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Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel (also known as an observation wheel or big wheel) is a nonbuilding structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with passenger cars (sometimes referred to as gondolas or capsules) attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, the cars are kept upright, usually by gravity.

Navy Pier Las Vegas Space Needle Chihuly Garden

Japan finds a way to make the Ferris. Wheel more fun.
*news: wildfires approaching Disneyland*. Nothing says 2017 like a smiling Mickey Mouse ferris wheel backlit by massiv…
What do you think about the Ferris Wheel Towers? Did you hear that head of FBI investigation in Vegas is John P…
Cakung now home to Indonesia's tallest Ferris wheel - Jakarta Post
If you Dnt get twerked on while smoking a joint while u riding the Ferris wheel then why even go to the fair
Stop being scared, it's a big ole enclosed Ferris Wheel. Smoke something or drink something and get on
The debut of Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Ferris Wheel, and serial murder.
A bizarre photo of the Klu Klux Klan riding a Ferris Wheel in Canon City, Colorado, 1925
101. Some ideas for kicking off or evaluating your current approach. 🎡👍🏼
On the ferris wheel. looking out on Coney Island /. under more stars than. there are prostitues in Thailand
Mighty Joe Young falling off the Ferris wheel
Afternoon sip on a ferris Austria.anyone?! htt…
Simon (getting on the Ferris wheel to meet Blue for the first time 😱
Did you know that Detroit's I-94 Uniroyal tire was once a giant ferris wheel at the 1964 NY World's Fair?
(Sltrib) The new namaste: on a Ferris wheel, near dolphins : Surrounded by imposing Las Vegas..
I hate a ferris wheel too. Earthquake sounds better
Order Miche Bag Online!
It was so cool! We were literally just off a see through Ferris wheel which was terr…
Ferris wheel in the town abandoned for over 30 years following nuclear disaster...
The ferris wheel in DT is not worth it. On baby. You get a better view off google maps
I like a girl comfortable enough to do it on a ferris wheel.
🎡 Which colour Ferris Wheel carriage will stop on the arrow?. 🎉 500 Loyalty Points can be won!. 📝 T&Cs >…
Works against plan to have tourist shop & ride SI Ferris Wheel. Screwed before plan even starts.
The infamous abandoned ferris wheel in Pripyat, near the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site
Minghao would take u on cute dates kiss u @ the top of the ferris wheel& teach u Chinese words+
Jackson pt.2. -"look at all the squirtles I won for you". -kiss at the Ferris wheel . -watch fireworks at the end. -"you light…
Also I described my life as a 'ferris wheel made of turds, constantly flinging turds around' last night and frankly; creativity points to me
Gonna post some pics/videos of me and my baby while we were at the fair🤗💕. This is us kissing on the ferris wheel 😗📷
More photos and videos coming soon! jungleboys and the Ferris Wheel was just 1 of our…
Okay last one: Views from the Ferris Wheel 🎡
A weekend of good music, good food, innumerable rides on the Ferris wheel. That's the Weekender State of Mind!
One time I got dumped at the top of a ferris wheel while fireworks were going off. Most romantic break up of my life
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
[sets a bigger ferris wheel on the table] And if there's anything else I can do, please hesitate to ask.
In today's world, The Notebook would have Sean chasing The Donald up a Ferri…
Thanks for this awesome Ferris Wheel. My daughters enjoyed a lot.
Let's ride the Ferris wheel. I love Ferris wheels. The circular motion… The mechanics… They're like collections of elegant formulas.
I'm just trying to go to the fair and ride the Ferris wheel with a cute boy🙄
Immerse yourself in the world of with offsite experience at (though no, it isn't a ferris wheel):
going to an amusement park and kissing on the Ferris wheel. selfies with tae kissing your cheek. the most aesthetic c…
dang I real life went on a ferris wheel for the first time tonight
Please don't attempt to kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel. IT WILL CAUSE THE RIDE TO BREAK AND EVERYONE WILL DIE.
OMG this is high!!! So much fun!!!. Tallest Ferris Wheel in the world!!
NOPE! I am no longer on ferris wheel crazy!
The High Roller...the world's tallest ferris wheel!
(II) And that 63 USD investment is lost almost immediately on…
I'll never get over the fact that there's a sticker of Ronald's shirtless selfie on the Ferris wheel @ Stampede 🎡 🤠
Only pick one?! Fishing, Ferris Wheel, wandering around , , Titanic Museum, Top of the…
King invites the listener to the amusement park and ride the Ferris Wheel together while holding hands~
Thanks to the collector who purchased a print of Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier on
⚠️NEW ATTRACTION⚠️. Bradfords new Ferris Wheel 🎡 with City Hall in the background. .
(Past & Curious) Episode 6 – Heights: Ferris Wheel, Charles Blondin, East of the Sun, and More!
I liked a video An Epic ride on The tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, The High Roller in Las Vegas.
Ferris Wheel by kerithmarie Chihuly Garden and Glass,Space Needle,Ferris Wheel,Bridal Gowns,Fell in love with Seatt…
Sun and Storm by kerithmarie Chihuly Garden and Glass,Rocky Mountains,Space Needle,Ferris Wheel,Window shopping,Bri…
KAHEEM HAS ARRIVED! Kaheem has arrived to the Ferris Wheel to save SANTA!
Ferris Wheel sits quietly at dawn... @ Jolly Roger at the Pier
Riding the Ferris Wheel with my tribe. @ First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks
Another view of the Ferris Wheel in w the in foreground 03/2016…
Give us two whoops and a holler if you love our Ferris Wheel! Thanks for sharing Phil Robinso…
A view of the Ferris Wheel, relatively new to in b'ground, in front.
Ferris Wheel or Roller Coaster: what do you like better?. Comment below with your preference, and then go on your...
no I'd say it's more of a Catherine Wheel than a Ferris Wheel
What would you like to see along the Riverfront?: Better parking? Retail? Restaurants? A Ferris Wheel? Welcom...
time again. Another year where I wonder if the sketchy Ferris Wheel will break and roll down Charles St.
*Roxanne's heart nearly leaped out of her chest as she heard Joker mention the Ferris Wheel. She was starting to wonder--
I see a Ferris wheel ride in my future
I climbed 75 floors today and got the Ferris Wheel badge with Fitbit!
"Always with me" Melody Wooden Ferris Wheel Music Box musical boxes
at 112 mins the movie'll end around 8.40 I haven't checked transport to the ferris wheel but it should be p close
I liked a video from The Filler Ferris Wheel Video Plus you having to get bored of
what about when Harry and Louis went to coney island on harrys sixteen birthday and the Ferris wheel BYE fam
gaint ferris wheel on the south bank of the river Thames in london
I'm the opposite it felt gross after & I can't stand a ferris wheel because the cars rock & when its on steroids its way worse
Babe we goin to the fair & I'll win you a teddy bear.We'll ride the ferris wheel & as we reach the top you'll look into my eyes & curve me.
7. We went to the carnival and you were so nervous on the Ferris wheel but I still made u go and kiss me at the top😂
Got this sick video of set while on the Ferris wheel
My Cousin was so scared on the Ferris wheel lol😂😂
Life goal- Watch the fireworks on the 4th of July with my significant other on the Ferris wheel at the fair 🎡😍
I literally said just meet me at the linq with the giant Ferris wheel
I'd why there's a ferris wheel down the street but I wanna see what it is for.
Ferris wheel, give rides. These scars healed in time to get high
Being stopped at the top of a Ferris wheel is less romantic when you're not with a man 😂🙄
That Ferris Wheel ride I will never forget 😔
Never before have I seen a rooftop Ferris wheel, but the St Louis knows how to…
KD: I'll resign if you take that Ferris wheel down. Presti:
I liked a video from DIY Toy Story Dollhouse Miniature with Ferris Wheel and Working
the only reason I got on the Ferris wheel was to take this picture @ Hersheypark
The Gorge at night from the ferris wheel
I pick ferris wheel and funnal cake for you lol every one want you to do rollercoaster 😂😂
Things are looking up. Here's to a better me. And a very Navy Pier. @ Navy Pier Ferris Wheel
attempting to remake 3005 on the Ferris wheel at del mar tomorrow
I think we all know who had the best view from the top of the Ferris wheel😍🎡
If you ride a ferris wheel and don't take a picture or video, does it still count?
Hey, what time do we all meet at the Ferris wheel?
Gab had sex on the Ferris wheel at six flags one time
I've been in oklahoma for 6 hours & my sister already threw up on me, I got stuck on the ferris wheel & I got ran off the road into a ditch🙃
you know the fair is getting pitiful when they don't even have a regular sized Ferris wheel..
You may see a Ferris wheel. But I see a important meet up spot or else you will be lost for…
This *** looks rattled on the Ferris wheel on his cousins snap 😂💀
But lets face it, finna be on that ferris wheel by my lonely making snap stories.
Quite the ride today on the Navy Pier Ferris wheel! Love the new ride and air conditioned cars!…
I hope KD doesn't let the fact that people in OKC are way too excited about a new ferris wheel affect his decision.
Ferris Wheel getting put in at Newport! If only the Ohio river was a prettier color
stunning inside too with the Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel on Fire is slept on because of how iconic In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is.
We need a permanent Ferris Wheel on Del Paso Blvd! The one there now is really cool.
Missed Connection: I was on the Ferris Wheel. You were operating the Ferris Wheel. I'm still on the Ferris Wheel.
Virginia found reward of 5,000 Free Coins to share with you while visiting their Ferris Wheel!
LIVE on Join me! Centennial Olympic Park, the Ferris Wheel and my grandson.
Be in awe of the view & the food as Luna Park releases tickets for this seasons Ferris Wheel dining.
The Ferris wheel will operate in Centennial Square again this year. Ferris Wheel in Centennial Square. Saturday,...
When Ben was on top of the Ferris Wheel, she be like, "this is fine. This is nothing. I'm fine. I'm fine. So fine." 😂😂😂😂
The SkyView Ferris Wheel in downtown Atlanta pays tribute to Paris tonight.
Groupon sent me a coupon for the Ferris wheel downtown
Me...trying to enjoy the ferris wheel. A bit too much by the looks of it. Excited selfie…
Hire our candy ferris wheel and wishing well post box together and save ££'s. both dressed to suit,...
BHPA Fireworks Night was spectacular - Ferris Wheel, Bonfire and magical musical fireworks
Jeon jk makes me want to pat his head, buy him ice cream, take him to amusement park, ride ferris wheel while wearing mickey mouse headband
Am I a medical instrument or a Ferris wheel
that's good! Did you get to get on the Ferris Wheel?
He promised me a date with rides. Turns out he wasn't talking about the ferris wheel.
Life is like a ferris wheel. You have to get past your fear to enjoy it.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Xans got me feelin like im on a ferris wheel
Funnel cake and ferris wheel kisses 🎡
World's first figure-eight Ferris wheel opens in Macau:.
Always climb higher. If you're city has a tower, a Ferris wheel, or anything to get up to see what you would miss
SCAU unveils concept for a Ferris wheel hotel in Paris via
Paris is going to get a hotel inside a Ferris Wheel
Pure excitement while helping put together this fun ferris wheel from ​!
Paris is going to get a hotel inside Ferris wheel
Someone give me an accurate representation of what a corgi ferris wheel looks like
Minato Mirai, isn't it? Compare with a single-lens reflex camera. Ferris wheel is beautiful! :D
"What's a festival without a Ferris wheel that you never get on"
The ferris wheel! Denisse has a death grip.on the pole!
Also, Hatano Wataru and Saitou Souma on a ferris wheel (with Souma freaking out)
Afternoon walk with Hugo & Hector, sunny day in the Ferris wheel going up in Place de la Concorde.
Inside and outside the world's first Figure 8 ferris wheel! @ 新濠影匯 Macao Studio City
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sooner or later, it always come around to where you started again -Stephen King @ MOA Eye (Ferris Wheel)
It's so weird passing Navy Pier and not seeing the Ferris Wheel
We got high at the LA County Fair (on the Ferris Wheel, of course!) The role of Jack was played by Elliott Smith!
Some views from the Ferris Wheel tonight! @ Coweta County Fairgrounds
"Manchester with Dan! there may not be a Ferris wheel after six years but I still have dan 👬"
Was a fantastic day at the check out the view from the top of the Ferris Wheel!
I want to sit in a ferris wheel with you forever, and look at those tiny people who made our lives difficult.
My favourite part of the London adventure is and calling the London Eye a Ferris wheel
Oh wow! On a ferris wheel of all things to take a picture, that's dedication :) Still, I love it ♡
And this, dear friends, is why you should never ride the Ferris Wheel.
From the top of the High Roller Ferris wheel looking after the Las Vegas strip, with a number of…
actually it def will be Disneyland but I'm just not sure exactly what yet I'm thinking the castle or the Ferris wheel
kisses on the Ferris wheel at the fair make me happy
13/15 study t history of t Ferris wheel + u will see why this would always be THE symbol of 1986
Good morning from Pergola and Malaga ferris wheel
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Time lapse from the Ferris wheel. Goodbye until we meet again! 🍻
We got kicked off the Ferris wheel tonight because of
She’s a ferris wheel in the desert. She doesn’t need marks to spin.
my last resort it how to make a "Mechanical Operating Toy Ferris Wheel"
That's great! :-) Since I'm going to the state fair this year, I will get on the ferris wheel if I had the chance.
My only goal rn is to Netflix and chill on the Ferris wheel during the fair. Smh. It's not even gonna happen.
Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel after sunset. with the night before
The Ship, the Sea & the Ferris wheel. by joshmarrameow
Life is like a Ferris wheel...sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down. In the end, you just have…
Lowkey nervous bout goin on that big *** Ferris wheel on the strip😒 that mf high lol
I hate the Nimbasa Ferris Wheel... It was hard to trust N after he told me that he was Plasma's king.
Last days for the current Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Final ride is this Sunday.
# I notice Ferris wheel is flashing red/yellow/green, only; as in flag. How about some R,W & B?
Good night Florida. Falling asleep wondering if anyone has had HOT Ferris Wheel sex before.
Couldn't leave without getting on the Ferris wheel!! @ Kern County Fair
Little Giant Ladders
Nanci swears the Ferris wheel was going crazy.. That's the chilliest ride
Don't mind me. I was just praying to make sure we wouldn't get hurt on the ferris wheel
Still haven't been on the Ferris Wheel 😕
You can ride the Navy Peer Ferris Wheel free 10pm - 945am Saturday for the last time. Trying to watch the sunrise on it.
Work on tallest ferris wheel gathers pace |
really just wanna go on the Ferris wheel at the big E🎡
So apparently there's a ferris wheel at WT, tf like use our money to invest in more parking or something else than a freaking ferris wheel.
Who's ready to ride the Ferris wheel? Stop by BPod at this Friday...
Lol Jay wasn't having it with the ferris wheel. 😂😂 he didn't enjoy it at all.
humanity. I gasp. cognitive dissonance leaves over 90% of of the masses in paralysis. circular reasoning has become a fancy ferris wheel
I wanna take a girl on the Ferris wheel on campus 😏😂
-- His eyes kept swirled as if he was riding on the ferris wheel. "Ggaaah... "
"I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel." 🎡…
Honestly, you don't even have to like me. Just take cute couple pics with me on the Ferris wheel, I'll buy you a funne…
is an experience in the Ferris wheel
LIVE on On the Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us on Broadway
Finally got to see The Big Bean at Millennium Park, rode the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, and stayed in a super nice Courtyard Marriott 😍🎡
distance makes the heart grow fonder 💕 charaught hehe good night! Ferris Wheel by Yeng Constantino ♫
KKK + Ferris Wheel = ???: So, the Ku Klux Klan is a serious thing. It was particularly serious when this photo...
It costs us $500m to build a Ferris Wheel? And we wonder why East Side Access costs so much ... ?
The giant festive ferris wheel will return this to Chorley, England.
Me and Harvey at Navy Pier ferris wheel. - YouTube
"Ferris Wheel" - Streaming on the Hollister Vibe Summer Playlist on Spotify
10 interesting facts about new Ferris wheel by …
Can you feel the drops as it starts to rain There's an underwater Ferris wheel
Excited to announce that the 100 foot Ferris wheel is coming back to Chorley this December and the lights switch on is …
10 interesting facts about new Ferris wheel by
It's amazing how someone can make you feel like you’re in a ferris wheel.…
Riding on a Ferris wheel. Inside Toys R Us. 4 floors of toys... by thegreat_p
Have you seen our new notebooks? I love the Ferris Wheel one with it's rainbow coloured carts!…
Sidenote, big snugs to for taking me around Seattle on Thursday and going on the ferris wheel with me. It was a …
A giant Ferris Wheel across the water.
Rez ppl gonna be seeing Zo's pad poppin off when they're riding the Ferris wheel 😂😂
I cried on the last Ferris wheel I went on... 😂
Can't wait to go on the Ferris wheel and slingshot @ night w/ this weekend 😄
I just want a nice guy to take me on the Ferris wheel and get a button with me at the fair
Come along and ride the largest travelling Ferris Wheel in the southern Hemisphere located now at the Geelong Waterfront!...
Like the ferris wheel goes around and around, the trouble with up is there's always a down.
to the Ferris wheel ride at the fair with my baby ❤️🎡 our first time on one! ☺️😳😅
went to the pier w the lads, had fun on the Ferris wheel. then some boy hit me with a "what are thooose" so I had to clock him
Sara Kirkley and I both live on top of the Ferris Wheel on both KFXL Nightly and NTV News at Ten. We Were Rockin' http:/…
Wow guys Westminster high school rented out a Ferris wheel for homecoming ?!?!!! 😃 you seriously don't wanna miss out on this event !
Ah, but did they have a Figure 8 Ferris Wheel? That's what I thought.
lol same xD he wants to go on the Ferris wheel
A view from our live shot on the ferris wheel.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
State fair coverage to new heights as we broadcast live from the Ferris wheel for http…
the county fair is this month and I am taking applications for cute boys who want to go with me. includes Ferris wheel make out sesh
The Kids Carnival Street at Town Centre is an absolute must-visit attraction! Ferris wheel rides,...
Guys if a Ferris wheel has a diameter of 50 ft & turns 4 revolutions per min, what is the angular speed & linear speed?
yooo homecoming is coming up!!! theres gonna be a ferris wheel, photobooth, DJ, + soo much more AND ITS GONNA BE AT BALBOA!!! 😮…
Visiting the Seattle Waterfront and hopping on the Ferris wheel!
If you think neon nights was lit, homecoming's gonna have a Ferris wheel, live band, endless desserts and more at the balb…
HOMECOMING is around the corner peeps! 🐤 It's gunna be away at Balboa Funzone! There's gunna be a Ferris wheel, desserts, nice…
I'm flying you out to Chicago,we gotta eat some candy corn and drink pumpkin lattes on the Ferris Wheel
Busy day at - lots of fun in the sun! Ferris Wheel, Teacups, Merry Go Round and Motorcycles!
Free parking, free Ferris Wheel rides, $5 beer/$2.50 soda, kids under 11 free + no ticketing fees
I know! I knew about the Big Mac, Polio Vaccine, and the Ferris Wheel, but the Environmental Protection Agency and Whiskey?!
Modern Woodmen Park giving away FREE tickets this Weds & our members get FREE Ferris Wheel rides all summer = http:/…
Ferris Wheel + Bay + Sunset. I fell in love with the view.💕. - my photo ; Taken @ SM MOA.
On the Ferris Wheel at Fall Creek's Fun Fest carnival! First time for both of us!
The unusual history of the Ferris Wheel
The unusual history of the Ferris Wheel via
Ferris Wheel. Standing at 80cm tall, in a stunning gloss white (food grade plastic) finish and filled with a...
The term looping has been useful in the clinic today. The 'Ferris Wheel' of ego states is a challenge. state therapy
turns 15 today. Europe's largest ferris wheel was opened back in 2000 to mark the new millennium.
BBC News - Plane in Australia hits ferris wheel, police say the pilot is slowly coming round”
FLASH SALE! Half off this 5x7 Italy Beach Photo Ferris Wheel fine art photograph perfect for teachers or coaches!
There's something about a Ferris wheel that makes it one of the best things ever. ❤
Augustus: "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend.". Four: gtfo Augustus the Ferris wheel is cooler
View when we are at the top of the ferris wheel.
Dh6 billion Bluewaters Island. entertainment and will house Dubai Eye, the world’s largest Ferris wheel.
"It doesn't matter how you feel, life is just a Ferris wheel.." He took his hands on that line, trying to stop smiling so much.
Now I must make a carousel and a ferris wheel PUSH!
I still have only been on the Ferris wheel with one boy.
Slow shutter speed on Ferris wheel.
Is anybody even becoming a Ferris wheel engineer like really
Wish i could be on top of the ferris wheel 🎡😘
are you guys going to ride in that big Ferris wheel? I want to see pictures in that.
babe i rasa en you should have just gone onto the ferris wheel with me. (Macam sweet)
Plans for non-gambling fun in Atlantic City include Ferris wheel, zip line, inlet…
Carnival glass involves neither drinking nor a ride on a Ferris wheel. I'm going home.
You just love getting around like a Ferris wheel 🎡😭
you just love getting around like a Ferris wheel
What are your favourite things to do at theme parks t... — Ferris wheel is fun bc I get to feel tall, MERRY GO A...
Does anyone else think the Ferris Wheel at the Garden moves way too fast?
I remember going on a double date to the carnival and we got on the Ferris wheel like 3 times 😍🎡
Hong Kong Ferris Wheel, the city's new attraction just behind the Central Ferry Pier
My life is like a Ferris wheel that's stuck, I'm not stuck at the top with the nice view but down low with all the trees in my face
I can see the lights of the Santa Monica Pier from here. My 1st job out of High School, b4 the Army, was operating the Ferris Wheel there.
Candle light dinners at Waffle House and carriage rides in Atlanta @ SkyView Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel in Da Sky! . @ Florida State Fairgrounds. Don't even think about riding on it :-).
I'm so big, I can carry a Ferris Wheel with 2 fingers. @ Pike Place Market
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