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Fields Medal

The Fields Medal, officially known as International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics, is a prize awarded to two, three, or four mathematicians not over 40 years of age at each International Congress of the International Mathematical Union (IMU), a meeting that takes place every four years.

Maryam Mirzakhani Nobel Prize South Korea Supreme Court Edward Witten Wolf Prize Nobel Prizes Princeton University Booker Prize Stanford University

RIP Prof Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman awarded the Fields Medal prize, has died of breast cancer
Oh, this is so sad. Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the Fields Medal, has died of cancer at 40.
Iranian Math Genius Mirzakhani, the first-ever female winner of the prestigious Fields Medal prize, Dies of Cancer…
The first ever woman awarded a Fields Medal is gone, but the impact she's made will last forever. ht…
Such a loss for humanity 😓. Mirzakhani was the world's first woman to win the Fields Medal. Gone far too soon. .
Another neat bit of "women in math" trivia: Maryam Mirzakhani was/is the 1st woman to win a Fields Medal (in 2014)!
Fields Medal mathematics prize won by (from Iran) for first time in its history via
An Iranian woman becomes the first ever female to win the Fields Medal from the International Mathematical Union.
This is a remarkable achievement. Fields Medal is tougher than Nobel.
Maryam Mirzakhani is the first woman to win the 'Nobel Prize of math'
Mirzakhani is first woman & first Iranian to win Fields Medal, most prestigious award in…
The description is most about arguments like "How many women won a Fields medal? See, they can't do math"
Give Emre Can the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the Fields Medal, the Man Booker Prize, the Palme d'Or and the Ba…
Seen on the commute home: "All career fields now open to women." What do you want, a medal?! It's 2017, this should be au…
Ivan Drago is Fulbright Winner. I wonder if Clubber Lang has a Fields Medal?
He sure made our 2014 symposium entertaining!
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Maryam Mirzakhani is a professor of mathematics became the first woman to win the Fields Medal (aka the N…
.-RamanujanAward is rated amongst the world's top 10.ManjulBhargava won the 1st award in 2005.2 winners wo…
Shing-Tung Yau was born today in Shanghai, China in 1949. Yau's work in differential geometry earned him the Fields Medal in 1982.
Mathematician Shing-Tung Yau, who researches differential geometry & won the Fields Medal in 1982, born
Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to ever win the Fields Medal, Nobel Prize of mathematics is Iranian.
Give a 2nd chance & she will be America's next Fields Medal winner.
I know u're fond of maths My granduncle was the 1st french mathematician who received Fields medal in 19…
Condolences to the family of Tecumseh baseball legend Don Fields who managed to a Canada Games gol…
I want my daughter to win a Fields Medal.
Man, who came up w/ this Caramel Pretzel ..I'd like to shake their hand or nominate them for a Fields Medal or something. Wow.
Optimised UK-wide pub crawl. Too late for New Years Honours but Fields Medal awaits team
Fields Medal, PISA scores, Nobel Prizes, etc are all evidence for racial inequality(on average, of course).
If son solved Rubik's cube he'd probably demand a Fields Medal for the kid
Heading into 2017 so strong. Figured out how to connect Spotify to my PS4 now where's my Fields Medal?
Won't qualify for Fields Medal due to age.. but surely an Abel? LMAO!
What did Cédric Villani prove for his Fields Medal? by Cedric Villani
How is that true? The afraid part aside, people are doing novel research concurrently. See Nobel/Fields Medal.
and probably a Fields medal to boot
At 4.7% annual growth, Pakistan economy will grow from 270 billion (?) to 300 billion. Fields medal to Mr Zahid
Already listed. Why not Fields Medal, Wolf Prize for Mathematics? That sounds far more better!
Also add the Fields Medal given for Maths .
Nobody got it. The answer was: Fields Medal
[Team USA]Connor Fields celebrates with his gold medal after winning the men’s BMX final a…
Maryam Mirzakhani, born 1977. She is the first woman to win the FIELDS MEDAL, which is the Nobel Prize of MATHEMATICS https…
📷 mrtnlyd: “Nobel doesn’t have a prize for mathematics. A Fields Medal’s the one I’ll be winning.”
(p3) Nobel Prize, Fields Medal kind. And is not exactly the hardest Ivy League to get into.
Very upset that the Nobel Prize winner for physics is copying method for explaining math & physics
Idea: a Bank of Sweden Medal in Mathematical Economics in Memory of John Charles Fields
Fields Medal aside, you can easily pop veins by bringing up Econ has a Nobel but Math doesn't.
Sir Vaughan Jones: Recipient of the Fields Medal. BSc and MSc (First-Class Hons), University of Auckland; Docteur...
As our Fields Medal winner, pointed out, either CJ2K or Branch can return as soon as Dec. 4 vs. Wash if they're ready.
I'm really curious who will win the Fields Medal lol
"Ur gonna run off to do some insane mathematical theorem that'll win u the noble prize". "Fields medal".
I nominated you for the Fields Medal, Your application of barbecue dripping prediction matrices will get us to free energy.
Rachel Maddow scoop: Elena Kagan's pilot floated for the Fields Medal for her proposal on nuclear power.
Gee, how much Brock paying you for your razor sharp wit? Did you have to Google the Putnam exam and Fields medal?
At the State Fair a "spirited plowing match" is held in one of Governor Young's fields. John M. Wooley wins a silve…
"I'm really good at it. My tutor says that if I continue like I am I would win a fields medal in less than ten years."
If a Maths Teacher is consistently stealing the PET period, where is the fields medal???
read about Maryam Mirzakhani, honored with the Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics
Road man got only 8 😂😂😂😂 just confirmed with fields medal winner that 9 > 8 😂😂😂
They had to invent a new number because zero wasn't cutting it. The authors of the paper won the Fields Medal.
i, a fields medal recipient, PROVE the proposition "trump is unfit for office" using john oliver
I'm just impressed she knows what the Fields Medal is. And that it's better than those wussy Nobels.
(And yes, that is a bobblehead guarding over it. And my chocolate Fields medal.)
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What if James Woods gave one of his 2 Oscar nominations, and Maryam Mirzakhani gave him her Fields Medal, and...
1863 John Charles Fields born, originated the idea, posthumously given his name - for the Fields Medal.
Fields Medal, first woman to be awarded the prize, originally from Persia, with a great tradition in mathematics
that reminds me, the first woman to win the Fields Medal was Iranian, Maryam Mirzakhani, in 2014
All of Latin America, including Mexico, has exactly one Fields Medal.
Scarlet Fields : The Combat Memoir of a World War I Medal of Honor Hero by...
In a talk I am giving today to Microsoft in Goa planning to talk about an essay on mathematics + Fields Medal winners by the monk Mahan Mj.
That awkward moment when you win a Fields Medal and the maths bonuses go to the other team on
Fields Medal winner on with far better delivery than Andy Murray on the self deprecating "yeah, I'm dull" gag.
Good grief. The over achievers on tonight are enough to make you feel awful. A fricking Fields Medal winner.
Arrived at university challenge filming to find the Maths fields medal winner having memorised xmas no 1 films...
Just want to counter KIMOJI/Miss Universe posts with: Meet the First Woman to Win Math’s Most Prestigious Prize
Trinity had a Fields Medal winner, a class of wading bird and entire global religion. And Wilson. Really not fair.
Also Mirzakhani is 1st woman to win prestigious Fields Medal considered Nobel Prize in mathematics
congrats Maryam for winning the Fields medal in mathematics - and for being the first woman to do so! http:/…
Fields Medal to 1st woman, Maryam originally born in .
You'd think winning was like Booker Prize, Fields Medal and Great British Bake Off all rolled into one.
Amidst celebrations on Fields Medal its time to ask how many of our children are tought maths in a way which generates further interest.
Not to mention what we know about the heritability of intelligence. Sean is "smarter than" Lambeau, a Fields Medal winner.
HBD Moira 🎉🎉 hope you can get over your jealousness of my Fields Medal and accept my birthday wish :)
on the way to receive the next Fields Medal.
Will Hunting was a janitor and he was smarter a Fields Medal winner
yet u remain ignorant... It's unbecoming of someone claiming to be rational...
. Education is the foundation of the nation. Not the intervention. I look forward to more of the Fields Medal result.
Fields medal is a prestigious international honour given in which subject?
1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5...Look no further; the next Fields Medal is coming to India. (via
I bet he took his Fields Medal with him.
. Iranian woman 2014 Fields Medal winner educated in the Islamic Republic:.
Past and present: Lately: fault in recognition?
for all you know I'm a doctor in space that just one a fields medal
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oh...and somewhere down the line, prep him for the Fields medal or the Nobel Prize for Physics :D Good job!
Yeah right!Does he have a mathematical equation for this manufactured rebellion?If he does then,Give him a Fields Medal for it. ;)
Should all women get the Fields Medal for maths?
Also, the young person who documented Officer Ben Fields's brutal assault deserves a medal and a journalism scholarship.
I spent summers in SC as>kid. The only thing that appears2have changed is that the cop got fired. instead of getting a medal. Jail&bail Fields
Hey white boy! We should call and offer Ben Fields a medal.
Amen ! I embarrassed the 5 time Fields Medal winner with my theory
Nobody won both the Nobel and the Fields Medal but Edward Witten. Many consider him the Isaac Newton of modern age.
Anyone who can figure out the peculiar (and possibly non-Euclidean) mathematics Con Ed applies to billing me deserves the Fields Medal
no wonder *** never won fields medal for mathematics.. Deeni mathematics? Chutiyapa
I'll be getting a Fields Medal in no time.
What an achievement! What an amazing woman. "Woman of the year" would be well deserved especially compared to the...
The myth and the medal: the true story of the Fields medal by
no no no I meant I won the "Leave it all on the Fields" Medal but I see how it could be misunderstood
Edward Witten won a Fields Medal and is unanimously considered one of the greatest if not the greatest physcist of our times.
Women can't do math? Tell that to Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani, recognized this week as the best mathematician under 40 with the Fie…
there are some..very few tho. Any black Fields medal winners? Look around your room, did black ppl invent anything in there?
Pecanzington: Gold Medal Penny Stocks: $GRPR optimizes existing fields by adding new
"In his speech at the Fields Medal award ceremony in 1954, Hermann Weyl gave high praise to Serre, and also made the point that the award
Interesting and inspiring article about Fields Medal winner mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani (via
like who wants a Fields Medal, right?
The first woman to win math's highest honor did so by exploring this mind-blowing geometric structure.
At this point could probably win a Fields Medal and I would nod my head thinking, "Yup good for him yup."
Loved running the Stour Valley Marathon yesterday. 27.5 miles covered of hills, trails, fields and an awesome medal!
So cool! First female winner of the highest prize in math. "The beauty of math shows itself to patient followers" http:/…
Another great new supporter for my brother Antoine: Cédric Villani, Mathematician and Fields Medal winner. Humbled and touched. Thx!!
Congrats! Especially to Maryam. The first Fields Medal is a true breakthrough for women, and from Iran!
Simmons is the Will Hunting of baseball. Deserves the Fields Medal for baseball
Last year, the brilliant Maryam Mirzakhani was the first woman to win the Fields Medal.
he should be! World's best mathematician, Fields medal winner -- wow!
This is a pretty fascinating profile of Terry Tao, a Fields Medal winning mathematician. If you aren't already...
We love this post on Maryam Mirzakhani's path from a young dreamer to a Fields Medal winner:
You could typeset nursery rhymes in LaTeX and they'd make Fields Medal winners cry
Here's a profile of Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win the Fields Medal (I LOVE HER). "slow and steady approach".
And the winner of this year's fields medal is
♫Dont want KNOW smart people x3 round here…I luv smart ppl. ♫Big brains goin TICK x3…ALL-the-answers…make you SICK x3♫. Mensa. Fields Medal
Sure.and Bernard Madoff deserves the Fields Medal, right?
Medal hand out and makeup games for many fields so we will not be canceling. Bring water Refs will allow players to wear hats at U3/4/5/6
May be 's partner in crime didn't know Maryam Mirzakhani won a field medal ?
The winner of 'Fields Medal' Prof Manjul Bhargav from Princeton University has found a deep connection between Mathematics an…
Padma Bhushan for Prof. Manjul Bhargava for Science and Engineering! In my opinion a Fields Medal winner (considered more difficult to win than Nobel Prize because it is given once in four years), should be decorated with Padma Vibhushan.
Most IMP 50 MCQ'S 1. The head of the proposed National Judicial Appointments Commission - The Chief Justice of India 2. The number of members of the National Judicial Appointments Commission - Six 3. The Indian-origin academician who won Fields Medal, the Nobel Prize of Mathematics – Manju Bhargava 4. The present Chairman of TRAI – Rahul Khullar 5. No. of tickets per minute supported by the new next generation e-ticketing system of the Indian Railways - 7200 6. The revised borrowing target of the Govt for Apr-Sep - 3.52 lakh cr 7. The administrator of the re-launched Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana - LIC of India. 8. Chakra awardee (posthumously) on the occasion of Independence Day - Major Mukund Varadarajan 9. The state where the PM urged to bring a saffron revolution recently - Jammu & Kashmir 10. The first Indian to reach semifinals of World Junior Squash in Namibia recently - Kush Kumar 11. The state which has announced 33 per cent reservation for women in its police forces - Gujarat 12. The state w ...
A Mighty Girl 2014 Heroes, day 1: Maryam Mirzakhani, 1st woman to win Fields Medal in math
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Become a student at École normale supérieure, at the heart of Paris (monthly grants available) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : APPLICATION FORM 2015 : At the pinnacle of French scientific excellence, ENS is a prestigious teaching and research institution. Amongst its alumni are 12 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 French re­cipients of the Fields Medal and half of CNRS Gold Me­dal winners. Since its foundation in 1794, renowned intellectuals such as Évariste Galois, Louis Pasteur, Simone Weil, Paul Sabatier, Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu, Aimé Césaire or Serge Haroche have studied or taught at ENS. The École is the highest-rated French institution in international university rankings. Resolutely intent on extending its international ap­peal, ENS selects foreign students every year, who enrol in the courses taught at the school. Alongside available exchange programmes and on the basis of a competitive entrance exam, the International Selec­tion recru ...
Name the Indian-origin academician who has won Fields Medal known as the “Nobel Prize of mathematics.” 1) Maryam Mirzakhani 2) Subhash Khot 3) Manjul Bhargava 4) Sanjeev Arora 5) None of these
Manjual Bhargava was awarded the '14 Fields Medal, and he still counts UMD prof. Joe Gallian as one of his mentors.
Last week, Iranian-born, Maryam Mirzakhani, became the 1st woman to win the world's most prestigious prize in mathematics, the Fields Medal.
The first woman, Maryam Mirzakhani, has won the Fields Medal (the highest prize in mathematics)!
For the 1st time ever, a woman has won the Fields Medal for math! Congratulations, Maryam Mirzakhani! You really gave it …
Did you see our blog post about Maryam Mirzakhani, the first female winner of the Fields Medal?
Maryam Mirzakhani becomes the first woman to win Fields Medal for mathematics
Caroline Series on women, maths & "why has it taken almost 80 years for a become a [Fields Medal] winner?" htt…
Fields Medal, Nobel Peace prize of Math, awarded to woman for the 1st time ever!
Meet Artur Avila, a mathematician whose solutions to ubiquitous problems in chaos theory have earned him Brazil’s first Fields Medal.
Austrian Martin Hairer is among the recipients of the prestigious Fields Medal: Congratulation to…
1/2 A mathematician of Indian-origin, Manjul Bhargava, is among the winners of the prestigious Fields Medal, known as the 'Nobel Prize for
Artur Avila nets Fields Medal for figuring out how just many there are in a brazillian (also chaos theory)
Mathematician of Indian origin was among four winners of the 2014 Fields Medal, widely considered the Nobel Prize.
Winners of the Fields Medal for Mathematics including the first woman to win the medal Maryam Mirzakhani.
Congratulations to Martin Hairer Leverhulme Research Leadership Award holder, on winning a Fields Medal
1st woman to receive the [math] Fields Medal is Iranian. Her testimony in would still be worth half of a man's. http…
Maryam Mirzakhani is 1st woman 2 win th Fields Medal,the"Nobel Prize" of mathematics . v
Iranian-born mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman to be awarded Fields Medal, mathematics' equivalent to…
Congratulation to First Ever Indian Fields Medal winner MANJUL BHARGAVA. ( For my non-mathematical circle friends-it is the Highest International Honour in Mathematics, given to a person below age 40 years. Widely recognized as Nobel Prize of Mathematics) However, his Fields Medal was only overdue. We expected it to come in ICM 2010 at Hyderabad and even in Madrid ICM 2006 he was a top celebrity. He is not just a prodigal mathematician but also a brilliant speaker. I still remember him lecturing in Madrid (at the age of 32, he was then already a Full Professor in Princeton) in a overfull lecture hall. I was standing in a corner, many European Professors were kneeling down to any available place in the hall to listen to him throughout his lecture. He started with the Samash-Bhavna (composition) Principle of Brahmagupta and related it to a later work of Gauss and then transcended to his own piece of brilliant work. A fantastic person, unassuming, Gentlemanly and Simple. Last time I met him was in New Delhi ...
An Iranian woman wins the Fields Medal, also known as the Nobel Prize of mathematics.
Maryam Mirzakhani is the first woman awarded with a Fields Medal . via
BBC News - First female winner for Fields maths medal
And the first woman to win the Fields Medal - Maryam Mirzakhani .
The search for artistic truth and beauty has led Manjul Bhargava to some of the most profound recent discoveries in number theory, which have helped earn him the Fields Medal.
While Mrs. Fields bakes cookies, the Fields Medal (the "Nobel Prize of math") goes to a woman for the first time:
Maryam Mirzakhani, Professor of Mathematics is the first female mathematician to win the Fields Medal.
Did you enjoy the micro-documentary video for all 2014 Fields Medal and Nevanlinna Prize Winners? See it here:
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First female winner of Fields maths medal is Iranian, and was educated in Iran. Nice!
Manjul Bhargava has been chosen for the 2014 Fields Medal! The first Indian origin mathematician to get the Fields Medal!
Pro Mirzakhani being the 1st woman and Iranian to win the Fields Medal, honor for under 40 year old mathematician,
So proud of Maryam Mirzakhani the very first woman and Iranian mathematician wins the Fields Medal, considered the Nobel of math.
An Iranian woman, M. Mirzakhani, won the Fields Medal for work in topology, geometry and dynamical systems!
The first woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal prize discusses her life as a mathematician
Awesome! Maryam Mirzakhani has won the Fields medal in mathematics — first female winner in history.
Stanford's Maryam Mirzakhani wins Fields Medal -- first woman to win! via
Congratulations to Artur Ávila, first Brazillian to earn the Fields Medal!.
A great day for Indian Mathematics - Indian American Manjul Bhargav won the Fields Medal (2014) - the highest honor bestowe…
A Mint profile, from 2012 of 2014 Fields Medal winner Manjul Bhargava. For more on the award,
Now that the fields medal is in the news I can't stop thinking of good will Hunting :(
Maryam Mirzakhani, a mathematician at Stanford University, was amongst a quantity of ladies tipped for the Fields Medal in recent years. Photograph: Stanford University A lady has won the world’s most prestigious mathematics prize for the very first… [ 1132 more words. ]
An mathematician has become the first ever female winner of the celebrated Fields Medal.
"Iranian woman wins maths' top prize, the Fields medal u go girl
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Wow. Manjul Bhargava, professor of math at Princeton has won the Fields medal, the highest honor in mathematics. Now this i…
First female winner for Fields maths medal
� View Access Keys Manjul Bhargava Photo by David Kelly Crow for the Office of Communications Princeton University mathematician Manjul Bhargava was awarded today the 2014 Fields Medal, one of the most prestigious awards in mathematics, in recognition of his work in the geometry of numbers.
A woman has won the Fields medal for the first time: Stanford Math Prof Maryam Mirzakhani. http:…
Stanford professor first woman to win math's Fields Medal
First EVER female winner of Math's Noble Prize (Fields Medal) happens to be Iranian. Damet garm, Maryam Mirzakhani!
mathematician becomes first ever female winner of celebrated Fields Medal.
Wow! “Congrats Manjul Bhargava on winning the Fields Medal - first Indian
Here are the prestigious award winners of the International Mathematical Union (IMU):- The Four 'Fields Medal' winners are ... 1/4
ah you're right I was thinking of the Stanford announcement
Fields Medal Dr. Artur. Artur Avila's solutions to ubiquitous problems in chaos theory.
Yet her testimony and inheritance half a man's in MT Maryam Mirzakhani of Tehran first woman to win Fields Medal (Math Nobel).
Excellent and accessible profiles of the winners of the 2014 Fields Medal:
Awesome. Maryam Mirzakhani wins Fields Medal First woman and first Iranian ever to win the prize
Avila’s solutions to ubiquitous probs in chaos theory have earned him Brazil’s 1st Fields Medal via
female Maryam Mirzakhani, FIRST WOMAN EVER, to win Fields Medal, world's highest prize in
The 2014 Fields Medal winners have been announced at the International Congress of Mathematicians
Muskoka Sage : Estrogen At Its Best.A woman has won for the first time in history , the most prestigious mathematics prize : THE FIELDS MEDAL . .Hats Off to a fantastic girl/woman/lady : Maryan Mirzakhani of Standford University.CONGRATULATIONS !
For the first time in its 78-year history, a woman has bagged a Fields Medal, essentially the Nobel Prize for mathematics. Born in Iran, Maryam Mirzakhani did her doctorate at Harvard and is currently a professor at Stanford. Obviously, she is terrifyingly brilliant.
Maryam Mirzakhani of Stanford University is the first woman to win the Fields medal, alongside three male mathematicians receiving the award in Seoul
Maryam Mirzakhani receives the fields medal from President Park Geun-hye of South Korea.
Evidence for a group difference in intelligence One observational basis for inferring that Brahmins have high intelligence is their prevalence in intellectually demanding fields. While only about .3% of the U.S. population is of full Brahminical descent,[2] 27% of United States Nobel Prize winners in the 20th century,[2][3] 25% of Fields Medal winners,[4] 25% of ACM Turing Award winners,[2] 6 out of the 19 world chess champions, and a quarter of Westinghouse Science Talent Search winners have either full or partial Brahminical ancestry.[4] However, such statistics do not rule out factors other than intelligence, such as institutional biases and social networks. Undue weight is also given to the Brahmins statistics because people of partial Brahminical ancestry (half or less) are included, but only compared to the portion of the US population of full Brahmintry descent. A more direct approach is to measure intelligence with psychometric tests. Different studies have found different results, but most have f ...
APRIL 18 – BIRTHS – Scientists born on April 18th Charles Louis Fefferman Born 18 Apr 1949. American mathematician who received the Fields Medal in 1978 for his work in mathematical analysis. As a child prodigy, his accelerated schooling resulted a B.S. degrees in physics and mathematics by age 17 and a Ph.D. in mathematics at age 20 from Princeton University (1969). When in he became a professor (1971) at the University of Chicago at the age of 22, he was the youngest full professor ever in the U.S. Two years later, he returned to Princeton as a professor (1973). His Ph.D. dissertation was on “Inequalities for Strongly Regular Convolution Operators.” His field of study includes his interest in physics - applied mathematics in vibrations, heat, turbulence, though he is best known for his theoretical work. Joseph L. Goldstein Born 18 Apr 1940. American molecular geneticist who, along with Michael S. Brown, was awarded the 1985 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their elucidation of the proc ...
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JANUARY 24 – BIRTHS – Scientists born on January 24th Michio Kaku Born 24 Jan 1947. American theoretical physicist. Lars V. Hörmander Born 24 Jan 1931. Swedish mathematician who was awarded the Fields Medal in 1962 for his work on partial differential equations. Spending five years in writing, he produced a text The analysis of linear partial differential operators, in four volumes (1983-85). Between 1987 and 1990 he served as a vice president of the International Mathematical Union. In 1988 Hörmander was awarded the Wolf Prize. Hörmander's text, An Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables, has become a classic dealing with the theory of functions of several complex variables. It developed from lecture notes of a course which he gave in Stanford in 1964 and published in book form two years later, with updates in 1973 and 1990. Oskar Morgenstern Born 24 Jan 1902; died 26 Jul 1977 at age 75. German-American economist and mathematician who popularized "game theory" which mathematically an ...
Alexander Grothendieck Also Listed In: Mathematicians Famous As: Mathematician Nationality: French Born On: 28 March 1928 AD Zodiac Sign: Aries Famous Arians Born In: Berlin, Prussia, Germany Father: Alexander "Sascha" Shapiro aka Tanaroff Mother: Johanna "Hanka" Grothendieck Education: University of Montpellier, Nancy-Université Works & Achievements: Alexander Grothendieck is a prominent mathematician who is well known for his theories in algebraic geometry, homological algebra and functional analysis. Awards: Fields Medal (1966) Crafoord Prize (1988) One of the foremost mathematicians of 20th century, Alexander Grothendieck is a pioneer of modern algebraic geometry. His contributions to algebraic geometry, homological algebra and functional analysis are so huge and vast, that it antagonised even his most ardent followers who envied him for his achievements. His genius was honoured by 'Fields medal' and the Crafoord prize (co-awarded) though he refused both on ethical grounds. During his long career in ...
I don't claim that religion is not true or that science answers everything. All I can say is that the best way to find out the truth is doubt and answer. And I can live in doubt and uncertainty; in fact I'd prefer that to living with answers to everything. Answers that make no sense; ones which ignore all evidences in existence. I don't do science 'cause its cool or cause its smart, I do it because it objectifies the universe and quantifies our existence. I learn science and hope to solve its mysteries because of, what Richard Feynman would call the "Kick in the discovery". In fact I believe this same principle must be applied by everyone to everything they love. There's never any use working for an achievement subjective as that of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Booker Prize or any of such sort. The sole reason to do anything should be do that thing and not to achieve it. So yes, that does mean that if I ever do fulfil my dream of being a Physicist, the Nobel Prize would never serve any motivation. I am ...
Just had a great evening with Fields Medal Winner Cédric Villani at while sketching a portait of him.
Awards reduce productivity. Just look what happens when you give a scientist a Fields medal: h/t
Follow to peek in at a meeting of Abel Prize, ACM Turing Award and Fields Medal Laureates together with young scientists
The productivity of mathematicians who win the Fields Medal declines after they win.
MT How Winning Fields Medal Affects Scientific Output: winners have the freedom 2 work in new areas!
When a mathematician wins the Fields Medal, his productivity declines. Did anyone check the calculations?
The Fields Medal is the equivalent to a Nobel Prize in Mathematics. Can you say that the Nobel Prize is stupid?
Fields medal is stupid regardless. Clubby. Lots of mathematicians productive past age 40.
A variant for Fields medal-winning mathematicians: After winning, they stop writing papers:
That's true style: Old school blackboard-based talk by Stephen Smale (Fields Medal 1966) on "Protein Folding" at Way to go!
The unlikely start of Curtis T. McMullen's Fields Medal mathematics career as shown at
fields medal, not Nobel Prize SNAP SNAP SNAP
I know my daughter will win the Fields Medal.
Cédric Villani, Mathematics Fields Medal "Difference between genius and insanity is measured only by success"
Somebody get a Fields Medal winner on the phone to fix, um, Math.
Cédric Villani is known as the of mathematics. Winner of the Fields Medal and director of the Institut ...
you're safe now - Fields Medal only goes to those under 40
Why I've refrained from winning the Fields Medal - it would make me less productive:
Cedric Villani’s research has won him many national and international prizes, in particular the Fields Medal
Toronto Symposium to Honour First Israeli Winner of Prestigious Fields Medal - Canada NewsWire (press release)
Get your tickets for the Fields Medal Symposium Student Event. FREE.
In case you missed Fields Medal winner Terence Tao's recent lecture at the Department of Mathematics, here is an...
whenever i get an answer right on i feel like i should get the Fields Medal or the Nobel Prize or at the very least a high five.
Foto: the fields medal is the one i’ll be winning.
Odds on for Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Physics and Chemistry, and Fields Medal. Place your bets now.
People Who Refused Millionaire Offers 1. The Math Genious Who Turned Down a US$1 million Prize In 2003, Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman solved the seemingly unsolvable Poincaré conjecture, a 100-year-old problem, to prove that any shape without a hole can be formed into a sphere. Considered one of the world's smartest men, Perelman published two proofs of the theorem in 2002 and 2003. It took until 2010 for a team of mathematicians to validate his results. The problem was one of the seven listed on the Cambridge, Massachusetts' Clay Mathematics Institute's Millennium Prize list. The bounty on such a solution is one million dollars and the Fields Medal, math's equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Not bad at all, right? However, right after being offered the prize he turned down the offer. The genius refused the prize, claiming the knowledge gained to be worth more than the financial reward. "I'm not interested in money or fame," Perelman stated. "Emptiness is everywhere and it can be calculated, which gi ...
How the heck does a guy who won the Fields Medal not know who Ted Kaczynski is?
This is amazingly awesome! - Massively Collaborative Mathematics by JORDAN ELLENBERG In January, Timothy Gowers, a professor of mathematics at Cambridge and a holder of the Fields Medal, math's highest honor, decided to see if the comment section of his blog could prove a theorem he could not. In two blog posts — one titled "Is Massively Collaborative Mathematics Possible?" — he proposed an attack on a stubborn math problem called the Density Hales-Jewett Theorem. He encouraged the thousands of readers of his blog to jump in and start proving. Mathematics is a process of generating vast quantities of ideas and rejecting the majority that don't work; maybe, Gowers reasoned, the participation of so many people would speed the sifting. The resulting comment thread spanned hundreds of thousands of words and drew in dozens of contributors, including Terry Tao, a fellow Fields Medalist, and Jason Dyer, a high-school teacher. It makes fascinating, if forbiddingly technical, reading. Gowers's goals for the so ...
JANUARY 21...   The more personal side of war:      Below is a letter from:...   Richard H. Adams, Jr. who was born April 21, 1842 "Altwood," Marengo County, Alabama. He was the third son of Richard Henry Adams and Anna Carter Harrison. In May 1861 Adams enlisted as a Private in Company D, 5th Alabama Infantry Regiment, and served in various Virginia campaigns until he was severely wounded at Seven Pines. He subsequently served as a staff officer for Gen. Wheeler until September 1863, when he was captured near Nashville, Tennessee. Adams was a prisoner of war from September 1863 through June 1865, and was one a group of prisoners later known as the "immortal 600," --- prisoners placed on Morris Island in Charleston harbor within direct line of fire from artillery and small arms fire from both sides, a human shield. After the war, Adams spent his career as an engineer and later Postmaster in Radford, Virginia. He married Lottie Putnam, with whom he had corresponded throughout the war. Adams died at Ra ...
ack Daniel's is a brand of sour mash Tennessee whiskey that is the highest selling American whiskey in the world.[1][2] It is known for its square bottles and black label. It is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee by the Jack Daniel Distillery, which has been owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation since 1956.[3] Despite being the location of a major operational distillery, Jack Daniel's home county of Moore is a dry county, so the product is not available for consumption at stores or restaurants within the county, although the distillery does sell commemorative bottles of whiskey. Although the product generally meets the regulatory criteria for classification as a straight bourbon, the company disavows this classification and markets it simply as Tennessee whiskey rather than as Tennessee bourbon.[4][
Pastor Bob Leroe's sermon yesterday @ Cliftondale Congregational Church 50 Essex St. Saugus, Ma. 10:45 Sundays. ”, Colossians 1:9-14; Pastor Bob Leroe, Cliftondale Congregational Church, Saugus, Massachusetts (01/20/13) Earlier this week Lance Armstrong confessed to doping, using performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France. He’s been stripped of his titles and his Olympic medal. We can only imagine the shame he is feeling, especially because the world now knows the truth. Shame is found in many places… Early on in my military career I learned about shame-based cultures. I was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea. I quickly found I had two challenges of cultural adaptation: the gung *** Infantry, and living in Asia. The military is a unique sub-culture, and within it are some elite units. The 2nd Infantry’s mottos were “Fit to Fight” & “Second-to-None.” They operated in an advanced state of readiness just below the North Korean border, the DMZ where tensions were ...
Getting stick at work today for getting both Elvis questions wrong on the company Christmas quiz Night
Dinyar Patel from Harvard University presents his scholarly research on "Understanding Parsi Population Decline in India: A Historical Perspective." Nehru Center,…
Herbalist from EC Ntate Matewu says he can help Bafana Bafana win matches at de Afcon, all he needs is an opportunity 2 rock them with his herbs then after 3 wins we can pay him for de raiming matches. Is dis Nonsense (Bafana always getting help frm outside) or we shud consider all de help they can get??
I decided to wait until this morning to write how I'm feeling.I guess you would say I felt the need to "cool down" before I typed something I may regret later! I always liked Tom Brady. I always defended him and many times cheered for him and his Patriots. Last night.I lost all respect for him (you noticed I didn't say, "lost all respect for the man".). During "The Stars Spangled Banner" the camera was scanning the players. All were so respectful with hands over hearts, some looking up at the flag, some praying, some singing, some teary eyed...but NOT TOM BRADY! He had his hands in his waist handwarmer, looking down at the ground.kicking the dirt!! Did he really think his hand/throwing arm would get that cold in the 2 minutes it takes to sing one of American's most beautiful songs? Show some respect or leave America! Most true blooded Americans would stand, hand over heart, and have goosebumps running throughout their body...Let me just say that it made my evening to see the Ravens beat the NO ...
Man getting Purple Heart back, 70 years later By Martha Waggoner - The Associated Press Posted : Saturday Jan 19, 2013 16:45:17 EST RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — When Army Cpl. George Hemphill returned to North Carolina from fighting in World War II, he tried to put the horrors of life as an infantryman behind him by not talking about what he had seen. That included not asking about the Purple Heart he had received and mailed home for safekeeping. So imagine his confusion when he learned that a Florida man had purchased his medal in 2000 at an antique store in South Carolina with the hope of one day returning it to its rightful owner. And that a man in Vermont now had his Purple Heart and wanted to return it to him in a ceremony to honor his service. "I'm just flabbergasted," said Hemphill, 90, of Union Mills. "I don't know what to think. They're just going out of their way to give it back to me. I'm just grateful to them for all the work they're doing. And the expense, it's just something. I don't know how to d ...
Fr Sheehys GAA Notes Training. Training was cancelled on Saturday evening last as a mark of respect to the late Eddie Conway. It will commence on Saturday evening next 27th Jan @ 6pm in the field. All players are asked to attend. Lotto. Lotto results from Monday 14/01/13. Numbers drawn 18,20,22,24, no winner, no match 3's, 5 lucky dips M. Fennessy, Willie Mulcahy, Isabella McLoughlin, Christy Barrett, James Wyse who received € 30.00 each. Jackpot Now € 4,050.00 Late Eddie Conway. Ní bheidh a leithéid arís ann, we shall not see his likes again, it was a thought that immediately came to mind when we learned of Eddie Conway's passing on Friday morning last. Eddie or Ned as he was more commonly know was a legendary and well known figure in our club and area, he was the last survivor from the 1948 County Junior Football winning team. He was the Vice Captain and Centre Forward and very proud of the fact they were the first the bring county honours to our parish. In 1960 when Burncourt Clogheen won a se . ...
Cheat or no cheat, what people don't get is that Lance Armstrong has done/been through more in his life then most of us ever will. And now everyone is quick on the blame game to bring him down.
Our own Seight Girl has been at it again. Heres her latest write up! Behind the walls at the Victorian Junior Track Champion ships, our team of three Seight track cycling girls, brought the crowd to their feet as Madison Fitzgerald, Jamie Gooding and Chloe Baggs contested four titles up for grabs over the weekend. For Fitzgerald and Gooding this was their first state championships, not surprisingly they were a little nervous! The Vic State Team is selected based on results at this event so they were feeling the pressure. The events were mainly sprinter orientated, which well suited our main sprinter, Gooding, whilst Baggs and Fitzgerald were focused on enduro event; the individual persuit. The first event was the 500TT, Fitzgerald placed 9th with a time of 42.637, Gooding 6th 41.909. Baggs performed incredibly yet was pipped at the post, her time of 39.023 saw her miss the gold medal by 0.28 of a second. After a short break the qualifying heats for the IP began. Gooding qualified 8th 2.54.260, Fitzgerald ...
If Serena Williams was African i tell u they wud say she has Male genes...Some of the serves she makes oh my.
My take on Lance Armstrong: Lance has said he definitely deserves to serve a ban from cycling, but not a "death sentence" (ie life ban). He feels he should serve a few years, perhaps definitely be banned from the likes of the Tour etc, but be allowed to eventually compete in Mtb and triathlons. I agree with him. Yes he cheated, yes he is a bully, yes it was a disgrace, etc. He says he was levelling the playing field, not cheating - which he defines as gaining an unfair advantage over others. I actually agree - though I do not condone his actions AT ALL. It is now common knowledge that drugs are used by many in the higher echelons of sport, not only cycling. Lance did wrong. He should have admitted his actions from the outset. BUT at least he has - which is more than many. I think he should serve time, then be allowed to come back (but never the Tour). HOWEVER, the truth is no one will ever trust him in sport again. And no matter how one looks at this issue, that is an inescapable truth. So perhaps the iss ...
Former Bafana Bafana captain Aaron Mokoena questioned the decision of benching Katlego Mphela in the opening game
Lot going on today, but I took a second to mourn the passing of Stan Musial. Never got to see him play with my own eyes, but I read a lot... and there are few men I feel are worthy of emulation. But he was one of them. Read about Stan Musials accomplishments on the baseball field, in a time before steriods, during war and after. He set so many records that they wouldnt all fit on his Hall of Fame Plaque, and that's one thing. Read about the Presidential Medal of Freedom he received, with President Obama describing him as "a man every youth should emulate"... and that's another thing. Read ALL of the autobiographies from St Louis players over the years: Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiaola (who grew up in St Louis worshipping him) Euker and McCarver... read about what other players had to say about him. Read what the men that played with and against him had to say about his 23 year career... and that's even another thing. But it was reading that he died a little over a year after the death of his wife of 70 years ...
Brigadier JOHN ALEXANDER SINTON VC 21/1/1916 Sinton was a highly distinguished figure in the medical world in two rôles: as an army doctor who saw service in both world wars, and as a medical researcher, especially in malariology on which he became an outstanding international expert. He is particularly notable for being the only person to achieve the United Kingdom's highest military award for bravery, the Victoria Cross, and also to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, the United Kingdom organisation whose membership is composed of many of that country's as well as the world's most eminent scientists. Although born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sinton was nevertheless an Ulsterman through his parents, Walter Lyon Sinton, from a Quaker linen manufacturing family, and Isabella, of the Pringle family of Derrymore House estate, near Bessbrook, County Armagh (which in 1859 had been bought and developed by John Grubb Richardson, member of the prominent Quaker linen-manufacturing family, whose relative ...
History of the Nobel Prizes “If I have 300 ideas in a year and just one turns out to work I am satisfied.” Alfred Nobel Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) Professions: Swedish scientist, inventor and businessman Patents: 355 in several countries Factories: 89 in 20 countries Fortune: In his will he left a fortune to fund the Prizes, equal to today about 265 million dollars (in 2008). Languages: Spoke 5 languages fluently at the age of 17 Family: never married, three brothers Five Nobel Prizes Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prizes, was a Swedish chemist, the inventor of dynamite and a businessman. In his last will, he wrote that much of his fortune was to be used to give prizes to those who have done their best for humanity in the field of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. The Nobel Foundation Not everybody was pleased with Alfred Nobel’s will and it was opposed by his relatives and questioned by the authorities in various countries. It took four years until the Nobel Fo ...
my day: 1) Woke up to the alarm at 5:30 am after sleeping like crap. Neighbors had party until 1 am. 2) brought to tea in the car and rode to the light rail station. 3) debated wether or not to leave my jacket in the car or to have to drag it around. 4) brought jacket with me. 5) rode light rail to start line of PF Changs. 6) 7:49 am. couldn't resist petting a cute Maltese. Heard gun go off. Not in corral yet. 7) Didn't care. I am in corral 17 with a wave start. 8) 8:20 am. Reached the start line. Wanted to take jacket off so I could run in my supercute running skirt instead of tying it around my waist. 9) 9:40ish finished Mini Marathon. 5.4 miles. Don't even care that it is snail slow. I didn't train, and my back has been bothering me. If fact, I wasn't even sure if it would hurt me to run. 10) It didn't. received my red finisher medal and a bottle of Arrowhead. I hate Arrowhead, but i was thirsty. was handed Gatorade. Was handed Rockin Refuel (yum). Was handed fruit cup. was han ...
I am still have trouble grasping that in a few months my child will be representing our country in a competition. I know without a doubt he will give it his all! I think I'll break down when I see him all dressed in his USA uniform. It'll be all happy tears when that medal gets put around his neck! : ) As always, thanks for supporting him!
3D Archery World Archery 3D championships are being held as per the Rules in Book 2, Article 4.5.7, which is being described below. Rules for 3D Archery Frequently Asked Questions Please find below various FAQ in view of the FITA 3D Rules. FAQ on 3D Archery HTML - (Last update: 13 June 2012) Characteristics During World Championships the following bows are used: · Barebow · Compound · Instinctive Bow · Longbow Ø For Barebow, Instinctive Bow and Longbow divisions the unmarked distances may have a maximum of 30 m distance from the shooting peg to the 3D animal target. Ø For the Compound division the distance may be a maximum of 45 m. Ø The archers must judge the distance between shooting peg and the 3D-animal target and also consider the surroundings e.g. an uphill or downhill shooting and the effects of the gravity in calculating how to shoot the arrow. Ø The 3D animal targets have 4 scoring zones: an 11, a 10, an 8 and a 5. Ø The archer must also know what to carry onto the competition field in . ...   10% Off
not qualified, gotta be alive, baka Fields Medal for mathematics if he counted on way down and wrote it.
Talk by Fields Medallist "On curvature, gas and human beings - From Monge to Boltzmann to Riemann" Prof Cedric Villani (University of Lyon) 2pm-3pm, 22 January 2013 (Tue), Institute for Infocomm Research, Room: Edison - 21st Floor, South Tower, Fusionopolis BIO: Cedric Villani was born in 1973 in France. He studied mathematics in École Normale Supérieure in Paris, from 1992 to 1996, and spent four more years as assistant professor there. In 1998 he defended his PhD on the mathematical theory of the Boltzmann equation. Cedric’s work is deeply influenced by Pierre-Louis Lions (Paris, France), Yann Brenier (Nice, France), Eric Carlen (Rutgers, USA) and Michel Ledoux (Toulouse, France). From 2000 to 2010, he was Professor at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon , and is now a Professor at the University of Lyon . He has held Visiting Professor positions in Atlanta, Berkeley and Princeton. Since 2009, he is the Director of the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, an 80-year old national institute, which is at ...
*** poor sportsmanship. the trade mark of southern Augusta county's high school!!
It was 7 p.m. on October 20th, 1968. Only a few spectators remained in the Mexico City Olympic Stadium. The winner of the 26 mile marathon had crossed the finish line more than an hour ago, and now, the last of the marathon runners were across the finish line and leaving the track. As the last few spectators began to leave, those sitting by the entrance suddenly heard the sound of sirens. One last runner appeared at the entrance. The man, whose leg was bloody and bandaged, was wearing the colours of Tanzania. The Tanzanian runner, experiencing intense pain, hobbled around the 400 meter track in the stadium, and the few remaining spectators rose and applauded him as though he was the winner. After crossing the finish line he slowly walked off the field without turning to the cheering spectators. In view of his injury, and having no chance of winning any medal, a curious spectator asked him why he did not quit the race. The Tanzanian runner replied, 'My country did not send me 7000 miles to start the race, ...
Note from the ADMIN: Here's an example of RESPECT that you read about on our you ever visit one of those pages where you see alleged Marines denigrating other Marines where they attempt to talk down to them to make themselves look "more badass" or whatever adjective they are trying to achieve? You may also witness them attempting to talk down to other veterans of other armed forces. Listen up Devil Dogs, this behavior not only makes the alleged Marine look like trash, but it brings disrespect to our United States Marine Corps. There is one aspect about being a Marine that does not EVER NEED to be constantly reminded to anyone. We're MARINES, period. If you have a problem with another Marine, I suggest the Marine you should be talking to is that Marines Drill Instructor(s), not the Marine. I'd also suggest that anyone sitting there behind their computer making such comments would NOT go face to face with that Drill Instructor. The bottom line is, the only people whoever need to constantly at ...
Not expecting a medal or anything, but today I looked after 16 horses and their water, hay and in some cases hard feed needs, dug them new "troughs" in the field stream, mucked out the yard numerous times, AND vacuumed the downstairs of the house, did the dishes once, made soup, made thai curry, and bathed both kids. Also managed to get about 15 rows of my knitting done (long rows). Lazy Sunday? Why, that would be lovely!
I posted something about an Aussie kid winning a world champioship yesterday and got more love from folks wonder the N.B.L. only has eight teams.Who really loves this game?I'm a fan of these kids first then a coach.It's ok to say well done mate.
Would anyone be opposed to using neuro-enhancing drugs?
1993 U.S. President Bill Clinton signs the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (the Brady Bill) into law. 1993 The North American Free Trade Agreement is signed into law by US President Bill Clinton. 1994 Former Arkansas state worker Paula Jones files suit against President Bill Clinton, alleging that he had sexually harassed her in 1991. 1994 Francisco Martin Duran fires over two dozen shots at the White House (Duran is later convicted of trying to kill US President Bill Clinton). 1995 President Bill Clinton authorizes a $20 billion loan to Mexico to stabilize its economy. 1995 U.S. President Bill Clinton became the first President to visit Northern Ireland. 1996 Whitewater controversy: President Bill Clinton gives a 4½ hour videotaped testimony for the defense. 1996 U.S. President Bill Clinton's former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, James McDougal and Susan McDougal, and the Governor of Arkansas Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud. 1996 Bill Clinton signs welfare ...
What a day for Portlaoise Ac,We had a fantastic turnout in both events with Aengus Burke leading our crew home in the Heath 10k.Portlaoise had up to 20 runners in action and all acquired themselves well on the 10k circuit.Performance of the day has to go to our Leinster Junior champion David Mulhare who ran away from the field to take his first provincial title.David doubled up by leading his teammates to Co silver medals.Not to be outshone Paula Grant and Ruth Hodgins scored on the silver medal Laois team in the Senior ladies race.Our final medal of the day went to Harry Lupton in the Senior men's event.Harry finished in 10th place to lead Laois to silver Co team.A great day for the club,back in work now and no pc but full set of pics from both events tomorrow.
Hi all, just to confirm we will again be competing in the Mid Lancs Track & Field League this summer! It is much better this year with more local fixtures included such as Ormskirk and Wigan. Great for improving your 5k and 10k pbs! Full fixture list: • Sat 27th April Blackpool • Sat 18th May Preston • Sat 15th June Lancaster • Sun 21st July Ormskirk • Sat 10th August Hyndburn • Sat 31st August - Medal Mtg Wigan Cheers, Rob :)
Field Archery Field World Championships The first World Field Championships were held in 1959. However, the second championships were not held until ten years later. World Field Championships are now being held every two years. World Games Archery at the World Games Characteristics Shot in three divisions (compound, recurve and barebow) Marked (known) and unmarked (unknown) distances, from 5 to 60 meters, depending on the division Requires shooting uphill and downhill, often with varying positions for the feet The arrow flight differs on a given distance because of the angle of the shot, which means that the archer must know by experience how much to subtract or add when shooting up or downhill, across a gully, etc The archer needs to plan and experiment with clothing and equipment in order to be prepared for “everything” as he/she has to carry everything with him/her The target faces have six scoring zones as shown on the diagram below Individual Competition (World Championships) Qualification round ...
Chicken were used during the Gulf Wars to detect poisonous gasses, in an operation called Kuwaiti Field Chicken (KFC); the US marines designation for chicken used in this role was Poultry Chemical Confirmation Devices. The plan was put on hold after 41 of 43 chicken used for such purposes died within a week of arrival in Kuwait. During the First Gulf War, the Weekly World News published a fictional account how such a chicken was awarded a medal after saving a French general's life.
LoJo Entertainment, Inc. is dedicated to providing entertainment to the local community utilizing our diversified skills, services, and partnerships to increase the general lively-hood of our immediate community through sports, music, and other traditional and non-traditional forms of entertainment.
St. Moses the Black When most people think, "Orthodox Christian Saint", the first phrase that pops into their heads generally isn't "skull-crushing badass". Saints are supposed to be skinny bearded dudes in ratty burlap robes who sit around in caves surrounded by lepers. These poor hermits generally earn the right to carry the mantle of Sainthood for accomplishing some crazy abstract nonsense like philosophizing about the nature of the Trinity, writing a bunch of incomprehensible dogmatic theses about God-knows-what, and/or generally just talking about how awesome the Church is. That's just the nature of Christianity; you don't get served Holy Bacon Strips at Jesus' breakfast table when you spend your life face-punching jerks unconscious, setting farmhouses on fire, and threatening people with knives. That is, unless you're Saint Moses the Black. Moses was a big, jacked Ethiopian hardass who left his Central African home in the middle of the 4th century in search of adventures and excitement in the fa ...
Ricardo Kaka: Yeah, It's True Messi Is the Best But CRISTIANO Is Better Then the Best ! He and Cristiano are the best in the world, but in today's game, in the modern game, Cristiano is the most complete player in the world. Cristiano can score goals with his left, with his right, with his head and from set-pieces. Messi is excellent with all the great things he has, but Cristiano is a more complete player than him.' Cristiano is the best player that I have played with. I have played against Zidane, but I did not play with him. C Ronaldo is the best for his genius , Skill and his speed of thought.
Morning is breaking in Santiago and all is quiet from the bivouac. What we know back in the UK is Simon has finished in a fantastic 59th place to earn his 7th Dakar Finishers Medal. His Husqvarna TE449SPR has run almost faultlessly for the entire rally. Back at base we are all incredibly proud of Simon and the whole team's achievement! As soon as we have more news from the team we will post it here...
Battle Field 3 is turning into a run and gun just like Call Of duty! Medal Of honor is the best game right now
getting angry watching The Lance Armstrong interviews. he shouldnt have been given a forum to weazle his way out of his ban and i hope his former sponsors clean him out.
Let me recap the Lance Armstrong case for myself, just to be certain I'm not missing anything crucial: He's a former Olympic star in a sport his own country detests, and cheated to win a bunch of bicycle races. In France. FInally got up the ball to confess to Oprah Winfrey on national TV, causing widespread anxiety. Somewhere, presumably. Still not feeling the panic.
Thank you for your time and continued support. Little League has been in the City of Coachella since 2009. This is our 5th year reaching out to over a thousand plus youth ages 4 to 18 in the Eastern Coachella Valley. We try to get youth who have never played before, who have come from single family homes and are in a financial hardship. In 2010 we started our Challengers Division. This is for youth who are mentally or physically challenged. We are the only program in the Coachella Valley that provides a Challengers Division. This will be our 4th year offering the Challenger Division. Please help us with any support you can provide. We are in need of help in the following areas: 1. Player Sponsorship ($60 per player) 2. Equipment (balls, bats, helmets, catchers gear, pitcher’s mound) 3. Field Sponsorship (City is charging for field use this year) 4. Light Sponsorship (City is charging for light use this year) 5. All Stars Sponsorship ( helps for transportation, gas and food) 6. Participation Trophy/Medal ...
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