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Fela Durotoye

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14. "God bless you as you take action to buy back our priceless future and invaluable destiny with your FREE PVC.…
Frankling speaking, get your PVC & vote out PMB in 19. Fela Durotoye, we will vote across tribes
Fela Durotoye doesn't want to run for president. . He has made that abundantly clear. All these 3rd Force yarns na wa
Tara FELA-DUROTOYE is a name that ring bell in Cosmetics & Bridal makeup profession. But…
I am NOT advocating for or against but want to know IF NIGERIA IS READY FOR A PRESIDENT fela DUROTOYE? Why OR...
The only solution to Nigeria's problem is Vote Fela Durotoye come 2019, vote for a new Nigeria
Lol @ when Fela Durotoye said money will fail politicians
7:02am: To my gateman: who is fela durotoye? I don't know!. 7:19am: At the service station. Me to all 6 guys working…
Indication the government is fabricating lies & calling it achievement, PMB governance strategies are expired Fela Durotoye 19
The should be please help us support, promote Fela Durotoye 2019, young, capable, Patriotic.
My sentiments on Oprah potentially running are the same on Fela Durotoye potentially running. Impractical.
The people who think Oprah Winfrey is now fit for office are not different from the people selling Fela Durotoye as an option
Donald Trump is President. Fela Durotoye wants to be President. Oprah wants to be President. Being a President us…
Atiku isn't the party's candidate. Just another contestant for the party's ticket, we have Sul…
"Money doesn't have leadership competencies, if you allow money to lead you, it will lead you astray.". Fela Durotoye.
So let's all do fela durotoye who's 40.something and leave the party and poli…
Good morning Nigerians can someone tell me who FELA DUROTOYE is.
I like the idea of Fela Durotoye for Presidency,but can it be 2019?. Yes,if elections were won by those of us on Soc…
This Fela Durotoye thing is cute but it's not realistic. Man should start with local government first
Ready to campaign for FELA DUROTOYE. Enough is Enough
The status quo would be changed in 2019 because the people have woken up. - Fela Durotoye
We have a system of government I call Selectocracy in Nigeria. - Fela Durotoye
Is it true Fela Durotoye is contesting for presidency 2019? Wow! If its true let the teeming youth of Nigeria suppo…
The way u wanted a youth president , but chastising fela durotoye for coming out .
Dear...,. Happy New Year and an excellent 2018 to you. Over the past 13years, FELA DUROTOYE…
"If you think votes don't count, an incumbent President would not have been voted out of office in 2015 election" . Fela Durotoye
Give me 3 reasons why Fela Durotoye deserves my vote in 2019.
Hook up with PJ on UNILAG 103.1FM NOW, to get the best of this "one on one" with Fela Durotoye.
We don't have leaders in Nigeria, we have rulers. - Fela Durotoye
The challenge has always been that "good people" don't know how to win elections - Fela Durotoye
Money will fail in 2019 elections. Mark my words. - Fela Durotoye
I watched Fela Durotoye on ChannelsTV say “Money will fail politicians in 2019” and all I could do was laugh. . Majority…
2019: Why money will fail politicians – Fela Durotoye
Fela Durotoye, a motivational speaker and leadership coach, has warned politicians ahead of 2019 general...
This guy just hit the nail on the head. Isn't this what I have been emphasizing on?. "SelectoCRACY -We don't have good…
Go vote for Fela Durotoye na. You will be motivated
Mr FELA DUROTOYE for President in the 2019 general elections in Nigeria. WILL YOU VOTE FOR HIM?
Fela Durotoye Fela Durotoye III would have been the BEST President ever but my concern is why did he have to wait...
Donald Trump was more popular and richer in America than Fela Durotoye is in Nigeria, the only wise decision Donald Trum…
Fela Durotoye low key aspiring to Lead Nigeria fantastic move amazing take off but his fellow motivational speakers would n…
Why won’t I vote for Fela Durotoye as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? . It’s TIME!
Focus is the ability to limit your distractions to one thing. ~Fela Durotoye
Trending live at the. with Fela Durotoye
When you see Fela Durotoye & Steve Harris at a conference, just know they're coming to tell you how you can move from 'employee to employer'
ReD Conference starts tomorrow with Fela Durotoye speaking on Leadership & Excellence in three serv…
Be a solution provider and not a part of the problem to be solved - Fela Durotoye
I added a video to a playlist Fela Durotoye | The Hangout
Sir fela durotoye is an amazing mentor and teacher😩
We shall be having in our midst seasoned speakers such as Fela Durotoye, Rev. Wale Ajayi, Pst. Chinelo Dillimono, Sunk…
God sent him a destiny helper in Fela Durotoye who became his mentor & life coach. Watch him on with…
We must train our 'future candidates' on not only how to win elections but how to govern well. - Fela Durotoye
Tara Fela-Durotoye is the Founder & CEO of House of Tara International. She’s been named one of Forbe’s 20 Young Po…
About last Saturday 16092017:. Notes Taken: FELA DUROTOYE. There are 2 types of Wives. 1. The…
(Motivational speaker Fela Durotoye shares 7 things he has learnt so far about life) read now on Holla360 -…
Motivational speaker, Fela Durotoye, shares with us 7 inspiring life lessons. .
TODAY is the past of your FUTURE. So, make TODAY count for the sake of your HISTORY. Use your words, time and choices wisely. -Fela Durotoye
Pastor Ituah, Fela-Durotoye, Tim Godfrey, others to feature on Rubbin' Minds special edition.
🎃We must see the new Nigeria The Nigeria We Want we must accept personal responsibility to build it. 🤔👉Fela…
🎃Strong nations are built on SOLID HOMES not big houses. 🤔👉Fela Durotoye
Revd. Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Tim Godfrey, and others to feature on Rubbin’ Minds……
🎃Your Potential is all that you can HAVE but have not yet possessed. No limits. No boundaries. 🤔👉Fela Duroto…
"The only thing procrastination hates is the word NOW." - Fela Durotoye
Some 3yrs ago, Boss Fela Durotoye got the trending. Let's do this again to pray for Nigeria.
Real Fathers are men of integrity & honour. Their word is their bond. ― Fela Durotoye.
36. I like the way Mr Fela Durotoye puts it. He says and I quote.
- Ministration at the Tara Fela Durotoye Series 2017. - Inauguration of Chairperson at the international Women society 2017
Tara Fela-Durotoye, CEO House of Tara International was the winner of the 2016 HBSAN Leadership Award for Entrepren…
Watching you speak in church last night was a blessing. I totally remember our days in SPEAKERS CORNER with Fela Durotoye☺
Tara Fela~Durotoye, the other half of Fela Durotoye! She is a very famous beautiful face, making faces more beautiful!
quickly turning into DJ Khaled and Fela Durotoye. What happened to you kind sir?
I added a video to a playlist Nation Building with Fela Durotoye
Fela Durotoye made my day on this one.
Joining on is Durotoye Yara Fela,Founder of House of live
There's a place for talking and criticism. But there's also a place to let our ACTIONS do the talking!. - Fela Durotoye
Our nation is ripe wt a multitude of successful ppl, who have achieved much for themselves wt little impact on anyone else. - Fela Durotoye
Connections is an event for singles to meet and connect. Super couple, Tara and Fela Durotoye will be the special guests.
3. I've never met a Muslim with an understanding of the Bible and the world like him. His favourite preachers are T.D Jakes & Fela Durotoye.
Letters to my single self April 21, 2016 Fela and Tara Durotoye
"Purpose will always create a Vacuum that you are wired & equipped to fill. Find Your Vacuum and Fill it.". - Fela Durotoye
Be A solution provider And not A part of the Problem to be Solved durotoye#
"Find yourself, your in life. Don’t just get a job, do something that is tied to a purpose." Tara Fela-Durotoye…
"Ideas rule the world" Think and grow rich . Fela Durotoye
16. He built fela durotoye by the help of God and today his name is a house hold name around the world .
15. Once upon a time fela durotoye wasn't a brand but he built one.
like you just listened to Fela Durotoye or Myles Munroe mssgs this morning. I can feel you are inspired. Well done.
2. This is an account of my dream this morning which featured Mr Fela Durotoye .
She has probably inspired more people than Fela Durotoye has.
Leadership, Governance and Democracy must be about the people and not about power. - Pastor Fela Durotoye
Fela Durotoye - 25 Motivational and Leadership Quotes Who is Fela Durotoye ?. He is an A
Go and experience life itself, not from the lofty pages of a John Maxwell or Fela Durotoye book. Go become and do something, anything useful
Fela Durotoye Should be very scared. Agnes is taking over.
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*correction please* Fela durotoye is an ordained pastor.please accord him that respect.thanks
that is the power of a very good makeup artist I tell you. Na 1k for Oyingbo. No be Tara Fela-Durotoye o.
You must seize the opportunity of a life time in the life time of the opportunity.-Fela Durotoye
To every opportunity, there is a life time. -Fela Durotoye
Delay punishes those who are early and rewards lateness. -Fela Durotoye
" To every opportunity, there is a lifetime - Fela Durotoye
Value Time and make the best use of it - Fela Durotoye
You are called to your own race, you have a timer and its when you finish the race you can get an award - Fela Durotoye
NowPlaying the name ft fela durotoye - click to tunein
Hi there,. EMERGE has been great so far. The first session at 4pm today had Fela durotoye with a…
You must be able to prepare the future for the next generation as a leader - Fela Durotoye
Make your family, nation and God proud - Fela Durotoye
You must live a life of integrity and honour - Fela Durotoye
Consciously build a great legacy starting now, today and everyday - Fela Durotoye
You must care and show respect through your words and actions - Fela Durotoye
Time must be treasured, invested, managed and enjoyed - Fela Durotoye
Do the right thing at all times regardless of who is doing the wrong thing - Fela Durotoye
Be your best in all that you do, particularly the things you are naturally good in - Fela Durotoye
You must be a role model worthy of emulation - Fela Durotoye
Tune in right now to Praiseworld Radio to listen to Conference, as Fela Durotoye currently shares on...
Make a positive impact on everyone you meet and everywhere you go - Fela Durotoye
The only thing that makes man different from God is time, for God is not limited by time but man is limited by time - Fela Durot…
It’s not enough to know what to focus on but also know what to be blind to - Fela Durotoye
Anytime you are not focused on what you desire, be blind to it - Fela Durotoye
An effective generation must speak with one voice, regardless of whatever language they speak - Fela Durotoye
Your calling is not behind you, but ahead of you. Go Forward! - Fela Durotoye
To my great teachers, Pst Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pst Sam Adeyemi, Fela Durotoye, Pst Poju Oyemade, Pst Chris Oyakhilome.God bless you all
Do U Know?. is set to Celebrate its 30th Anniversary – Bez, Fela Durotoye, Pita+More to Headline
Good news from - Nigeria's school of self-belief: is the key to confidence at . http:…
Nigerian beauty entrepreneur & her cosmetics empire profiled by CNN http:…
Nigerian Beauty Entrepreneur, Tara Fela-Durotoye is featured on the most recent edition of…
Nigerian Beauty Entrepreneur Tara Fela-Durotoye is Featured on CNN’s African Voices | Watch -
22. When John C. Maxwell or Fela Durotoye teaches you leadership, you'll be inspired because you can see their leadership legacies.
We have hosted great people; Dr Albert Odulele, Rev Sam Adeyemi, Fela Durotoye, Olakunle Soriyan, Abiodun Fijabi
Fela Durotoye will be ministering at Christian Community Church, 34 Benson str, off Akerele str, S/L. 9am is the time. It will be explosive.
Fela Durotoye was one of several prominent speakers who took part in a wide ranging discussion at the 2014 edition of the Obafemi Awolowo Annual public lectu...
What shall it profit 90% of Nigerian youths to go for stereotype professional courses and end up without jobs for years? I am a trained lawyer. Do I intend to practice? No. What do I do then? You can call me a People Investor. Its called Human Capital Developer. Has it made me a millionaire? No. Can it make me one? Stay there na. If you have heard of Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Tom Peters, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, Ken Blanchard, Jim Collins, Fela Durotoye, Ifeoma Williams, Lanre Olusola etc, then you would know that the human service industry is a billion dollar industry globally. Its just that our young people have not been exposed to it. We are getting there gradually though. Education doesn't just make you LEARN, it should stimulate your mind to CREATE A PROFESSION if need be. There was no recognized make-up industry in Nigeria until Tara Feladurotoye pioneered it. There was no daytime talk show in the country until Funmi Iyanda started hers. When Ali Baba pioneered stand-up comedy, hi ...
Tara Fela-Durotoye, Funke Bucknor, others turn up for Wedding Planner anniversary (PHOTOS)
Chimamanda Adichie in Nsukka accidentally grew up in the same old house that the great Chinua Achebe used to live in! Its not coincidence. God sets us all up! Yes, it makes a huge difference when and where we grew up. Peter Odili way before being a governor used to have a PA, decades later, that PA is today Rotimi Amaechi. And sometimes, like Moses, Joseph and David, God sets us all up at birth, to draw us closer to the palace. Life is deep, and after all these hard work and intelligence. My dear, there are deeper principles to everything. Socrates once taught a guy that became Aristotle. After his death, Aristotle became a coach to a wealthy guy's son, that became Alexander the Great. These are the 3 greatest philosophers who's ever lived, from 3 generations."THE SIMBA-KING RELATIONSHIP" a case for loyalty and succession. To every moses comes an Aaron. To a Jay-z, a Kanye West. To a Fela Durotoye was a Steve Harris, to a Bishop Oyedepo comes an Abioye, to a Tinubu, a Fashola, to a Dangote, an Adeleke ...
Fela Durotoye charges youths to Take hold of thier future: The issue of youth unemployment an...
Take hold of your future, Fela Durotoye charges youths :
Video Presentation by Fela Durotoye featured at The T2T (Transformed To Transform) Nigeria conference for Youth Corpers held on January 22, 2012 at the ...
Exceptional Leadership with Fela Durotoye. I know you want to get ahead in life. I know we are tired of bad...
Fela Durotoye inspiring the Youth at the National Youth Peace Concert held at the Eagles Square, Abuja FCT.
This Fela Durotoye guy speaks so much sense tho I don't agree with virtually everything he said
Nigeria's transformation Guru and foremost inspirational speaker Fela Durotoye addresses all NATION BUILDERS. Sharing his thoughts and plans regarding ...
“Many men have children, but not many children have 'Fathers'. Age releases to you reproductive skills. Fatherhood requires LEADERSHIP skills” ― Fela Durotoye
Fela Durotoye speaks on corruption-free leadership in Nigeria at the Excellence in Leadership Conference 2013 at Daystar Christian Centre, hosted by Sam ...
FIND and DELIVER by Fela Durotoye Hi there. I've stayed up all night trying to find the simplest way to help you get this. I hope this helps. Your PURPOSE in life is to DELIVER the SOLUTION you are carrying inside. Your ASSIGNMENT is to DISCOVER THE PROBLEM your solution was created to solve. YOU REALIZE your LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL as you FIND YOUR ASSIGNMENT (problem) and DELIVER YOUR PURPOSE (solution). # FINDandDELIVER. This is what every GREAT LEADER or EXTRAORDINARY ACHIEVER you ever admired has done. Mandela.Ghandi. MLK. Awolowo. Azikiwe. Balewa. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Ali Baba. All great souls did the same thing. They FOUND & they DELIVERED. Period. Understand that... Your SOLUTION (purpose) is INSIDE you. Your PROBLEM (assignment) is OUTSIDE you. CLOSE YOUR EYES to see inside to find your solution. SHINE YOUR EYES to see the problem around you that your solution is crying to solve. Your FRUSTRATION is simply YOUR SOLUTION CRYING FOR EXPRESSION. Your wealth, accolades, awards and fulfilment are simp ...
“Africa must remain on the path of democracy. But democracy MUST also remain about the PEOPLE, not about power” ― Fela …
"Always do the right thing not minding who's doing it wrong" (Fela Durotoye)
When i hear people say there is no hope for Nigeria i cant help but laugh. When God came down to create the earth in Genesis, it was worse than Nigeria today the bible said the earth was without form or void and God said let there be light and there was light. God created everything through spoken words but when it came to man he moulded man and breath into man and Man became a living soul now the breath is what makes God and that was what He released into man. I have digressed back to the matter. it is also very funny when i hear people compare Nigeria with United State of America. These guys have celebrated 250 years of democracy ours is just 15 years. These guys have entered menopause and we are still breastfeeding. We should learn to speak positive things into Nigeria the things we want to see. Before now i use to hate this country like i have always said but one man changed all that Mr. Fela Durotoye. Let me quickly share the experience that changed everything. FD said God told him on Nov. 23 2004 th ...
"Nigeria does not need transformational agenda but TRANSFORMERS". - Fela Durotoye
because its a chain of great men dat can't be broken...Fela Durotoye ~ ~ me
One of the strangest things to have happened to our generation is the preference of entertainment over education. It has gradually become a thorn in the flesh of this nation. We now see young people who want to become celebrities with or no form of education. In my days in secondary school, the priority of every science student was to be a part of the National science Quiz Competition organised by the NNPC,Back then in st maria Goretti college Benin it was a "do or die" affair. The affirmation of your scientific calling was that you made the list for the school's challenge and then the state and regional challenge which will now produce the schools for the National challenge. A third place, runners-up and eventual victory at any of the levels were usually marred with wide celebrations and every student who made it through would laminate his participatory card and pictures. But today, horrendous reality Tv shows has taken that space. It is amazing how many reality tv shows has swallowed our media. Our sibl ...
"The only thing that procrastination hates is the word 'Now!'". Fela Durotoye
Be a leader that the world needs and see your self becoming one- Fela Durotoye
what you hear determines how you think, what you feel, what you see - Fela Durotoye
Say what you want and you will see what you want "The power of WORDS - Fela Durotoye
words are powerful, they can make or break you- Fela durotoye
Mr Fela Durotoye inspiring the attendees on the power of WORDS...
Fela Durotoye speaking on developing Nigeria through the youth
am presently in the say no to bad lyrics conference... Mr fela Durotoye speaking.. it inspiring
Your name means nothing until it represents a solution in the minds of people. --Fela Durotoye
Approach your goals the way you approach food. - Fela Durotoye.
“If your Idea cannot CHANGE the INDUSTRY, you have added no VALUE” . ― Fela Durotoye
Thank God for the intervention of Fela Durotoye, Dele Momodu and Linus Okorie. I almost dragged this one to court.
What's hot?: " I’m not married to the Fela Durotoye that you al...
The article didn't end without mentioning Fela Durotoye's name. He was also featured in the article. .
Jerry Uchechukwu Eze Are you at that point in your life where you are about to take a critical decision? Are you scared if you are about to make a mistake in your Career, Marriage, Relationship, Business, Academics etc ? Do you want to be sure you are taking the right step? Then, You may find my newest book - AM I MAKING A MISTAKE ? helpful. Check out what People said about the book: "This is one book that should be read once you are about to take a major step in life. Its a timeless classic of how to avoid mistakes". -Jamal Bryant. Senior Pastor, Empowerment Temple,Baltimore,MD. "Your DESTINY is pre-determined by God but your DESTINATION is predicated upon your decisions. This is an amazing tool kit for decision making to enable you arrive at your pre-ordained destiny. A must-read for anyone who intends to be on the right side of destiny & history". -Fela Durotoye "This is a must read for every heaven concious Christian. It is a practical Manual for a victorious Christian life. I had to start writing dow ...
please we need some of those books. I belong to GEMSTONE Nation Builders Club led by Fela Durotoye.
“We must be the ones to re-define the world class standards of excellence” . ― Fela Durotoye
“In all, Nigeria belongs to us all and we have a personal responsibility to see that it succeeds” . ― Fela Durotoye
“Every barren land is a VISION waiting for a VISIONARY” . ― Fela Durotoye
“When your EFFORT results in the DESIRED EFFECT, then you have WORKED” . ― Fela Durotoye
'Talk is cheap' well it depends on who is talking. I can't say same for Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Fela Durotoye or eve…
36 YEARS My little gathered wisdom/strategy for the 21st century 1. Opportunity for me to celebrate pple that help make up my story. Can't be complete without 'em...Lekan Busari, Tyler Perry, Oyedepo, Kiyoski, Uncles Femi,T,K etc,my dad, bros and sisters, Hagin,Niyi Adeseun, Mrs B, Mrs Anyamah, Chris Oyakhilome, John Maxwell, Abdulhakeem Ajelero, etc 2. Never regret whatever circumstances u grew up with, most times its simply a preparation for the future. I laugh at painful things most times cos I grew up dining with pain. 3. Be wise with mentors when kicking off. Never be forward. Many years ago, I once asked Fela Durotoye for personal mentoring. He allowed me speak(silly me, I was just to keep quiet and let him talk).He turned it down saying with what I've done so far,what i need is a blessing. He prayed...Met with Leke Alder once and knew he was regarded as the nation's don of branding. We chatted and he grew interested in me. Asked me to send my profile/resume. Silly me, I sent a comprehensive. Leke . ...
Listen to Fela Durotoye with other speakers like Kingsley Okonkwo, Noela Ugwu, Deola Kayode & Afam Nwaokolo (GEMSTONE Champion/Host) as they show you how to take your business to the next level at The BUSINESS & PERSONAL BRANDING SEMINAR. Theme: UPGRADE! Date: Today, Thursday, April 24th, 2014 Time: 8am Venue: Rockview Hotel, 23 Road, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria Registration is FREE Website: Please plan to attend and also tell your friends and loved ones.
Great news for Warri, Effurun & environs. One of Nigeria's finest, foremost and most sought after transformational speakers, Fela Durotoye is coming to town. Be a part of the Strategic Success Summit @ The Impact Place. The Winning Edge... Creating your own future.
U can create d future of ur dreams. Be a part of our Strategic Success Summit wt Nigeria's foremost transformational speaker Fela Durotoye
Tara Fela-Durotoye will be speaking at She is the Chief Executive Officer and Creative...
Fela Durotoye teaches graduating students at Great Ife that its not the number of options available to you today that will make you a "somebody" in the futur...
Watch out for fela DUROTOYE and Nathaniel Bassey at Action Teenagers Conference 2014,. Coming Soon.
“LIGHT has no value without darkness, just as a SOLUTION has no value without a problem”. ― Fela Durotoye
“To achieve this incredible feat of building Nigeria, we must all truly desire to see it happen”. ― Fela Durotoye
If you are in Portharcourt or close by, and you want to experience and sustain MOMENTUM in life, then the place to be is at the Wisdom place from 3rd to 6th April. Pastor Chris Ugoh will be there live. One of my mentors Pst. Fela Durotoye will also be there and of course the host my Pastor, Father, Mentor Pst. Osiri Wisdom. All these men of God will be sharing how to experience and maintain MOMENTUM. I WILL BE THERE, HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.
Get ready to accelerate your career this April, join Fela Durotoye, Jimi Tewe and Tayo Oyedeji on Saturday, April...
Nigeria's Foremost Motivational Speaker- Fela Durotoye has set a new world record by signing a massive 10 books in 8 hours 49 minutes at the Book ...
Never blame any1 for bringing out the worst in you. - fela durotoye
You have to me more loyal to your future than your past. - fela durotoye
D best way to knw wat u want in lyf is to knw wat u dont want...Fela Durotoye stuns OAU on d15th!
Fela Durotoye has taught me to do things the 'lazy way'- doing things right the FIRST time ensures you don't come back to do it again.
When last did you experience a SHIFT? When last did you feel MOMENTUM in your life? Momentum is EVERYTHING! Once momentum kicks in, everything in your life and career begins to shift; begins to experience progress. We all need MOMENTUM! How do you create, sustain and then accelerate MOMENTUM? Join the company of wise speakers: Pst. Chris Ugoh, Pst. Fela Durotoye and host Pst. Osiri Wisdom at The Wisdom Place on the 3rd - 6th of April, 2014. See more details on the bill.
Mrs Tara Fela Durotoye, Mr Obi Asika, Chief Mrs Opral Benson and others will speak on April 30th LIVE at the
Myself and FELA Durotoye (most sourced Nigeria Public speaker).
At the All ladies affairs Business & Career forum which took place lastweek saturday at The club, Sheraton Hotel, lots of inspirational words were given and those of us who attended never regretted. Aside the fact that we had a warm reception,great meal and sweet networking, the speakers for the day, Bidemi Mark-Mordi (Publisher Effectual magazine) Fela Durotoye (CEO Gemstone Group) & Mrs Onabowale (CEO Mama cass) said a whole lot that gave everyone present a positive mind set about their businesses & career. CEO MAMA CASS started her business by doing little baking from her home to a shop at allen and she had just 18,000naira at that time . She also said: "If you're in business, be RELIABLE & let people KNOW YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE" also, "Time is a teacher of opportunity. Always value integrity in all you do. Talking about Fela Durotoye, the great father & mentor, He said "Live your life as though you're writing history because history are the things in your past that shapes your future". Also, never forg . ...
Fela Durotoye speaks to the heart of the ladies of the graduating students of the Obafemi Awolowo University and teaches them how to discern between the 3 ki.
It was amazing yesterday at MADsummit. Am sure the participant were inspired. I want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to my mentors Fela Durotoye,Pst Francis Erabor, Barr.Atta Ikkide my friends Idy Ekoi Kae mfon, Jude Fidelis, Peter Ekanem,Kusin Boniface,Morgan Morgan, Inimfon Eka and my proteges Stella and Ofonime, you guys make me rock. I appreciate all the those that came. Am sure for those who dint come wil not miss next edition. FEH CONSULTING...raising leaders of worth
Fela Durotoye II said he will be giving 15 people that will attend IMAGE Business and Image Branding Seminar FREE business development consultancy for 6 weeks and opportunity to meet with mentors and consultants in other area of speciality. Fela Durotoye has consulted for the Federal Government of Nigeria, Lagos State Government, SHELL, GTBANK, SKYE BANK, MTN, ZINETH BANK, ETISALAT, NESTLE just to mention a few. He will be speaking on "Business Branding" Noela Ugwu is an Image Consultant and Trainer for GTBANK, DANGOTE GROUP and many more. She will be speaking on "Image Branding" Deola Kayode is a Brand and Communication Consultant, the convener of the just concluded "social media week". He will be speaking on " Social Media for Business Profitability and Global Visibility" Yomi Ogunlanri is the MD of Showers Kiddies Publishers Ltd. Within the space of 5 years, she successfully increased her customer base from 28 to over a thousand and still counting. She will be speaking on "Building and Sustaining Good ...
Nccf Oyo State invites u to Her annual conference tagged "born for maximum impact"Date:22-26 Jan.Reg:mike Gloria Bamiloye ,Fela Durotoye,Bishop Wale Oke, Rev Samson Ajetomonbi and other anointed men of God.Come one come all,see u @ d top
Hello guys, knowing that the internet is a very powerful tool for self development or self destruction, I have decided to start sharing tips and links for self development and spiritual growth via this platform such that Idleness donot lead us to counter productive links and sites... First, Here is a link to download John Maxwells leadership books on audio. formats as taught by Himself: There free messages, materials and tools free for downloads: from Robert Kiyosaki, Andrew wommack, Pastor Chris, Fela Durotoye, David Oyedepo, Adeboye, Myles Munroe, Mike muddock and more.If you type in the right search keywords on google, they links will show up. For those of us that have access to links and sites, let's do well to paste them here, it will really be helpful... Many more links will posted often.. Happy New Year in Advance
Pls who knows where I can download Fela Durotoye and Steve Harris messages from?
"God time is the Best" as people do say. My time has finally come,I really thank God for dat. Coming soon Paul Adeparusi,the great Economist,business and leadership consultant and Public speaker. I will soon take after my Father and mentors,Bamidele Eweje, Deji Adeleke,Pat Utomi,Sam Adeyemi,Fela Durotoye. My name will be on the list of Nigeria and Africa Icon.
Like Ben Bruce's Silverbird Group which paved the way for the current Cinema and malls Business boom in Nigerian, Like Raymond Dokpesi's Ray Power and AIT for media, Fela Durotoye which paved the way for Motivational speakers, Pat Utomi's LBS which paved way for world class private learning institutions. Their business did help push Nigerians and lifestyle to another level. Like Henry Ford who brought cars to the everyday American while recreating the modern lifestyle we know, like Edison and JPMorgan who invented the light bulb, created wealth for GE and paved way for modern day electricity. Revolutionise, create wealth from adding value. As an entrepreneur we are to not just take but to give to humanity through business. You make a living by what you get, but make a life from what you give. There are businessmen, and there are social entrepreneurs. The latter is the same as the former but more popular at what they do. They possess a charm of aura, their personalities, creative gifts, intellects and i .. ...
YOUTH ARE THE CUSTODIAN OF A NATION ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL GROWTH The greatest wealth and strength of any nation is its youth. The future of a nation lies in the hands of its posterity. The quality of its youth determines the kind of future, the nation will have. Therefore, if we want to ensure a bright future for our country, we first need to strengthen and empower our youth. The youth of any nation and society are its potential energy. They are the powerhouse and storehouse of infinite energy. They are the ones who are the pride of the nation. It is the youth which brings laurels to their country. The power of youth can be sighted only by mentioning a few names of which every NIGERIAN is proud of, such as Kanu Nwankwo, Fela Durotoye, Gbanga Sesan, Zainabu Jallo, Toyosi Akerele, Chief Sandra Duru, Engr. Sandra Aguebor, Olajide Williams, Onofiok Luke, Kingsley Bangwell, Dr. Ola Orekunrin, Hafsat Abiola, Omotola Jalade, Innocent Tuface Idibia, Dr. Nnedi Okorafor, Prof. Nduibusi Ekekwe, Cynthia Mosunmola Um ...
My special gratitude goes to my spiritual fathers Bishop Chikwendu Igwe, Rev.C.C.Ukeagu,Pastor Chibuzor samuel,Evang Emma Adimora, Prophet Thankgod Abam, Prophet Okwudili Eze for praying for me. My esteemed thanks goes to my mentors Dr. John Maxwel, Fela Durotoye, Sam Adeyemi and Prof E.C. Iheukwumere for giving me the right support. My distinguished partners: Nana prempeh for the privilege to speak in ghana, Prof Pat Utomi for sponsoring 2,000 copies of my book, peter rodriguez for coming to Nigeria to see me, Dr.Ellis gazel for taking me on her team to yaounde, Engr.Chinedu Orji formaking me a resource person to Ochendo Youth Foundation, Pst. Ali kuma for allowing me speak in his church ,Chief Anazodo ikeanyi for the opportuinity to train 319 administrative staff of his company, Treasured Moments T.V Programme for the open invitation on CTL AFRICA, Edmond anthony for sending me money from U.S.A, & Cherry smith for buying me a new I-pad,Not forgetting Bro Uchechi Nwigwe, Bro Ozioma Ukonu, Bro Chukwubuike ...
Hi there, Earlier today, I received an email that I thought I should share with you. The mail is from Princess Simysola Agunbiade, a participant on the maiden edition of our public speaking leadership program titled Find Your Voice held last year (Mar 1-2, 2012). Enjoy FD TEXT FROM THE E-MAIL TITLED "MY GEMSTONE EXPERIENCE, ONE YEAR AFTER" “The two most important days in your life are: the day you are born and the day you find out why.” - Mark Twain. March 8 1989, is the day I was born, March 1st 2012, is the day I found out why. Last year (February 2012), I signed up to attend a training program titled "FIND YOUR VOICE" organised by The GEMSTONE Group led by Mr. Fela Durotoye. Although I had thought it was going to be just like another training course on public speaking, FIND YOUR VOICE turned out to be "AN ENCOUNTER". It ended up being the TWO of the most transformational days of my life. During the program, I had the rare privilege to be connected to Mr. Fela Durotoye; a man of dignity and honour, ...
Aint boasting but now I have access to Steve Harris, Fela Durotoye and Jimi Tewe. I get free trainings by chatting with them on bbm.(y)FOCUS
IT'S A GREAT DAY... Everyone has a ladder he or she used to become what he or she is today. I'll like to celebrate some ladders that came in contact with my mind and helped to shape it knowingly or unknowingly, positively or by my own ability to rebrand their thoughts towards a different/benefitial path for myself: Paul Adefarasin,Tyler Perry,David Oyedepo, R.Kelly, Kenneth Hagin, Will Smith,Sam Adeyemi, Lekan Busari,Chris Oyakhilome, Akeem Ajelero,Sam Oye,John Maxwell,Mensah Otabil,Oprah Winfrey, Mike Murdock, Frank Peretti,Wole Akinlaja,Mohammed Ali,Biodun Fatoyibo, Sean Combs,Uma Ukpai,Babangida,Fela Durotoye, Myles Munroe,William Paul, Perry Lamb,Nelson Mandela,Kunle Soriyan, . There are some of u I know personally, some I don't. While many other people may actually want to get to meet you,hug u,get autographs,snap pictures with you etc. I'm not particular about all that. In fact,respectfully,...if we've not met yet, I don't think I'm particular about pushing to meet with you. I just want to apprecia ...
Hey, I celebrate and identify with Fela Durotoye and the GEMstone family... fela DUROTOYE said: Good morning to you. Finally TODAY is D-DAY and the TIME HAS COME to write History. The GEMSTONE GLOBAL READING FESTIVAL is TODAY!!! And we are poised to set a new World Record for the largest single book-reading event in history to promote the cause of 3 interdependent pillars for sustainable prosperity of our world. 1. Academic Excellence 2.Youth Leadership and 3. World Peace I'm on my way to TBS, Onikan Lagos even 30,000 other people head to TBS and 17 other reading centres in Nigeria as well as reading centres in 17 other countries around the world. I earnestly covet your prayer for this history journey and for our cause. God bless you greatly. FD If you are in Ilorin, pls head to the Government House Banquet Hall now for the event.[Its the Kwara State reading center] Pls share and tag others. Leaders are readers...
it seems to me that because of the simultaneous reading of Fela Durotoye's book across 17 cities of d world the Lagos State Government has cancelled the environmental sanitation in the state tomorow..Inform other please of influence
Fela Durotoye,Myles Munroe. Listen to them or read their books ad your life will receive divine repositioning! A.E.O said so!
Please, let's know your identity. You can't be Fela Durotoye, Praise Fowowe, Deolu Akinyemi, Sam Adeyemi, David Oyedepo, Enoch Adeboye all at the same time.
"JAY-NOBS ENTERTAINMENT : Fela Durotoye to break world records with book rea...
Dayo Nigeria wrote: For those in or around Obafemi Awolowo University tomorrow, i will strongly encourage that you are a part of the great initiative i360 to give the campus a facelift... One thing i believe is that the task of nation building starts from where we are, so responsibility and impact must start from our immediate environment. There will be a concert tonight by 7pm at Mainbowl, with Fela Durotoye, St...
Have you ever listened to barrack obama speak? You will be jolted by the wisdom of God in man. You will shed tears uncontrollably because of the level of insight he has through the amount of information he had accessed. In fact you will agree with me that 'insight doesn't come through impartation as we had been made to believe but through studying. Martin Luther king Jr and John F Kennedy are two heroes that force their histories into the annals of America's heroes through the power of oration. They immortalized themselves in our memories by solving big challenges with their change compelling speeches. If these people seems too far from you, Have you listen to lamido sanusi, bishop David Oyedepo, *** Murray Bruce(silverbird group), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Fela Durotoye, Pastor Tunde Bakare and so on? Have you ever wonder why they speak with great skills ...and confidence? You wonder why you are always glued to your seat while they speak. Most of us believe they are men that just have the gift of speaking. That ...
My Pre-Indepence Thoughts part3 Nigeria; Fantasy or Prophecy It was the year 2005, Fela Durotoye was unknown to me as at that time,except for my Friend Conerstone who convey the meeting and said so many sweet things about fela Durotoye, so I attended. This was a time when everyone I know where loosing faith in Nigeria. My closest friend then said;"I can never make it in Nigeria,except I travel out"Fela said a prophecy that day that changed my life."By the year 2025 Nigeria will undoubtedly be worlds most desirable nation to live in". He further said;"when I told my son that Nigeria Police do collect 20naira from people,he asked;did you collect reciept".Those sayings remained in my heart from that day forward and forever. January this year Police still legally collect not just 20naira but now 50naira as they too must take advantage of subsidy funny right? But today, 20naira or 50naira is a thing of the past;no Big problem anywhere only Big Ignorance. That prophecy is fulfilled today. January during my 21da ...
Wow! What a revelation from God! Had a refreshing moment with Fela Durotoye's teaching this morning. I can't wait to attend the evening session of the "Business Empowerment Summit 2012 @ Winners Chapel Dline Port Harcourt.
Pictures coming in from Fela Durotoye's book reading in Port Harcourt
Seasoned speaker Fela Durotoye will be having book reading & book signing sessions of his new book "The Subordinate" in Port Harcourt tomorrow; Wed, 11th July 2012,he will also have photo sessions & One on One mentoring sessions for early arrivals. The sessions will last from 2pm-4pm, holds at the Silverbird Galleria (lifestyle section). U are invited!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Of t hese great men, who will u lyk to have dinner with? Pat Utomi, Alinko Dangote, Fela Durotoye, Michel Adenuga, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?
At the Ondo State Youth Empowerment Summit. Looking great already with Fela Durotoye, Dayo Israel...
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