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Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers are a series of 85 articles or essays promoting the ratification of the United States Constitution written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.

Alexander Hamilton James Madison John Jay Supreme Court Founding Fathers John Locke Aaron Burr Chief Justice

🎊I am now a member of the Continental Congress, an author of the Federalist Papers, a champion of the Constitution…
I've read the Federalist Papers, thank you. I…
If only that were true. *** at this point I'd settle for some that had at least heard of The Federalist Papers.
good morning my US history teacher got who wrote what in The Federalist papers wrong and guess who got to correct him. thanks
Your new opinion columnist has very clearly never read the Federalist papers.
Federalist Papers clearly explains y about two parties are all we need Tolerance Coming Together Ag…
Happening now in C14 - small group discussions about their assigned Federalist Papers while listening to
i’m comfortable saying i don’t think or the has ever glanced over The Constituion/The Federalist Papers.
Deluded ? not as deluded as you Remainers. Where was Juncker…
Did you report in Nov/Dec that the stated purpose of the is to stop…
read Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Papers in class today, & I was highkey way too excited. I was rapping lyrics while reading😂
Looks like twatter has banned articles from The Federalist Papers site all together 😡
Madison and Hamilton BOTH spend a fair time speaking to wealth + commercial vs government power in the…
And if you read the federalist papers or any of the surrounding political wor…
"I am SO. EXCITED. to talk about the Federalist Papers tomorrow" never thought I would see my 14 y.o. lil sis so into history 😭🤗
The Federalist Papers | We may have won the election, but the...
Reminder that our Founding Fathers wrote the Federalist Papers using pseudonyms.
Federalist Papers & Quotes: The Framers of the U.S. Constitution wrote to newspapers explaining it. Download:…
If you look at the Federalist Papers as anything other than a Pro-Ratification ALEC, you're playing yourself
The Federalist Papers are the worst example of p…
What is this amorphic concept called "American Values" so often invoked. Was that written before or after the Fede…
Yeah, you need to read more than the Federalist Papers. Their critics wrote things too…
Federalist Papers, it's populists, demagogues, and ideologues/religion who are sing…
Finally, the platform will better lend itself to the Federalist Papers of our age.
The Federalist Papers | If you thought Hillary Clinton didn't have any...
The priorities of the federal government are already highlighted in th…
Yes, The Federalist papers seem oh so relevant today. Again.
You never heard of the federalist papers
Federalist papers discuss the imperfection of the document and the document writers; they expected future generations to…
I was a primary author in the Federalist Papers. I know more than you
That's why we have separation of powers. The founders designed the system with "minority faction" in…
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"Constitution" and "Federalist Papers" on the bio, but is cool with the 1A only being for Christians to make more p…
Have you ever read the Federalist or Anti Federalist Papers? The general welfare d…
teaching Judith Butler in the morning & the Federalist Papers in the afternoon!
Before LG throws the term around he might want to do a read of J Madison and the Federalist Papers
Today is a great day in - We're listening to Hamilton lyrics while annotating Federalist Papers.
the fact is Trump has disdain for Constitutional Rights;he has never read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers,…
Wading DEEP into the political conversation of the day, time to dig out the federalist & anti federalist papers.
I have three copies, including Bill of Rights, Articles of the Confedration, Federalist…
You are just to focused on two words. Try actually reading history.…
As a lot of people do I read the Federalist papers in college. But the majority of folks simply aren't…
You really should read the constitution and federalist papers. But you are more into kings...and queens 🤢
Madison and Hamilton were really the first two federalists, the two m…
He should reread the Federalist papers!
Read the Federalist Papers. They didn't rank demagogue…
I flat out don't believe you😐 You assigned us so many reading assignments. Remember the Federalist Papers!???! 🐍
Maybe ideology, adherence to precedent and stare decisis is what's wrong. Read the Federalist papers
Have you read the federalist papers? Don't lie, I know you haven't since you seem to think there is a difference.
Sweetheart you're you're special brand of intelligent aren't you. Constitution doesn't work that way. Try…
Still reading the Federalist Papers and maybe knocking Hamilton off of his pedestal just a…
You little troll are going to love studying the…
In Hamilton doc Ryan smarmingly says he's read Federalist Papers many times b/c wants to know what Const. means. Ti…
John Jay, America's first Chief Justice and an author of the Federalist Papers, died 1829
John Jay, diplomat, author of Federalist Papers, governor of NY, first Chief Justice of died in 1829 htt…
* Along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, he published the Federalist Papers, f/ ratification of the Constitution.
James Madison was a co-author of the Federalist Papers with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.
Scarborough . “Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote about it in the Federalist Papers. It was enshrined in Madison’s Constitution.
There is no mention of Executive Orders in the Federalist Papers. Not by Madison, not by Hamilton, not by Jay.
As Alexander Hamilton said in 'The Federalist Papers,' law is about t...
that cannot be. If you read the federalist papers, which are an advertisement 4 the "completed" constitution, they show more flex.
Nothing is more outdated than majority rule. America actually has one of the most progressive systems. Federalist p…
domain names
Book Club questions now posted! We are reviewing Federalist 3. To join our club see the info page:
you'll be teaching the federalist papers after putting CNN you can't be eating pancakes during school you'll be busy🤔
Gawd Bub, in November it was rereading The Federalist Papers, now it's Thoreau's Civil Disobedience. Tough on an old union thug
you better reread The Federalist Papers before you give that civics lesson.
Hmm turns out the Federalist Papers have a bit on emoluments and conflicts of interest with foreign (and domestic) entities. 1/N
Do they require that, in a subsequent part of these papers.
Madison's Federalist papers Explains it Oligarchy!. was OK till Moore's Law & the technological Benefit. of excelati…
Back when I went to School they taught us the Constitution Bill of Rights & Federalist Papers!
Also, Alexander Hamilton brought up literally every scenario in the Federalist Papers. The checks and balances will work.
The first amendment is very clear. Read some Federalist papers if you still have doubts
depends I guess on how ya read the Federalist Papers and Constitutional intent of the politics then.
Wonder if libtardo lying Democrats kno what Bill of Rights, Mayflower Compact, Bible, Federalist Papers. Are!??
I feel like the opposition to the federalist papers would be saying "I told you so!" now...
A great book about the US Constitution - the Federalist Papers - only $12.99 on Amazon
actually the electoral college was a hedge by Founding Fathers to protect a young republic. See Hamilton/Federalist Papers.
lol we'll have to agree to disagree then... All of this was discussed in the federalist papers. Peace
I know that there are Federalist papers; there are also anti-Federalist papers. 1 guy's interpretation doesn't = proper interpretation. 2/
The Constitution of the United States. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison
For the people who don't understand what I mean by "the electoral college failed our founders," read this.
This incredibly subtle truth is only understood by the most highly educated historians of radical jewry and Federalist papers.
Like it states in The Federalist Papers essay learn from the mistakes of Europe. You agree w/ importing savagery…
lost the popular vote & electoral college failed to do its job described in the Federalist papers
The post trys to deny. No small pockets of dense population sho…
The public papers will be more evident, than that of a right to do it.
The system is fine, *** designed that way. Try reading the Constitution or Federalist Papers
Someone (graham) needs to read federalist papers, brush up on founding of
Some North Dakota lawmakers want to make the Federalist Papers required reading for students
in the Federalist Papers Ben Franklin warned of the erosion of our political process in a two party system. We're watchin it now
prediction: Trump will validate everything the anti-federalists said about the presidency and Madison & the federalist p…
In other words give it to your side. Once again read the Federalist Papers.
This was the intent of the Founding Fathers and if more Americans would read The Federalist Papers, they would see this. Clearly.
Good to know the typical liberal response correlates w/ the Federalist Papers (Written by Founding Fa…
"The accumulation of all powers may justly be pronounced the definition of tyranny". James Madison, Federalist Papers
resource: Federalist Papers are classic study of Read them at Avalon Project:
The Argument in the Federalist Papers for an electoral college for Presidential elections
Paul Ryan saying he's read the Federalist Papers multiple times.
Todays inspiration: Alexander Hamilton dealt with constipation, yet he powered through it and wrote the federalist…
Feds Order Law Enforcement Agencies to HIRE Criminals as Cops | The Federalist Papers O again.What could go wrong?
James Madison, Federalist Papers "But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on...
And the Supreme Court has affirmed that states can make that the whole point. You don't have to go to Federalist Papers.
Read the Federalist papers, because you don't understand. If you still don't like it, arrange an Art. V convention.
Two things from this election:. 1) Please for the love of God, every single one of you please read the Federalist Papers, particularly No. 10
Lol. I know I'm right. Read the Bill of rights read the federalist papers
I almost laughed at his claim of reading the Federalist Papers because he loved the Constitution so much. Sure, buddy.
Since the Federalist Papers were written to promote the Constitution is sounds good to me.
Is it in the Federalist Papers or something that each election is The Most Important of Our Lifetimes?
Someone mentioned the Federalist Papers. Finally. Thank you sir.
I actually read both federalist and antifederalist papers and I was like . o O ( ok none of this will work )
Qatar Gave Clinton Charity $1 Mill. | The Federalist Papers (abuse after abuse of power, of discretion, acting as a…
Factions are praised throughout the Federalist Papers for how they preserve our freedom. That’s democracy.
Federalist Papers.Would be hard to find today.Madison,Jay,Hamilton. Thank u 4 being current day fed paper writer!
Couldn't pass up a wine with this label. And yes, I know Ben did not write any of the Federalist papers. Better be…
Several, w diff wordings-era was pre-Edison. Fortunately we do have Federalist 10:
I just gave my 12yr old niece a pocket US Constitution and a The Federalist Papers. Can't believe how excited she was.
I may be handing out copies of Elements of Style Tuesday also copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers!
Again, all this stuff isn't from me. It's straight from The Federalist Papers.
Easy, Sir. I was about to vote for you. Too late to send you a copy of the Federalist Papers?
Federalism is imperial, not homogeneous, decentralized. It's why empire is used in The Federalist Papers
A classic use of Bayesian stats to identify authors of the Federalist Papers:
According to the Federalist Papers, it then goes to a "They Shoot Horses, Don't They"-style dance marathon.
govt coercion is too difficult to place limits on. Even geniuses who wrote federalist papers failed
"The excellence of the trial by in civil cases is that is a against -Federalist Papers…
The rich and the well-born, according to the Federalist Papers, was g...
How about, what Trump is saying makes Palin's word salads look like a lost chapters of the Federalist Papers.
For all the AP gov students writing the Federalist and Antifederalist papers:
4/44: Co-Author of the Federalist Papers. Sec. of State. Father of the Constitution. Member of Continental Congress.
On this day in 1787, the Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay were published. ht…
Today is the day A. Ham, J. Mad and J. Jay published the Federalist Papers!
These people have obviously not read Federalist Papers let alone writings/speeches of Daniel Webster or Henry Clay.
I hope you read some John Locke and Federalist Papers for balance:)
According to the Federalist Papers, written by Alexander Hamilton, the US populace is the militia.
I have a one track mind. All I can imagine is Alexander Hamilton writing 51 of a planned 25 essays in the Federalist Papers.
We have a whole generation that REALLY needs to read the Federalist Papers. The principles in the Constitution have pur…
“The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”–Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers
Better than a "Hamilton" shout-out? Long-lost Federalist Papers manuscript by John Jay has surfaced.
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Listening to Hamilton and writing a paper on Federalist Papers. Ily liberal arts & America.
*Reminds self that Alexander Hamilton wrote 51 of the Federalist Papers, so there's no reason I can't get through one more paper*
Deported Soviet poet Joseph Brodsky created as must-read list. Federalist Papers are a part of it.
If you waterboarded Trump do you think he could tell you what the Federalist Society is? How about the Federalist Papers?
Purpose of Constitution is to limit power of Federal govt., not the American people. --Federalist Papers ht…
Have you studied American History and the Constitution along with the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence?
Read Hamilton re electoral college in the Federalist Papers.
If the authors of the Federalist Papers heard this discussion, they would drop independence and back George III.
The Second Amendment doesn't trace to the Federalist Papers, it traces to George Mason's Virginia Declaration of Rights.
you clearly have no knowledge of the Founders' reasoning. Read the Federalist Papers. Stop letting reflexive emotion control.
We're discussing the Federalist Papers in lit today so it's taking all of my will power to not sing the entirety of Hamilton under my breath
calls for term limits is based on a reflexive, "throw the bums out" mentality; not reason. Read Federalist Papers 52 & 73.
Pt 2 This is why Hamilton, Madison and John Jay posted the articles known as 'The Federalist Papers' under the pen name 'Publius'
Federalist papers by Alexander Hamilton, relevant to Supreme Court nominations. No76 …. No77 htt…
Don't forget! Tonight: Wine and Dine (for free) with the Federalist Papers. Doors open at 6:15 at the Kirby Center.
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Looking thru Federalist Papers now for "GMO labeling".
…or the reasoning from the Federalist Papers will be cited to ensure the policy proposal is fully grounded in our Founding Principles. 9/11
And the Federalist Papers are equally vital for understanding the intent behind the words in the Constitution. 5/11
Fun fact: Alexander Hamilton wrote 51 of the 85 Federalist Papers
Good article. I've been thinking about The Federalist papers a lot lately.
"To assure judges act responsibly they are liable to be impeached by the House and tried by the Senate". Hamilton 1788 Federalist Papers 79
Interesting but irrelevant. The US Code is LAW. Federalist papers are historical documents. Try again.
True story I once saw a guy on a date expounding about specifics of the Federalist Papers and he seemed to be doing okay so
Have decided to buy copies of the Federalist Papers for all my non-American friends who are obsessed with Hamilton
I've gotta get the federalist papers, get the federalist papers.
Read the Federalist Papers and get back to me. Also see Goldwater, McCain, George Romney
They are catholic intellectuals deeply steeped in the federalist papers and smarter than you but republican and this one baffles them.
The whole thing fool. Read the Federalist Papers. Read the Anti-Federalist writings.
.I was reading the Federalist Papers today. "Increase the number of converts by loudness of declerations." (Introduction)+
I get so hype during Hamilton when they say he wrote 51 essays for the Federalist Papers
thinking about getting the federalist papers as an audio book. Worth the listen? Any suggestions for something better?
Every time i get tired writing a paper, i just remember that Alexander Hamilton wrote 51 of the federalist papers
If you guys haven't read the federalist papers, PLEASE do. I have studied them all and they add such depth to the creation of the US
yes i know. There is other laws after and federalist papers. Check it out
On page 48 of 688 of The Federalist Papers, by Alexander Hamilton: Only way to read this ...
Factoid: In my 20s I wrote a choral composition entitled The Federalist Papers. Never got more than half a page, but it was a grand idea.
Seriously I said that I was tired of the phrase "legislating from the bench" and a friend linked to an article about the federalist papers.
you could just direct your friend to the excellent 10 pt course on Federalist Papers that Hillsdale College offers for free
Alexander Hamilton, the Federalist Papers and the looming SCOTUS battle. via
Ted claims 2 b Constitutional Scholar. No proof of that. I see a distorted view of Federalist Papers. Defend himself in court
Excuse me: The Federalist Papers are, in his view, an example of good propaganda and were used to unite the 13 colonies against the British.
okay. If you'll google bill of rights, federalist papers, constitution.its all good.
Reading the Federalist Papers... WHY James Madison? I have the attention span of a squirrel.
Have read the Constitution and the Federalist papers. Fully understand & intent
"Have you even read the Federalist Papers?" - Judge to a Sovereign Citizen who doesn't "consent to registering his vehicle"
It should be read, but so should Locke's 2nd Treatise, Hobbes' Leviathan, Plato's Republic, & the Federalist Papers.
The Constitution was written in 1787. The Federalist papers supported the Constitution. Written by James Madison, Alex Hamilton, John Jay.
The Founding Fathers can teach you a thing or two about creativity.
Hey, ignorant, read The Federalist Papers and see WHY they included the 2nd Amendment
Then read unrevised copy of Federalist Papers 4.truth + Bible does not teach dominion
The "defenders" of the American Way want to ensure nothing like The Federalist Papers can ever happen again.
Someone buy me a copy of the federalist papers
Bill of Rights, "Right of the People", surrounded by other rights. Federalist papers/writings. Yeah, I'll stick with the facts.
“The is itself, in every rational sense, and to every useful purpose, A BILL OF RIGHTS.” Federalist 84
nope, you guys will be writing essays on the more obscure Federalist papers
brief answer. The federalist papers provide insight into the whys of the articles and clauses of the US Con.
study constitution, federalist papers, Madison, Vattels Law of Nations
Interested in hearing ur thoughts on how Federalist (& anti-) papers support or contradict ur views on proper interpret of US Con
Prof: who wrote the federalist papers
I've read the federalist papers,the amendment process,the constitution,bill of rights,& the Founding Fathers letters.
She's forgotten more about the Constitution and Federalist Papers than you'll ever learn. She's already blocked you, so bye!
& your welcome to read the founders arguments in the federalist papers General welfare of the country not your lazy ***
Audio book idea: reads The Federalist Papers to us.
Has any one of you turkeys read The Federalist Papers? go on try it
If only the libs could read the Federalist Papers. If only the libs could read ... Enlist at https…
I read 4 of The Federalist Papers on my lunch hour...
I demand that you read the Federalist Papers
some people in class today wondered why I knew too many facts about the federalist papers
1788: Publication of FEDERALIST 45 (about strength of proposed federal gov't). http…
No one specifically. But we're always looking to spread the word about the Federalist Papers!
Re: Spirit, I'm referring to the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers Prior To The Constitution.
boy in my class: the federalist papers were written by James Madison John Jay and some other people. me, blasting nonstop: LISTEN HERE U FOOL
I keep meaning to sit down and read the Federalist Papers
How has a hip-hop musical given me feels about the Federalist Papers tho
is that supposed to be condescending? Like I don't know what the Federalist Papers are? Keep trying highschooler.
US founders knew that cannot be swapped for This is why Obama wanted to make peace with
I have read 3 (very long) federalist papers and I just have no idea what they are about 🙄
Right-the Founding Fathers also hid fm debates-except for that whole Federalist Papers thing, etc. You could look it up.
Like. This must be what Hamilton felt like after finishing the The Federalist Papers. Minus the disappointment.
Wish he'd meet w/ read Federalist Papers 2 get need 4 small, decentralized gov't. He'd get it.
my recent goodreads tbr: The Federalist Papers ✔️ The Reynolds Pamphlet ✔️. i have lost all chill
in ap us gov we got assigned readings.. which included some of the federalist papers.. all 4 are by Madison
Want a better understanding of the Spend some time reading the Federalist Papers.
Separation of powers is the most important of the precautions to prevent governmental tyranny
Go read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence Trump...Federalist Papers too. ∗Puts on party hat∗
Overheard: Aaron Burr: You wrote 51 of the federalist papers? Alexander Hamilton: What, like it’s hard?
Guy just boarded the plane wearing a fedora and carrying a copy of The Federalist Papers, how do I do a citizen's arrest
Clearly you have never read the Constitution Or the Anti/Federalist papers. ever... not once... .
For my Political Theory final, The Federalist Papers is one of the texts covered. Oh APUSH feels.. pls save me.
I can't find my copy of the Federalist Papers, but I'm sure the Founding Fathers felt waitresses were a threat to the republic.   10% Off
Call him a racist. The Federalist Papers say that America is a White nation.
The great thing about the Federalist Papers is that they establish America as a White nation.
Today writers of the Federalist Papers would be considered white supremicist trolls by Multicultural Marxist Media.
It's like 10 pages. Federalist Papers a little longer though, lol
I am swamped with CS Lewis, a Churchill book by Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, the Federalist Papers and Computer Books!
Somehow I didn't own a copy of the Federalist Papers. Thanks for correcting that
it helps to read the other writing of the people who crafted that, and the Federalist Papers. Helps understand it.
Remember, any chance for left to frame narrative of conservatives, likely to resemble a Todd Akin quote rather than The Federalist Papers.
wear a clapboard with a quote from the federalist papers in downtown DC and punch people as they walk by?
Hamilton w . Me: who would have thought I would get chills over the federalist papers?. Moon: if any of us i would guess u
20 minutes into write the Federalist Papers and chill and he gives u this look
To better understand challenges in US government (and 2016 election) you should read the Federalist Papers. No Joke!
Hamilton commissioned Hillsdale's first edition of the Federalist Papers.
Today in 1787: The first of 85 "Federalist Papers" is published. The papers were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.
Today in 1787, the first Federalist Papers were published. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, & John Jay urged ratification of C…
This is literally counter to almost everything contained in THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.
We rightfully laugh at Locke & Demosthenes in Ender's Game, but you know what, the Federalist Papers happened.
Read the Federalist papers and you will find you are in the wrong.
I am a paid historian. The 2nd was guaranteed to prevent tyrannical usurpation. Read the Federalist Papers
I think you would do well to read the federalist papers to better understand American politics.
FYI the Separation of Church and State is in the Federalist Papers not the US Constitution.
anyone else want to dissect the incredible way Aaron Burr describes the writing of the Federalist Papers in Hamilton
Suggested reading: The Constitution of the US and the Federalist Papers
Because I've been listening to nonstop, I have been inceptioned into reading The Federalist Papers.
If Alexander Hamilton can write 51 Federalist Papers in 6 months how come I can't even do my homework
No. Read Federalist papers. General Welfare clause means you have to do equally for all states
The Federalist papers are so dry and repetitive and so filled with run on sentences/information it drives me crazy.
And then was introduced by the Supreme Court decades later? Or maybe it's that I've actually read the Federalist Papers.
the Federalist Papers are not law - the BoR prohibits infringement explicitly
And to come full circle the Federalist Papers do not prohibit from deciding . .
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The federalist papers promote the Constitution. They predate it's ratification.
.. Exactly correct. And the Bill of Rights came about because of the Federalist Papers.
.. The Federalist Papers are available at the link I gave you should you ever want to cure your ignorance.
The Federalist Papers support of adopting the Constitution. . Do you get it yet? .
The Federalist Papers do indeed predate the adoption of the Constitution. LOFL .
Do you even know why the Federalist Papers were written?
Spare Me! . You didn't even know the Federalist Papers predate the Constitution.
.. I gave you a link to a gov source on the Federalist Papers, go read it, if you can.
.. You are clueless. I gave you a link explaining the Federalist Papers, come back after you read it.
TriviaTuesday: Q - Which of the Federalist papers is currently the most cited by justices of the U.S. Supreme Court?
.. Read the Federalist Papers... if you dare.
,. That is the definition SCOTUS uses, they read the Federalist Papers, unlike you apparently.
LMAO. So weak. Even the quotes from the Federalist Papers? Those are quite easy to look up.
further constitutional debates, federalist papers, FFs words back this up. .
So Liberal schools won't teach the Constitution, Federalist Papers & Creation? We've got it covered + more 4 teens.
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Omg, Angelica gave Jefferson the copy of the Federalist Papers Eliza gave her!! Scandal.
the federalist papers and by James Madison (aka bae 😍)
★Karl Rove Wants to Repeal the 2nd Amendment | The Federalist Papers->
Never thought I'd cry over how many Federalist papers Hamilton wrote but it happens every single time I listen to "Non-Stop"
have you read many quotes from them? Everyone should. Federalist papers.. Good start..
How crazy is it that only 12% of AMERICANS could identify any one writer of the Federalist Papers
Federalist Papers 1787-1788; written to support the new Constitution & is the single most important source for Constitutional interpretation
My sister is learning about the federalist papers and Alexander Hamilton in her history class and really love everything rn 😊❤️
No I don't. You are misconstruing what "well regulated means." Read the Federalist Papers, it is very clear what it means
Really? Your support? Read the Federalist Papers for my support that 2nd Amendment is to protect us from our Federal Gvmt.
I never would have thought I'd be interested in checking out the Federalist Papers. But here we are.
From Hillary's statements, she has never read the federalist papers as to why the 2nd Amend. was inserted.
Not necessarily a bad thing if the electorate does the same. And reads the Federalist Papers.
folks. pls read these. pay close attention to from the FATHER of our
I'm a history minor... I'm writing a paper on the Federalist Papers instead of communism or Abe Lincoln. I've learned so much
LOL the Federalist Papers! As if Obama has or would ever read them!
Ted Cruz was reading John Locke, Adam Smith, the Federalist Papers and Milton Friedman in high school. . He was...
A *** gon try and tell me I need not read Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Papers —read and listen to Angela Davis 😟😷 as if!
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and Joy Jay collaborated to write the Federalist Papers.
Time to post Federalist Papers on every politicians page
If y'all paid attention in school, Kanye's saying what you were taught in US History. John Locke, Federalist Papers, Tocqueville.
go read your Federalist Papers. You're using leftist talking points and undermining the tea party.
I was referencing the website mentioned, not the Federalist Papers. What college?
.The Federalist Papers are a rightwing site?
You get an amen to that brother that's what they try to tell us in the constitution and then the federalist papers
Federalist Papers 9 & 10 are not represented w/o amendment that stipulates tolerance of diversity for factions to represent Amer
How does the government protect our rights? Look to the Federalist Papers.
Illegal immigrants to get IRS refunds; even if not pay tax | The Federalist Papers
The last tsar does not belong between FDR the biography and the federalist papers does no one in this family know order?
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