a tissue and some ice cream.
"I was reading a Fig Newtons label -- I was trying to see if it was OK to eat them. Everything looked pretty good, the fat content and everything. So I'm thinking I could eat these. I looked at the serving size: two cookies. Who the *** eats two cookies? I eat Fig Newtons by the sleeve. Two sleeves is a serving size." - Brian Regan
Day 2 the crew is getting restless and tired following a prolonged squawk. Some one is getting into the supplies 4 Fig Newtons are missing and 8 ounces of milk may have to lock em up.
I want to loose 5lbs so I can eat a sleeve of Fig Newtons. Goodnight.
"You tore me apart" if you were a Fig Newton, there would be no problem
After this story Ill never eat a fig newton again.
Nashville to Chattanooga drive keeps getting longer and longer
Cute fig newton and fruit roll up bibles that my mom made!
Whoever invented the fig newton u crazy for this one
I've eaten the strangest things today. People keep walking by with good and I keep taking it. Now having a Fig Newton.
Little Giant Ladders
Man, I haven't had a Fig Newton in forever. 🙇
Life is not what one has lived, but rather what one remembers, and how one remembers it to recount it. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
that would be our good friend sir Isaac Newton. Who of course is also the inventor of the popular fig newton as well.
The rest of the office starts the day with coffee. Howie works the red ball filled with a fig newton
Did the movies ever mention if it tasted good? I remember it just lasts long. Maybe I need a fig newton second breakfast.
No meat = Fig Newton breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Help.
It's a fig newton of your imagination
In other news, I made fig newton pierogi only they could be better than fog newtons. And I have a lot of fig filling left over so...
Shoutout to Massachusetts: Home of the first fig newton, Dunkin Donuts, and subway system (goatees are illegal here) ht…
You're like a fig newton, you're alright but meh
i miss you and your fig newton obsession BBY COME BACK TO MY LIFEEE 💕💕💕
I cannot stand when people get worked up about nothing like can't you just be a little relaxed?
How am I supposed to be ok with sitting in school again after this trip?
Fig Newton Sticker. It's dangerous, but I really do love Fig Newtons.
Omg I just had a fig Newton for the first time in 20 years and they're so good
All purpose parts banner
In the past 24 hours I've eaten just three oreos and a fig newton
I could go for a Fig Newton right about now
How do you even put a Fig Newton into a food category? # notacookie
Homemade Fig NewtonsPosted on May 8, 2013 by Melissa KingBefore we cleaned up our diet, Fig Newtons were a big staple around here. We all know how Fig Newtons are often touted as a healthy cookie option for kids. So when I read the label for my Fig Newton Exposed post, I was disgusted at all the n...
Dear Fig Newtons, We... we need to talk. I'm really sorry, but I'm breaking up with you.
I have a fig newton craving right now. I don't know why...
Fun fact about me- my favorite cookie is the fig newton- I try to use them as currency, no one appreciates this about me.
I'm awfully depressed right now. I'm in my room in bed watching westerns and eating Fig Newtons. I've been on a crying jag tonight. I feel all alone.
Fig Newtons will be my worst enemy this camp! 😂😂 May 30th! BADABOOM
Nate is the most amazing man in the world! He just came home with 3 different kinds of chips ahoy cookies and a pack of Fig Newtons my favorite :) could my life get any better !
And booms goes the Newtons are good a light
Y'all I have the best customers I got a whole box of little Debbie and fig Newton today wonder what that means lol
Alright imma send u nudes anyways what's your snapchat? — Figgy_newton ;)
Finally made it home from hospitals and I am tired, ate a few Fig Newtons and a glass of milk for supper. Now to settle back and watch a little golf.
So like is a fig newton supposed to pass as a cookie¿
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Cam newton should have an endorsement deal with Fig Newtons
Yooo this fig newton over here sipping red wine like his wrist broke
dad is trying to make me eat a fig newton because he doesn't wanna be a fatty alone...he says I'll be jealous of his "fig newton body"
Malleya is acting like we are at a theme Park, she got a balloon, oreos, fig Newton, and juice now she has a graham ***
OH MY GOD I don't know how I have lived so long without these. Organic dried black mission figs from whole foods. No added sugar or preservatives. Tastes like a fig newton but a thousand times better. I bought them yesterday and have been trying so hard to pace myself but the container is almost gone. Seriously dying.
Fig Newtons have done more for figs than anyone has ever done for Isaac Newton.
"This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons." - Ricky Bobby.
Hold up... If you think about Fig Newtons while eating a nutri grain bar it is basically like you are eating a lengthy fig newton.
If you're craving a cookie: go for a whole grain fig newton instead of huge m&m cookie, it's a healthy version of a cookie and it's so good😍
Pretty random but a fig newton sounds really good right now
Last night as I sat reading the paper before retiring for the evening, I took a few Fig Newtons and with wild abandon I put them in the toaster oven and very lightly toasted them. Yes. Ps they all laughed at Christopher Columbus.
1 12 pack of toilet paper, 4 movie theatre candies, 2 bags of chex mix, notebooks, Fig Newtons, Pringles, and my good ole 2 lb bag of sour patch kids. All under $6!!(:
Literally bouncing off the walls after eating this. It tastes like a fig newton. I could run 6 marathons
This window sticker is dangerous but I do love Fig Newtons.
I bought Fig Newtons today.. weird.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
with my baby girl My John, my Kristen, my lil fig newton, always there for me. Come home soon.
So, yesterday bug & i had a lazy day watched a movie in bed while snacking on some Fig Newtons. He fell asleep so i put him in his pack and play & went downstairs. I go to check on him and all i can hear is plastic crunching. Momma stupidly left the Fig Newtons on the nightstand & hunter on his tippy toes got them down (and yepp his pack & play is dropped all the way down bc hes learned how to get out of any chair, swing, and bc how quick he moves & crawls now). Needless to say- bugman looked like sully from monsters with purple chunks all over the place, lol!
Feeling not 2 Good ! Think i ate to many Fig Newtons bars with my coffee! blah... :P
I workout but my eating habits are horrible sometimes.alot of the times, I know they are.I mean who eats 4 packs of Fig Newtons...sometimes I wonder why I'm a size 2 lol
"Not by bread alone does man live. If I were hungry, and I were abandoned on the street, I would not ask a loaf but half a loaf and a book." ~ Federico García Lorca Be sure to check out more delectable treats masquerading as books at my blog post, including fig newton books on a library cart ~ Book (2003) by Péter Alpár
Fig Newton serving sizes are 2 cookies. Oreos are 2-3.
Sitting in traffic and loving me some Fig Newtons
Morning everyone armor on proverb read got all projects done yesterday I know Hunter Dixon is glad of that fun day ahead with family wish Brittany Dixon could be here don't worry britt I'll save you a fig Newton lol Every one have a blessed day
Recipe! These Fig Newton Knockoffs are a reader favorite and one of mine, too!
Recipe Time! This Fig Newton Knockoff recipe is a reader favorite and one of my…
Perfect! Neither am I...I'm a figment of your imagination.or a fig Newton...I can't decide
Already one of those days a really just dont give a Flying Fig Newton.
I was sleeping on a fig newton all night.
It's just a fig newton of your imagination
My weather app is saying there's 0mph wind outside and it feels like 55 degrees, somehow I find that just a little bit inaccurate
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
What kind of sick joke is MD playing on us, with the weather we've had to tomorrow where its going to feel like 16 degrees for practice
To the guy who smells like ketchup and armpit working out next to.. Go to ***
indirect to user Albert Prigodich . date me fig newton🗿🌚
""She's from Muslim" -she's deff Indian she's from Muslim
gotta keep you up to date on why this world is messed up. Because mom doesn't anymore
Apparently is feeling the need to give me a crash course on serial killers right now.
I made an obscure joke based on old Fig newton's marketing campaigns & nobody got it
A fig newton or a is similar to a fig roll. If you enjoy a fig roll u would definitely enjoy fig...
Enjoy this creepy vintage Fig Newton commercial, courtesy of
u know when u put on a coat u haven't worn in a while & u find a 20 in the pocket? Just happened to me, only it was a fig newton, not money.
If you aint sweatin, you're not doing it right
It’s more than a Newton! Karla Stocki CEO, Calif Fig Advisory Board explains to on
Not Steve Smith he is the panthers fig Newton ain't shyt with out him
Someone asked who my favorite idol was. I answered Billy
If you give a mouse a fig newton, chances are he'll look at you and be like *** is this
Gonna rock my stonehill football purple short shorts to the gym. I hope everyone here likes them as much as the football team
It might be a fig newton of my imagination …
I ate a fig newton thinking it was the last one but then I looked down and saw there was another one in my bag.
"I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FIG NEWTON!..." I love this man! (Pastor ricklgodwin, Summit Christian Center,…
but I'm just gonna be waking up! . A cigarette and a fig newton bar for me pal
That boys about as gangsta as a fig newton 😂😂😂 this show!
Today my science teacher tried to convince everyone in my class that Isaac Newton's real name was Fig
Why do normally rational people deny that the Fig Newton is the greatest cookie on the planet?
Reeses puffs are good at any time of the day under any circumstances
"alert we've got a two fig newton eater!" "How many did he have?!"
Isaac Newton's favorite type of cookie is Fig Newtons
Dude gave me a fig newton at work. Faith in humanity restored.
Brian Eno and Neko Case are opening for Fig Newton tonight at the Hollywood Bowling alley. Event hosted by ME-ouch and SATAN CLAWS. Joshua Neyman
Its also International Hot & Spicy Food Day so go have your favorite and then eat the Fig Newton
Today is Peach Melba day Tue is Hot Pastrami sandwich day 15th is Strawberry Ice Cream day 16th is Fig Newton day AND HOT and SPICY Food day (hot sauce anyone?) 17th is Hot Buttered Rum day (only one day?) 18th is Gourmet Coffee day (Cafe Palmira here I come) 19th is Popcorn day (try it with a little hot sauce on top!)
Cam Newton looked more like a Fig Newton
November 20, 2013 Women I'm addicted to: I went to bed last night totally resolute in the fact that I would never watch or read another news item, commentary or puerile attempt at laugh seeking satire if it centered on the country's largest city's mayor. This morning, coffee in hand, I flicked on the screen and there it was - my first dilemma of the day. It wasn't the Toronto Star's headline; it was the name in the byline that had me. At this point I should tell you, that like the big guy at Toronto's city hall I too have an addiction. I can never seem to walk away from an article when the by line includes one of the names of my trusted trio. Are they always right? Probably not. Do I agree with them? Of course - why else would I read them? Rosie DiMano's summation of the past week's TV appearances by the Fords was well stated. And from Heather Mallick and I quote, "If I were tangled up in a scary spaghetti of my own lies — and Mayor Rob Ford is — I wouldn’t need a Fig Newton and a blankie for comfor ...
ELA: We are continuing our ARGUMENTATIVE essays. Please ask your student to read their essay aloud to you sometime this week! Task Thursday Pronoun Quiz Friday We are also studying: Interrogative Pronouns and Relative Pronouns An interrogative pronoun is used in a question. It helps to ask about something. The interrogative pronouns are what, which, who, whom, and compound words ending in "ever," such as whatever, whichever, whoever, and whomever. What on earth is that? Who ate the last Fig Newton? An interrogative pronoun may look like an interrogative adjective, but it is used differently in a sentence: it acts as a pronoun, taking the place of a noun. Who = a person -- Who are you? - Where = a place -- Where are you from? - When = time -- When was Malia Obama born? - How : How many = number -- How many pupils are in the classe? How well = capacity -- How well can you tapdance? How old = age -- How old are you? How often = frequency ... How ... How ... - Why = a reason ... A relative pronoun introduces ...
Me: *noming on a Fig Newton* You think the apple filled Newtons are called Isaac Newstons? Sam: No, they're called Johnny Newtons. Me: That doesn't make sense. *commence argument about Johnny Appleseed and a wikipedia search 15 minutes later to prove that we were both wrong*
Things that make you go...Hm!.Why do the keys on a drive-up ATM machine have Braille on them? Why do gas furnaces have to be vented to the outside and gas stoves don't? Who or what are Fig Newton cookies named after? :) :) :)
The moment when you fold a Fig Newton in half, and then unfold it back to its original shape and it looks as if nothing happened.CREPE!!!
My husband is officially rechristened the Cookie Monster! Out of a whole bag of Fig Newton thin cookies that he bought this afternoon, I only got 2 1/2 and the rest are already gone!
New generation- my kids do not know these names - Twinkie, Ding Dong, Zinger, Snowball, *** *** and Fig Newton! They know kale though!!
So, you've just watched your baseball team suffer through another loss while getting no hits, what'll you do? I suggest it's time to belly up to the bar and eat a Fig Newton or two.
I can't eat a Fig Newton without thinking of the last time I saw B.B. King, at the time we were both staying at the same hotel in NYC, we both just happen to get up early & take a walk albeit not far from the Hotel, down to a little deli/store around the corner from the Ed Sullivan theatre..we're standing in line & he starts talking about the price of Fig Newtons, how outrageous they are these days at five dollars a package... We shared a tiny round table, he ate his cookies, I drank my coffee, listened, & we watched NY wake up & go to work. -BL
Is it wrong that I find Crystal Newton irresistible now that she is married. She's always been hot as hades but she knows how to work it now... I want to be loved in a Newton Sammich and I ain't talkin no Fig Newton either... rawr
LOL...I just Googled Becky Newton. I think I may resemble a Fig Newton, more than I do, Becky Newton.but thanks for the nearsighted compliment just the same.
A fresh fig plucked straight from the tree make a Fig Newton akin to eating wet cardboard with a little syrup.
Issac Newton witnesses an apple fall to the ground and figures out that the moon is constantly falling towards the Earth, but due to the gravity of the Earth, is in constant orbit. Discovers gravity. Then, to prove his theory, he invents calculus... All before the age of 26. Meanwhile, i'm wondering whats inside a Fig Newton.
I ate my first fresh figs today. Up to now, my only experience with a fig has been the Fig Newton. The fresh figs were good, but not as good as the Fig Newtons.
A few years back a company named ViaSat bought a small fledgling satellite internet company named Wildblue. Before the merger, the Wildblue home base was in Colorado and they provided pretty decent internet service to those of us who choose to live a quieter life style in the rural Wildblue over sold their service the speeds kept getting, due to the fact that launching another satellite costs millions (maybe billions now) a bunch of "twinks" from sunny Cal called ViaSat bought Wildblue and now the service is even worse than before.and we all know that the "twinkie" lifestyle in California is very expensive , what with all the HIV meds and the Medicinal they pressure us into upgrading by cranking down our speed and feigning equipment malfunction on our end, when in truth, the little runny nosed brats just want more money for their extravagant lifestyles and they can get away with it because the Almighty Government doesn't give a flying Fig Newton and ALL utility based co ...
Right, so. When I was little girl in Louisiana, we had a fig tree in our backyard. A portion of that tree visited our neighbors property where he, one Mr. Guidry, plucked those figs and jarred jam upon occasion. We, of course, were thrilled on the days we received a jar... of fig jam... made from our tree. Well, every time I have a Fig Newton, I reminisce of those days. And that tree. Figs. The fruit of my youth.
"Isaac Newton, the father of calculus, was also the father of the Fig Newton...GOTCHA! just kidding guys he's not...maybe"
Scott just gave Einstein a Fig Newton and I couldn't help but think how much Einstein sounded like Bobo smakin' away on that thing! And just when I thought he might be done . . .he continued to use his 4 inch tongue to lick all around his mouth for another 5 minutes! I don't think it's cute, just sayin'! (Maybe a little cute, cause its my puppy-love, but equally as annoying!)
Faithfully and Fruitfully Luke 13:1-9     Let’s be honest, this reading from Luke is confusing at best.   It begins with a question about a tragedy and ends with a parable that makes us think Jesus doesn’t like Fig Newton's. But even though the context may have changed over the years, the questions that this passage raises, our questions about why things happen, remain the same. When tragedy strikes we want to know why and when our faith forces us to not only ask why, but to ask what now, we don’t always know how to ground ourselves or what tomorrow may bring.   I want to be an optimists, but how do we look out into our world and not shiver remembering what happened at an elementary school in Newtown moments after parents left their children at the front door believing that this day that will now live on in infamy was not be like any other that came before it? How do we not ask why in the face of a world where Amish school children were ambushed in Lancaster, PA, where Sikhs were attacked in Wis ...
Where the adventurers impersonate Imperial Navy officers to rescue the family of an alien orphan.   Based on Carl and Kay's notes from the game on Sunday, the 9th of February 2013.   Location: Imperial Research Station Gamma, Vanegen, Rhylanor Subsector Imperial Date: 003-1103   As told by Fig Newton and Kipenzi Momoh of the Skylark 2.     "With cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it" - Anna Sewell, Black Beauty     That, as much as a basic lack of common sense, was what got us into an Imperial Research Facility, having flown down through a no-fly zone to impersonate Imperial Naval personnel.   And now, the rest of the story...   003-1103  about 0600       We left off with Kipenzi and Leon in the upper level of the research station, looking for someone to talk to.  They did not have long to wait.  With the sound of a motor and a metal clink as a railing opened up, a robot appeared out of the central service shaft and addressed them.       The ro ...
AU should plant fig trees and grow'em another Newton.
Sitting here at the laundry watching all these clothes spin but can't stop wondering how in the fly fig newton did i get here.
I hear all these new commercials for weight loss pills... Get off your lazy *** and do some jumping jacks
If you guys haven't had a Fig Newton in a while, you should. They are delicious.
"I'm gonna write about that guy... Fig Newton" -
That was not Fig Newtons worthy. v.V
After a day of house clleaning I deserve a cup of coffee.
When I made the choice of not spending close to thirty bucks for my food and Dom food at the movie theatre. Instead I went to cvs and got two bottles of flavored water $.88 each, two backs of cookies 1 Lorene and one fig newton at $2.50 buy one get one free and two packs of orange gummy slices at $.88. So spending under $15.00
A man in a visor (backwards or otherwise) who isn't playing volleyball or golf is a problem. Thoughts?
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All I've eaten today is pizza, oranges, and a fig newton.
Is Sarah and Fig dated we could call them Fig Newton
I am rediscovering the deliciousness that is a Fig Newton...and can't decide if I feel like a child or a senior citizen.
I just thought they where invented by someone's named Fig Newton...
It's been almost 50years but I still can't eat Fig Newtons My brother jerry had grossed me out He stuck his finger in his ear pulled it out (i didn't see him put the filling of a fig newton on his finger) He said wow looks like fig newton and ate it . Now I gross out my kids/grandkids with same trick then say hey I think we have Fig Newtons and offer them some saying now I know where the filling comes from lol. Thanks jerry because of your wicked sense of humor I've bee. Able to torture generations of kids .
It was a good time at the Roxy Theatre worshipping last night. Heard some great music, saw some good friends and had some REALLY GREAT!! conversation. (you know who you are. :) )
Someone take our phones away when were drunk!
thought of U the other day. I had a fig newton craving that nearly made me commit a crime. I had 2 have several, so dang good!!
WATCH LIVE: Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring
it's a *** fig newton. Give the kid 15 Reese's cups and then we can talk about too much sugar.
the answer is no - 1 fig newton did not make him sick unless it was food poisoning. Blaming it on the sugar content is silly.
I am sick. Got the flu. Feel like death eating a fig Newton..
I am the only person on the internet googling "can feeding your 15 month old one fig newton make him projectile vomit" apparently.
The boy puked twice yesterday, apparently. It's being blamed on my having fed him a single Fig Newton in the morning and the sugar content.
I don't think I've ever eaten a fig except for in newton form
I would strip for a newton of the fig type
I really hate dropping my fig newton bar are the *** floor!
We could have been shanked by a fig newton today! Katelynn Phalen
I'm so blessed to have such perfect people in my life ❤
I am so confused. Wait. There was no girlfriend? It was an imaginary girlfriend? ok And there were no prostitutes? Were they imaginary too? Wow there was a week in the news. Wait It was all imaginary.
My Son and I were having a sweet moment with him cuddling on my lap while I worked on my laptop... Fig Newton was just sneezed all over my laptop.not such a sweet moment anymore.
Why didn't anyone tell me 1/16 was Fig Newton Day? I would have probably bought some and maybe eaten like half of one.
Thoughts on the trees being cut down at Toomers Corner? Apparently, they are not expected to survive and Auburn officials have decided to take them down on April 20th after their A-Day game.
Photo: corgiaddict: Sir Issac “Fig” Newton seems to have collapsed under the weight of his own fluffiness.
Political correctness has whites so intimidated that one of my carriers was afraid to use the "B" word when referring to the dock assistant, who happens to be "black." He said the guy was "dark-complected." This, coming from a guy who has voted for Obama twice and is a hardcore blue-collar Democrat.
Emily Haddin Dudley Is it a fig newton of my imagination that girl scout cookies are in?
*nods, smiling* Good. He's much smarter and wiser than I am. Trust me. // Just a Fig Newton of my imagination... >.>
It's been an insane day or so. Nina gets her first 2 college acceptance letters (and scholarships!), Buddy plays his first show tonight, my wife's first trip to Miami, and I just ate a foie gras empanada. It's like a fig newton from *** ..
Despite exhaustive efforts to save the historic oaks at Toomer's Corner in Auburn, University officials say they see no chance of survival for the trees. Now they're formulating a plan to send the
"I don't know who did that it was the fig newton guy" -Becca
Thought I wanted fries salmon chips but ended up eating fig newton bar lol ..its a sign
There’s going to be a “Celebrate the Tradition” block party at Toomer’s Corner on Saturday, April 20, after Auburn’s A-Day football game.
I recently had a fig newton and liked it. Is something wrong with me?
Cross another food you never thought you'd see off your list.
A fig by any other name but Newton, just can't not be! Ya' know what I'm sayin' here. :)
Side note- it's amazing how a new phone case makes everything feel new...right!?
Nabisco sure has gone in a stupid direction with their so-called resealable packaging. I defy you to get out the first Fig Newton unscathed.
Cam Fig Newton's on with Mike. What a *** What separates him from RGIII and Kaepernick ? 50+ points of IQ.
Coworker keeps walking by my office silently mouthing "I want a fig newton." Ever do that? That's not what you THINK they're saying.
sorry for scaring you, but thanks for the Fig Newton👍
I dropped half a fig newton on the floor and left it there
Fig Newtons are named after newton, MA which is named after Isaac Newton
Just had a fig newton for the first time in quite some time. Let me say, I was rather disappointed. I used to eat those by the sleeve
Can we just take a moment of silence for all of the fallen BALTO fish.. It was 6 days.. Rest in peace Samuel fig Newton.. Rest in peace.
If you can't laugh at yourself then what's the point?!
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Why doesn't the union serve sushi anymore?!
Kaepernick is more like Randall Cunningham than Fig Newton.
My irish spring speed stick has given out, after 4 (four) years. What should I do?
ima need condoms, KY jelly, and fig Newton's before we do this
I'll believe your just a cookie or fig newton until you all meet me this Tuesday for tacos
Think Fig Newtons are related to Isaac Newton? I can see the resemblance.
"And then Newton was like 'WELL YOU KNOW WHAT I'll just invent this awesome fig bar' and it made kids for generations happy."
Just got home yesterday from emergency back surgery last sunday morning. It is good to be home and begin mending. Thanks to family and friends for all your support. God Bless Bob Newton
That moment when u see kids wearing light up shoes and think to yourself that you use to rock those.
Fig Newton's are a very underrated snack
Had a Fig Newton Yesterday, and today, I am 75 years old.
Is today the day chocolate face reopens? It's been a month and I can't go much longer without one of those cupcakes or brownies!
Anyone know if you can give pediasure to a 2 yr old?
My brother Chris (Ellie and Kate's dad) just texted me: "I am eating a Fig Newton and I've never been more enraged in my life."
If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, vehicles make you drive drunk, spoons make people fat, and matches cause arson. If there must be a ban on guns, we must ban spoons, matches and all of those have a direct link to human deaths. Pencils should have a waiting period, a written test and background check, to ensure they are not used by illiterates.
In the Blog" The Newton that's not a Fig", We saw how John Newton & the English Bulldog were resolute about certain pursuits. It reminds me of a movie I saw years ago called "Iron Will". It was about a young man who was in a dog sled race, & wouldn't be deterred from his goal of winning, no matter what! That movie brings to mind Jesus in the garden, prior to His arrest. He prayed fervently for the Father's will to be done, & not His own. He was, "Resolutely", drawing a line in the proverbial sand. "Not my will, but thy will be done"! It's a great prayer to start any day. "Just as the Son of Man came not to be served , but to serve, & to give His life as a ransom for many."Mt.20:28
Things to remember. Don't cook spicy food when Ur taste buds are not working. I know that it is spicy because of my heartburn and Bryan is crying
True or False: The Fig Newton was named after Newton, Massachusetts.
im not gonna lie i love me some Fig Newton cookies.
Cooking slow-simmered boneless chicken breasts with sides of angel hair pasta with walnut sauce, and peas. Fig Newton apple compote for dessert. It's only 2:42. Too early to start drinkin' tequila.
m good! Breakfast: orange/cranberry muffin--Muffins by Belinda! Lunch: salmon w/ roasted garlic teriyaki and almond crust, steamed broccolli and quinoa; followed by an orange Today's snack: fig newton cookies and hot chocolate!
Forever in my mind only you, the pieces in my eye run away with you.
Millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why.
Had a good dream last night. Dreamt I was bubble wrapped in a mound of pecans holdin a twizzler in my left hand, a fig newton in my right hand being slapped by bobby brown.
Recovering from a long days night. Straight up had fun. Shout out to all my homies. ;)
11 weeks and the baby is the size of a fig! Love you Gregory Rudd
Hope everyone's doing OK in this dreadful weather. Please avoid going out unless necessary. There are trees coming down - and in this weather it's harder to see. There's debris on roads inundated by seawater too. I've reported trees down across roads at Keogh St Sandgate (next to Dowse Lagoon - near Southerden St) and Sunday Street Shorncliffe and an old fig split in half on the footpath on corner of Allpass Parade and Yundah Streets. Crews will be out as soon as they can. You can report trees down to the Council's contact centre on 34038. If the trees have brought down power lines, please report that to Energex not Council. Their emergency number for power lines down is 131962.
If you like Fig Newtons, unfriend me. Because eventually we are going to have a falling out and better nip it in the bud
That moment when you've never tasted a fig that was not in "newton" form.
I have neither seen nor heard my roommates in 20hours.. hmm..
Order Miche Bag Online!
Carolyn "Duval, wait wait wait a minute: maybe this really isn't the best idea we've ever had. duval : "ya think?!"
Going to see my baby boy next weekend.I need a Kaleb Newton fix!
We love FIGS! As one of the richest plant sources of calcium, figs are also one of the first plants cultivated by humans. How do you like to eat your figs?
Speaking of Crawleys, one of our classmates at Loyola had a thing for mah lil sister Win, so he used to hang with us a lot. And Winsty was so sweet to him, even though she wasn't the slightest bit interested. Harry was a short-haired activist with a greasy pizza face who always wore a beige trench coat and liked to tell us what he had for lunch that day: "A grilled cheese sandwich cut in half diagonally, some cottage cheese and a couple of Fig Newtons."
Did you know that thousands attended the March for Life Rally in DC yesterday? Not a word about the 55 million children casually killed over the last 40 years in the mainstream media. I have owned several guns for the last 40 years and they have killed no one.
Going to attempt to find some living thing out there in that thing they call the outdoors to photograph this evening. Wish me luck!
Nothing is sadder than entering the fig newton code by accident when you wanted M & Ms from the vending machine. Nothing.
Just so you know, I’ve never won a Nobel Prize for physics. You know who else never won? Isaac Newton! So I’m in great company.
Well food poisoning was not the case. Something is going on with my tummy. Bad gas, nausea here and there strange noises coming from my tummy and can't eat much and diarrhea. Overall feeling like blah. What the ***
Hello! I would like to let everyone know that very soon, I will be unveiling a new FB page in JD's honor- The JD Take A Stand Foundation- Take A Stand Against Paralysis is a non-profit organization that I created to educate & inform but mostly to INSPIRE! I (along with many other family members going thru the same thing) am tired of the lack of response in funding, science, the FDA, the WORLD regarding SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) Something MUST be done about it! Everyone deserves a chance at a better life & it saddens me beyond belief that in a world with the technological advances we have today, that nothing is in motion for people living with SCI. Our goals are to not only create funding, but to educate the world about SCI & what it really means to fight that fight. We all "talk the talk"- but now we must "walk the walk" for SCI so they can have their lives back!! Thanx & Cheers for now;)
Yay we can be released from overtime starting Sunday, can I hear a Yes Please! Off Sun/Mon like old times, yipe! Scream 'n Shout!
I have a new moisturizer that can be used on the face, eyes, arms, legs, any where on the body. A friend recommended and then gave me virgin coconut oil. (I hope she didn't think I would cook with it). It is making my skin so soft. The one draw back is that when I put it on, Asher tries to lick it all off!
I'm looking online for a good pair of running shoes...any suggestions? Rochelle?
I can't type out statuses correctly on this phone to save my life.. Makes being snarky, sarcastic and subversive very fig fibula damnit..
Taran Langland, Josh Michaelson, and Tanner Groth are the coolest and not Kali RaeAnn Urbach
Well checking in after a bit!!! Still not smoking 3 months!! Proud but not proud to say I are an entire row of what I like to say not as fattening as a real cookie!! Hello fig newton !! Not!!
But what's this??! The Fig Newton package in the Special Top Secret Barnyard Cookie Area has been opened, and more than half of the Newtons are gone?? The Dirt Farmer was standing there at the time and put his head down in shame. He apologized profusely. Fear not! I shall some how make an appropriate Fig Newton Layer cake for little Paco's birthday. Step aside Martha Stewart.
Apparently some of you are waiting on me to say something funny. Um...fahrvergnügen. There you go. Stay tuned. I will be back after dealing with a few health issues.
What does a monkey at the zoo have in common with a fig newton.nothing right?? Think again there both sometimes brown
Brother Walton I'm going to talk to the creator for a lil while. Want me to give him a message?
I need some ideas for a tattoo somebody help
I hate days when there is nothing to do or Look forward to doin lol
As I reach for the third gig newton after dinner, Kendra says, "you know the serving size is two, right?" I enjoyed that one the most of the three.
Drinking tea from my disappearing TARDIS mug, eating Fig Newton biscuit cookies, and figuring out how to combine my two favorite subjects for my senior project. Life is good.
Thank you, NFL, for putting my 2 favorite teams in the Superbowl! It's a win/win for me!!
Joker couldn't get Timmons to UK now Florida offers and he will visit.
Probably an ancient question: deglet or medjool dates? Can't decide which I like more...
How many laws of physics can you stuff inside a fig newton? Answer: Relatively few.
A fig newton is a nasty wannabe pop tart !
It's a beautiful morning in Oklahoma. A little chilly, but not too bad. I'm at work with my wonderful partner, Lacey Rodriguez, great coworkers on the other truck (Terry Moore & Eileen McKenna Lubinski) and a fun dispatcher, Holly Schneider, to work with. Thinking about the old times and the pranks we played back when Michael Scott worked here. And it's time to go save a life...
Oowie gooey soft n chewy inside, tender flaky crispy golden outside, wrap it up and what so you get, the big fig newton
I think it's so cruel that they put a McDonalds right next to Anytime Fitness. So I briskly walk half a mile and then go over to McDonalds and get three Big Macs...those balance each other out, don't they?
My kindle is no longer hungry but is always looking for a snack!!
Excuse me, I might drink a little more than I should tonight! Can't wait BITS!
I just found out that apparently,"if you don't give a feather or a fig you could turn out to be a pig." Why hasn't anybody told me this before? In 42 years I've never even considered giving anybody a feather or a friggin fig. Thanks for not alerting me to this people. I've been risking bacon status for over 4 decades and you couldn't be bothered to just let me know I had to give somebody a freaking feather or a newton. You guys all suck.
Andrew PEACHFUZZ will be playing old peachfuzz songs, new peachfuzz songs, and songs from my favorite artists such as Wayne Newton, Juice Newton, Fig Newton, Sir Isaac Newton, and many more! The Haunted Trailer jams!
Never had a fig newton before because
This is a FEMA fig Newton. May you never have to eat one!
The only good thing about newton mass is they share. The same name as my favorite fig snack
My blueberry scone tastes a bit like a Fig Newton. Yummy but confusing.
My French professor literally just called French class "Fig-newton". And he had no idea. Scary yet hilarious?
Meal post Apple slices with fig newton.
Kobe Bryant can't even win with mike brown... At least lebron could with regular season games with him
I really really wanna go to practice today 🙏⚽
So happy I've been reunited with my beloved Fig Newtons after 4 years of Fig Newton-less life
I can do this. I am a dude. I'm a hunky dude. I'm a badass hunky dude!
Battery is the size of a fig newton.
I admire the confidence of black girls to make mirror pics of just themselves their own backgrounds on their phones
Tim: How come you got Chick Fil a and I'm sittin here eatin a Fig Newton?😂 Lmao love roe daddy!!
I'm in love with a man named fig newton
Poll of the day: Fig Newton or Isaac Newton?
This the start of a beautiful friendship
is this a joke uhhh HANDS DOWN my man Joey 😘
I knows, right. Imagine if I actually gave a flying fig newton. I get to sleep in my own bed for 4 nights in a row.
That's completely unfair to the glorious mediocrity of a fig newton.
I know right. He's more like a fig newton.
Like Fig Newton's. But i put grape juice in the fridge...
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