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Feature Film

A feature film is a film that runs for 40 minutes or longer, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Film Institute, and British Film Institute, though the Screen Actors Guild states that it is 80 minutes or longer.

Happy New Year

My third feature film screens for the first time this Thursday & I have never had demand like this. I've also never had a…
Watch the trailer of our film THE CHANGE based on the hottest topic of the country today- demonetisation.
48 HOURS LEFT!!! YOU choose the monsters - YOU choose the deaths and YOU get CREDIT for it!
Had a awesome time during script reading for amazing feature film with
We're making our 1st feature film! . - written, starring & made by our street youth members. Amazing
Good luck to Malou requested to self tape for leading role in feature film
omg I can see KaiBaek through this animated film ;;
In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Well done.
Love Westerns? Give a follow and check out their fantastic campaign:
In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film. this is beautiful 😭😭😭😭
I totally didn't watch it 50 times n o p e In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film
Bebe's kids was the first animated feature film directed by an African American to get a theatrical release. Bruce W Sm…
Wrapped on my 3rd Feature FILM as DOP - 'ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE'. Big thanks to my camera and…
Anything is possible! Here we have 'Romper Stomper' which Jacqueline McKenzie began her feature film career with...
In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film this is what staying up late gets you
Loved everyone I worked with on this feature film for
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Having a tough Tuesday this short film is inspiring and touching the hearts of many already In a Heartbeat
Please please please go watch this short film it's beautiful
Check out Shaun of the Dead for a hilarious zombie romp. Edgar Wright nails so many things in his first feature fil…
.acclaimed debut feature film The Levelling comes back to cinemas tomorrow for
In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film. This was too cute bye
Good to hear. I'm working on a feature film which is a fun project. I'm also branchin…
Our doc Like A Girl will be screening at next week with the feature film OFFSIDE!
On route to audition for a major Feature film 🎥
A few views to 2k views, please watch my new short film "To Be A Child Again" via ( ).. Please share
I have finally got my debut feature film in the can. Thanks to everyone who helped it along the way.
It's not lost on me that today is the 25th year anniversary of the theatrical release of animated feature fil…
When you spot your clients feature film on the side of a bus with 🎉
The live-action film "will finally hit screens on 29 July! To find out more, visit▶️
Marion Wong wrote, directed, produced & starred in the 1st Chinese-American feature film. She was twenty-one.
In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film. If y'all haven't seen this yet, watch it. It's great.
Behind the scenes from feature film
Unrest won grand jury for best documentary at https:/…
What is a Watch this new film to learn more:
And also trying to claim how hard editing is... you're only making a 7 minute YouTube video.. not a bloody feature length film!
New super fancy custom book reward just added to our Two gone already, so act fast if you want one :)…
TW .Thanks for sending this film,i cant show it 2 mum as the end wld upset her but it's amazing
In 1995, the Actress appeared in what is credited as her 1st performance in a feature film, Owo Blow. Not the song guys, a movie.
Proud to have submitted our feature film to and support true filmmaki…
sir sharing my short film here - Main bhi Gulzar. Need your feedback.
Festivals of Film and Art announces 2017 film lineup w/19 feature films, documentaries & more -…
David Blair's new feature 'Away' is now in cinemas! We'll be hanging with Timothy Spall and Juno Temple tonight then https…
Tomorrow, we are screening the US PREMIER of "Where Florence Sleeps," the great feature from Japan.
What a scene! has to be the best Bollywood comedy film !
is an issue worldwide. This film needs funding, RT. Would you please RT? https:/…
Hindi feature film 'Kisan Kanya' (1937) was India's first indigenously made colour movie..And was well received at theatres!!. Tribute!!!
domain names
BRAND NEW. I love you guys for all your support always. thank you so much. help me share this new single!
Don't miss any of this week's new film trailers (Blade Runner, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman & much more):
Wow loads signed up to be in our Macbeth trailer next week - how exciting! Still time to get on board though:
Scored the indie feature Southern Comfort (and trailer too!):
On set visit me good friend film director shooting his feature film actors
New Bollywood feature out on June 16th. I feature in both the film and the trailer :)
La La Land would've won Best Animated Feature Film if it was this.
97% !!! Let's get our indie noir chiller over the line!! (please!) :) http…
Acclaimed filmmaker Barbet Schroeder's film on extremist Wirathu to premier at Cannes. French trailer here: htt…
Our friend Carman Spoto, who has worked on so many of our projects, is directing a feature-length film that needs...
Hope won't make this as a feature film story
I'm interviewing a Garden Nursery owner tomorrow. What questions should u ask him? You questions may feature in my film
This a Clip of what Happens within the classes - I work on everything from commercials, television an…
Hoping to finish first draft on feature film this weekend. I think this is the best thing I've done. Hope the world feels the same
The RHS Filmic Society is proud to announce their new feature length film Heaven Lost! The official premiere dates are May 30th and 31st!
Really funny Alexa! Reminds me of the T4 days... would be great to connect about a new feature film I'…
Newspaper article on make up artist who worked on our feature film
in 1996: Twister was released in theaters in the US. It went on to be the first Hollywood feature film to be rel…
Tonight!. A feature film created to spread awareness about & protect children from being trafficked
Great film from highlighting the talent backstage in putting a set together
A pic taken 8 years before my feature film directorial debut. Yes, my goal for right now is directing at 28...I can pull…
alt Life | Short Film. Sick sick sick piece of work big up & for bringing it to life 👌🏾
Jina Jay Casting is looking for English GIRLS aged 4yrs, in London, for a Feature Film, shooting from August 2017 in Eu…
congrats to on fully funding the Black Gloves, new perks being added here .
All the moaning people This is the FIRST ALIEN where it all begin. enjoyed the film
Me and the man behind the camera on the set of the feature film "Born…
You should compile a list for a feature. Or just to jog film studios' memories with.
Brand new on Weird Folk: A Suburban Horror Comedy - Feature Film by Gina Gomez and Scott Dunn
Congratulations Anna Gunn on your nom for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film for
Click here to support Canaan Land: The Feature Film by Richard Rossi
Meet Black Singles 300x250
GOOD LUCK to Joe, on his Supporting Lead for Darren Aronofsky's next Feature Film 🍀
Tonight was the Cast/Crew premiere of Andrew Gordon's maiden feature Memories of Michael: Feature Film. It was a...
Happy birthday and thanks for sponsoring the Best Production Design-Feature Film
CONGRATS to Jake Thomas on his nom for "Best Actor in a Feature Film" in the Innovative Film Fest!
Big names a feature of film festival via
A that does differently. Please support CATCHING UP from Bill Crossland and team:
has been nominated for Best Feature Film at the Awards!
Can't wait: A Feature Adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ ‘Ethel and Ernest’ Is In the Works
I love your music and with your permission can I use one of your music videos in the background of my first feature film
Check out the trailer for the new Kevin Hart flick!
it will be interesting to watch a feature film. THANKS FOR ALL AVI.GOD BLESS YOU!
Onto the fourth day of my feature Hope it goes well.
UK feature film Girls Age 12 on Spotlight submitted **Only submitting my...
Looked Lot Lots Made into a school that has a 2003 feature-length film How Lucky You Should I Get?, the animals free and
For a week in September, film buffs will be able to watch a myriad of feature and short films gleaned locally and...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
UK feature film Girls Age 8 on Spotlight submitted
When we get 40 backers I'll release some exclusive BTS video of the cast singing & includes Riker playing guitar. http…
UK feature film Girls Age 6 on Spotlight submitted
Editor cuts the story beyond the bombs.
Don't miss seeing "Just Like the Movies" the feature film for our September 10th festival!
..CONGRATS to Neva H, booked a principle role on a feature film in GA. She is on a roll, keep up the awesome...
Actress & writer Alice Lowe discusses her feature directorial debut, Prevenge, which will screen in Venice & Toronto
We've got a suite of backer rewards - including the finished Distracted feature film. . Help get it made.
Terrific one .. cant wait for your feature film. .
I want to support anim for adults. I won't support a Dir bragging about budget while artists suffer. Read comments: https:…
My 2nd feature film is at this weekend hosting a panel about indie film!
Watch SS Rajamouli's "Baahubali", winner best feature film in 63rd National Film Awards-2015 in
Ha! Basically a feature length film of my project.
4K or 5K should definitely be the standard for feature films in theaters. Film is dead. and has been for 10 years.
18 more backers & I'll post some exclusive BTS video cast singing & Riker playing guitar. http…
web series with Torren Martyn have evolved into a 30 minute feature film and it's dropping real soon!...
I've never watched the series, but the feature film of Quatermass and the Pit is excellent.
new single will feature in the new South African film, "Eintlik Nogal Baie" We can't wait!
About C.S. Elston He wrote more than two dozen feature film and television screenplays.
A touching look at the life we hope to never experience.
Chicken Disturbance, funniest vid to film 😂😂
.It is a feature film. It is about spiders. : )
🎬 Male & Female Extras of all ages wanted for Feature Film “Dream Lover" Filming in London June 2016. Message us for info - (Paid) 🎬.
Casting Notice:. Feature Film entitled "CHERRY COKE". Role - Asian female to play lead. My whole life has...
COlOURS Creative Initiative:. Feature Film. Sound Track with original music. all based off the 3rd book. AW SUMMA SIXTEEN
Well done to Luke Wright for booking a role of Deputy Shane Douglas on US Feature Film 'American Exorcism'
Nominees for Outstanding Choreography in a Feature Film: . Lucky Stiff: Joey Pizzi. Dance Camp: Fatima Robinson and Charm Jordan
I liked a video from Kei To The City [Drift Feature Film - Japan]
How to make a $1,000 Feature Film with Mark Duplass
Best of luck to who starts filming on the high profile Feature Film 'The Mummy' today.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Thrilled to be nominated for Best Direction in a Feature Film by
The wife helping me on location of my feature film Zombie Lover
Starting production soon on my first ever starring role in a feature film and I can't wait! More info to come!
The film was awarded a 3rd time for Best Achievement by a Supporting Actor in a Feature Film. RapidLion congratulates the makers of the film
Dis Ek Anna took home 3 awards from the SAFTAs. The film won Best Feature Film and Best Achievement in Directing in a Feature film!
Don QuixoteTrailer See it live Sunday 10th of April.
Multimedia graduate Jesse O'Brien is set to release his debut feature film, 'Arrowhead' in June! via
"I'm happy to spend the last year of my life working with .~ Del Bigtree film producer | https:…
This Van Gogh documentary will be the first ever fully-painted feature film via
I was told my feature film idea could amount to a $3-4 million budget (!). I'm not eligible for govt funding, anyone know a millionaire?
Lots that exciting discussions with as work begins on my next feature film.
To celebrate here's a new film about a non-binary teen, Rowyn: Please
A feature-length CG Final Fantasy XV film, Kingslaive, is coming this year!
Warren Beatty made his Feature Film Debut in 1961 as Bud Stamper in Elia Kazan's Splendor in the Grass opposite Natali…
Q: in a feature film, if hired as an extra, but in a key scene alone, closeup on screen, what's my credit?
amanda shy booked a Supporting role in the feature film THE MANHATTAN FRONT, a VO for Sanderson Farms, a web series, & on hold for a short!
Indie Feature needs They need a percussive Check out the details & submit
made a music video for Talk Me Down for my film class.
Apichatpong Weerasethakul talks about how film and dreams influence each other, via http…
New teaser of which truly deserved the National Award for best film this year
The Troop is an epic short feature film shot in the 90's and now being remastered
See how 6 great proof-of-concept shorts spawned feature film deals by via
The "New Mutants" movie will likely have faces familiar to fans of the X-Men movies
Baaghi trailer making: Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor’s revelations about their upcoming…
ABP is honored to win BEST FEATURE FILM & BEST DIRECTOR awards for March 2016 London Film Festival!
Recap: all the news from tonight's massive Final Fantasy XV event:
This full CG animation feature film is a work of art! I hate all Japanese animators! Mga sakim!
Watch high-quality trailers from tonight's Final Fantasy XV event in one place:
Click here to support Patricia Cuffie-Jones' Feature Film by Gail Cuffie
At the 2008 Western Heritage Awards ( ), this movie won for Outstanding TV Feature Film -
All purpose parts banner
And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film goes to... Joanna Newsom!
Feature Film "Patriots Day" Open Boston Casting, Inc. will hold an open…
A Dear old friend of mine is making a little Indie Feature Film about many aspects of Life we need to recognise
In an ideal world we would also get one animated feature film released theatrically every year
Here's what happens when you shoot a feature film using a Prius backup camera
Launching "London Life" feature film trailer today, stay tuned :)
This 72 minute feature film was made in Cincinnati on a TINY budget. It was produced, shot, edited, and finished...
Our new film for a story of the heartbreak of & the joy of a
Feature Film "3:13" is NOW AVAILABLE on Help end homelessness and watch the film.
📷 Tom Konkle stars as Roland Drake in the feature film Trouble Is My Business
Our feature is 80% funded. Searching for an investor that wants to assist in moving this film into production & support
Check out Fandependent Film's beautiful opening feature film, EVER for free!
Harley Wallen - so to see our next film coming together in
WOW. Arrowhead, A feature film I had a tiny part in has been selected as the 9 most and the 10 most films to...
but if a movie didn't feature Tom Hardy, Oscar Isaac, and/or Domhnall Gleeson was it REALLY a 2015 film featured in NBC s Science of Love
Here is the poster of actor-director upcoming feature film Filming begins end of Feb'16.
What will the first feature narrative film actually shot on another planet look like?
Audition...Saturday in LA for feature film "Junky" exciting week!!!
I'm sure I'm in only one on Earth who thinks the 2nd X-Files Feature Film, "I Want to Believe," is the strongest script of the franchise.
If you see one short this week, check out our friend winning, .
Auditioned for my first feature film today!!📽 by brandon_garnsey
Marielle Heller talks about being only woman nom'd for feature film DGA award + Hwood shift ht…
I still wonder. You will get very much done before Shazam film. Many comics. Many Halloween and the occasional DC feature appear.
DC beats to the punch by having a feature film based on a female character. kudos
First feature film shot entirely on backup camera -->
If u havent heard the big news..we will be in our first feature film together! Boo! A Madea's Halloween as Mik…
Catch today's article in The Citizen, addressing Feature Film "AISHA" set to screen African Film & Arts...
Male and Female Extras of all ages (Paid) wanted for Feature Film 'Dream Lover' Filming in London 2016. Inbox us for more in…
GIG: IN RESPONSE TO "Looking for composer for Feature Film score"
Feature Film & TV Drama event for emerging talent. Need to apply.
Check out the coolest prizes ever on our Kickstarter starring
I convinced my friend Juan to release his feature horror film for free on Vimeo, so go watch
Wow...great moment for the film and you David Martin!
I wrote a feature film that was in theaters for a bit as well as VOD, now on Netflix. Check it out!
Good to see you at Trump's Golf Course!!. Interested in the Star role?:. Feature Film Pitches:
ur film analysis is so smart. Have you ever made a short or feature yourself? That would be something I'd love to see!
Check out NUCLEAR ZOMBIES FROM AREA 51-Feature Film by Rebekah Kochan and Dante on
Art festival will feature new, established artists: In one film called, “Fragile Souls,” the main character fi...
"COLD" is proud to announce casting Star role "FELICE HERRIG" as "Keeta" in our feature film. Production begins Dec 1st.
If I could convert that nightmare I just had into a feature film, it would become a favourite.
What if somebuddy made a feature length film about a food critic. Pancakes
Now we know why movie theaters were so terrified of the first feature film
CNN’s Jim Stenman recently sat with Mo Abudu, executive producer of FIFTY, the feature film from the stables ...
Congratulations to filmmaker Tirlok Malik on winning the best feature film at the
Tomorrow night on Radio interviews 2015 winner of Best Horror Feature film
Soul enters the fetus 49 days after conception:. Feature Film Pitches:.
Interestingly feature film of leader of this pack will be released soon.So it's nothing but a way to meet his individual need!
Happy to announce i will be featured in my first feature film which will be shooting in washington DC this...
Take 2mins to watch my great acting in the lil short film we made lolol
You know you're in store for an epic viewing experience when any of these intros welcome you to your feature film.
Ride the Thunder film is vying for an Oscar! Woohoo! Congrats to our awesome Hawaii Production team of crew and...
Mad Max: Fury Road which stars Atelier's Megan Gale has been nominated for AACTA Award for Best Film along with...
Did you know... all of the feature film directors nominated for 5th are past AFI winners!
Don't worry your short-length-feature film will obviously be better
If you would like to pay tribute to a suicide attempt survivor please visit
Proud to announce will be composing my 1st feature film monomovie. From film school…
Zola! I'm a director here in Los Angeles and I was interested in turning your story into a feature length film. Interested?
Still from Everyones Going to die now on demand
Stunning animation and epic new villains highlight the first new Dragon Ball Z feature film in seventeen years!
Now our film & tv composers Best Original Music in a Series is Tom Ford for Girl vs Boy & Feature Film goes to Grayson Gilmour fo…
congrats with the nomination for "Best Young Ensemble in Feature Film" so proud!
Sabrina is nominated for Best Young Ensemble in a Feature Film with her cast from
I've been nominated for a Joey award for Best Ensemble cast in a Feature Film congrats to my…
I'm in this. An atheist feature film by atheists, for atheists... With a lot of goths.
Ever wondered how we introduced salmon to sushi? Check this little film out.
*** s Club mash-up. The most awesome thing I've seen in ages. .
Kinda cool when you google your name and find that Mid day wrote about your film!
The film was co-winner of the Jury Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival & was also nominated for an Best Animated Feature Oscar...
Thanks for being a cinematic snopes, about Birth of a Nation. Good read here.
Looking forward to the film about the Dutch International Schools, which will feature ISUtrecht!
Just got to audition for for his new feature film 🙏 (fingers crossed
We still cannot believe is over, look at our closing film to see the best bits:
The movie sounds like no woman should see it. Or man.
ICYMI: check out the first post for my new feature If you've seen this film let me know what you think!
Did you read this review of the movie?
For the Cafe's new feature, reviews A NEW LEAF:
Cactus Flower: Feature Turns to Crowd-Funding - find out more->.
Don't forget to check this out: Feature Film Pitches and Loglines for Today
If being a good Christian woman requires me to pray through black eyes & bruised ribs then I'm good on that.
If your criteria is, "Does the earlier film also feature Ed Harris in blackface," then no. By any other cri…
If your husband is punching you in the face, pray until he stops. This is message Christian flick is pushing
Kristen, Nicholas Hoult and Drake Doremus’ TV Call interview at the Venice Film Festival https:…
YG Entertainment drops teaser video for WINNER & iKON Project Film 'Dimension' >>
Silent Movie Myth: “The Birth of a Nation” was the first feature and the first film shown at…
Logged onto Amazon and the home page suggests I buy Soft Lad wonderful feature film. Very proud
Help make it happen for FORGIVING KEVIN - Feature Film on
Suede announce new album & accompanying feature film 'Night Thoughts' - watch the trailer here …
We're looking for a grime/trap/hip hop artist who would like their track to feature in a film contactugmRT
Suede return with new album, feature film + live shows
The album is accompanied by a feature film directed by photographer Roger Sargent, released on DVD as part of a special album …
New for our film released by our friends at via http:/…
co-directed the first animated feature film in Britain: htt…
2 London Premieres, 1 World Premiere and a feature film on the way with no agent, management or representation.. And it's only the beginning
First step for this great feature film project with and
At revealed she will direct her debut feature film next. "The screenplay is already finished."
A5. The live broadcast feature, that lets you film video to have it live-streamed straight to YouTube
Just been confirmed for another feature film!
NEW: Jennifer Lawrence will feature in a new film 'We The People' & released on Google - 25th Sept & screened at Global Citiz…
And it's a Green Light for the screening of One Day on Earth Global Feature Film at La Montange Pumpkin Theatre!! Happy days!
"Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story" - winner of Best Editing in a Feature Film at the
Production Secretary required on Feature Film from mid August to Christmas. London.
Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ In Development for Showtime Series and Feature Film -
Over the Garden Wall won the Jury Special Prize at Sicaf 2015 (in the Feature Film category)! ht…
How to Shoot a Feature Film for $9,000 and Other Filmmaking Tips from Actor/Director Edward Burns
Spanish Men & Women wanted to be extras in major new Feature Film filming in London from July 2015. Good pay. Apply: ht…
Congrats to SABRINA MAYFIELD for booking the role of Matilda in the Feature Film, Sophie and the Rising Sun, starring Diane Ladd.
I added a video to a playlist Feature Film - The Stanford Prison Experiment (Documentary)
Inarittu wins the DGA for Feature Film. Birdman is your next Best Picture/Best Director Oscar winner!!!
.has a Young Artist Award nomination in the category Best Performance in a Feature Film: Supporting Young Actress!
The award for Coolest Eyepatch in a Feature Film goes to CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER for STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY.
While today spotted this on trophy shelves Feature Film prize for Branwen Celtic Film Festival Fort William
If you still ain't seen the short film starring click on the link below ✨🌟🎥. .
2014 is almost over! Looking back.This year, I took on a new job at iHeart Media Tulsa working for 7 radio stations! I hosted all of the Route 66 Biker Rally Events! I worked on 4 feature films, 1 short film and 3 local TV commercials! I DJ'd 86 gigs to include lots of weddings! And...I took on a community issue and helped with the Polar Express! Pretty crazy and exciting year. 2015...get ready, I'm comin for ya! Happy New Year everyone!
Swimming Pool .. Officially registered title of my latest feature film, a hot romantic horror!
Nepali Feature Film "RITU" is releasing in Melbourne, Australia on 27th May in Nova Cinema at 6:30PM.
You know what DOES need a feature length film in the future? I'm being deadly serious.
Oded Hanoded (Oded the Wanderer), the first feature film made in Hebrew, directed by Chaim Halami, premiered at the Eden Cinema in Tel Aviv on this date in 1932. Based on a children's story by Tsvi Liberman, the silent film…
Ladies! Watch the movie in star-style. Our themed film-premiere-like events feature red carpet, local media coverage
This is "Desiree + Ryan | Feature Film" by Willow Tree Films on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
2014 was good 2015 is going to be even better! Wishing a Happy New Year to everyone we have worked with this year, your support has been incredible! Stay tuned this weekend for updates with our latest feature film in production 'Off-PISTE' shooting in the mountains in France. Have a great night everyone!
What is your favorite or perceived greatest DAVID LYNCH film? As Lynch created only ten features to date, you are allowed to vote for FOUR (4) in numerical order. Less is fine too. (This polling will be running concurrent with our still active 007 balloting, and is a special gift to cineastes for New Year's) David Lynch is American cinema's most celebrated surrealist, and one of the nation's greatest living directors, sitting side by side with Scorsese, Spielberg, Coppola, Allen and Altman as truly great directors whose work appeared over the last 50 years. Known for his dream imagery, dark underpinnings and visualizations of deformity, Lynch is a true original, emulated by never matched. Always an inspiration an inspiration to actors, he has attracted a bevy of electrifying performances by the likes of Laura Dern, John Hurt, Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rosselini, Richard Farnsworth, Nicolas Cage and Naoimi Watts, and both his cinematographers and composer have made extraordinary contributions to his craft. . ...
Congratulations Kevin Ash on being hired to write a feature film.
When not writing about short film, I occasionally write about features - here's my 2014 top ten
Just learned that GHOSTLINE is a 'Silver Award' winner in the 2014 The California Film Awards.
and Fund a short, or fund a feature!
This year I finished my 1st feature film & began submitting it to festivals - flaws & all.
The Normal Theater has been selected for the world premiere of HOOVEY on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 7:00 pm. HOOVEY is based on the real life events of Eric Elliott, son of retired Normal Firefighter, Jeff Elliott. HOOVEY was the winner of the 2014 Best Feature Film at L.A. Sunscreen Film Festival and awarded 5 out of 5 Doves from the Dove Foundation for Family Movies. Tickets to the world premiere are $25 and include a reception and meet-and-greet at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. More details are available below.
Beating the drum!!! In 4 days (Saturday, January 3rd) we will be filming a little spot to show our legislators that the film industry impacts lives and livelihoods. If you are in ANY way impacted by local filming... if you have ever worked even ONE day on a film set, or if you are a business that supplies a product that filmmakers use or purchase... and you saw any economic impact by our 5 months of filming in and around Spokane this summer (or the many 5-10 week full feature films over the past 10 years), then come out and help us show Olympia what it means to have sustainable work here!
Feature-length painted animated film set to bring Vincent Van Gogh paintings to life -
Best Director of the Year 2014 : Sujeeth. A short film maker made an almost perfect feature film. Hope for the many mo…
Need a reason to quit this New Year, look at our new Health Harms film
The last feature film Jim Henson directed before his death in 1990. Still one of my favorite movies !
Last two hours of 2014. This year gave me everything . All I wanted it to become a director , started with short films. Nd finally unexpectedly made a feature film and got it released in 2014, New friends in this journey , new relations , new experiences . Everything taught me a lesson gave me good knowledge on what I have to do and how to do . Love you 2014. For making my dream come true . And now it's 2015 coming up to make me walk in dreams run with my dreams . My next feature film will be started in 2015 . In this mean while I wouldn't give up short films. Coz that is whr I came from . I would make short films when ever I have time.,,, nd would entertain you all with our work . Thanks a lot for everyone for supporting me . And we have planned to release my look from our upcoming action short film . Tommorow ., so stay tuned guyz . Once again advance Happy New Year .
I woke up to a Callback for a Feature Film I auditioned for recently. Wish me luck!
Yes bro Liked it. Checkout out 'Red Brick' (short film)
Paesanos! I've just launched my ALADDIN movie's Kickstarter campaign!! 37 days left!
Soon to be Casting for a Feature Film: People with Blonde, Ginger or Red Hair. Info:.
We would like to thank everyone that had a hand in making this such an amazing year! This video would be a feature film if we included all of the highlights
Your first feature film is usually the hardest and, paradoxically sometimes the easiest to make. A lack of experience can sometimes be your best friend...
El Vez Top Ten Feature Films of 2014: El Vez rediscovers his love of Asian cinema and the darker side of...
2014. What a year! We made it another year around the sun. This year has brought me good fortune and bad, nostalgic memories and exciting new ventures. I lost my beautiful cousin Meg at the start of this year, followed by Chicago photographer and friend, Edd Jacobsen, and last, my friend Ethan Waters on Christmas Eve, with whom I knew him and his twin brother from my hometown. It was a very musical year for me! I went to Summer Camp Music Festival for the first time! My first camping experience in that sense... I literally dreamed about it last night! I also went to Riot Fest!! Got to see my all time favorite band Primus play for the 6th time, and last of 2014. I have genuine hobbies! I started competing in Longboarding competitions, which has truly become one of my favorite things to do ever. I am also now on a pool league! I have played pool for more than 10 years, glad to finally be putting my skills to the test. I started to travel for work! My freelance cinematography life brought me from the West co ...
This time last year, our film had just been completed and we were waiting with bated breath to see how the world would react, if at all. 12 months later and the film has played at festivals around the world, from California, to Australia. It's been nominated for two BAFTA New Talent Awards, as well as the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film at EIFF, where we had our UK Premiere on home turf and had two sell-out screenings and were picked for the Best of Fest selection. Critics have called it "beguiling", "tremendous", "a film to seek out", "laugh a minute", "uplifting", "hilarious and incredibly creative". It's been a great year, and thanks for all the support that you've given to us. A film doesn't really exist until it's been seen. Roll on 2015.
As 2014 comes to a close I am able to reflect on it with mixed emotions. It started off great with me booking a principal role in a National SAG (McDonald's) project but, it was during this time that my mom was getting weaker. My family & I were blessed to be able to share some smiles & laughs with her on Mother's Day ( she kept thanking us all for coming).Mom passed 8 days later. The second half of the year has been a very trying one in many aspects of my life but, I feel both of my parents being with me every step of the way. I am entering the new year knowing great things are coming my way, I've been cast in Story of Jesus a feature film as a Greek Official & in Big Sky a TV Western series. I am also awaiting follow up details, from a NY CD, on a Retail project & a Designer's Re-launch project. Yeah my Mom & Dad definitely are still with me ! May ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAVE A HEALTHY & HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!! PEACE
script (first draft) for our feature film is nearly done!! Which means soon me and our producer will start work to make the film EXIST!!
Congratulations Prabhu for your debut venture in feature film !!. Wish you great 2015 year ahead !!...
NYC freelance director/animator Chris Carboni weaves dozens of feature film romances into a seamless video for CRUISR "All Over."
KCLR News: Feature-length film & 50 jobs for Cartoon Saloon in 2015
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