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Fern Gully

FernGully: The Last Rainforest is a 1992 Australian-American animated film directed by Bill Kroyer, produced by Peter Faiman and Wayne Young, and written by Jim Cox based on a book of the same name by Diana Young.

Tim Curry Robin Williams Amazon Prime Lisa Frank

madness yute. More twist n turn than fern gully
Trying to base my pumpkin carving pattern off Hexxus from Fern Gully
But what do you mean the soundtrack to Fern Gully isn't on Spotify?
Amazon Prime instant video just added Space Jam AND Fern Gully. If you need to find me, That's where I'll be.
you are officially being locked in Fern Gully and covered in red and blue from here on out ๐Ÿ˜’
I'm watching Fern Gully with my little one snuggled up on the couch, eating popsicles. I love movie night!!
Parsley Fern Gully (Left hand). Not strictly Snowdon but part of the whole group.
Random but the page master,we're back: a dinosaur's story, fern gully, and once upon a forest are the most slept on kid movies.
Max from looks a lot like the main guy from Fern Gully... Thoughts?
have you watched it yet?! if not, we need a movie night ASAP! OVE IT AHH. Fern Gully is my life.
Guys did you remember the Raffi song in Fern Gully because uh I didn't.
I don't know what you're doing with your Friday but I'm eating pizza and watching Fern Gully, so.
Fern Gully is on Netflix so my life is made.
Yoga/Film Night Jr. is in full swing! My little are loving Fern Gully, one of my favoriteโ€ฆ
"But auntie Debbie looks just like Axl rose"
Baltimore ave where they're building a Whole Foods looks like a scene from Fern Gully.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wait so Avatar is the same plot as Fern Gully.
Omg I forgot Robin Williams is in fern gully too!
I wanna watch fern gully tonight and eat figs. Maybe some strawbs. You're welcome
bruh I already said fern gully and bosque 5 times ... I only have 4 sentences .
People bashed Avatar because it was a remake of Fern Gully. But no one bashes Captain America, which was a remake of Mulan. Think about it.
is fern hill where the red fern grows? Or where fern gully is?
That moment when you're singing Kiss from a Rose loudly in your kitchen and your cat changes it to the Fern Gully soundtrack.
I think perhaps Fern Gully may be in my backyard. And if Tim Curry thinks he can just waltz in hereโ€ฆ
Fern Gully is a cinematic masterpiece โœŒ๏ธ
and I are watching Fern Gully and eating steaks. BECAUSE WE'RE MEN.
Looking back, Fern Gully was such a messed up movie.
Just finished watching Anastasia and the next suggested movie is Fern Gully. Netflix is making some childhood memories come back
Fern Gully is on Netflix. It's causing Robin Williams feels.
I'm sorry but a lady must have shape. Its what I like to see like fern gully mek me dizzy
I do like the word "whimsy" (not the actual place) Also enjoy referring to my friends areas as "their shame or fern gully"
Fern gully is prob my fav movie of all time
Watch fern gully with me so I know it's real.
Woah! We don't all belong in the same box โœ‹
How has never seen Fern Gully or Oliver and Company baffles me.
My mom talks like tht lizard from fern gully
I do. I love it. Its like a modern Fern Gully
I know every single word to fern gully and I am not ashamed ๐Ÿ˜ love u 2 bb
Everyone should just watch fern gully and go to bed
.Double Fun Fact of the day: I ALSO live right near where "Fern Gully" was set
Cancel all my meetings. Fern Gully is streaming on Amazon Prime.
Fern Gully* love watching classics with my mini ๐Ÿ’™
Fern gully with the kids, educating them on them retro movies from the 90's ๐Ÿ˜Ž at
Addy is watching Fern Gully and my heart is exploding with nostalgia.
Lucy is an incredibly confusing film, why dose she turn into the sludge from fern gully at the end?
they're cutting down trees at my house. I don't like it. I feel like I should go fern gully on them
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
aka. Fern Gully has never heard of nor had a Mrs. Fields cookie...
I'm still mad they ripped off Fern Gully it was *** near exactly the same yo .
*** ?? Who doesnt know what fern gully is???
Sound of the mulcher instantly reminded me of the creepy pollution monster from Fern Gully. Stuff of *** nightmares, that.
I cant live somewhere that my Levis shorts & cute skirts cant be worn most days. I NEED heat.
Netflix just reminded how obsessed I was with Fern Gully when I was a kid. Best movie ever.
I'm watching one of my all time favorite movies when I was a kid. Fern Gully.
for some reason, I'm thinking of the bat from fern gully.
Fact: I sang the love song from "Fern Gully" when I tried out for American Idol.
I'm making Jaiden & Kaia watch Fern Gully they're so cute I'm crying
Watching Fern Gully๐Ÿ’š Batty Koda was my favorite character growing up and I forgot Robin Williams didโ€ฆ
Liz is watching fern gully cuz she misses me ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜
And to top this wonderful day off, fern gully is on netflix
My little Poptart watching Fern Gully. One of my favorites! @ Mum'z house
I have Fern Gully and pumpkin cookies, I'm set for life.
I'm watching Fern Gully and realized Robin Williams played the bat๐Ÿ˜”
I think I've spent my entire life conflating Fern Gully with Once Upon a Forest. Which was the one that terrified me as a child???
Rock-A-Doodle and Fern Gully were my favorite childhood movies
It's not the Tim Curry monster from Fern Gully, is it?
Cuddling up and watching Fern Gully. Haven't seen it??? You've missed out on an awesome childhood movie ๐Ÿ˜
Watching Fern Gully... From forever ago. And the voice of one of the main characters is nostalgic & so sad
Netflixs has fern gully, the swan princess and thumbelina! Childhood re-lived!
Watching fern gully with the boyโ€ฆ this was my fave movie as a child ๐Ÿ’ž
Since I've been home I've served 7 pregnancy tests 6 of which had kids in tow & 2 packs of condoms. . Do the math.
I'm watching fern gully and I'm so okay with this
Cheech and Chong played Stump and Root in Fern Gully.
Happy Birthday to the great Loni Hancock today!!! The world is so lucky to have such a positive ball of spirit and energy bouncing around, and I'm so lucky to have you as a sister!! Thanks for din dins and Fern Gully
This weekend I aim to watch Patch Adams, What dreams may come, Bicentennial man, Fern Gully, Artificial intelligence, Aladdin and Jack. I love you Robin
Aladdin, Fern Gully, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Flubber, Dead Poets Society... And so on. to the man who made being โ€ฆ
Fern Gully is being closed this weekend between 9am and 5pm to allow road markings. Happy and safe travels on alternate routes.
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Voicing Nigel Thornberry and Hexxus in Fern Gully. Tim Curry, you are my hero!
I got the letter "F", lets see how this goes. .. Something I hate: Friedrich Nietzche...what a *** lol Something I love: Food, football, frolicking in forrests with friends, flyfishing, footy pajamas. Some places I've been: Florida, Fiscal purgatory, Franks Italian Restaurant Some places I want to be: Fern Gully, France if we're limited to places that exist lol. Favorite Film: Forrest Gump rules the F universe. Fight Club would be next in line I think :) Something I am not: Frightening Something I want to be: Frikkin Awesome Favorite Dragonballz move: FINAL FLASH! Favorite 90's sitcom: Friends, honorable mention to Frasier Boom!!! Like and I'll give you a letter!
Go watch Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest again. And listen to the music. Alan Silvestri, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, Sheena Easton, Raffi, Ton Loc, Tim Curry. Now that's some talent. I love that movie.
John de Lancie is more appealing to me tonight than Tim Curry. Although now I'm considering "Fern Gully.". No. Star Trek. For now.
Just found out that Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Lannister/Barathean) is Irish, (wow, way to hide the lilt, dude!) AND that we share our opinion of the scariest childhood villain (Hexxus from Fern Gully)! Mind = Blown. I still hate Joffrey. *** (Teehee, see what I did there? ; -P)
Soo, Epic is a pretty good movie and were Avatar, and Fern Gully. Just saying.
Epic was a story about The Knights of Skyloft battling the Moblins in Fern Gully feat. Beyonce and Pitbull
There are almost too many Tim Curry movies that I adore. Rocky Horror, of course, but also Muppet Treasure Island (don't judge) & Fern Gully
Ukraine's stage performance needs to look more like Fern Gully and Lisa Frank in space. Where are the unicorns?
Last night I dreamt Fern Gully was directed by Ralph Bakshi and it was AMAZING
Now watching Fern Gully because it's amazing! Can't wait for the evil Tim Curry blob monster
I'm in here watching Fern Gully w the kids. Save me.
Never new 'fern gully' was a place and the film was based in true events
I overheard it being mentioned. I tried to start the Fern Gully chat, not once, but THREE times.
Really tryin to watch Fern Gully sometime in the near future.
Why am I up at four in the morning watching Fern Gully I'm so lame
My mom bought me fern gully on DVD today! My inner child is very happy! :)
Epic looks like the modern day fern gully... Just not as scary
The movie epic looks like a rip off of fern gully
OMG! That's exactly what I was ranting about in the theater to What's up with this Fern Gully rip?
Does anyone remember the movie Fern Gully? It's so weird watching it now... I had no clue it was about the environment.
Holy crap, they are making a complete rip of fern gully. Its called Epic or something.
Movies with big tree themes: Avatar, The Happening, Fern Gully. Real mixed bag.
Decided to watch Fern part of this movie is
Hey Jerks, how come none of you ever told me there was a Fern Gully 2 movie??
We lightin ganja ganja, everyday we burn dutchies, and then we stay around more trees than Fern Gully
humans can't feel anything. they're numb from the brain down. - Fern Gully
Reminiscing watching fern gully a wana be a kid again!!
remember that time we watched Fern Gully on YouTube?
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Wishing I could stay curled up in bed all day watching fern gully.but. work calls
Been up watching some old cartoons movies. Fern Gully killin tho. Ijs
"Epic" looks like the result of a giant orgy between "Brave," "Thumbalina," and "Fern Gully"
Tried the Wedding Singer, Say Anything, and Fern Gully to cheer me up. Nothing worked. Time for a bath and maybe some MST3K.
Clippers fan are like fairies from Fern Gully.
Stick my head out the car window while cruising through fern gully but that feeling!!
sometimes I like to pretend I live in fern gully.
Well Jonathan passed out looks like I'm watching fern gully :)
I was listening to Spartan Angel while we were going through fern gully and I swear I saw this demon thing in the trees :c
Fern Gully The soundtrack!! Nice! You'll have Batty's song down in no time! :)
I get on my laptop and fern gully is on there.
I really want to see Epic because it looks like an updated Fern Gully.
They're re-doing Fern Gully, except in 3D and it's actually called "Epic".
So the Taxi ran out of Gas and proudly announces it to the passengers, so we cruising through fern gully and praying the car don't shut off
I painted a fairy after watching fern gully again
Had to be done. We ascended via Seargent's Gully and Parsley Fern Gully... A most excellent day! :) x
Save all this green in my room, you walk in think its fern gully
Am I in if I can recite every word from Fern Gully?
So like they have a mine or something in Fern Gully? Ok then...a we seh development.
If you don't know what Fern Gully is then just get out of my life right now
Rock-A-Doodle is one of the few non-Disney movies I was obsessed with as a kid. Fern Gully is another. Netflix, you make me happy.
Fern Gully, I know it's not Disney but it does have Robin Williams and Tim Curry plus emotions and stuff ^_^
Trying to figure out what Disney movie to watch on Netflix... SO DIFFICULT!!! Tarzan and Jane, Pocahontas II, The Aristocats, The Borrowers, Fern Gully, The Rescuers Down Under, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Prince of Dreams, Titan AE, Treasure Island, the Fox and the Hound, Matilda, Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmations... the list goes on and on!
My personal political spectrum ranges from Fern Gully on one end to Jack Donaghy on the other.
Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night for our Reel Ideas Film Night! We had about 40 people attend to eat popcorn and watch movies with us. If you missed it, or want to do it again, we're planning on hosting more environmental film nights in the future. We'll show documentaries like An Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour; mainstream movies like Erin Brockovich and The Bay; and maybe even some children's movies like Fern Gully and Wall-E. Keep an eye out for notices of these events!
I was reminded of Tim Curry because my son is watching Fern Gully and weeping softly.
It has just come to my attention that Tim Curry, voice of Nigel Thornberry, EXTREMELY convincing transvestite in The Rocky Horror Picture show, voice of Nexus (embodiment of polution) in the somehow HARDLY remembered film also starring Robin Williams, Cheech Marin, and Tommy Chong, "Fern Gully", the crabby alien dude from MIB3, was ALSO Pennywise the Clown from Stephan King's IT.
When you realise Anne Hathaway is a disney princess and that Avatar has the same story as Fern Gully
That movie Epic is like Fern Gully meets Avatar and the male lead looks like Flynn Rider
Oh YEAH! I'd forgotten about Tim Curry being in Fern Gully.
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Dave left to go get food across town...all 4 kids left with him...and I the mature 31 year that I am is still watching Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest. Lol...hey what can iI say I love cartoons and haven't seen this one in forever...forgot tone-loc did the voice of the lizard lol the things we forget as we get older!
In my doctor who-ish dream, there was a living space house called "Baby", an elaborate escape from a large scale Fern Gully, and a time warp
I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Hexxus from Fern Gully but that was Tim Curry.
Me lip-syncing to Toxic Love from Fern Gully. I'm amazed this song is from a children's movie, albeit a children's movie undoubtedly funded by the Sierra Clu...
Work in Fern Gully be careful, St. Ann roads slippery if it's raining take your time and whole heap ah police after discovery bay
Weather improves, Fern Gully reopens: Residents in some flood-prone areas of St Ann breathed a sigh of relief ye...
What if I told you I was that tree from Fern Gully? What if Tim Curry had killed me?
Watched James & the giant peach, now Fern Gully The Last Rainforest
Wandering through nature to try and find our house. I think we are in fern gully
:-( you're not allowed to get flooded. Fern Gully wouldn't cope.
My favorite movies when I was a kid were Anastasia and Fern Gully. And I still love watching (
is that like some mountain thing in melbs near fern gully something? Can't remember the proper suburb name.
I'm getting paid to watch fern gully
All i care about in life tonight is the batty rap from Fern Gully. Seriously. I already watched it 5 times..
Watching fern gully eating home cooked food and all of that drunk.
I'm watching fern gully the last rainforest ! Who remembers this movie ?!
Fern gully on a thursday night. Its getting crazy here tonight ladies and gents!
"Humans can't feel anything. They're numb from the waist down." -Batty, Fern Gully
Fern Gully, Moneague, Church in the Wild Woods, Mocho, Moore Town, Cudjoe, Nanny, Tacky dem hav light, suh whap'n to me jps?
U hear dat ppl 'we have to work in love and unity so that the leaves in fern gully can grow back' - tvj news
Fern Gully main road covered with trees.
Is it weird that everytime i see X's spray painted on trees i think of that scene in the movie "Fern Gully"?
Intern mentioned that "The Dude" from "Big Lebowski" today was based off a real person. Twenty minutes of wasted time later, I find out that the guy it's based off of was a co-producer for "Fern Gully." I'm starting to think my attention span at work is completely...hold on, I'm researching the origins of the NES Powerglove.
Am I the only person whose never seen the disney movie *fern gully* ?
"knew i was to be a star when i had a cubby. watching Fern Gully. now everything i puff fluffy. and i'm so comfy."
Watching fern gully in class. No joke
"Knew I was to be a star when I had a cubby... Watchin Fern Gully... Now everything I puff fluffy and I'm so compfy.." - Ab Soul -
So fern gully and breadnut hill block to rass... chalky hill it is then
Fern Gully which was opened to single lane traffic is now closed.
I think I'm going to name my daughter Fern and my son Gully. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just got the most random urge to watch the movie "Fern Gully".. ***
Fern Gully, green tea, and caramel popcorn; it's gonna be a good night. :D
Driving through Fern Gully omw to Kingston ... It played like 10 times .
I dreamt I was in Fern Gully last night and I'm hoping tonight is a continuation of that dream because Fern Gully
Cuddling with the lil ones watching Fern Gully
One of the many amazing things about baby sitting a 1 year old is the fact that I get to hang out with the cutie pie and watch Fern Gully.
Feels pretty worthless since I had to go home due to having no, I repeat, no voice, but watching a little Fern Gully should help... At least a little bit :)
A scene considered too risque for a kid's movie. Reuploaded with improved sound
Fern Gully is one of my favorite movies
Fern Gully Attack! I hear chain saws in front of Cottingham!
Babysitting gives me a reason to watch Fern Gully
As the eye of Sandy pass over Jamaica, trees are down in areas such as Fern Gully and st. Ann. Tree fell on a house in clarindon trapping occupants inside, no water in Manchester, powers are out in Manchester, St. Mary, St. Catherine and other parishes. We continue to pray for Jamaica. Sandy is reported to fully pass over by 5pm.
I added a video to a playlist Fern Gully The Last Rainforest 1992
I really want to watch Fern Gully. I will be renting it tonight.
"I need to watch a movie to keep my mind clear!!! BUT what movie should I watch?"fern gully
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I don't understand how so many people have never seen or even heard of fern gully...i'm making my roommate watch it
Fucc them nigas *** taxin on the fern gully tree, get a job! Ha!
Fern Gully is hitting that sweet spot for my soul tonight!
Pardon this next post but I was watching Fern Gully tonight. Thought I'd share a few lines. If you don't like them too bad! Everyone can call upon the magical powers of life. You have to find them within yourself ~ Magi Lune OHHH Darwin's Grab bag! ~ Batty Koda How many times a day do I have to threaten your life? Humans can't feel anything they are numb from the brain down. ~ Batty Koda 2 cool spells... I bless your heart with light. I give the gift of fairy sight. ... What was done now undo. Return you to the form that's true.
Photo I took while shooting with Ryan Liem-Salim and Camas Ellingson the other day. Stoked on the to hear ya'lls thoughts.
I've been calling this new fire the "Fern Gully" fire, like the movie. I don't think that's right. Lol
Love my babysitting job(: bringing Thumbalina to watch with them tomorrow! Oh and I'm bringing Fern Gully!!
And a woman? Tim Curry is Darkness from 'Legend', forever. (And also Hexxus from 'Fern Gully', obv.)
Been sick for a week and it *** Now I hear next summer there is going to be a modern animated film of fern gully!? Day = Brighter
Who else knew that Fern Gully was about the Gold Coast?
Two things occurred to me whilst watching AVATAR w/ Becca Channell again tonight. The Last Samurai visits The Last Of The Mohicans at the Fern Gully. The graphic designers HAVE to be a collaboration between the creators of Jurassic Part and Lisa Frank.
If i were bill kroyer, i would sue the *** out of James Cameron for avatar. I just realized it has the SAME PLOT as Fern Gully and the last rainforest
For today's edition of Sights and Sounds of Northern Michigan, photojournalist Eric Davis discovered the damaged Duck Lake Fire trees are being salvaged, taken down and turned into 2x4s. The Duck Lake
I want to watch Fern Gully and Thumbelina. In that order.
Ya know. I watched Avatar for the first time a few weeks ago. All I heard about it was it was a remake of Pocahontas. I don't find that completely accurate. I find it was much more of a remake to Fern Gully. Just sayin.
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Think of a happy place... Think of Fern Gully...
Everyone should watch Fern Gully and really pay attention it's a good message.
Comic Book Men and Fern Gully and cross stitching.
Watching Fern Gully with the girls. I love it when they like the movies i grew up with.
downloading fern gully at the moment. just looked it up on wikipedia and apparently it's based in a rainforest near mt warning. I've climbed mt warning. how cool.
def watching Fern Gully on Netflix with my brother Sean right now!
I just came to the realization that Avatar is just a hyped up Fern Gully.
Avatar is just a hi tech remake of fern gully.
Just finished watching "Human Centipede" and I regret that I did, so F'n gross! I gotta watch something cute and innocent to get that out if my head, so I'm gonna counter it with "Fern Gully" that should do the trick.
18 years ago a sweet, perfect little baby boy was placed in my arms. From that moment on he wrapped my heart around his little finger and pulls those heart strings every day. From running around outside naked (because he hated clothes on), to riding bulls, this boy has made my life more complete. Who else could be the grinch and steal Christmas (tree and all), put black X's with marker all over the house to get rid of Hexus (fern gully), and still give his Mommy a hug and a kiss in front of all of his friends. I love you Jack Robert Riggs! Happy 18th Birthday! You have truly blessed my life and I am extremely proud to be your mom. You are loved!
Fern gully to settle my nerves after one to many spooky movies.
Wow fern gully has terrible songs. Also why am I watching Fer gully
Watching The Lorax. And I thought was a tree hugger! This movie makes Fern Gully look like a horror film! Plus the soundtrack is just AWFUL! Dislike.
Watching fern gully with my sweet heart
Watching "Fern Gully" with Tyler Daer, He hasn't seen this movie for at least 8 years and yet he remembers every word, every person, and all the music. What an amazing guy.
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Big night of babysitting. First fern gully, now hocus pocus and later Mary poppins! Woo hoo
Great night at guild! Fun time at Matt Zak and Cait Grossman's place watching Fern Gully!
Do you remember the movie "Fern Gully?" Didn't think it would come to your own back yard, did you? Well, here it is. Next appearing in your drinking water. And DON'T SAY I didn't tell you.
*** I forgot how hot the fairy from Fern Gully is, till now...
Delilah is watching Fern Gully. I totally for got that Robin Williams did voice acting for the bat.
Just gonna take a brief trip down memory lane and watch the movie, Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest. I have a nice little memory of sitting in my Grandma Joyces kitchen, and watching it on her little tv, that stills lays on her counter!!
A any one old enough to remember the old cartoon movie called fern gully? Just bought it last night when I realized that avatar just ripped off the whole movie
Headed to skate the dew tour set up... @ Fern Gully
Watchin Fern Gully... Aint seen this in forever
Back at home with my beautiful little sister Summer, who is so tired that I think she will fall asleep before the end of Fern Gully 2.
Watching fern gully with my lil man.its 1am annnd he is WIDE awake...
Photo: Omg I LOVE fern gully the movie and got so excited when I saw this at the botanical gardens!!
Fern gully. Best movie ever for sleepy time!
Grilled cheese and fern gully... It's about to be a good night
Kicking it old school circa 1992 and watching Fern Gully with the best Big ever
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Avatar is just a more expensive, more.visually striking version of fern gully.
I like how avatar, fern gully, and pocahontas are all the same movie.
I'm totally about to watch Fern Gully the last rainforest! win win win idc what yall say!!!
Looking like Krista from Fern Gully with this new haircut today. I'm okay with that, she was a babe.
Just made Emily watch Fern Gully for the first time. She complained the whole time.
My little monster has a cold. So we are going go cuddle and watch fern gully! Lol.
Does anyone remember Fern Gully? That was my movie back in the day.
you should check out Fern Gully. It's way better and it didn't rip off something else and call itself a masterpiece.
Thanks for the info bro...YO. FERN GULLY IS REAL.
watchen FERN GULLY havent cn this since i cant remember lolz cayha enjoyin it :)
Putting Fern Gully in the DVD player was not a good idea.. I'm not a good studier.
totally! I feel like all little dogs have the same face as Batty in Fern Gully and I can't help but smile ๐Ÿ˜น
3-D live action version of Fern Gully/Pocahontas is out on blu-ray finally
Fern Gully flow with my sibs. I bet you've all forgotten about Robin Williams freestyle flow as "Batty". I didn't.
Mornin all im sittin bk watchin fern gully the last forest eatin ham,cheese nd biscuits wid mah baby gal cheyanne well hope u all have a wonderful day 2day :-)
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I am such a saddo...just watched Fern Gully and Thumbelina
me too, but I'm talking about Fern Gully in Jamaica :-)
Buying Guineps before driving over Flat Bridge, then onto Fern Gully!
Avatar is just Fern Gully for adults.
In the Jiffy Lube bay next to my Camry is the truck responsible for most of the damage in Fern Gully.
they want statues like in Fern Gully -_-
Fern Gully 2 would've been an even better insult.
you're the Fern Gully of exboyfriends
Oh. My. God. Fern gully annnd all dogs go to heaven is on netflix... My day has been made.
Pocahontas is a stretch guys... Fern gully is like an exact plot line mapping of avatar. Just sayin
no way! I mean it's similar, but fern gully is like exactly the same. Mining for valuable resources, forest, spirits, Etc
Did anyone else think avatar was a rip off of fern gully?
You guys remember Fern Gully? That bat thing scared the crap outta me
I just told Jameson to go to the movie shelf and pick a movie to watch. He chose "Mr. Hollands Opis" and "Titanic". I gave him another try... Fern Gully it is.
Watching fern gully and boy does Avatar have a lot in common with it.
"Knew I was destined to be a star since I had a cubby, watching Fern Gully"!
I'm such a hippie, yall. I watched Fern Gully all the time when I was a kid and the sadness of cutting down trees stuck with me.
thanks fam :) I'm honestly gonna watch Fern Gully lol
I loved the movie Fern Gully when I was little; I need to watch that again.
My 2 lil ones and i watching fern gully and keeping our hals awake she loves being up all nite lol not missing that part of mamahood lmbo
I still feel like death on a *** . . . watchin Fern Gully wit my lil doctor. he keeps checkin on me:)
Watching Fern Gully with my nephew && sis
Is it wrong for me to still like all the Disney movies lol!! I'm watching Anastasia then Fern Gully!!
Fern Gully anyone? Or maybe this makes you think more of Sleep Hollow?? I think Fern Gully sounds better though :P
Fern Gully while getting ready for tonight. :)
Batty Rap from the film "FernGully: The Last Rainforest". Sung by Robin Williams. Pictures taken from Photobucket/Google Image Search. I claim no ownership t...
"I'm already against the next war." SERIOUSLY?!?! What if the next war was about aliens coming to our planet to harvest all our natural resources and enslave the living creatures? Would you be totally for that? Oh wait a minute, you would be ok with that since we probably had it coming. You know, Columbus, Cortez, England, Spain, Pocahontas, Fern Gully, Avatar, trail of tears, manifest destiny, blah blah blah. We're the only civilization that is embarrassed of ourselves... AND I REALLY MEAN IT! Even though WWII was horrible and a dark time for Germany, THEY STILL TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT IT!!! America just likes to forget all the bad and negative things in our history. That, my friends, is why people are already against the next war.
Am in fern gully and still have signal.
This weekend was awesome! Friday night I chilled with Trista Tomford, we watched Fern Gully, and started watching this awesome show together called Super Natural, must say I am hooked. Saturday we went shopping, got some nice skirts, a couple shirts and some stockings and underwear :) Then we met up with Darla and some friends at the Pizza Ranch, had some fun. Then Saturday night we hung out with Summer Edin, Shawnbot Edin and Joel, we drank some wine and watched some movies and I stayed up talking to Joel until after five am. Great time! Sunday I came home started raking the yard, Ian Reischl and Rachel Wolf stopped by and we went with to Star of India with Jim Reischl, and Rachel's parents. Then finished raking the yard and then off to work, were I got to hang out with my friends and do some calling for Green Peace! All and all I would say this was the best weekend I have had in a long time, I love my friends, and I think that Summer's chinchilla is the most awesome little critter ever! I can ...
So... can't decide on a movie, Rango or Fern Gully? (I've seen both).
It is up to us 90's kids to explain that Fern Gully was not only a predecessor to Avatar, but far better, in that it contained both Tim Curry as a singing pile of molasses and Robin Williams rapping about animal testing in the pharmaceutical industry. (As a side note, if you have not recently listened to the full lyrics of the โ€œBatty Rap,โ€ I recommend you do, as they are horrifying.)
Snugglin' with my lil man watching Fern Gully, until he gets down to dance...he loves his music :)
Chatting with my cousin for half an hour made us realize: Joanna Isobel & Kevin Tengco trying to manifest our respective husband and wife is equivalent to. GAME KILLER. Gone are the days of know who's DTF, single, or atheist for that matter. However, it may take time, it might even take some changes, but by Fern Gully we're going to be with our babydaddy and babymama really soon and be happier than fat kids eating cake! :-)
just finished watching Fern Gully The Last Rainforest and it reminded me of mi childhood sometimes i wish i cud go back to those days
Siting here watching Fern Gully thinking... Avatar ripped that off... And that... And that... Even the annoying, all in your face, political view of "humans are bad" is the same.
Just finished watching Fern Gully with the kids and hubby, I know that movie is OLD but it is still good and the kids had never seen it, right before that we watched Freedom Writers, awesome movie too, now I am working on lesson plans and watching a Glee marathon cause everyone is in bed LoL
It's only 2:30pm and we've already had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, gone to get nails done (only Lauren) - purple sparkle except for thumbs and big toes which are orange with jack o lantern faces, Wal Mart to get new socks and cookies to decorate, CiCi's for lunch and an outing at Good o Putt o! Now it's time for a little break while we watch a new CD - Fern Gully :).
Great Saturday took the kids to watch the Dora concert! Visited GaMAMA's house,ate "the bomb"beef shank on this cold weather. Now at home relaxing with my babies watching Fern Gully a classic. I love my weekends!!! Karleen Tsurumaru
So I had no freaking idea that Robin Williams and Jim Carry did character voices in Fern Gully. My two favorite actors doing a children's movie promoting the environment. Awesome factors, achieved.
Watching fern gully with my lil man bc he refuses to sleep .. Reminds me of my Sammy
watching Fern Gully with Gracie. I love this movie!! :D
Just got evicted from my living room by teenagers so they can watch Fern Gully! LMBO
Mommy and aidan night. Dinner and a movie back home. Gnomio and Juliet or the always classic Fern Gully?
Introducing the twins to Fern Gully...they like Batty
Can't have Chinese food. Me no have no dinero!! :/ Lmao. Sooo.. I made amara and I some Hamburgers & Koolaid.. nummy!!! Ohh and best part is. We Are watching Fern Gully. . .^_^ My Child Hood Fav. Movie.. And She Loves it Too..
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Watching Fern Gully with my Jaybird as my mom would call her
Watching Fern Gully with Zo yet again. Going to be a long afternoon.
I just walked in to my bathroom and flushed the toilet...for no reason. Lol. What in the world? I'm like batty from fern gully. Lol.
Watching Fern Gully with baby Joe, waitin on Jordan, and Monica to get back with some grub :)
Anna is obsessed with the movie Fern Gully and asks for it on a daily basis. I have decide Fern Gully is the kids version of Avatar.
No debate or football in this house! Watching Fern Gully with kids!
Avatar is on Netflix! oh wait. it's actually Fern Gully
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