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Feeling Good

Feeling Good (also known as Feelin' Good ) is a song written by English singer-songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the 1965 musical The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd starring Cy Grant, who sang the original version of the song.

Nina Simone Lauryn Hill Ronan Parke Leslie Bricusse Anthony Newley

Nina Simone's Feeling Good is my In Case of Low Mood Break Glass song. Followed by Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.
Feeling Good is the tenth single from Muse's studio album Origin of Symmetry, but originally written by Leslie Bric
Latest review: "and her little big band left us... Feeling Good" at The Anvil, 16 Jun!
"Feeling Good" - Ms. Lauryn Hill You know how i feel...
"Feeling Good" Art on view at the Bankhead Theatre. The Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center is presenting the...
I added a video to a playlist Kled Mone - Hit the road Jack • (Feeling Good)
The Frank Cunimondo Trio Ft. Lynn Marino - Feeling Good of the best eclectic
Mood: laying in the grass in the sun, ignoring my responsibilities, listening to Nina Simon's Feeling Good, admiring passing dogs
From his self titled debut album [2011] Ronan Parke sings a studio version of his signature song 'Feeling Good'...
I added a video to a playlist Avicii - Feeling Good (feat. Audra Mae)
I added a video to a playlist Avicii & Audra Mae - Feeling Good
Audra Mae's version of Feeling Good by Avicii is the best one out there. Better than Nina Simone.
Enchanted Evening, so worth waiting for Mother's Day for! Feeling Good - stunning!!! Makes me feel good! 😊
crush passed by and greeted me. Bad day to Good day real quick. (Then I realized I looked like I just woke up feeling sabaw) fu&
Literally there is no worse feeling in the world than losing a good friend.
A rare selfie from me becaaause I was feeling good!
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it means you're not good enough and she's above/not feeling you bruh.. Basically 💁 huh Sam
Feeling that you're stuck can be good if it pushes you to make some positive changes.
Bell - "what nail color should I do". Me - "well I'm feeling good so do like a BLACK"
Can someone take care of me I'm not feeling so good 😪🤒
I have a strong feeling that Theo is still up to no good:
Feeling good chilling here with all these huge names ;)
I'm ready for spring time and good vibes ☺️ best feeling
Turns out i was feeling some type of way for the nurse i had while medicated. She cute so we good
There are few things better than the feeling after a good workout
Hate feeling like crap bc of it but did it for a good cause 😍
I don't have a good feeling about tonights game at Iowa State, but, I'd welcome a nice surprise
Yeah.. it's whatever. You know, feeling good - living better
Feeling surprisingly good considering I drank for about 8 straight hours yesterday...
I'm feeling really good about my makeup rn
I really hate not good enough feeling.
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Not feeling to good i just want to sleep 😳
Hate that feeling where you don't know what you feel .. But it isn't a good feeling
feeling good about picks. DJack for one.
In those private moments, between the two of you, it's a good feeling to be their sanctuary.
Such A Good Feeling by Brothers In Rhythm is in Collector Hotel, Parramatta. Download it now at
I feel like I'm starting to crawl out of the darkness. It's a good feeling to feel alive again.
"Aww... That's not good... Well, I hope Bard is handling things well...! I have a feeling that he's handling his work well +
That feeling where you don't know what place you come in is not good
That's cool, I have a feeling tonight is going to be a good night
The support system my partners at Starbucks have for each other is incredible. It's such a good feeling.
Feeling pretty good today. But back tomorrow with maybe skate 3 at 6 pm.
“The pain in my thighs is the best/worst feeling” the reality of being sore.. it hurts but it feels good
with anyone, Idk about you but its not a good feeling waking up in the morning with a hate for someone
I came out to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling so attacked rn
Every time I lose someone I literally feel like a piece of me just got torn off. Not a good feeling.
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I'm feeling a bit better dudes, thanks for sticking by. Starting to feel myself again. I'll explain it all when I feel …
Well I have a good feeling about hisako next season
So many words I want to say to you but I be feeling like they're just not good enough to you
My GPA is higher than gas prices so I'm feeling good
The new bike's been feeling good so I decided to sign up for Phoenix for a little play,…
Not feeling so good but I'm omw for a 3 mile walk ...
Me too actually but I find it to be interchangeable depending on how Im feeling. Threw Timmy in for good measure
His love is one in a goes on and on and on.he gives me a really good feeling all day long! 😝😜😛
WORST feeling when you have no good ideas for a track /:
Oh really? I may have had a good feeling [I said before kissing you once again] Should we head up to your room?
Why is creed so good they always know what I'm feeling.
Genuinely convincing someone out of suicide is in a way, a good feeling but also its a bad thing that you had to do it in the first place :/
bed rest all day today and yesterday, and I'm still not feeling so good.. 😣😩 pero laban lol
Being committed to someone highkey feels good af. I missed the stability, just feeling like you're dedicated to someth…
Boling's postulate: If you're feeling good, don't worry. You'll get over it.
it's such a good feeling that I have complete trust in my boyfriend & never worry about what he's doing or who he's with!
Females really just emotional asf. You can be treating them good as *** and they'll still have some feeling of doubt.
Feeling blessed for having some good *** friends
Remember all that good feeling about coming off the improved play the last couple of weeks? It's gone today with this per…
How are you? "Feeling Good!" Well, get your copy or download on iTunes @
"Feeling Good" (also known as "Feelin' Good") is a song written by English songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse
There are times when I get bored becoming a tracker. But the good news is I have a full control of it. Hmm but it makes a mixed feeling ._.
6:06am: I'm back y'all. After a brief sleep from 3:45-6 I'm feeling good.
Well I just scored WonderCon Los Angeles 2016 badges 😁 I have a good feeling about this one
woke up feeling GOOD after laying in bed thinking of all my blessings.
Thanks for answering, Phil! Now i have a good feeling buying the older GearVR Model. Thank you so much!
Radiating good vibes...feeling the law of attraction
We are feeling good and glad that you enjoyed!
Be as one with nature. it's a really good feeling and it heals the soul. Just let it in💚 Peaceandlove
Good morning everybody, I hope that everyone is feeling great on this Thursday morning, and live life with no regrets always.
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Special feeling to be home with my family. So good! Also great to see in the final! https:…
Some days ago in Paris I picked up the 3rd place trophy from this years WRC. Good feeling!.
When you wake up and you just have that feeling it's gonna be a good day
Stop worrying about who your man follows on insta and make sure he's fed and feeling okay and had a good day you crazy *** ***
Lay down on the couch stare at dad's bookshelf = good feeling.
anna You are really great. Feeling very happy&blessed to be a fan&sis of a good hearted person😊. https:/…
Waking yo in hospital today and feeling pretty good. Just super sleepy.
Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without ... -
Good day, one of our cats Emerald is feeling very festive today🎄✨🎶
That feeling after a good leg session
Im not feeling good today. Headache, stressed out, why do my life is cruel
Feeling good today for no reason hope I feel like this everyday
Feeling good that me too has taken part in relief work in Chennai feeling happy guys .:) :)
If you're feeling miserable then read a good book to take your mind off it (mine is
who says Im feeling for those people, I do I wouldn't be able to tell you if bring the Syrians here is a good idea
Good Morning USA! ♫ I got a feeling that it's gonna be a wonderful day... ♫
I gotta feeling.. That today's gonna be a good day... AdminKendz.
One of my managers has just come and asked me lots of respectful questions about pronouns and being transgender. Feeling really good now! :)
When you're feeling good then you flip to the first question
Aaand sets yet another trend on the red carpet. We’ve got a good feeling about this one catching on.…
Treat time I think... 😊 celebrating muscles and a bit of trimming down feeling so good ... 😍❤
Nice little sleep last night, woke up feeling pretty good.
Waking up from a really good and much needed sleep, best feeling ever.
Dulu I tak faham why missing someone is not a good feeling. Now I know why. You love them, but they're not beside you. Mi…
Haven't been online for quite some time. Been feeling good these past few days.
I almost missed my pole class tonight. December schedule is crazy. Had fun with first day for Feeling Good routine overview and practice.
It's sad that Matt Bellamy's high note at 2.40 in Feeling Good is sharp, surely they could've recorded it again
I also want to sing Feeling Good with Michael Buble LOOOL
Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" is the most overreaching, existential James Bond Theme we're ever going to get.
It's Friday & we're Feeling Good! Here's the classic version of the Leslie Bricusse song by Nina Simone
Breast Cancer Awareness
Feeling Good. Nina Simone. Birds flying high you know how I feel. Sun in the sky you know how I…
If you haven't already, please go check out my cover of the song "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. &give it thumbs up !
Feeling Good by Lauryn Hill now on : with Bertha Charuma
I woke up not feeling good this morning & I have so much studying to do 😰
Last night got mixed feeling about De gea saga the Good part was we left Madrid with a BIG screw you if de gea don't sign we are screwed
Don't be bringing no dark spirits and energies around me mane, I be feeling good 87 % of my day the other 13 or so percent i be in space
Back in the saddle and feeling great! My prognosis is good, thanks for the well wishes!
Just what I needed. Mind feeling rested and clear. Feels good
New 5 Star Review: . "They took me right in with out an appointment, and took care of my problem. Feeling good...
When you're feeling good, the rest comes naturally.
Happy Birthday Mom!! Thank you for always being there for me and making me feel good when I'm feeling down. I❤️ You! http:/…
I woke up this morning feeling good about life! Nothing better when you open your eyes up and see the world because the Lord have your back!
That Good feeling u have about yourself after Donating Blood. And being someone's
(C)its feeling to indian govt not? its to an Good Citizen we missing the Award but giving to sucking cine & politicians?
When you make someone happy the feeling is so good.
looks so good!! I have a feeling Eddie Redmayne will win an Oscar for this movie!
Between this and the Netflix content exodus, I’m feeling pretty good about Prime membership.
Not feeling too good, lemme go back2sleep
Feeling pretty good about this math I more than likely made a 15
Good morning Neighbors!! Feeling very thankful for God's grace. We all feel confused at times, unsure of not only ourselvese but our faith.
Happy Tuesday everyone! Just woke this morning. Not feeling good at the start of the day. :-( -_-
Overall being friendly, a good person and friend to anyone doesn't come with nothing but a good feeling and that's why I do i…
On my way to work drive!! Tha in God for another day and feeling good…
I'm gonna touch the pain away. Feeling good on my own without you, yeah
Eating well never looked so good. Suddenly feeling hungry...
Set up camp in bed today. Not feeling too good but I've got lots of work to do! ✏️
You should play MGS3 because it's a good game, not because you're feeling left out of the cool kids club of TPP
Wish I would wake up to feeling so good about myself
Getting healthier, looking good, feeling better, gaining energy, and growing wealth...YOU CAN TOO! . Now who...
DeVante Parker practicing again. That's a good indication his foot feeling better.
Pinch punch first of the month! Feeling lucky? Enter our new competition to win some great prizes. Good Luck everyone
Finished Tales of the Abyss! That was really good. But now I've got that weird, empty, "finished a story" feeling
Happy September ☕️🍂 Such a good feeling about this month😊
i just came here to have a good time and I'm feeling so attacked right now
Feeling good, feeling great... Feeling great, feeling good, . how are you?
After being in a relationship for 4 years its weird being by yourself but, its a good feeling of not having to worry about being hurt 😏
Everything just been feeling good lately! Even with the bad luck 😂
Not feeling good and it's hot as *** I just wanna be laying in bed watching Netflix all day
If I ain't looking good I ain't feeling good
Waking up to you is always a good feeling
It's a good feeling to see What Went Down in the collection
I added a video to a playlist Michael Bublé - Feeling Good [Official Music Video]
Feeling Good by Nina Simone, found with Listen now: Thinking of you Gerry. What a tune. 👍👌
Lauryn Hill's live performance of 'Feeling Good' is simply INCREDIBLE - watch
Feeling Good-- And apparently better than ever--watch Lauryn Hill light up the night with her Nina Simone cover!
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Watch Lauryn Hill turn Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" into a guitar-fueled rave-up on the 'Tonight Show'
Jeff Gutt is "Feeling Good" -Jeff should of still won Love Him 2013 via
I added a video to a playlist Ronan Parke - Feeling Good / Fix you / Firework / Full album 12 songs
I added a video to a playlist Feeling Good - Michael Buble (Lyrics on screen)
I must do a solo to Feeling Good to Michael Bublè before I die 😍😍
I added a video to a playlist Carly Rose - Feeling Good (with lyrics)
Feeling Good, Duke Ihenacho's Ready To Ball Again: Described as an "aggressive player" who "hates to be away f...
Tomorrow is Newley Night we celebrate the music of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse .Are you Feeling Good; I am X
"Feeling Good"! d song! stack in my head all day long bcz of today's vocal audition of Jazz band!
Everyday I wake up with a song stuck in my head. Today was Feeling Good, sung by Michael Bublé. I'm going to take that as a very good sign
Carly Rose Sonenclar X FACTOR USA 2012 sang Feeling Good. One of best goes to Adam Lambert
Does anyone remember when the black woman sung Feeling Good on Holby City?
Feeling Good as a learner at International Symposium of Mathematics Education and Maths. Edu fair - 2015 @ Kathmandu University, Hattiban.
Carly Rose - Feeling Good (with lyrics) this has been my all time favorite 😍
13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar makes it through her Providence audition with Nina Simone's "Feeling Good."
It's a new dawn, a new day and a New Year! Hope everyone's 'Feeling Good' this morning ~ Carly Rose Sonenclar
Whoop Whoop, todays site visit went well!!! Thank you Jesus!! Got to keep the funders happy if I want to remain employed!!! Now I can breathe easy and enjoy my Christmas vacation. Feeling Good, Feeling Great!!! 😉
her performance of Feeling Good during her audition Happy Carly Rose Day :)
Watch 15 year old Sam get up on stage with Michael to sing 'Feeling Good' in this clip from Michael's ITV1 documentary 'This is Michael Buble' Follow me on T...
Feeling Good! Nina Simone doc directed by Oscar-nominated coming to Netflix 2015. ht…
no darling . I know that feeling way too good. Hugs
I strangely have a good feeling about today☺️
Looking good and feeling fine lady gaga
It's a good feeling waking up to missed calls and texts from the one you want it to be from the MOST ☺️😊😘
yeah you mean more than you'll ever no .I'm just not good with words or feeling ;) so yeah...
good morning, Kristin! I hope Maddie is feeling better. Praying for you both ❤️
Such a good feeling knowing house is already sorted for next year. And bills included is a blessing
I almost forgot about the feeling of excitement that comes after reading a good book 💘
Sleepy as usual, but EXO-L told me that i still sexy when sleepy. Feeling good, lol.
Imagine waking up at 6am and feeling amazing 😌 Monday so far so good🙏
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What I need is a good defence cuz I'm feeling like a criminal 🔥
I have a feeling that none of the really good Australian YA that was released this year is going to get any recognition.
pushing the threshold ... feeling good. 
Looking at assignment feedback and hitting 70's is a good feeling b
Good Monday Morning!!! I have a feeling this is going to be a good week! (Maybe because it is only a 4-day work week for me)
Good morning!!! Woke up feeling energized with a praise and prayer in my spirit!!
Feeling good today... Hope you all have a great day my beautiful 💋💖
Feeling good after an early morning work out!
Hi good people. Im feeling great this morning
This feeling is better than finding a good sleeping position
Feeling good, hope all is well with you.
Being called babe is such a good feeling ☺..
Not feeling good .. No school for me, back to bed I go ✌️
I know that feeling when you wake up in the morning hungover as *** and can only think *** .. That was a good night"
Feeling pretty good about this week.
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I gotta feeling this ain't gone be a good day
Goodmorning 😊 im in a good mood today because im feeling cute and my hair and eyebrows done Lmao
Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah 🎶
Feeling pretty good about my new desk setup so far. Gonna try to sketch every day again, both something on paper and something digital.
Just under 4K run this morning with a slight change of route and feeling good. It's cold out there though.
Looking forward to a quads and calves session with today. Nice full week off and I'm feeling good again. Last push till Xmas.
Feeling like I look good this morning
I have a feeling we might become good friends
at home... Good feeling about that if it happened👍
Waking up to missed calls is a good feeling
Hang in there. I know the feeling. It's never a good thing
Glad it went well! I only heard good things! Well done to the whole cast! You must all be feeling very christmassy now!
I woke up feeling good as *** 😍 bout to have my baby in two days 💁 it's like everything is a new beginning 😏💕
Got a good feeling about this week.
Good morning fam's. Woke up feeling blessed and looking forward to the week. Think positive, feel…
Its such a good feeling waking up at this time on your day off!
“I love the feeling when the other teams coach says you're a good player.”
Avoid me Iam not Good one Kill all my dreams becoz iam A Dreamer — feeling emotional
Whenever I'm alone or feeling lonely I pretend I can play the drums, inside my head and I am good
good morning Dave :) to be honest I know that feeling I'm in a lecture that just ended XD
Not feeling good but not missing school
and the feeling that I'm falling further inlove makes me shiver but in a good way..
av got a proper good feeling about Thursday
I know you are right & feeling sick in my stomach is not a good feeling right now.
Thanks Chris,good to hear from you :-). I am feeling rather nervous :-0
Jazz 👌Feeling super relaxed...that's what a good yoga session and some jazz do for you"
Meeting old friends and chat the old time stories is something great and feeling good.
07/12/2014 16 weeks home Close to 17 weeks come this Wednesday. Well thanks to Christmas my work load has increased dramatically, 10 hour days and Saturday till lunch time. Along with this, I have stepped up my Rehab on directions of the head physio to 3 days a week. This being a big ask for any normal person (not that I'm not normal!), well something has had to give. And work drew the short straw. I have Monday off now, due to my rehab in the morning, and Thursday and Friday arvo off for my rehab at 1pm. These sessions are 3 hours of full on work. If I'm sitting down trying to recover from my 20x5 sets of sit to stands, I'm doing toe taps, to get my dorsy flexors working. By the end of these sessions there is nothing left in the tank, can hardly walk and am absolutely spent. I come home and crash for a couple of hours. I feel I'm getting stronger and some of the exercises are getting easier. Just a hint, don't let on they are getting easier because they just make them harder, the buggers!. No pain, no ga ...
Thank u god for all that you have given me and giving me. please be with me and help me as always. Only u and my moms prayers and love from my better half and few good hearts around me make me keep going. I am sure days are going to be better and shall make my loved ones proud and happy. give me all the strength required to flourish and achieve my dreams. i have understood who is what with ur blessings. all my loved ones please add me in ur prayers as i add u all in my prayers... feeling little better these days and feeling confident about what i am doing. Feeling good... Love u dad, Mom and my baby. Love u all my darlings who are by my side and loving me still. umaah
David Burns explains the tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy in his self-help book "Feeling Good".
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When 13 year old Carly started to sing Feeling Good by Nina Simone, no one could believe their ears. She has an amazing voice - one that left everyone, including Simon Cowell, on their feet. You have...
Feeling good? We certainly are! Especially listening to this fabulous track "Feeling Good" on Ronan Parke's...
Nina Simone's version of 'Feeling Good' is highkey the GOAT.
Even d best of d good things can afterward leave us feeling empty n even regretful.
Being called babe is just a very good feeling.
Looking good and feeling fantastic. Chick. Freak. SLAY!
This girl literally only ever hangs out with her boyfriend and if you ask her to hang out she always 'isnt feeling good'
it's a strange and rare feeling as an iranian to watch your country's wrestler and think "well, HE'S not very good.."
The wonderfull feeling after destroying a good legs session😁
+three followers today. Feeling good. 😍😍😍
Destiny is just so *** good. Love the feeling waiting for those engrams to decode, hoping it turns purple instead of blue
Sold the first print. Such a good feeling. Not even a website or one week into this project. My love to Zeltner!
Listening to whilst waiting for the sister to get out of college. is a good one this morn.
Not feeling good enough is one of the worst feelings
Beautiful day! Top down, tunes up, feeling good about my successful week & starts today!
I gotta feeling, that's tonight's gonna be a GOOD NIGHT! 😍 [8]
Got abit of a friday feeling fok this ay good
It *** doesn't it? Feeling like you're not good enough.
Me;txt mom, I'm not feeling good . Mom; come to my room and sleep with me;okay☺️. Mom;but turn your phone off. Me;I'll go back back to my bed.
Pretty happy today is Friday this week was rough but hey I'm feeling pretty good today
I'm not feeling good at all these days but the boys are the ones who are making me strong
Seeing that small raise hit my bank account this morning is a good feeling. And I know I've earned it.
same here on email but now has me in "check your upgrade status" so I'm feeling good. fingers crossed for u.
Few miles in and I'm feeling it already, make sure you guys donate online or at BP+G, it's for a good cause!!
"There’s nothing better than the feeling of coming home to a hot meal and a good rest after a hard day’s work". -Hyesung Shinhwa
I woke up at 3:14 not feeling good still don't feel good .
I am sorry but i am not feeling good to make you feel better.
Made it to New Mexico, got a free shower, and I'm feeling good about this.
I got a good feeling about tomorrow's game v city. Think it's a good time to be playing them... Early season. Going for a 2-1
Really inspired by those I work with. I got a Friday feeling too. Good day ahead!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Good morning real ale drinkers, have we all got that Friday feeling??? On the bar for you today we have on pump 1...
We make feeling good a way of life.
Feeling tired already? Well, at the end of the day, all you need is a treat of a good body scrub :) http…
I love being shown off, it's such a good feeling
It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life for me. . And I'm feeling good
Feeling good this morning, its Friday
I be feeling so good after the shower bro 🙌💯
If was feeling so good for them two Lil hours
Good Morning everyone! Feeling like crap but I still have to go to school! Hope you all have an amazing day👍👌
SS5 6:19.2 "Better that the first one. The feeling is good. It's a shame to have a bad start. It's already …
I'm going to show you how much I appreciate you. Show you how much you got your girl feeling good💞
I have a feeling this isn't gunna be a good day
2 slices of toast and a croissant later with Ribena and I'm feeling good ☺️
Friday is a good day. There's always that feeling of anticipation of the oncoming weekend. On Fridays. I guess that's why they say
Not feeling good at all 😭😭 *** I thought I was getting better not worse
Right sorry guys,feeling upset and need to get up & on,wishing u all a good day,chat later,take care,hugs to all xxx http:…
Feeling a little good this morning ☺️
One more try, I am tired and can't sleep! So here I go again. Love you all. Good night or good morning. — feeling exhausted
UPDATE ON ROXY Roxy is the lurcher who was rescued off the street with a huge area of skin ripped off her leg. The Gardai called LAW who sent a volunteer to pick up and bring the dog to the vet. There was a lot of damage to the area but Vet John O Dwyer set to work and immediately treated the dog for shock and gave high doses of pain relief. Roxy has been in the vets for many weeks, she lost a vein, had an operation to set the remaining skin in place, daily bandage changes, antibiotics and pain relief but we are glad to say she has now arrived at LAW and is looking good and feeling good. She still needs lots of rest to ensure the healing process continues. Roxy is a lovely girl with unusual big ears, she loves everyone and is learning to live with cats. Because of the damage to the area, Roxy's leg will never be perfect but she is very lucky not to have an amputation. Our respect goes to John O Dwyer and his great team on Henry Street for the fantastic work on Roxy.
Man I'm high not feeling good these two ugly *** *** just sloppy
Wow such an experience and all my healing process, things are making sense and Im feeling good!! Things are coming up and finally moving on!!! Such an amazing sole Angelina Love, THANKYOU! I look forward to lots more xxx
Haven't been feeling good and my baby said he gonna check up on me.. woke up out of his sleep too ask me was I okay!!! The best feeling ever!!! :)
Masjid in Kashmir becoming place of communal harmony.Hope and pray water recedes fast..Great change of heart and excellent gesture of kashmiri Muslim.they are doing their part and rescuing all .Now Masjids are shelter home for all communities. simply feeling good to see good side of kashmiri Muslims.seems we are back in 1987 era.hope this feeling persists...
Checked my weight today, it was 77.6 kg. Then went to the gym, 30 mins of core exercise which was so hard, but awesome. Then 30 mins on the treadmill. Feeling good !!
Feeling good this a.m. have a awesome day u bueatiful ppl
Great breakfast :) new candle hehe 2 new I should say and a new bed hehe ahhh feeling good :)
For those of you who don't know. I had back surgery yesterday. Everything went well. Thanks to all of you who said prayers for me ! I am feeling good. Little or no pain for a change. Not sure if it is the meds though. I was able to get up and walk tonight and it really wasn't bad.
Coaching Resources for Life, Relationships, & Emotional Wellness - Feeling Good about the Way You Look: A Program...
Scott Disick Says He's 'Feeling Good, Living Healthy': "I'm excited to just be feeling good and living healthy...
Feeling Good / Sheila Ki Jawani - MASHUP ( Cover by Esther Eden and Tanv...: via
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