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Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis (born 27th May 1947 in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey) is a British publisher, poet, and philanthropist.

Clive Anderson Arthur Smith Meera Syal

Kiss the sky: psychedelic posters of the 60s & 70s (via
The only quote you need to know from "How to Get Rich" by Felix Dennis:
poetry on shards of stone. Lettering artists commissioned by Felix Dennis https:/…
What a wonderful way to access the past. The colorization process really brings these people back to life.
The best thing about being immensely wealthy is not having to be in any particular place at an
Memories of a thousand school exercise books >> Kiss the sky: psychedelic posters of the 60s and 70s – in pictures
what was Felix Dennis like in real life Hugh?
Who was worse to work for: Ailes or Felix Dennis?
In the interests of reciprocation, got this for £4 on Saturday I know it's from the celebrated Felix Dennis
“Without self-belief nothing can be accomplished. With it, nothing is impossible.” —Felix Dennis
Next read : The Narrow Road by Felix Dennis, gonna be a good one about the price of success :)
Buy How to Get Rich: One of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets Felix Dennis Is an Expert at
-Felix Dennis very good book to read.
You have to persuade yourself that you absolutely don't care what happens. ...
There are as many forms of happiness as sorrow, though most prove fleeting.
I have few heroes. Felix Dennis was one of them.
“Wishing for or desiring something is futile without an inner compulsion to achieve it.” —Felix Dennis
No poetry that I'm aware of, however bad or glorious, has ever left somebod...
When I see something that's wrong, I just speak and act first and I'll take...
Good ideas are like Nike sports shoes. They may facilitate success for an a...
I don't take investment advice from wealth managers. I have grown several b...
Be bold. Be brave. Don't thank your lucky stars. The stars can't hear you. - Felix Dennis
I'm very proud of the fact that I'm one of Britain's biggest selling poets.
oh well yeah it was smug and VERY laddish but then again 2004/5 Felix Dennis mags is so up my alley bc I am a dad
'The Week' is my favourite magazine. Everyone from presidents to CEOs of co...
The ebbing shores of friendship, and of fault;. The tidal tug on oars - the tang of salt;. From Voyages, Felix Dennis
( c Dennis trillo's IG) thank you too! You did an amazing job as Ka Felix manalo. To God be the Glory !
Lets congrats our fellow Kapuso Dennis Trillo for winning d best actor n for d movie Felix Manalo as Best Movie.
You'll never get rich by working for your boss.
Dennis Trillo is 32nd PMPC Star Awards best actor for 'Felix Manalo' Congrats Dennis Trillo
...Felix Dennis bought made its first job dropping cartoons and comic strips.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
.is 32nd PMPC Star Awards best actor for Congrats, Dennis! |
TODAY'S PULPIT. If I did it, you can do it. I went from being a pauper to being rich. And I am certainly no business genius. Felix Dennis
Computers are wasteful of paper and time. Once, we'd get documents with a f...
first time I met Felix Dennis was in the lift and he made a joke about his staff being low paid LOL BANTS
"If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it." - Felix Dennis
This modern mania for interfering in other's lives, usually under the guise...
'Great Expectations' has been described as 'Dickens's harshest indictment o...
Real winners are people who know their limits and respect them. Felix Dennis
I am reminded of Felix Dennis' thoughts on some people being like horses meant to be rode. This is what anitfa and the media are for.
Purchased. I've never heard of Felix Dennis until now. I think these three books will fill up four days. Thanks!
Native trees are so important to our ecosystem.
Very, very few entrepreneurs who accept a 51 percent partner in a new ventu...
It's a long, slow sunset for ink-on-paper magazines, but sunsets can produc...
I have one talent, and that's figuring out what people want about two minut...
“People who get trapped in the tunnel vision of making money think that is all there is to life” - Felix Dennis
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I hear poets complaining: 'We face what our forebears did not face. We face...
I added a video to a playlist How to Get Rich Felix Dennis AudioBook summary and key ideas
"Nothing will keep Donald Trump down until they drive a wooden stake in his heart and a silver bullet in his brain." -- Felix Dennis
Currently fascinated by Felix Dennis. Thanks for the book Nice summary: "The nine lives of Felix Dennis"
I feel as though I've had a Felix Dennis moment today. All a far cry from the near-monastic life I lead now, you understand.
Marked as to-read: How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis
You look a bit like felix Dennis there old son
"The only way to deal with fear is to cozy up to it!" - Felix Dennis, "How To Get Rich," p.17 Random House 2006.
"Almost anyone of reasonable intelligence can become rich with motivation & appLication!" - Felix Dennis, "How To Get Rich," p.xv 2006.
Making money is certainly the one addiction I cannot shake. Felix Dennis
Good things happen to those who win the Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection, or indeed the Forward Prize...
Sunset (with Jozz Felix, Yosa, and 9 others) [pic] —
Happy lunch from maluku (with Jozz Felix, Anastika, and 10 others at Kota Ambon) [pic] —
Glenn Fredly goes to shool (with Jozz Felix, Anastika, and 7 others at SMP Negeri 4 Ambon) [pic] —
Landed.. (with Yosa, Jozz Felix, and Andre Dinuth at Pattimura International Airport (AMQ)) [pic] —
Jam segini chuy (with Jozz Felix, Dennis, and Andre Dinuth at [pic] —
See you guys at Heartwood in the morning. Our favourite tree poem by Felix Dennis:
vote for Felix Manalo, Bela Padilla for Actress of the Year (Drama) & Dennis Trillo for AOTY (drama) for FYM movie 😊
*will make Felix stop what he's doing to spend time with Dennis if he has to*
End of an era, last orchestrated by Christine Martin. Hats off to any woman who can work with both Felix Dennis *&*
Not sure who Felix Dennis is? Check out these weird and wonderful facts
Just wachted Felix Manalo here in Rome.Congrats Dennis Trillo,You're the Best!!!
Agreed. Success breeds success. Felix Dennis was a very interesting man.
"Success has a thousand fathers while failure is always an orphan." Felix Dennis
HI felix, have some concerns about the NaVi vs Fnatic match, since Dennis is subbing pronax..have any advise on this match?
A true partnership you celebrate your success 😀or have a drinking buddy to drown your sorrow😥 A built-in conscience. Felix Dennis
Partnership is not a marriage. In a marriage you would die for your spouse. In partnership you are just trying to make $. Felix Dennis
My dad D mahilig magwatch ng movie but he said dennis trillo Felix Manalo hit his heart & he watched it 3x na today dey will watch ThePreNup
I showed this to Dennis Muren, with no context, then pointed out the engine glow. "OH WOW! Yeah, that's a mistake!"
Fantastic to hear our project shortlisted for 'Felix Dennis Best Digital Brand' award at
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm proud how Dennis Trillo and Bela Padilla played their roles as Ka Felix Manalo and Ka Horonata. Superb acting👍
Dennis Trillo, the versatile actor that was chosen to portray the role of Ka Felix Y. Manalo. http:…
Dennis Trillo thankful for his role in "Felix Manalo"
Check out one of the things Felix's been up to in the three years since Stratos.
I must watching Felix Manalo Dennis Trillo over and over, again and again... Gudnight.. Sleep over.. .
also Youtube 'Felix Dennis-words of wisdom' and 'Felix Dennis tribute video'.
Phenomenal relative rags to phenomenal riches of Felix Dennis by 's Fergus Byrne http:/…
As of pres time, DENNIS TRILLO's FELIX MANALO has already earned 130 MILLION in the box office. Congratulations, Dennis!
Dennis Trillo: "Felix Manalo" movie an eye opener about INC teachings and doctrines.
Entrepreneurs, ever heard of Felix Dennis? His book 'How to get rich' is a must read!
Dennis Trillo as Felix Ysagun Manalo, the first executive minister of the INC from 1914-1963.
It's funny how with over 100 books in my place the only one girls pick up and comment on is "How to Get Rich" by Felix Dennis LOL
Just saw "Felix Manalo." Inspiring, even for the non-members who were there. Kudos to Dennis Trillo for a job very well done…
In fairness, Felix Manalo the movie is excellent! Prod design, costumes, cinematography, most esp the acting. Bravo Dennis Trillo!
felix Dennis - How to get rich is an awesome book guys
CONGRATS to GMA's DRAMA KING, DENNIS TRILLO! Felix Manalo is taking the whole country by storm!
It's Ada Lovelace Day. Ha! The best mis-hear of my career with Felix Dennis. For the busy, from 4.27-6.08mins.
Watch Dennis Trillo as he portrays 'Felix Manalo'. Now showing at Market! Market! cinemas!
Felix Manalo movie: Too rosy, more of an advertisement. Mr. Director, do it good, next time.
Dennis Trillo as Felix Manalo is still now showing worldwide...
Blue plaque for Felix Dennis guarded by James Bond
I met Greg at the meet up last night, thanks for the talk, I bought the Felix Dennis book from Amazon
Jerry Rubin, Felix Dennis and a bunch of ***
Isiah. Felix.Marty.Roger. Dennis. Anthony Winthrop.Leonard Janet. solitaire jessica that's who we almost forgot yeh we will be always living
Anyway goddess and the last God isiah born and now Roger. Dennis. Felix and solitaire on the queen's books working stars black tv and color
A moving piece by about the final poetry of great patron of mine Felix Dennis
Happy birthday Kevin Dennis Felix !!💛🎉 red is definitely our color lol. Have a great day! I love you !!!💓🎉🎂
Thank you, Felix for reaching out; I appreciate your connection & look forward to sharing w you. Yours in trust, Dennis
Felix Dennis's poetic diary of his own death: poetry of a high order have a look!
An important auction will be held on three days starting on the 29th of September The Felix Dennis collection …
Little Giant Ladders
Check out this great business book: How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis
Whatever qualities the rich may have, they can be acquired by anyone with the tenacity to become rich. - Felix Dennis
All error springs from flawed assumptions. If there are no assumptions, there can be no error. - Felix Dennis
Felix Dennis left the bulk of his £280m estate to establish a 30,000-acre forest in Warwickshire thank you, Felix
"Making money is certainly the one addiction I can't shake" - Felix Dennis
So the late Felix Dennis sounds like he was a really cool guy.
Carrick Felix is now a member of the Jazz? Guy does nothing but work on the defensive end. I like Dennis Lindsey more and more every day.
British magazine publisher Felix Dennis dies at 67
A man of my heart. RIP! “Felix Dennis, a hedonist and media magnate (founder of
Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey talks expectations for Carrick Felix after yesterday's trade with Cleveland.
Felix Dennis: Odes to vice and consequences.
"I think having a great idea is vastly overrated. I don't think it matters what the idea is, almost. You need great execution." Felix Dennis
"if it floats flies or fornicates, rent it! It's cheaper" felix Dennis once said.
Jazz GM Dennis LIndsey: "Certainly Carrick's game defensively is where he hangs his hat."
By the way, this is the 7th trade of Dennis Lindsey's Jazz regime in under 2 years. (Burke, Gobert, Neto, RJ, Stokes, Novak, & now Felix)
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Felix licking his lips after sharing a kitten pouch with Dennis, it's so lovely to see him out and about, he...
"What a day it was. Emotional. Dennis the legend!"tjooo
When Felix Dennis, of publishing fame, died last month, he left much of his £500 million fortune to a forest!
Felix Dennis and his forest of good fortune - an article in the Daily Telegraph...
for Good - foresight and £500m legacy is helping to fill a 30,000-acre site with native
A lovely video tribute to Felix. Please share and help support his legacy
A publisher’s foresight and £500m legacy is helping to fill 30,000-acres with native trees
Hey this chick on KIK wants to chat with you ;) her username is imogenebeegeeay8
Felix Dennis and his forest of good fortune | via
The wonderful story of the unique RIP - his fortune is left to his forest vision vi…
Our Chairman's legacy lives on in the Heart of England Forest Charity. Find out more in the article:
Boston Target: Boston United new boy Kaine Felix: Dennis Greene lets me play with freedom
Did you see Bunny Guiness piece about Felix and his Impossible Dream yesterday? http:…
Felix Dennis 'once sent $50,000 to a cricket team of former gang members from Los Angeles, to help them tour England'
Hippie, hippie shake . . . the curious tale of judge and defendant Felix Dennis via
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Former PEN case Jack Mapanje pays tribute to Josephine Pullein-Thompson (& Felix Dennis (
And even after all of the laddie mags, Felix Dennis' legacy may end up being RIP.
Business News: Felix Dennis, the improbable magazine entrepreneur
Felix Dennis RIP - a great british businessman and well regarded figure in the UK publishing industry. Best wishes to your family.
Just heard that Felix Dennis has died. Magazine publishing will be a little less colourful (not to say quieter).
loved Felix Dennis, very sad news. One of my favourite entrepreneurs & incredibly witty poet RIP.
Very sad to hear passing of met him twice. a legend. see on him
The unforgettable Felix Dennis. A sad loss for publishing.
Felix Dennis, St Vincent and the Grenadines' Honorary in Warwickshire, has passed away. Our condolences to his...
Felix Dennis, a great advocate for trees and woodland creation, has passed away. Telegraph obituary:
The profits from Felix Dennis' publishing empire - The Week, Viz, Auto Express etc - will go to planting trees in Heart of England Forest
Obituary: The outrageous world of Felix Dennis, 1947-2014 - (UK)
VIDEO: Felix Dennis dies at the age of 67
Felix Dennis, 1947-2014 Oz to Viz via jail, crack and poems.
An absolute one off! Publisher, poet, genius, tree lover, friend, and all round remarkable Felix Dennis: Snowblog:
[AUTOFEED] Felix Dennis, the improbable magazine entrepreneur from home
never forget his cars parked all over Cleveland Street. Felix Dennis RIP, I enjoyed working for you.
RIP Felix Dennis, the wild child of magazine publishing. A former co-worker remembers his outrageous life:
The nine lives of Felix Dennis: "I've lived an unbelievable life, even if I did do my best to kill myself"
Sad news this morning: our publisher, the legendary Felix Dennis (1947-2014), passed away last night.
RIP - certainly a character in the meeting s I had with him : Felix Dennis, the improbable magazine entrepreneur
Felix Dennis, publishing provocateur turned poet, dies at 67
Move over Sir John Betjeman - you have a real rival in English Poetry Heaven RIP Felix Dennis - loved your Mustique "Island of Dreams" poems
'Keep to the track, to the beaten track, Treat every day of your life as your last.' Felix Dennis: 27 May 1947 - 22 June 2014
So farewell then Felix Dennis, from schoolkids Oz to forests, free wine and poetry, a bit of a hero of mine
Robert Paisola CNN Felix Dennis, Founder of Maxim and The Week, Dies at 67: Felix Dennis, the... CNNWorldNewsZone
We are deeply saddened to announce that our Chairman Felix Dennis passed away last night.
RIP Felix Dennis, last of the great mag raconteurs and incorrigible playboy. "If it floats, fornicates or flies, rent, don't b…
Sad news about the passing of Felix Dennis. An obit I wrote for .
"I once woke up in Felix's bed." A former employee remembers publishing wild man Felix Dennis (1947-2014).
Hamilton Collection
Felix Dennis, the improbable magazine entrepreneur
Felix Dennis - obituary: Hedonistic publisher behind Oz and The Week who dreamed of being a great poet but fou...
Last year, the multi-millionaire publishing mogul and drug-addled dissolute Felix Dennis was diagnosed with throat cancer. But don't count him out yet, he tells Sean O'Hagan
LONDON (AP) — Felix Dennis, a flamboyant publisher who co-edited the 1960s underground magazine Oz and went on to build a magazine empire, has died. He was 67 an...
Sad news today. My first solo client and the man I owe most of my career too has sadly passed away. I worked for Felix Dennis for over 8 years and have had the most fantastic opportunities and times. I have projects ongoing still with his charity, The Heart of England Forest Project, which will no doubt continue in his absence and memory. The world has lost an amazing and enigmatic man. So tonight I am raising a glass and saying Thanks Felix, thanks for it all. Whosoever Plants A Tree Whosoever plants a tree Winks at immortality. Woodland cherries, flowers ablaze, Hold no hint of human praise; Hazels in a hidden glade Give no thought to stake or spade; London planes in Georgian squares Count no patrons in their prayers; Seed and sapling seek no cause, Bark and beetle shun applause; Leaf and shoot know nought of debt, Twig and root are dumb— and yet Choirs of songbirds greet each day With eulogies, as if to say: 'Whosoever plants a tree Winks at immortality!’ Felix Dennis, Poem Published in the followi ...
R.I.P. Publisher and 60s radical Felix Dennis he died aged 67, after a "long and painful" battle with throat cancer. Dennis first found fame as one of the founders of 60s counterculture magazine Oz. He was first hired by Oz in 1967, creating a poster to mark Che Guevara's death for the magazine's eighth issue. Famously, he spelled the Marxist revolutionary's name wrong - a mistake which occurred, he said, after checking it in The Guardian. Dennis went on to found his own publishing company in 1973, launching with Kung-Fu Monthly.
I don't even know how to try and describe Felix Dennis, the number of adjectives could easily fill a page, so I will simply say that it's another sad day, RIP Felix, you have left me lost for words...
Charles Shaar Murray offers up a hail and farewell to Felix Dennis: friend, benefactor and occasional employer.
RIP Felix Dennis. Big fan of The Week . Some wise words from his book incl good startup stuff also
Felix Dennis, the publisher behind the Bruce Lee magazine Kung Fu Monthly, has died today aged 67 after losing the battle against cancer.
Saddened to learn of the death of Felix Dennis, publisher and poet. Felix was a Fellow and generous benefactor of the Wordsworth Trust.
Lovely drawing of Felix Dennis from underground press veteran and designer of The Beat's famous logo girl – and therefore Amy Winehouse – Hunt Emerson.
Felix Dennis, one of the lights in a sometimes dark tunnel, an arm round the shoulder of many of my friends, came to the crease and batted on many's behalf and made the departure of some as painless as he could. RIP Felix . ' the boy done good '
Break a leg all cast and crew on Under Milk Wood. Poignant day for director Kevin Allen, who actually played recently deceased Felix Dennis in 'The Trials of Oz' back in 1991,
Felix Dennis has gone. A chancer, a wide-boy, a bad poet and a great publisher. There won't be another.
Website Builder 728x90
Felix Dennis has died . An inspiration to some of my music . Very sad . R.I.P. Good Sir
RIP Felix Dennis. A truly great entrepreneurial mind.
On behalf of every Vincentian child thank you Sir!
This charitable gesture by has elements of farce about it, although it is, to be sure, very generous.
Nice-->Eccentric British mogul to buy laptops for 12,500 children
Felix Dennis (our boss) is helping to donate a laptop to every kid in St. Vincent and the Grenadines via
The millionaire and the island nation: Eccentric mogul Felix Dennis to buy one laptop for every child in
at Hagge Woods, we are really proud to have Felix Dennis' Heart of England Forest as a new supporter. (Yay!!!)
3 of 5 stars to How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis
Just what I was hoping to hear. However stamina is an issue. Felix Dennis says you need it to get rich.
I have a secret servant: A melting painting animation by Elena Chiesa, based on a poem by felix-dennis
was it rasterbator to used to do that giant pic of Felix Dennis on the stairwell?
the (wicked) 9 lives of Felix Dennis. Rather admire the lover of trees & builder of profitable businesses
The wordplay of Felix Dennis in the book 'How To Make Money' isn't something to be sneered at :')
Thanks for the great feed back on this . To be released soon ! Love Of A Kind (words Felix Dennis) by Dan_Nolan
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Looking for Ian Smith Smash Diet CLICK HERE TO CHECK DETAILS → Smith Smash Diet E-book Assessment - Felix Dennis on How to Get Prosperous One particular suspects that Felix Dennis feels unpleasant producing a e-book about how to get abundant. As nevertheless potentially he feels a minimal bit previously mentioned the gaggle of motivational authors and income gurus who write for the insatiable appetites of all those searching for wealth. So then why did he generate "How to Get Rich' and is it any great? Ian Smith Smash Diet Ebook Overview: Does That Make Perception? By Jonathan Walker, Ph D Most persons want to reach good results in lifetime. Unique persons define good results otherwise. The guide identified as Does That Make Feeling?, Everyone's Manual to Particular Empowerment and Results by Jonathan Walker, Ph.D will enable a person to get commenced on their route to achievement. The fiftieth Law Guide Evaluate The 50th regulation, by rapper fifty Cent, is a ebook that you may well uncover in the ent ...
At home... I really like Felix more than Dennis. Oh God, i want back to his arms. :(
Boldness attracts applause, - Felix Dennis and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing,
This is brilliant: mix with Horseman. Nice to hear Dennis Alcapone in there too
Felix was gonna surprise Marisa with a gift for christmas and Dennis blurted out what it was
"Iv'e spent over 100 million on hookers & drugs, unfortunately I wasted the rest" - Felix Dennis
Mr. Chakrabortty should spend some time reading the books of his countryman Felix Dennis.
Kind of embarrassing that Sebbe / Daff / Michaela / Felix / Albin /Dennis and OG can read me fangirling. Oioi.
Boldness attracts applause, - Felix Dennis left, Don't feel sorry if you failed when you tried your best
So it's time to take things very seriously. There are two more quotes that I've stumbled across in the past year that are like a bucket of cold water to my face, and I think you'll find they affect you the same way. "Whatever your dreams are, start taking them very, very seriously." - Barbara Sher And... "You have less time than you think. We all do. Why then are you waiting to fulfill your desire? If you do not start today, then when will you start? You will never start unless you start NOW. Commit yourself heart and soul." - Felix Dennis
Megathankage and much doffing of hats, shades etc for all the lavly berfday wishes ... quick reminder: I'm doing a talky thing tonight at West End Lane Books (in West End Lane, natch ... leafy West Hampstead) at 7:30pm, so come all ye if you're within striking distance . it's FRE, MAN! Bit of reading, bit of chatting, bit of Q&Aing and a coupla songs with Buffalo Bill Smith to round off the evening. There may even be wine, though rather less impressive than the stuff Felix Dennis provides. Bring selves and toys!
Backdoor Draft wrote: Wikileaks operatives in Finland indicate some of the millionaires who financed Julian Assange are also pitching in with Snitch Snowden Travel escapade to Russia etc .some of the names mentioned are : including, Jemima Khan, film directors Ken Loach and Michael Moore, and millionaire publisher Felix Dennis
Great show coming up at The Firkin Crane. Only €11 for students: The Cut Throat Tour by Poet Felix Dennis Join Felix Dennis, one of Britain's best-loved poets for an evening of fine French and poetry to celebrate the publication of his book of new poems, Love, of a kind The Did I Mention the Free Wine? Tour 2013 will visit the UK and Ireland in June, July, September and October and see the poet return by popular demand to major cities such as London, Cardiff, Dublin, Bath, Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as new stops in Southampton, Falmouth and on the Continent. Kicking off on Tuesday 11th June 2013, the tour will see the poet bring fine French wine and poetry across the UK and later in Europe. In just over ten years, Felix Dennis has established himself as one of the most popular and critically acclaimed poets of recent times and his poetry tours have entertained thousands of poetry lovers on both sides of the Atlantic. Felix's poetry has been regularly featured on radio programmes, in the national pre ...
This is the famous footage where Felix Dennis appears on the David Frost show and became the first person to use the C*UNT live on air. Since then, the BBC h...
Just reading a bit by a publisher friend, Felix Dennis and his favorite "Luck" quotes; "Luck is preparation multiplied by opportunity." ~ Seneca, Roman Philosopher "The harder I practiced, the luckier I got." ~ Gary Player, Golf Champion "Luck is a dividend of sweat." ~ Ray Kroc, McDonald's Founder To this I add my favorite "Luck" quote; "Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
This is fascinating. A good question which I would love to know the answer. I wonder if Adam Adam Boulton or Sam Sam Kiley, Nick Cohen or Felix Dennis could throw any light on it?
Felix Dennis is an expert at proving people wrong. Starting as a college dropout with no family money, he created a publishing empire, founded Maxim magazine, made himself one of the richest people in the UK, and had a blast in the process. How to Get Rich is different from any other book on the ...
PART ONE: Should I start another company called Smoke and Mirrors SEO? Not to scam or deceive, but rather to be brutally honest? What ARE white hat and black hat anyway? They are opinions and rules we have imposed on ourselves at the heavy hand influence of Google as we allow them to fit in nicely with what they want and their agenda. Are you or your clients best served by conventional wisdom? Maybe, but Brin/Page and Stanford routinely have an extremely blatant and very healthy disregard for conventional wisdom, as do Branson, Felix Dennis and quite literally anyone who has made anything of SIGNIFICANT, MASSIVE value threw conventional wisdom to the sharks, most from birth. Or before. What is possible? What isn't is a better question, and the answer is nothing, unless you don't believe. The ONLY real course of action is accomplishing tasks as quickly as can be done, while not lying, stealing, or physically hurting someone.some would indeed argue these limitations, but I'm cool with only those, for t ...
What might you miss, if you were poor? Time. The luxury of choices. First Editions. Old Rolls-Royces. -Felix Dennis
Allan Gurganus writes of first meeting his teacher and friend John Cheever; David Carr profiles millionaire magazine publisher Felix Dennis, who is also a best-selling poet; Boris Kachka visits with author Tom Wolfe to discuss Wolfe's new novel, Back to Blood; and other news.
Iconoclastic publisher Felix Dennis bullish on the future of print. Great read.
Enjoying the Felix Dennis programme on Sky Arts 2, a late convert to poetry and provider of free wine (of Oz fame)
11:15 Loose Ends: Clive Anderson is joined by Felix Dennis, Meera Syal, Arthur Smith and Cowbell.
Felix Dennis talks to Jeff Randall's Business show on Sky News. Felix talks about his new book 88 The Narrow Road.
Vexed issue: naming the Sky Arts documentary. My own favourite was devised by Jean-Paul Chapple and Jules Fuller: ‘No Holds Bard’. Very clever. But they need something that will bring in millions of viewers. At the moment, I’ve banned ‘Britain’s Richest Poet’, but may have to accept: ‘Felix Dennis: Millionaire Poet: Britain’s Rich List Bard’. Any better (funnier!) suggestions?
We ask multimillionaire publisher Felix Dennis a set of devilishly probing questions – and only accept THE definitive answer
People who grow rich almost always improve their sex life. More people want to have sex with them. That’s just the way human beings work. Money is power. Power is an aphrodisiac. Money did not make me happy. But it definitely improved my sex life. Felix Dennis
Charlie Rose with Felix Dennis; Lord Snowdon (July 11, 2001): Chairman of Dennis Publishing and 30-year veteran ...
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