Fifth Harmony & Carly Rose

The second USA season of The X Factor is being broadcast on Fox. The series started airing on September 12, 2012, with the live shows starting on October 31, 2012. 16 acts have been confirmed to make it into the live shows, and there will also be at least one wild card contestant who will be brought back to the show. Carly Rose Sonenclar (born April 20, 1999) is an American child actress, singer and songwriter and in 2012, a finalist in season 2 of the American The X Factor. 5.0/5

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Still confused as to how Tate Stevens beat Fifth Harmony and Carly Rose Sonenclar in the second season of X Factor???
I could watch videos all day! I love seeing the ones with Beatrice Miller, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, CeCe Frey, Etc.
Watching Carly Rose & Fifth Harmony. You cant understand how much I love them
If only I could get a follow from One Direction, Selena, Demi, Carly Rose, and Fifth Harmony and moreee!!!
Carly Rose Sonenclar, Emblem3, Fifth Harmony, and Tate Stevens kicked off the Top 4 Semi-Finals results show with an ensemble performance of Diddy-Dirty Mone...
Think you have the talent, the swagger, and the style to make it? Do you have the killer vocal chops of a Melanie Amaro, the coolness of a Chris Rene, the pop-ability of a Rachel Crow, or the X factor of this year's finalists - Carly Rose Sonenclar, Emblem3, Fifth Harmony, or Tate Stevens - to win it all? If you answered yes to any the above, then you have one killer component of a true winner at least: The confidence to audition for Season 3 of THE X FACTOR! The first step to winning that coveted recording contract is the Auditions! Starting on THU DEC 13, you can submit a two-minute a cappella audition video online. Online auditions will be open through June 15, 2013 at 11:59 PM PT. Or, bring your talented self down to an open call audition at one of our five designated open audition cities, which are...drumroll please...Los Angeles, CA, Charleston, SC, New Orleans, LA, Long Island, NY, and Denver, CO. Here are the audition and registration dates for each city. Check back here for venue location: Los An ...
Carly Rose, CeCe Frey, Simon and Fifth Harmony are at the Roxy! Emblem 3 show did u mean x factor meeting?
Cece, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, and Simon are at the Emblem3 concert!
The XFactor just posted this picture on Instagram : there are Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Talte Stevens
I need to me Fifth Harmony and Carly Rose. I just must.
X-Factor: who do you miss from Season 2? Me: Carly Rose Sonenclare and Fifth Harmony
You don’t have to be a “winner” to find your dreams on X Factor. Simon Cowell is signing some of this season’s hopefuls including Emblem 3, Fifth Harmony, and Carly Rose onto his label.
Just a quick thing so no one is confused. I mentioned some contestants already in this chapter which might not make sense because J-Squad will be auditioning. What I've decided to do is to make it so this is the last stop for people to audition, so everyone else has already done it so that's how Marissa knows some are cute. I've also made it so the judges have already put people into their groups, and there are less contestants to make it easier to write about. I hope it makes sense now, but if it doesn't, just ask me to explain it another way :) Also, one more thing. The people I'll be using for the Young Adults are Paige Thomas, CeCe Frey, and Jennel Garcia. I'll be using Carly Rose, Diamond White, and Beatirce Miller for the Teens. The people I'll be using for the Adults are Vino Alan, Tate Stevens, and Jason Brock. And I'll be using Emblem 3, Playback, J-Squad and Fifth Harmony for the groups. _ I felt someone lightly shake my shoulder. I opened my eyes and stretched. I looked over and saw Jake sittin ...
So glad to hear that Carly Rose Sonenclar , Emblem 3 & Fifth Harmony got signed to Sony Music as well!!
So, looks like Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, Paige Thomas, Emblem3 all got signed. Tbh they're going to be flops (FH, + emblem3).
OMG, Tate Stevens is performing on Fox . That should be Carly Rose or Fifth Harmony (or CeCe Frey lol)
They might have not gotten the $5 million and missed out on the exclusive Pepsi commercial deal, but "X Factor" runners-up Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, and Emblem3 look to be in line to sign major label recording contracts, just like Season 2 winner Tate Stevens.
X Factor album deals: Carly Rose, Emblem3, Fifth Harmony all to... Gooo
plz vote for your favorite X FACTOR today:Tate Stevens,Fifth Harmony,Carly Rose!!!ROXX
X Factor finalists Fifth Harmony, Emblem3 and Carly Rose Sonenclar will be signed to Syco Music, Simon Cowell and Sony Music's company!!
Have you heard? Fifth Harmony, Emblem 3 and are getting signed!? Link here: :) x
Fifth Harmony, Emblem 3 and our princess will be getting signed! Link :
Simon Cowell is reportedly planning on signing Fifth Harmony, Emblem3, Carly Rose Sonenclar to Sony Music!
Tate Stevens might’ve been crowned this year’s X Factor champ, but it sounds like some of his competitors are set to win big as well! While it’d been rumored that Simon Cowell’s group, Emblem3, would be signed to Sony Music, we’re now hearing that Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony will be, too! With the season concluding just last week, Carly Rose came in second place this season, with Fifth Harmony in third and Emblem3 in fourth! Though official announcements are said to be made in early 2013, the four finalists will all supposedly be signed to Syco Music — Simon and Sony Music’s record company. Who's keen for Emblem3 ? :D - R
Simon is planning on signing Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, and the best of the best Emblem 3!
All the Fifth Harmony performances live at the X Factor in one amazing album, including the hit single "Anything Could Happen"! Visit ww...
So it looks like Simon signed Carly Rose, Emblem3 & Fifth Harmony...
Vote for the Girls Loss: X Factor US Season 2 - There were two female acts in the X Factor finale. So you would expect at least one of them to win X Factor, as VTFG founder Ava Zinn expected. It proved to be embarrassing and even one of Zinn's friends called her an effin c**t for not voting for either Fifth Harmony or Carly Rose [...]
Congratulations to the final 3- Tate Stevens, Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony :0 Congrats to the final 2- Tate Stevens and Carly Rose. Congrats to the winner.Tate Stevens!
I really wanted Fifth Harmony or Carly Rose to win...
Okay... Tate Stevens won??? My life is a lie. Since when does his voice even slightly compare to Carly Rose or Fifth Harmony...dumb.
So this is what's running through my mind right now. 1) Am i the only one who cried when they performed? 2) Fifth Harmony should've won (NO HATE) 3) I need to get over this mother-flippin stage fright so i can audition 4) I need to pick a song to sing if i do audition 5) The bus is gonna be really awkward tomorrow 6) Imma audition cause NIGHT AND PEACE OUT -NiallerHuggies
Hais, it'll be really interesting if Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony are the finalists!
Carly Rose? Tate Stevens? or Fifth Harmony? I'm going for Tate cause he is just so amazing and i love him! I'd marry him but he's taken -_- ~Adriana
Missed this? duets are: Fifth Harmony with Demi lovato, Tate Stevens with Little Big Town and Carly Rose with LeAnn Rimes.
Calling it now.. 1st Carly Rose, 2nd Fifth Harmony and 3rd Tate Stevens.. or at least i hope! (:
Although i really love Carly Rose, i want Fifth Harmony to win XFactor.
'Like' if you love. One Direction, Emblem3, Union J, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Jacob O'Berry, Jake and Finn Harries, Ross Lynch, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclare, If you favorite artist name is not here, then comment. ^-^ -Harry'sCat(;
Okay, this is how I feel about American XFactor (don't hate please, just my opinion). LA Reid doesn't make a difference for me... Britney can act like a Paula Abdul, which is sort of annoying because we don't care about how they look like, we care about talent. Demi... She doesn't bother me; I find the bicker between her and Simon cute. Simon is the only judge who I would trust because he really knows about the business. As for contestants... I'm not a country fan. Tate has a nice voice, but it isn't my music. Fifth Harmony is alright. The song they sang this past week that had the dresses was really cool. I only like two of them and I can say that Little Mix is WAY better than them. Emblem Three are really good, but they don't get enough credit because everyone has to always compare them to 1D. Personally, I think they're amazing. They make songs their own and are really creative. I like the whole reggae thing. Then there is my favorite; Carly Rose. She is beyond talented (we all know that!). Her best so ...
Fifth Harmony adds a little Spanish to Shontelle's "Impossible" at the Semi-Finals for a spot in next week's finale. Demi and Britney didn't think the girls ...
X Factor Update: Cece Frey and Diamond White are officially eliminated. Now, Carly Rose is the only remaining contestant from group. Share us your thoughts Team Brit-Mates! -Lucy
Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony are absolutely amazing
Honestly, I think only Carly Rose & Fifth Harmony deserves to stay in the X factor.
Does anyone watch the xfactor? I love Carly Rose & Fifth Harmony! I also think Ally from fifth harmony looks like Emily sorta from pretty little liars.. anyone else? --Feh
Ok Lets talk XFACTOR USA ~ OMG Carly Rose Sonenclar is AMAZING and she is ONLY 13 years old. I am a huge huge fan of cover songs and every song that Carly has re-done, i liked better then the original. Did i mention she is still ONLY 13 years old - Clearly she is going to be in this industry for a while, raw raw talent and i defo want her to be in the family two. Ok so I would personally like in my top Three ~ Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White and Fifth Harmony - I love girl bands and I think we are in need of an uber talented Girl Band like Fifth Harmony :) In the final i would like to see Fifth Harmony and Carly Rose Sonenclar - there i said it lol XOXO
Voted for Carly Rose and Tate Stevens! Even once for Fifth Harmony! Now I can complain about someone going home because I actually voted!
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My opinions on a few people in xfactor Carly Rose: Nope. Don't like her. At all. She's a good singer but I just don't like her. Emblem 3: I don't think they should've gotten through the judges house. Fifth Harmony: They're okay. I'm not very fond of them What do you guys think about them? ~TristaHoran One Direction.
Hey anyone gonna watch X-Factor!!! If so whose your favourite? Mines is Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, and Emblem 3! ~ DevMalik
So happy Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony went through! :)
Paige Thomas, Fifth Harmony, Diamond White and Carly Rose killed the show tonight!
Why's there only one winner! I want Emblem 3, Carly Rose, and Fifth Harmony all to win!!! could you maybe make that happen?(:
"I only watch X Factor for Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, and Diamond White"
Ok based on tonight this is how the rankings should go for me. 1.Tate Stevens 2.Carly Rose 3.Fifth Harmony 4.Paige Thomas.
My top 5 remains the same... Fifth Harmony, Paige, Carly Rose, Diamond & Emblem3!!! | X Factor tonight at 8/7c on FOX!
I'm ready for Fifth Harmony and Carly Rose to kick butt tonight!
My X-Factor recap: I cried way to much, it's time for Cece to go, I still don't understand why Fifth Harmony is not ranking higher because they are amazing, Demi has GOT to fix those eyebrows, Khloe is doing much better and looking amazing, and hands down Carly Rose is going to win this season! What a voice!
I hated her the first time I saw her. She had "b*" written all over her. Then I heard her sing. I couldn't believe the judges put her through. Now, every time she makes it through to the next week, I throw something. That's how mad it makes me. Why is she still here? Why did they boot Beatrice off? That was so freaking ridiculous it's not even funny. I honestly think that they messed with the votes that week that she came in 5th. But we're left with Paige, Tate, Vino, Fifth Harmony, Emblem3, Diamond, and Carly Rose. I think the only one Cece even has a chance of beating to stay in the competition next week is Paige, but I really hope that doesn't happen. Next week will be Cece's time to leave. Hopefully.
Catching up on xfactors last night show. Omg Diamand White did amazing!!! Cece - sad story but your still a horrible singer fifth harmony- LOVED IT! Carly Rose- Your deff not human. For sure my FAVORITE on the show!! That.Is.All!
Beatrice Miller is out! The Top 8 is out! Rooting for Vino Alan, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose and Diamond White.
Diamond White, Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony & Emblem3 made it to the Top 8!
I'm just glad my babies Emblem 3 made it in and Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony and Diamond White.
Carly Rose, emblem 3, and fifth harmony are my absolute favorite!
Carly Rose, Diamond, Vino & Fifth Harmony killed it tonight on X factor!
Sorry fifth harmony but Carly Rose is my new fave!
WOW Carly Rose amazing performance! goo Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, Vino Alan & dIAMOND wHITE, Tate did goo too. Oh & love Emblem 3! but every1 did great tonight!
So glad Paige Thomas, Fifth Harmony & Carly Rose did so well tonight at :)
Just got done voting about a gazillion times for Carly Rose Sonenclar and about a million times for fifth harmony lol. I hope Carly Rose win doe
America please vote for Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony on X-Factor-93010 and 9306
Current favorites from each group: Paige Thomas, Vino Alan, Carly Rose, and Fifth Harmony. Hoping they go far!
Get it Fifth Harmony, Cece Frey, Emblem3, Carly Rose, and Tate Stevens!! Tate Stevens got 1st place again! Aye!
Arin Ray, Carly Rose, Diamond White, Emblem3 & Beatrice Miller made it to the Top 10!!! Really hope Jennel Garcia & Fifth Harmony make it
For me , Carly Rose ,Fifth Harmony and Vino Alan was the best tonight.
I hope Fifth Harmony,Carly Rose, Vino, and Peige rank top 5
Just put Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony and Beatrice Miller and they will demolish Australia
Beatrice, Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony were amazing on X Factor USA
I really think Britney is doing amazing. Carly Rose is amazing. Love Fifth Harmony too. I don't get Lyric145 at all.
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I am in LOVE with Fifth Harmony and Carly Rose. Rooting for them all the way baby. ♥
X Factor was good this week. I was shocked at the top performer. Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, Diamond White, Vino Alan, Janelle Garcia and Jason Brock were my 6 top favorites. The person who got sent home was one of these above!!! Darn.
Carly Rose got 2nd. Vino Alan was 3rd. Diamond was 4th. 5th was Fifth Harmony :)
CeCe sooo should've gone home tonight. Hope she leaves next week for sure. I love Carly Rose & Fifth Harmony!!
OH MY GLOB! TONIGHT WAS LIKE WO!!! CUZ OF THE X FACTOR!!! WOOP WOOP! One Direction perfomred!!! Woah! Diamond got through, so did Cece, so did Paige, so did Jenelle, so did Fifth Harmony, so did Beatrice, so did Carly Rose, so did Emblem3, so did Tate, so did Vino, so did Lyric145, and so did Arin!!! ;D I'm in a soper good mood!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY
Anybody watch the X-Factor last night? These are my favorites: Jannel Garcia, Paige Thomas, Vino Alan, Tate Stevens, Diamond White, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony and Emblem 3. The three 13 year old girls are amazing for their young age.
Carly Rose, Beatrice Miller, and Fifth Harmony made it to the Top 12!
I've been watching X Factor this year and I am absolutely in love with Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony. I can't wait to buy their albums! Good song choice for Fifth Harmony especially a week before the release of Breaking Dawn part two.
Top 3 picks from X Factor's perfomrances last night: Vino Alan, Carly Rose, and Fifth Harmony. Loving it!
the best performance comes to Carly Rose, Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony
Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony nailed the night! for them America :)
Well its a dissapointment I didn't get to vote for the xfactor!!! My favorites where Arron, Tate, Carly Rose, and Fifth Harmony and of Course Cece did a Good job on the song she was given for what it was she made it her own!!! I agree with Simon completely bad song choice You are way better then that!! Good Job Guys!!!
My XFactor favorites of tonight Jason Brock , Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony
Good talent on the Xfactor. the talent(s) that may be in jeopardy are CeCe Fry, Jason Brock and Jennel Garcia. My favorites were Lyric145 and next Emblem3. They have a full package and have the talent for Superbowl half time shows. Fifth Harmony probably will fit in better with Contemporary Youth Gospel, very rarely do you see larger groups like their anymore without some playing instruments. they were good. Diamond White and Beatrice Miller are both talented; just have to see which of the two can keep it going throughout the competition. and the same for Arin Ray and Vino Alan. Tate Stevens will make a good country singer whether he wins or not, has the voice and works the crowd; but right now singing other artists songs. can make a difference when you do your own. Paige and Carly Rose are both talented as well. Tough all around competition. I will set my DVR incase I miss a episode. also believe can recap online.
X Factor - voted for Jennel Garcia, Beatrice Miller, Emblem3, Carly Rose, & Fifth Harmony.who were your favorites?
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