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Felix Unger

Felix Unger (or Ungar) was one of the principal characters in Neil Simon's play The Odd Couple. Felix was portrayed in the original Broadway production of the play by Art Carney, in the film by Jack Lemmon, and in the television series by Tony Randall.

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HAIR BY CHELYNN NEWS The Odd Couple - Thomas Lennon, who plays Felix Unger in CBS' "The Odd Couple," has been c...
Duncan is always most palatable as Logan's Felix Unger
Dalton smokes in a latter Bond at prior to Felix Unger's wedding, too.
"Check it, new post from M!" "Bout what?" "Usual. Subduing an inner dude named Felix Unger?"
New series kick off! Tales of the wave. Pile up tactics and soothe your inner Felix Unger.
Felix Unger has a remarkable collection of linguine westerns.
If they ever revive the Odd Couple, you would be a perfect Felix Unger and Golic, Oscar Madison.
I'd definitely help if I wasn't so far away. I'm a really good cleaner. I'm like Felix Unger from Odd Couple :P
A life lesson on "assuming", by the legendary Felix Unger. LOL :-)
They say opposites attract, here's to you finding your Felix Unger, lol!
I believe the Badgers and the Fighting Irish are playing with a Felix Unger ball ("Where are the laces?") here in Philadelphia.
You great partner on First Take, Felix Unger, is too sensitive on Labron James and N. Iowa. Just everyday guy talk.
Lebron says he would quit basketball if he were on N. Iowa? Just guy talk, nothing more. Felix Unger, U R too sensitive!
Playing 3rd NYJew in 12 months 'Felix Unger', 'Martin Klemmer' and now 'Nathan Detroit' hopefully becoming pretty expert. Oyvey!
"Sir, to you I submit this: No New York, no Felix Unger." [Roar of crowd drowns out feeble Cruz attempt at response.]
Gregg Popovich and Craig Sager are the "Oscar Madison and Felix Unger" of the NBA.
Think Odd Couple, where plays the part of Felix Unger.
"It took me two hours to find out that F.U. was Felix Unger!!"
PLEASE get atcha girl Beyoncé and make her play Saartjie. you direct. it'll be like Felix Unger complaining: "Oscar, Oscar, Oscar"
It's actually a Felix Unger quote from the Odd Couple but it seemed to be tailored for U
"It took me 2 weeks to figure out F.U. meant Felix Unger!"
GREAT MOMENTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY (November 13, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his placeof residen
Drake & Future are the perfect foils for each other cuz they're like the Felix Unger and Oscar Madison of enunciation.
OUR PLANS FOR THE EVENING: Getting down with Felix Unger on the dance floor.
god Thomas Lennon remind me of Tony Randall because he looks like him and oh so the way he plays felix unger
TV classics make a comeback: What's your favorite?: From Matt Dillon to Felix Unger, classic TV dramas and comedies…
Because in another life you were Felix Unger,
Mark reminds me of Felix Unger from the Odd Couple😂
You know what Felix Unger said about those who assume. Plenty read it, though, sadly, not enough to make me rich.
Happy Anniversary wishes this November 13th to Felix Unger and Oscar Madison.
On November 13th, Felix Unger was asked to leave his place of residence. He moved in with his long time friend Oscar Madison.
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So, it's eggs, cheese & jalepenos: a la Oscar Madison or Felix Unger... Or go Int'l & have a frittata! Hungry...
You two are the Felix Unger and Oscar Madison of radio.
Great line by Tony Randall (w/authority of Felix Unger) on Johnny Carson show: "flutist or flautist, either is correct."
I keep on seeing and don't think More like Howard Cosell calling out Felix Unger as an "inane drone."
Can we trade max unger for Felix unger? Another complete failure by Mickey Loomis, yet he never gets any blame.
Felix Unger trying out for Superman role?
Felix Unger joins ISIS: "An Islamic State fighter's surreal rant about 'Arabs' hogging cellphone chargers, and more."
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I'm getting [FNAME] in the salutation. I'm fine if that's my Mastermind moniker. It's pronounced like Felix Unger's allergies.
The Felix Unger Games. If you have a price, Rupie and the Trillionaires can Artfully use you for Misdirection. ☺
- Coughlin also said that Unga did not play like Felix Unger.
Every once in awhile drunk me cleans up before going to bed. Sober me is such a Felix Unger... What a ***
C3PO is like the Felix Unger of Star Wars
Mets score & all Keith Hernandez talks about is the bat left near home plate. He's becoming more & more like Felix Unger every day!
Can you imagine if Adrian Monk, Felix Unger and Sheldon Cooper shared an apartment? But I digress… the weekend...
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if this works I will be so happy! My throat itches so bad from allergies I sound like Felix Unger. guess husband will be happy too
Now I need a pair of those, too! I have a Felix Unger neighbor they would annoy greatly.
Take out the trash- FU, We're out of milk- FU, it took 2 weeks to figure FU was Felix Unger...Odd Couple.. ha
Yes. My need is simple, & I'm not a Felix Unger about cleaning. It's in fact the same line as my present one. Should be fine.
she sounds like Felix Unger from The Odd Couple or someone with a collapsed lung.l
Dear husband or Felix Unger as I like to call him
David Beckham & Kevin Hart in New H&M Ads?: First it was Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. Now it’s David Beckham...
No matter who plays Felix Unger, I end up crushing *** them. I need help.
I'm watching The Odd Couple w/ Matthew Perry and Tom Lennon. Both are good, buy it's Tom's Felix Unger that is aces!
I can be Oscar Madison or Felix Unger depending on what day you catch me on.
My father told me I need to marry a Felix Unger, because I'm so messy. He is not wrong.
I have finally accepted the fact that not so deep down in my heart I'm literally Felix Unger.
You know a show's good when the one and only Tony Randall (aka Felix Unger) introduces PUMP BOYS AND DINETTES at...
Thomas Lennon is killing it as Felix Unger. Tony Randall would be proud.
sound like Felix Unger or something.
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I'm thinking of "Felix Unger" as a name for my or perhaps Mr. Gobblesfilth
Loving it's really starting to develop into something great! Felix Unger is best role since Lt. Dangle!
The Original Odd Couple from 1968, holds up perfectly. Though, It should be retitled Felix Unger is a Neurotic ***
Ha! Felix Unger is totally Joey's hand twin!
omg Thomas Lennon! I believe you are the sone of Jack Lemmon & Tony Randall!! You were born to be Felix Unger!
So I'm guessing that FU doesn't stand for Felix Unger here.
50th anniv. of Felix & Oscar? It should be “on Nov. 13,” when a Felix Unger was asked to leave...” ;-)
Have an old Felix Unger thing going on in my sinus.
Daryl and Aaron could be like the post-apocalyptic Oscar Madison and Felix Unger
"When the reality of your life crashes into the dreams of your youth." . - Felix Unger ... the new one -
Nick Fury has no place else to crash... He is Felix Unger.
20 MINUTES TO GLORY! As Felix unger said to JPMorgan in an episode of the Odd Couple BRING IT ON HOME NOW
Felix Unger, " You should never assume,because when U assume U make an *** of U & ME" Odd Couple
In this shot, he reminds me of Felix Unger looking at dirt!
The problem with communication is the assumption that it has occurred.--GB Shaw - Felix Unger was right: never assume!
The smart money is on as Felix Unger to Oscar Madison.
Felix Unger skates with all the grace & elegance of a minus the white tights & CBS Eye costume. Coincidence?.
"Felix Unger is many things but he's not forgettable" . Love this line! .
's Felix Unger and I have excitement about
That was my assumption, but you know what Felix Unger says when you assume something. Thanks.
For those who remember:. Felix Unger: "Oscar, is it snowing outside?!". Oscar Madison: "I can't tell, it's all white"
I'll be there sat Felix unger with his family and camera
"Allen tidier than Felix Unger" according to mike65ie on the guardian comments section. There's a reference for you.
My jokes about being a mutant hybrid of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison are no longer kitschy and anachronistic, but will be again next year.
In dah Odd Couple it stood fur Felix Unger?
Felix Unger on the streets, Oscar Madison in the sheets.
Felix Unger should be skinnier than Oscar Madison. Fat/Skinny! It's a proven comedy formula.
The Chargers would be the Felix Unger to the Raiders’ Oscar Madison.
Thomas Lennon as Felix Unger is good casting, but come on, Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison? No thanks.
Felix Unger had class, Oscar Madison had grit.
I loved the Odd Couple. I Identified with Felix Unger and Oscar Madison.
Somehow, someways I have turned into Felix Unger.
... Do you know how long it took me to figure out F.U. Stands for Felix Unger. Classic ... looking forward to this.
Get ready for the return of Felix Unger! premieres Thursday, Feb. 19th 8:30/7:30c
...deep down you're just Felix Unger who wants a hug.
Baby Boomers are 3x more likely to vote for Felix Unger on our The Funniest TV Characters of All Time list. Vote
The Crown Prince laughs the same as Felix Unger clears his sinuses.
Me and my husband need a husband. A guy like Felix Unger. That would work.He could live in the barn & clean while we're out. That'll work!
Felix Unger said: "I didnt know hairdressing was a sport" Now a growing niche in US, best site for it is
I tell people he's the Felix Unger to my Oscar Madison. It works for us lol!
Taking a break from the esoteric to impersonate Felix Unger with reportorial great
I am Felix Unger in a house full of Oscar Maddison's
Too bad you didn't get in on the remake of "The Odd Couple". You'd make a terrific Felix Unger. 😊
The Odd Couple starring President Obama as Felix Unger and John Boehner as Oscar Madison.
Took me 3 hours to figure out FU stood for Felix Unger. any Guesses?
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Got the H Out. Felix, the neat freak. Drove messy Oscar crazy. Played the Unger games...
Anna was thought to be real mom to Diane no one ever considered how since Anna's real name was Felix Unger
One of my favorite VO reads as a kid. "On Nov 13th, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself...
ROFLMBO re: Lemon discussion. "Took me all day to realize F.U. stood for Felix Unger!"
Congrats to who departs to be Felix Unger to Oscar Madison on
I lifted & tossed a huge pile of wet leaves 15 feet. I did have to do the little back kick which used to help Felix Unger make a basket.
Felix Unger Photography shared a video on
Wonder if he's related to Felix Unger..
Of course, you have to be careful here. You're taking tips from a guy who ALWAYS looks more like Oscar Madison than Felix Unger
Harry Hinkle and Felix Unger down, having a brief Jack-break to check out the new Dardenne Bros.
Robert is def Felix Unger, but I'm not as much Oscar Madison as I may appear!
Today in history: Felix Unger was thrown out of his house and moved in with Oscar Madison
Trying to confirm: Felix Unger "appeared at the house of his friend, Oscar Madison.''
Felix Unger documented the scene. Oscar Madison wrote from his thoughts. One was a neat freek and the other a...
My Felix Unger-ish nightmare scenario has been resolved for the evening. (Yes, I'm the Felix.) That's all I'll say. Calm has resumed.   10% Off
Biden comparing Cuomo to Lincoln brings to mind Felix Unger on Password. "It's a known fact that Lincoln loved mayonnaise."
Listening to Girl Power pop on the way to w/ Misheard title; not actually from FELIX UNGER GAMES.
New card post: Ask (with a cameo appearance by Felix Unger)
remember Felix Unger's explanation of assume? lol Have a great day!
In The Odd Couple I think one of the Pigeon Sisters asks Felix Unger that when he says he's a news writer.
an Odd Couple? Which one of you is the Felix Unger THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
So today tuesday sept 16 I was fishing on the nechako in between the hart hi way and carney street bridge. I usually bring my dog with me and he sniffs around and chills out, says hi to other dogs and people. Always comes back. At 7:15 pm I looked back cause I was planning on leaving at 7:30, he was chilling out in the grass. At 7:30 i packed up and he was gone. I walked down the bank and another dog owner said he was just there playing with his dog. While I was fishing there was a family skipping rocks and they left exactly when Felix went missing. I'm thinking he ran up to say hi and because he didn't have a collar on they thought he was lost and took him. I walked the whole area for four hours and I can't find him. He's about 55lbs. Looks like a black lab cross. Has a bunch of gray on his face and paws. His name is Felix Unger. He's a rescue I've had for almost 9 years and I want him back. If it was a misunderstanding thats alright. Reward is offered.
F.U.? Felix Unger? ;) (I keed) I know YOU can sing,saw you sing as Bobby Darin) Sorry I won't be able to see this concert! :(
Funny, Felix Unger's nasal whine is exactly the same sound as Fran Drescher's ***
"Took me 2 months to realize F.U. meant Felix Unger"
A winner never quits and a quitter never wins! (Felix Unger- the Odd Couple). YNWA
Today I will be wearing a Felix Unger shirt and an Oscar Madison cap.
I think Felix Unger would work great as a turtle! Thanks for your RT, Jynksie!
"Behind every stupid user, there is a "stupider" security professional". Also Felix Unger (yes!).
Guess Cochran is going to have to fight it out with Felix Unger now.
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Doesn't matter who they face. They would have a hard time against Felix Unger these days.
Felix Unger was the pioneer name that paved the way for Francis Urquhart and Francis Underwood.
That is so weird! I've never seen a baby do that, even my kid who is Felix Unger. Maybe he'll do your cleaning for you!
I imagine it'll be like The Odd Couple, except with two Oscar Madisons and no Felix Unger.
Felix Unger has just moved in to my staff room.
hey, it's a known fact that Lincoln loved mayonnaise! - Felix Unger on "Password"
reputation. Not your years of your grotesque appearance or your awkward social graces. Or that Felix Unger-ish way you clear your
So I should soak my headphones in hand Sanitizer? Luckily I'm not Adrien Monk...or Felix Unger.
When over, Vincent Kartheiser should play Felix Unger. In, like, everything.
Throwback Thursday. Steve's Jamaica High graduation in Forest Park, Kew Gardens, NY, June 27, 1967. After graduation was over we changed our clothes and hopped aboard the train to Shea Stadium to see the Mets play the Pirates. It was before the game that the famous "triple play" scene of "The Odd Couple" movie was filmed. The Pirates hit into a TP but sportswriter Oscar Madison (Walter Matthau) missed it because he was taking a phone call from his roommate Felix Unger (Jack Lemmon) regarding dinner plans.
Newton Community Theatre Production Alert: The Odd Couple By Neil Simon Directed by Jamie Grout Production: May 30, 31 at 7:30 PM June 5, 6 at 7:30 PM * June 7 at 2:00 PM This classic comedy opens as a group of the guys assembled for cards in the apartment of divorced Oscar Madison. And if the mess is any indication, it’s no wonder that his wife left him. Late to arrive is Felix Unger who has just been separated from his wife. Fastidious, depressed and none too tense, Felix seems suicidal, but as the action unfolds Oscar becomes the one with murder on his mind when the clean-freak and the slob ultimately decide to room together with hilarious results as The Odd Couple is born. * Note that June 7 is a Saturday afternoon because of class reunions in the evening. Tickets are $12.00 or adults and $10.00 for ages 18 and younger. Call (641) 792-1230 for reservations. The box office is staffed weekdays from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and 6:30-8:00 pm, and one hour before each show. CAST Speed – Mike McKenna Mur ...
How about adding Odd Couple? I loved that show. I call Stuart from The Exes the modern day Felix Unger.
This guy should play Felix Unger in the "Odd Couple" reboot with Matthew Perry.
Somewhere between Tony Randall's Felix Unger and Gilda Ratner's bottom lip-chewing invalid is how I look in the kitchen trying to cook.
For those of you who are old enough to remember The Odd Couple, I have officially turned into Felix Unger-honk honk!
your the female Felix Unger lol.. Sorry hun!
I think the perfect Felix Unger would be Jim Parson from the Big Bang Theory
Jay Leno says he and David Letterman should do “The Sunshine Boys” on Broadway. I’d rather see them do “The Odd Couple.” Felix Unger clears sinuses, Oscar Madison eats large, mayonnaise-laden sandwich without bread. Yes, I would pay money to see them.
Can Murray deal a poker hand before the next election? Will Vinnie make it home to his wife in time? Can Roy survive the toxic environment of Oscar's apartment? Is Speed nice to anybody? More importantly, can Felix Unger and Oscar Madison coexist? These answers, plus two Gorgeous English Roses, can be seen at the Cary Arts Center tonight at 7:30. The Odd Couple is here!
on the "Odd Couple"1972, Felix Ungers wife just had a baby --- I realized that 'baby' is now 42 ! holy-shmoli !
I just realized that my birthday is the same day Felix Unger's wife asked him to leave... November 13.
OMG, yes. Like when Felix Unger had his watch in the shop!
Felix Unger had a phrase for the John Kerrys of this world: Owa Tana Siam
Ha! I've got a Bohemian here where his tool box is organized to the point where Felix Unger would blush! :D
Erik Purscell won this weeks trivia prize. The correct answer is The Odd Couple. Tony Randal as Felix Unger and...
I loved Walter Matthau's performance in the film. "It took me three hours to figure out F.U. was Felix Unger!".
CC sitcom Felix Unger reveals assumptions; Sgt Friday demands just the facts
So excited and happy for Olivia McKeith. She has been cast as "Olive" in FHSs rendition of "The Odd Couple (Female Version)". If anyone is familiar with The Odd Couple, Olive is the female version of Oscar Madison, the slovenly, sports writer bachelor who is offset by Felix Unger, his OCD neat freak friend. As a kid I loved this sitcom and can't wait to see our kids on the stage. It's going to be fun!
Sharing a phone like the Odd Couple - who is Felix Unger and Who is Oscar Madison
This just in: CBS to reboot Odd Couple. Matthew Perry to play slob Oscar Madison, re-imagined as a *** zombie and Joey Lawrence to play Felix Unger, an OCD ultra conservative vampire.
Ha. To me, John and Sherlock are like Felix Unger and Oscar Madison.
I have a good balance of Oscar Madison and Felix Unger in me. I like organization and neatness but am also relaxed and sloppy at times.
.I'm being punished for timezones, the Oscar Madison to the technology professional's Felix Unger.
I may have to put the remote down .. I just saw Felix Unger clean up the bar cart that Capt Kirk knocked over when he saw Ralph Kramden on the planes wing
Matthew Perry is writing and executive producing a TV remake of "The Odd Couple" with himself as Oscar Madison. Auditioning for the role of Felix Unger are hundreds of actors hoping it will propel them to a spot on “Dancing With The Stars.”
will buy it, for now. Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison and Paul Rudd as Felix Unger would be pretty legit.
I have felix unger sitting next to me..wiping his keyboard down with his Lysol dienfectant towel..dusing the screen off..get over yourself dude...
After a lifetime of being Oscar Madison, I'm trying to transform myself into Felix Unger. This is exhausting.
I wish my area was cleaned on a daily basis or when they know that I'm back in the Throne they take care of the little odds and ends just for me. ( did I just have a diva moment). Those of you who know me knows my alter ego is Felix Unger. I don't like chips I don't like tips, snot rags or whatever cleanliness is next to godliness.
Felix Unger once said "Sorry does not feed the admiral's cat". So there you go.
Timeline Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Leif Garrett * CHILDHOOD "Born on November 8, 1961." "In 1971 Garrett received a cheque in the mail incorrectly addressed to a ""Leif Garrett""." "After Garrett and his mother undertook research on the name, they found that the name ""Garrett"" held connotations of strength, so the name stuck." "Garrett’s more notable performances include: the breakthrough role of Jimmy Henderson in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969); the protagonist’s son Mike Pusser from the Walking Tall movies (1973, 1975, 1977) and the recurring role of Zack Russell on the ABC TV series Family. Leif also played the role of Leonard Unger, the son of Felix Unger (Tony Randall), on the ABC series The Odd Couple, a part that previously was played by Willie Aames." * TEENAGE "In the fall of 1975, Garrett, at fourteen, appeared in the role of Endy Karras in a 12-week CBS drama series Three for the Road, with Alex Rocco as his father, Peter Karras, and Vincent Van Patten as his ...
"Sorry doesn't feed the admiral's cat" - Felix Unger.oh, so some people really did lose their coverage??? A rather lame apology.
Hey Tim McGraw... Felix Unger called, he wants his pants back.
Ode to a Skyscraper by Felix Unger Born of the rubble that lies there Nurtured through snow and through rain By men whose only companions Are derrick, and shovel, and crane. Center for great institutions Place where conglomerates grow Yet home for the little cigar shop With the candies all in a row. Seven-seven-seven they will call you. Towards heaven, heaven, heaven you will soar. Only God can make a tree, I will grant you But only man can make a 40th floor.
It's your inner Felix Unger talking to you.
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you make an *** out of you n me - felix unger to Oscar Madison In a courtroom !!!
I'm so gonna eat chili for brunch. This is what I do best. Live like I'm Felix Unger in an 80's metal band.
I'm searching for my purple plad polyester pants- the "Felix Unger Collection by FW Woolworth"
Tell me that Jon Cryer wouldn't be the perfect Felix Unger,and I"m thinking Kevin James as Oscar Madison .
Felix Unger: The man puts his ketchup on his salad. . Oscar Madison: So? I like ketchup. It's like tomato wine. - The Odd Couple.
- This was The Odd Couple I remember as a child. Jack Klugman as Oscar Madison and Tony Randall as Felix Unger. Also on the program were a pre-Happy Days Al Molinaro as Oscar's poker playing buddy Murray the Cop and pre-Laverne & Shirley Penny Marshall, who played Oscar's secretary Myrna. Oscar's ex-wife was portrayed by Klugman's real life wife Brett Somers of Match Game fame. - My favorite episode was the one where Felix was a contestant and Oscar a panelist on "Password" hosted by Allen Ludden. Ludden's wife Betty White was a panelist on the opposing team.
Felix Unger. Signs all his notes to Oscar F.U. It confuses Oscar and is the catalyst of their separation.
I get to be Felix Unger in a tv commercial tomorrow. I'm pretty happy about that.
Felix Unger's pants are awesome. I miss the 70s.
And I must confess, I tend to be a bit of an Oscar Madison at times -- wish I were more of a Felix Unger, tbh.
Oscar & Felix spar over socks in The Felix Unger Games
I believe Felix Unger said it first!! BIG FAN!!! True backbone of group!! Please follow me!! :-)
Tony Randall is already working on his Felix Unger character.
watching the Odd Couple & thinking that Jack Klugman looks & acts like my DAd...missing him this week...Father's Day...would've bought him a golf shirt.& watching Felix Unger...reminds me of Alyssa Daly's Mom!!! We used to share hotel rooms when we went to conventions..Michele Erhardt Daly was a neat freak & I was a pig pen!!! Yep, I love this show!
Television has entertained us for decades with their more than extreme characterization of people who have obsessive compulsive personality disorder. First, there was Felix Unger, the anxious, perfectionistic, and above-board neurotic character played...
my missus is italian so, molten lava, due to the Felix Unger to Sorrentino. A bit of a surprise I must say.
Just cleaned the house...I have Felix Unger issues
felix unger just called betty white old in this Odd Couple episode from 40 YEARS AGO.
My husband is a clean freak & I am so grateful. My boys decided to "slam" him last night for his particular ways & called him Danny Tanner (from Full House). :)
Is it possible, Felix Unger is Sheldon Cooper's father?
We had no A/C since last night. Electricians were working all day creating dust. My worst nightmare - heat and dust. I wilted. Finally A/C is working. My sweet Felix Unger pulled out the vacuum cleaner and did what he does best- vacuum. Yes ladies, he is taken.
If I've learned a single thing in my 48 years on this earth it is a phrase coined by the late Tony Randall as Felix Unger; NEVER assume because you will make an *** out of u AND me! Sorry folks but I just gotta blow off a little steam!
Omg today was a legit nightmare i got so sick and passed out. Just woke up feeling better. I cant wait to get checked out tuesday
which one of you would be Felix Unger?
I know where MW got the title. Felix Unger, "It's not too far from ad men to mad men."
What a great line never over stay your welcome or you will never be welcome to stay over FELIX UNGER!
I like when Kory is home, and bored.he cleans my kitchen from top to bottom. Now, if I could only get him to work on my closets!
Does anybody have a football trivia question they would like to ask me?
For IPOs and mergers, Rich Unger is far more fastidious than Felix via
.If you want immaculate home w/ kids you either need to be a Felix Unger or have resources to give them separate playspaces.
domain names
We've got a cast for The Odd Couple! You are gonna love it!
I’m not sure who’s Oscar Madison and who is Felix Unger…
VIDEO: Meet Rich Unger > For IPOs and mergers, he is way more fastidious than Felix
For IPOs and Rich Unger is way more fastidious than Felix $IPO
Felix \f(e)-lix\ as a boy's name is pronounced FEEL-iks. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Felix is "happy, fortunate". Biblical: Roman procurator of Judea during Paul's time, a wily politician. The name of three popes and numerous saints. Feliciano is a Spanish and Italian form. Linked in America with cartoon character Felix the Cat, and Felix Unger from "The Odd Couple". American physicist Felix Bloch.
I want to go back to work in construction it's easier than housework! I've been trying to keep busy for the last two weeks. I was up at 5am cleaning my refrigerator out, I wash the garbage can, I even vacuumed the vacuum lol.
This kinda sums social media up in a few
The Unger Games: like Felix Unger from the Odd Couple, you survive only to clean after slobs (spouse, lover, child, pet, & roomie)!!! May the Oddcouple be forever in your favor...
I want an app that changes the focus of my phone according to the current pollen count. Achoo.
Had an allergic reaction to something yesterday after noon. Eyes were swollen shut, throat swelled. I think we narrowed down to Bee Pollen I took after lunch, or just something out in yard. Eyes still swollen this am. Time for benedryl. Hoping that will help so I can function better today!
New movie idea: The Unger Games. Where felix unger tries to kill Oscar Madison in their apt.
The guy on CNN just said when you are seeking cover from a tornado and are hiding out in the closet, make sure you're not under the shelf where your bowling ball is. I'm sorry, I know tornadoes are horrific but that was funny.
Even the most bland work area reflects the personality of its inhabitant. Here is the first of an occasional look at how successful people make use of their office space.
Cat Hair Cat hair on the bedspread, Cat hair on the chair. Cat hair in the casserole, Cat hair EVERYWHERE Cat hair on my best coat, Even on the mouse! You live and eat and breathe cat hair, When cats live in your house. author unknown
I finally figured out what my problem is... I'm the Odd Couple... Felix Unger and Oscar Madison All rolled into one.
Tony Randall (February 26, 1920 – May 17, 2004) was an American actor, comic, producer and director, known for his role as Felix Unger in the television adaptation of Neil Simon's play, The Odd Couple. Randall was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show St
Trying to muster the energy to empty dishwasher and clean kitchen.
NEVER ASSUME , who other then me first learned the break down an joke about assuming from "Felix Unger ' ? .
To celebrate Hellman's centennial birthday, owner Unilever is launching a marketing campaign to drum up attention for the country's top-selling mayonnaise, whose formula remains almost the same as it was a century ago. Media spending is undisclosed, but it's the largest ever campaign for the brand.
Felix meaning and name definition. Meaning of Felix. What does Felix mean? Felix origin. Popularity of name Felix. Information about Felix. Boy baby names.
One of my favorite shows...My Dad and eye watched every night...This picture is Ralph as The Chef of The Future...Good times
On "The Odd Couple" I just heard Felix tell Oscar to "stuff his sorries in a sack". And all this time I thought that line was from "Seinfeld".
I'm glad we signed Felix... that guy always killed the Eagles. I'm thinking kick returner.
Because, as Felix Unger would say, when you assume, you make an "Aout of "U" and "ME"
This weekend I will be performing in The Odd Couple, Female Version as Florence Unger (Felix the fussy, clean one). My family is probably laughing at THAT thought!
Ready for Trivia Tuesday? What were the names of Felix and Oscar's Dads?
7 foot skateboard. Made at 9 oclock at night. Safety second.hehe
Honeys new hobby, a 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo GT Hawk has arrived after a trip from Minnesota, the car carrier parked at the end of our driveway yesterday at noon. Four hours later it was parked safely in our garage. WHY DID IT TAKE FOUR HOURS, YOU ASK? ~~~ The driver, while backing it off the top tier, went off the track and it was stuck. With the aid of a large construction crane from the neighboring town, it was then decided to pack up and take the whole truck and gear back to their headquarters where they used their big fork lift, and the poor olde vehicle was freed from it's prison! Many beers were shared and prayers all around for what those men went thru on a hot, very humid afternoon! ~~~ I sure hope Jesus comes to get us before H.B. decides he wants another one!!!
GRANDMA I know you always LOVED to CLEAN and would close the KITCHEN at 10 PM . THIS MORNING for so many hours I thought of you and made sure my LITTLE KITCHEN was spotless . I am no FELIX UNGER at all but this MORNING I was !
So ...What's the most neurotic character on TV? My vote goes to George Costanza. Second place is Major Frank Burns.
As an early "Mothers Day" present, my hubby did a massive house cleaning today (as he calls it "A Felix Unger!" I love my husband!
Felix Unger reminds me so much of Dr. Niles Crane! Laugh out loud funny!
Chief Justice Felix Unger always makes no sense when he gets upset
Remember what Felix Unger said about making assumptions
DVR'd Jimmy Kimmel. Neurotic clean thing shades of Sheldon Cooper and Felix Unger? Enjoy the OC.
Sadly, a place where *** come to do business, this one thinks a 'memento' is OK. A Felix Unger is in order. F.U.
The only two Oscars I care about are Felix Unger's roommate and the one that lives in a trash can.
I feel like Felix Unger just poured his heart out to me about his wife and kids. ::bawling:: (I'm not sad, I'm just moved by music)
Cleaning my garage. I feel like Felix Unger when he tried to clean Oscars room. Now separating the edibles from the non-edibles.
Another MUST BE RECOGNIZED TV cop! Murray Greshler, NYPD pal of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison on the "Odd Couple"!!
Heh. Felix Unger, for one. But women also do get to play the Angel In The House card in these disputes.
Still looking for that Felix Unger Oscar Madison Odd Couple kinda buddy movie script.
Laughing out loud tonight at Felix Unger. Tony Randall = underappreciated comic genius. Thanks,
so: Tony Randall's "Felix Unger" is the sitcom grandfather of the Big Bang's Sheldon.
"We are all out of cornflakes, FU. It took me ten minutes to work out 'FU' meant 'Felix Unger'..."
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Here's something I find interesting: Jack Lemmon (movie Felix Unger) and Jack Klugman (TV Oscar Madison) both were in "In Days of Wine and Roses". Does anyone know if Tony Randall (TV Felix Unger) and Walter Matthau (movie Oscar Madison) ever did a movie together?
BORN ON THIS DAY Jackie Gleason was born on February 26, 1916, in Brooklyn, New York. He was the host of television's "Cavalcade of Stars," where he introduced Ralph Kramden, before landing his own showcase with "The Jackie Gleason Show." In 1955, "The Honeymooners" was spun off into standalone series. Later Gleason had a series of memorable film roles, including in "The Hustler" with Paul Newman. He died in 1987. - Singer-songwriter Johnny Cash was born February 26, 1932, in Kingsland, Arkansas. In 1950, Cash joined the Air Force and trained in Texas where he met his first wife. After his service and discharge, he formed a band and landed a record deal. By the early 1960s, he was a musical superstar. In 1967, he married June Carter. He recorded his last track of his final album a week before his death in 2003. - TV audiences may best remember Tony Randall as buttoned-up Felix Unger in the popular show The Odd Couple, which ran from 1970 to 1975. Randall enjoyed an extensive TV career that included regula ...
This is a reminder for our friends in Sandpoint and for anyone in the area who would like to audition!! Auditions for Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" Auditions for 6 men and 2 women to perform in Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" will be held Tuesday, February 5th, from 6pm-730pm, in the auditorium (3rd floor) of the Sandpoint Events Center. This classic of American theatre opens with a group of guys sitting around a table in the smoky apartment of the complete slob and divorced sportswriter, Oscar Madison. Late to this “guys” night is Felix Unger, who thinks nothing but the worst when his wife throws him out wanting a divorce. The only way Oscar can keep his ultra clean-freak, neurotic friend, Felix, sane is to have him move into the apartment. With these two complete opposite roommates, humorous tension brings out the best in both of them. Simon won the Tony Award in 1965 for Best Author and “The Odd Couple” a nominee for Best Play. The original cast included the late actor Walter Matthau as Oscar who ...
I have a player on my GOT game named Felix Unger??? WTH??
not since Felix Unger and Jack Klugman has television been ravaged by such indelible coupling as Crane & Shore ; chapeau
My LOVELY ex wife always said I was a combination of Archie Bunker and Felix Unger! A. Bunker for President.
TV Land remembers Jack Klugman. Jack was best known as Felix Unger's sloppy roommate Oscar Madison in the The Odd...
Another New Year thought: Felix Unger used to spend NY's Day doing his taxes, while Oscar Madison was hung over. But alimony is deductable!
I sound and feel like Felix Unger, but look like Oscar Madison. I hate sinus infections. Not how I intended to start 2013.
Before Joe and Mika, there was the original Couple of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. RIP
Odd Couple" Actor Klugman Dead At 90 (Northridge, CA) -- The other half of TV's "Odd Couple" is dead. Jack Klugman, who became known to millions of TV viewers as unkempt slob Oscar Madison, has passed away at the age of 90. Klugman's attorney announced the actor died peacefully at his Southern California home with his wife by his side. Klugman starred as Madison opposite Tony Randall's neat-freak character Felix Unger in "The Odd Couple" in the 1970s. He won two Emmy Awards for his performance. Randall passed away in 2004. Klugman had worked small parts on a number of TV shows beginning in the 1950s before he ended up on "The Odd Couple." He later starred as L.A. County medical examiner Quincy in "Quincy, M.E." Klugman also performed in several Broadway productions, including the original "Odd Couple" production as a replacement for Walter Matthau. His film career included playing Juror Number Five in "12 Angry Men." Klugman was the last surviving actor to play a juror in the 1957 classic. Copyright ...
...made modern PUAs look like Felix Unger.
A"Felix Unger" help...:) (10 packing tips every traveler should know -
She is an Oscar Madison type that needs a Felix Unger type to keep her in line.
When arguing with a liberal why do so many sign off as Felix Unger?
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If you turned on the TV during the 1970′s, it might have been hard to miss child and teen actor Willie Aames. He originated the roll of Leonard Unger, son of Felix Unger on TV’s The O...
I'm sick and tired of the stories that you always tell Shakespeare couldn't tell a story that well See, you're the largest liar that was ever created You and Pinocchio are probably related Full of criss-crossed fingers, you lie all the time Your tongue should be embarrassed, you're a threat to mankind You lied about the lies that you lied about You even lied to your aunt when you went down south You lied, and a body builder kicked your butt If you was in Egypt you'd lie to King Tut You claim to do things no one could achieve You said you did things Ripley's wouldn't believe Giant Jabber-Jaw, biggest liar I ever saw You said you got a mansion, you don't got half a floor Professor of Super Lies, you can lecture at my school You said you liked Felix Unger, sat down at the dinner table and drooled Your story's so remarkable, it shouldn't be revealed You said you had a Benz, you don't got four wheels You fantasize and lie about things you don't have You speak of limousines, You can't afford a cab Said you slap ...
OK, this is really mean of me, and there is no way I come out of this looking like anything other than the kind of fussy, petty pedant that even Niles Crane or Felix Unger would cringe at. But people keep posting pictures of cute things with the caption "Awe!" And this is incorrect. "Awe" is an emotion that is expressed when seeing an ocean or The Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam or a mushroom cloud or the galaxy... or an image in an electron microscope... something overwhelming. Awe is an emotion felt when you are amazed, beyond words, at the magnificence of human achievement or the wonderment of existence... or are having a breath-taking sense of transcendence. So "awe" is not applied to a baby bunny. For that, you want the interjection: "Awww!"
Flashback Friday: Actor Tony Randall (ctr), who played Felix Unger in TV's "The Odd Couple," at FDU in 1980
Striped Bass Still Biting Time for Trout The coupling was as odd as Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, but somehow it worked.
Felix Unger, Sgt. Schultz, and Sheldon Cooper, if I have to limit my list to 3.
Is it just me, or does any one else think that Felix Unger could have been Sheldon Cooper's biologic father?
And if the win the World Series, that would be the ultimate Davey Johnson F-U to Fred Wilpon.[F-U does not stand for Felix Unger]
On this date in 1970: the TV version of "The Odd Couple" debuts on ABC. Based on the stage play by Neil Simon (and subsequent hit film), the show starred Tony Randall and Jack Klugman as Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, two divorced men sharing a Manhattan apartment. Friends since childhood (or the Army or Jury Duty - the show was inconsistent on this), the two were polar opposites - Felix was neat and tidy while Oscar was sloppy and casual. The series ran for 114 episodes over five seasons.
Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, which are you? I am so the Felix type, could not live with a slob. *Jack Klugman, Oscar, is 90 years old.
Don LaGreca is Oscar Madison. Michael Kay is Felix Unger. Oscar was always the common man.
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