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Felicia Day

Kathryn Felicia Day (born on June 28, 1979) is an American actress and singer, known for her work as Vi on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for parts in movies such as Bring It On Again and June, as well as the Internet musical, Dr.

Wil Wheaton Nathan Fillion Baron Vaughn Patton Oswalt Jonah Ray Neil Patrick Harris Troy Baker Jennifer Hale Anita Sarkeesian Robbie Thompson Nolan North Alan Tudyk Seth Green Joss Whedon inside a suburban mall in Lancaster, California. -You're Never Weird on the Internet by Felicia Day
OMG: Jennifer Hale, Felicia Day and Nolan North at Fan Expo Con (Toronto), also Troy Baker but he cancelled. Wish I could go D:
Just realized all the people who will be at Boston Comic Con: Charlie Cox, Billy West, Ming-Na Wen, Felicia Day. I... may have to go.
April 23 2015, OT9 happened. This is the day Huang Zi Tao left EXO. It's been 2 years... exo-ls. April 22 2017. -Tao IG Upda…
Oddly enough it's only my 3rd favorite Felicia Day and NPH musical number
I was already hooked on MST3k and then Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris had a musical number and I don't know what to do with myself
I've heard some people say they don't like Felicia Day in the new MST3K and I just don't get it. she and Patton Oswalt are my favorite part
NPH, Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt singing? I need more of this in my life
Tina Fey & Felicia Day are my spirit animals.
Hold on it down since day one hommie
Wonderful day felt good to be outside ☺️
Hey guys, (spoilers) but mst3k reboot has a song between nph and felicia day (and Patton Oswalt). that's pretty cool and unexpected 😎
*** start to love ya when yeen got ya *** on em. 😭😭I knew this day would come. Bye Felicia
I'll rather kick it with my guy than my girls any day
but I love Felicia Day and Patton's back and fourth. Plus, HAR MAR SUPERSTAR SINGS THE THEME SONG!
My bank account is sad but I gots new brows, a new purse, a full belly, and get to end the day snuggling w bae
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I miss Ryan and it's only day 1 out of 2 months 😭
There are Felicia Day fans of every age!
Honestly I thought I was going to hate it, Felicia Day creeps me out, but came away pretty happy
I wondered about that -- I don't think they were trying to hook new people. But there are conceivably 16-…
Felicia Day as Kinga Forrester is forever my crush
{Typing up a birthday email to my niece, . Dear Felicia,. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I hope it’s a wonderful day for you! -
Thank you😍 I really hope you day is totally amazing because you deserves nothing less!!♡ Love you♡
ONED BEST BAND One Direction I miss the way we used to text each other every day, now it's l…
felicia day might represent all the strong, empowered NRD GRLS but this woman represents me whenever she's in an ep…
Awe😔 Glad we made your day better at least!❤
That's Felicia on a normal day. Once you bring baby-related biology into the mix I'm sur…
Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Matt Smith are all going to Fan Expo in Toronto this year. Sounds like a party you should join.
GOD . Blessed to see another day . Good morning beautiful people 😘😘😘 — feeling blessed
I like the new MS3TK. At first I thought Felicia Day & Patton Oswalt were v stiff but then I rewatched a bit of the original.
this is the funniest thing I've seen all day 😂😂
Felicia, you just look gorgeous no matter what you wear! ; ) Happy belated E…
An aerial view of HBD from Allen Bolling. Come on down and enjoy day 2 of this incredible festival!!
Felicia Day is great on MST3K so take your taek and stuff it up your
The only 2 possibilities:. 1. Felicia Day always portrays the same character . OR. 2. Felicia Day cannot act. . Don't @ me this taek is correct
My community charity shirt is still available! FTW!
Enter to win a copy of Felicia Day's awesome memoir!
Knife wielding Muslims ready to attack on Election Day. Shoot first, ask questions later! Bye Felicia
Exhilarating day at the Earth Day March for Science in New York City with Earth Celebrations-Ecological and...
(even if it's 100% obvious that Felicia Day and NPH were on two completely different sets on two completely different days)
I love Felicia Day, and I'm actually very happy she got the MST3K gig, like how cool is that? But, I don't buy her as a bad character. :\
You are one of my biggest role model. I look up to you and I hope I'll meet you some day in real. Love u ❤️
Imagine the day we go to Disney?! I think we're gonna be faves forever after that. But even then,…
And I'm honestly just talking about these last 30 mins. The rest of the day was chill asf
I remember freshman year I told this dude to dm my girl and see if she loyal & they still in a relationship till this day
NPH and Felicia Day singing reunion in MST3K
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don't teach a man to fish… and feed yourself. He's a grown man. And fishing's not that hard.
I've decided that Felicia Day is the most coolest and nerdiest and super hot and I'm infatuated. That is all.
Watching The Guild on Netflix. I used to watch it back in the day online. I love Felicia Day.
Not good.. but you guys made my day ❤️
Really love Felicia Day in the new MST3K...
With Patton Oswalt and Felicia 'I cross the street when I see gamers' Day, the cringe would be an inevitability.--
Earth Day March of Science New York City. Earth Celebrations-Ecological and Social Change through the Arts, We...
Felicia Day is always fun but she's shockingly good as the villain in the new MST3K
Oh well, there are worse ways to spend a day. So, how are you Felicia?
Earth Day March for Science New York City. Thank you for joining us! More photos and videos to come soon...Felicia...
I didn't ask for Felicia Day in MST3k.
There should be a Felicia Sanders day
Sneak peek at Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt in 'MST3K' - CNET
Trying to catch up on The Librarians. It's 2 am and it's "and The Tears of a Clown". Wanna skip but Felicia Day & Sean Astin.
Can you believe there is gunna be a mini Felicia Day in the world I feel so hashtag blessed
A positive story about celebrities for once. ⚡️ “Felicia Day has a baby on the way!”.
So Felicia Day is pregnant and I'm not the father and I'm just supposed to be OK with this?
Ugh. Already seeing people wondering "who's the father" about Felicia Day's baby. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! Good lord, people.
We would like to congratulate one of our favorite people Felicia Day who is going to have a child... the...
I can’t believe Felicia day is literally about to give birth
Surprise! Felicia Day is pregnant and due in 3 weeks. 🍼
Felicia day is having a kid! I hope she names it Charlie now matter the sex. IM SO EXCITED!! The nerd queen has an heir!
Felicia Day has been pregnant four 5 months and no one online knew?
New life goals:. 1. Get famous enough to be on Drunk History as the storyteller. 2. Be Felicia Day's baby daddy.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY love ya so much hope ur day is as fab as u!! ur always my felicia love ya 😍😍
G'day from Australia Felicia I just want to say congrats on being pregnant u are the best and hope you come to Australia again
Felicia Day pregnant is news worthy?
Ronda Rousey receives 45-day medical suspension after brutal TKO Felicia
True. I'm just in part blown away by the fact it's Felicia Day. I mean, Felicia Day?!
So today Felicia Day announced she's having a baby this month, and Ashley Tisdale covered Ex's and Oh's with Vanessa Hudgens and Im dead now
Order Miche Bag Online!
If Felicia were Catholic she could name her daughter Agnus Day.
Felicia day is due in 3 weeks and she just announced her pregnancy. Take notes Briana
I just screeched @ felicia day's news because that is like god-tier hiding in today's world of social media
Well that explains the "Where is Felicia Day?" question that my wife and I have been asking for months. Congratulations!
// Guys Felicia Day is going to be a momma! Can't wait to see pics when her baby is born!
The internet is a strange place. Googled pregnant and found a fanart photo manipulation from DA. Creepy.
Finally Wil Weston can have a wife's son. ⚡️ “Felicia Day has a baby on the way!”.
felicia day is gonna have a baby. SCREAMS
Anyone else think Emily Blunt and Felicia Day totally resemble one another?
Seeing that Felicia Day is pregnant has been the best thing I've seen all day. I love her.
Holy crap a new mini Felicia Day in the world?!?!?!? YES!
A sad day for Jared haters lol Felicia liked it 😁
Sneaky! Well kept secret there, surprised in this day and age that they can still be kept. Congratulations Felicia!
if you cant see that your article on Felicia day is appalling idk what to say.
Is anybody talking about how Felicia Day just unveiled that she's pregnant?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Goodnight to no one but Felicia day who's about to have the cutest kid ever.
moderating the panel for Felicia Day at Wizard World Chicago.
I added a video to a playlist Unspeakable Words: Troy Baker, Erin Gray, and Felicia Day join Wil on
I recommend "You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)" by Felicia Day and any of Jenny Lawson's books for further reading
Why is "The entire cast of Supernatural" not an option? Or at least Tom Felton or Daniel Radcliffe, what about Felicia Day?
Important commentary from Felicia Day, Robbie Thompson, and Phil Sgriccia on SPN 10x11 ;)
Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day + more talk CON MAN season two at
Happy BDay brother! I hope u had an awesome day thanks4being a part of our team!
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "1". know Y? Goto & tell “Felicia Day's fans
Minnesota has officially declared today... May 23, 2016 as Beyoncé Day
"Over thinking can increase anxiety and cause insomnia.". I've been thinking about EXO's comeback and day SM might drop th…
a year ago today I met felicia day at comic con which also means a year ago tomorrow I started haikyuu for the first time ❤️❤️
lmao, you can snap & be on the grams but not text me the whole day? bye Felicia
ill accept you as Felicia and *** sure will take you as beyonce. At the end of the day you still fine *** shuntonese 😘
My goal in creating Geek & Sundry was to create a community based arou...
"From the day that I met you I knew that I would love you 'til the day I die"
(4:40) Poor Felicia, I was waiting for the first VR injury of the day! :( Hence the padded room idea.
Coffee at with pal Felicia Curry to start our Helen Hayes Awards day!
tfw you hear Felicia Day's character got killed off sooner.
😂😂 nobody knows what happened to the EACC guys.They were fired the next day, like bye Felicia!.I think IEBC kura zishapigwa LEGIT
I haven't used 🔥 for almost 3 months. Today was the day to redownload it and delete my actual acct. BYE FELICIA
Felicia Day, the creator & main char actress is a total gamer. The concept started from her WoW obsession.
IT'S HERE! Listen to our episode with the hilarious amazing
I wish this work day would go as fast as my breaks 🙄
Yo when Craig was askin shorty for $200 and Felicia pulled up, that scene still pisses me off to this day
im so sorry😭😭 I'm gonna swing by this weekend tho to see you, felicia, ari, and pepe!!
For a second I thought that was Felicia day
I'm sorry your having a difficult day, please let me know if I can help.
Social media is an amazing tool, but it's really the face-to-face inte...
More details are surfacing regarding guesting on So excited!
Electronic Device Insurance
More deets: The Librarians episode will be episode 3 of season 3, likely to air this Nov or Dec.
Personal day from work...means I'm just in the Sunshine and smiles! 11 days till summer break
First day with this baby and there's about to be a crucial storm
It's great that Baron Vaughn & Felicia Day are in it, but Joel was more mindful of the diversity of modern audiences than it appeared
Felicia Day's best role was as Veronica in Fallout New Vegas and I think that was the writing
: and starring Felicia Day as Diarrhea. with music by
I heard some teachers that Monday was an A day bc we don't go to school on Friday
When Felicia orders pizza a day ago and hides it in a mini fridge so you can have cold pizza when you get home >>>>>>
when it's senior skip day or when I wanna go to foodorama
160320 Sehun wearing ALL BLACK today at the venue (Olympic Gymnastics Arena) for Day 3. cr.zoelovelys https…
i think for next years Armageddon expo, you should invite felicia day to Dunedin
I've literally done nothing all day
I do so much for people, and I can't wait for the day when everyone does the same for me
throughout the hardest portions of the day." Casual rest of her chin atop a propped wrist as she chewed, she nodded ↳
Two girls play on a slide on the second day of integrated classes at Thomas J. Semmes school in New Orleans, 1962. htt…
This week’s Geeks Who Drink to feature Felicia Day and Dexter Darden...
But for the record, to the watching, Felicia Day has dominion over me... make if that as you will.
New MST3K host is Jonah Ray, rumors of Felicia Day as new mad scientist,… (via Flixist)
if Patton Oswald and Felicia Day need platforms, then they're doing something wrong
I added a video to a playlist Fortune and Glory: Brandon Routh, Felicia Day, and Ryon Day join Wil on
George Lucas, Stan Lee, Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, David Wain. I want to have a dinner with all of you.
Felicia Day is buddy buddy with Anita Sarkeesian. I say we boycott Felicia day's movies
From the right, Felicia Day, Anita Sarkeesian, some *** some *** That's all I know.
i will say that I can at least watch Felicia Day where seeing Wil Wheaton makes me want to claw my face off
Your second wish removed Felicia Day. And replaced her with Wil Wheaton.
So excited that the MST3K revival is getting co-opted by Felicia Day! It's just not nerd cool without her! Bring on Wil Wheaton next! NO :(
Anything that combines Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day is glorious in my book.
Did some digging. According to EW, Hampton Yount's the new Crow, Baron Vaughn's the new Tom Servo, and Felicia Day's the new Mad.
Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Hampton Yount, Baron Vaughn. MST is a Nerdist circle jerk. I presume there’s an after show lined up for Hardwick
Apparently in this next Entertainment Weekly. Jonah Ray as Host, Felicia Day as Mad, Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount are bots.
EW says the new cast is Jonah Ray as host, Felicia Day as the Mad, Baron Vaughn as Servo and Hampton Yount as Crow. Yer welcome.
If I was to ever walk into a room with Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Felicia Day and Alona Tal, I would literally collapse and die
The Tribe!. Felicia, The newest Tribe Member from Surfside, Texas. From this day forward they too will…
Time for the match! vs Love New Day but I think it'd be good to hand them off to the Dudleys
Watching and Felicia play Left4Dead2 on twitch while chatting with fans in the chat room. Always a fun day when we Twitch
Halloween: the day we tell our children to take candy from as many strangers as possible
I thought he was talking about Felicia Day
Felicia Day opens up about GamerGate fears, has her private details exposed minutes later:
Michael performing with Rian and Alex (All Time Low) the other day!
How confident are y'all In defeating New Day?
Due tomorrow, pretend to do all day and then flip when it is 6:00 and you still have nada on your 5 page philosophy paper.
Guys y'all need to remember this day cuz this is the day when MTV officially became trash. .
I bought felicia day's book because of you :D
The silliest snaps of the week. Felicia Day photobombs on Saturday.
Is today *** off felicia day? Or something bc it surely seems like it in this house.
Why tf did it take me all day to do my orders
"We are born an empty bookshelf. Life is what we fill it with." Felicia Day, .you ROCK!!!
3 Videos and 1200 selfies and signed Username:Evies in one day.. I'm happy with that! :D
Wanna cuddle and watch scary movies all day 😇
Authenticity is a practice. You have to choose to be authentic every day and in every situation,
The other day I said, "Bye Felicia," and Johnny had no idea what I was talking about. 😄 I swear he's secretly 60 years old.
OH and if felicia day is there *** yeah im meeting her and honestly ill probably meet misha again too bc he's my baby
Just wanna finish book, but I have domestic duties. What would such a prolific woman like Felicia Day do?
It is Official. Join us using as Celebrates the African University Day
The only time I will ever be next to Felicia Day, probably, but I am honored to be in such esteemed company.
Cleaning my house and listening to all day. Bye Felicia.
People will eventually shut their mouth & get tired of talking about you one day.
Been trying to call Felix all day and sing for him.. Is he answering? NO.
Off to day 2 of Bye Felicia at the GHP studios. Aka our apartment complex.
Thanks Michael R. Evans for this one. I can't imagine how many times per day Felicia Smith has to do this.
'Take care. Maybe one day you'll escape your past. If you do, look for me.' - 2046 (Film)
I swear one day I'm going to disown u as my sister
ways to do it and get away with it. One day I just know you'll see my house on fire on the news
Wow happy friken 16th BIRTHDAY Felicia, I love you so much cuz . Hope you have a great day &I'll see you later💜🍻
Just got back from a 7 hour meetup. We hit 40 million bros while being there!. And it's my birthday! . What a day :-D Thank y…
Just woke up & got out of bed. What a day it has been
Today is going to be a good day . *Continues to slowly brush teeth with hand lotion*
Just a few words. are all it takes. to make or break one’s day. Mine was “made” quite early on,. now it's sunshine all the way!
you reply the following day without cake...? bye felicia!. Happy belated by the way 😊😊😊😂
Sad day when you feel family is no longer considered family. BYE FELICIA!!
So glad its flip flop season again 😃😃😃😀 all day e'rrday
"I know who I am very strongly, and I think that's what geek culture can reinforce" Felicia Day
See Felicia the Patched today's of the Day! via
Missing half a day in the 1D world is the equivalent of missing 3 years in the regular world. KEEP VOTI…
& there was 2much J&J activities that none of use could handle, they either hide or be active day after another, no fair lol
There are girls you only meet late at night and there are classy girls who you take out during the day, in public 💁 Bye Felicia.
One day you'll realised how much you regretted losing someone that puts in 100% in you.
A day is going to end again. Good Night Samantha Felicia and have a wonderful dream tonight!
BBC News - Raped, pregnant and afraid of being jailed Another example of modern day slavery & abuse of human rights
What do you think of the idea Felicia Day playing 20 year old Lily Luna Potter?
Photo: (L-R) Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion at the “Dr. Horrible’s...
So Scott Wilson, Alan Tudyk and Felicia Day are all on this flight. Not Chris Evans tho :(
Nolan North, Jennifer Hale, Troy Baker, Steve Blum, Felicia Day and many more voicing the GW2 xpac, that's going to be cool ^^
I added a video to a playlist Felicia Day & Morgan Webb Master the Art of Archery
I liked a video Felicia Day's The Flog! WILDLIFE RESCUE with Misha Collins
I already have my picture with Felicia Day purchased, and a picture with John Barrowman. If I could get Hayley too, my con would be made.
I would love if Felicia Day or Jeffrey Dean Morgan could be at Let's just make MinnCon the biggest of them all!
Felicia Day and Colin Ferguson learn how to crochet! This was so entertaining to watch :D...
If I eat bad food and sit on my *** all day I'd be lookin like Felicia from Norbit too ...
Don't ever call Felicia Day 'queen of the geeks' -
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
me: *wishes that my parents would let me buy more stuff online*. also me: *desperately wants Felicia Day's book*. also me: *wants SPN merch*
Inspiration from iconic weddings throughout history
The Internet's own Felicia Day spoke with MTV News about her ridiculously awesome new memoir, "You're Never Weird On The …
Tomorrow is World Humanitarian Day. Are you ready? Give them a voice:
Video: Item 136: VIDEO. FELICIA DAY ITEM. Use recycled computer or cell phone parts to create a video-game...
I keep seeing Felicia Day's book promoted as her being "The Queen of the Geeks". I don't know why this irritates me so much
.shares a sweet story about filming with . READ HERE :
taking an Epsom salt bath after a 12 hour day is so rejuvenating 10/10 would do again
lol im pretty sure he actually didn't say "bye Felicia" in real life when this happened back in the day 😂
What's on your summer reading list? — Reading Holly Madison's book and would love to read Felicia Day's book tha...
The best part was when Ice Cube said "Bye Felicia!" 😂😂😂 It made my day.
I'm really gonna miss Ivorycoast ❤️ met some kids that don't have much but are happy every single day!! Oh and this.. h…
Proud geek Felicia Day gave us 8 motivational quotes:
Felicia Day thinks Eron's post is what made people believe games media was bent. (1/2)
The very same issues that Felicia Mabuza tackled years back are still being dealt with to this very day...smh...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
.You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by very charming read.
~ Q & Play: Felicia Day talks her new book, fandoms, and more while playing Mario...
Felicia Day is my spiRit animal. Never WeiRd on the InteRnet
will be signing copies of her book tomorrow Aug 19 LA
Kathryn Felicia Day[1] is an American actress, comedian, and writer. On TV, she has played Vi in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr.
felicia *** Thanks for following the Campaign Register. Have a great day!
Felicia Day to grace Powell's Books on Monday via
Oh bye Felicia came from back and the day and he used it in Friday 😂 I'm hip
😂 I'll take Felicia over Shanika any day (sneak diss to ) 😒
"Did you hear a girl puked on a Grace Park?". "I heard a girl cried all over Felicia Day". Same girl guys, it was me,
It was a long, hot wait and a rushed photo and autograph, but so cool to meet Felicia Day.…
dude now you see what I go through on a day to day basis 😫
YOOO why didn't anyone ever tell me that felicia day went to UT???
Everyone's first day went by so fast. Just class introductions, syllabus discussion, then bye Felicia. 🙈
Addison has always loved Felicia Day. She loves her characters, her music and Geek and Sundry. She…
Good morning! Let's start the day with a piece of this delicious cake 😊😊😍😍 (with Herin and Vivi) [pic] —
. Meeting Felicia Day, telling her I love her and getting any response other than "I know"
if his smile can't brighten up your day, then I don't know what will
.loves the word aneurysm & now I feel a little bad for liking the short haircut she got a few years ago .
LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 Glad that that plan fell through though. Love our Felicia Day!
Music Video of the Day for Tueday . "Gamer Girl, Country Boy". by. Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller . I know I...
Ryan says I don't have a real job cause I just watch Netflix and sit on my phone all day. Your jealous Felicia bye. 😘
Sorry but Felicia Day is . There are my Queens, talented, creative, women of game industry. . http:…
anyway I think about how any day someone is gonna spill to Felicia irl a lot and I laugh every time
Yeah degrees don't really seem all that important at times, do they. Felicia Day was a math major and look where she ended up
I just finished the Felicia Day book. It reminded me what a lazy *** I am :)
Felicia Day is so here are some better ones:. Lynda Carter. Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Claudia Black. Carrie Fisher. Jen Taylor
I contributed more to Geekdom than Felicia Day when I read the entire Terry Brooks Shannara series
New bookmark: Felicia Day's "You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)" - Boing Boing
Really enjoying Geeks who Drink on SyFy. Felicia Day is on next weeks! YAY!
All purpose parts banner
I have autographs from Edward Norton, Jeff bridges, Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick!I'd love to add Ms Welby😀thanks
I want to meet my favorite movie stars which is Felicia Day, Jennifer Lawrence, and Patrick Stewart. Is that to much to ask for?
I think I have to read my classics book group pick then Felicia Day then Robin Hobb. For reasons.
John Green, Felicia Day, Connor Franta and Dan&Phil in one panel ok bye
Idea: Amanda Plummer and Felicia Day are a baddass mother & daughter team...I've got no more than that yet, but I'd definitely watch it.
most impressive part: beaten both Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day at Lords of Waterdeep...
proposed lineup: Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and/or Whedon. 4 person line up! Would that be so... horrible?
Had a dream where Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Night Vale joined the Sword and Laser contest last minute and knocked me out. Nervous? No.
Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton play games for charity
Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day are so nerdy and quirky lol. I can really relate to them!
Well, in an ideal world: 3x Alix, 2x Ali Hillis, 2x Willa Holland, 2x Felicia Day, James Cosmo and Hannah Spearritt. But ...
So, can we get Stephen King to DM a campaign for Felicia Day, Vin Diesel, Stephen Colbert, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kevin Smith? I'll sk…
good point. Wil Wheaton & Felicia Day need prominent supporting roles, too.
Laughing at people who can't decide if Charlie is Robbie Thompson's self insertion mary sue or a character that is just Felicia Day...
Felicia Day needs help finding this guy from Emerald City Comicon a few years back
I'm looking forward to seeing all those people I still follow, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, Seth Green.. Awesome!
Anne Wheaton, Felicia Day, Grant Imahara, and Alison Haislip. Ashley Johnson if Felicia doesn't count as she's also producer.
But's it's an hour of awesome with Felicia Day. Don't fear it's also on Netflix.
Jennifer Hale is on a stream, but so is Felicia Day... why?!
Felicia Day, Seth Green, Ashley Johnson, and Zachary Levi all in one place (when zach gets there of course)
For the record, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day started on Buffy :p
Well I mean.. NPH + Nathan Fillion + Felicia Day made just.. the best combo.
Fun short video from WEREWOLVES Starring Kate Micucci, Felicia Day, and Jeff Lewis:
Felicia Day's public details put online after she described Gamergate fears
I dunno why I don't find her anywhere near as attractive as other women. Mine would be either Felicia Day or Amy Acker.
doctorow: Felicia Day's memoir: "You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)": Cory Doctorow...
Have you seen the Felicia Day pizza video? Google it!
I've been home for 1 DAY and Diane is already pressuring me about a summer job lmaooo bye felicia
National dog day on snapchat. Bye Felicia
lmao i waited the whole day to tell her that since her name was actually Felicia 😂
Update your maps at Navteq
lol my bosses name is felicia and i waited the whole day yesterday at work to finally say "bye Felicia " 😭
Guess who will be at FanX all three days? Felicia Day, star of The Guild, Supernatural and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! Timeline Photos Please welcome our next Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2015 guest... actress, …
Felicia Day! Been a fan of hers since The Guild. Here's to hoping she can talk Wil Wheaton into to coming with her!
Well my day has just been peachy today... 😅
A new celebrity announcement from for Felicia Day: "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," "Supernatural," "Eureka," etc.
was like that's the guy who professed his love for Felicia Day! That was freaking funny! You're a funny dude!
Coming home to the smell of my mom baking pumpkin bread after a long day 🙌
female comebacks pt 2. 1. bye Felicia. 2. have a blessed day. 3. u cared enough to comment. 4. do i know u? . 5. so what
the doxxing of Felicia Day and Brianna Wu comes to mind (isolated incidents or not).
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