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Federal Hall

Federal Hall, built in 1700 as New York's City Hall, later served as the first capitol building of the United States of America under the Constitution, and was the site of George Washington's inauguration as the first President of the United States.

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Mr Kojima, big fan, I've wanted to know for over 10 years - what was Solidus's last words before he fell off of Federal Hall?
THE DRONES ARE HERE. I was walking through my Best Buy last night when I came across the drones. Micro-size to...
Our schedule of repair events has been finalized for 2017! Next up: South King Repair Café at Federal Way City Hall…
Thanks to Federal Court Judge (and Gator Alumnus) Mandy Aylen for sharing her wisdom speaks at Academic D…
My ancestors would have laughed you out of Federal Hall. UnAmerican & no honor. You're a disgrace to everything American.
Coming soon to a Federal Prison near you.
He won't even talk to constituents in town, in a hall. THAT is ridiculous extreme par…
Just an impromptu American history lecture by the versatile on the steps of Federal Hall in NYC…
teaching a short American history class on the footsteps of Federal Hall where…
"Don’t give me the mums and dads spiel" – ScoMo grilled by frustrated Aussies over housing affordability:
Catch it now while we still have one! @ Federal Hall National Memorial
"Hold a town hall, they said. Your constituents won't notice you trying to sell federal land…
Hello I just saw Pablo Escobar dressed as a construction worker and blasting a cig in front of Federal Hall what is UP
Interactive Session of AP, with Permanent Secretaries and Head of Federal Agencies at The Banquet Hal…
Visit of German Federal Minister of Transport & Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt show in Munich, ha…
Would hate to lose at the federal level but it would be awesome to see her kick out of ci…
Issue of dominates ScoMos talk on the Central Coast
Federal President of the AEU, Correna Haythorpe, addressing the media outside Adelaide Town Hall
Politic 1. Understands climate change. Federal Hall is only a church. Not that's lol Gods mansion. Rest towers Trump.
Why is the ONLY federal lawmaker from…
City Hall, asking to use municipal property for a public event that turned out to be a campaign event. He may have broken federal law with a
There is no trip to federal reserve without a trip to city hall with Mr. Downey and the ap econ squad!!
One year ago today, we opened the doors of Here's a look back at our 1st year: https:/…
Join the Forum Town Hall The free event will discuss federal policy changes and impact on preservation
George Washington was sworn in as POTUS on the Chamber balcony in Federal Hall in 1789
in 1789, a huge crowd witnessed George Washington take the oath of office as first at NYC’s Federal Hall h…
On 4-30-1789, On the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City, George Washington takes the oath of o
1789, George Washington was inaugurated at Federal Hall in New York City.
Though I still need to visit Federal Hall, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, NYSE, and Grand Central.
On this day in 1790 Congress moved from the Old City Hall (now Federal Hall) i…
Anyone followed up on Story regarding Federal Grant, $$$, (Where it went) for Expansion: Bessie Smith Hall, Youth program?
Lucky Joe Walsh sued Charlie Hales in federal court to protect access to City Hall! today demanding a resignation! thanks Judge Simon!
Black Wall Street will be performed at Federal Hall as a part of 6/19-20:
Live from Tele Town Hall: We don't need federal control of schools, we need local control.
If you missed the exhibition "Portal" at Federal Hall here is a picture from these papier-mâché street scenes … ht…
The Federal Ministry of Information and Culture will hold a special Town Hall Meeting in Hausa on Friday 27th...
put up the 4sale sign on City Hall & now state & federal investigators are following the money.
Audit: Hillary broke federal rules with email server via
Make a difference that will change your future. Join us June 6-7 in our Exhibitor Hall. FL 8a Conf
Make valuable connections this summer. June 6-7 at DoubleTree Hilton. Join us in our Exhibitor Hall- FL 8a Conf.
The FBI does not investigate rule breaking. Hall Monitors do. The FBI investigates federal FELONIES! The walls are closing in!
BREAKING NEWS: U.S. State Department concludes Hillary did not comply with federal electronic communication policies. h…
Our new building has a new microsite. Go to to learn about Capitol Federal Hall.
$1.6 Million has been awarded to fire departments in We're talking w/ Mattoon's Fire Commissioner Rick Hall.
An federal investigation is underway at Grovetown City Hall.
AW, subject of new, revealing documentary argues against "complete transparency" @ City Hall
Violent acts against police service animals should be a Federal offence on par with Federal hate crime legislation.
Federal indictment says city hall official forced union hiring by withholding permits
IoT by Technical Advisor at FCC. (@ Conference Hall 1,2&3 in Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lum)
Totally unimpressed with Federal Town Hall meeting on environment /climate change. Lacked any substance & chaotic. Must do better than that.
Federal authorities to seek death penalty against Dylann Roof in Charleston Church Shooting -
it's The pipe your Right Tanin we had a little circle me and my boys snuck it in inthe hall way of a Federal Trial HA HA Funny
Fantastic turnout for Town Hall Meeting on Climate Change with Federal MP's
A former Casey City Clerk has pled guilty to charges related to defrauding the City and burning down City Hall:...
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is under investigation over campaign fundraising
John Tory joins John McCallum to make an announcement at Toronto City Hall: Mayor Tory to join the federal Mi...
Pro Football Hall of Fame Member Ron Mix faces up to three years in federal prison after pleading guilty in M...
mediocre. Reporters nothing on the cover up at City Hall federal crimes caught up in.misdirection squatter Offices please!
Only on Former federal judge & Hall of Fame inductee Michael Burrage weighs-in on nomination.
Adam Shares a Trio of Tattoos: I met Adam on the steps of Federal Hall last week and he shared several tattoo...
Happening now: House Committee on Army, Federal House of Rep in a town hall meeting in Aba
ONLY ON Hear what a former federal judge & OK Hall of Fame inductee says about the nominee & what the senate should do.
Depicting a history of Black American finance in NYC, Moran's Black Wall Street will show at Federal Hall in
David's Munster of a Portrait: I met David last month on the steps of Federal Hall in lower Manhattan. I have...
Walsh administration on Monday again refused to divulge if feds have served subpoenas on City Hall. via
Check out the new microsite for Capitol Federal Hall, including a timeline of the building project, at
Access Divided, our newest Public Lands Report, examines outdoor recreation, a way of life: https:/…
Because you're trying to escape, or because you want to ride an AI boat to Federal Hall and fight a vampire?
Trump's inauguration will be the most important since George Washington was sworn in April 30, 1789 at Federal Hall, New Y…
The current federal minimum wage to a town hall in Alton, NH last night!
You weren't always old. But you wanted to get old. And not while serving 40 years in federal prison!
We're at to celebrate Washington's Inauguration & More: https:…
1789, George Washington was inaugurated as 1st at Federal Hall in NYC.
On This Day. 1789: At NY’s Federal Hall, George. Washington was sworn as the first President of the United States https…
today is April 30th, which is the day metal gear Ray crashed into federal hall and raiden faced off with Solidus on its roof
I've got no shortage of amazing pics from last year's 4/30 shoot at Federal Hall ⚡️🌹
Tammany Hall-style ethics are alive & well in 21st century America. says is OK w/ it.
1789 American democratic process began w/ Geo Washington taking the Pres. oath of office at Federal Hall, NYC ht…
Buhari: Time for Stocktaking: Though last Monday’s town hall meeting in Lagos provided the federal government...
Sunday funday in the ? Take a quick break & stop by the Federal Hall court room 4 a fun teaching activity
May 4-10, will be part of Portal, a new 4heads show at Federal Hall (!!) running concurrently w/ Frieze.
New Portal Art Fair to Run Concurrent With Frieze New York: The Federal Hall building, originally known as the...
5 things to watch in the Democratic town hall Hillary Clinton belongs in Federal Prison 2016
Administration really thinks they can break a state and federal law cuz I was charging my phone in study hall😂
Good Town Hall in Raymond. Please talk about your experience/3 sectors. Private/State/Federal.CEO Trump inexperience!
Background on why these cases are so hard for federal prosecutors to bring:
KrisAnne Hall State Sovereignty: The Roles of the States and Federal Gov... via
My staff will be holding office hours 3-5p @ Everglades City Hall, 102 Copeland Ave. if you need help with any federal issues.
DoD's Defense Innovation Unit Experimental is holding town hall this month to facilitate work w/ small business...
Advocate sues over a purported loss of $356 million in federal funding.
Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) urged to provide free canopies to all licensed night market hawkers in the federal capital - Bernama
In Federal Hall was sworn in as the nation’s first president and gave that prophetic warning.
Sheila Farrington granted ‘compassionate release’ from sentence in Dallas City Hall bribery case
Mayor Lyn Hall says he thinks the city needs to, rather quickly, look at new federal infrastructure funds to see if PAC might be in queue
Do u believe the crack in foundation of Federal Hall on reveals a crack in the foundation of More:
When the fell a shock wave from to Federal Hall cracked its & foundation.
Federal is killing job growth in ...I'm talking about that & more on a live tele-town hall.
Come to our Pies with Pi's tonight in Federal Hall Rm 005 from 6-8
Sheila Farrington of City Hall case given compassionate release
Sheila Farrington granted &release&from sentence in Dallas City Hall bribery case
Tonight! Public meeting re: redesign of 100 Federal Street plaza. 6:30-8:30pm at City Hall. ht…
City Hall, sheriff get more time to talk New Orleans jail issues: A federal judge has given ...
"Marty Golden acknowledged that federal prosecutors were looking at campaign money he spent at a catering hall now owned by his brother."
via Brave talk Bill-sadly if you remain at 14% you won't have to give up-your Party and the Unions will do it.
that us Federal law. I do it every year at my union hall. Have you ever been a union member? Can a business join CoC w/out dues?
Appreciated time with liaison Hunter Hall to talk and federal higher education issues
Federal police on scene near lockdown for suspicious person w/ gun in city hall.
Marching for & Probe into Join us Today, 12 Noon, @ City Hall.
: Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten hopes to win back voters, town hall by town hall: "I never give up. I don't and I won't"…
Stop telling us how brave you are Bill. you'r just a fool not a hero. via
'A battle that takes place on Wall Street (at Federal Hall) – Snake versus Ocelot and Raiden versus Solidus.' bro
SXSWi updates: Baratunde Thurston in Hall of Fame, Community Fund Grants announced
I made Cate pose at Federal Hall, where George Washington was sworn…
Ran into my niece Katie Chapman: Federal Bar gathering across hall from her ⏱party! Book Cadillac
300 to 400 people here in Federal Plaza now, more amassing. A second contingent is coming from city hall too
Making my way downtown to City Hall and then Federal Plaza.
New Federal Register Notice posted. Comment on proposed changes to by Jan, 25, 2016.
Senate just PASSED the 5-day CR extending federal gov't funding until 12/16 by voice vote.
Every child & adult will get a first set of winter clothes: a new coat, boots, tuque and gloves, courtesy of the federal…
Federal Hall in Manhattan here, participating in the virtual with music and marching!
Is this the same Councillor that stated the most important decision was actually a Federal issue?
Electronic Device Insurance
Thrilled that the passed today provides for federal funding of pediatric early literacy programs, consistent wit…
The annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly will take place today at 12 pm in the Grand Kremlin Palace's St Ge…
Just last week the Federal MP for Shortland, Jill Hall, brought up the issue of greyhounds being exported! She...
Federal Rikers education case could be nearing resolution - Capital New York
On Dec. 1, Long Beach residents gathered inside City Hall to ask that Long Beach be added to a long list of...
Obama didn't fight a blond androgynous man on top of Federal Hall back in 2009. MGS2 lied to all of us!
CSBS, Federal Reserve publish national survey, town hall summaries on state of ...
Guess where I am tonight. Done my secondment to Federal Election unit and back at city hall.
Happy Hour before the March to City Hall. It's about to go down. (@ Federal House Bar & Grille -
Seton Hall Students - My department is hiring Federal Work Study Students. Let me know if you are interested. Info:
via . Can the 'new law' include federal child protection rights?
Federal judge again delays sentencing of ex-state Rep. W. Keith Hall, D-Phelps, on bribery conviction, this time to Jan. 7. ^JC
Parent accuses Moskowitz of violating federal student privacy laws
.Check the AAP Federal Affairs booth in the exhibit hall 😄
"On Saturday, July 18, 1795, an angry crowd stood gathered before Federal Hall in New York City, eager..."
Love that Hillary says she will work to overturn the Citizens United v Federal Election Commission ruling
Federal Hall ~ Two presidents were inaugurated in New York City, beginning with the first 'Dubya' -
Watching the seasons transition from the third floor of Federal Hall at Indiana State University.…
Hats off to Federal n Provincial authorities for an excellent job of maintaining peace today https:/…
Cool things I get to see on my way to my Federal Meeting this morning! @ San Francisco City Hall
Capitol Federal Hall was designed with the student experience in mind.
@ the French girl with the puppy in Federal Hall: NICE. HOW DID YOU SMUGGLE A DOG TO CAMPUS. TELL ME UR SECRETS
The 2014-15 academic year was spent putting the finishing touches on Capitol Federal Hall.
I'm at BAC 4A Lecture Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lum w/
City Council approves funds for Federal Way day shelter: A packed City Hall gave a standing ovation to the Federal…
Updated: More details on the federal grand jury subpoena to city hall re: Dillon Stadium
We’ve been working on putting the finishing touches on Capitol Federal Hall. Read about the building’s progress:
It's time to step up home growing MM in the NYC! SMOKEOUT N17 FEDERAL HALL!
A man in tiny shorts and a tiny black bra sings atonally on the steps of Federal Hall: "Be still and know I am God!"
At this time next year, we’ll be settling in to our new home. Read about what to expect in Capitol Federal Hall:
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
city hall? Or something! It sounded like a federal building by the name lol the Yelp review had 5 $ signs
My group and I outside Federal Hall...after a long day of walking.
Why are there 12 year olds in Federal Hall right now?
The ceiling at Federal Hall National Memorial, site of George Washington's inauguration as the first…
Available now on AudioMack! Download Free the new Freestyle by: CeePee "Dance Hall"
Thank you to everyone who voted for my painting at Federal Way City Hall - and helped me to win the People's...
Hellen Keller went to Radcliffe, has a federal holiday, a museum dedicated to her, and was inducted into the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame.
Today at 12, noon in Hanley Hall the College hosted a brown bag lunch to discuss the results of the Federal...
When you're at a federal hall lecture, and you have no idea what the people are talking about
LIVE: Justin Trudeau thanks voters in his acceptance speech. WATCH:
BREAKING: Global News projects a Liberal majority in
Federal Hall, yo. Seat of the first inauguration, presidency, and Capitol.
I love this federal government is liberal and Blue Jays 9-2 @ Toronto City Hall
Anyone near federal hall earlier!?! And perhaps get an autograph from one of my guys Kev Richardson??
Speakout to Get Money out of politics at 5pm at Federal Hall and the Final Organizing Assembly before S17 tonight at 6:30pm at 60 Wall St
What a stroke of luck! Capturing a record hall of ice in the same state that a federal by election is on in a week! *cough*
If you want to participate in the federal election debates, come out to the Town Hall on Sep 17 to provide your...
Photo: View of the federal ediface in New York,Federal Hall,NYC,1789
The Federal Ndp team was present at city hall to honour Queen Elizabeth II as the longest serving British monarch
all failures at Toronto city hall! NDP council just a reflection of federal NDP
CBO’s Updated Projections for the Federal Budget and the Economy: Presentation by Keith Hall, CBO Director, at...
To link local to federal is that we don't have useful census, so it is increasingly difficult to have local stats.
NY still has carried-interest loophole that no one in city/state is talking about closing: (
Federal Hall,N.Y. 1789 - First Capitol of the United States,1790,balcony,people
to any and all UMCP folks...I'll be at UMD later for a workshop on federal resumes if y'all can find out more info on your end. Skinner Hall
Bob Hall, Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina, discusses the need for federal and state prosecutors to…
"The Federal Communications Commission has effectively banned the tele-town hall, a common method of reaching out t…
I love the lobby in the basement in federal hall. Favorite area on campus hands down
Tunejji has a show on 2015-09-13 at 17:00 @ federal housing hall estate high school in Akure
Washington, being sworn in at Federal Hall. From my helicopter tour. (Or diorama)
Eating lunch at Fraunces Tavern near Federal Hall. Washington and the Sons of Liberty met in this Tavern.
Everyone would love to see Bernie on the steps of Federal Hall on Sept. 17 - Occupy's 4th birthday. What a party!
Two from Ana: Back in June, I met Ana down by Federal Hall in lower Manhattan. She shared two tattoos, startin...
EXCLUSIVE: The Federal Government Tried before to Stop the Trafficking of Fetal Remains, and Failed
Pretty crazy all the landmarks that make me feel "at home" ie: Wall St., NYSE, Freedom Tower, Federal Hall
.announced press conference for who died during OPD chase. Noon, Aug 20th, City Hall.
Lankford addresses regulations and taxes at town hall: Regulations by all federal agencies and taxes were the top…
Don't forget to come check out the U.S. Coast Guard Art Exhibit here at Federal Hall. On display until September 8th! h…
If Bernie is going to be anywhere on September 17, it should be at Federal Hall NYC, not too far from the famed Zucc…
Federal court battle erupts over Martha's Vineyard Tribal Casino
Interested in learning about Federal Hall's Customs House history? Join us on 9/7/15 to find out more!
Where Georgie took oath to be the first president of the United States 🇺🇸 @ Federal Hall
Legal expert at this VFW hall can't understand why Tom Brady vs the NFL is a federal court matter.
Some members of the Three Affiliated Tribes are calling for a federal investigation into former tribal chairman...
Carly in Alden, Iowa for a town hall on federal agriculture policy tonight at 5:30 PM Central.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sen. Mike Crapo got an earful about management of federal lands when he stopped in Castleford Tuesday afternoon:
Who 's orchestrating comm. organizers to disrupt federal election campaigns? Must be laws on books for obstruction
Interested in learning more about what working at Federal Hall was like when it was a Custom House? Join us on Labor Day to find out more!
Tribal members push for federal investigation into Hall
Join Angela Packer McGhie at 11 am in the main hall - Mining for Family History in Federal Land Records.
it is disrespectful to us as the American public when Federal government cares more about an organization then we...
MHA Nation tribal members push for federal investigation into Hall
"In January, the Riverkeeper, the JAX Chamber, City Hall and JaxPort signed a non-binding memorandum of...
Trudeau to become 1st federal leader to visit since writ was dropped. Town hall rally at Sheraton at 11:45
you should do a piece on the federal jury ruling in favor of officers in the 7 million $ class action suit vs Daron Hall
This sponsorship marks the company's 1st venture into college sports; aligns with our Univ. Partner
The building slated to become a bingo hall was originally intended to be a community center. The...
Why is Federal Government synonymous with Dictator & Destroyer? How much longer will we be silent?
Post Edited: Tribal members push for federal investigation into Hall
New post: Tribal members push for federal investigation into Hall
Future of tribe casino on Martha's Vineyard rests with judge
Future of tribe's plan to open gambling hall on Martha's Vineyard rests with federal judge
Federal judge to hear arguments over plan to open tribal gambling hall on Martha's Vineyard -
The met for the last time in NYC's Federal Hall in 1790
Federal Hall -The original building (1700-1812) was the first capitol building of the United States
First walked from Federal Hall, site of the inauguration, to a little stone church: St. Paul's Chapel.
John Quincy Adams Ward sculpted the James Garfield Monument in D.C. & George Washington at Federal Hall,
100 Facts About -42 The Bill of Rights, which contained the first 10 amendments to Constitution, was passed at Federal Hall in NYC.
Tour guide Erin teaching the Chinese Exchange students about Wall Street and Federal Hall.
New photos show asylum seekers detained on Manus Island living in squalor |
you've been in federal politics, provincial. Now you want to be in city hall as well. What's next? School trustee?
Federal Hall (26 Wall Street) was the first capitol of the US and the site of George Washington's inauguration on April 30, 1789.
Had a great last walk around NYC today. Wall St, NYSE, Federal Hall and the entire length of Central…
.discusses remarks on at town hall meeting on in LA.
Breaking: Federal judge strikes down Arizona's marriage equality ban. Stay tuned for more.
I liked a video from RUSSELL BRAND at Federal hall, Hugs Ranger!!
Ottawa's current city hall only dates to 1990. The previous Ottawa City Hall dates to 1958 and is now a federal office building.
'Ashamed to be Australian': 2014 Man Booker Prize winner Richard Flanagan hits out at Abbott environment policies http:/…
Lunch with George on the steps of Federal Hall, near
Bill de Blasio still lacks a federal security clearance and therefore cannot receive classified briefings. How come?
Hear from local, state and federal Candidates TODAY at YBP Candidate Forum at 5:30 @ City Hall Chambers!
George Washington, draped in snow on Wall Street, at Federal Hall, 1888 (LOC) |
if we keep adding more names to Kitam's we are going to have to go through federal city hall omg
[AccessNorthGA] Federal housing discrimination grant aimed at Hall, three other counties
Sunny called i was in the hall... @ Barracas, Distrito Federal, Argentina
coast of NYC, with the final Raiden/Solidus fight taking place on Federal Hall.
WATCH: Hawaii cop attacks pair during raid of suspected gambling hall in Chinatown: Federal authorities are in...
de blasio can downplay it all he wants. Reality is he does not have a classified clearance and that does matter.
Rain or shine, Public Safety Career Day is still on! Starts at noon in Taylor Hall courtyard. 40+ local, state, federal agencies.
.on steps of Federal Hall, is reverse mic-checking, repeating the shouts from the crowd.   10% Off
Via spent a day in Washington attending security briefings, even though he has no clearance
De Blasio downplays lack of federal clearance
De Blasio downplays lack of federal security clearance via
Skills in action The Federal Skills Competition of German Refrigeration Plant Assemblers in Hall 1
He said he has spoken with “lots of cops and understand their lives, understand their needs" via…
.here and now on the steps of Federal Hall.
I will be taking my oath on Thursday, April 30 outside of Federal Hall. (195)
Attorney General Holder recognizes federal prosecution team that won convictions in Dallas City Hall corruption case
Federal informant takes stand. Jason Hall admits helping cops at first to get leniency in his own criminal cases. Besides FBI, FDLE & OCSO
Protect Federal Hill; remember the cannon are aimed at City Hall for a reason!
U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs is holding town hall meetings as part of a nationwide effort to hear from the public
Important message for US citizens from the US Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro:
I don't "do politics," anymore, but like to make predictions, still: I think Federal judge will make L.A. City Hall RE-DO REDISTRICTING. LOL
Thank you, Voce di meche, for this lovely and thoughtful review of Saturday's concert at Federal Hall!
"It's a shame this boy had to due before the federal government stepped in." Speaker at City Hall meeting
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I liked a video from Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000BT - Hall County Siren
Federal Tory candidates Hein, Hillyer at forum tonight at Higdon Hall
The Federal Court House down town. This is what the Hall of Justice would look like. I just wish the area around it looked better.
"Hi RhondaJust got back from a cold, wet rainy evening in Adelaide from a packed hall, where the Leader of…" — gypjor
The federal man-date will also need a fancy dance hall, and a great band! Do you have any suggestions for the band?
OUTER SPACE - Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany - Bonn
Not Many Veterans Showed Up at Recent "Town Hall" Hosted by the VA via
Just a year later, George Washington was inaugurated on Wall Street outside of Federal Hall.
23. details are as follows;. Date: 26th December, 2014. Venue: The Multi-purpose Hall, Federal School of Surveying…
Wow 740 days since your last open town hall. Even longer since you put forward a federal budget
Im so tired and federal hall is freezing
in 2002, Congress held a special session at Federal Hall in for the anniversary of
Ray Nagin’s journey from City Hall to federal prison
Meet the Intel Federal team at the Tech Town Hall event. Intel's Carlos Contreras is speaking!
Candidates for IINs 8th District will participate in forum 7 p.m. Sept. 18 in the Community Conference Center of Federal Hall on ISU campus
The Mental Health Council of Tasmania claims federal cuts to welfare have led to a spike in suicides.
We don't need town hall meetings, we need federal judges to give us the right to be heard!
Federal appeals court to discuss Idaho *** marriage ban:
Federal judge rules for traditional marriage - Town Hall
Plans for the Ife Federal Constituency Youth Town Hall meeting hv begun.
Instead of calling the new building Capital Federal Hall, it should be Something fun like Captain Fred.
Uncle Jorge and me. Apparently he took the oath as the first president here. @ Federal Hall
.official downplays federal interest in ID cards
Where George Washington took the oath of office, Federal Hall,
Today at City Hall - Mayor Rob Ford has a press conference this AM with Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver
getting ready to testify at Philadelphia City Hall during a federal examination of local police abuse
MT "Ray 10 year prison sentence. Integrity is worth more than money
Another Inductee to the Dumb *** Club, Ray How you done messed up like this??
Do you think Ray 10 year prison sentence was fair?
Terry Riley at Federal Hall: Avant Garde Icon at the Top of His Game « Lucid Culture
Federal Hall, New York, was capital when constitution was written.
A CONTINUATION OF THE ISAIAH 9:6; AND THE POTENTIAL PROPHECY O THE United States AND IT'S RELATIONSHIP AND IT'S COVENANT TO GOD. There are also physical proofs that Isaiah's prophecy is against America but first let us examine our birthright Blessing. How it all began. Tom Daschle was correct when he stated that in 2001 America was 212 years old. We, the nation of America, were born on April 30, 1789. As I write it has now been 222 years since our beginning. As the prophecy states we were born a Christian nation. Isaiah 9:6 For a Child is born; to us a Son is given; and the government is on His shoulder; and His name is called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. 7 There is no end to the increase of His government and of peace on the throne of David, and on His kingdom, to order it, and to sustain it with justice and with righteousness, from now and forever. The zeal of the LORD of Hosts will do this. George Washington's Inaguration at Federal Hall 26 Wall Str ...
Also, look for protests at Zucotti Park (Liberty & Bway) & Federal Hall on Wall St.
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