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Field Museum

The Field Museum of Natural History (abbreviated FMNH) is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It sits on Lake Shore Drive next to Lake Michigan, part of a scenic complex known as the Museum Campus Chicago.

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Awesome photos of Virtual Field Trip at the Maritime Museum of San Diego
BETA field trip to WW2 Museum and Cafe Reconcile.
If there is one place on the face of this Earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very…
Bruker & Metropolitan Museum of Art Partner in Field of Cultural Heritage Science More anal…
Exhausting but amazing field trip with my CGE kinders!! First time to the museum for so many. h…
Bruker and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Announce Partnership in the Field of Cultural Heritage Science – MilTech
I think I’ve found your inspiration for “Up again’ a wall in the middle of a field...” in a museum in B…
It wasn't a field trip to the Witte Museum if your teachers didn't have you sit on these steps 💯
There's a great compilation of museum field trip wishlists from teachers (hosted by for people want…
Are you planning to visit us over the Christmas period? We're looking forward to starting our 'From Field to Feast' acti…
Grade 9 students went on a field trip to Siriraj Medical Museum! Read more here:.
Too much fun at the Flight Museum! We give it an A+. These kiddos were excited and engaged all day and our Verde h…
What a teaching day:. 1. Return from Conference in Boston last night. 2. 9am field trip to military muse…
Going to my daughter's Fernbank Museum field trip
Grade 4 field trip to the Kitchener museum!
We loved our field trip to the Raupp Museum where we participated in hands on activities showing us what life was l…
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How wonderful it turned out! The Porechans. Macedonian Poreche 1932-33 in Józef Obrębski’s ethnographic records: an exhi…
Field Museum announces 2018 free days for Illinois residents:
Conservationist and taxidermist Carl Akeley poses, his arms and hands bandaged, beside a leopard he killed with his bare…
"Our kids praying outside the Field Museum in downtown Chicago." Photo shared by
It’s a Night at the Museum! The UIC Homecoming Dance will be at the Field Museum of Natural History on Nov 18 🎉 https…
You should check out for a great selection. Family should for sure go to Field Museum. Also L…
Famed rex 'Sue' getting a makeover at Field Museum in Chicago
An exposition of Indian Americans is on at the Field Museum, chicago. At the top: kalpana chawla
This just in: "Field Museum surprisingly invites the entire West Ham United Football Club for visit."
I've been to a lot of chintzy "dinosaur" exhibits in my time, but the one at the Field Museum is the best.
So, anyone else read the headline that is on the move and start humming some
You might say they're having a ...Field day.
Skeleton of world’s largest dinosaur headed to the main hall of Chicago’s Field Museum
regram hrhtheroyals. ♔ 5/34:Diana in Versace at a dinner at the Field Museum Of Natural History…
A look at the biggest dinosaur ever discovered, coming soon to the Field Museum
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
From the archives: Spending my birthday at the Field Museum
I'm not sure how I feel about the whole sue being moved to an exhibition thing.That's what the field museum is known for, out & in the open
here's what discovered about us on their field trip to Thanks…
Biggest dinosaur ever discovered to be put on display...
"I go into the field and bring these organisms back so that we can study them forever." - at our first Night a…
Make a visit to before they go off display for a year or so in February.
Vincent van Gogh. "Wheat field (or Wheat field with Alpilles foothills in the background)" (1888). - Van Gogh museum,Am…
Yes!! More dinos at the Field Museum! I seriously cannot wait to see this behemoth.
Field Museum dinosaur shuffle: Titanosaur coming thanks to CEO. SUE moving on up. via
Sue The T. Rex will no longer greet Field Museum visitors (but she's getting her own room)
I liked a video Meet the Museum's only Field Biologist
ok reason i go to the field museum is my boys from tsavo, but sue. SUE.
Move over, Sue. . The world's largest dinosaur is coming to the Field Museum, and it'll dwarf the apex predator. https:…
Interviewed by Chicago Tribune yesterday. They are moving Sue! It's a good thing🤓
So is moving to a new exhibit space in the & will be replaced by a titanosaur... cool!
Update your maps at Navteq
Big news!. Field Museum dinosaur shuffle: Titanosaur coming, SUE on the move via
Hang on SUE, is the Field Museum really actually looking for a social media manager? For someone to be…
Largest dinosaur ever discovered heads to Field Museum, Sue the T. rex moves to exhibition: https:…
Big changes are coming to Chicago's Field Museum -- literally:
Field Museum to host "world's largest dinosaur" stretching 122 feet, over 3x Sue’s length and almost 7x her bulk. https…
Stripe Pajamas, watch the movie, take a field trip down to the JFK memorial & Holocaust museum where they hear a survivor from the
Sometimes you just KNOW that a show is going to rock! Sunday: Mary Hennen and Peggy Macnamara of The Field Museum...
SVU on IONDTV: 'Clock' - Stabler and Fin investigate the disappearance of two high-school students from a museum field-trip; Stabler meets..
It's Sue and other dinasors from the Field museum
1st trip 2 beautiful ballpark. Miss the Big Clubhouse store & the HOF and museum & Turner Field parking.
So if anyone wanna date me, I have a membership to the field museum so we can go & only have to pay for 1 ticket 😇
i hope next year i can land an internship at the field museum or transfer to UH
I def loved it! I really want to go back and visit the Field Museum though. And take Mhoram cause they're a dino nerd
i could always drag him to the field museum for those Dank Bones
The aquarium is pretty great though, fwiw! Like, the field museum is my forever fave but fish. :D
Team gets it done at Baer Field as Bobby Santos smokes the field in tonight's feature
Driving downtown Chicago is a nightmare. GPS said it was ten minutes from Field Museum to where I was to pick up daughter. Took me an hour.
The next thing the Field Museum will do for money is rent out dead animals for parties.
Only we would be "smart" enough to decide to visit the Field Museum on Lolla weekend during the Bears Family Day. B…
The Field Museum is so desperate for quick cash that it opened a tattoo shop.
It looks fine - the 'tab' beneath abdomen tip is visible in silhouette. In the…
Children's program kids, learning all about mummies at the Chicago Field Museum!
Seafair weekend in Seattle. Museum of flight at Boeing field. The planes used by the military through history.
Are you looking to gain experience in the museum field? Then consider interning at the Lee-Fendall House Museum!…
The Children's Program is taking on the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History today!
Short trip from my to spend a morning at the Field Museum
Museum collaborates with brewers to bottle 3,000-Year-Old Chinese Beer Recipe
Hey everyone I just visited the field museum for Jurassic World the exhibition
I've taken many a field trip of school children there. Countless visits and held membe…
When will you be in PNS? Air Commando museum at Hurlbert Field (just across Pensacola Bay) on my bucke…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
My sis & mom are in Chicago, I'm jelly lol. I never got to go to the Field Museum, & they got some authentic sushi yesterday ☺🔫
Sue the tyrant at the Field Museum, Chicago.
why does it look like Xiumin & Minhyuk are on a field trip together at the natural science museum 💀
(— away on a field trip to a scientific museum just shortly before the beginning of Christmas holidays the previous year, —
Free Admission to Field Museum in Chicago - click on image for details.
kids had a field trip to a heritage museum. See here:
Were they just handing out ponchos in Chicago today? Kids on an art field trip were wearing them outsid…
I live resources like that. I know nobody in this area unless I go to a museum. Lol. I blame my kin…
Archaeological Field Trip to the Government Museum, Ooty by Providence college students .
Plan a summer field trip to Museum in Austin, MB. Visit between July 22 - Aug 27 and check out the Canola t…
It's at a country club and I don't care what anyone says a country club is basically a sports field clubhouse. Not like the symphony/museum
We head to the top of the fifth at Citi Field. lead, 2-0. Chris Taylor will lead off.
Getting ready for the Welcome to The Field Museum on.
Went to see the Jurassic World exhibit at the Field Museum in the Chi and saw training the raptors 😍
HOME_A field trip to the museum with Delores Churchill
Absolutely stacked field for the G2 National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame Stakes at Saratoga. YOSHIDA will be the…
They're awesome. Learn about them. Go to Boeing Field /Museum of Flight to see their ground show. Plus, e…
Overseen at the Field Museum. So many questions...
Chicago: Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Field Museum's insect collection on 3/28! Tix: http:…
Oooh, this looks like such a great museum field trip enhancement!
Google Pratt Cats in Brooklyn NY should meet museum Cats then field trip to fla to meet Hemingway…
Ranger Up field trip in 2019 anyone?
my colleague's husband is a designer who makes giant jerseys for the Art Institute lions & Field Museum dinos! did you know t…
Field Museum scientists are taking over for an evening of cocktails and curiosity on June 20:…
Don't mow the milkweed! Head to Brushwood on 6/25, 1-3pm to hear the Field Museum's Dr. Abigail Derby Lewis talk...
I've also been to the Field Museum in Chicago twice, the American Museum in NYC, and the Smithsonian in DC
Also today, I don't know who runs the account for Chicago's Field Museum. But I want to be their friend.
Great field trip to Bell County Museum with the NCS crew!
Flap your wings and fly with Birdly, a full-body virtual reality flight simulator
7th Grade Field Trip: Museum of Science and Industry and Navy Pier -…
my one sister kept being like "we should go to the field museum!" and i was like HUH PROBABLY MAYBE NOT
Chicago (IL) Sun-Times: 3 years for woman who embezzled $1 million from Field Museum
As a kid has anyone went to a movie theater as field trip... excluding a trip to science museum where the had first IMAX theatre
Kindergarten field trip to the Discovery Museum! Awesome day, thanks teachers and parents!
"We're a people with the past, not of the past" History lessons with at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL. https:/…
Going on a school field trip to the Detroit museum in May
Chris might get me an internship at the Field Museum and 5 yo me definitely isn't sobbing rn
5th grade field trip to where they visited the Rutgers Geology Museum took a tour of the New Brunswick ca…
Ex-Field Museum worker given 3 years in prison for stealing nearly $1 million
We had a blast today on our field trip!
The sign on at Field is being changed to reflect the name change to Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Mu…
Admission to the Field Museum will be half price Saturday in honor of the
Here are some clips of our field trip today!
"Went to the Field Museum of Chicago and ran into this fella"
I was just at the Field Museum recently but now I need to go back!!
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What a great field trip today at the royal tyrrell museum! Now…
Check out the new exhibit coming to the Field Museum!
The Field Museum has always been my favorite place in Chicago. Can't wait till it's nicer out so I can go again!
will host the exhibit. So excited .
oh 😂😂 Niya class taking a field trip to the Rural Iife museum, USS Kidd and some other stuff.
A Jurassic Park exhibition is coming to the field museum!
Day Two: 5th Grade Field Trip update! Began the day at the City Museum, then to The Science Center, The...
Students in the Media Center were able take a virtual field trip to the WWII Museum, located in…
Chicago Tribune: Blockbuster 'Jurassic World' exhibition will bring dinosaur park to Field Museum.
A blizzard spared me from having to give him a tour at the Field Museum! 😕
'Jurassic World' Exhibit is coming to the Field Museum, bringing friends for SUE:
A "Jurassic World" exhibit is coming to the Field Museum
BOW ID time. I took both pictures here, one at the desert museum and one at the zoo. Don't let that fool you for t…
"Jurassic World" exhibition at Field Museum "a blend of real science and great entertainment.”
ICYMI: our joint report with on the gender gap in art museum directorships is now live
I haven't been to the Field Museum in ages and now they're bringing a Jurassic Park exhibit so who's going with me?
Having the best time at the Field Museum with 6-2!
I'm not looking for a museum job at the moment but do support field through writing advocacy. Is it enough?
I added a video to a playlist Vlog: Roadschool field trip to the Florida Air Museum
Ju is learning about dinosaurs in class. I thought I we would go to the natural science museum but they already have a field trip planned 🙄
Join us for an art + science collaboration in The Backroom (on Friday, March 24: htt…
Field Museum of host massive 'Jurassic World' exhibition
NEW!! "Field Trip" to Natural History Museum of Ireland! More VR in education please!!
2nd grade really enjoyed the community field trip yesterday. Library, fire station, college museum and courthouse!
We're looking forward to our field trip to Gateway Science Museum's "Design Zone" exhibit on April 4th! 😃…
I miss when art theft was difficult and classy, like stealing a painting from a museum with a laser field.
Jurassic World: The Exhibition is set to open its gates at the Field Museum on May 26th!
Jurassic World exhibition will bring interactive dinosaur park to
The "O" in "Whole," however, does clock in a smidge taller than Sue, the Field Museum's Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, reports…
Field Museum is amazing. the Greek Isles is amazing. Al's is amazing.
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Somebody call the field museum, one of their mummies is loose.
Field trip fun! Second graders at the science museum and third graders at Camp Flintlock!
Entirety of Field Museum's probably too broad. So's entirety of Art Institute (but there I can say Buddhas in shady halls).
Field Museum pop-up bar the Backroom has turned part of the Chicago Athletic Association into a scientist’s office…
A whirlwind date to the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, and the Museum of Science and Industry.
"Field Museum of Poor Political Contemporary Art" placed below the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin who led Korea to i…
Fine Arts field trip to the 3D Museum in 798 Art District.
Isaac Roberts (1829 – 1904) pioneered the field of astrophotography of nebulae. Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomica…
We had fun today on our field trip to the MS Ag Museum for the…
I wanna see terra cotta soldiers at field museum before the exhibit ends in jan but idk how much the tickets are lol
Kindergarten field trip to the Children's Museum
8 Ways to Liven Up the Art Museum Field Trip -- great ideas from
Yesterday Chindamanee Kindergarten students had a field trip to Royal Thai Air Force Museum. It was an...
The Field Museum of Chicago's giving visitors the chance to get a tattoo as part of an exhibition.
A visit to Positano is like stepping into a spectacular painting mounted on a museum wall.
Field Museum visitors, scientists to interact in new exhibit
3rd grade on a field trip to the Perez Art Museum Miami
Mrs.Shay presented about a field trip for the Multi-handicap room at the Children's museum that will be scenery friendly
Field Museum opens learning space for visitors to interact with artifacts
"Fresh science" gets a room of its own. . Inside the new Grainger Science Hub at
La Estudiantina de Guanajuato this Saturday at the Field Museum. Let's support our culture. Clasicas,
New on Musings of a Museum Fanatic: The Field of Screams Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt by …
I get to go on an all-day field trip to the art museum tomorrow for AP art history and I'm excited to thumbnail sketch Taako in every painti
Our students enjoyed their field trip to the Health Museum today!
Ah, nothing like timing your meals incorrectly and feeling yourself get dizzy while you're in the middle of a museum on a field trip
Kindergartners went on a field trip to visit the Aberdeen Gardens Museum! Thank You for giving them an experience of a lif…
Spanish 4 on their field trip today to Chicago and the National Museum of Mexican Art. We are having a great time!
Tonight: Meet curators and learn about their latest trips to the field http…
Our 5th graders are all smiles today during a field trip to the Botanical Gardens and Museum of the American Indian…
Checking out some tattoo history with nestnumber4 @ The Field Museum
No dissections this time, but had a fabulous time with at the tattoo show at the Field museum this we…
Spartacus, a service dog, owned by a Special Agent with Little Rock Field Office, greeted the boys and their f…
Our 2nd graders had a fabulous time on their field trip today to the McKinley Museum!
The new exhibit is creating buzz at the some color to your life and check it out!
RSMS Social Justice Leaders were very humbled by a moving & impactful field trip to the Holocaust Museum today
Congrats on your new Grainger Science Hub! ICI is proud to be your partner:
Cub Scouts Pack 82 with the Ouachita Council toured the Museum and Learning Center at the Little Rock FBI Field Off…
Our 2nd and 3rd graders enjoyed their field trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum today.
Heading into the Field Museum. I'm quite excited about the Tattoo…
All of this is on a green roof over the parking structure at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. UF Field Expe…
What a great field trip for juniors to the 9-11 museum thanks to the CHS Social Studies Department
ACADEC field trip to the Houston Holocaust Museum
We learned so much at today's field trip. Incredible docents at the Peabody Museum of Natural History.
Field Trip day with the Bill Roberts squad. It's all about fun while you learn. @ Denver Museum…
Students of Grade 4 during their field trip to Vishveshwariah Museum_16th November 2016
The Field Museum has amazing main exhibits, but there a lot of great things to see off the beaten pa
Going on field trip to LA science museum💗😀
At Field Museum, 'fresh science' gets a room of its own - Chicago Tribune: Chicago…
The former pres of the UO is now CEO of the Field Museum and also my buddy. If you see Richard Lariviere tell him hi!
Totally awe inspiring. The terracotta army, currently at the Field Museum, Chicago. One thing…
Also spotted at the Field Museum, this civil servant amongst the terracotta warriors looks like an early
Spotted at the Field Museum last week. The terracotta warriors... had geese. Heads-up,
If you're in Chicago you have to go to the Field Museum. Oooh - and the Adler Planetarium. Both amaze.
Mon Aug 29 Day Trippers - Our next adventure is to the Field Museum to see the Terracotta Warrior exhibit.
ASI staff selfie at Chicago's incredible Field Museum, scene of our formal recognition dinner of industry winners
Can't wait for tonight's prestigious Counselor Awards @ Field Museum. Who will win??
Looking south from the Field Museum and a newly completed Soldier Field, 1924, Chicago.
Good days to head to the Field Museum. . .
Van Gogh's bedroom exhibit at AIC Field Museum has terra cotta warriors
Enjoying the Terra Cotta warriors at the Field Museum
Indiana Jones would feel at home here: Field Museum, Chicago
I never get to do "couple things" because I'm always single & that really blows. I just wanna go to the Field Museum!
Me: what was your favorite sculpture at the museum field trip?. E: the gates of *** Me: *approving nod*
Library, Field Museum of Natural History, then a seedy diner, no
"GRAMMY Museum sponsored "Our City and Nature" field trip. Learning about sustainability, permaculture and...
Chicagoans know the famous Bushman at the Field Museum.
Whole school field trip to the Seattle Art Museum for the Kehinde Wiley exhibit!
he runs the creation museum. And now he's built an Ark,in a field,with modern equipment,and no animals.
if you never seen Paul Laurence Dunbar's house or been to the Wright brothers museum on a field trip in m…
Field work at the the and the research lab with
was a very long day. But now happily strolling around the Field Museum and really feeling on holiday
So I'm off next Friday April 1st who's trying to go to the field museum & planetarium for free with me that day?!!?
Today we went to the art museum in Des Moines.🎨🖌😄😐. and Paintings. Trip🚌🚍
Crocker art museum for the princess's field trip
Here's what happens when 24 fourth graders spend a week at a museum via
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More exploring on our field trip today after visiting the ICT Discovery museum in Geneva
Fabulous field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry! Learned something new--I now know why we call them upper & lowercase letters.
Had a great time exploring at The Field Museum
Field trippin' at the Virginia Science Museum with little man Luke. Check out the trip on…
Visit the Museum this weekend to view our new exhibition "Field of Play" opening Saturday!
Different species of live in different species of host animals
Replica of the moon held by the Field Columbian Museum, circa 1900. More images here:
Looks like a museum diorama of the Battle of Xandar with a school field trip group looking on.
4th grade field trip to George W. Carver museum.
These fourth graders spent an entire week and it changed their world
it was nice to see a familiar face at the Field Museum in Chicago!
History Museum field trip! Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers for joining us!
Gladys City Spindletop Museum field Trip today with my class. The…
Record-Courier Photo Museum: 1978 Crestwood HS girls track and field. Identifications at
Look who I met at the Chicago Field Museum! Clay warriors from Ancient China - 1974
Reminder that tomorrow Pre-K will be taking a field trip to the Science Museum. Please send lunch in a disposable...
Check out this excellent piece on grantee programs.
Field Museum study reveals evolution of malaria - EurekAlert (press release)
Help 80 underprivileged kids go on a field trip. Donate to UAD- Grade 5 Museum of Science Trip via
Field Museum study reveals evolution of malaria
" Field Museum study reveals evolution of malaria: Malaria affects close to 500 million people every ...
My poor baby girl. She was so excited for today, their field trip to the children's museum and she didn't feel...
Schools can experience colonial history locally with field trips to the Smith-Appleby House Museum
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum (DC), the Field Museum of Natural History (Chi), and the Art Institute (Chi)
The only experience I have with the Southshore is taking it to the Field Museum and Millennium Park.
Field Museum is one of the world's great museums of environment, and culture, a focus of...
Lived in Chicago my whole life and still haven't been to the Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, or the Field Museum. Wut 😒
IL residents can get in Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, and Shedd Aquarium for
Ahh, to see the Field Museum's old evolution of aerobic respiration puppet show one last time...
The late great Bill Stanley of the Field Museum on fostering and inspiring the next generation of natural scientists
New partnership with Field Museum: Mark J. Bouman, Chicago Region program director in the Keller Science Action…
Originals First - OF: Frank Waln at the Field Museum of Natural History ... via YouTube ……
You know, I've seen those Ghost and the Darkness lions at the Field Museum. Not that impressive. Val Kilmer was sort of a puss.
I like movies that explore other cultures and their superstitions. Plus it was filmed in Chicago at the Field Museum.
This wonderful brooch is part of the Grainger Hall of Gems at the Field Museum in Chicago. Again, thanks are due...
Spent last week in Chicago, visited the Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, and the Shedd Aquarium.
Field Museum, Chicago. Love to Travel?. Meet with others for lunch who do too.
Bill Stanley, Field Museum scientist had mouse, frog named after him, dies while doing fieldwork...
Got my last two Mold-A-Rama dinosaurs at the Field Museum in Chicago last month. $2.50 a pop now.
Field Museum in Chicago, if I remember right
Chicago as seen from the Field Museum of Natural History [via
The Stanley Cup won't be in Chicago for much longer, but the Field Museum is offering a last-chance opportunity for fans to pose for
Relic is one of my favorite movies because it was filmed at the Field Museum in Chicago
New w/c Dragon of Komodo at the Field Museum of Chicago
Field Museum's Bill Stanley dies doing fieldwork in Ethiopia. Had mouse, frog named for him.
Field Museum raises admission fees: In a few months, the cost will go up to see Sue the T-Rex up…
Field Museum gears up for Halloween Gathering festival, parade: A small girl in a red shirt danced…
Admission to the Field Museum will be more expensive next year — even for Illinois residents
Field Museum to Raise Admission Next Year - Chicagoans will pay $16 from $13, non-residents will pa…
Field Museum to Raise Admission Next Year: The increase, to $16 from $13 for adult Chicagoans, will begin Jan. 1.
See the for free in Millenium Park tomorrow... or at the Field Museum in the evening:
Bike ride along Lake Michigan to the Field Museum @ The Field Museum
Field Museum scientist dies while doing research in
Field Museum scientist dies while doing research in Ethiopia
It's a bittersweet time of year in The Field Museum's Bird Collection
Conducting some research and field testing of museum guides for a project while on holiday.
They do tours of the preservation lab--field trip?!?!
LIVE on Field trip to The Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum
Love Field Museum in Chicago! Sue was a T-Rex with skull weighing 600 lbs. See film Dinosaur 13 about her discovery.
I'm on this art museum field trip and the cafe server just tried to play me. My mentor got chicken salad & he wouldn't make me one
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Local soccer field to be rededicated as walking veterans museum
Young Professionals members visit the Field Museum this past Saturday to view the Ancient Egypt exhibit with...
on Ward collection: try contacting Emily Graslie with the Field Museum for tips? Also look up The Brain Scoop
Going to college in the city means field trips to the metropolitan museum of art
"Intergalactic architectural petting zoo." ~ on a lakefront with Lucas, McCormick & Soldier Field.
Greensboro Children's Museum offers a variety of hands on activities for field trip students K - 6th grade:...
103 Battalion REME - 169 Field Company recruitment at the Imperial War Museum last weekend
I have family in McHenry and am going to a Cubs game Sunday PM. I think I want to go to the aquarium and Field Museum too.
I'd be down if they met on a field trip to a museum in New York or something.
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