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Feel So Close

Feel So Close is a song by British recording artist Calvin Harris from his upcoming third studio album.

Calvin Harris

When the shuffle on your playlist is smart. Frank Ocean - Close To You ~~> Calvin Harris - Feel So Close . I feel so close to you right now💃
i had a video of Cody Simpson singing Feel So Close by Calvin Harris . It was traumatizing
Can we Pedro Gomez a bigger closet to broadcast from? Camera so close. Feel like we're about to kiss.
Lmao i feel bad for Juve, so close xD
Feel so bad for Juve, came so close!
genuinely feel sad for buffon, always comes so close to winning the UCL
I feel like crying everytime harry is in LA cause im so close yet so fare from seeing the love of my life 😭😭
I've had more than one person ask me how I feel about making a murderer since it's so close to where I'm from. Then I remind them MI & WI
why do you feel you need to be so bigoted and close-minded? Why can't you accept people or let them be?
I feel very lucky to live so close to the beach 🌊🌞
So close to finishing my degree and I still feel like there's so much I need to learn
Skylar, we feel you. The wedding bells are so close yet 4hrs 30 mins away
I was so close to moving out and having roommates but I just feel like I need my own place. No one understands how it is with a baby
"Letting someone in means abandoning the walls you feel so close to"
We were so close, I could tell her anything. The sad part is, she's family and I don't feel that connection with her anymore.
You're so close i can feel the swag radiatng off ur bootyful body.
I would rather be far from you and feel so close than close to you and feel so far away.
yes. 😌 but I feel like I'll always be partial to whatever I'm currently working on. I'm so close to it, ya know?
It's so close, can't you just feel it?
How do you feel about spring break being so close?😅 (Ft. my niece and her belly💞)
i love matt Espinosa so much it hurts me and his follow would be the only thing that would make me feel close to him :(
She kept him close breathing deeply so you could feel her and hopefully replicate it.
Although we haven't meet in person,but why am i feel that we are so close ? -ELF
the album is so close I feel it in my bones , bye x
I just realize that I might be a *** Because everytime boys get close to me, I feel so uncomfortable.
My nose is so blocked up that every time I close my mouth to chew I feel as if I'm on the brink of suffocating
It's just crazy that I'm so close to being married & a nurse & an adult but I still feel 12 like can someone make me some mac & cheese
The fact that Donald Trump is so close to becoming president is scary, feel is like we're going back 60 years😞
Phil Martelli says he got the St. Joe's library to close at 9 on Friday so students won't have to feel conflicted about wa…
I can feel myself getting close and closer to another crisis period so I'm trying to cut it off before it snowballs by getting organised👍
Today was actually so decent, apart from my head of year standing so close to me I could like feel his warmth radiate onto me
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I'm not close to my family anymore so I don't feel like it's my place to correct them, but if not me, then who?
I feel like I am right on the brink of figuring out where I want to take my channel... so close to figuring it, and by extension me, out
It's 4:07am and I'm actually so scared to close my eyes because I feel like a spirit is gonna attack me
so you're pooing right now? I feel so close to you now. Too close maybe.
I'll push you away just so you don't know how I really feel about you. I'm scared to let anyone too close to me. You get hurt that way.
Okay so, who all will I be seeing at FWA? I really wanna make some close friends this year so please feel free to talk to me!
I feel you girl! I was looking at old photos today and almost cried because I was so close to my goal wt then Boom! Baby.
I feel so close to you right now. It's a force field. I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big…
I feel so bad for people who aren't close with their family, I would be so lost without mine. Especially my grandparents
I wasn't v close w them Bc he's in his 50/60s so it's not like I hung out w him often but Jesus I feel so bad for his wife
I feel so close to people even if I don't know them that well yet so cut off at the same time?
Feel sorry for arsenal.. so close, yet so far...
That was SO close to being funny I actually feel bad for you. 😜😘
I feel like if I got too close to Fire Spirit I'd start melting... how does he stay so warm?
Some people you know them for a short period of time but you feel so close to them 🌝❤️
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I just wanna hold you close, I feel your heart so close to mine🎵 Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
so they close an eyes on "derives dictatoriales" makin Issoufou feel he can whatever: so he threw in jail ppl
True story: Sometimes I hug my manuscript, just so I can feel the story and characters close to my heart.
I only love the song Feel So Close by Calvin Harris because of that scene w Damon & Elena
Being honest about how you feel with someone you're so close with is not easy
I wanna feel your skin your lips so close to me. 🎵🎶
KCon is so close and I'm so excited but I feel like it's gonna go by so fast and then ima be so sad😩😩😩
Hasn't the last week been so EXCITING?! is close; I can feel it!KEEP PUSHING
yeah man. I knew they were up to something I could feel it coming. Cunningly waited till the Close Season damnit so smart…
There's no stoping us right now, i feel so close to you right now
So close can feel his breath on their face Mark? That close?
You hold me close from so far and so I never feel like returning.
IS2G, I FEEL SO AWKWARD. see how close she is to mY FACE, yet so adorable
Sometimes I feel so close to a mental break down, like today. At my workplace for 14 hors straight, cannot wait till my full driver training
Do make you feel ready for your close-up? If so, share your here,
I'm so incredibly in love with his artistic part because by loving art I feel so close to him.
I am so close to mg1 i feel it in my balls
How you feel when you so close to beating your high score and lose 😩😩😭😭
No disrespect but I feel like some of y'all do this every time someone dies y'all act like y'all was so close..
I feel so unworthy. God i truly feels soo broken right now. But, you keep me up. You piece me back together. Keep close to me God.
I love JoJo so much and I'm getting all the feels and I feel like the album is so close omg
awww Thank u so much for being so sweet baby. Love you and really I feel so close to you here.May Allah keep u smile as u r.
I feel bad I punched that guy, but he shouldn't get so close to my punching bag. I should stop leaving my punching bag…
so close. I feel you in the wind bae
Calvin Harris feel so close is such a tune
Thanks. We will. I feel so bad for DH and SIL. Such a close family so I'm glad they have each other to lean on
When you can't sleep because every time you close your eyes you feel a nightmare coming so you open them.
Sigh when will you ever say youre close to b i feel so sad
On the verge of breaking down. So close to losing it. I can feel it.
I feel like I'm so close to breaking down
I feel like I'm getting so close to people right before I leave and it's seriously breaking my heart.
"Niall during WDBHG this close up of Niall I feel so flustered (via insider)
The morning after a play session, when we hold & caress each other & talk about what we felt & why makes me feel so close to Him ~ Sigyn
do you also notice? I feel the same way. What makes them so close these days?hehe
I can't close an eye,. can't close an eyelid and.. I feel so tired.
just watched a talk you did, I feel your vibe on so many levels, the bands you referenced are held close to my heart.respect
Just lay with me. Hold me close . Until darkness fades . And I don't feel so alone~
The stars are so clear and so close together I feel like I could climb up there and walk on them.
I don't think I've ever in my life come close to tears simply because my heart is so happy. This is a beautiful feeling. I f…
We'll dance the night away. Just feel the beat babes. Thats all u gotta do. So move ure feet babe. Cos honey im getting up close to u
I apologize for anyone like me whose birthday gets forgotten because it's so close to Christmas. I feel you.
I know, I'm sorry. But I don't wanna feel like I'm intruding.. because everybody is so close.. and.. 😢
Sleep is the only way I stop thinking about the world. My soul feel so close to Him. Maybe I'm just tired.
I know that you have no idea who I am, but I feel so close to you and I just can't express how grateful I am for you.
Nakakatuwa I feel so close to God right now! Wo!! I miss this kind of feeling!! 💛💚💙💚 the kilig feeling 💓💓💓 more of you Jesus! Jesus! 🙌
I feel sorry for people close to you, you're so rude and unaccepting.
Sleeping with him makes me feel so close to his hart 😌
I feel so special lmao bruh was close af
Can't get enough of this song by ! Feel so close to God with this music!
ur so right I feel to many games over Christmas period close together 💤
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I'm so close to 4K, thank you so much all, I never thought could feel this power :))
That feeling of writing a journal makes you feel so close to yourself!
"Dear Lord today, close the door to my past, change the code so negative people won't have access and let me feel no regrets"
I feel so good when I'm near you , that's why I wanna be close to you
I feel sad that after so many times of constant tries and begging of Justin's follow, I still haven't got it yet & I'm so close to giving up
"I just want to hold you close, and feel your heart so close to mine." - (via true-love-is-everything)
I want to take this time and shout out a woman so close to me that I feel her heart beat all the way in PA!...
Feel so old. Slept through NYE and I'm spending my day off with workmates, a few close friends, their spouses and their kids. Like.
I think I've always been masking the reality with distance so as to avoid disappointments and that's why I feel so empty when I get close.
Well can't feel my hand or close my fist so that's how my days going hby?
I love the kind of people that even though you don't see them a lot, you're still so close and you feel like you've known them forever
The thought of work tomorrow is bringing me close to tears...feel so rough 😷
It's so lovely when you're such close friends with someone that they actually feel like an extension of yourself
I wish my parents would stop walking so close behind me while I'm on my phone or laptop, I just feel like my privacy is being invaded
glee is so freaking close I feel like it's been a century ;-;
so close yet so far. I feel your pimpness in the wind! 
I don't even know what you feel about me now. We were close, but i feel we so far away in the same time. I hate that.
No one else comes close to you, no one makes me feel the way you do, you're so special girl to me and you'll always be eternally
abi ...too much of SA..ab romance shuru.too much screen space to SA.dey hold each other so close.feel like killing…
We're so close I feel like I can tell him anything.. glad I can finally get all this off my chest to someone I trust
Scary how quickly you can become so close with someone and it feel like you've known them forever
i.e. We can all use anecdotal evidence about something so close to our hearts. Hence I feel it's reasonable to check HE quality.
really?! You are so close to the end though, I imagine I'll feel the same when I'm at that stage. Will fly by! Xx
So close to things getting back to normal I can feel the depression starting to kick in.
My female close friend got so drunk last night and tried to kiss me, I feel so weird about it
Poor sealion, I feel I should go help considering I live so close😶
If I feel tht Im very down,Im just close my eyes n say this is my journey.He put me here.Its His plan so I have just to carry on n trust him
I know exactly how it feel to lose somebody close to you 😩 been through it so many times
That moment when you feel the LORD very close.. That experience when you become so Joyful, so happy..! Wow! That's my heart desire..!
I was packing my one shot poster for my new room and gosh when I see it up close I feel like they'll pop out from the poster it's so real
This track go so HARD! Close your eyes and feel the streets "Look" by Boogs Malone -
if u feel you're very down , just close ur eyes and say , this is my journey . He puts me here . its His plan . so i have just to trust Him
Christmas is so close that I can feel it! Some snow would be nice--not likely, though! 🎄🌴🌴🌴
So this is it, gorgeous... Almost time to close the book on 2015. 📚. How do you feel?. Are you happy…
And yet, it's possible to be so far in distance, possibly hundreds of miles away, yet you feel so close at heart.
Doesn't feel like Christmas is so close. . But I'm super excited
oh my god but christmas is so close I feel for you
So close to giving up with everyone. Please just stop trying to make me feel crap thanks.
close siblings to me! Hyunseung always feel like that older responsible brother..Their interactions are so platonic, not to mention
I'm so close to my career I can feel it..
I'm so scared lol the Day of Qiyamah is so close you know I can feel it
My heart's a stereo. It beats 4 u, so listen close. Hear my thoughts in every note. Make me ur radio. & turn me up when U feel low
hey ricky my baby a little message on hey hey 4 u I love it ricky when i hear Ur voice I feel like Ur so close I can taste U
The Ultimate Christmas Gift By Jim Burns And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” –Luke 2:8-11 Daniel was born with a degenerative heart condition. This problem was in remission for most of his childhood and teen years. He lived a normal kid’s life filled with friends, baseball and drama. But, in his junior year of high school, he had massive heart failure. As his condition worsened. He had spent several months at Stanford Medical Center in what they call “Life Row”, waiting for a heart transplant. On December 22, the hospital sent Daniel home for Christmas expecting him to die before they could find a heart for him. But he was im ...
College is so close that i can actually feel my grades getting low on the first sem
The way I stand behind you. So close you feel my breath on the back of your neck. Anticipating. Waiting. Patiently.
“I feel so close enough. could i lock in your love.. 🔒
I wanna feel your skin. Your lips so close to me.
So close I can taste you. Ain’t escape I can take you. Can’t fight the feeling. Got me feel feeling. You got me feeling
'Feel So Close' by brings so many memories...
When You close your eyes and touch a carrot it feel so much like grampa's dry thumb. RIP Grampa Chundy
Feel So Close by Calvin Harris is in Anytime Fitness, High Wycombe. Download it now at
New mashup up on Soundcloud. Latch vs. Feel So Close- check it out:
"I wanna go back to the way we used to be. I wanna feel ur skin, ur lips so close to me. I wanna go back when I call you mine all the time."
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I love stalking It makes me feel so close to them. ☺
Somehow when I feel that I'm missing so much, that time I think that I've to close my eyes and flying so close to you.
People ask why I stay up so late, & its because its daytime where Nick is && he messages at like 2:30am & I for a moment I feel close to him
*She smiles sweetly at him as he finishes the story.* Blimey *They're both leaned in so close across the table, she can almost feel his*
She made me feel so close to her situations by her brilliant descriptions as if I had witnessed it first hand
You can buy my personal worn panties with my unique scent , so you can feel close to me!. email lolavonj
yeah, actually muni n I knw each other starting at da beginning of dis yr. although I know u from last month, yet feel so close 2 u
Feel so close to you right now nooo -
Protip: Put on expensive mascara when you feel like you're in danger of being anywhere close to tears so as to force yourself not to cry.
I feel incredibly loved. So many people listened in to my show tonight and 8 people called in! Close friends,...
So let me close and say you're a good person even when you feel bad.
I feel so bad about all the medical expenses I put on my parents. I'm putting them close to being in debt.
I feel we're close yet so far baby boys your my shinning stars😭❤️
I'm feeling quite nervous about I feel so close to Scotland. I know it won't be going anywhere.but I think
*whimpers as you lick slowly, feeling a tightness in my stomach as I feel my limit soon* M-My name is G-Gerard...s-so close
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I feel so sorry for everyone close to me on the central line this morning. A) I have a cold B) I just taught spin so I'm sweaty and
I-I like F-Frank *smiles slightly as I feel you stroke me faster as I buck my hips to your hand* F-Frank s-so close
Having my bed so close to my school is going to prove to be a very bad idea. I feel it.
You may be so far away, but right now you feel so close. 💕
One of the reasons why Max & I are lovers in a dimension right next to this one- so close you can feel it's breath on your neck.
"I feel so close to you right now". Me opening the fridge just to find confort food.
RIP Aly! It's been 8 years & I still feel like ur time here was cut too short :( we got so close that summer at cheer camp...
SPAIN !!♥. i feel you so close and so far at the same time
When you open yourself up mentally, you do so only with someone you trust from the bottom of your heart, someone you feel very close to.
I feel like I lost a friendship with someone I used to be so close to
I love bangtan so much, I feel so close to them as an ARMY😌💕
Not having a phone made me realize that people keep close to objects that give them a false sense of company so they dont have to feel alone
We are so close but at the same time so far away, i don't know how to feel anymore.
awe I remembered you use to be so close to him 😭but I feel it
we were so close, I feel like I don't have that anymore.😔
I feel so close to you right now, it's a forcefield.
I feel so bad for guys who are 5'11 like *** you were so close, you almost made it :/
I feel like and I got so close today just by everything we just told each other . 😂
*** so close I can feel you from here when our connection was that strong.
I feel like we're always so close but I never am able to reach out to touch you or see you killing me
Your so far but yet you feel soo close
I feel so gross with my face this close to where people poop
do sleep in pjs when your over there? Cause when I stay at guys house I feel werd sleeping in pjs so I end up sleeping in close
I feel bad for the Spurs, honestly. I'm not being sarcastic either. It's just that they come so close every year and have to deal with this.
I feel SO sick right now & I work open to close the next two days 😩
Why do I feel like this is so close?
Tonight was so much fun 😊 I'm really glad we all got so close. I feel like I just got new sisters instead if friends 😘
aw baby girl you're the cutest. I feel so close to you already
I feel out of place living so close to Pittsburgh and not following any of the sports teams.
I feel like sometimes I'm so irrelevant to some people I'm supposed to be close with 😒
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I also close my eyes and just feel the music. It's literally so calming.
I all feel ill move into the place by 7/11 an crap so I can be extra close to home.
⚽️7⃣- I feel like we became so close in like 24 hours lmao but you cool asf! We need to chill more often.
When I'm so close to death, do I feel relieved or do I feel scared?
You guys are close anyways, sorry for not being there when needed. I feel excluded anyways so it's alright 😶
Like when Boris promised he wouldn't close all the ticket offices. So if you're free and want to help with picket lines f…
Oh wow.. Now I get the feel of being so far yet so close.. Taahaa
I really feel like nothing happened since july and then time hits me... It's so close... :(
I feel like so distant and idk I know arenas are big but you still feel close proximity
The only thing I don't really like about how the boys are doing a stadium tour is it's so less personal and close you feel
I feel bad when people that I'm not very close with try to converse with me because I'm so socially awkward that it just does not work out
You can feel so close but at the same time feel like you barely know each other
It's funny how you could feel so close to someone who live so far away even though you've never actually met in real life, like closer than those who are around you.
if we miss Cory SO MUCH.. i can't imagine how Lea, Ann, Shaun, Glee Cast and his close friends feel.. :'(
See me I came along way... Way too close for me to stop now... So close that I can feel it.
“I feel like I have no friends anymore” me too so we have each other.
For someone I use to feel so close to I feel so distant now.. /:
I want to feel you heartbeat. Your heartbeat. So close. It feels like my own.
I have gotten so close with this semester that I basically feel lost without her
So close to a breakthrough, I feel it.
Cuz I can see the tears running down your cheek, I can feel your body so close to me, I can hear the rain dropping at your feet...
"Hmm..very much so.." the voice deep and dark panted into an ear, he was getting close he could feel it and so it seemed --
Download FEEL SO CLOSE from iTunes now: From The New Album '18 Months' -- OUT NOW :Listen on ...
I feel so close to you right now hihi
Sitting at ur graveside I feel so close to u It makes me feel A little better But also a little bit more blue I wish that I could hold u And u could hold me back Or say somthing so funny that We could have a laugh Our memories keep me going But the pain keeps holding on My heart aches for u daily Since the day that u have gone Sad days like these are hard To lift my head and smile But it's getting a little better As I hAvnt been this bad for a while Hold my hand and be near me While I feel so very blue In a while I will feel better I know that it is true Today I just feel broken I want this pain to stop I wish we could go shopping And shop till we both drop We had so many happy day In the last few years I have to just hold onto that and that will stop these tear Miss u with all my heart !! 😇 L
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close cover by 10 yr old Carson Lueders: via can't get enough of this O.o
I love how i feel so close to through his music
I feel so close do you right n0w. .
Feel so close- Calvin Harris at Djakarta Warehouse Project 2012: via
Thanks for always being there for me, I'm feel so close to you with your songs, your past, your personnality. Thank you 💙
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Trinity retreat was amazing and feel so close again with all my friends
I know you since Hellen introduced me to u:p I love you like a love song «3 I feel so close to u, you are like a sister…
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close: via i feel so close to you RIGHT NOW
It is so Amazing how We are both in Different continent of d World... yet Feel so close 2 Each Other. ♥♥
Weekend, I feel so close to you right now...
I just used to discover Feel So Close (radio edit) by Calvin Harris
"I don't like think that you're so far cause i feel so close to you" good night
I don't know you but I feel so close to you somehow.
Your love pour down on me right now like a water fall.I feel so close to you right now. *everybody raise your hand*
My favorite times have gotta be feedings! I feel so close and connected with my son!
I love how Justin can trust us I feel so close to him
song by Calvin Harris: feel so close
I feel so close you right now it's a force field
and there's no stopping us right now , I Feel So Close to you Right now..
I liked a video from Feel So Close - Calvin Harris (cover) Megan Nicole
Hot Chelle Rae- A snippet of Feel So Close at the show in Busch Gardens. Beautiful!
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close at Spring Awakening Music Festival 2013 . (includes some fireworks)...
Feel So Close - Nero Remix by Calvin Harris on before I go to sleep! 😊
Lyrics to Butterfly : I'm taking a moment just imaginin' that I'm dancin' with you I'm your pole and all you're wearing is your shoes You got soul, you know what to do to turn me on until I write a song about you And you have your own engaging style And you've got the knack to vivify And you make my slacks a little tight, you may unfasten them if you like That's if you crash and spend the night   But you don't fold, you don't fade You've got everything you need, especially me Sister you've got it all You make the call to make my day In your message say my name Your talk is all the talk, sister you've got it all   Curl your upper lip up and let me look around Ride your tongue along your bottom lip and bite down And bend your back and ask those hips if I can touch Because they're the perfect jumping off point of getting closer to your   Butterfly Well you float on by Oh kiss me with your eyelashes tonight Or Eskimo your nose real close to mine And let's mood the lights and finally make it right But you d ...
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Aw c'mon I was so close -- nope YOU were so close! 1M PEOPLE ARE DES-PAR-ATE (GLC battle of the bands, don't feel like linking)
were so close to a feel-good victory in Redick's debut, but let another slip away
Well after three long weeks my rose is back by my side I can finally close my eyes and feel the sweet comfort of peace and sleep. Goodnight and sweet dreams
ABSOLUTE HONESTY ‘Bright Thoughts, clear Deeds, Constancy, Fidelity. Bounty and generous Honesty are the gems of noble minds.’ SIR THOMAS BROWNE ‘To thine own self be true,’ said Shakespeare, ‘and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man.’ To ourselves the absolute truth; to others as truthful as we are to ourselves. Can we do it? Can we sit down even for a few moments and face the self the world does not see and tell that self the absolute truth? Then, having told that hidden self the absolute truth, can we be honest and let that truth become a conscious part of ourselves? How many of us can do that? Absolute honesty is the proud boast of many people. ‘One thing about me’, they will say, ‘is that no one can deny that I’m always honest about everything and everybody.’ We all know that complacent type too well. They enjoy pointing out other people’s weaknesses and indiscretions to their face and are rather surprised when the recipients of this form ...
Females are so Annoying. Im happy that Im at a place that I see my worth and Im not chasing after a man just for stability, and That I can provide for myself. It feels Good and you gotta love and respect yourself for a real man to love and respect you... And thats y I am focused on myself, I feel like my love life will fall into place when its time! I love my ex w all my heart and Yea I keep him close 4 now, But To not need a mf feels *** good. and whatever meant to be will be but Ii know the one thing I can control IS ME.
You make me feel like.. I'm just too close to loving you.. So ill be on our way-tansie
Well I can't feel my legs, so sledding was successful 😊👍
really bothers me bout the folks who were involved at Daytona. i hope everyone is ok. as a racer when we come by the stands and look up and see everyone smiling and cheering we wanna put on a great show for them but this is not what we ever plan,i feel bad for the young man i sure this is on his mind heavily. i reading lots of blame seems its the way it always is now someones fault, surprises me when i see folks standing that close to the fence when they running the speeds they do, but i been there we get confortable with things so unfortunate, i just hope everyone is ok
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I have a mom that still keep me close to her in her heart . And I think I know how she feels a little bit more because I am mom & That how I feel about my son that .
Not having a good night. Unexplained fever. Lungs are clear however respirations are up. Thursday went to NP allergic reaction to an antibiotic my ears rechecked and are clear. Mommy called her she said keep an eye on me if I get worse bring me in to ER but if controlled by Tylenol / Ibuprofin as directed. I feel awful but know Mommy, Nana and my team have me under close eye.
And when we're done, i just wanna feel your hands all over me baby!! So close from here!! Baby im a b ur motivation!! U cant stop yet
I feel so close too you ... Un mes mas!!!
I have a few songs id like to put out here on the book that are for a very very close friend of mine who I love with all my heart who is there for me everyday an has always came thru for me an has never turn there back on me .(Cant Shake You)by Gloriana an by them ( Kissed You Good Night)an Turned My World Around .Love them songs also (As You Turn Away)by Lady Antebellum sometimes its really hard to tell a person how u feel so to say it thru a song is so much easier .When u have love for someone nothing or noone stands in your way to let them know .
Let me KISS ur LIPS, Let me FEEL ur TEETH, let me TASTE ur TONGUE, this is your friend CLOSE UP ! reminding u 2 brush. GOOD MORNING
but it's true.. I feel so close to you..
I'd be lost without you… I never thought that I would find, A friend so great and a friend so kind, I look up to you in everyday, Cause I learn something from you everyway. Without you I don't know where I'd be, But your still here friends with me. You deserve so much more than I can give, But without you I wouldn't live, You've given me more than money can buy, And for you I'd give my love and die, This feeling I feel gets stronger everyday, Hoping not to screw it up I constantly prey. I know we have our problems every now and then, But once its fixed our friendship is better times ten, And I want you to know that I truly do care, Even in fights when I say things that isn't fair, You're an angel from god up above, And I'm thank-full for your understanding love. Because when you're around everything seems right, And for you, until the end, I will fight. It doesn't matter what you do or say, Because you'll be my friend anyway. I know the real you that's down deep inside, And in you I'll always confide. T ...
I kinda feel like strangers .. but in a way so close.
My cat just burned her fur again on a candle, just because she was trying to come close to me to say hi. I feel so horribly guilty. I didn't realize the candle was so hidden from her view. :(
What is the Oxford Group? By The Layman With a Notebook With a foreword by L.W. Grensted Oriel Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion First published in 1933 by Oxford University Press, London. This electronic edition distributed by with the permission of Oxford University Press. 2 To my friend Frank Buchman 3 CONTENTS The Oxford Group. 6 Sin . 15 Sharing for Confession and Witness . 19 Surrender. 27 Restitution . 34 Guidance . 41 The Four Absolutes: 1. Absolute Honesty . 46 2. Absolute Purity . 52 3. Absolute Unselfishness . 57 4. Absolute Love . 63 The World . 69 You . 73 4 FOREWORD The very last thing that the writer of this book would wish is that he should become widely known as a prophet of the Oxford Group Movement. Even less, if that were possible, would he claim any special authority as an exponent of its principles. For both reasons I am sure that he is right in his desire that his book should be an anonymous exposition of the principles which underlie the experi ...
So bri and Chris convinced me not to quit and to take an extra day off an only close one day a week -_- not sure how I feel about this
Doing Chapter 46 now, while playing Feel so close-Calvin Harris.
//Nerdy Saeng, you want Kise right? xD Kise: He was sitting under a tree, yawning as the leaves fell down onto his head. Shaking his head to get the green leaf off his blonde hair, his eyes caught glimpse of a girl.
Very reflective. Contemplative. Honoring the life of my mother (RIP: 2/22/98) and praying for health or peace for my ailing grandmother who helped my mother find peace by promising for as long as she lived she'd take care of her children. For all those who have lost a parent, a loving grandparent, a sibling, child or friend... "There are times when I look above and beyond. There are time when I feel your love around me baby... Everywhere I go, every smile I see, I know you are there, smiling back at me. Dancin in moonlight. I know you are free. Cause I see your star. Shining down on me... Always been a true angel to me, now above, I can't wait for you to wrap your wings around me baby... What I'd give just to hold you close as on earth In Heaven we will be together again." - Janet Jackson, Together Again.
I try to never be negative on here but here we go. One of my pet peeves is people who either send a friend request or accept one yet feel it necessary to block their pictures , friends list and even their wall. I mean what's the point ? I'm not insulted but I would just as soon not have you on my list. Not because I don't like you but because its useless and I'm not just collecting names. It's called social NETWORKING people . The idea is to be able to keep in touch and bring back old connections. I have people on my list that are from all walks of life. Some are a little on the wild side and others are friends with deep spiritual convictions. I don't hide them from each other because they are all my friends and I care for them equally and am proud of my connection to them. I am going to go through my list slowly and delete those people because if I'm not important enough to see that info I guess I'm not close enough to worry about keeping in touch.
And then sombody comes in to my bed room sayin 'u should close ur curtans at night' well i dont want coz i like the moonlight flooding my bedroom and in the morning watchin the sunrise behind this bigazz window it makes me feel like im sleeping outside that why i chose my bed room to have ample of windows and big ones i like the natural light
We can feel so far from so close. Like ships in the night. You keep passing me by. Just wasting time, trying to prove who's right. ⛵🌙
With a cloudy sky up hiding shine of the sun So cleverly in her heights I felt a soothing wind like never before Touched so gently passed through my heart Made me fell so close to someone I love I went in the rain, I walked in the dark The flawless nature and all the joy in my heart Made me feel of someone I knew And when I smelt the queen of all flowers I found that I knew that too in my mind, Only that day when you came to us, in the world My dear, I realized All that was of you! _
I would like to say to everyone. THANK YOU ! First and for most I would like to tell my Family I LOVE YOU! I THANK YOU. Thank you for loving me for who I am and not trying to change me. I look back on my teenage years and the whole coming out process and see that I had it easier then most. My family did not understand who i was and why I am the way I am. But with out any hesitation they excepted me . They stood by me and molded me in to the person I am today.So thank you. To my extended family! . My close friends that I think of as family. I want to say I love you. and Thank You to. For lifting me up when I have fallen. For keeping me on the ground when I got full of hot air( floating away). and for helping through the time that i just needed a shoulder to cry on. for filling a spot in my heart and life that only family can fill. Im not saying my blood family has not done this for me. Im just say that my extended family has taken that filled that roll when I cant get to my blood family. To my friends ...
So.. there's a really close friend of mine whom I love. Seems like she doesn't feel the same way. She said that we are the best of friends, but we cannot be more than that. After that, all of my friends have been telling me to back off and don't keep in touch, as it would just hurt me more. I am gonna stay on as a friend. She's just too important to me.
Altough different place but i feel so close cs u always understanding me, I LOVE U
I turn the lights down low, walk these halls alone, man we can feel so far from so close
I'm 39+2 days. Have been in early labour for 3 days, I went to the hospital yesterday and the midwife did an intern and said my baby is in the birth canal my cervix are soft we just gotta wait for them to open. She warned me I may get bleeding later from the intern, I never got the bleeding but my mum got the spotting, and all day today mum seems to be pains when I get contractions and feeling like she has pressure down there (she isn't pregnant) u can feel the feelings she is having when u touch her belly. Does anyone know what this means plz?
Received this from a close friend.well worth sharing. `` little child dry your crying eyes how can I explain the fear you feel inside cause you were born into this evil world where man is killing man and no one knows just why what we have become just look what we have done all that we destroyed you must build again when the children cry let them know we tried cause when the children sing then the new world begins little child you must show the way to a better day for all the young cause you were born for all the world to see that we all can live with love and peace no more presidents and all the wars will end one united world under god
Holding her close while her Tities touch my chest, rubbin my fingers thru her hair while she *** on my neck, flip her over and go deep for I can feel her nails on my back she pushed me off and said hit it from the back so I did and gave that *** a nice big smack rap
Now have you ever felt the pain when your ignored by your fam', middle child born young wild but nobody understands. Let's reflect on my entire set and what you need in your wallet is a isometric exercise, I don't consider a mintue when spitting the impetuous flames. Everyday it seems the same, all about the women and the fame, I paint a picture for the future. But I just want to picture it without rapture, now all my child hood friends well some have graduated, I hate it. But your only deny to die once, so go and take it. Hold the moment going on it take control your emotions, keep the safe and fix the pieces that remain broken. I still remember the day when you left out the door and between you and I, I was raised independent. But myself always testing me watching my back and the laws, always stressin' me. We've got to eat survive the streets through detention the game is full of fakes to many seek attention, I've got my protection and my perfect is imperfection yeah, and its just another lesson to be l ...
No me canso de escuchar sweet nothing ni feel so close
At this moment I realize what's to be ... At this moment I know ill never feel the way I did. At this moment I see the new path that has to be taken. At this moment I am seeing clearer than I did before. So, in close I say to you: live, love, laugh, and enjoy everything you have cause like saying have stated what you are thankful for could be gone in a blink of an eye!
Kane was so close to making it out. I feel for all the street ***
Through the dark something came A blessing to one a curse to another We wait years to decide were ready Some people die never ready They say it’s a blessing To me it depends on your definition Fear, hate, depression are not blessings Sleepless nights of tears, are not a blessing Arguing with the only person who you love IS NOT a blessing Why did God make it so easy The most pleasuring thing lovers could do But one final mistake and You’re life may soon be ruined But in the moment you don’t want to hear it I mean it’s you and me and that rubber between As it eases inside you, deep inside you… You bite your lip, close your eyes And the time just blurs during this tense reliving ride.. You moan so loudly, claw on my back, Say things you won’t remember in 15 seconds, My strokes get faster, going exactly where you want it, Your heart beat rises, your legs start shaking, Your grip gets tighter, just pure domination.. Finally you feel that amazing sensation, take a deep breath, Give one last scream, ...
♥ Hi I am Lysa Michel Medium and I noticed Spiritual Healer Ed Strachar in my newsfeed and felt an immediate connection. I felt my energy was high but perhaps there were some energetic blocks so I contacted Ed. During the healing I could feel my heart beat and with each beat the vibrations could be physically seen extend from my chest. I could also hear like a telephone exchange centre and hear the ticking of the metre box. My feet were really buzzy and close to the end I could sense a different breathe in my throat. Hard to explain but the taste has since come on much stronger since finishing the healing. Thank you Ed and the rest of the group for such a wonderful experience and I look forward to further results xo
Feel like I'm so close to new opportunities that God has for me. The key is being patient though...
WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results Posted on 02.17.13 | Category: WWE Results - We’re live from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana for the WWE Elimination Chamber pre-show. Matt Striker and Tony Dawson are at ringside on commentary. They talk about tonight’s card. - We get a look back at Randy Orton and Mark Henry from SmackDown before more Chamber hype. Josh Mathews is backstage with Randy Orton. Orton talks about tonight’s Chamber match and says he plans on using every ounce of steel to put his opponents down. Orton says there’s something more dangerous than the Chamber – a man *** bent on headlining WrestleMania 29 and a man with ice cold blood coursing through his veins. Orton says he will show everyone just how dangerous he can be. - They air a hype video for The Shield. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes vs. Tensai and Brodus Clay We go to the ring and out first comes Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. Sandow talks about how fans have been demanding a Rhodes Scholars reunion. Cody d ...
Got word today that a close friend of mine passed away. I haven't seen him in quite awhile but was planning on giving him a visit when I get back to the US . Some people I feel like if I haven't seen them in ages, a visit and we will start right back where we left off. Well I guess in this case I waited too long. I guess the moral is enjoy friends while they are here and don't put off visiting them because we are too busy. Might not be any tomorrows. Miss ya Gary. Hope there's a happy place waiting for ya.
I know how you feel -__- didn't close but I'm working so much :/
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