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Fayetteville Street

Fayetteville Street is a major street in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. It is a north-south thoroughfare that connects the State Capitol to the Raleigh Convention Center and the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

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Bikes Blues & BBQ - Fayetteville, AR Sittin in JJ's Grill on Dickson St. Noon the Street & JJ's is packed already!!! Rev…
.will launch home No. 159 just off B Street in downtown Fayetteville with a 24-hour blitz:
any ideas why there are Red Cross flags flying up and down Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh today?
The is celebrating 100 years and these flags are lining Fayetteville Street
Darling says you cannot turn left off of Hay Street on to the MLK Loop towards Ramsey Street. City of Fayetteville is trimming landscaping.
You got game? Join others for pick-up bball games every Monday @ 7pm. Hay Street UMC. 320 Hay St. Downtown Fayetteville.
Wait wait WAIT , lmao did she say Dickenson street? Like in Fayetteville?? 😂😂😂 she tried to *** LR like it "goes down" on the hill
Can you recommend anyone for this Team Member - Ramsey Street - NC
Already started Rap 4 Food, NWA come to 541 w Meadow Street Fayetteville to donate to food and enjoy some rap!
I would love to show you my at 127 ELLINGTON STREET
All Fathers Day and Birthday gifts(June 29th )can be mailed or shipped to . Billy A Boyd . 2010 Fayetteville Street...
Anyone know why there are red cross flags on Fayetteville Street?
See a virtual tour of my listing on 319 Fayetteville Street
Tonight: Liquid Pleasure in Clayton's Town Square:. 110 W. Main Street, at the corner of Main and South Fayetteville…
Tonight! From 8:30-11:30 we will be playing at Dickson Street Pub in Fayetteville!.
Head down to the Fayetteville Farmers Market for Kids Day! Now til noon! We are set up across the street from...
See our latest NC and click to apply: Assistant Manager - Ramsey Street -
Raleigh peeps! We'll be slinging pastries, woodfired breads and cookies on Fayetteville street…
Today on Rock the Block in party by contributor & much more…
It took me three years but I finally figured out where Fayetteville Street becomes Fayetteville Road.
See a virtual tour of my listing on 521 IJAMS STREET
Especially if u live in Fayetteville, GA. They have both of those street names PLUS multiple subdivisions with "Pla…
Open floor plan in a desirable location and school district. via
.rodeo going on now on Fayetteville Street
.will be at 500 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC between 12:00PM and 07:00PM Sunday
The Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo is tomorrow on Fayetteville Street from noon to 7pm. Come…
Why free-concert series is likely moving from Fayetteville Street to city's Dorothea Dix park this summer
does this include THE City Plaza, on Fayetteville Street, which has tables all around shared by counter-service restaurants?
Charging the car with electricity while I charge the body with caffeine. (@ Fayetteville Street EV Plug)
Hope so. When in doubt, they might be able to store your luggage and you can wander Fayetteville Street.
We love our home. Block Street was a blast this weekend! Here's to you Fayetteville and friends ❤️. . Happy...
Website Builder 728x90
We had a blast getting to know other small businesses at the Block Street Block Party in
We've been open on Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh more than two months already! Our spacious interior is...
Block Street Block Party draws thousands to downtown
Year after year, Fayetteville shines brightest during the Block Street Block Party. Well done,
Couldn't have been a better day in our city of Fayetteville, AR at the Block Street Block …
Have a good time with my son John Barnes at the Dickson street block party in Fayetteville,AR.
there's no place like fayetteville and there's nobody like courtney 💕 @ Block Street Block Party…
the name of the street is Block Street. It's a citywide block party in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Lots of fun!
Block Street Party is just one of the many reasons I love living in Fayetteville!!
Dang. Fayetteville's Block Street Block Party is poppin! Couldn't have asked for better weather. 😎
Spend a beautiful day on Block Street! Find us at the Fayetteville Underground beer garden on The Square.
There's a HUGE party in downtown Fayetteville today. Here's a guide:
Come see us at the Fayetteville Block Street Party!
Come help celebrate local Fayetteville businesses at Block Street Party! Our Block Ave store will be open today...
is the chalk street art festival going on today on Fayetteville st?
Here is the schedule for Block Street's 'Block Party' today in Fayetteville. It's a gorgeous day for...
Couldn't ask for better weather at Sunday's Block Street Block Party in Fayetteville. Fun starts at noon!
Hey Fayetteville! We'll be at the Block Street Block Party on Sunday, May 22. Come find us!
We're at the corner of Hargett & Fayetteville Street in our Live Work Play tent with
We'll be at tomorrow's Block Street Party in Fayetteville! Stop by our booth to say hi 👋
Artsplosure is going on downtown right now! Live music link below. Fayetteville Street is blocked off. Vendors...
The best day ever on Block Street is this Sunday! Stop by our GIF Booth. (Fayetteville, AR)
Just 2 more days 'til Block Street Party! Who's joining us Sunday? We can't wait!
Guy playing sax downtown on Fayetteville Street is absolutely amazing
See a virtual tour of my listing on 325 HAY STREET
Fayetteville St. is the most raggedy street in Durham
Artsplosure will run this weekend on Fayetteville Street & Moore Square.
oh yeah I forgot you live down the street from Fayetteville so you not even from there 😂💀 BYE DAIRO
.will be at 400 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC between 02:00PM and 10:00PM Friday
Roads blocked after crash on SW A Street in Bentonville: Bentonville Police are responding to an accident on S...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm so lucky to be a Block Street Business! Hope to see all of Fayetteville out for this tradition!
My parents are in Cancun and I'm out here strugglin in the street of Fayetteville.
Sir Walter senior living apartments on Fayetteville Street up for sale, being marketed for redevelopment
Flowers in bloom at Fayetteville Street in Raleigh, NC
i performing street banga this saturday at the race track opening up for TRINA Fayetteville nc lehhgo
is the one on Dickson street in Fayetteville, AR participating?
Thank you nameless employee at the AR Joyce Street Wal-Mart. So kind!
Kings of the Street LIVE in Fayetteville for one night only! Friday, May 20,…
there's one on Fayetteville street in Downtown Raleigh
Maliek hit 80 on every street in Fayetteville Bruh 😂
Congratulations to Rick from Fayetteville, West Virginia on his purchase of a 2016 Custom Street Glide Special!...
Fayetteville Police Scanner: Empty car rolling down the street. We didn’t catch the location - we’re listening for more info
on Fayetteville St. area is always good for lunch. Down Hillsborough Street is where it's at.
Fayetteville Dickson street Chipotle is amazing, and the manager rocks!
Waiting for our trash pick up at Fayetteville Street Elementary School at 2nd Mile Ministry. Who else will join?
Lunch on the Lawn is back: Fayetteville Main Street, along with Heritage Bank, is excited to kick off the spri...
The city of Fayetteville plants trees like no other, but the idea of putting street lights on dark, highly traveled corridor is foreign.
Did the Gov live in NC when they removed the White Only bathrooms on Fayetteville Street?
Ran into knocking doors on his street! Thanks for all you do for us in Fayetteville!
Making preps in Fayetteville for possible flooding. Street signs place on streets prone to flash flooding.
Hundred of Heroes, Pirates and Princesses and scary faces roaming Hay Street in Fayetteville for Halloween!
FAYETTEVILLE fire crews working to rescue worker trapped in bell tower at Hay Street Methodist Church
They got them 2 waffle houses cross the street from each other in Fayetteville NC on Skibo rd 😂😂
Shout-out to the guy who's dressed to the nines and treating his prom date to the Chinese takeout place on Fayetteville Street
yea it's Down the street from central on Fayetteville
This Saturday, April 16 from 10AM-12PM, visit our Fayetteville Financial Center 5439 North Burdick Street, to...
Headed to Fayetteville, AR tmrw! Playing at Dickson Street Social Club. ⚡️ pretty sure last & only time here was with…
So excited as Alton Brown prepares for show at Fayetteville Street Elementary!
So Durham paved Fayetteville street over night huh?
will be performing at on May 7th in Raleigh NC Fayetteville street
Get your iPhone insurance today!
wil be performing live ain Raleigh NC on Fayetteville Street at May 7th!
Fayetteville politician! Better collect your signs before they get gone. Someone stacked a bunch by a trash can on Robeson Street
Family's new Mexican Restaurant in Fayetteville, AR Come visit on North Street by Mr. Burger.
B.good to open March 17 on Raleigh's Fayetteville Street
Zinda on Fayetteville Street to close doors after converting from restaurant to event space.
There is a street in Fayetteville, NC that's called *** Street
did you catch the random Fayetteville street drive by? LOL
A great night at Georges Majestic on Dickson Street-Fayetteville,AR
Fayetteville Street location of set to open later this week.
Surprised to hear uncensored music on the outdoor speakers above Fayetteville Street in Raleigh. (Surprised, but don't care at all.)
Looking forward to a 9pm show at the Dixon Street Pub in Fayetteville! See you there :)
Early morning sun on Fayetteville's best (16' wide) street. 9' two way travel lane and 7' …
Fayetteville won but we still had fun 🙃 @ Dickson Street
Good luck is hitting Asheboro. The winning Cash 5 jackpot ticket was sold at the Ready Mart on Fayetteville Street.
Late night on Block street in Fayetteville, AR, covering bands at the lightbulb. . -. -.
I think Fayetteville has learned that the bridge on Rim Rd by my needs street lights! another car in the ditch 👌🏼
Lets do something different tonight! Weather is too nice not to party! . Zinda tonight! . 301 Fayetteville Street.
301 Fayetteville Street Downtown Raleigh is your move tonight! Tell your Uber driver he can come too!
More copies of r available @ Fayetteville's own Block Street Records. Swing by & pick up some local music!
We on Fayetteville Street tonight people!! . Weather is too nice NOT to party! Meet us @ Zinda!
Zinda is the move tonight people!!. 301 Fayetteville Street. Downtown Raleigh
Weather crazy nice still. Let's keep things going people! We on Fayetteville Street tonight…
Just overheard a lady say the line is almost towards Fayetteville street just waiting to vote
San Lorenzo Bistro, now open on Fayetteville Street, offers *** fine Italian.
Fayetteville: where you can buy an "idk not Trump tho" shirt on the side of the street..
Isaac Hunters opens today at 5pm. Go big or go home! 414 Fayetteville Street.
The fifth annual Dickson Street Pup Crawl is set for April 30. All money raised from the event goes to Fayetteville animal services.
Organic Cafe and Juice Bar coming to Charter Square on Fayetteville Street.
Pretty cold but a beautiful afternoon here on Dickson Street in Fayetteville!
.will be at 434 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC between 11:30AM and 01:30PM Tuesday
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
MAY 7th!!! It's going down! Street Soldierz Fayetteville gonna be hosting our Anniversary party! Who am I...
The “Library of the Week” is the Fayetteville Free Library. Visit in person at 300 Orchard Street, Fayetteville,...
Another look at Carolina Panthers themed colors along Fayetteville Street last night
Here's what Principal of Fayetteville Street Elementary School, Mr. Jason M. Jowers had to say about
Another Dickson Street Mardi Gras parade in the books ! Have fun and be safe Fayetteville
We are having a dog good time here at the Dickson Street Mardi Gras parade !
The parade begins at 2 p.m. in Fayetteville Square and will continue down Dickson Street.
I feel like the whole city of Durham is on Fayetteville Street right now.
Hey friends. If you are at the Parade on Fayetteville Street today say 'hi'. If you are not there, you are missing out!
Saturday 2/6, Come down to the Farmers Market in Downtown Fayetteville on Franklin Street. R Burger will be...
If anyone's in Fayetteville & doesn't know what to do with their hands, come to Dickson street right now
Linen Postcard, Raleigh, North Carolina, Fayetteville Street from Capitol, ca 1930 by lotsofpostcards via
We are moments away from he 2016 *** Conference. Join us tonight at 450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville NC at 7pm.
Looking for something to do tonight for FREE then check us out tonight at 8pm. 101 Person Street
Fayetteville cops fear 'Devil's Drug' is on the street
'Little Canada' sign returns to Maple Street: Made some t-shirts with the design back then. The sticker hung a...
A little baby who used to live across the street from me in Fayetteville is now in
Route 358 has a show on 02/05/2016 at 08:30 PM @ Dickson Street Pub in Fayetteville, AR
New print available on - 'Hay Street And Market House In Fayetteville' by Matt Plyler -
The "Maple Street: Fayetteville's own Little Canada" sticker is now permanently painted at Maple and College.
I would love to show you my at 325 HAY STREET
The Fayetteville Street plan update was one of six plan updates for local historic districts that unanimously...
u kno our city fcked up when chick fil a in the heart n soul of Raleigh on Fayetteville street closes at 2pm 😂
Update to Fayetteville Street plan would allow for an "inviting gateway" to says Chancellor
ohh nah Bragg in Fayetteville that's down the street from me
you look like the homeless man that patrols Fayetteville street in Asheboro 😂
Omg 😂😂😂 this all they do on Fayetteville street ! 😂
In Fayetteville, it is against the law to walk one's cow down Main Street after 1:00 PM on a Sunday!... https…
it's behind Eagle Landing and Ruffin Residence halls on the other side of Fayetteville Street.
Ur service is bad all over Fayetteville Not just one cross street and zip code & I'm over this so byi
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Doors open at right NOW! Ladies free! Get here! 414 Fayetteville Street Downtown Raleigh UberBobbyD
I remember last Halloween me court Marcus Gerald and everybody else in Fayetteville was speeding down Ramsey 3 lane street just swervin
We are looking for a buyer on 2500 North CENTER Street
The new hotness on Fayetteville Street...something DIFFERENT! are back and better than ever. tonight!
The Fayetteville Flyer gives a nice overview of our current renovation project! Check it out...
Tonight Sat. August 1st MikeMickXer is bring the party to the Big Easy. Downtown Fayetteville Street. 11pm-2am!
There's a luau on Center Street in Fayetteville and is dancing with a sword. On. Her. Head.
"Going out on Fayetteville Street is so mainstream, like scarls" --(cc:
There are tiki torches in the middle of Center Street in Fayetteville for a luau from Hawaiian Brian's
Yes we are across the street from Taco Bell on Wedington in Fayetteville with Texas-style kolaches made the Arkansas way!
Noir tonight! Then we all over Fayetteville Street tomorrow night at Common 414!
Fayetteville does and it's down the street from my house and I'm pretty sure Raleigh got one
Advocates for downtown outdoor drinking reform propose their vision for Fayetteville Street.
if I get out of training in time that day. What street shall we flood in good ole Fayetteville?
If you haven't been to Hawaii, let's do the next best thing--enjoy Hawaii in Fayetteville! Hawaiian Brian's is...
There's a farmers market going on downtown on Fayetteville Street until 2 pm! Hurry now to grab some last minute lunch before it closes.
Hawaiian Brian's to close Center Street for luau Friday: Get out your hula skirt and get ready to shimmy, Faye...
Hey Fayetteville Arkansas! Here's the next event the ORENDA crew featuring the Oh No! Variety Show! See you there! :)
Ending the night watching The Fayetteville street happenings from my apartment and sipping…
Fayetteville,Glenwood South & Hillsborough Street areas have been mentioned, but what would happen with the rest of the city?
There have been 30 complaints to RPD and city managers office about Fayetteville Street since June 1
Just saw a street in Fayetteville that said NO TRUCKS and thought, "Well that's narrow-minded." Realized that's exactly what it is.
you guaranteed to see a crack head on Fayetteville Street lol
Police arrest 3 after shots fired in Fayetteville: Fayettville police responded to a home on Dawn Street after...
Please RT, Join at Express Library Fayetteville Street, 336 Fayetteville St., Raleigh at 12pm today to EXPRESS your opinion!
Memphis one night Fayetteville the next😜 @ Dickson Street Fayetteville Ar
I swear it's at least 5 tattoo parlors and 5 barbershops on Every other street in Fayetteville lol
Somebody done got shot on Fayetteville street. Then people wonder why I ignore every party invite. No time for it, work in the am!
Photo: & @ Dickson St Pub in Fayetteville with (at Dickson Street Pub)
Tonight we taking over Fayetteville Street! Common 414 is THE move!! Ladies free!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
If you are looking for Commercial Land, how about Asheboro, NC? 18 acres with amazing potential!!!
5 startups lease all space in renovated Raleigh building: A multi-story office building on Fayetteville Street...
Still can't believe there are 2 Waffle Houses across the street from one another but we still don't have Mrs. Winners in Fayetteville
Courthouse on Fayetteville Street 9:30 we cyphin out First Friday
Who in Fayetteville knows the best restaurant on Dickson Street?
Fayetteville Street!!! Me will be there buying EVERYTHING 😂🍴
This week presents a pictorial snippet from 1910 of Fayetteville Street:
takes us to 1935 in a barbershop underneath the Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel on Fayetteville Street. http:…
Fayetteville Street closure map for this weekend, May 2nd & 3rd...
Looks like Fayetteville Street will be closed again, this weekend. Out!Raleigh Street Festival. Music, children's...
Dropped my favorite scarf in the street. BEST BELIEVE I was up nd down Fayetteville Rd til I found it
See the new work of street artist, at Fayetteville Underground now till May 3. Read more about Maser here:
This group, Veterans Empowering Veterans, is wonderful. We need to help! Fayetteville folks, hope to see you at...
You know what $50 million could do for Fayetteville Street?? The other end of Fayetteville Street.
Jon Dooly has a show on 04/30/2015 at 08:00 PM @ Dickson Street Pub in Fayetteville, AR
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This Saturday, May 2, 2015, we will be at the Wake Forest Festival. On May 6, the Downtown Farmers Market on Fayetteville Street. will start
WD hill Rec center, right across Fayetteville street from Lincoln!
If you've ever been to Fayetteville, AR then you know all about the infamous Dickson Street. This is an old time...
I liked a video from Kids Street Dancing in Fayetteville NC NAIL IT!
Dickson Street Liquor is a Foam Fest Sponsor - and we thank them! May 9th - Be there!
I am looking for a buyer on 148 High Street
See a video tour of my 148 High Street
We love being located in the heart of at 217 E. Dickson Street, come visit us!
They gonna put that right down Fayetteville Street in Durham 😂😂😂
to Fayetteville Street Elementary Last Thursday I spoke to all the students of the entire…
has some weird street names. Brophy, Chukker, Coy Kaylor.
I had so much fun last Friday at Fayetteville Street Elementary School as we had the opportunity to…
"So Ashley..this is what we did in college in Fayetteville" @ Dickson Street
Emily+Zach were such troopers today! It Rained All. Day.!! Fayetteville Street was closed off and we STILL...
Only the good die young atotha2nd 😀 @ Fayetteville Street Historic District
Come see us downtown on Fayetteville Street at Brewgaloo today!
We're so ready for tomorrow!!! 2-10pm. Fayetteville street. All http:…
Rain doesn't matter, good food and beer flowing. We are on corner of Davie and Fayetteville street
Beerfest Downtown Raleigh Fayetteville street until 10pm..I'll be der later!!
Getting set We are on Fayetteville Street near the Martin Street intersection! 2 to 10 pm!
A lot of Beer, bands and more this afternoon on Fayetteville Street for from 2-10pm
Plenty of free parking on upper levels of Franklin Street parking deck for Fayetteville
.will be at 10 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC between 12:00PM and 08:00PM Saturday
Walking up Fayetteville Street at 10:30pm the night before
It's time to 2-10 today Fayetteville Street Raleigh. Local Beer, Food Trucks and live music Need I say more.
T minus 1 week and I will be in Fayetteville hitting up Dickson street with and whoever else there is!!
FILL THE HOUSE IN 2015. You are invited to come and worship and share the word of God and receive a Miracle at the Mount Zion Christian Church. 3519 Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC 27707.The Pastors are Apostle Donald Q Fozard SR and Prophetess Nora Fozard
Fat Tuesday on Fayetteville Street welcomes to the festivities! February 17, 2015 Downtown Raleigh.
Great Scott!! Christopher Lloyd in the building. Fayetteville Street may be closed but to drink at…
I'm so Durham, I rememeber John Avery Boys Club and Fisher Funeral home in parking lot of Evans store on Fayetteville Street oh yeah
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The stars were shining bright on Fayetteville Street for the 4th of July! "Uncle John Moyer of Uncle John's Bands...
Are you down here on Fayetteville Street? No?!?!? You should be! Great music, food & drinks! Stop down and say HIYA!
Who will join us at tonight?. City Plaza, Fayetteville Street, Raleigh. 5pm.
Ladies are you ready?!?! We are at it again. It's time to Stand Strong! Our very own Apostle-Elect Mary D. McKenzie and guest psalmist Vicki Yohe will be gracing us with there presence tonight and allowing God to use them for our Devout Diamond Divas Women's Conference! Doors open now and service begins at 7pm. Admission is FREE! Make your way down to Faith Assembly Christian Center, 3120 Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC 27707
Oak City 7 is Raleigh's free summer concert series, held every other Thursday in downtown's City Plaza, 500 Fayetteville Street. Check us out!
Neat idea - Raleigh Brewing and Downtown Raleigh Movie Series to bring free movies to Fayetteville Street
Fayetteville Street during the 1910s. The North Carolina State Capitol can be seen...
It's been a significant year for the American Underground. In 2013, we expanded our reach from 35 startups in our space to 115. We hosted and supported 6,000 entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and developers via American Underground related events and programs. We were dubbed a Google Tech Hub--one of just two in the Southeast. We formed new partnerships with the likes of MongoDB, Indy Week, and We launched two new locations--one at 201 West Main Street in and one at 213 Fayetteville Street in deepened our work with the incredible universities in the Triangle-- Duke University, North Carolina Central University, UNC Chapel Hill, and NCSU as well as key partners NC IDEA, Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, The Startup Factory, Groundwork Labs, CED. We're grateful for this year and the joy that comes from working alongside passionate entrepreneurs who are making the Triangle and the world a better place. Here's to an even better 2014!
Raleigh Red Hatters join in a holiday flash mob on Fayetteville Street!
Hi everyone, I'm sorry that I'm so late posting this. I think I did post some tentative information. We are holding a Celebration of Life service for Delores Carolyn McInnis Jenkins (Delores Jenkins) on Friday, December 13th at 1pm. There will be a viewing at noon with Delta Sigma Theta doing an Omega Omega service at 12:30. Any Deltas wishing to participate in the Omega Omega should arrive at the chapel at 11:30 a.m. The First United Metaphysical Chapel, 9602 Roxboro Rd.,Bahama, NC 7503 On Thursday, December 12th there will be a visitation from 1:00 to 6:30pm at Burthey Funeral Service: 1510 Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC 27707 Flowers can be ordered from: Flowers By Gary, 4914 N. Roxboro Street, Durham NC 27704 Phone: (919) 471-1566 or (919) 471-1566 Message me privately for personal contact information.
Congrats to the FBA Eagles on their 5-1 district win vs. Fayetteville Street, avenging a previous 2-1 loss. Great team effort!
My ego is still recovering from a night out on Fayetteville Street with Golly, but folks think he's swell!
Showtime TV show Homeland had some Photoshop fun with Fayetteville Street
Still crazy that scenes of Homeland were shot in Raleigh. They had Fayetteville Street tryna look like N Capitol
Tonight on Homeland: Raleigh's Fayetteville Street. with the Capitol Building from DC at the end.
Hamilton Collection
Why is there HELLA COPS on fayetteville street ?!
Looks like Homeland had some Photoshop fun with Fayetteville Street
All the colleges have a local eatery. had this convenience store on Fayetteville street that had a Jamaican cooking in the back.
LOVING the bluegrass festival on Fayetteville Street...
Priscilla and Cartier Dekle are having fun on Fayetteville Street. They watch
doing some heavy lifting this morning on Street
Fayetteville street loaded with folks for Bluegrass fun!!!
Sadly, we went to Raleigh today - and, we were greeted with a Fayetteville Street shutdown, due to yet ANOTHER...
Four bluegrass bands are playing outside around Fayetteville Street now. Oh, and there's a beer tasting tent.
Calling all lovers! This is what's waiting for you at the bottom of Fayetteville Street.
That is in full pickin' mode on Fayetteville street right now!
Spin the wheel and see what kind of steak you are! Fayetteville Street festival
At noon on breaks down for us, live from Fayetteville Street!
Ben's SparkCon debut on Fayetteville Street, gettin' the girls all excited!
Join us at IBMA Wide Open Bluegrass on Sept. 27-28 from noon til 11pm each day. High Lonesome Strings Bluegrass Assoc. member bands will be showcasing at the Free Street Festival located on Fayetteville Street between Lenoir Street and Morgan Street in Downtown Raleigh. Come join in celebrating blue...
he 'Works, as it is called, will run from noon to 11 p.m., Thursday, on Fayetteville Street and the nearby Red Hat Amphitheater. It's all free.
The Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon is a USATF-sanctioned event and a Boston qualifier. The race course was designed to showcase many of the focal points of Raleigh including Fayetteville Street, the State Capitol Building, Glenwood South, Hillsborough Street, Meredith College, N.C. State University,…
Restaurant named after Coach Jim Valvano will open in the Sheraton on Fayetteville Street.
The Out! Raleigh family friendly street festival will take place Saturday, May 4 on Fayetteville Street's City Plaza in Downtown Raleigh. WKNC DJs Jacob and Benny Mac preview the third annual event with two members of the Out! Raleigh festival leadership team.
Varsity Girls play next at 6:00 pm Friday at Fayetteville Street Christian School. Most likely their opponent will be Fayetteville Street (State champs past 2 years) but that is not definite. Also please keep in your prayers Sara P., who injured her shoulder during today's game. Go Lady Conquerors!!
First medical cannabis bill in North Carolina is being voted on Feb 12th "stoners march" before they vote down Fayetteville Street
It's true, It's true, It's true!!! Heaven is rejoicing, the angels are singing and the saints are welcoming Mrs. Ethel G. Shannon home. The beloved grandmother of renown gospel artist Pastor John P. Kee passed at exactly 8pm tonight! Mrs. Shannon's voice can be heard various VIP Recording projects and most recently on the Legacy Project released by John P.Kee in 2012. Celebration services for Charlotte NC and Durham NC are pending and will be announced at a later date. Arrangements are entrused to Fisher Funeral Parlor - 3137 Fayetteville Street - Durham, NC -27707. -919.682.3276.
Coglin's Raleigh is set to open before the end of the month along Fayetteville Street.
SUPPORT THE MILITARY BY DONATING BLOOD & A NEW UNWRAPPED TOY– GIVE THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFTS YOU WILL EVER GIVE. Asheboro, N.C.— On December 11, 2012, Randolph County Government will be sponsoring a second blood drive in 2012 in conjunction with a toy drive. The U.S. Marine Corps Reserves needs your help to put presents under local children’s Christmas trees, and the Armed Services Blood Program needs your help saving the lives of soldiers who are in need of blood. To support those efforts, Randolph County government is hosting this event. The drive will run from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the National Guard Armory located at 1430 S. Fayetteville Street, Asheboro, NC. You are invited to come donate and/or drop off a new unwrapped gift. You can drive through and drop off a gift, but we hope you will also give the gift of life-a unit of blood.
Many thanks to Ms. Price and Ms. Jackson's Foods Class at Midway High for baking our gingerbread men for "Christmas in the City" this Thursday in Downtown Clinton. The first 150 kids will get to decorate your g-g bread man and take him (or her!) home to eat or hang on your tree! So stop into the Century Link Building on Fayetteville Street from 5-7 this Thursday, November 29th!
Worse things have happened! Fayetteville Street's got good eats, and the is worth a visit..
Fayetteville Street here is Old River Road back home .. Bt this street longer lol
A little off tonight- everywhere... I guess you folks are saving it all for tomorrow night! I was slow getting out tonight,too. No post earlier as my computer has been experimenting some technical difficulties thank God for Cyberdefenders. Their tech's are like the swat team. Carolina Ale House was Rocking with Skinny Bag Of Sugar, you guys missed this party. Not sure why they were listed in the Indy at World of Beer, but they were definitely at Briercreek tonight. This is a smoking band that you should keep your eye on in 2013. Fat Daddy's had their regular crowd with Steve Jack and the Cadillac's playing who brought a good crowd of there own. If you like a good game of pool, your favorite jeans, and a cold beer- Fat Daddy's is great place to hang out away from downtown. O-Malleys was flat out packed with a new band playing (check Indy for name). They sounded good from the patio but couldn't get in the door. Oxford on Fayetteville Street was packed and the The Big Easy was slammed. Stony Curtis is a goo ...
Raleigh City Museum reopens Tuesday: Now run by the city, the museum has updated its space on Fayetteville Street...
The point-to-point event will start at Jordan Lake. The scenic bike course will ride through Chatham County and into Wake County before entering Downtown Raleigh. The spectacular run course will take athletes through some of the city’s most famous landmarks and finish on Fayetteville Street.
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Syl Good Nikki Jay I did not know this. August 2, 2012 Joyce Nichols, PA Pioneer, Passes Away Joyce Nichols, the first woman to be formally educated as a physician assistant (PA), passed away Sunday, July 29 after an extended battle with cancer. Nichols, a 1970 graduate of the Duke University PA program, was also the first African-American woman to practice as a PA. The visitation (noon-1 pm) and funeral service (1 pm) will be held Saturday, August 4 at Mount Zion Christian Church, 3915 Fayetteville Street in Durham. Contributions to the Joyce Nichols Community Service Grant established by the NCAPA Endowment can be made by clicking here. Her contributions to the physician assistant profession are many. She was a charter member of both the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants (NCAPA). Ms. Nichols was a member of each organization’s Board of Directors, serving as treasurer of the North Carolina Academy. She helped write bylaws for both or ...
yeah, little jerk just came flying down Fayetteville Street and almost took out the hot dog cart.
oh snap. Congrats! Party at 3519 Fayetteville Street tonight at 7pm! Woop Woop!
Tonight, Sat. May 19th @ The Big Easy- Fayetteville Street Madd Elaine- one of Fayetteville Streets favorite bands! Strong lead female vocalist and great rhythm section will keep you on the dance floor. Don't be afraid of Artsplosure. It's 3 blocks over and will not effect Fayetteville Street Parking.
Ran into NC Chief Justice Parker, Justice Edmunds, and Justice Jackson on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh yesterday and they invited me to have lunch with them at the Mecca. This ole' country lawyer was in high cotton.
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