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Fed Up

Fed Up is the first single from DJ Khaled’s fourth studio album Victory, which was released on March 2, 2010. The track features artists Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Drake.

Katie Couric Food Inc World Health Organization Federal Reserve

In ‘Fed Up', an insider exposes the elite rot inside the Federal Reserve
In "When a Woman's Fed Up" R. Kelly said "now I'm at this phone. Calling Tyrone" has the power
Fed Up: An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America
The Katie Couric documentary "Fed Up" reveals that her health initiative was co-opt ed by the sugar industry.
India is fed up of u n ur mother,all want 2 c u in enuf
okay honestly thinking of buying a PS4 for Street Fighter V 🤔 fed up with Smash rn 🤔🤔🤔
Keep your hunget and that drive even when you fed up
They,ve long since given up the ghost, of a charity.They are in the pockets of the police Fed, being paid to alt fls
BETRAYAL Not to inform US of Cruz "ties. Shame on for downplay. THIS why "WE're" FED UP. Corrupt. ht…
Look how fed up we are with guys from birth
Umm.I'm getting fed up with he's sounding like Even if he got super delegates he still looses majority.
⚡ Gabrielle Union was fed up with the refs at last night's game.
A fed up playerbase that walks away is a pretty permanent solution ...
I'm FED UP with the TV talking buffoons saying women don't like ! Are u kidding me? We ADORE him!
"Seems even Allah finally became fed up with Muhammad's shenanigans
'Make America Mexico Again': Why Americans are fed up with illegals
Well said - if people are fed-up with dog whistling parties they have other options. Use that vote!
fed up of junior drs being labelled as naive, entitled etc. the one group fearlessly speaking out for NHS future among…
I'm fed up w everybody's bs. I'm just fed up w everybody tbh.
- so fed up with your hipchat outages and missing notifications. The move to is imminent
Really need a new foundation that's good for dry skin 😣 fed up of my horrendous skin and looking like... Well me 😂😭
too bad I really wanted Tim to see it. But I'm so fed up with him..I'm finished if he darkens my door again I will hack him to death
same here seriously. I'm so fed up of not being able to get on when ever I want 😒
Literally!! I'm fed up. I'm suppose to be taking a nap.. Buttt I just watched a snap on accident 😂
Sad that people believe their act has a greater impact than it actually does.I guess the just get fed up
Behind every blesser is a wife fed up and children broken. Stop glorifying this nonsense.
It's a lot of things that I'm completely tired of and fed up with .
he's fed up with wwe's bs. You can't blame him for that. They're crooked
Only been at work one day this week and I'm already fed up and feel like topping me Sen on paracetamols
It's teacher appreciation week! We here at Fed Up With 50th know how hard Mississippi teachers work every day.
yeah. Feet are fed up with being shoved into waterproof boots
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Fed up of being judged on everything, so things are gunna change, I've been hurt so much recently, I'm done with it 😭😞
When you sweat shawty for her number and she gets fed up. 😂
Look how fed up we are with men from birth
Watch this doc on Netflix called "Fed Up" it'll change the way u look at food . And after seeing it I'm so glad I don't drink pop anymore
In Philly City Council hearing, Councilmember Domb declares he is a "convert" to combatting sugar based on watching documentary "Fed Up".
Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Fed Up, Jesus Camp. Also if you have HBO the vice docuseries is one of my favorite things ever.
Just watched the movie Fed Up. Bring back whole foods to the school lunch program
Fed up in your but don't know what to do next? 8 tips to help you find your way.
Fed up cause I pulled up with 7 pre rolled blunts
I just found all my old James Arthur fan stuff and CDs think my dad is fed up with the songs now
A need to do something this weekend, fed up sitting in masel or no doin anythin
After 8 years in darkness ,the GOP are still so mindful of the party and not the Nation, not the people!We fed up!
I'm fed up of this place 😂wanna let my hair down and chill in a nice place away from here 😒 cxx
"I'm fed um toxthn ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." George McGavern
People who like Mr. Trump are fed up and have reached their breaking point. They despise PC, love ANYONE who calls a sp…
Fed up of being there for people that don't even appreciate me once there in a better place😤
Tip off to Queensferry address led police to seize crack dealer: NEIGHBOURS became fed up of the number of cal...
The electorate knows what you DemPubs are doing, trying to keep your cushy jobs, don't give a crap about my country. Fed-Up
Jeff's been home for 4 minutes & I'm already fed up with his breathing. He sounds like a goldfish stranded on land & gulping the air.
I ain't ever been so fed up w. somebody...
Enough is enough. I'm fed up of this crap being a weekly occurrence. £200m in the bank and no clue how to spend it, *** is Wenger doing?
Totally fed up with the torn-face greetin' negativity from BBC Scotland.There are a 100 ways to present a story & they pic…
Im so fed up wit my niggaz changin sides
I heard this from Pep in the last 3 years,,, I fed up with "a lot of work to do"... Still upto now we need to improve... Silly
I got so friggin' fed-up with itching from my Psoriasis ...
When mom tells me to keep my mouth shut but nah. I'm fed up. 😂🙂
I'm fed up with PLL, now there's a new A on their *** it's literally a repeat of the last 1030303 seasons and it's gonna go on forever
So fed up with this...always me making the first know where I am if you need me...until then...I'm done xx
I feel like I'm such an *** at school, because I'm just so fed up and I want to graduate already. It's totally not fair to my friends.
I'm just so fed up with my feelings rn
Tho this chick is clearly fed up with her day as she's being rude to this old lady
& fed up—the candidates have been unimpressive, without exception. By https…
So fed up with the inlaws. Feel like feels about his dad.
I did everything I can. Now I'm fed up
So sick of people taking advantage of me, I'm seriously so fed up of it
I literally actively thought to myself before work that I was going to come in and be pleasant and pretend I'm not fed up with this place.
I'm FED UP, I've said it last year and I'll say again. I don't care if we win FA Cup, Wenger out.
AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu: People are fed-up & angry. They want a leader like to Defend America & Not apologize http…
me too m8..I get fed up of being accused of not being a true fan!!!
How often do you get fed up with 's shenanigans?
I am fed up with all this childish,greedy, behaviour masked as "caring" for the general good of people.
Fed-up Ohio farmer spells out 'No Trump' in bull manure
So fed up at the moment, it needs to be Easter break
The garbage man refuses to take your garbage cuz he's fed up with all the pizza boxes you have
My imessages came in like 5 hours late. im fed up. My phone is done for
Next up for stocks after trillion-dollar wipeout. IMO: stocks still overpriced, the hangover from Fed punch bowl.
The lies have got to stop. The Philly mayor is such a fraud. Americans r fed up w the lies!
Fed up, housewives join anti-bauxite coalition: A band of housewives are among Kuantan's most active opponents...
Why is it bad for when a man gets fed up and stands on his own feet yall want to blam slam and nail him to the concrete
Getting quite fed up on sleeping on a couch when I have a big bed upstairs 😂 😁
woo. Say. This. Cuz girl. Had i gotten married id be fed up right now &woukdnt know what to do.
I'm as fed up as I can get. And I'm as frustrated as I can get.
We react because we have backbones. We react because we are fed up. We react because we are sick of repeating ourselves.
I didn't even peep how the sleeves go over his hands... Sage was fed up. lmao.
That moment when the teacher is fed up with the ghetto student.. 😂😂😂
Show results...Jumla wont work anymore...We are already fed-up with Bhashans be it of BJP or Congress.
I'm so fed up wit these petty *** *** I'm so fed up I'm blowing kush out my nose 😤🌳
The year just started and Fetty Wap already took the fattest L of 2016 lmao how u gonna knock up a fed *** smh
I'm getting fed up with everything period
Real Americans understand why President is fed up with White Trash. Who wouldn't be? htt…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Fed up with waiting in A & E, five and a half hours so far and not seen a doctor! and Canterbury Hospital
fed up with Xbox 360 is having terrific graphic ❤
It's only day 9 into the new year and someone has been fired. South Africans are a fed up nation mos...
All I know is that I'm fed up with ICE bc they r a branch of police that is destroying families.
there comes a point when you're seriously fed up and I think my time has come...
even prior to this he was fed up with acting as a whole he stated in one interview. But either way glad he did it!
Added a new video: "Mr.Chuko - When A Womans Fed Up Feat .Derek G"
People r fed up of lack of leadership in tackling cross border terrorism issues. Modi Sarkar is brave & is making a new narrative.
just at a point in my life where I'm just fed up with the same destructive people creating the same chaos with their narcissistic attitude.
I'm literally fed up with my friends that I live around and I can't wait to move to the States in 2 years.
Person with aircraft recreates something 1st done decades ago . Yawn. fed up with these self indulgent "adventures" being treated as news
Personally, I learned my limit is not drinking ... In other words I had to quit lmao ... Just got fed up with my drunk shenanigans
CWP's Barrett Kaiser was a little fed up after listening to Ammon Bundy for a week.
Great point. Good pick up and transition volley from Fed but even better BH pass by Domi.
I haven't Never living at Mont Lucas in french guiana they've not fed up to ask me if i live overthere
Even though you're fed up you gotta keep yo head up 👆
She look so fed up in the second picture 😂
Got up, already fed up, eyes won't line up & could bust somebody up right now 
FAQ on the Fed, monetary policy, and Full Employment Fed Reserve Act via and Fed Up
Craig Mack like he got stung by a bunch of bees. Face look like it hurt to show any emotion besides Fed Up
The food industry: See the movie FED UP. Amazon description: "Narrated by Katie Couric, Fed Up blows the (cont)
You kidding? Watch Katie Couric's documentary Fed Up immediately-learn re: how many calories (tsp sugar) we slurp up
Please watch food matters , Fed Up, Hungry for change. Food kills more than war but not the lack of food the chemicals in it
I thought of that when I watched the Fed Up documentary...It's amazing how much influence food corporations have on public schools.
.Jason Furman listening to stories from Fed Up & member Rod Adams
Yesterday I watched Fed Up, today it's Food Inc. I'll call it research.
Whoops, I meant Fed Up. Food Inc is next one daughter has on list for me to watch, along with Cowspiracy.
dday is Friday and we are fed up with this cant take no more
I feel so sad... I'm fed up with these dramas... My life is such a mess... My biggest source of positivity is about to break me! Save me!
Citi: Price action in EURUSD has left many scratching their heads as to what is going on. (Euro up despite Fed bets.) …
So fed up with all those psycho-hunters we read about everyday. They shouldn´t be promoted through the media
yeah but after eating it with every meal for the past 16 years and 331 days lmfao I been fed up with rice 💀😂
& im not in my feelings , I'm just fed df up !
I'm so fed up of hearing Ed Sheeran playing on the radio, play another bloody record
Jafarzadeh:PPL of are fed up with program –it is not their national prides as the mullahs claim
We need a Commander in Chief with thicker skin
On loving both reading and sports. & being suddenly fed up with a book
So fed up of this stupid jetlag thing, why can't I just slep! 😭😭😭
We are all disillusioned and fed up with low wages, poor pensions etc but we dont make others suffer for it
The Formula 1 Lotto System: Are you fed up with wasting money playing Lotto week in week out and never winning?
obviously him being a player or him cheating wasn't true so he left because he was fed up ... — Are you high? pt. 2
70% of the grain grown in the U.S. is fed to farmed animals, and it takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat.
When you fed up cause yo girl won't let you cheat
ICYMI earlier: Messi is FED UP with getting pushed around.
Hey when is station going to stop being a building site? Fed up of the works constricting the road access and drop offs
Fed up of staff missing work due to see how the & can help your business?
Okay, I'm piased if to my limit now, cut the crap. I'm fed up I getting-
I am too much fed up with telling people that me and my actions were right. So people, judge me as you like.
Ever just get so fed up that everything stops bothering you?
The sun dream team transfer window needs to close.. I'm fed up of changing my team every day lol
Bruh I never been so fed up in my life
Fed up trying to get your oven clean? You need .
We ain't meant to survive, cause it's a setup. And even if you are fed up. You got to keep your head up
fed up by the newspaper's cut pics posting by Hope you would understand my point,Please change the way of posting.
Really starting to get fed up of this depressing weather ☔️
They're desperate because the world has seen what Israel hs done & Americans are waking up/FED UP!
I am fed up of this mannerless society! But, I still wanna live in this country. So, I couldn't think of a better option 😐
BARGAIN Love, Suburban Style by Wendy Markham USA $2.99 UK £1.49 Fed up with her moody teenage da 93
the Minister can supervise from the place set up for Ministers to Supervise fr…
I never get fed up with readers' questions! Luna's birthday is the 13th February.
Also if you’re fed up with Google Fonts’ interface, here is a pretty well thought alternative h…
Artists got fed up with these 'anti-homeless spikes.' So they made them a bit more ... comfy. …
Coming up: 'Fed Up: The Future of Food' - an experimental arts and science programme launches at Borough Market
get on Netflix and watch Fed Up. Now.
MEDICAL NEGLECT IS MURDER! . We stand with the Allegheny County (PA) Jail Health Justice Project and HRC Fed Up...
I just watched a really good doc on Netflix called "Fed Up" about sugar & childhood obesity. I think you'd enjoy it.
I love all the food docs on Netflix, makes me so glad I don't live in America. Sugar in EVERYTHING. Fed Up is great.
And we know our awesome 535 Geniuses in Washington, D.C. will set the example and ABSTAIN from Morton's, the Cuban cigars and liquor Fed Up
They interviewed Pres Clinton, w/his 'Clinton Foundation' banner in the b.g. on Fed Up doc. Bill lost weight the old fashioned way, cocaine
Watch the documentary "Fed Up" for free. Why we get fat featuring Gary Taubes, Robert Lustig MD. Mark Hyman, MD...
Fed Up with being out priced of the "Beautiful Game" There is an Alternative Why not try it this Saturday v
Junk food = poor health & more dependance on various medications. "Fed Up" Review! RT
Movies you need to watch: Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, Fed Up, Food Inc. All of them but Fed Up are on Netflix and all are on iTunes.
Exactly. It's extremely hard to believe... But just now watching Fed Up the World Health Organization was going to release
Good Morning Everyone,. There is a lot of talk about the documentary "Fed Up" about obesity and food in America.
"Fed Up is not a sermon, it's a wakeup call." - Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine
Sugar - Sugar - Sugar. It's my new hot button. I watched the Katie Couric documentary Fed Up and I will never...
I got a chance to watch the new documentary Fed Up, and I wanted to share a few quick clips that I think are beneficial to watch in case you do not want to rent it via iTunes or Google Play. Also, here is a link to there website: to watch, and the main storyline really is about how SUGAR is the cause of the health epidemic that is taking place. Give the clips I post a watch, I tried to record only 1-2 minutes at a time so they are quick and easy to watch. Here is ClipTAKEAWAY: Sugar is Poison
“Will never fail you”😂😂 nah I'm cool bro. Just getting old. Fed up of single life
“These females out here entertaining other guys, I'm fed up” dont be mad karma handles that sooner or later le…
I been trying to take this one girl out for bout a month but she keeps canceling.. I'm almost fed up😤.. but not yet 😪😫
good bud just fed up with your old man going on about your new South Americans lol
2nd time this week SMFH I'm so fed up
This charging issue got me fed up already. Even watching Winne The Pooh The Movie can't cheer me up. Beneran harus beli baru tp mahal T___T
hi xx was so fed up with it xx at a low so not best place to on xx hope your good x I became a grandma today xx
I'm so fed up with all the people at work and now school being so fake and just not being upfront if you don't like confro…
nothing wrong with the UK, just fed up of being stuck here
Scots I know you are fed up with Westminster so are the English, Welsh and Northern Irish. Vote UKIP for real change
Cyberbullying has Moore parents fed up
stop this high decibel drama each day! Fed up of watching a new channel where Anchor keeps quarelling with guest spkrs!
So fed up of being ill, need someone to come and look after me😤😓
she just had a crowd fight I let her in my house cleaned her up fed her,& she did me so wrong😂.
When a woman is fed up, there ain't nothing you can do.
you both look tired and a bit fed up!! Carrie still manages to look beautiful though!!
Even when you're fed up, you got to keep your head up.
You really need to get your act together and employ more staff, fed up of my trains being cancelled due to staff shortages
And this lady is eating mushroom pizza WITH KETCHUP IM FED UP
Ugh I miss my bf. I haven't even been away a week & I'm already fed up.
I got finally fed up with paying $70 3 times a year to have a psychiatrist press refill on the Zoloft scrip. (c)
Mom: clean your room. Me: in 2 mins. *After 1 min*. Mom: omg this girl will never listen! Im fed up! Im leaving this house
Females are way sneakier, and Way bolder than men. Ain't nothing more dangerous to a man, than a fed up woman. SHE …
When a woman's fed up. it ain't nun you can do about it
You, ruin everything. Your ego, your stubborn, your crazy mind. Im so fed up with my thought of you and our memories.
I'm fed up of negative people infecting me with negativity
Fed up with feeling tired, unfocused or in pain? Check out our wellbeing workshop at the Goring Hall Hospital.
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BTW: newsletter today is the best day-after thing I've read on Y'all should really sign up for it. http:…
in need of a long quiet vacation all alone! I'm tired of everyone and everybody! Frustrated and fed up! 😠😡😤😬
Squirrels are going to different windows today and aggravating the kitties. Well I caught Pinkie getting fed up with their shenanigans.
Fantasy Life in one week! I have no money but I am getting that game. Fed up of feeling like I want to do nothing.
Want to drive to the park with Milo and get my kebab so leaving it running and going anyway. Fed up waiting X
2 farmers empty 3 bags full of 40 snakes in busy tax office in Basti (near Lucknow).Because fed up of bribery demands
Fed up of being treated like a mug to be honest
Im so fed up with everyone around me
I'm not staying in another Friday night,fed up of feeling like this
Right even Katie No Campaigner of Scotland Brown is fed up of this referendum now, get over it pls, it's over
Do you know a man with a fuller figure who would like a style makeover? Is your other half fed up of trying to...
Two farmers fed up with alleged bribery demands released 40 snakes at tax dept in Lucknow.
After working in an insurance call centre for a short while, I now get really fed up of having bad customer service over the phone ✋
Chants of in n jalsas give u an idea of how ppl r now fed up with this gov
So fed up of being on hold to something so important it's holding me back from starting my job!
If you experience this or you're fed up of maxi's working short in the peak hours, hit the "like" button... A PBR maxi driver HDC 3994 in Trinidad putting out passengers in Curepe on 16/9/14 and demanding that you pay more ($8) to reach POS.
So I broke down today and called Comcast for Internet! Just had CenturyLink do an install for internet yesterday and after a few hours I was fed up with them. Slow connection, dropped connection, and the upload and download real slow. Good thing is CenturyLink has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.See ya CenturyLink! Kochul H. Thao. Gonna need some help installing a booster in a few weeks. Mamie Xiong and I will provide food and beer!
Sometimes people get annoyed with what others post about. I know a lot of people get fed up with pictures of others kids and babies for example! Well I apologise to those people but sometimes it's just nice as a proud parent to show off your little darlings! So here is my lovely Lenny. 2 years and 3 months just being Lenny! This is the point you scroll on if you really aren't bothered! ;-)
GAH I've had it with this stupid dryer. Where do I take it or who do I call to fix it. So fed up with laundry right now !
Limp Wrist performing live at Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago on 26 July 2014 as part of Fed Up Fest.
Getting really fed up listening to all these comments and name calling, its like listening to a Rangers and Celtic match, calling people names and traitors because they didn't vote they way you wanted to, everyone has the right to vote for who they want, it doesn't make them less patriotic, we all left the school playground years ago, for god sake grow up and move on and try acting like friggin adults,
MY HUSBAND IS MY HERO' PLAY HOUSE * "You need to meet him, you will like him" Janet told Adaeze excitedly. "he is cute, loving, caring and tender. Oops, my heart is skipping already,,, Infact am sure that he is the ONE!, I have this strong feeling, I really do" She continued... Adaeze listened on with some disinterest because this wouldn't be the first time Janet will describe a guy she just meet as 'the one'. That was exactly what she had said when she just met Bode and later broke up with him when their relationship was only 3 months old. She had also said that about countless number of other guys. "you are not listening to what am saying, Ada" Janet accused her worryingly... "Huh- Huh, what did you just say?" Ada stammered getting her self out of her reverie. Janet hissed at her and turned away muttering "you are such a kill joy'. Now, Ada trying not to spoil her friend's day turned to her and tickled her knowing fully well that it would work. Janet let out a loud laugh that made people around to look ...
Neighbour's cat pee-ed twice on my car within 2 weeks. Cat owner refused to do anything. Can anyone advise if calling AVA or SPCA is of any use since the owner is not taking responsibility? This is the same blardy cat that always climbed onto my car. Im fed up with cleaning after the cat. Knn...
Just watched the movie Fed Up and the information is pretty eye opening. People demonize "fat people" but our government was told by the World Health Organization to cut sugar in American food products by 50% because it causes obesity and disease. The US government threatened to withhold funds to them if they released the information. The sugary and processed foods are killing this generation. Our family has gone to primarily home cooked fresh foods to make sure to minimize the risk of our kids fighting their weight the way we have. It's tough but worth it!
From alumna bringing her documentary "Fed Up" to the Virginia Film Festival.
Fed Up produced by DrumMajrs ATL by Youngskillz Ken Smith via
I'm so fed up with everything around me.
My mom is still fed up with seventh grade. Like bruh, calm yourself.
NBC/WSJ poll finds a fed-up America: 64% dissatisfied w economy, 71% think country is on wrong track, 79% down on poli…
Im so fed up with this life at home cant wait to get away
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So fed up! people trying to just make it through the week,,and our so called leaders living better than kings &queens!. Have we all given up
Ben laughed under his breath and rubbed his nose along the bridge of "I'm only a little fed up, but not with you. Just with--
"Guiyang citizens fed up with noisy dancing grannies, gives them headphones"
I don't like yelling at people but I'm so fed up w everything that I kinda just lost it 😣
But when a woman's fed up, no it ain't no turning back😉
I'm so fed up w. People like dead *** only need you when they want something.
Thoroughly welcomed here by wonderful people. Fed, showered & in bed. I've been up 24 hours. I need to sleep.
Like I'm pretty sure half the ppl who watch PLL r fed up with it but only watch it to find out who A is after all this time
Just so fed up with the way my life's been going lately
It's gonna come a time when the PEOPLE FINALLY get fed up & Someone will raise their hand & start/lead the next REVOLUTION..
I've had enough, now I'm so fed up, time to put my life back together right now.
I've been ordering make up and brushes all day , the mail man is gonna be fed up with me
Michael Johns, 'American Idol' Alum, Dead At 35 - Michael Johns attends the premiere of Atlas Films' 'Fed Up' at...
that baby woke me up at 12, 2, and 4 and kept me up for like an hour at each time because it needed to be fed burped and changed. Twice.
America's Fed Up: Obama approval rating hits all-time low, new NBC poll finds
Breast Cancer Awareness
In all of my concert vids you can tell when I get fed up with peoples hands in my way cuz I just give up and end it
residents fed up with noise from Montreal festivals - Montreal Gazette
Obama approval hits all-time low: (NBCNEWS) — Two words sum up the mood of the nation: Fed up. Six in 10 Ameri...
America's Fed Up: Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low: More than 70 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong di...
"People are fed up with war between Israel and Palestine
Bosman said that he only became aware of the “Fed Up” campaign by accident.
US regulators raise the specter of slapping banks with tougher rules and even eventually forcibly breaking them up:
Americans fed up with Washington: A new poll found Americans are more fed up with Washington, D.C. than ever.
Get ready!! Govt is fed up with free press and the Internet!!
Photo: Jason Shiga’s Demon is just as f’ed up as it is awesomely fun. Be sure to get a copy and start...
Like seriously I'm so fed up with everyone.
Fed up with own party's hypocrisy & to be a part of nation building, 100s of CPI(M) members are joining BJP in Thiruva…
I'm so fed up. Seriously. Family is nothing but a word.
FOR ALL OF YOU who are fed up with the ESTABLISHMENT GOP PART OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.MITT ROMNEY is part of the establishment GOP. HE was who was shoved by the GOP down our throats in 2012. Mitt ROMNEY was, is and will always be progressive and left. It is not something I dreamed up, but PURE FACT. KEEP letting the establishment choose YOUR CANDIDATE for you and allow you to think you voted them in by telling you "he/she" is the only one who can win AND NOTHING BUT THE LEFTISTS will win from now on. That too is pure fact. Oh, and at the very least.for those posting Romney 2016...I promise I will unfollow you and maybe delete you depending on the circumstance. It's too early for that and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE am I supporting that man again.
Fed up with delays caused by road repairs? A British businessman has taken matters into his own hands, building his own toll road to avoid a lengthy diversion
Website Builder 728x90
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA CBS2FOX28 - People on the Southeast side of Cedar Rapids say they're fed up after m
Just cleaned up "outside" for the 10th time! I cannot wait to move, this is seriously worse than anywhere I have ever lived. Last thing I need between a newborn, pumping, Haylee and my dog is cleaning up someone elses mess so I'm not embarrassed when I have company visit. I have tried the quiet tactic, the calm and polite tactic and the semi "I don't put up with it" hormones are on fire and I'm fed up...its called RESPECT! And if whoever is smoking the cig butts out of our ashtray and throwing them on ground is reading this then be prepared because next time my dog takes a *** I'm soaking the *** things and putting them back!
I was really skeptical about this...but OMG what a difference since taking this along with the the BioCleanse. Cravings meant junk food and chocolate and...but no more. When I was finally fed up, I jumped up and in. I think you're probably ready. Holler at me for more info and check it out at
Fed up!!!I wish I could b cold and heartless like everyone else..they seem to sleep just fine and hold their head high..y cant I just b selfish and worry about me? Tired of crying..tired of being sad..just tired..wondering when I get a break...
Tell me when will I see u smile again? Cuz I know I messed up baby and know you're fed up sugar...
I'm so fed up with Tmobile. I was under the impression that my monthly service was upgraded to the international plan hence my outgoing &incoming calls to London would be cheap. I found out tonight they've been charging me $2 a minute and had the nerves to tell me for $10 i can upgrade to free overseas calling...well *** yal had me doin all this time?!! 😫😠
I really have tried too be that down female for a dude who keep making me look very stupid out in public and over social media ! Every time there's always a female in the picture that disrespect me , you go through my phone text all my friend guys trying to cut off my friendship with other people , but when I do it back too you people are calling me insecure /crazy . And I'm not insecure for what ?? Acting crazy over what !?? I am fed up with everything I feel bad about how people see me as and the mistakes I have made . Hopefully people will leave this mistake in the past just like Im about too do ...
Why does it seem we're always rushing the right things at the wrong time in this country? Like I really wish someone could allow the government to press pause, come up with a strategy, short term and long term goals, like run this country like a business and then get the job done. I feel like we're all over the place. I'm all for the constitutional referendum but let's do it right. Bahamian Women, the mothers of this country, your wives, sisters and daughters deserve that much. We deserve the same push, plan and attention as The Bahamas Carnival, IAAF. Like do we value economic gain higher than equal rights in this country? Let's get serious. We find money for what we want to find money for, we allocate individuals with expertise and skill when needed and we will campaign for what we truly believe in. These bills should not suffer for the failed gaming bill and the goal to meet these unrealistic deadlines that were set from the jump. Like I just want us to take a minute, identify what we want to do year 1 ...
I'm fed up arguing with people who have fallen for the Islamic threat around every corner! I'm not a lover of any...
I'm fed up with being the one that people come to when they are bored or have no one else
This about sums up the coming week in Biz/Econ news: meeting, report oh, my!
Fed-up taxpayers bypass City Hall to force fall referendum
Going to buy a new car ASAP. Don't even care what it is now, just fed up with spending so much on mine. Ideas on a postcard please!
Fed up with people finding some random nutters on either side of issue and trying to dress them up as representative of whole side
Fed up of struggling to get leads from social media ?
If your fed up with your health or the way you look, maybe you don't have time to feed your body the best nutrients try juice plus it's fab!
I'm so annoyed and upset that it's dropped lower than before I started the medication after going up last week, so fed up of this ah
Spare us the drama Noy, it's too late, you already tarnished whatever image you were imagining to have had, d people are…
atleast today keep a debate on amarnath yatra arnab! Fed up of ur pseudosecularism..
.. I am fed up with you Hindu nazis. Get lost. Muted…
I had to uninstall my CNN app on my phone... I was getting too fed up!
Propa cant wait to get me new car. Fed up of my little go kart now
Parisian dogs have been spotted at Parc Montsouris cleaning up after themselves! It would seem they are also fed...
Yeah, i'm just fed up of guys forgetting about natural beauty
yo some people are FED UP about that leftovers episode ***
Everytime Tre Tre wake us up & in the middle of the night & we get him fed burped & changed I can never go back to sleep. 😐😢
I'm fed up of crying everyday and just having to carry on like everything's fine
Fed up, cant wait to be on Holiday ☀️😚
Fed Up: Quote: --- Originally Posted by Profit5500 Government supports food industries since they are crooked...
... Why do people go back on what they say especially in front of children ... Am fed up of My daughter being hurt due to people saying one thing then another thing happening... They wouldn't like it if it was done across them.
I'm fed up with Ortiz and his bat flip, home run trot and throwing someone ( Farrell) under the bus. David , I like you but you're acting like a jerk.
I'm fed up to the back teeth with Blackburn planning's one obstacle after another.I will fight this tooth and nail...I will write to Jack Straw and Downing st. If I have many children are waiting to be placed with foster families...can you help Fostering Network ? ...because I'm not getting it from anywhere else !! Feeling angry upset and let down!!
Fed up now... Feel like I'm constantly waiting!
Just fed up now can't go out so I might do my ironing
Where the *** can I get slim fitting, trendy trousers/jeans for a tall, slim 12 year old? Getting SO fed up with everything being way too big and baggy round his waist/hips. :(
- Why everyone these days is broken? I see people who are just 15/16 years old and they are already fed up with life. I think its lack of morality lessons by their parents. Grow up friends. We're muslim.
So fed up of hearing im bored mummy !!!
a lovely day off was had and decided to go for something to eat tonight in Waihi at 630 pm..what a disappointment the choices where one hamburger take away and one Chinese takeaway...? I opened for the last 2 years on Mondays and closed on Wednesdays because I AM CUSTOMER focused,and no one came so now we are closed also on a Monday during winter so obviously no one cares about CUSTOMERS .. phone rang all evening didnt answer. no one else cares in this town Y me fed up Chef. you call yourself a tourist Town? Had a call at 8pm from people staying at the Holiday camp top 10 tonight ..please can we have a ice cream ?that is on our list before we go back to France, Colorado and San Francisco, who was an opera singer, so what Chef does? he comes down waits 10 min for the people to arrive and serves them iceream and we had a great talk for an hour!!!that is hospitality that three people go back and say on the last day we where in NZ we had a great experience here. That is what is important if we want to ...
No more candy crush please fed up from this notifications..
I'm sorry, but that girl Tulisa has got to stop attention seeking. She ruined her career and could have done better, but if you take drugs and claim you haven't, yet there is proof. That's your choice yet you have ruined it. I saw videos of her crying and saying how hard life is for being a celebrity. Em, excuse me but life isn't easy for anyone. I got so fed up watching her complain I just switched over to something else.
I cant wait till im driving,the first thing im going to do is move out of Marlborough, fed up of the place
I am so fed up ! Cleaned the floors upstairs, then also down the stairs. My husband couldnìt wait for them to dry. I'll have to re-pass them all again :-(
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