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Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a 1997 French comedy-science fiction film directed, co-written, and based on a story by Luc Besson, starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, and Milla Jovovich.

Chris Tucker Luc Besson Star Wars Ruby Rod Ruby Rhod Mila Jovovich Pulp Fiction Gary Oldman Milla Jovovich True Romance Air Force One Bruce Willis Jupiter Ascending

Is there a reason why has his hair looking like Ruby Rod from the Fifth Element
their biggest mistake was snatching Dune up before Besson's Valerian could redeem him from Lucy — 97's The Fifth Element's "spicy" after all
he looks like a buffed out version of the Fifth Element aliens!
Fifth Element in conjunction with Recruitment Juice. Our latest blog enjoy reading
things I bought at value village today: gwen stefani cd, obi-wan xbox game, the fifth element on dvd
I saw this years ago in that documentary, The Fifth Element
Interview with the Vanpire, Fifth Element, Goonies, Sandlot and Labrynth.Oh the lost goes on
Well that was a bad idea lol it was the fifth element meets aliens meets sea world
Slapshot, Star Wars, Empire, Jedi, Fifth Element, Princess Bride, Army of Darkness, Major League...this list may not end
He need to tell fiancé stop dressing like she's a character in the fifth element
Already read this!! Love Fifth Element, so super excited to see how this movie turns out.
hello sharks im asking for $10 to do a Fifth Element sequel called the Sixth Element. whole movie is the same but ther…
She's serving the fifth element, the sixth element and magnesium
Luc Besson returns to his "Fifth Element" roots in the space saga Watch the trailer: http…
how can they call Fifth Element ,Event Horizon, Judge Dredd & Demolition man bad! pfff
Outside of my obvious Marvel and Star Wars love, Valerian has me super pumped. Fifth Element is an all-time favorite!
The original casting for Fifth Element was Julia Roberts as Leeloo, Mel Gibson as Corbin and Prince as Ruby Rhod.
Anyone else think think looks like Ruby Rhod from the Fifth Element?
Why are cities always dark when there are flying cars? Attack of the Clones, Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Doctor Who...
More designers should create the wardrobe for movies the looks Jean-Paul Gaultier created for Fifth Element were amazing
Rihanna is in a movie directed by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Léon the Professional) called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Thanks, , now I cant think of anything other than the "All night long" song by Ruby Rod in Fifth Element
Can only be one. Ruby Rod in the otherwise excellent Fifth Element.
Still a couple of limited edition hardcopys left of our "Fifth Element" album featuring members of Invasion...
Every time I hear Tokyo Sunrise it's somehow more impressive. Like "Fifth Element opera scene" impressive. .
Want to sleep, but also want to finish the Fifth Element
Who would win in a fight? Ray from the Fifth Element or Rey from the Force Awakens?
Fun performance of the Fifth Element Diva Dance with last week!
Watched Future's performance from last week's SNL. That angelic-voiced dude's hair is like one step short of Chris Tucker in Fifth Element.
I don't remember this scene in The Fifth Element...
putting the fifth element with those is like naming 4 great westerns, and topping off the list with Fievel Goes West.
Fifth columnist chemical element tanks in consideration of assignation au: dmuR
Oh, Fifth Element. In case you were wondering. Amazingly, I've never seen more than the first 5 minutes. Experience discrepancy!
Fifth Element is timeless.. I declare you not guilty!
Luc Besson repped for women so hard in the fifth element.
Holland America Line Named as 2016 World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute for Fifth Consecutive Year
I'm pretty sure this guy is from the same planet as the blue alien singer in "The Fifth Element". It's worth...
I really wanna watch the fifth element right now
If you'd told me that Gary Oldman's hair-style in The Fifth Element would become popular I'd have laughed at you. But here we are.
Make sure you check out The Fifth Element tonight with Simba and Jailel at 7 on the Remedy! 💿📀💻
may I just say you as leeloo from the fifth element just made you my ultimate cam girl crush!
Daily Mail, LHC has spotted a new type of element bigger than Higgs Boson Fifth Element Supreme Being via
and we have a big ol chat about it. Episode one is talking to us about The Fifth Element. I think you'll like it.
Chris Tuckers best film was Fifth Element, no lie.
You're one of my all time favorite actors. met you once in NYC about the time of Fifth Element. Take care,
For me Fifth Element has to be up there! Also Cinderella and Lord of the Rings!
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“Everything you create, you use to destroy.”. The Fifth Element (1997) dir. Luc Besson
"Sing the praises! It's the Spirit King who governs the Fifth Element!" ―Master of Fifth Element
Pain face, brought to you by In 2016, we will be wearing The One helmet and Fifth Element...
The Fifth Element joyfully rips off more than just Star Wars via
No it is always ok to make Fifth Element references. ALWAYS!
You didn't understand my fifth element reference so we can't be friends
As Ruby Rhod of Fifth Element put it: She's hot, Hot, HOT!
The Fifth Element was confusing and forgettable
DIY your own 'The Fifth Element' Leeloo costume is it too early to start planning for my Halloween costume?
Why has nobody see The Fifth Element I'm so bitter
Isn't that the giant ball of black fire prop from The Fifth Element?.
Progress on a Fifth Element piece I'll call "Only Life Important"
I love doing the route I'm doing because at the end of it, I can chill on Fifth Element and just talk hip hop.
My wife just made a Fifth Element reference. I'm so proud.
It seems like he is using it as fuel. Like the evil planet made of hate from the Fifth Element.
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OOH, even better She will be the cross between JarJar and Ruby Rod from Fifth Element
Marquee went Fifth Element on us last night @ Marquee Las Vegas
this list is invalid without Point Break. Also missing Die Hard 2, Demolition Man, Total Recall and Fifth Element
Besson's new film is either going to be 2017's Fifth Element or its Jupiter Ascending. I'm leaning to the latter.
More suggestions for 2017: Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, Ghost in the Shell, Starship Troopers, Terminator 2, Men in Black, Matrix.
Anonymous said: Do you still have the photo of the tattoo that Milla Jovovich dug from the Fifth Element?
They took the fifth element off of Netflix :(
I need to find someone who can make me the flight attendants outfit from The Fifth Element for my Halloween costume next year 😂👌🏾
And turned around and kept on talking you also see him in fifth element the bomb blew up he said Oh No my homeboy is your marine my neighbor
I watched The Fifth Element a couple of times now and I still don't see what it has to do with boron.
This bed frame is like tryna solve a jigsaw puzzle and it has markings on it like the fifth element
Heh, at least see Fifth Element so you recognize this cosplay that always shows up at cons:
I am watching Fifth element and im so in love 💗
Every time I see a female with Bantu knots I think of the movie fifth element 😂😂😂
📷 g1988: Belinda Rodriguez made this incredible Fifth Element Multi Pass piece made of only paper! It...
13 yr old girl sings the opera from Fifth Element, Considered humanly impossible
I thought of the same character but the fifth element is a movie
could I get all the fifth element pop figurines pls
Who else would love to see Vicki do a Fifth Element themed shoot?! Leeloo Dallas multipass 󾌳. "Crow-ligraphy"...
Congrats to for the top spot for a fifth consecutive year on the State Scorecard!
Just re-dyed my hair; it's so bright! It's still wet and oddly straight, though, so I look a little like Leeloo from Fifth Element.
Bai Ling posing as 'Leeloo' from 'The Fifth Element' in LA -
Yeah, I wanted to talk about this but didn't want to spoiler it. It's very reminiscent of fifth element scene
My friends gave their kid the middle name Corbin after 'The Fifth Element'
Yes! Of course Sammus would have a prop! Metroid rap, "Fifth Element mixed with Mae Jemison."
When u section ur hair for a twist out and u end up lookin like Chris Tucker on Fifth Element 😩🌝😂
I wish I was skinny enough to pull off leeloo from fifth element
Isn't that the chick from Fifth Element?
after my taste of gore I'm now watching films I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't seen starting with the fifth element
Raven looks like she is a cast member form the Fifth Element.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bruh she looks like that blue lady off of the fifth element
"Sugar is the secret fifth element...But why do you expect a cat to know how to count? Plastic is what makes up our rivers."
I feel like I'm in Fifth Element, or some other futuristic movie with ads.
On that note, did Chris Tucker give the performance of a lifetime in The Fifth Element?
I've have seen The Fifth Element in mad long Ima watch that rn.
Totally wanting to do Fifth Element cosplay for Sakuracon
This is the fifth element of the Festival, and with a room full of laughter... What an end to the festival its going to be!
I can imagine your fifth element paintings to be like a Rothko in the flesh, inviting me to dive in. Enjoy ur trip x
I have been counting down the days since I heard about the innocents! I am an art teacher & love your fifth element series
My supervisor looks like a cross between golden lord chief from meteorman nd Chris Tucker in fifth element 😐
They are about Milla Jovovich running around. (See also: The Fifth Element)
Make sure you grab some of the new that hit the shelves today & Check out these crazy cool Fifth Element Pops!
This opera part in The Fifth Element is what got me into goo.
The Fifth Element: Why I can never change the channel…
Dude kills it! Fifth element alien is still the best opera singer in my book tho
Aaron Kaufman with Fifth Element Group telling it like it is...ISES Indiana Educational Intensive!
Fifth Element - No Fear - Just keep putting One Foot in Front of the Other
Can you just come over to my house and watch fifth element with me... ughh..
Remember when Bruce Willis had hair? You will after watching a screening of The Fifth Element this Sunday!
Brought to you by the color orange, the number 5 and the letters M-U-L-T-I-P-A-S-S.
I just can't get over Benedict's Zoolander aesthetic, it's like something you'd see in The Fifth Element. I'm so conflicted 😂
The Fifth Element may be a silly sci-fi pageant, but *** if it doesn't hold up
I was thinking about your Korben Dallas the other day. Fifth Element was on over the weekend.
... the Fifth Element, Day The Earth Stood Still, Planet of the Apes and Monsters vs. Aliens
I want to dress like a mixture of Fifth Element, Lazy Town, and Yo Gabba Gabba.
Oh wow, now Fifth Element is on. This is the best movie night ever. This is the Night of Gary Oldman Ham.
Fifth Element, or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! (Third option: anything with Channing Tatum)
It is. So is Fifth Element. . Exhibit A: Oldman's accent. Exhibit B: Chris Tucker. Exhibit C: President of the Galaxy Tiny Lister.
John Carpenter won his plagiarism suit against Luc Besson. Can we sue Besson for sucking since Fifth Element?
Aesop Rock skate decks by The Friend Ship w/ graphic by now available at Fifth Element -
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Gabi got dressed for the Fifth Element
Dave Navarro looking like the bad guy on Fifth Element with that hair cut.
They should just go ahead and make a Fifth Element video game with 4K graphics & keep Eric Serra as the composer. Don't let that art die.
Experience our exclusive the Fifth Element themed this year, event info TBA - 10.30…
Surely I'm not the only one who thinks he looks like Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman's character in Fifth Element)
Performing at the Fifth Element in Newport RI tonight with the Groove Merchants from 7-10pm. Always a funky good...
Looks like the sleeping quarters in the Fifth Element! So cool! But slightly claustrophobic.
I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying the Fifth Element-themed Corbyn memes.
Of course, the Fifth Element with Jeremy Corbyn was a completely different movie.
I wanna be the Fifth Element for Halloween but that requires such a small amount of clothing that I don't think I could do it
Fifth Element is the best. Liloo Dallas, multipass. Forever.
So you went from Sydney Bristow to Leeloo in Fifth Element. Huh.
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Come see at 7th St Entry on August 1st!. Get your tickets HERE at the Fifth Element!
I think there've been some minor depictions of major shifts in US. "Fifth Element", "Soylent Green", "Time Trax".
What you did in MN at the Fifth Element was dope, you should host one of those in St. Petersburg FL, the talent here would impress
Breast Cancer Awareness
Chris Tucker was funny af on the Fifth Element
How don't people know Chris Tucker played a role in the Fifth Element...
Chris Tucker in the Fifth Element is one of my favorite characters ever
Pick up some special salts this weekend from Fifth Element. Open Friday-Sunday. *WB
Die Hard, Pulp Fiction (less of Willis movie), Sin City, Looper, Fifth Element, Twelve Monkeys...that's about as far as I go.
I'd be psyched if I was only in 10 movies and they included the Fifth Element, Friday, Jackie Brown, 3 Rush Hour Movies and Meteor Man.
Escape from NY, Fifth Element & Doctor Who all predicted what NY would look like in the future. Read more predictions
Jupiter Ascending is worth your time if you like original scifi stories. Shares DNA with Fifth Element, Brazil, Dune, and The Matrix.
The Fifth Element is a national treasure.
Fifth Element still the best film humanity has created
I'm gonna loose some nerd cred here but I've never seen "The Fifth Element" all the way through. Fixing that now.
Honestly the fifth element is so underrated as a scifi in the future film
Apart from Air Force One and The Fifth Element I haven't seen much of his older stuff! Didn't know he directed too, awesome!
I have completed production of Fifth Element in Paradise Island for Android!
He's great, but I miss his over the top villains - the Fifth Element, True Romance, Dracula, Léon...
Update your maps at Navteq
I added a video to a playlist The fifth element - fear and... Love
I like Bruce Willis movies too. Even Hudson Hawk. But I just can't get into Fifth Element.
Check out our latest blog summing up our show, 'Fashion: The Fifth Element'
Might be time, though, to watch The Fifth Element again for the 65th viewing.
when i hear Divine i think of something like the Fifth Element
The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movie
I like The Fifth Element, but it doesn't make my top 12.
what?! When have we ever talked about fifth element. Blasphemy
I'm watching one of my favorite movie the fifth element. :D
this was my fav movie when I was like sixteen. It was like Constantine, Fifth Element, and Pulp Fiction.
I added a video to a playlist The Fifth Element - Little Light of Love End [Titles Version] HD
Watching Fifth Element, still one of my favourite movies! Brilliant!
Say hello to our friends portabella jerky. @ Fifth Element…
Geoff Cameron from The Fifth Element in NBCSN studio today.
Nefiss Lezizz Olives & Olive Oils. Available at Fifth Element Fine Foods/Truffles in the market. Open…
I think he was an extra in THE FIFTH ELEMENT
Fear and loathing in las vegas. the fifth element. Evil dead. Evil dead 2. Evil dead 3. Night on earth. beetlejuice (winona ryder :3)
Dark Crystal for sure -- and Fifth Element. Already have all the Mad Maxes
Whenever I use silver shampoo my shower ends up looking like I've murdered the blue opera singing alien from The Fifth Element.
Perhaps toddlers are speaking the divine language, from The Fifth Element
That moment you realize current men's hair trend is the Gary Oldman in Fifth Element.
Terminator 2 followed by the Fifth Element? Every HMX movie night after this will pale in comparison.
Richie Hawtin kind of looks like a mixture between Edward Norton and Zorg from the Fifth Element.
My notifications column is currently housing a Fifth Element fan meet. I'm fine with this.
Chris Tucker had no business being in the Fifth Element.
Albie and I just agreed at a Nets game that Chris Tucker's best role was in Fifth Element.
. gotta go top 3- Fifth Element, Almost Famous, and Crossroads.
eve Salvail from the Fifth Element. Natalia Tena from Harry Potter. Clemence Posey (scuse spelling) is amazing.
Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod in Fifth Element, everything is green. supergreen (or soprgren) ;)
Just realize that staff that Ruby Rhod carries in Fifth Element is the future evolution of the selfie stick.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Eric serra at his Eric serra-est. He would do the Fifth Element ost next, which is really good.
Curious as to your opinion of female characters in Luc Besson films (especially Nikita, Fifth Element, Lucy)
Chris Tucker in Fifth Element is basically JarJar Binks, except less hated by everyone in the universe.
October 9th 2O 14. O9/1O.20 14... O.I-1A.2 Circles Filled of True 3+4=7...Violet Purple Lavender L.U.C.Y. My Grandmothers name is Lucy... She passed in 2OO8... when I was in the home of my former Host. I had heard about the movie from Yonathan Yohannes. But I watched it for the first time last night... it was directed by Luc Besson. He directed the Fifth Element...F.E...65 (L.U.C...B.E (2 5...25 Is 25th letter Y - LUCY...) SS ON...S SON. L.B. I watched it... and I smiled so sadly... I could explain now, how that point of view was limited to the physical universe of Cells 1 2 and the Universe as the Nothing which the movie created as the idea of O 1 2...Nothingness to Stillness to Movement... N.S.M...(North South Manifestation..North South Axis (A=1 PT) Manifestation...N.S..A.M) But instead I will simply share with you simple codes... In the End of the Movie- it being a Movie... Lucy turns into Dark Matter stating, "I am Everywhere" Yesterday I wrote that I had Nowhere to go. yet I knew where.. ...
We don't know how Tiny Lister's term in "Fifth Element" went, do we?
The better we get at 3D printing, the closer we get to creating Mila Jovovich from the Fifth Element
Can someone explain what's going on with the shapes in Kanyes fade... Looks like he may be the new Fifth Element move over Mila Jovovich😂
Things that are awesome: Mila Jovovich's costume in Fifth Element
Eric Serra (Big Blue, Fifth Element & Leon etc) has a few soundtracks available in on Qobuz
Was Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 3 doing an impression of Gary Oldman from Fifth Element in the gun demo scene.
True Romance, Leon, Air Force One, Fifth Element, etc. Lots of over the top villains.
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