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Fern Cotton

Fearne Cotton (born 3 September 1981) is an English television and radio presenter who is known for presenting a number of popular TV programmes such as Top of the Pops and the Red Nose Day telethon.

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Nose diving? He just left West 'am for Lazio! Like swapping Fern Britton for Fern Cotton!
The problem is they'd replace the paedo presenters with Fern Cotton.
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You know you're past it when you like what Fern Britton's wearing, and you haven't seen what Fern Cotton has worn for ages.
When you meet fern cotton but your to wavey to smile 😂
David Cameron's new list of those who must be in the TV debates:. 1. Peter Andre. 2. Fern Cotton. 3. Kitt from Knight Rider. 4. George Clooney
so wrong! Unless she likes fern cotton or Greg James!?
Fern Cotton plays too much screamo on radio 1 in the daytime
Another sleepless night so trying to decide which of my fern cotton nail varnish,
looks like Keith Lemon and fern cotton have made up lmao
I thought for a moment you meant Fern Britton and was about to get on my high horse. But yes. Fearne Cotton. The TOTP killer.
she's this decade's Fern Cotton. Just a shame that Fern Cotton also still has a career.
Fern Cotton gets FAR too excited when she talks to bands on Radio 1. Like a 13 year old talking to her playground crush. Chill out man!
Maybe we can get Fern Cotton to come and host a show with us next week?
Taylor Swift performs a cover of Vance Joy's Riptide in the Live Lounge for Fern Cotton
We're stealing Fern Cotton's signature style in this MV Magazine feature:
Portland Place. Paparazzi in wait for Fern Cotton arriving for "work". Might be someone else entirely; I hardly know who the woman is.
Guess there's already too many personalities around like Richard Bacon and Fern Cotton to fill up the spaces.
I was overcome with nausea just now because smug Nick Clegg was on TV telling me to vote Lib Dem in the forthcoming European Elections. Here's a list of 5 things I would rather do in no particular order... Attend a Coldplay gig. Be stuck in a lift with Fern Cotton. Have a pint of John Smith's. Stick my head up a dead bears bum Watch an episode of TOWIE
Apparently I sound like Fern Cotton, and I look like Sarah Jessica Parker?
okay, until i meet Cotton, you're number one Fern
I know she hates being considered one but Fern Cotton is such a triggering thinspo
Good, always the first thing I think of when hearing the word 'sport', that and Fern Cotton, who is bound to present.
Mate Fern Cotton has just got better over time 😁❤️
Christ, 2009 was a brilliant year for telly. Noel's HQ, that dramatisation of the hanging of Gary Glitter, Fern Cotton vs. Peaces Geldof.
I'm a sucker for quality cotton bed linen, for me a comfy bed wins the day!
Currently in bramleys with fern cotton 󾮗
Keith Lemon has 1 of the best jobs going, dry boning Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby, shaaa tiingeee
Me too! Don't have a Deb- use laundry for sheets & DVs Ironing kingsize cotton duvet covers no picnic!
Fern Cotton cape size 10. Worn just a few times. £25 collect wymondham
The last conversation I had in 2014-how rubbish a person Fern Cotton is
Watching celebrity juice as you do on new years and fern cotton is amazing.
R fern cotton n holly willowby really so gullible lmfao
Ok I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, stan is snoring.. I've got my headphones in, listening to Fern cotton and still hear him.
Fern Cotton, Fern Britten, Henry Kelly? Remember your answer - always the trio I use when describing game
Fern Cotton making fame, big money and a career with nothing approaching talent should be an example to us all
Shes been off the scene a bit lately, on account of some mush pupping her. But oft, Fern Cotton. Bet Dot is ever so proud of that lass.
Fern cotton an her tuna purse on celeb juice lmao
Wonder how self conscious Fern Cotton is after constantly having the *** taken out if her by Keith..feel sorry for her!
If Radio 1's so hip why they still got Fern Cotton, Sarah Cox & Scott Millz on. They all a bit old for chart music arnt they.
wd of preferred it to of been fern cotton. She is awful! !
Only 12 minutes in to Bill Baileys new Live DVD and he's slagged off Fern Cotton twice. Excellent.
The Chart Show was ace. I do miss TOTP though..when it was good, before Reggie Yates and Fern Cotton.
Well thats my fing christmas spoilt. Could not change the channel on the telly before Fern Cotton started presenting TOTPs. CANT wait till boxing day for Clare Balding ti spoil grandstand. NOT.
I misunderstood this to be Fern Cotton meets Susan Boyle. Would have made for quite a different interview.
Need to find: Ella Goulding and Big K from tonight. Also met Fern Cotton as well
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imagine if Holly Willoughby and fern cotton were on it'd be like a cross celebrity juice with Jonathan Ross👏😂
A lot better than Kristen Stewart and Fern Cotton anyway 😒
FACT: *** Fleetwood's is softer than cotton (fern)
After all these years Fern Cotton is still smashing
As if my husband has just told me he's been in a room with Holly Willoughby, fern cotton and carol vordeman today and only thought to tell me an hour after walking through the door!!!
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Overheard in Camden :errr that rock star whats his name..Henry the 8th that's it, isn't he dating fern cotton?! .what fresh *** is this ???!!
I wish people would stop mentioning Fern Cotton with this disgusting mans name. She had nothing to do with what he's.. 1/2
Been wondering why fern cotton hasn't been doing her radio 1 show this week, I imagine it's because Ian Watkins is an ex !!!
Wish people would shut up saying i look like fern cotton!! not even remotely alike.
Fern cotton's skin must be crawling right now
no I was on my own for it:) all I had to do was find an outfit for fern cotton and say what I'd do in different scenarios aha
Can't beleive the filth that Ian Watkins (lead singer of lost prophets) has been getting up too and the mothers he was in cahoots with absolutely stunned , there's no punishment imaginable that would be any sort of justice , poor fern cotton used to date him I bet she's feels rotten !!
Here we go again assignation by media, for god sake she's just became a mother herself leave cotton out of this evil mans crap
I bet Fern Cotton and Alexa Chung amongst others, have been scrubbing their clouts this week. The smell of Watkins goes no where ladies.
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They won't be missed. He did used to go out with Fern Cotton, so that might explain some insider dealing.
I feel sick listen to that Ian Watkins case wat an absolute dirty creep. Poor fern cotton must feel disgusted
Poor Fern Cotton. Finding out her ex is a pedophile.
Can we talk about how violated fern cotton and Alexa Chung must feel..
I feel sorry for Fern Cotton, she doesn't need to have her picture included in every article about Ian Watkins.
another reason I've never trusted fern cotton
I'm almost sure Fern cotton went out with Ian Watkins
Find it slightly unfair that the papers would mention Fern Cotton, as of she isn't going to feel bad enough that she once loved such a creep
Fern Cotton great judge of character!!
Fern Cotton used to go out with him.she must feel so sick!
I wonder how Fern Cotton feels now that her ex admitted he's a peadophile
did he used to date fern cotton or have I made that up?
he was obviously always a tool though...he went out with Fern Cotton
Creasing at the Fern Cotton mentions regarding Ian Watkins. He was blatantly imaging her in the Disney club while banging her.
he could have any women he wants he was even with fern cotton at 1 point. Proper sick ***
You're not wrong mate fern cotton must be feeling a bit awkward”
Are today's shenanigans good enough reason to get stuck into Fern Cotton ? Didn't he used to fill her full of man fat ? She'll have known.
Wonder how that fern cotton is feeling. Lol
Always knew Ian Watkins (the one not from Steps) was a terrible person way before he started dating Fern Cotton.
Fern cotton must be feeling utterly disgusted right now.
spare a thought for Fern Cotton then.
You look so much like fern cotton here lol
Tom Jones, Keane, Madness, The Lumineers, Tom Ordell, Ellie Goulding, Rizzle Kicks, Bastille, Nicole Sherzinger, Passenger all the great acts I saw last night. Then meet Chris Evans and Fern Cotton. Oh and Rufus Hound gave me a wink.
Holly Willoughby and Fern Cotton in nurses outfits. Don't mind if I do.
Leigh Francis I love you. Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby in Nurses outfit?! Wet dream come true
Thank you Keith Lemon for getting Holly Willoughby and Fern Cotton dressed up as nurses. Very nice 󾌩 lol
If you would like evidence that Fern Cotton sold out - I give you Lauren Laverne.
When i see fern cotton on the tv i switch it off.
Jamie On Fern Cotton spitting ham out of her mouth. "That was so hot, just imagine that was boat loads of spunk."
"Ooo she has got big nostrils hasn't she" - my mum on fern cotton
Glad fern cotton is back. Such a hottie
How did fern cotton make spitting ham out of her mouth look sexy!!
I'd love to sex Fern Cotton, until I see that tattoo. So I'm sticking with Holly
Just having a random 3 way with fern cotton :)
Fern Cotton gets more attractive every series
When did fern cotton go good looking?!
Fern Cotton is so gorgeous and sexy
Listening to could have swore the voice over guy said "Firm Bottom " instead of Fern Cotton
I think it's quite possible that Fern Cotton is the most annoying person on the planet!!
Embarrassing fern cotton tryna blag she doesnt know 1d's names,birthdays, favourite place to visit on holiday and Italian dish of preference
yeah ok floral isn't you...not sure its me either actually. Fern cotton always looks good it in tho
Grimmy then fern cotton on radio 1 are both so boring
oh no I really like Sara Cox, bored of fern cotton already she doesn't half go on about nothing x
For mums, Holly Willoughby and fern cotton are amazing!!
Fern Cotton looks a right old saucy minx now she's got a nipper!
Celebrity Juice on on itv 2 love Keith Lemon he is so funny and welcome back to Fern Cotton 😀
Super excited for our model Francesca to have wrapped on the Xmas TV commercial with Fern Cotton
Can't wait to see Annie Mac in Dublin! She is seriously the coolest new mum in the world (move over Fern Cotton).
you sound like fern cotton , I hate fern cotton
Get to listen to Fern Cotton tomorrow. happy Tyler
You want chart go to fern cotton, want pop go to Londis joker
I can confirm that Fern Cotton's voice on radio 1 has not been missed!!
Fern cotton looking remarkable given child birth. It has treated her well
These celeb comparisons r gettin 2 much now lol, jennifer anniston (I wished) Caroline flack n now fern cotton but without the big nose.
I said to Tom, fern cotton had her baby through one of her nostrils, his reply was "did she?" oh my Tom
Fern cotton's looking well different on
Harrys dad walks in and he pretends hes not on FaceTime to me and his dad goes 'serenading fern are you?' (He has a fern cotton cut out) :')
are doing a radio 1 live lounge with fern cotton on the 17th September, can't wait!
Catching up on fern cotton looks quite hot 👍
Fern Cotton is actually so attractive
Fern Cotton is quite a good drawer..
People in my class hate my music so much they'd prefer to listen to fern cotton on radio 1.
Yes yes fern cotton only anorexic people can wear theses if I did I would like like a purple ballon this...
Live lounge & fern cotton ... Best thing on radio one since chris moyles left!!
Radio one playing all the end of Sumer tunes right now! I missed that Fern Cotton
Fern cotton is such a poor radio presenter. Rather listen to Darren milby on the bay and that's saying something 😂
Found the portugesse Fern Cotton on the traın home from Brıghton
Use to hate Fern Cotton but shes banging these days
Keith in your picture you look like you've had a promise from fern cotton
Fern Cotton was looking warm tonight!! 😍
Got told I look like fern cotton today :))
God *** fern cotton is looking peng tonight!
Fern cotton looks really pretty tonight
Fern cotton is looking good after having a baby
Embarrassment: When you don't know the difference between Fern Britton and Fern Cotton! o.o
We talk to about moustache's, Fern Cotton, his mum + - read the full interview here >
Matt Edmondson is such an annoying radio presenter. Up there amongst the likes of Fern Cotton and Chris Moyles.
Katie Mullally now online as seen on Fern Cotton...
Wonders if Fern Cotton as a Sister called Polly Esther?
Is it just me or has fern cotton been pregnant forever???
Would anyone like FOR FREE one teenage daughter! Guaranteed 100% attitude!
The book I cherish most from childhood is _.
Anyone have a good recommendation for a one-strap baby sling?
Glass of red, plate of nibbles and a B&W movie :D
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have voted for you mate, is Jill going with you? Or is it willybooby nostrils cotton! Make sure fern does not give birth nta's
your neighbours with Fern cotton and Alan car. And my friend that work your way. If you need a nanny or babysitter!
I miss fern cotton on how inconsiderate can one DJ be
do me a lil bandage for my hand aswel? You can be like fern cotton to me, but instead of the nose puns ill use capri sun ones?
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"As long as Jimmy Savile isnae on it. Lol." just wee fern cotton now, ;-) so alls gd :-)
Fern cotton just turned up on site with a load of models to do a very shoot and asked me to model for them as we'll, what should I do?
you have bad taste in women... Fern Cotton now that?
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Kicking myself. Once again. Did same thing with the itv gig with fern cotton. :( arghh
If you miss the dog and record player, just listen to Fern Cotton on radio 1.
Hope you feel. Just imagine Fern Cotton's nostrils, maybe that will make you smile.
I don't even look like Fern Cotton tho, ugh
I like Stephen mulhern and fern cotton more than this dude and naomi whatshername lol
please would somebody take me to the Royal Opera House in 2013? Thankyou.
I'm after a really good quality cotton, can anyone recommend please?
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still don't understand how people say I look like fern cotton and Amanda seyfred. they are firkin blonde.
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This makes me smile so much! The dudes ugly but I wud Defo marry him after that!
yeah it's sick, I listened to his radio 1 sesh with fern cotton last night that was on in December and it was so good
Fern Cotton was caught on the red carpet with a Matalan bag. Oh aye.
Me and my homie Fern Cotton, just chillin and what not
Chris moyles, Scott mills and fern cotton?
still don't do shout puts though! You'll need to contact Fern Cotton for one of them!
Where's Fern cotton these days oh wait she is sat in sutton on here blackberry love you!! -.- I can play this game 2!
i can get Fern Cotton but the other two?!
Oh *** Annie mac, Edith bowman and Fern Cotton all pregnant.
What age was Fern Cotton when she presented Fingertips?. I want to fancy her but I'm no Jimmy Savile.
i dreamt of being in a threesome with Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby
I found celebrity juice lol.Fern Cotton said with earphones on to Leigh Francis your talking about my nostrils .
Why is Jameela Jamil everywhere? She's no compare to Fern Cotton or someone!
I always thought that Reggie Yates and Fern Cotton where inappropriate hosts for top of the pops but in hindsight its better than the 70s...
BIG NEWS EVERYONE! Keith Lemon and Fern Cotton just got engaged on cute! XD xx
How could somebody have impregnated Fern Cotton. Fingertips on CITV will never be the same.
Who ever got fern cotton up the duff lucky ***
Think fern cotton should of done your baby dance
Fern Cotton looking pregnant I just can't it doesn't look right ... *** strange
I know I might be late but since when was fern cotton pregnant
Hate! Fern Cotton, Stacy Solomn and Steve McDonald, don't know his real name!
I just saw on celebrity juice, that fern cotton says chris brown is a *** ead;). Not just me that hates him then;) ly char!
So i have the same christmas jumper as fern cotton!!
Fern cotton's got your Christmas jumper on !!
Don't see how I look like fern cotton?
So Gossip Girl is sponsored by Cocoa Butter and the ad is voiced my Fern Cotton!?!?! So many questions.
I honestly just discovered that Fern Cotton & Fern Britton are different people.
Didn't realise Fern Cotton had a bun in the oven
didn't realise you were at Fern Cotton's house
Olly Murs on radio one in a bit, performing live from Fern Cotton's house!
Omg as if mr flack don't like Fern Cotton, she's a babe!
What do you call the stuff you wrap a Christmas tree with? Fern
this Ian Watkins stuff don't add up he's been out with Fern Cotton and has shown no signs of paedophilia before and now he's a kiddy fiddler
Didn’t know the Lead Singer of Lostprophets had dated Fern Cotton. Evil begets evil.
I really hope people/media leave Fern Cotton alone. Not only has this got nothing to do with her, shes pregnant for F*sake!! Get a clue!!
Well he went out with Fern Cotton for years so we all knew he was into girls with no ***
The appointed trend setter Fern cotton just done a vocal hash tag on live radio. IT DOES NAE WORK LIKE THAT! Hashtag radio one
So my little brother had a weird dream. He dreamt about Fern Cotton, random eithiopian kid and killing someone.
I don't know... Ian went out with fern cotton
So just because they dated like 7 years ago the news has to bring up Fern Cotton when it comes to Ian Watkins arrest...
Another stupid Daily Mail piece. What the frig has Fern Cotton got to do with anything?!?!?!?
Aww my friends know me so well! Buying me Fern Cotton's nail varnishes! ☺☺☺
radio one is better without Moyles. Fern Cotton annoys me.
I just googled it now. He went out with Fern Cotton? And would rather diddle kids and animals?
when are you back? I need to discuss fern cotton's vg with you.
Ian Watkins went out with Fern Cotton? :| omfg
A company whose adverts consist of ladies in pink suits working for Fern Cotton and Holly willoghby,
Ha! How laughable is it that The Daily Mail think that the fact that Ian Watkins dated Fern Cotton is a noteworthy part of the whole story!
Realy hope the apparent Ian Watkins and fern cotton sex tape gits the internet now
Personally I'd be suspicious of anyone that was sexually attracted to fern cotton
He was shagging Fern Cotton, why would he suddenly become a peado! Don't trust the headlines! never trust the media
What happens to men when they have been out with Fern Cotton. Wonder what Steve Jones has been doing.
I bet fern cotton is gutted didn't she go out with Ian Watkins
Cannot believe that about Ian Watkins from Lostprophets!!! Totally disgusting, a girl under 13! Fern cotton must be Vomming a little!!!
Mr Jake Bug in the live lounge.brilliant.just wish Fern Cotton would shut up.
Kerrang Weekend Camber - about the only thing I remember about it! He obviously has bad taste, he went out with Fern Cotton
Fern cotton must be mortified on her radio slot everytime the news comes on.
Fern cotton just laughed and finished the laugh with 'love it'.
Got my nails done all festive with the Ruby Cotton and Fern Green polishes from 's make up range :D
I wonder how fern cotton feels this morning
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who is your favourite TV presenter? My money is on Fern Britton or Fern Cotton or just a fern.
People I would watch Question Time to see: Charlotte Church, Victoria Coren, Sarah Churchwell, Fern Cotton, Sandi Toksvig.
I'm sure they're very nice in real life but that Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby totally come across as a pair of pure fuds on the telly.
Fern Cotton always looks 2nd class compared to Holly Willoughby, BBC must be kicking themselves she's at ITV. Fern is dated
Fern Cotton trying to do a Jeremy Clarkson, oh dear
Wish I looked like Fern Cotton pregnant! Dawn French that's me!
I wish Jedward, Mark Wright, Joey Essex, Keith Lemon, Katie Price&Fern Cotton was going in the jungle. How fab would that line up be thou!
Just switched on Strictly Come Dancing all I can say is Fern Cotton is one lucky lady.. Artem wow!!
Fern cotton Friday morning on radio one.. Plays some Good Friday tracks ;)
In all fairness I think my sister looks like fern cotton
Omg fern cotton with that face mask on = hilarious t.v!!!
Celebrity juice hilarious , so funny Fern Cotton was brilliant with the mask on so so funny x
A guarantee on holly wollowboobys husbands Christmas list is a threesome way fern cotton
As the weeks have gone on I quite enjoy listening to Fern Cotton on Radio1. Full on crazy pregnant lady in charge of the radio lol
Fern cotton has hit to be the worse radio dj ever unless of cause your a serial killer or some one who is mentally disturbed in that case her music is great to kill to or slip further into madness !!!
Knickers off now, fern cotton plzz lol
Tesco's value flat as Fern Cotton's chest! :-(
3 Stella cidre fern cotton on radio perfect for a drive home
I swear Keith Lemon want piece of Fern Cotton!!! Too much jokes!!!
Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep and that is just fern cotton bleep bleep
I'd actually take Fern Cotton over David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Do you know how I feel about that woman!
Gave Nik Grimshaw a chance this morning lasted 30 secs what a hand shandy he is didnt even take as long to make my mind up as that irritating *** Fern Cotton for whom I would rather drink bleach and poke my eyes out with forks R1s morning set up is an absolute balls now ,only Scott Mills worth listening to now
Jason, *** Katherine, Shelley and Jill can attest that Angela ending up looking like Cameron Diaz from 'there's something about Mary' was the funniest thing we've seen since Kieth Lemmon sucked Fern Cotton's toes!
I think fern cotton is pretty attractive
hey aled do you think that the Chris moyles show will be back on the radio when fern cotton goes on maternity leave..
Fern cotton has a hairy *** well that's what Keith said after he finished doing her round the back of tesco
Never knew Fern Cotton had a gastric band
Don't ever get Fern Britton mixed up with Fearne Cotton again Nitty!!
Doesn't mind fern cotton starting every friday morning with abit of take that
Had a dream Fern Cotton gave my a hand job in my business class, not bad
Can't believe how tiny Mo Farah looks next to Fern Cotton!
Can't stand Fern Cotton, her voice goes through me, and she makes me cringe
Is fern cotton actually pregnant or is Keith Lemon fibbing?
Fern Cotton looks so beautiful pregnant!
Fern Cotton going to a fancy dress party as an angry lesbican! ;)
I think Fern cotton is really under rated
Keith Lemon rips into fern cotton and it makes me laugh
And theres fern cotton who is pregnant ha ha ha ha how did happen!!! Oosh
After a fun night bowling with I get home to find a new pair of fern cotton shoes have arrived
Can't figure out who is more anoying . . . . Hugh Stevens or Fern cotton? Feel free to vote below and give your reasons.
Am I the only person that thinks Fern Cotton is really sexy?
Ok, lets get the kettle on..paints to the ready, Fern Cotton blasting some good tunes on and some paintings done!
Charlie Simpson had a successful solo career pushed by Fern he's returning to Busted lol
don't blamee you! I use to be in love with her and Fern Cotton LOL!
you listen to Fern Cotton too much mate?
okkk fair enough what about Emily attak, Cameron Diaz, fern cotton?
Me and have just been told someone doesn't know who fern cotton is!
Just stuck on radio1 and Fern Cotton drops the new Peace track yes yes
aw I love her dresses. Does she not have her own range with fern cotton?
Fern Cotton just said banger on radio 1. Now don't you think that is ??
Wat an eventful week :) All this news bout FERN cotton havin a baby and the drama of emmerDALE is gettin 2 much 4 me hehe
they can't have got them in my local discount shop. Only have masks of Fern Cotton, Holly Willoughby and that bloke from TOWIE.
Fern Cotton is a LAD and she’s really hot, you don’t get a better combination than that
How can people find fern cotton fit is beyond me
So glad is moving to BT. Can BT offer Fern Cotton a contract too?
Hate fern cotton so much, her voice is so bloody annoying!
Fern cotton playing wankelmut on radio 1. Whyve you got to take everything I've loved and ruin it, fern? Why?
Fern cotton on radio 1 is just a terrible idea, STOP TALKING AND PLAY MUSIC YOU ***
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