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Federal Election Commission

The Federal Election Commission (or FEC) is an independent regulatory agency that was founded in 1975 by the United States Congress to regulate the campaign finance legislation in the United States.

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Follow the $$...Support the Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
With budget cuts looming, a federal voting agency fights for its survival:
The so-called Election Integrity Commission likely violates multiple federal laws and requirements. https…
One of the main objectives of the commission is to look at vulnerabilities in the fede…
Federal Election Commission =Huma Abedin has received insane amount of money from Hillary Campaign THIS YEAR! ~WHY?…
Hse sent letter to Federal Election Commission asking if mbrs could use campaign funds for residential/personal security
Forgetting the Federal commission for a moment, who validates the Illinois election results?
House Rep. recently voted to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission the only federal agen…
Kris Kobach, who mislead a federal judge in a voting rights case is the vice-chairman of Trump's election commission
It wd be good to have a federal elction commission with a broad remit,. w power to investigate election wrong-doing,…
Trump’s sham Election Integrity Commission will open the door to massive voter suppression at the federal level.
The Federal Election Commission has strict rules about what you can do with the $ leftov…
"The CNN report, which cited Federal Election Commission records, said that $56,000 had been donated to...
The Federal Election Commission has slapped the Michigan Democratic Party with a whopping $500,000 fine aft…
. asking the Federal Election Commission how they are maintaining ballot box integrity;.
Coincidentally, Republicans recently made it easier to hack an election, killing the Election Assistance Commission. https:/…
Hey genius, that's not his job, we have what's called a federal election commission that's suppose to p…
House GOP moved to shut down Federal Election Commission overseeing security of voting sy…
But I would be happy with the Federal Election Commission designing a machine and even a supplier.
Three members of the special counsel donated to Democrats, Federal Election Commission records show
“According to Federal Election Commission, Fox News Corp. donated more than $3 million to Clinton family accounts."/FEC…
Federal Election Commission member writes President Trump: Show us the evidence you have on voter fraud. "Facts matter, Mr…
Why Trump could mean all change at the Federal Election Commission – if he can be bothered.
Fill the Federal Election Commission vacancy with a Libertarian. via
Read the resignation letter: “Departing the Federal Election Commission” by
Democratic Ann Ravel resigns from Federal Election Commission. This opens a door for to keep .
“Departing the Federal Election Commission” by Thank you for you principled service.
Commissioner of makes it official, says in letter to Donald Trump she'll resign 3/1. . Background: https…
Sad day for as Dem Comm'r hangs up her spurs. She fought hard against relentless GOP obstruction.…
Commissioner of Federal Election Commission resigns due to Citizens United ruling giving too much power to corporations and wea…
Democrat resigns from Federal Election Commission over gridlock, giving Trump a chance to shape campaign rules.
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Democrat member of Federal Election Commission to make early exit: NYT
Pennsylvania Secretary of State, New Jersey Secretary of State, Federal Election Commission. There is a start.
Somalia's federal electoral commission should know the difference between a parliamentary session & an election. Quorum is about a session.
If there were truth to this, he'd report it to the Federal Election Commission. He's only saying it to stroke his fans' egos.
Federal Election Commission expert says it's POSSIBLE millions of ILLEGALS could have voted. Trump won pop vote too?.
The U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) has received an official complaint that Jill Stein is serving as front for Clinton
1/2 The Federal Election Commission is pathetic. The House was supposed to be sworn in 3 days ago, but no results yet, and --
During the federal election this year, Labor and the Greens pushed for a royal commission into the banks, which...
Hey journalists distracted by Trump's Hamilton shenanigans!. He lied to Federal Election Commission-underreported his debt…
Trump: disband the federal Election Commission, Make DoJ's top priority investigating Voter fraud in CA, Ny, Chicag…
His only election-related bill this Congress would terminate the federal Election Assistance Commission:…
A man who did his best to make the Federal Election Commission a lawless domain, who is cynical and amoral at best. So no…
Balderdash! They should go and hire America's federal election commission to come conduct the elections then...hoh!
Looks like we just found Trump's first appointee to the Federal Election Commission.
Details of GOP presidential candidates financial records have been released by the Federal Election Commission
A *Republican* former chairman of the Federal Election Commission warns Trump about corruption risk.
Why isn't the Federal Election Commission investigating this criminal act?
FEC Drops Probe of Murray Energy - Three members of the Federal Election Commission issued sharp criticism of t...
According to campaign finance reporting by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Republican Presidential Nominee...
FEC = Federal Election Commission. What charges do you mean? Maybe you mean FCC = Federal Communications Commission ?
Cruz. "We didn’t fail to disclose anything on our Federal Election Commission filings, you’re just remembering wrong again….."
That was an analysis of Federal Election Commission data (
Two months of finances generates three letters from Federal Election Commission. So much corruption.
"According to the Center for Public Integrity’s review of Federal Election Commission data, over a 14-month time...
(Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz failed to disclose to the Federal Election Commission a...
Exactly. Citizens can demo & demand ACTION from Congress, Federal Election Commission, TURN the channel & VOTE
The nation's top election watchdog just hit a new low
The Federal Election Commission may take “further legal action” after the Bernie Sanders campaign was caught...
My arch nemesis will forever be Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010).
Link to Federal Election Commission finance disclosure--not easy to find from home page
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"I put in one of the greatest financial statements probably ever given to the Federal Election Commission...the best assets."
Hey. Are primaries in your place conducted by the State/Federal Election commission or by the parties themselves?
Federal Election Commission grinches out the campaign
Your word against the Federal Election Commission. Hmm, who should I believe?
I sent you the PROOF direct from the Federal Election Commission website in case you want to let anyone know.
Cruz balks at campaign-loan disclosure rebuffed a request by the Federal Election Commission .
The tackled corporate campaign contributions, ruled by a case called Citizens United. More:
Ted Cruz failed to meet the requirements of the Federal Election Commission. You think he's stupid?
"We have a Federal Election Commission which tells us what we can & cannot do w/ our own money when we engage in public advocacy" Dr. Rahe
Ted Cruz is NOT in this to win anymore. They only way GOP wins is TRUMP. Do the math.
Cruz lied when failed to disclose the Goldman Sachs Loan as required by the Federal Election Commission
and increased his political giving after Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
“The FEC and the Case of the LLC”: Bauer: The Federal Election Commission’s job is…
According to federal election commission, Nick Saban's only political donation was $2,400 to friend Joe Manchin's 2010 se…
Federal Election Commission called on to investigate Scott Walker
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Here is a story links are at bottom-this is legit.
Donald Trump's Campaign Finance Filing to the Federal Election Commission. Record of Campaign Loans to his campaign
According to recent Federal Election Commission, Trump campaign has $6.9 million in the campaign acct vs Cruz's $18 million.
Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveals LIAR Donald J Trump is not self-funding. He has 4 Super-Pacs.
TeeHee!. BTW, where is the Federal Election Commission on these alleged abuses? Investigating in August is TOO late!
No he doesn't. trump's recent filing with the Federal Election Commission ..has just over $12 million
the financial figures I posted are the ones reported to the Federal election commission by the Trump campaign. So hmmm?
Read-between-the-lines on the issue: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Dead man's cellphone..
Katy Perry Paid $70K by Hillary Campaign: According to Federal Election Commission documents, pop ...
An election watchdog organization is asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate a recent $500,000 donation to a super political …
An election watchdog group has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission about a $500,000 donation from…
Federal $ Museveni in early lead in Uganda election: electoral commission
Federal $ Museveni in early lead in Uganda vote: electoral commission
Disclosure forms from Federal Election Commission. These are the factss non-partisan source
Where is the Federal Election Commission on this & other abuses?   10% Off
Federal Election Commission says Cruz records are second most transparent behind only Carson. Says Trumps are next to last behind Hilary!
Federal election commission data showing top two new candidates now heavily funded by wall street. Hillary &Rubio. Cruz 57% from wall street
DAT Phat A$$ is up on the Federal Election Commission.
.hats cost $326,699 according to Federal Election Commission
Chairman of the Federal Election Commission: Who Is Matthew S. Petersen?: . Matthew S. Petersen, who has been ...
another unfortunate affect of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission:
According to reports filed Sunday evening with the Federal Election Commission, the financial billionaire George...
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wants the Federal Election Commission to make an exception and allow him to...
FEC chair who sought to regulate DRUDGE slams colleagues as 'dysfunctional'... . That's the Federal Election Commission. Imagine that.
"The FEC [Federal Election Commission] currently bears the unfortunate distinction of being the most...
Just finished my first oral argument as Solicitor General - Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission! Thanks for nominating me
The chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission is slamming her colleagues on the way out, calling them...
The Democratic chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission is pushing to federalize state and loca
.buy my book! Its a way for me to get around the Federal Election Commission regulations regarding campaign fundraising!
$278,166,747.62 This is the amount of money raised for the US thus far. Data from the Federal Election Commission
My filing has been processed by the Federal Election Commission. It's official. I'm a presidential candidate.
Using data from the Federal Election Commission, this chart shows all donations that corporate members of the US...
I support state electoral commission to conduct their own election cos federal gov use myth to determine who wins the election
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says the ruling of a Federal High Court in Abuja ordering it...
Federal Election Commission refuses to release computer security study.
Instagram videos have the added benefit of not being considered campaign ads by the Federal Election Commission.
.on talking about deadlock at the Federal Commission
FEC as useful as men's nipples. via ComedyCentral killing the game as per usual
FYI Ann Ravel, the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, digs THE SECOND MOTHER get it on VOD now!
just because it comes from a comedy show doesnt mean its not a HUGE problem.
a great segment on The Federal Election Commission
Hey, kids, look! Republicans your voting rights again!
.To be clear, 3 out of 6 members of the Federal Election Commission do not believe in its mission?
Wrapping up week: on the toothless FEC
v. FEC. the First Amendment prohibits Congress from fining or jailing citizens for political speech🗽.
Breaking, live video from today's Federal Election Commission meeting
It's 10:35 a.m., and the Federal Election Commission meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. has now begun.
According to the Federal Election Commission, there are now officially 1,339 declared candidates for President.
He forgot to mention Santorum. The FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION condones the fraud. They decline to prosecute
New election rules proposed by Federal Election Commission.
A quick housekeeping note: We have elected not to renew status as a PAC with the Federal Election Commission. For...
.we need the Federal Election Commission to pull his campaign certificate right now
Federal Election Commission is hiring a Assistant, apply now!
Federal Election Commission begins inquiry into CarlyFiorina campaign
Just FYI Open Secrets just referred me back 2 Federal Election Commission & its not there..
I was checking the federal election commission & it wasn't there.. but thanks I hadnt noticed that OpenSecrets had those b4
Self-financed? That's not what Trump reported to the Federal Election Commission.
Still would really like to see three Joe Bidens on a debate stage:
So why is the Federal Election Commission writing letters to Left Shark? . This explains it:
You claim to have a self-financed campaign, yet that isn't what you've reported to the Federal Election Commission.
Don't forget to play around with the beta version of the Federal Election Commission's site redesign:
.Here are 2 awful examples of the Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission decision allowing this.
Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission was one of the worst SCOTUS decisions ever. A shameful decision.
In the draft of a legal opinion, Federal Election Commission lawyers concluded that politicians can be bound by fund-raising restrictions
Data from Federal Election Commission & state Trump has given $584,850 to Democrats & $961,140 to the GOP over last 26 years.
Apply now to work for Federal Election Commission as Assistant in
Searching new Federal Election Commission filings today and there's a new lobbying group called Baby Got PAC:
Gridlock and secrecy in the Federal Election Commission. Read & Share!. http:…
Federal Election Commission's new site calls as BALLSACK TRUMP'S HAIRY KING
It's Election Day! After you vote, check out the Federal Election Commission's new beta site for campaign data.
On the News With Thom Hartmann: We Spend 90 Times More on the Military Than on Head Start, and More
Love that Hillary says she will work to overturn the Citizens United v Federal Election Commission ruling
Federal Election Commission on hunt for new 105,000 sq ft HQ
GSA kicks of search for new Federal Election Commission headquarters | Washington Business Journal
Why did Ted Cruz's PAC give $500,000 to Carly Fiorina's?: The Federal Election Commission has asked for more…
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if you are really motivated to learn more here's SCOTUS
Might the FEC move from its prime spot across from the FBI?
Federal Election Commission on the hunt for a new headquarters
Dem presidential candidate calls for overhaul of Federal Election Commission
Two years ago today, the Federal Election Commission suffered the worst act of sabotage in its history
great page for FEC guidelines for grassroots groups. we owe it to Bernie to follow the rules!
Federal Election Commission employees are even more unsatisfied with their jobs than before.
BOOM! YOUR OUTTA HERE CARLY:. Look who she donated to. . The Federal Election Commission records that Ms. Fiorina...
Just filed all neccesary paperwork at this point for the Federal Election Commission...
"Several candidates, including former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Senator Bernie…"
"It also let them tap their most loyal donors for additional funds that will not count against the limits on…"
Work at the Federal Election Commission? You're probably more unhappy than most workers at small gov't agencies
Federal Election Commission is hiring a Counsel (Litigation), apply now!
Today is the last day of the first Federal Election Commission fundraising deadline. DONATE:
1st Federal Election Commission fundraising deadline is at midnight:
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At midnight, the books close on 1st full Federal Election Commission fundraising deadline. Trying to reach 1 million
Ouch: the Federal Election Commission ranked 39 out of 41 small gov't agencies in employee satisfaction
Federal Election Commission is hiring a apply now!
Federal Election Commission is looking for a in apply now!
The eccentric entrepreneur and former fugitive filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and said that...
'Deez Nuts' puts Federal Election Commission on bozo patrol
Antivirus software expert and former fugitive John McAfee has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission…
Meet your newest joke presidential candidates: "Mmmm Dat *** and "Donald Tramp". Backstory:
I just filed to run for president with the Federal Election Commission, because John McAfee.
AUSTRALIA: Abbott's plan for separating vote from general election will cost about $158 million
With Dr. Carol Greenhouse of coming on Thursday, be sure to read up on the Citizens United decision.
John McAfee files Federal Election Commission paperwork declaring candidacy for president in 2016 –
nyt-pyfec 0.0.5: Python client for parsing campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission's w...
.you are not correct. The Federal Election Commission did not "ban" the airing of Hillary: The Movie.
Yes he does have a sarcastic smirk Something to add for thought, and election; v. Federal Election Commission
would cost Australia $158mil (AEC) and won't be binding on Parliament - make it an election issue!
For real people. This stuff is hilarious. These are actual filings with the federal election commission.
My filing for 'Donald Glover' as a presidential candidate mentioned.
Daily Media Links 9/1: Federal Election Commission should stick to its narrow mission,
"An independent named Deez Nuts, for example, filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission Sunday."-CBS news
Do you agree with this SCOTUS opinion?. 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission The Supreme Court...
Memo to future citizens tax reform commission: change 'small' to 'new' business tax credit.
Congress must pass law 4 Prez signature . Attached is the case that almost all politicians like 4 $$
"joke have filed 2016 bids with the Federal Commission
"Limberbutt McCubbins is a male cat from Kentucky who is officially registered with the Federal Election Commission as a Democratic...
Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission requesting that it...
Presidential candidate Deez Nuts was reportedly created by 15-yr-old who filed papers w/Federal Election Commission
FEC names Dan Petalas Acting GC - Good decision as Petalas has served w/ distinction as head of enforcement at FEC:
"Ready for Kanye" has been registered with the Federal Election Commission
“We urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic Federal Election Commission.”
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Is the Federal Election Commission's voting procedure unlawful?
We’re suing the Federal Election Commission. Here’s why:
Center for Public Integrity sues Federal Election Commission for documents via
A list of 40 registered lobbyists that the Clinton camp disclosed to the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday...
"It has come to this: The chairman of the Federal Election Commission and a fellow Democratic commissioner have...
Have you signed our petition calling on the Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service to...
Jackson [D-IL] still not complying with FEC rules
if the same govt whose IRS targeted conservatives can be trusted to regulate blogs and websites. http:/…
More Money, More Problems: Open Mic at the Federal Election Commission | new from
My name was officially posted by the Federal Election Commission as a candidate for President in 2016 on as a filer.
J. Jackson learns the FEC is like The Hotel California -You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave:
ICYMI: Last week we testified at the about money in politics:
In Russia, “Psaking” is used to describe being incompetent or not knowing what you’re talking about. (2nd item)
In the Loop: Jesse Jackson Jr. cant escape the Federal Election Commission
Jesse Jr. can’t escape the Federal Election Commission: Going to jail, as we’ve…
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TELL THE FEC WHAT TO DO ABOUT Citizens United. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) can do something to stop the...
We’re just one week away from our deadline to submit comments to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) regarding how "to address corruption in the political process." So far, League supporters have generated over 12,000 comments to the FEC in support of stricter disclosure regulations and narrowing the definition of coordination between candidates and outside groups. But we need your help though to get us to our comment goal. Tell the FEC to stop the coordinated spending that is poisoning our elections! The 2014 election was the most expensive mid-term election in our history. Super PACs raised and spent more than $600 million dollars in 2014 to elect candidates who will do their bidding and defeat those who might resist. They were able to do so because they are suppposedly "independent" from the candidates, but in reality, there are many ways to coordinate that are not blocked by the FEC's weak regulations. In addition, millions of dollars of secret money from dark money groups poured into the politica ...
The Hinds County Election Commission is under scrutiny after admitting to breaking the state election law by not...
What saves $? & files against for ballot shortage. by
The Federal Election Commission casts a spell, and lawsuit on Christine O'Donnell
ROCKFORD — State Rep. Litesa Wallace, D-Rockford, cosponsored a resolution in the General Assembly’s December session urging the adoption of a federal constitutional amendment to limit currently unregulated campaign spending. Senate Joint Resolution 42 makes an application to Congress calling for a constitutional convention for the purpose of considering an amendment to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling, which has led to an increase in unregulated and unmonitored political spending by special interest groups. If two-thirds of all states submit similar applications to Congress, a constitutional convention will be called to consider proposed amendments. Currently, California and Vermont have also passed applications, and 13 other states have passed nonbinding resolutions calling for an amendment.
Dems pushing unelected bureaucrats at the Federal Election Commission - to regulate (and ultimately censor) your online political speech.
WASHINGTON — The man behind the Draft Ben Carson for President Committee has launched a new super PAC that will snap into action when Carson announces a presidential bid, he said on Monday. Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission show that The 2016 Committee was registered in December. Its designated agent is Vernon Robinson, [...]
New Federal Election Commission chairwoman spells out agenda for fighting "dark money"
Federal Election Assistance Commission gets new commissioners after languishing since 2010
Morrison Bonpasse's letter to the Federal Election Commission announcing his run for president begins "Dear People"
5-we must improve the Federal Election Commission.This agency is just for a show. We must bring independent ppl chosen by Public to run this
Just realize I was reading an article about Citizens United vs. federal election commission when the new year came instead of being out.
Election year? We're on it, making Federal Election Commission data easier to use.
Donations to House Speaker John Boehner questioned by Federal Election Commission via
VideoJudicial Watch has come out with the latest in the perennial never ending IRS scandal. It has managed to pry loose from the Justice Department e-mails that show that Lois Lerner, who was imported into the IRS from the Federal Election Commission, met with the Justice Department to discuss w...
Voters should voice their views on money in politics to the Federal Election Commission, via
to think for ourselves. Anthony Kennedy, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010) (Opinion of the Court).
Ann Ravel, Dem, Federal Election Commission (FEC) Vice Chair, wants to control political speech, and not Liberal speech!
How can American voters handle AIPAC? Force the Federal Election Commission to register it as a Political Committee.
If North Carolina and Colorado spent @ 100m each on their senate races, I wonder what the next California senate race is going to cost the various PACs, Rove and Koch brothers maybe $500m? The 10 most expensive state contests through Nov. 1: 1. North Carolina Senate Total cost: $113,409,103 In North Carolina, outside groups have spent more than $81 million and the candidates themselves have spent in excess of $32.39 million through Nov. 1. More than $42 million has been spent by outside groups in support of incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan and/or against Republican Thom Tillis. More money has been spent by these groups against Tillis — approximately $35.6 million — than against any other Senate candidate. Through the last Federal Election Commission disclosure by candidates on Oct. 15, Hagan had raised $22,945,496 and spent $21,989,527, leaving her $980,155 on hand. Tillis had raised $9,055,347 and spent $7,925,168, leaving him $1,130,179. 2. Colorado Senate Total cost: $96,835,541 In Colorado’s close . ...
If we had a Federal Election Commission that counted votes as carefully and accurately as Federal Reserve counts money . . . . .
Due to the unprecedented voter turnout expected next week, the Federal Election Commission has dictated that the...
Record amount of campaign cash overwhelms election commission: Screengrab from the Federal Election Commission...
FEC Greenlights More Convention Cash For Political Parties: The Federal Election Commission approved a request from the Democratic an...
"Paralysis of the Federal Election Commission tells all these political operatives they can do whatever they want"
The latest bomb to drop.Amanda Shook $52,625 "Walking Around Money" Paying for Votes. Shook is Director of Operations for the Thad Cochran campaign, More Evidence of Illegal 'Cash for Vote' Operation by Cochran Campaign Piles Up Cochran campaign staffer Amanda Shook was illegally reimbursed for over $40,000 cash in walking around money during the Republican primary, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings. The payments are described as "Reimbursed Expenses - Campaign Walkers." Regulation 11 CFR 116.5 expressly defines funds advanced by campaign staff for any reason other than travel or subsistence as a loan. It is illegal under FEC rules to loan money to a campaign in excess of the contribution limit of $2,600. "[I]f your loan exceeds the limits, it is an illegal contribution, even if it is later repaid in full," notes the FEC website. Shook was previously alleged to be one of the sources of street cash in an alleged vote-buying operation in a report from the Reverend Stevie ...
(Born on the Fourth of July? This is the Jeffery Lord article that was suppressed by the American Spectator yesterday...) July 3, 2014 - Jeffery Lord: “Donor Controversy Hits Mississippi Conservatives” [full text, less links that had been with earlier publication] “As the curtain is pulled up on all the shenanigans involved in one way or another with last week’s Mississippi GOP Senate primary, the cast of characters amazes. At the story’s center is a group calling itself Mississippi Conservatives. The group is on the receiving end of furious charges of race-baiting and racism that have smeared not only Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel but the larger GOP and the GOP Establishment that participated in the smear. We’ve been through the names of contributors over there at the Federal Election Commission, and looked into some of those involved. The still unfolding story involves everyone from a contributor to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Joe Biden to former Vice President ...
FROM THE NEWSROOM: HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Lawyers for former Connecticut Gov. John Rowland are arguing that some of the federal charges he faces are unconstitutional. They filed new arguments Monday night seeking to have much of the case against the 57-year-old former governor dismissed. Rowland is accused of trying to create secret paid consultant roles with two congressional campaigns in 2010 and 2012. Charges include conspiracy, falsifying records in a federal investigation, causing false statements to be made to the Federal Election Commission, and causing illegal campaign contributions. He has pleaded not guilty. Among other things, Rowland's lawyers argue that campaign finance restrictions cited by the government are unconstitutional based on recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings. They also argue that some finance limits cited by the government only apply to contributions, not to campaign expenditures.
WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent nearly $17,000 in campaign funds to his granddaughter, and disclosed their relationship only under pressure from the Federal Election Commission,...
in touch with the people? "Federal Election Commission records show Cantor’s PAC spent at least $168,637 on steakhouses, $116,668 on luxury hotels (including a $17,903 charge to the Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows) and nearly a quarter-million on airfare (with about $140,000 in chartered flights)—just in the last year and a half."
Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative filmmaker and author behind the widely-debunked and discredited film 2016: Obama’s America pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a charge of illegally contributing to a New York Republican’s U.S. Senate campaign in the names of other donors. D’Souza, an array of prominent Republican politicians, and several Fox News personalities had earlier dismissed the charges as mere political retaliation for his criticisms of the Obama administration. In January, D’Souza was indicted at the request of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York for his 2012 donations to Wendy Long’s unsuccessful Senate campaign against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). The charges were that he had circumvented federal campaign finance limits by reimbursing associates for $20,000 worth of contributions made in their own names to Long’s campaign. He was also charged with making false statements to the Federal Election Commission in the straw donor scheme — a charge that will ...
Slipping poll numbers have Democrats seeing RED and plotting to use the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to intimidate and bully conservative media.
Federal Election Commission approves donations to political action committees
Kickstarter recent Supreme Court Decision to allow for unlimited campaign contributions has brought to our attention that we the people need to track these contributions more closely. Elections Candidates and committees are required to report all contributions and spendings to the FEC, which publishes this data. The problem is that this data is very esoteric, hard to process and full of small errors. It is also a lot of data. We need better tools to process it. While working on some small project for the Rootstrikers I discovered that it is very hard to figure out where the money is coming from. And this week, after seeing the incredible success of to raise $487,367 in four days, and seeing how people are still not able to track campaign contributions easily I want to raise money to fund my work on Federal Election Commission (FEC) data. The goal of the project is to create an big and open access and open format data site hosting all the Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign data, us ...
Finding the news on which the mainstream media won’t report may soon become impossible as the Federal Election Commission (FEC) chairman has warned of a crackdown by the government on conservative ...
Dear Federal Election Commission: Please enforce the harshest sanctions on
IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT CONGRESS CREATED THE FEC to regulate certain things in favor of what they MIGHT WISH. CONGRESS knows that people are on to them and on to the ADMINISTRATION who are ran by Congress and CONGRESS is bought by different people/things/organizations. WHO IS THE FEC? WHAT IS THE FEC? FEC was created in 1975, right along campaign time for one of the nightmare POTUS of the U.S. which was Carter. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is an independent regulatory agency that was founded in 1975 by the United States Congress to regulate the campaign finance legislation in the United States. It was created in a provision of the 1975 amendment to the Federal Election Campaign Act. It describes its duties as "to disclose campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections."[1] THIS IS KEY FOLKS: The Commission is made up of six members, who are appointed by the Presiden ...
“[C]ampaign finance laws recognize that the First Amendment, which seeks to maintain a marketplace of political ideas and a ‘chain of communication between the people,’ and their representatives, cannot serve its purpose unless the public opinion it protects is able to influence government opinion. Campaign finance laws recognize that large money contributions can break that chain. When money calls the tune, those ideas, representing the voices of the people, will not be heard.” - Justice Bryer, in his dissent in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, decided April 2nd, 2014. Alas, it is time for constitutional amendment.
Climate Change? Who to believe ? Follow the Money. Koch Industries, ExxonMobil, and other companies lavished tens of millions of dollars on a network of think tanks, advocacy groups and academic centers to sow doubt about climate science and attack renewable energy. They also plied federal candidates with more than $300 million in campaign contributions and spent more than $105 million on lobbying, according to Federal Election Commission data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.
INTERESTING: US Professors: Proof USA is so corrupt in 2014 it is not a democracy Gangster State America Where Is America’s Democracy? Anyone who looks carefully behind the veil of words cannot find democracy in America. For years I have been writing that the US government is no longer accountable to law or to the people (see, for example, my book, How America Was Lost). The Constitution has been set aside, and the executive branch is degenerating into Caesarism. Government is used to impose agendas that result from the symbiotic relationship between the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony and the economic interests of powerful private interest groups, such as Wall Street, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and extractive industries (energy, mining, and timber). Dollar imperialism, threats, bribes, and wars are means by which US hegemony is extended. These agendas are pursued without the knowledge or approval of the American people and in spite of their opposition. ...
"I don't think it makes sense to provide all of the democracy that money can buy." -Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission case
All men are created equal, then money changes everything.
Don't believe this? Go to the Federal Election Commission website,...
After reviewing the Federal Election Commission website (, we determined that the Virgin Islands Republican Party (“VIGOP”) is serving as a bundler. A bundler solicits political contributions from many sources and redirects the money to several campaigns. In this case, the VIGOP October…
She: So what were you doing yesterday?. He: The Federal Election Commission legally forbids me to tell you.
When it comes to the next election the NLP will be ***
Federal Election Commission on 3 hours sleep. Should be a fun time.
EU is not about pollutions. Viviane Reding VP EU Commission: This election is for a federal Europe.
If the Commission of Audit report was on offer at the federal election, how do you think the Liberals would have polled?
Viviane Reding Vice President of the European Commission: This EU election is for a federal Europe. LibLabCon. .
thank you for ur amendment today that will overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. FEC.
Federal Election Commission Lawyer: Politicking for on Taxpayer Time & Dime. via
What voter fraud?. Federal Election Commission Lawyer: Politicking for Obama on Taxpayer Time
Federal Election Commission lawyer resigns after admitting to prohibited campaigning for Obama:
An attorney working for the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Federal body tasked with ensuring the integrity of the campaign process, has resigned following the uncovering of evidence that he (or she) actively campaigned for President Barack Obama while on the job.
It's been an incredible month. Our field team has been on the ground, contacting voters, going door to door, and getting an incredible response. During our April Day of Action, volunteers from all across Georgia helped us reach out to thousands of Georgia voters – and that was just in one day! We are truly making inroads towards building a grassroots infrastructure the likes of which Georgia has never seen before - but we still have a long ways to go and a huge deadline ahead of us. There are less than 28 hours until our April 30 pre-primary deadline and we’re $9,045 short of our $50,000 online goal. Can you contribute $10 or more right now to help make up the difference? This is the last Federal Election Commission report that our campaign will file before our May primary – you can determine the story that it tells. Hitting our fundraising goal tells the country what you and I already know: Georgia voters are excited about our campaign and with a strong field program we can make history. Please con ...
An employee at the Federal Election Commission, the nonpartisan agency that oversees campaigns, has resigned after admitting to campaigning for President Obama in 2012, in violation of federal laws.
The vice chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), who once falsely accused the Koc... via
The Federal Election Commission remains concerned about Bitcoin and anonymous donors...
A lawyer with the Federal Election Commission, which is supposed to be a nonpartisan election watchdog, has...
This is who is suing me! Looks as if Adam J. Gussen was correct. Here are the "Failure to File" notices issued by the Federal Election Commission re: Jason Castle May 2013 2013 2013
nah. I see where your coming from tho & that's funny. Aforementioned was inspired by McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission
Federal Election Commission employee resigns after admitting to campaigning for President Obama in2012
Federal Election Commission delays action on request to allow contributions in Bitcoin form; anonymity is key issue
Do not blame the NET NEUTRALITY issue on Chairman Tom Wheeler, the head of the FCC. He is being FORCED via “VERIZON, APPELLANT v. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION, APPELLEE” United States Court of Appeals FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIRCUIT, Decided January 14, 2014 to make adjustment in his net neutrality POLICY! I have said it BEFORE and I will say it again until YOU HEAR IT! Take our COUNTRY back from 5 Black Robed Royalist persons on the Supreme Court and their Article III Brother persons legislating from the bench with self-servingly asserted "absolutely immune" as the would be Kings that THINK they can do no wrong! Religious Leaders, Net Neutrality Advocates, Campaign Finance Reform Advocates, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, NSA Haters, Senator Bernie Sanders, LGBT community, Father’s Rights, ACLU, President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, Senator Ted Cruz, Democrats, Liberals, Independents, Libertarians, Rand Paul, Tea Party, Snowden, and GOP have ALL MISSED THE ISSUE. The constitution never I ...
What is Chief Justice Roberts' opinion from the bench re: money and US politics ( excerpt from the recent Supreme Court ruling McCutcheon vs FEC. ) "...Ingratiation and access [by the wealthy to politicians] are not corruption . no matter how desirable it may seem, it is not an acceptable governmental objective to level the playing field or to level electoral opportunities or to equalize the financial resources of candidates." Ouch. So in the Court's majority opinion, Any effort by Congress or the Federal Election Commission to govern, manage or control big money effect on political campaign speech is "not acceptable" . That's your Court. This seems over the top and does not feel very good. Link below is a podcast for those who want to consider the significance. Dan Carlin does some great history podcasts too.
"Federal Election Commission, IRS, Department of Justice & ?/what other agency or department has been…" — Max Rugemer
Last week we filed a supplemental brief in Free Speech v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), a case that we brought on behalf of a small Wyoming grassroots group against the speech regulators in Wa...
I thought bribing people was against the law? And Federal and State Election commission does nothing, WHY?
Federal Election Commission to rule on Bitcoin donations. .
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