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Fern Gully

FernGully: The Last Rainforest is a 1992 Australian-American animated film directed by Bill Kroyer, produced by Peter Faiman and Wayne Young, and written by Jim Cox based on a book of the same name by Diana Young.

Tim Curry Robin Williams Dead Poets Society Amazon Prime Final Fantasy

Getting there is through a magical fern forest, with 10' high ferns and constant birdsong. Like Avatar or Fern Gull…
Looks just like that Fern Gully theme park. And the Last Samurai theme park. And the Dances With Wolves theme park…
Zipping the fern gully mist forest with
It's like Fern Gully, but instead of fairies, there're blue aliens.
there is literally a scene in Avatar STRAIGHT OUT of Fern Gully!
Watching for the 1st time since IMAX 3D in theater; still all I can see is a digitalized 'Fern Gully' for adults, but on plain HDTV.
Ganon is the bad guy from Fern Gully
I think trump is actually the pollution monster from fern gully in a human suit. Just pure evil
All not enough to watch Fern Gully in Space.
Gurl, this was me last week and this week. I started crying after I watched a clip from Fern Gully (fave childhood movie) lol! x
I prefer people of a certain age so they actually know what fern gully is. :)
Yo if you haven't watched Fern Gully with your toddler, do it now. Thank me later.
Like Fern Gully, but for selling 3D cameras to other hacks.
I may or may not have put on Fern Gully while I brainstorm.
Fern Gully has been trying to warn us about global warming for the longest time. Hexxus got the best of us.
Robin Williams was in Fern Gully tho. RIP. Didn't know you were with the juggalette my bad
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Pink rock (kingianum) is in flower at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden's Fern Gully 😍
the Toll Bros. Do we all see them as the villain from 'Fern Gully'? I don't know anyone who doesn't yet lol
Hello Mr. I was just wondering have you seen Fern Gully its a 1992 film about saving the rain forest the bat is Robin Williams
Attention Summer Campers! . Our new geocache in Fern Gully has gotten some attention. Check out the website...
I also liked him as the spooky cloud in Fern Gully
.Avatar, another gorgeous movie ruined by unidimensional plot. It's Dances With Fern Gully.
so, Kung-Fu Panda ripped off the Matrix like Avatar did Fern Gully? Is this movie karma?
great article! Love seeing Fern Gully and Last Unicorn get mentions :)
So i was at The Great Blue Heron last weekend crazy time met tons of people have a new home 54 Fern Gully
Check out some of the favorite Jamaican tourist destinations.
hey the Upper Fern Tree Gully CFA had at the polling booth
Ohh I loved that movie. But Fern Gully isn't Disney! ...Or is it???
When you realize you look like the bat from Fern Gully
Yo! Why am I the only person in the WHOLE world who remembers that movie "Fern Gully"? It aint even Google'able.. I wz obsessed w/ tht movie
The guy who remade Fern Gully w/ borrowed assets from Final Fantasy is complaining about lack of imagination in TFA:
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Had a dream in which all books were made illegal (eco-friendly, Fern Gully campaign gone nuts) and the internet...
Avatar was just Fern Gully with CGI assets ripped out of Final Fantasy games but JJ Abrams is the one lacking in imagination.
Much more expensive Fern Gully for adults
slime beneath mm slime up above, ooh you loove my hot hot hot toxic love. Gotta love Tim Curry's part in fern gully!
Fern Gully part of our tour experience. All natural rainforest filled with ferns.
Vegetarians obviously haven't watched the movie Fern Gully
Marissa didn't know it was called "Fern Gully" and thought it was called "Fern & Gully" about two characters named Fern and Gully.
Fern Gully 2 is such a good movie, it really shows how horrible humans are to animals, and how a few good souls can actually help a lot
"If we don't act now, fern gully will be destroyed!"
Actually jus wa drive through fern gully with the windows down and *** up nd eat jerk chicken and suh
quite the experience on a huge screen, would not bother otherwise. 5/10 just watch Fern Gully instead
I hear about how awfully generic the plot is and how it basically ripped off Fern Gully and various other movies.
I love fairies n fern gully have u seen spirit of the forest
Band Lead Singer: "Check check, Fern Gully was the best animated movie ever, check"
Abigail forever crying for Peppa Pig, and Madeline with questions about Fern Gully. Wha.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
ha ha it was. When smurf's go to war. At least Fern Gully had Tim Curry singing a camp baddie song.
True Love: When you go fern-gully on your bf about cutting down trees in the yard but he ordered 50 trees to be planted in the forest ❤️🌲❤️
yep ... That's the one ... Fern Gully was better ... Although this has Giovanni Ribisi
Played golf today near Ferntree Gully. Which I thought was the name of a Disney movie. Googled it and found Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest.
3 strikes I'm out! Well I'd pick the bat in Fern Gully, I love Robin Williams! RIP
Good news: I found my "Fern Gully" VHS tape . Bad news: It was next to my copy of "Powder" on DVD
"This song sounds like it belongs in fern gully"
I think my cat believes that he is a human, he is laying beside me and watching Fern Gully. :) .
it was a very well done remake of Fern Gully
The restoration of the Fern Gully at Melb Botanic Gardens is the subject of my column, in The Weekend Australian.
Fern Gully 🍃🌿🍃. Acrylic Nails. By Appointment Only. •Booking link and contact info is in my Bio.|…
I agree, it was just a billion dollar version of Fern Gully
Iron Giant. Goonies. Fern Gully. If you can't enjoy those films, you gotta be some kind of heartless demon spawn
.What could've been a fertile Fern Forest is now just a dried up Fern Gully. So tragic.
Will you settle for a copy of Fern Gully on VHS?
domain names
ok, but how did I start watching Fern Gully?
I subscribed to Look In. Got a great keyring once. And a Fern Gully poster too.
Searching for movies and Maddie recommends in all seriousness Fern Gully...🙄
Made a "Fern Gully" reference in ES Lab today to be met with blank stares. Is this almost-twenty?
woah I had no idea fern gully and pocahontas were about the iraq war
that one was like "In case you didn't understand the core message of FERN GULLY and POCAHONTAS, we remade it for you!"
Endeavour Fern Gully might be just the little you're after next time you visit Mornington Pen.
I vote a modern adult version of Fern Gully comes about to save the rain forests!.
She has more curves than fern gully
This scene look like down a fern gully suh?
The jungle book, le samourai, ten inch hero, drop dead Fred, fern gully, some of these are bad but they're still my favorites
also I told my mom about wanting fern gully on DVD a few weeks ago & she remembered & surprised me w/ it on Easter, I LOVE HER
Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time and that fern gully, pocahontas, matrix hybrid of a movie ***
We almost watched 15 minutes of Fern Gully though so it was pretty okay.
Unless me somehow feel nostalgic for Bog Walk Gorge, Mount Rosser or Fern Gully...dem nah see me again!
Take a walk ths long weekend on the htt…
Take a walk ths long weekend on the
Fern Gully, Fievel Goes West, and We're Back are in my top 5 non-Disney animated movies. No debate
List of not disney movies im slightly obsessed with:. Iron Giant. Anastasia. Quest For Camelot. Thumbelina. Fern Gully. Road to El Dorado. Sinbad
Another small step today towards a covenant for Fern Gully at Red Hill. A beautiful bush block that always will be. https:…
Fern Gully coming out of left field for the win!
Thanks for the lunchtime walk inspiration 🍃💦 This is Fern Gully in the Roma Street Parkland
I just gave a plot synopsis of Fern Gully and wave my arms around a whole lot.
Nice. Voice of the female character in Fern Gully and she was gr8 in Broken Arrow.
Check out what I found. Fern Gully - The Last Rainforest (DVD, 2006, Animated) via
What I was young, I wanted to be Fern Gully.
Now I'm watching Fern Gully on VHS. I'm basically a
Fern Gully wedding with some favs. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Margate! ❤️🎉 @ Nestldown LLC
Hi Botanists...what's this Jurassic looking Fern/Podocarp/plant? Found deep in a Gully in the mid Blue Mtns
Fern Gully rain forest in Ocho Rios one of the most scenic road in Jamaica.
Little Giant Ladders
Love this show. Goo Reminds me of venom suit or hexus from fern gully.
dropping a Fern Gully reference on FOR SUURRRE good stuff
We also have the wood carvings in Fern Gully.
Brains are funny. I will forever know every word to “The Batty Rap” from Fern Gully but I have completely forgotten how to do long division.
I was talking about Fern Gully last week so now I'm watching it (obviously) and I forgot Robin Williams voices Batty! So great.
Printing a thousand floor plans at work and all I can think of is I'm creating fern gully right now.
HERE IT IS! . The official trailer for my first film. "The Outfield" .
I am obsessed with Na Na Na, and it reminds me of that scene from Fern Gully and I LOVE IT 😍😍😍
Alexa has been hyper since I came in, but she wants to watch Fern Gully, so she'll calm down :)!
This song fron Fern Gully was always a lil too sexy for a kids movie... .
Don't remember fern gully but the name rings a bell
dunns river is the best.. Ever been fern gully?
Check out Some of Jamaica's Beautiful Tourist Spots like Fern Gully & Dunns River Falls . ==>
Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted, busy making a short film... "Fern Gully" with the beautiful…
When you realise Avatar is basically a very blue version of Fern Gully and now you're questioning everything in life.
That acid rain song from fern gully has always seemed sexual
Just watch Fern Gully and save yourself 2 hours.
Someone come over and watch Fern Gully with me
Im sorry but there is no jesus, but fern gully does actually exist somewhere i am convinced.
Photo: Take your carrots and get the *** out of Fern Gully
"Humans don't have tails! They have big, big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts, and they walk around going 'Hi, Helen!'". - Fern Gully
Stuck behind a truck in fern gully is by far worst than stuck behind one at chalky hill
Could it be the long awaited sequel of Fern Gully?
ha told me about Fern Gully recently. I had never heard of it.
Bryan's never seen fern gully...there's something wrong with him.
also, have you seen the movie Fern Gully? There's literally a place in Melbourne named after the movie?
This makes me wanna watch Fern Gully again!. Batty was so kewl^.^
I don't know if it's the calm before the storm, or the Fern Gully soundtrack, but I'm pretty relaxed today.
fern gully is on Netflix now?!??! *** ya u bet ur rump I'm watchin the epitome of all cinema
I see Fern Gully escaped the rainforest.
Which rainforest did Fern Gully fly out of?
1. Scarlett Johanson killed fern gully and wore it. 2. this is the best intro ever!
Y'all, I think this is finally the year that the Academy recognizes Fern Gully.
The kids are watching Fern Gully ahead of the Is that
Warning if you watch Fern Gully with me I'll rap Batty's song
Pshhh. I don't even think the first one was good. It's just Fern Gully: The Video Game for the Sega CD.
Playing Secret Garden, i'll be playing in Fern Gully at 8:15 on the Saturday ;)
No I've never actually seen Avatar but I did like it when it was called Fern Gully.
lol yes, except Fern Gully was not so draped in white savior BS. Movies in german part have intermission here
switch to Fern Gully! Tho hearing Robin's voice would be sad.
Eating cheeze-its and watching Fern Gully on Netflix at midnight. Life is good.
If she likes fern gully, she's a keeper lol
Watching fern gully with lily, I think this is her first time watching it. I haven't seen this movie in years
Hey im watching fern gully. Where my girls at?
Forgot that Fern Gully was my favorite movie 🙀❤️
"PLEASE!! Please! What do I have to do to get you to watch Fern Gully??!!"
I only ever eat it in Jamaica they sell em on the road side by fern gully lool
FERN GULLY | February 21, 2015. "Smile Jamaica" . Speed up fern gully on the hyperlapse.. .
Its valid. Must be fascinating if you're JUST now watching it. Major issue is its just Big Budget Fern Gully.
Photo: Fairy Land on Flickr. This fern gully is one of my favorite spots that Ambrose and I have found on...
Just saw the cutest cartoon bat in a tutorial. Everytime i see cute toon bats I think of Batty from Fern Gully.
got baked in the woods, ate a sleeve of Saltines, and watched Fern Gully
If you've never saw fern gully I'm just gonna judge you so hard.
Watching fern gully. I feel like I'm 7 all over again.
Fern gully in Melbourne botanical garden is my favorite place in Australia
Happy birthday to aka fern, fern gully, fernal, meggie and my best friend. Love you!…
Really wanna just lay in bed watching The Page Master, and Fern Gully all day. 📚🌿🌾🍄
okay but batty from Fern Gully had one of the sickest raps of all time
I was watching a movie called fern gully and Robin Williams played the bat R.I.P robin
Watching Fern Gully and I may get emotional
Wheelchair dude can walk when he's with blue cartoon guys -- in plot like "Dances with Wolves" meets "Fern Gully."
“Fern Gully vibes today at Machu Picchu!! 💫💫💫 this is so beautiful
Just got back from Utah and it was EPIC! In the 55 hours between Tuesday Morning and Thursday night Jerry Fox and I skied freshies at Brian Head Resort, saw the Golden State Warriors SMASH the Utah Jazz, partied and met cool new friends in Salt Lake City, Utah, skied Canyons Resort, skied Park City Mountain Resort, had an amazing home cooked meal, skied Brighton Resort, and tried Chick-fil-A for the first time! Conditions were PRIME at the resorts! SPECIAL THANKS TO: Adam *** for showing us around Downtown Salt Lake Napsugar Hegedus and her awesome roommates for letting us crash Damian Bosley and Jenny Laine Fellows for being Epic Mountain Guides, fantastic hosts, and the most amazing cooks! Thank you for the mountain suggestions Fern Gully and Bryan Wuerker Can't wait until the next trip! Now back to real life :-)
So excited for CARTOON SATURDAYS! . Tomorrow we will be screening 'The Last Unicorn' + 'Fern Gully' . All ages WELCOME! FREE! . BAR open 12pm
you mailed them to me for my Fern Gully cosplay
Watching Fern Gully with children and only thinking about Liquid Latex.
Saturday Afternoon Cartoons! Tomorrow from noon-4pm screening the Last Unicorn and Fern Gully! Bloody Marys!
I'm going to attempt to watch Fern Gully with the kiddies... But the movie use to scare me as a kid so idk...
I spent today watching grey's anatomy, supernatural, the host, fern gully, the great mouse detective, and now the rescuers. What am I doing?
"The necklaces got are made in Thailand.but I never see them in Thailand." Oh Fern Gully 😊
You mean blue Fern Gully? Yeah, never really understood the hype on the visuals there.
Cool down in Fern Gully as heat map shows the Gardens is the place to be!
Watching Fern Gully. This movie is seriously my childhood favorite. Thank you Netflix!
Me too. I still use his "Batty Rap" from Fern Gully to break me out of bad moods. Insipid movie but an oddly funny song.
Friends say Mt Dulang-Dulang is like Fern Gully or Lord of the Rings forests. Raring to climb it. Who wants to join?
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Watching Fern Gully with zoe. seems an awful lot like avatar hm
For reasons unknown to me, I own a copy of Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest on DVD.
Mine and Galentines Day date is booked. Just two days late.
“Yes, I know it’s 730am but I need to order a personal pan pizza and mountain dew in a Fern Gully color changing cup. Yes, I’ll hold.”
eh, u too, hey did u c starbugs research? this time of year I'm usually in the gully with the glow worms...
Not while Fern Gully still exists. . It's overlong, obvious, tedious & the villains are characatures
If her first crush wasn't Zack from Fern Gully then she's too young for you bro.
nothing makes my soul more happy than Fern Gully being on Netflix
No need to apologize, I realize that being a Fern Gully Voice Actor Enthusiast is a lonely path I have chosen
Fern Gully and brownies, sing to me your soul healing song.
"Fern Gully is the only reason we love nature."
A bar that plays Fern Gully instead of sports.
so you like an extremely expensive ripoff of Pocahontas/Fern Gully? To each his own I guess
how did John Carter, written 100 years ago, rip off Avatar, which ripped off fern gully/dances with wolves?
When my co-worker referred to the cloud as hexxus or whatever from fern gully I was like why are we talking about Jamaica? Lmao
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I want to have a Robin Williams marathon at some point- Hook, Aladdin, Fern Gully, Dead Poets Society, Jakob the Liar, the Birdcage & Toys
Sadly taking 2 trees down on our property. They're dead and a hazard, but wife nonetheless remarking that we're going Fern Gully up in here.
I'd love a girlfriend to watch animated movies like Fern Gully and Lady and the Tramp with me
haven't heard a Fern Gully reference since like '95... Zak is the dream tho.
Fern Gully got replaced by an AU version of himself with 6IVs, HA, & egg moves. (Pokémon Breeder buddy felt srry4me)
that movie terrified me as a kid but i still loved it and watched it all the time?? same with Fern Gully
Fern Gully completes the team! (Just pretend I remembered to name the Flabebé Buttercup)
That's the one. It's like Fern Gully mashed with LOTR and something else I can't quite put my finger on.
Watched them clear the trees out of a lot on West Alabama, and the Fern Gully in me was screaming.
Fern Gully is the best name is the world
DrinkWell is playing Fern Gully on their TV. Your move.
Pondering the universe / serving Fern Gully realness. by trevorsdewitt
Fern Gully - Loggers + Bug's Life Rejects, I think. I've watched it four times and I still don't know for sure.
How long has Fern Gully been on Netflix 😯😯
Why doesn't anyone know or remember fern gully goodness 📼📺🎥
Every time I see ❌'s on trees next to the interstate & whatnot, I think of Hexxus from Fern Gully
"Dude, we could totally watch Fern Gully." -
On the way to Gersi and Opi's house. :) Sometimes I think Oregon looks like Fern Gully... or Ireland.…
Aidy Bryant as Tonker Bell and a Fern Gully reference. Yes!
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madness yute. More twist n turn than fern gully
Trying to base my pumpkin carving pattern off Hexxus from Fern Gully
But what do you mean the soundtrack to Fern Gully isn't on Spotify?
Amazon Prime instant video just added Space Jam AND Fern Gully. If you need to find me, That's where I'll be.
you are officially being locked in Fern Gully and covered in red and blue from here on out 😒
I'm watching Fern Gully with my little one snuggled up on the couch, eating popsicles. I love movie night!!
Parsley Fern Gully (Left hand). Not strictly Snowdon but part of the whole group.
Random but the page master,we're back: a dinosaur's story, fern gully, and once upon a forest are the most slept on kid movies.
Max from looks a lot like the main guy from Fern Gully... Thoughts?
have you watched it yet?! if not, we need a movie night ASAP! OVE IT AHH. Fern Gully is my life.
Guys did you remember the Raffi song in Fern Gully because uh I didn't.
I don't know what you're doing with your Friday but I'm eating pizza and watching Fern Gully, so.
Fern Gully is on Netflix so my life is made.
Yoga/Film Night Jr. is in full swing! My little are loving Fern Gully, one of my favorite…
"But auntie Debbie looks just like Axl rose"
Baltimore ave where they're building a Whole Foods looks like a scene from Fern Gully.
Wait so Avatar is the same plot as Fern Gully.
Omg I forgot Robin Williams is in fern gully too!
I wanna watch fern gully tonight and eat figs. Maybe some strawbs. You're welcome
bruh I already said fern gully and bosque 5 times ... I only have 4 sentences .
People bashed Avatar because it was a remake of Fern Gully. But no one bashes Captain America, which was a remake of Mulan. Think about it.
is fern hill where the red fern grows? Or where fern gully is?
That moment when you're singing Kiss from a Rose loudly in your kitchen and your cat changes it to the Fern Gully soundtrack.
I think perhaps Fern Gully may be in my backyard. And if Tim Curry thinks he can just waltz in here…
Fern Gully is a cinematic masterpiece ✌️
and I are watching Fern Gully and eating steaks. BECAUSE WE'RE MEN.
Looking back, Fern Gully was such a messed up movie.
Just finished watching Anastasia and the next suggested movie is Fern Gully. Netflix is making some childhood memories come back
Fern Gully is on Netflix. It's causing Robin Williams feels.
I'm sorry but a lady must have shape. Its what I like to see like fern gully mek me dizzy
I do like the word "whimsy" (not the actual place) Also enjoy referring to my friends areas as "their shame or fern gully"
Fern gully is prob my fav movie of all time
Watch fern gully with me so I know it's real.
Woah! We don't all belong in the same box ✋
How has never seen Fern Gully or Oliver and Company baffles me.
My mom talks like tht lizard from fern gully
I do. I love it. Its like a modern Fern Gully
I know every single word to fern gully and I am not ashamed 😏 love u 2 bb
Everyone should just watch fern gully and go to bed
.Double Fun Fact of the day: I ALSO live right near where "Fern Gully" was set
Cancel all my meetings. Fern Gully is streaming on Amazon Prime.
Fern Gully* love watching classics with my mini 💙
Fern gully with the kids, educating them on them retro movies from the 90's 😎 at
Addy is watching Fern Gully and my heart is exploding with nostalgia.
Lucy is an incredibly confusing film, why dose she turn into the sludge from fern gully at the end?
they're cutting down trees at my house. I don't like it. I feel like I should go fern gully on them
aka. Fern Gully has never heard of nor had a Mrs. Fields cookie...
I'm still mad they ripped off Fern Gully it was *** near exactly the same yo .
*** ?? Who doesnt know what fern gully is???
Sound of the mulcher instantly reminded me of the creepy pollution monster from Fern Gully. Stuff of *** nightmares, that.
I cant live somewhere that my Levis shorts & cute skirts cant be worn most days. I NEED heat.
Netflix just reminded how obsessed I was with Fern Gully when I was a kid. Best movie ever.
I'm watching one of my all time favorite movies when I was a kid. Fern Gully.
for some reason, I'm thinking of the bat from fern gully.
Fact: I sang the love song from "Fern Gully" when I tried out for American Idol.
I'm making Jaiden & Kaia watch Fern Gully they're so cute I'm crying
Watching Fern Gully💚 Batty Koda was my favorite character growing up and I forgot Robin Williams did…
Liz is watching fern gully cuz she misses me 💘💘💘💘
And to top this wonderful day off, fern gully is on netflix
My little Poptart watching Fern Gully. One of my favorites! @ Mum'z house
I have Fern Gully and pumpkin cookies, I'm set for life.
I'm watching Fern Gully and realized Robin Williams played the bat😔
I think I've spent my entire life conflating Fern Gully with Once Upon a Forest. Which was the one that terrified me as a child???
Rock-A-Doodle and Fern Gully were my favorite childhood movies
It's not the Tim Curry monster from Fern Gully, is it?
Cuddling up and watching Fern Gully. Haven't seen it??? You've missed out on an awesome childhood movie 😁
Watching Fern Gully... From forever ago. And the voice of one of the main characters is nostalgic & so sad
Netflixs has fern gully, the swan princess and thumbelina! Childhood re-lived!
Watching fern gully with the boy… this was my fave movie as a child 💞
Since I've been home I've served 7 pregnancy tests 6 of which had kids in tow & 2 packs of condoms. . Do the math.
I'm watching fern gully and I'm so okay with this
Cheech and Chong played Stump and Root in Fern Gully.
Happy Birthday to the great Loni Hancock today!!! The world is so lucky to have such a positive ball of spirit and energy bouncing around, and I'm so lucky to have you as a sister!! Thanks for din dins and Fern Gully
This weekend I aim to watch Patch Adams, What dreams may come, Bicentennial man, Fern Gully, Artificial intelligence, Aladdin and Jack. I love you Robin
Aladdin, Fern Gully, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Flubber, Dead Poets Society... And so on. to the man who made being …
Fern Gully is being closed this weekend between 9am and 5pm to allow road markings. Happy and safe travels on alternate routes.
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Voicing Nigel Thornberry and Hexxus in Fern Gully. Tim Curry, you are my hero!
I got the letter "F", lets see how this goes. .. Something I hate: Friedrich Nietzche...what a *** lol Something I love: Food, football, frolicking in forrests with friends, flyfishing, footy pajamas. Some places I've been: Florida, Fiscal purgatory, Franks Italian Restaurant Some places I want to be: Fern Gully, France if we're limited to places that exist lol. Favorite Film: Forrest Gump rules the F universe. Fight Club would be next in line I think :) Something I am not: Frightening Something I want to be: Frikkin Awesome Favorite Dragonballz move: FINAL FLASH! Favorite 90's sitcom: Friends, honorable mention to Frasier Boom!!! Like and I'll give you a letter!
Go watch Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest again. And listen to the music. Alan Silvestri, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, Sheena Easton, Raffi, Ton Loc, Tim Curry. Now that's some talent. I love that movie.
John de Lancie is more appealing to me tonight than Tim Curry. Although now I'm considering "Fern Gully.". No. Star Trek. For now.
Just found out that Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Lannister/Barathean) is Irish, (wow, way to hide the lilt, dude!) AND that we share our opinion of the scariest childhood villain (Hexxus from Fern Gully)! Mind = Blown. I still hate Joffrey. *** (Teehee, see what I did there? ; -P)
Soo, Epic is a pretty good movie and were Avatar, and Fern Gully. Just saying.
Epic was a story about The Knights of Skyloft battling the Moblins in Fern Gully feat. Beyonce and Pitbull
There are almost too many Tim Curry movies that I adore. Rocky Horror, of course, but also Muppet Treasure Island (don't judge) & Fern Gully
Ukraine's stage performance needs to look more like Fern Gully and Lisa Frank in space. Where are the unicorns?
Last night I dreamt Fern Gully was directed by Ralph Bakshi and it was AMAZING
Now watching Fern Gully because it's amazing! Can't wait for the evil Tim Curry blob monster
I'm in here watching Fern Gully w the kids. Save me.
Never new 'fern gully' was a place and the film was based in true events
I overheard it being mentioned. I tried to start the Fern Gully chat, not once, but THREE times.
Really tryin to watch Fern Gully sometime in the near future.
Why am I up at four in the morning watching Fern Gully I'm so lame
My mom bought me fern gully on DVD today! My inner child is very happy! :)
Epic looks like the modern day fern gully... Just not as scary
The movie epic looks like a rip off of fern gully
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