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Felix Hernandez

Félix Abraham Hernández (born April 8, 1986 in Valencia, Venezuela), nicknamed King Félix is a Major League Baseball starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.

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Felix Hernandez is envisioning a postseason in Seattle. via
→ Seth Smith, Felix Hernandez dominate as Mariners beat Angels in 2015 season
Hernandez Leads Mariners Past Angels - Felix Hernandez allowed one run in seven innings as the Seattle Mariners...
Felix Hernandez fans 10 in Mariners' 4-1 win over Angels. Mike Trout's homer in 1st is King Felix's only earned run. http…
it's pretty good. Felix Hernandez, Jon Lester, Cole Hammels, Gerrit Cole, and Cliff Lee
Indians beat Mariners after Brandon Moss homers off Felix Hernandez
Bronson Arroyo, Ervin Santana, Felix Hernandez and now Mike Minor. My 4th perfect game on mlb 2k
that was for Derek jeter, babe Ruth, Jose Bautista, Felix Hernandez, David Ortiz
Mariners fanfest over the years has gotten me Felix Hernandez, Robbie Canó and Taijuan Walker 😎😎😎
How wife's credit-card fraud could make life difficult for new Ranger against Felix Hernandez http…
Its a total crock that Felix Hernandez didn't win the Cy Young. I haven't been this upset about an award since John Hous…
BREAKING: The Padres trade for Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Felix Hernandez, Giancarlo Stanton, all for just 1 box of cheese it's per club
if you're talking about baseball, Yasiel Puig, Mike Trout, Felix Hernandez, Matt Harvey, and Carlos Gomez have to be on that list
How surprising was it for Felix Hernandez to not win the Cy Young? Why not let the play...
Felix Hernandez finishes second in the American League Cy Young award -
Jeff Wilson of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram had Felix Hernandez second, but left Michael Brantley out of the top 10. what. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Everything's coming up Cleveland!. Indians righty Corey Kluber edges out Felix Hernandez to win AL Cy Young.
The Indians’ Corey Kluber, with a very strong second half, edged the Mariners’ Felix Hernandez for the American League award. November 12, 2014 On Baseball By TYLER KEPNER Clayton Kershaw signed a $215 million contract extension last winter after winning another National League Cy Young Award for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He lived up to the paycheck with an extraordinary season, the best in a glittering career that began with a first-round draft selection. [ 949 more words. ]
Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw was a unanimous choice for his third NL Cy Young Award, and Cleveland's Corey Kluber edged Seattle's Felix Hernandez to win the AL honor for the first time.
Ned Yost and Matt Williams, Jose Abreu and Jacob deGrom, Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout and Giancarlo Stanton
AL Cy Young Finalists: Felix Hernandez of Corey Kluber of and Chris Sale of
Felix joins Sale of CWS and Kluber of CLE as finalists for AL Cy Young.
Also impressive is that Kyle Seager won a but big-name M's Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez didn't.
The closest race likely will be the AL Cy Young between Felix Hernandez and Corey Kluber
The finalists for the BBWAA AL and NL Cy Young Awards are: Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox Johnny Cueto of the Cincinnati Reds Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals
RHP Felix Hernandez beaten out for Gold Glove by Houston's Dallas Keuchel. Hard to argue.
ace Felix Hernandez is one of three finalists for the A.L. Cy Young Award -- shocking no one.
Clayton Kershaw and Felix Hernandez are among the Cy Young Award finalists - three in each league - announced by the Baseball Writers Association of America on Tuesday.
Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager and Felix Hernandez named finalists for Rawlings' Gold Glove awards
David Price (1st), Corey Kluber, Felix Hernandez, Johnny Cueto, and Max Scherzer are in Top 10 so yeah good numbers
To think Seattle could have had Kevin Durant, Russell Wilson, Felix Hernandez and Clint Dempsey playing there right now. Wow.
Conner wilkinson thought I was crazy when I said id take Bumgarner in a must win game over Felix Hernandez. cant teach …
The announcer just called Felix Hernandez a "big game pitcher." As much as I love King Felix, has he ever pitched in a big game?
“Who will play in a postseason game first: Billy Butler or Felix Hernandez? looks like you got your answer
Clearly guys like Ryan , Carlton , Glavin , Felix Hernandez, could be on my top 5 list. Even dwight gooden during his early mets yrs.
Chris Sale is nowehere near Felix Hernandez
If anyone beats Chris Sale for cy young if should be Corey Kluber, no Felix Hernandez.
I think I'd go with Felix Hernandez for Latino Heat.
Felix Hernandez was a king in the making in 2005 w/ & PCL Most Valuable Pitcher.
4 stat-based takes on Felix Hernandez's most recent win. His changeup is still amazing as he keeps rolling
“Felix Hernandez ties Clayton Kershaw and Adam Wainwright for most starts of 7 IP, 1 R or fewer (13) this sea…
King Felix goes eight innings, one run in win - Felix Hernandez | SEA
Felix Hernandez shows us again why he is the king.
Good pitching match up between the A’s and Mariners. Jon Lester vs “King” Felix Hernandez.
Who will allow less runs: Felix Hernandez or Jon Lester? Vote now in the poll:
Felix Hernandez has scored a combined -26 points for in consecutive first-round exits from playoffs
Felix Hernandez... The Mariners need to make the playoffs
I was specifically looking for this ssp yesterday. I have no idea how I totally missed it!! Gr
The Nationals hit 6 homers in one game against Felix Hernandez. Wow
Oh good. The A's don't face Felix Hernandez until Wednesday.
So, who had Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma yielding 7 HR between them in same series? Send me your name and Week 1 NFL picks.
Felix Hernandez's struggles have re-opened the AL Cy Young debate with 1 month to go. Corey Kluber has a legitimate case.
Felix Hernandez and David Price. Go off their stats
Well, they were a HR shy of making McCarthy look like friday's Felix Hernandez.
best 5 pitchers when all healthy are. 5. Adam Wainright, 4. Felix Hernandez 3. Jose Fernandez 2. Chris Sale 1. Kershaw
elite pitchers in the game right now - Clayton Kershaw, Felix Hernandez, Adam Wainwright, Justin Verlander, Jon Lester
Felix Hernandez is the definition of elite pitcher. Has velocity but his changeup is nearly unhittable. Has great control.
look up Felix Hernandez. That is greatness.
If the goal in August was to make every opposing pitcher look like Felix Hernandez it has been mission accomplished.
Ocho, google Felix Hernandez. He is one of today's elites.
no definitely not. Felix Hernandez and Kershaw are the top two in my opinion
Felix Hernandez is winning the AL cy young
This isn't about just her. It's her and others like her, like Nathan Grayson and Patricia Hernandez. Not just her.
Hernandez Nationals prepare to face Felix Hernandez for the first time - Washington Post (blog)
On this day in 2012, Felix Hernandez threw the first perfect game in Seattle history, and 23rd overall, in a 1-0 win. http…
Now I want a King Felix Hernandez jersey to support Seattle down the stretch in September.
Nationals first to hit four home runs off Mariners' Felix Hernandez, 8-3 final in Safeco
Nationals tee off on Felix Hernandez, M's fall 8-3
Felix Hernandez is pitching on Wednesday but it's a 12:35 local start and it's our last day here. Would be great to see.
this is Felix Hernandez we're talking about.
Taking at least 2 of 3 from the Mariners with one of those being over Felix Hernandez more than makes up getting swept by the Phillies
First pitch, first at bat, first World Series game on The Show, home run against Felix Hernandez ✌
Pre-orders for the Felix Hernandez line of apparel begin tomorrow! We have three uniquely designed shirts.
[Call to the Pen]The other history being is by the talented duo of Felix Hernandez and Hi...
Nationals' Friday night lineup vs Felix Hernandez and the Mariners
Jayson Werth hits a dinger off of Felix Hernandez
Grown-man swing by Jayson Werth to give the a 3-2 lead over Felix Hernandez & the Mariners in the 3rd. squar…
Xander Bogaerts just either took Felix Hernandez deep on an 0-2 pitch or missed doing so by a matter of inches.
pitchers with 75 wins before 26th birthday: Felix Hernandez, Kershaw, Sabathia, and Porcello. Impressive company Slick Rick.
John Oliver is better—if not at least *as good*—at his job as Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano.
I think both the NL MVP, and the AL MVP should go to pitchers this year; both Felix Hernandez, and Clayton Kershaw have been outstanding.
Jon Lester passed Corey Kluber for the best fWAR in pitchers not named Felix Hernandez.
Angel fans listen when I say this. If you face the Mariners in the WC game and Felix Hernandez is pitching, your team will lose lol
Felix Hernandez made his 16th straight start of 7 innings or more, 2 runs or fewer allowed, extending his modern-era rec…
Felix Hernandez: 4-5 in his last 11 starts against the Toronto Blue Jays. ERA 10.80 vs blue jays at Safeco Field.. Wow.
Felix Hernandez has to be the AL cy young winner as of right now
Lots of Felix Hernandez fans around these parts.
Of any late 20's/early 30's pitcher not named Felix Hernandez, David Price is arguably the safest pitcher in baseball to extend for big $$.
I want David Price and Felix Hernandez to be the best pitching duo in the big leagues.
Same with Felix Hernandez and David Price that would suck.
My $$ would be on David Price landing in Los Angeles with the but teaming w/ Felix Hernandez in Seattle would be interesting.
The Corey Kluber / Felix Hernandez matchup is eerily similar to this Greg Maddux / Mike Morgan classic from 1995.
Felix Hernandez has 14 straight starts of at least 7 IP allowing 2 R or fewer, the longest streak in the Modern Era http…
History for Felix Hernandez! He sets modern MLB record with 14th straight start of 7+ IP allowing 2 runs or fewer. http:/…
Id say Felix Hernandez, David Price, and Corey Kluber wld be the top 3 candidates for the AL Cy Young Award right now
You know I'd be going to the Indians game tonight if I was still in Cleveland. Corey Kluber vs Felix Hernandez
Felix Hernandez: 11 straight starts of at least 7 IP, 2 R or fewer, 4th-best such streak in Divisional Era (since 1969)
If Friday was a person it would be a mix of Russell Wilson, Felix Hernandez and Pete Carroll. All the good squeezed into 2…
Where was Pedro Gomez to translate Felix Hernandez? I kid, I kid.
Seattle's Felix Hernandez will start Tuesday night's All-Star game for the American League and Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals will open for the National League.
THIS JUST IN: Felix Hernandez (AL) and Adam Wainwright (NL) will be the starting pitchers for the MLB All-Star Game. http…
Fernando Rodney got the save for the Detroit Tigers against Felix Hernandez in his MLB debut on August 4, 2005...
Fernando Rodney joins Robinson Cano, Felix Hernandez, and Kyle Seager at Minnesota for the all star game
MLB All-Star Game rosters announced today NL is highlighted by an arsenal of pitchers including Clayton Kershaw, Johnny Cueto, Adam Wainwright, Zack Greinke, and Madison Bumgarner. Troy Tulowitzki, Yadier Molina, Yasiel Puig, and Andrew McCutchen are some of the starters for the NL. AL is highlighted by hitting machines including Mike Trout, Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano, Jose Bautista, Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Abreu and former triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera. AL pitchers include Yu Darvish, Felix Hernandez, David Price, Masahiro Tanaka, and Max Scherzer. This game will say goodbye to Derek Jeter in his final All-Star game appearance. The 14 time all-star will start at shortstop on Tuesday July 15th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fans can still vote for the final two all-star selections. Some players that have a good chance of playing at Target Field are Garrett Richards for the AL and Anthony Rizzo for the NL. After seeing who's on the list, were any deserving players left off the All-Star Game roster?
Not overly thrilled about some of the all star game selections.. Let's just hope Felix Hernandez gets the start!!
The announcers on the Spanish channel are Edgar Martinez, Felix Hernandez, and Ramon Ramirez. 3 MLB players? (2/3 for the Mariners)
Felix Hernandez and Fernando Rodney in Mariners soaring under the radar in the AL West:
yeah, there's plenty of room. Felix Hernandez is kinda like Mark Buehrle, except you know, a much better pitcher
I think Tim Howard and Felix Hernandez should get together and go play golf. And chat. And cry. .
Felix Hernandez has 9 straight starts, 7+ IP, 2 R or fewer. Only Ps since 1990 with nine in a row in a season ...
Lloyd McClendon with a little politicking for Felix Hernandez: "He should start the All-Star Game If they want to win, he…
McClendon was asked to compare Felix Hernandez to a pitcher he faced as a player. His answer: a combination of Doc Gooden and Greg Maddux.
THURSDAY BASEBALL NOTES: THE PADRES CAME HOME TO PETCO PARK AND PAID TRIBUTE TO TONY GWYNN last night and if I tell you the score was 2-1 you might assume they lost because that’s their norm but not last night. They not only won on a bloop single to center field in the bottom of the 8th, but in winning they faced one of the game’s best, Felix Hernandez, who went seven innings, yielded three hit, walked none, and struck out 10, but was gone when the Padres scored for the win, with the save going to Huston Street – who record in such situations is a perfect 19 of 19. Andrew Cashner, the Padres’ one true ace, as Tyler Ross is sometimes erratic, also pitched seven innings in the game, giving up one run, with the victory going to Joaquin Benoit, who struck out two batters on 13 pitches in the top of the 8th, while lowering his ERA to 1.47. It is quite extraordinary that two of the very best set-up pitchers and closers in baseball belong to the San Diego Padres, as in Benoit and Street, given the team ...
Mariners lose to Rangers 1-0 despite Felix's dominate performance as the bats go ice cold drops fourth straight and is now one game above .500 with a 34-33 record. Hernandez's great start foiled by nemesis Rangers Mariners ace allows a run in ninth inning to fall to 8-2 on the season SEATTLE -- Felix Hernandez continued the best start of his career by allowing just four hits over 8 1/3 innings on Friday at Safeco Field, but it wasn't enough to top his longtime Texas nemesis as the Rangers rallied for a 1-0 win in the ninth. Hernandez took the tough-luck loss on a night his team managed just two hits and dropped its fourth straight game at home to even its season record at 34-33. "Obviously when we get a start like that from Felix, we want to score some runs to help him out," said Mariners catcher Mike Zunino, who had both Seattle's hits. "But they threw nine great innings and we only threw 8 2/3." Hernandez allowed just four singles and two walks with six strikeouts, but a ninth-inning single by Elvis And ...
MLB Report There were five shutouts on Sarah's Friday the 13th baseball. In other words, both MLB and the World Cup had a shutout every three games on Sarah's birthday. MLB had two of the three 1-0 games. The participants in the brilliant 20111 World Series both won. National League Champ Saint Louis Lance Lynn hurled eight innings of eight strikeout two-hit scoreless ball and Matt Adams homered for the lone run in their victory that knocked Washington out of sole possession of the NL East lead. Texas topped Seattle as they also won on a two-hitter as Nick Tepesch and three relievers combined to hand Felix Hernandez, who gave up just one run in 8 and 1/3 innings, his second loss in ten decisions. The Rangers were one of four teams to win despite having just four hits - the only one of the bunch that out-hit their opponents (another team had four hits and was out-hit in a loss). Kyle Gibson hurled seven scoreless innings and Eduardo Escobar drove in both runs as the Twins - despite being out hit 6- ...
If I could pick the phillies starting 5 pitchers they would be Cole Hamels, Cliff lee, Chris Sale, Max Scherzer, and Felix Hernandez!!!
If you were a Major League Baseball General Manager who could form your own team from today's MLB roster who would you have on the team. To make it challenging you can't have anyone on this team from your favorite team and NO ROOKIES. For example my favorite team is the Red Sox so I have to build my roster with no Red Sox. Team needs to have (1) 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C and DH; (3) OF; (5) SP; (1) Setup man and (1) Closer. 1B - Miguel Cabrera - Detroit 2B - Ian Kinsler - Detroit SS- Troy Tulowitzki - Colorado 3B - Adrian Beltre - Texas C - Jonathan Lucroy - Milwaukee LF - Brett Gardner - New York CF - Mike Trout - Los Angeles RF - Giancarlo Stanton - Miami DH - Victor Martinez - Detroit SP - Adam Wainwright - St. Louis SP - Yu Darvish - Texas SP - Felix Hernandez - Seattle SP - Zach Greinke - Los Angeles SP - Stephen Strasburg - Washington Setup - Brad Ziegler - Arizona Closer - Craig Kimbrel - Atlanta
Felix Hernandez had 15 strikeouts in 7 innings :o
Don't buy into awards. Felix Hernandez won Cy Young with 12 or 13 wins a while back. Rather a World Series.
To see more pitching videos go to Cy Young Award Winner and owner of a Perfect Game, King Felix, Felix Hernandez warms up before his st...
Felix Hernandez (SEA): 1.37 ERA in 7 starts at the new Yankee Stadium (opened in 2009). Mariners: 20-14 in their past 34 ga…
Mariners dominate Yankees in the Bronx, 10-2. Felix Hernandez advances to 8-1 with 7 IP, 2 ER, 8 K in Seattle win. http:…
Joe Magrane just straight up said Felix Hernandez always beats the Yankees because they're all old and don't have bat speed anymore
Isn't calling Felix Hernandez "King" kind of like Pedro Martinez calling the Yankees his daddy rofl
Saying it now, Felix Hernandez for the cy young this year!
Dallas Keuchel has basically matched Felix Hernandez in 2014. Grab him ASAP.
Felix Hernandez Jr., our loving Brother, Uncle, Friend and Worship Leader has gone to be with the Lord on 5/16/14. As we look forward to celebrating his life in the Lord Jesus Christ as a True Worshipper, lets all come together to give a cash donation of our LOVE for the funeral arangements. The...
I'd hate to lose Osuno, I know it's early but I see him being as good as Felix Hernandez... Likely over evaluating but...
you have to get my a signature from Felix Hernandez then 😁
Its almost that time gonna go kill a mockingbird or something. lol Do all enjoy a very funky fresh day and life everyone and Felix Hernandez, as always ... thanks for that funky fresh music Maestro :) Always awesome!! PEACE, LOVE AND SOUL TO YOU ALL. XOX
Felix Hernandez would be close to 200 wins at the age of 28 if he was on a good team. I wish he got more of a spotlight through baseball.
My deepest condolences to all of Felix Hernandez's family. Our prayers our with you in this difficult moment. The world has lost a great man and heaven has gained a worshiper. JR, as we new him best, spoke into the lives of many people and many are what they are today because of his example, counsel and witness. I am one who will be forever grateful for his faith and love for God. He will be truly missed. See you in heaven my friend.
Tune in to WBGO Jazz 88.3 on your FM this morning to hear Felix Hernandez and Rhythm Revue. Our online streaming is down at the moment, but there's a crew working on it. And don't forget today is the last time during the May Membership Campaign to pledge during Rhythm Revue.
To: Felix Hernandez and The Funky Fresh Fans. Have a blessed day enjoying your life. Ya heard? (EJ)
Woke up thinking it was a bad dream.. but as I layer in bed God reminded me that his (uncle Felix Hernandez) is not Dead his alive rejoicing with God, his dad and his mom. It leaves some comfort within my heart but deeply hurt that I won't be able to see his smiling face.. This is such a close family a united one, and as i pray I release the peace of God within this family and with in my self... my last memory of him holding my leg and my letting him know everything will be alright.. uncle Felix you have work to do in heaven as you enjoy the rest of your life remember to watch over us.. I WILL see you soon.
A great friend of mine from way back in the days in LI past and it hearts, his name Felix Hernandez, please help me keep his fam in prayer, RIP Sonny, Se que estas con Papito Dios te as ganado un galardon lo se.
Proud to take a stand against bullying with the Seattle & Felix Hernandez f…
My dear cuzin Felix Hernandez has passed . I know that hes is in a better place. I know that he now will rest with the Lord and he is the happiest he will ever be but I can't help but feel that we will miss him here on earth where we reside. He sang so beautifully and now he will sing unto the his presence. We are blesssed to have had him, not only in our lives but as family. Love u J.R.
Does anyone know if "The King" Felix Hernandez is pitching on the 24th of May for The Mariners?
Wow just got news my cousin passed. I want to say to his sisters my cousins I love you all and I'm here emotionally and I would like to say farewell to my Cuz. Please contact me and give me address to funeral place and time of the seeing. Rip to Felix Hernandez love you cus , wow I'm in shock. Becca plz call me
traded Haren for tex, then traded tex and Gio Gonzalez for Felix Hernandez, BOOM!
That sets up these four next Thursday/Sunday at home against Houston: Roenis Elias, Felix Hernandez, Brandon Maurer and Hisashi Iwakuma.
also if you want another point to that look up Felix Hernandez 2012 seasoning think. Had a 11-12 record with the worst run support
I think we just saw the next Felix Hernandez.holy cow the kid had an arm, he's throwing close to 90mph!!!
Listening to the Twins game and Gladden just said Sunday's game with Felix Hernandez (3.03 era and former Cy Young winner) vs. Ricky Nolasco (5.51 era) was a good pitching matchup. Really.
jerk tried to sell me Votto, A.Jackson & F. Hernandez for Mauer & McCutchen. Rejected it but how eager i should be for Felix?
Taking my little brother out for his birthday! — at Red Lobster - Lubbock, TX
Andrew and Dylan with baseballs autographed by Felix Hernandez.
also adding rhythm review host felix hernandez, pretty poison's jade starling, yeah she was on soul train once Huh? also adding the oldies connection lady, laura pinto. yeah even though for laura it was WABC or nothing WABC certainly played lots and lots of soul.
Think of all of the pitchers who have recently had Tommy John surgery. Now, think of Felix Hernandez's career. Simply amazing
Grade The Trade: I get Felix Hernandez, I give up Anibal Sanchez and Werth..I put Polanco in replace of Werth..H2H Categories
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Think of all the pitchers who have had Tommy John surgery in the last 5/6 years. Now think about Felix Hernandez's entire career. Amazing
Johnny Cueto calls himself the best pitcher in the game. Give me a break. He obviously hasnt heard of The King, Felix Hernandez.
“Aaron Hernandez is on a 3 kill streak, 2 more and he can call in a predator missile.”
people always want to nab the next Felix Hernandez. So much so they'll trade King Felix to get it (exaggeration).
King Felix outdueled by Holland in loss to Rangers - Hernandez (5-4) was trying to rebound from a poor outing in...
Got to meet Russell Wilson, Felix Hernandez and a few of the Seahawks last night. I even got a selfie with Felix, but I was such a sweaty mess I won't subject you to it. Thanks to Kestrel Vintners for the opportunity!
Mariners have never lost to Rays at Safeco Field with Felix Hernandez on the mound.
Verlander, Felix Hernandez, every pitcher will undergo Tommy John Surgery... Are you all ready for the SCAM?!. 😡.
Team A Mike Trout and Felix Hernandez Team B Jose Abreu Zach Greinke Which side would you rather have?
Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, Max Scherzer, Felix Hernandez, Justin Verlander all better... You'll see when the Swingin A's get him
Happy 16th Birthday to my little pain in the *** brother Christian Hernandez!
Jose Fernandez will be the 34th major league/minor league pitcher documented to have Tommy John surgery since February, which is a shame for him. This kid is a freaking stud. Best young pitcher since Felix Hernandez, and maybe since Dwight Gooden.
Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz & Felix Hernandez all played for the Appleton’s Class A team:
What do Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Felix Hernandez all have in common?
Is offering Felix Hernandez for Alex Rios in a 5X5 12 team ROTIS league?
In case you are looking tonight: Texas Rangers vs. Seattle Mariners with Yu Darvish vs. Felix Hernandez
West Coast pitchers alert: It's rarely a bad idea to target starting pitchers in Petco Park, AT&T Park, Safeco Field, Coliseum, Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium, and tonight offers a handful of quality options. You'll pay heavily for Felix Hernandez ($23K+ on Draft$treet) in daily fantasy games, but there is good value in Madison Bumgarner at only $16K+, who will face a Rockies starting lineup that doesn't include Troy Tulowitzki or Wilin Rosario. The O/U total on the Tigers-Padres game is 6.5 speaks, yet Andrew Cashner ($16K+) and Rick Porcello ($13.5K) offer value. And Tyler Skaggs ($11K) will try to follow up his strong start at Houston against a weak-hitting Mets team that played in Atlanta on Thursday night, and headed west to Anaheim.
This Seattle pitcher looks exactly like Felix Hernandez but this is the 12th inning and why am i watching oh it's over that's a walkoff
If Sean Barber's umpiring equated to pitching, he would make Hector Noesi look like Felix Hernandez
in the words of Felix Hernandez unbaleebable
I remember some Mariner fan was saying Felix Hernandez will never leave Seattle Lol
We're going to the game against Felix Hernandez. I'm nhft.
imagine, Felix hernandez perfect games us on Saturday
Felix Hernandez has a .563 career win percentage. Is he mediocre too? Hard to judge a pitcher only on wins and losses
One of downsides to loss last night is now it's on Jesse Chavez/Dan Straily to be stoppers b4 OAK faces Felix Hernandez Saturday.
Wow love our seats Felix Hernandez throwing bullpen
Not gonna lie, , this article got me a little emotional...
From our friend Bel Hernandez at Latin Heat Entertainment. An honest critique of Cesar Chavez the film. Kudos Bel!
Ok. Any promotional item for Felix or Hernandez he wants to send you to it. So keep that in mind.
Heading into the 2nd series of the season Felix Hernandez owns the 2nd worst ERA on the staff. at 3.00
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
then you got Felix Hernandez in that pitching lineup too. He's a monster.
SEA [SB Nation: Lookout Landing] - Felix Hernandez and the chase for 20 wins
Lookout Landing >> Felix Hernandez and the chase for 20 wins
What ever happened to Carlos Peguero's wife after she stole from Felix Hernandez's wife?
Mariners SBN: Felix Hernandez and the chase for 20 wins
Tony Cingrani has allowed zero earned in four of his first nineteen career starts (Verlander/Strasburg 4, Félix Hernández 3).
Tony Cingrani has struck out nine or more batters in six of his first nineteen career starts (Stephen Strasburg 5,…
Justin Verlander or Felix Hernandez with Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman moving up there
Walk into the double tree hotel and get Felix Hernandez's signature😎
David Phelps looks like Felix Hernandez compared to cc
After throwing Felix Hernandez at the Angels on Opening Day, the Mariners will come back with
Seattle Mariners beat the Angels 10-3 what a come back. Felix Hernandez with his first Win! Awesome!
I sure hope the Seattle Mariners play like this all year !!! WOW these new guys rock !!! Plus Zunino and ACKLEY triples !! And a big Three run SMOAKBOMB !!! helps when Felix Hernandez strikes out 11 batters lol
Just saw Mike Trout hit a home run off of Felix Hernandez on TV! his first at bat after the hundred forty million dollar contract and it was epic! Go Angels!
Opening Day for Seattle Mariners baseball vs The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Haven't missed an Opening Day Game since 2004 when I was in New York and Seattle hasn't lost an Opening Day game since that day Felix Hernandez on the mound tonight He will be willing and dealing all night shutting the Angels down with ease Can't wait to see Robinson Cano carry is back to the Playoffs for the first time since 2001 Can you tell that I am excited Let's go Mariners Give us some meaningful baseball for once well into August instead of being out after April of May
Opening Day Major League Baseball...Set to watch my favorite team, the Seattle Mariners take on the Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim tonight at 7:00 PM local time. The King, Felix Hernandez is set to take the mound for the 7th year in a row. Should be a good game and hopefully the start of a VERY good year for the M's.
I think you have me confused for someone else 😂 my starting pitchers today are Felix Hernandez and Jon Lester...
The only thing better than watching Felix Hernandez's perfect game on MLB.TV would be watching Doc Ellis's no-hitter.
Larry Stone: After signing Robinson Cano, have 2 of the best players in baseball, Cano and Felix Hernandez.
For everyone supporting Russell Wilson going to Rangers camp, do you think Felix Hernandez show up at 49ers camp bc he got drafted by them?
McClendon confirms Seager will play Tuesday when face the Dodgers in Glendale. That's also Felix Hernandez's spring debut.
Colon is a better pitcher than Darvish and Felix Hernandez was only good in '09
Ft looking for Red Sox,felix hernandez or cardinals or any orther intresting player this is30/99
Two things...I made the chocolate eclair cake and it was a hit. Next time I actually want to have a piece! Second (eat your hearts out son and sons in marriage. At the Kairos Spring Fling tonight I won a Mariners gift basket.4 game tickets, 2 baseball caps, 1 wooly warm hat, Felix Hernandez perfect game bobblehead, Ken Griffey Jr Mariners Hall of Fame bobblehead (in a signed box), Dusttin A. gnome. a ball signed by Hisashi Iwakeema, a Tom Wilhemsen Train Engine, a bat broken during a game, and.did I mention... 4 game tickets. Now who's going to be nice to mom/mom in law!!
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SP Jose Fernandez to be the youngest Opening Day starter since the Felix Hernandez in 2007
Discussed trading Francisco Lindor 4 Felix Hernandez. Is it a steal? Or will he be sorry?
Felix Hernandez won the 2010 Al Cy young with 13 wins bro he beet cc nd he had 21
I hope I could watch that one. Brian Wilson vs Felix Hernandez
The Broncos are done in the opening round. Haddadin, Owen, Castillo, Hernandez, Swartz, Dixon and Felix all in the semifinals.
Just out of curiosity and to get a topic going. Do you guys have any pitchers that you enjoy watching outside of the Cincinnati Reds? If I had to pick 5: 1.)Patrick Corbin (He's ridiculously young and has great stuff. Started his 2013 season off with 9 straight Ws) 2.)Felix Hernandez 3.)Brett Oberholtzer (Astros Prospect, LHP that shut out 2 teams in his first two MLB starts) 4.)Roy Halladay (Despite him being off for the past couple years...when he is on, it's like watching little kids trying to hit a ball.) 5.)Matt Harvey (When you have the ability to throw at a high velocity, control and locate like this guy...what a display.A shame that he underwent TJ Surgery and will be out for 2014.) I've got several more. What about you guys?
MLB Power Rankings: Seattle Mariners - Can Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano lead the Seattle Mariners into Oc...
Also, this may be fanboy-ish of me to say, but Jose Fernandez's ceiling might be "Better Felix Hernandez." Which is crazy.
Sports fans probably don't talk about how good Felix Hernandez is enough. ERA+ > 120 in 5 of last six seasons.
Had a really good race at the Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic today. Many people to thank. Felix Hernandez for lending me a transponder. Steve Agronick for letting me try a really super fast time trial helmet. Kyle Markel for helping me with my number (that's not easy). The Topview Sports gang and all the USA Cycling officials for doing a great job. And the best part? I didn't come in last!
There was a time when Felix Hernandez was a No. 3 throwing 96-97 and now he's a No. 1 at 91-92.
Looks more like Felix Hernandez's alter ego
IceJJHardy welcomes Paul Goldschmidt and Felix Hernandez to the squad.
Robinson Cano, Felix Hernandez and $5 beers...bring it on!
I had such a nice day today. First listened to Felix Hernandez until 2:00 and was then picked up by my two daughters. We went shopping in Hobby Lobby, one of my new favorite stores ( had 40% off coupons) Bought candles and floor candle holders and new pillows for the couches. Next met my son, Ryan and my husband and ate at Friday's. Fun conservation with a lot of laughs, now home, nice and toasty just me and my man, enjoying the remainder of the day.
lol some guy tried to trade me Jorge De La Rosa for Felix Hernandez lmao well he is a Mariners fan but come on buddy
Excellent as always Felix Hernandez..hope you all join me tomorrow for the Retro Classic Showcase on Wxpi CommunityRadio show starts at 12pm-5pm...the best old school R&B classic soul Motown disco and old school slow jamz. have a great day one and all
Excellent Show Felix Hernandez, Thanx for March 1, 1975 countdown, My 2nd year in Benjamin Franklin HS. The music was slammin !!. Thanx Brotha Rod, This Countdown was for you.
Felix Hernandez what a beautiful show, That Don and Juan What's your name, Tavares remember what I told you to forget, hit home!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Our Mariners are falling apart already : ( Our pitchers are going to be Felix Hernandez, and Larry Bernandez
Felix Hernandez to be Opening Day starter against the on Mar. 31.
Felix Hernandez bunts for a single.
In the past 3 days I landed a great job, Felix Hernandez called me on the phone & I found out our baby is a BOY
Just in case u were interested, on the soul hit parade on this date 1975. Courtesy of Felix Hernandez, Rhythm...
Come on. That's like asking 'who gives you the best chance to win a little league game' & someone suggesting Felix Hernandez. . o.O
Today's Felix Hernandez & Rhythm Revue show is realy good today. I'm still in a pretty crappy wintery mood.
Listening to Felix Hernandez, Rhyhm Review on WBGO-88.3.he's playing the top 20 songs of Match 1st 1975. Amazing.! I was 12. This music is timeless. No comparison to the nonsense being made today. What great memories.
Ohio Players, "Skin Tight" Rhythm Revue with Felix Hernandez... As funky as it gets.
Listening to Felix Hernandez right now on 88.3 FM hes getting me reved up for tonight!!
Recommendation by :Felix As if anyone else should be le...
Day made. Just got a shout out from Felix Hernandez on today's Rhythm Revue broadcast... I truly hope that we aren't the only two people left who know "Do Do Do Bah Ah" by Bert Keyes though, Felix!
Good morning all. Felix Hernandez is stinking up the place with his funky songs. Work it, Felix.
Felix Hernandez-P: Manager Lloyd McClendon confirms Felix Hernandez will start the opener
Hmm maybe I'm late but I didn't know Felix Hernandez was OFF WBLS.
DJ Felix Hernandez is rocking til 2pm on WBGO 88.3 FM or listen via itunes radio - jazz - wbgo
Happy b day Cuz to Felix Hernandez have a great one and many more to come ya buddy
Good morning FFFfamily!!! Another great day to be alive and well. Felix Hernandez is gonna do it like he always does and give us our dose of classic soul and dance classics on the Rhythm Revue and I am gonna do it up tomorrow...snow or no snow...
keep on keepin on Felix are kicking it as usual!!! wow great Womack and Womack track!!!
Rev Al Green ...good jam Felix Hernandez!! Love and Happiness is what we all need!!!
For planning purposes, even if the game is rained out today, Felix Hernandez would still start Tuesday's game against the Angels
McClendon also confirms Felix Hernandez will start the opener. Says he'd like him to be able to start games two and three, too.
Felix Hernandez legit guy did my sound and hid lights I highly recommend this guy for ur car installation
My favorite guy in the game just strait filthy on the bump Felix Hernandez
Would be nice to hear this on tomorrow's show Felix Hernandez :)
These are my options Mike Trout, Tim Lincecum, Andrew McCutchen, or Felix Hernandez can't make up ny mind
At least Jeff knows how Felix Hernandez feels all the time.
Personally I love watching Felix Hernandez mow down batters
On the road to SA with the crew Felix Hernandez christina(don't know her last name) and my boy Chris "bean" Rodriguez. This should be interesting.
Wo David Wright is the Face of the MLB after today's match. He beat out Alen Gordon, Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw, Felix Hernandez and Eric Sogard (WHO!?) to be crowned Face of MLB. Great job fans.
All purpose parts banner
This tidbit from today's notes to make (some of) us feel old: This is Felix Hernandez's 10th spring in a big-le…
DJ Felix Hernandez will be at the Seaport this Wednesday. Come enjoy the performance between 6-11 PM and be sure take advantage of the FRONT / ROW Stage’s bar while you are here!
Yay!! 👏 Glad Felix Hernandez is in the next round!! So excited to attend the games! ⚾️💕
I don't understand who's even voting for Felix Hernandez. The Mariners don't have more than 6 fans
Last year, Joey beat out Jeter, McCutchen, AND Kemp but this year we can't beat Felix Hernandez?
let's all be happy for Felix Hernandez. he deserves some recognition too
Robinson Cano had something to do with Felix Hernandez dethroning Joey Votto.
this little contest is pretty stupid? Joey Votto and now Felix Hernandez? Neither of them are the face of baseball
Felix Hernandez knocks off defending champ Joey Votto by .4%
Felix Hernandez-P: Felix Hernandez is on a slower schedule early in the spring
Felix Hernandez isn't even the face of his own team anymore let alone MLB.
I'm not letting Joey Votto lose to Felix Hernandez okay.
If you say Felix Hernandez should be the face of the mlb you should just kill yourself. Aha
Cardinal fans voting for Felix Hernandez to eliminate Joey Votto. Poor class as always. I'm sure they'll b&%$ about the rules too...
My timeline is all Felix Hernandez... and I don't even know who that is. *** you
That last sip of coffee tasted as bitter as Felix Hernandez when he loses to for the
Felix Hernandez is the best pitcher in the League. If not the majors. King Felix for the
because Felix Hernandez plays for a team that has the name Seattle in it.
Felix Hernandez. Cried during a press conference. Look at him now.
I really shouldn't have to say 'Felix Hernandez'. Felix is Felix
Joey Voto has a higher WAR then Felix... So sorry I can't vote for Hernandez
Batters against Felix Hernandez have seen more KKKs than a black man during Civil Rights Movements of the 50's 😳😂🙈⚾
When you think baseball you think Felix Hernandez, therefore
Felix Hernandez is taking a commanding lead, and I needa sleep for work. I'm relying on you, Cincy!
Is the competition still active? Or did Felix Hernandez already win?
Felix Hernandez? That's a terrorist name if I've ever heard one
Felix Hernandez is mlb baseball boom!
Why do I have a feeling it is gonna be Clayton Kershaw vs Felix Hernandez in the Semi Finals
Comparison of Félix Hernández's career thus far (269 games) to the first 269 career games of Randy Johnson
Man the race for is tight between and Felix Hernandez!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Word on the street is that Felix Hernandez wears underwear.
Felix Hernandez: "Thanks for the support. Keep it going. No time to sleep. Right,
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Rhythm Revue Dec. 2013 with Roseland Felix Hernandez Photographed by Ron Terner Last dance at Roseland
Hey Felix Hernandez, you always open your show with a James Brown track. So I couldn't help but think of you last evening while watching "About Last Night" at Regal Deer Park Stadium 16 in Commack when the movie opened up with, James Brown's "Get Up(I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine"!
I have the numbers for the Commander play for Sunday the 16th but it looks like either 10 players only played one table or I am missing some score sheets. I am going to post all names and total points that I received. I will take another look tomorrow when the store opens to see if any sheets were somehow tucked away and not given to me to verify these numbers. If no sheets are found then what I post today will stand. Jimmy W. 7 pts Thomas Duncan 7 pts Kevin Duke 2 pts Dawson Duke 2 pts Edward Strong 5 pts Sergio Rivera 2 pts David Richard Schmeiske 0 pts Frank 2 pts Joseph 7 pts Ben Dysant 5 pts Mando 1 pt Ray Anthony Ramos 2 pts Isaac 3 pts Manuel Gutierrez 3 pts Joe Brooks 8 pts Felix Hernandez 2 pts Hector Manuel Martinez 10 pts Luis 1 pt Matt 1 pt I apologize for not being there to ensure this event ran as smoothly as before. I will be there this Sunday along with the new points system integrated into the current one; introduced to me by Royce Burell. Huge update for all going forward. This past week ...
Taijuan Walker, Felix Hernandez throw first bullpen sessions
Here's hoping the youngster Taijuan Walker makes rotation spot on the Seattle Mariners. It was nice to hear that he was throwing with no soreness and that his pitches impressed Felix Hernandez. As the top prospect of the team, this would be a good thing for them. They need a lot of help, and he could be a short-term answer. It is possible that he could eventually be THE answer behind only King Felix.
The beat boxing turkeys. A hunters must see, Felix hernandez gota see this
We’re getting you ready for Spring Training with another edition of Mondays. This week, we replay some of “The King’s” best games of 2013 as Felix Hernandez and the Mariners offense dominate the Angels and Red Sox. It all gets started tonight @ 7:30PM only on ROOT SPORTS!
Where does Felix Hernandez rank among starting pitchers in Major league Baseball.
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