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Artist who placed urinating dog next to 'Fearless Girl' statue killed by NY train - Kansas City Star
Symbolism versus sad reality: Fearless Girl's State Street vetoes gender equality measures time and time again
Company behind 'Fearless Girl' statue owes $5 million for underpaying black and female execs
How the firm behind the Fearless Girl statue quietly opposed
Reminder that the only thing "Fearless Girl" represents are the corporate interests of State Street Corp, a multi bill…
thank you to all the girls who made Fearless Girl possible (the statue is made of kidnapped children incinerated in molten bro…
Your feel-good corporate virtue signallers getting called out for their hypocrisy story of the day:
Firm behind 'Fearless Girl' statue agrees on settlement
State Street Corp., the $2.6 trillion asset manager that installed the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street, agr... -
More often than not, State Street has voted against gender pay shareholder proposals
The 'Fearless Girl' firm owes $5 million after allegedly underpaying women and minorities
I thought the writers this season foreshadowed this pretty clearly
Disgusting on so many levels. The symbol remains as an inspiration to fight even those who installed it.
Company that installed "Fearless Girl" statue settles for $5 million w/ 300+ women over claims it paid women less 🤣 https:…
The company behind the Fearless Girl statue will pay a $5 million settlement over equal pay for women
The bank behind Fearless Girl agrees to settle after allegations it discriminated against hundreds of female execs
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Fearless little girl statue at first seemed like great idea, but shameless advertising a…
The Boston-based firm behind "Fearless Girl" will pay $5m in a case alleging pay discrimination against women.
Firm behind ‘hit for $5 million for allegedly underpaying women & minorities.
The Fearless Girl has become a metaphor for so much more!
The Charging Bull and Fearless Girl statues were the targets of vandals Thursday morning
'Fearless Girl,' 'Boost Your Voice' and 'We're the Superhumans' Win Grand Prix on Cannes Lions' Final Night
Engaging visuals build brands. 'Fearless Girl' is a big win for State Street Global Advisors:…
.attendees got to hear from some of the McCann + State Street team behind "Fearless Girl" this AM on…
"'Fearless Girl' doesn't count as art because a hedge fund paid for it!" . Guys. I've got bad news. It's about the entire hist…
A Brooklyn resident named Don Phelps added this lovely touch to the Fearless Girl of Wall Street.
Commercial art, like the "Fearless Girl" statue that's hawking a mutual fund.
I really really want somebody to make a Charging Bull-sized Angry Mama Grizzly Bear sculpture posed in mid-bite of Fearless Girl's head.
A 'Pissing Pug' briefly joined the 'Fearless Girl' on State Street, taking aim at her leg
Fearless Girl hijacks the Charging Bull to make him work for State Street Global Advisors.
We live in twisted times. Urinating 'Sketchy Dog' Appears Next to 'Fearless Girl'
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Men bashing all female Wonder Woman showings and the butthurt artist adding a pissing dog to The Fearless Girl is too much.
Urinating dog statue appears next to "Fearless Girl" on Wall Street
When sometimes you're the Fearless Girl, and other times the Pissing Pug, but you're never the Bull.
How warped &broken a person do you have to be for images of strong, young women to be so threatening?! htt…
*Whispers* The reaction to the Fearless Girl statue & the women-only Wonder Women screenings are manufactured controversies
If I never have to see a take about the *** Fearless Girl statue it'll be too soon.
Misogynist. His boy feelings got hurt by Fearless girl, and he's put a statue of a dog pissing on her. Disgust…
No it's not. It's art. Just like Fearless Gir... I'm sorry I can't, Fearless Girl is a marketing gimmick by a private Wall S…
He is part of why the fearless girl is there in the first place. Misogyny at it's best smh
Man emasculated by powerful little girl, makes crappy dog statue to prove it.
Alex Gardena is every white guy who can't stand that he has to compete with women and PoC in America. What a loser! https:…
.It's valid to critique Fearless Girl as a marketing tactic, but to dismiss the pug's symbolism is naive
It's not even a good replica of a urinating dog. Meh. Trying to grab some glory in the shadow of the Fearless Girl. Fail.
If you don't like the fearless girl statue that's fine but not sure how a…
We should organize an all-women trip to the Fearless Girl statue and then go see Wonder Woman.
I am so angry Imma make a Fearless Flea for the Urinating Dog peeing on the Fearless Girl blocking the Charging Bull. http…
Shout out to the male artist who made the peeing dog statue for demonstrating why there's a need for the Fearless Girl.
Kathy Griffin managed to replace a guy who put a peeing dog statue next to Fearless Girl as Internet Villain of the Day http…
Urinating dog joins Fearless Girl and Charging Bull in New York statue row
So is reporting on a dog being placed next to 'Fearless Girl' but not Kathy Griffin holding the POTUS' head. Not a…
An artist hated the Fearless Girl statue—so he put Pissing Pug at her feet BUT
People are not happy about 'Pissing Pug' statue installed next to the 'Fearless Girl'
if you think the man who protested Fearless Girl statue by adding peeing dog cannot handle female empowerment. htt…
Context matters. Put a statue of a slave in chains between the two and "Fearless Girl" becomes "Sadistic Slave-Owner Girl."
Agreed. I also empathize with Arturo, but regardless of its origins, the Fearless Girl has served as an inspiration…
THREAD. I discovered that the guy who created the dog statue disrespecting Fearless Girl is a fan of alt-right pages on F…
I really, really want this to escalate to the point until the whole area around the "Fearless Girl" statue looks like a giant…
Man perturbed by powerful women protests statue with peeing dog. We need to talk about male fragility. https…
Fearless girl is the same. It's fake feminism meant to prey on feminist ideology just to advertise companies.
No dog pees on this Fearless Girl she has a sword and a dragon THE GIRL WHO RODE DRAGONS
I'd also like 2 add Fearless Girl has become symbol of empowerment 2 women & this Pissing Pug mo…
A male artist put a peeing dog statue next to the Fearless Girl
Put this next to the Fearless Girl and see what happens.
Fearless Girl IS corporate BS. But its symbolism took off, inspiring thousands of girls. And you peed on it, but you're "…
"Get over the Kathy Griffin picture! It's just a photo." - say the who were hysterical over a dog peeing on…
I can't think of a better metaphor for male fragility than a tiny little dog attempting to *** near a fearless girl
This is Alex Gardega, the man who added 'pissing dog' next to 'Fearless Girl'. This is a misogynistic display regardless o…
State Street sticks to the script after uninvited guest joins Fearless Girl
"Fearless Girl was commissioned by investment firm State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) as an advertisement for an index fund which
The people who continue to slam Fearless Girl's existence need to fact check and understand. State Street is not a hedge fund, so refrain...
re 'Fearless Girl' and State Street Global Advisors ... not exactly the 'face' of diversity or gender equity
Fearless Girl, symbol for feminism? State Street stats 3/10, 3/15, 15/78 women on the board, mgmt team, and e…
Fearless Girl earns $7.4 million in the 51 days since she took her place in front of Wall Street's Charging Bull
"Fearless Girl:" public art or advertisement? I'm enjoying this discussion with Molly Knefel & Melissa Gira...
watching Girlboss while my girl and I do an art collab. Women are fearless and heckin' COOL 🤛🏼💪🏼
Meet Black Singles 300x250
As seen at the Fearless Girl statue...
Fascinating - the 'Charging Bull' statue on Wall Street was created as guerrilla street art. 'Fearless Girl' wasn't.
3lakh Hindu has been killed inJK ,fool girl this is GUNDAGARDI.WE donot bother whats the Islamic nam…
ignites debate about Wall Street & the lack of female executives: by via
Why Wall Street's 'Charging Bull' sculptor has no real case against 'Fearless Girl,' by
The sculptor who created "Charging Bull" says "Fearless Girl" miscasts the meaning of his statue
I will keep sharing this story until this fight is over. This is why we need
We wouldn't move the Charging Bull statue if it offended someone. The Fearless Girl is staying put.
Love this. Where do you think we need more fearless girls? I'd say in the House and Senate. And the Pentagon.
My girl in the middle is 17 today. You are unique, fearless, strong, captivating, and…
I think the whole debate about the Bull & the Fearless Girl is wonderful. We don't talk about art that much in public & I li…
Can juxtaposition of public art infringe moral rights of artists by altering original works' meaning?
Sparkle! Plus we stopped by the fearless girl on the way home.
In effect, Fearless Girl has appropriated the strength and power of the Charging Bull. Of course Di Modica is...
Men who don’t like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl.
Wall Street Bull artist knows BS when he sees it via
Bull was put there much the same way. Sorry, dude, you can't control your street art.
Fearless Girl's message rings louder than capitalism, writes
I think they should keep moving Fearless Girl a quarter-inch closer to the bull every week to really drive that sculptor…
What the is teaching Wall Street about itself:
Good read about Charging Bull and Fearless Girl sculptures. seriously, the guy has a point |
On Fearless Girl, women & public art; or, no, seriously, the guy does not have a point.  via
You go girl! We are encouraged to see a fearless champion of unborn children & their mothers, move forward in
Yes symbol of resilience & defiance when US needs it most. Reminds me of fearless wallstreet girl…
Why don't they just move Fearless Girl so she's standing next to Charging Bull, facing the same direction? Problem solved.
Let me check location of Fearless Girl and see if you get an A+.
All those hot takes on how the fearless girl statue isn't what it claims it is - I don't care. This is what girls are se…
‘Fearless Girl’ ignites debate about art, Wall Street and the lack of female executives
Am I the only one who thinks this whole girl/Girl Power! thing is kind of condescending?
I made sure to walk by the Fearless Girl during my brief NYC stay.
Well, crap. This makes it pretty hard to unabashedly cheer for that "Fearless Girl" statue on Wall Street
Everyone needs to read this about Wall Street's Fearless Girl statue
Wall Street Bull sculptor says violated his rights with "Fearless Girl" via
Wall Street Bull sculptor says NYC violated his rights with "Fearless Girl"
CNN: The artist behind Wall Street's "Charging Bull" wants the new "Fearless Girl" statue out of the way…
The controversy around Fearless Girl (is amusing. I wrote a bit about Charging Bull in CC:
Let's move that "Fearless Girl" in front of the Planned Parenthood Headquarters. Think anyone would stop for a selfie?
New artwork for sale! - "Fearless Girl and Wall Street Bull Statues 6 Watercolor" -
"Fearless Girl" will stare down Wall Street's famous "Charging Bull" for another year:
With the interest in the Fearless Girl statue in front of the Wall St bull, I bet Audi's agency wished they'd used a girl in their latest ad
"Fearless Girl" statue installed facing Wall St. to promote more women on corporate boards.
USA TODAY Will New York invite the 'Fearless Girl' statue to stay on Wall Street? USA TODAY NEW…
Some want to see "Fearless Girl" stand up to Wall Street's Charging Bull forever. Story: https:/…
The 'Fearless Girl' statue stands up to the bull I put up with on Wall Street
Will NYC invite the 'Fearless Girl' to stay on Wall Street? -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Petition grows to keep 'Fearless Girl' on Wall Street
Petition to keep 'Fearless Girl' on Wall Street reaches 19,000 signatures:
Fearless Girl and Charging Bull face each other with no crowds around at night
'Fearless Girl' & 'Charging Bull' today in snowy New York
MARCH 18 11AM. Congresswoman Maloney to hold a presser on the steps of City Hall to make the Fearless Girl permanent.
Why McCann Dropped a Statue of a 'Fearless Girl' Next to Wall Street's Charging Bull Overnight - I get...
Love this. McCann drop a statue of a "Fearless Girl" next to Wall Street's Charging Bull. Hope it becomes permanent. https:/…
Fearless Girl statue with the Charging Bull in the background 📷:
Found out today that the Fearless Girl statue was installed in New York on International Women's Day. She's staring down the…
Check out the 'Fearless Girl' statue, standing tall in the face of Wall Street's Charging Bull.
About that "Fearless Girl" statue on Wall Street: Why McCann did it [love this story via
[Edward G. Robinson stands next to "Fearless Girl" statue] "Where's your Hillary now, see? M'yeah!" [picks up a Tommy gun for some reason]
Fearless Girl crit: "You want to actually celebrate women? Hire them and pay them as much as their male peers."
OH GOOD LORD. "Wall Street bro" *** "Fearless Girl" statue is why we need feminism via
This "Fearless Girl" statue was installed opposite Wall Street's Charging Bull to push companies to fill corporate boards…
The new 'Fearless Girl' statue stares down the Wall Street Bull, and more photos of the day:
The Wall Street Bull has a new companion: the Fearless Girl. Be fearless, women! Rage on!
On September the 8th, I will be joining Lorrie and Elizabeth City Yoga to do a mini camp from 1 to 4. The ages are 7 and 8 year old girls, cost is 60$ One hour of yoga and 2 hours of painting a fearless girl portrait. So, if anyone here is interested, let me know and your girl could ride with me to this exciting happening! Cheers! If your girl has already painted a Fearless Girl portrait, no worries, she can do another one and it will be completely different. Fun times...
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