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Fawlty Towers

Fawlty Towers is a British sitcom produced by BBC Television and first broadcast on BBC2 in 1975 and 1979. Twelve episodes were made (two series, each of six episodes).

Andrew Sachs John Cleese Basil Fawlty Prunella Scales Rising Damp Mrs Richards Alan Partridge Waldorf Salad White House Connie Booth

Hey season 1 ep 6 of Fawlty Towers has some. language we don't use today. Some casual n-words by white people.
I thought Qantas was a good airline. Have they turned into Fawlty Towers?
I just finished watching Fawlty Towers with a friend, and you sir are a genius
Fawlty Towers, Rising Damp, Two Ronnies, Likely Lads, Benny Hill, Dads Army some or all sexist, rac…
So it's a Fawlty Towers kinda night. Prawns are a bit off even though I've eaten half the plate lol
Torbay, where Fawlty Towers was. That makes sense
A much better choice. The Royal would be a suitable location for a Fawlty Towers type show.
If the good Lord is mentioned once more, I shall move you closer to him. (Fawlty Towers)
Connie Booth in Fawlty Towers. Basil should have put her in charge.
Also love Blackadder! And Mitchell and Webb, and Black Books, and Fawlty Towers, Monty Python...
Fawlty towers actually makes my night, manuel kills me🤣
Him , Fawlty towers and robin's nest...first contact with chef world..fact
John Cleese said it in the Fawlty Towers Remastered box set, on an episode with comm…
But what I can tell you is, I've watched the best shows. Maybe has seen idk. 1. Mind…
Has he gone mad? This looks like fawlty towers playing out!!
So Theresa May is not listening to the people. As the chaos unfolds, many people who voted Leave are chan…
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Book now for our Fawlty Towers Tribute Event 19 Jan £42pp See Basil, Sybil & Manuel do their best to look afte...
😂😂😂😂 Nah can’t cope. Imagine going to a hotel with the service of Fawlty towers.. I wanna go 😂😂
I’m so happy mom treated me to the box set of Fawlty Towers yesterday I love Basil he cracks me up 😂
Just loving this car crash fawlty towers eat your heart out may must stay lmao
What do you wear when it's inter house singing and sporting either a blue,green,red or yellow tie risks alienating…
The team at Yellow Cat ❤️ Fawlty Towers because: . *John Cleese as 'BASIL' Fawlty delivers one of the great c…
'Fawlty Towers' is the best 'laugh-a-minute' sitcom ever made. Many other sitcoms are equally great for diff…
2 books,both by E.O. Wilson: Consilience. The Origins of Creativity.I promise you'll lov…
Every Christmas I think to myself Why did they never make a Fawlty Towers Christmas special!
5 live it is. Quinn grates on me especially when he does childish Fawlty towers imp…
This series is sublime as well. Top 10 Fawlty Towers Moments via
Have loved every minute of All involved deserve huge thanks and awards (…
annoyed bc no america tv shows will ever be as good as the IT crowd, fawlty towers, mr bean, etc. its fine
Fawlty towers was great. I think night court was underrated
Fawlty Towers is my personal favorite Sitcom ever. It's almost perfect.
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His misuse of the past participle leads me to wonder whether he is deliberately playing the part of…
i was watching Fawlty Towers and could not stop imagining Neji the Hotel Manager
Third night in a row I've passed comment on the Daily Mail's front page. I think this week's guest editor is the Ma…
- This IS what the BBC should be about. Can I say 1/ Fawlty Towers 2/ Porridge 3/
Whiplash + a headache, fawlty towers and orange juice, looks like I’m sorted for the rest of the night🙃
I want to buy flowers from Elizabeth. It’d be like the Fawlty Towers of floristry.
Got a LOT of time for Fawlty Towers jokes, timeless
A scene from fawlty towers comes to mind! Nice little library. Thanks for the freebie.
I have had the theme to Fawlty Towers in my head for two days, and not that it’s the worst thing in the world, but boy is it ever random.
Amazing photos of the exterior of "Fawlty Towers". (Wooburn Grange Country Club). Before and after the fire of 1991.…
Hoorah! It's time Starts from 8pm. Hint: Which salad was the title of an episode of Fawlty Towers?
This is that bit of Ireland that I call 'O'Reilly The Builder from Fawlty Towers Ireland'.
Hugely sad that it's the last ever . Will join Dinnerladies and Fawlty towers (and Flowers in the end…
Especially when they’re imported and they understand all my Fawlty Towers references 🇬🇧 😍
.or as Manuel from Fawlty Towers would say. qué 🤔
Happy Birthday, Connie Booth, who not only played Polly on Fawlty Towers, she also co-wrote it
Yeah, kind of a mash up of Rising Damp, Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served, with a bit of Up Pompeii thrown in at weekends 😉
This is getting more like Fawlty Towers with every meeting.
If Government doesn't fix this visa problem, we're headed to Fawlty Towers service standards very bloody quickly!
Mad that there are music channels but no Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Fawlty Towers channels.
Why do people laugh at Fawlty Towers and then say ''it's racist''. . . . . . .It's because IT IS NOT!
Restaurant slammed for 'seven chips' and 'Fawlty Towers boss' gives sassy reply to customer - The Sun
Customer slams restaurant for being served 'seven chips' with her meal - and gets the most outratgeous response
(For people who don't know Fawlty Towers, you should)
It's a Fawlty Towers plot except the main character is actually just hateful instead of lovably irascible.
Showed my 11yr old son the the delights of Fawlty Towers last night. Nows he's going around the flat clicking his fing…
Customer stunned by pub boss' response after being served 'seven' chips
As the Hard-Right Major in Fawlty Towers once exclaimed:. "Ah! That would explain it!"
Woman complains about paying £2.50 for seven chips at Merseyside pub
‘Fawlty Towers’ restaurant row after woman complains about number of chips
People who boast of turning off smooth motion on their parents' TVs, but then let them watch Fawlty Towers field-removed on…
There's still time to book our Fawlty Towers theme night on Fri 3rd Nov at 7pm. A three course dinner in the compan…
*** Emery, Led Dawson, Charlie Williams, Stan Boardman, Fawlty Towers, The Goodies, Carry On films. We'll never see their genius again. :-(
Restaurant boss in war of words with diner who says she was charged £2.50 for SEVEN chips - before he fires back
'Fawlty Towers' restaurant boss in chip row with diner
Armando Iannucci. He was the tall, angry one in Fawlty Towers.
For quotes pics facts memories and more on great shows inc only fools porridge fawlty towers blackadder bottom 😂👍
this is a terrible episode of Fawlty Towers
Like a hungover Manuel in Fawlty Towers. "I die here." lol lol
In which British seaside town was the BBC sitcom "Fawlty Towers" set? . 🇦 🇧 . 🇨 or 🇩
Enjoying the complete Fawlty Towers DVD set. Communication Problems is my favorite episode.
Dastis would actually have been quite a good character in Fawlty Towers, seriously...
Seems funnier to fully commit to it! As the Brit Prod of "Fawlty Towers" said, "The best sitcom characters are the most h…
Mr. Hilter in that monty python sketch. That fawlty towers episode.
. Manuel from Fawlty Towers & the foreign minister Mr. Dastis. These two spanish are the ones…
The new "Manuel de Barcelona" of famous Fawlty Towers. How ridiculous. high level
Pretty much anything Alexei Sayle has done, Fawlty Towers, anything Chris Morris and/or Armando Ia…
When did Manuel from Fawlty Towers change his name to Joseph Farah & get into politics?
We were saddened to learn of the passing of much loved actor and 'Manuel' from Fawlty Towers, Andrew Sachs.
Fawlty Towers, Married with Children, Malcolm in the Middle, Open all Hours
When I see Fawlty Towers now, I just sigh and think, 'Poor Basil'.
And now I have images of Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers in my head. They just don't make comedies like…
In comedy terms, not quite Fawlty Towers but miles better than Ben Elton. Although most things are.
Fawlty Towers, The Office, now Car Share joins the great comedy classics always to be remem…
Peter Kay understands totally the third rule of (British) comedy (series) - Fawlty Towers, The Office. Stop at two and…
In royal news: Queen Mother REVEALED: 'Jokey' royal would jibe at ‘beastly Germans’ & loved Fawlty Towers
As usual, there are some great albums on the list, including Fawlty Towers, Sunny Day Real Estate, Thelonious Monk,…
John Cleese to appear in first BBC sitcom since Fawlty Towers
John Cleese to make BBC sitcom comeback - Fawlty Towers star will appear in Edith as an a...
Fawlty Towers. Mad As *** in parts. Some South Park. Cypress Hill is hilarious. Had a good laugh at that Tiges game last year
A new hit show could be Fawlty Towers but in the White House with Donald as Basil Fawlty and Spicer as Manuel.
My mother did the same thing with me when I was 7 except she used British sitcoms Absolutely Fabulous and Fawlty Towers.
Andrew Sachs, bumbling Manuel from Fawlty Towers, dead at 86
'Basil Fawlty for Prime Minister'! Interesting article and interviews from 1979 about Fawlty Towers
Mr Cleese, I would be very interested to know what Basil Fawlty would have made of President Trump is he visited Fawlty Towers?
Fawlty Towers was a run like a "fine-tuned" machine compared to the circus occupying the White House.
John Cleese, the king of sublime silliness, shares how to write perfect farce ahead of opening on 24 Feb http…
Pics from last nights Fawlty Towers evening
me too I've been trying to find ways to deal with it. Either watch some Fawlty towers
Come and enjoy a Fawlty Towers Comedy Dinner Show Click here for details:
if he likes that then Fawlty Towers sound be next up afterwards. 👍🏻
tell your mom isf's in the mood- that John Cleese of Monty Python& Fawlty Towers fame just got a new hip& he's feisty as ever
1979: 📺 Four years after the first, the second series of British sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' began with the episode…
'If pro-Union side had Basil Fawlty charisma/organisational skills they would be much better off than they are now'
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Fawlty Towers!
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! Yes, ex drama teacher was in Fawlty Towers. I hadn't imagined it. Checking this was such a good use of my time.Not
KLM has no customer care service. They are so stupid they not even correct one letter on my ticket. Fawlty Towers? I have had it with KLM.
I added a video to a playlist Top 10 Fawlty Towers Moments
I liked a video from Top 10 Fawlty Towers Moments
"So, the perfect farce performer is one who can go “over the top” and take the audience with them."
I think he would have been great in the Fawlty Towers American episode! Your fan from
Fawlty Towers was a satirical show about Class, doesn't translate in the same way in the US
they did a dreadful version of Fawlty Towers.
This White House seems just like Fawlty Towers to me. Weigh in all you like, Basil!
Should have seen him in Fawlty Towers. The man's wit was so sharp it cut through spacetime.
And the 40yo Fawlty Towers is as brilliant today as it was then.
Watching a little Fawlty Towers. . This show is just a brief bit of near perfection.
just watched Fawlty towers again John,so so much funnier than ANYTHING nowadays! Thankyou😊
You should have had Trump as a guest at Fawlty Towers. No need to write the script. All done for you.
Marvellous evening - Fawlty Towers Murder Mystery with the brilliant - back in J…
How lovely: namechecks for great farce. And Taking Steps is in our summer season this year!
Mara lago like fawlty towers - Manuel is a Russian agent abdctrump is Basel. Melonia is Sybil. Flynn is major gowen
binge-watching old Fawlty Towers eps, then on to Rushmore & other delights frm
pronounced as the herb or as in Fawlty Towers?
The brill Manuel doing his thing this evening - Fawlty Towers fun
I've stayed in a lot of hotels in my time but in St Helen's is by far the worst. Makes Fawlty Towers look like the Hilton
It's quite sad that at 19 years old I'm most content watching Fawlty Towers in my dressing gown with a cup of tea. 19 going on 90 😅
SUNDAY SUNRISE - "FAWLTY TOWERS". Following the 8:00am News this morning on 2RDJ-FM we invite you to listen to...
Cleese is the grandmaster of farce. This article he wrote is the antidote to our times.
John Cleese on how to write the perfect farce: via
It's tonight! Fawlty Towers . Book Your tickets NOW for a fun filled night out in
in Isle of Wight tonight with Fawlty Towers!
John Cleese: how to write the perfect farce
Cleese goosestepped across the lobby of Fawlty Towers 42 years ago and is still one of the most acclaimed comedy moments.Context matters
This show is like my actual fever dreams. Richard Herring & Johnny Vegas & Larry Lamb watching Fawlty Towers & commenting on it.
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Andrew Sachs, famed for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers, died recently. He spoke in 1979 about life and playing the man who…
Local theatre group with awesome Fawlty Towers play. The actors are regular people who are stretching past their everyday boundaries.
in real life was Joan Sanderson as moody as her character Mrs Richards in Fawlty Towers? ☺
Mrs Richards from Fawlty Towers is pretty much the embodiment of every female guest that stays at Suddabys Crown Hotel!
John Cleese & Prunella Scales, during preparation & build up to 2nd series of Fawlty Towers, May 1…
Gove could make us look like Manuel from Fawlty Towers on a particularly bad day, whilst doing an impression of Stan Laurel.Blindfolded
The sun shines on Fawlty Towers, still top of the tree!.
This old coot from Fawlty Towers should be the mascot for social media
Do you agree with this? voted British comedians' favourite sitcom
Living here, it's good to hear 'fawlty towers' voted Britains best ever comedy. But personally it's got to be 'only fools and horses'
In one of the disastrous American TV re-makes of Fawlty Towers, Manuel was Albanian
Fawlty Towers. Hotel owner Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) is a man of infinite rudeness with a rabid dislike of almost all guests.
Do you agree with this? Fawlty Towers voted British comedians' favourite sitcom
Fawlty Towers voted British comedians' favourite sitcom - but do you agree?
Fawlty Towers named UK’s favourite sitcom pipping Alan Partridge and Blackadder to the post
'Fawlty Towers' star Andrew Sachs dies at 86. British actor Andrew Sachs, famous for his role as bumbling waiter
Fawlty Towers. Flowery *** ..."..they were married at the time of series 1 but divorced before recording series 2. "
Nope, because we now have Fawlty Towers in vitro in the British government. The show has never been as hilarious as before.
Andrew Sachs, the actor best known for his iconic role as Manuel in the classic British sitcom FAWLTY TOWERS, died Nov. 23 aged 86.
Fawlty Towers voted British Comedians' favourite sitcom. Are the golden days of TV programming a thing of the past?
Fawlty Towers voted British comedians' favourite sitcom: by
Grow out the mustache a bit, and you'll look like Manuel from Fawlty Towers
Staying up watching Fawlty Towers clips when I have to be up in 6 hours...
A person with dementia may not always recognise loved ones. Actor Andrew Sachs struggled to recognise footage of... https…
Nobody in the house wants to play Inside the Box with me 😩 I guessed Fawlty Towers correctly but couldn't rub it in anyone's face. Tragic.
Have spent the evening googling Fawlty Towers memes and whatsapping about sloe gin. Best hang out the laundry now.
If I pitched Fawlty Towers to the BBC today, they'd frogmarch me from the building before we got to "He's from Barcelona…
Fawlty Towers voted best TV comedy of all time
.Can't wait for the new installment of Fawlty Towers which begins airing January 20th in D. C. You?
The cast of Fawlty towers would be more organised at the back
Love this guy! Shoots from the hip with accurate precision! Funny comparison between Night Manager & Fawlty Towers!
Watching 'The Night Manager', as yet, nothing like Fawlty Towers.
Ever been rejected? Example of how you just need to keep going... First comments about the script of "Fawlty Towers": .…
Fawlty Towers has just 12 episodes?. "We both felt we had done our best. We just knew if we did more it wouldn't be as…
did you know they tried to do an American version of fawlty towers twice one with Tim curry
We had Rising Damp, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses. Now we have Mrs Brown's Boys & Citizen Kahn. *** went wrong?
Fawlty Towers. O'Reilly: "If the Good Lord...". Basil Fawlty: " mentioned one more time I am going to move you closer to him!"
Blackadder was Fawlty Towers in tights, says John Lloyd - tall, thin angry boss and small stupid servant
📻 London Mozart Players perform the Fawlty Towers theme tune in tribute to Andrew Sachs. 🎶🎻 Courtesy of
I genuinely can't believe how completely I'd forgotten that Una Stubbs appears in Fawlty Towers till today.
Ah, sad news. One of the great slap-sticks on Fawlty Towers. Andrew Sachs passes away at 86…
So sad to hear that Andrew Sachs has died, absolutely loved him in Fawlty Towers. Too many legends have died this year.
Good by Andrew Sachs. I will always remember your great character Manuel in Fawlty Towers.
Loved him in Fawlty Towers, and as Watson in the BBC Radio 4 Audiobooks in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes" RIP h…
I was only watching Fawlty Towers the other day! Can't believe it
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I'm sad today. 'Fawlty Towers' star Andrew Sachs dies at 86
Fans of Fawlty Towers recall Sachs in his signature role as bumbling Spanish waiter Manuel.
So sorry to say goodbye to Andrew Sachs, from "Fawlty Towers" who had dementia. Extra sad to me that Prunella Scales is sufferi…
Andrew Sachs, known for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers, dies aged 86
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs dies - Reports by via
Because comedy dates, I don't think people much younger than me will realize how Fawlty Towers made us laugh so much we thou…
Fawlty Towers Manuel dies after dementia battle - The West Australian via He made me laugh so much RIP
Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs dies at 86. Sad news. . Rest in peace
So goodbye then Manuel...Now up there amongst the flowers...No more Basil *** ..Down here at Fawlty Towers!.R.I.P.
RIP Andrew Sachs who we all remember as Manuel in Fawlty Towers. via
Just watched 4 more episodes of Fawlty Towers to see Manuel in his prime. Had forgotten how much slapstick was in the brilliant comedic mix
'Fawlty Towers' star Andrew oh, no, not Manuel. RIP. Sachs dies at 86.
I know you're not a John Cleese fan, but you have to admit Fawlty Towers was...and still is.'comedy gold'.
I actually think watching Fawlty Towers as a family and laughing until we choked is about the most powerful memory of my chi…
RIP Manuel :( Thanks for the laughs from Fawlty Towers
Andrew Sachs who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers dies at 86 | Daily Mail Online -
I loved him as Manuel, (esp. Siberian hamster episode!) RIP Andrew Sachs, 'Fawlty Towers' Actor, Dies at 86
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs dies aged 86 , another sad loss but leaving fond memories for many of us. RIP.
Finished watching Fawlty Towers now onto Father Ted. Thank you Netflix
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs dies aged 86 -
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs has passed away at the age of 86.
Andrew Sachs, the actor who played Manuel, the Spanish waiter in 'Fawlty Towers' in no more. He passed away last week. H…
RIP Andrew Sachs best known as Manuel from Fawlty Towers
Andrew Sachs who was best known for his role as Spanish waiter Manuel in the 1970s sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' has died aged 86
Fawlty Towers co-star John Cleese leads tributes to Andrew Sachs who has died aged 86
Andrew Sachs, the much loved Fawlty Towers actor for Manuel role, dies age 86
Tributes flow for comic genius Andrew Sachs who played the bumbling waiter Manuel in Fawlty Towers:
Dance like everybody's watching: the heart of the greatest modern TV farce, Fawlty Towers, has died. Vale the original Manuel…
Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs, who played Spanish waiter Manuel in the sitcom, has died at 86, his family confirms https…
RIP Andrew Sachs who spun comic gold as Manuel in 'Fawlty Towers'.
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Daily Mail reporting tonight that Andrew Sachs, Manuel in Fawlty Towers, died last week aged 86. He was buried earlier…
Brian reminds me of the hotel inspector from Fawlty Towers 😂
Fawlty Towers - Waldorf Salad via I can't make a Waldorf Salad without remembering this Fawlty Towers epic
The other is "What's that? Whoosh. That was my life". Luckily they never watched Fawlty Towers.
.Maybe he had been watching too much of George Smiley, The Thick of It or Fawlty Towers?
is $3.99 a month, and you get what you pay for. Some video quality (Alan Partridge, Fry and Laurie, Fawlty Towers) is abominable.
John Cleese, the comedian behind Fawlty Towers, could return to the BBC.He's in talks with executives about his own sitcom, marking a thaw
Fawlty Towers. The Wire. Hill Street Blues. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. M*A*S*H. Fraiser. Homicide: Life on the Street.
Juan Carlos Navarro looks so like Manuel from Fawlty Towers.
I once met John Cleese and thanked him for Fawlty Towers, especially the episode about the war. "Don't mention it" he said
Awkward waiter is like Fawlty Towers' Manuel during President speech - Daily Star
America: where British sitcoms go to die. Have you seen this ?
no thanks. I've seen what passes for comedy there since the days of Fawlty Towers and I'm not into it
For those of a certain age, just gave it the John Cleese in Fawlty Towers after that goal.
Fawlty Towers would be in there too, if we included the whole world.
America: where British sitcoms go to die: That changed when box-set streaming, Netflix and Sky came online. O...
Don't mention the war. Michael Gove's learnt nothing from Fawlty Towers!
America: where British sitcoms go to die - the guardian
The Guardian on the difficulty in translating U.K. sitcoms to U.S. TV.
I'm imagining our family dinner on the day of the EU referendum will be like the Fawlty Towers The Germans episode. Don't mention the EU!
American remakes of British sitcoms are, by and large, a duff bunch. But can Raised By Wolves change that?
Feature on American remakes of British sitcoms:
Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf and Spaced. You can keep all other sit coms :p
America: where British sitcoms go to die.
America: where British sitcoms go to die
and - choose the Frost Report of Mediation for the Fawlty Towers of Litigation
Was that a Fawlty Towers fire alarm reference just then 'A semi-tone higher'
Happy birthday dear Prunella Scales, 84 today, here in her best role as the formidable Sybil on TV's Fawlty Towers
The great John Ioannidis at on why much research is not useful... . (NB *not* Manuel from Fawlty Towers...!)
Stayed in a hotel last night that was a brilliant combination of Fawlty Towers and Carry on Camping.
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Yes it was very mature not to mention Goebbles Just like in Fawlty Towers I think you got away with it
.Got side-tracked before I could mention that Cleese’s masterpiece was Fawlty Towers. So apposite!
I must watch soon the Germans episode from Fawlty Towers.
Surprised and sad that John Cleese wants to as it adds a whole new meaning to the Fawlty Towers episode about the Germans.
Whatever you do, don't mention the war. I nearly did once, but I think I got away with it. Fawlty Towers, The…
Can hardly wait for the Fawlty Towers stage play to be premiered in Sydney in August!
don't mention the war. Britain feels like a frightening episode of Fawlty Towers
Join the waitlist for Fawlty Towers LIVE! Get all the details here:
TUNE IN ALERT: Stephen Hall and Blazey Best were hand-picked by John Cleese for the Fawlty Towers stage play!
Nigel and I are planning an celebration for at Fawlty Towers. A sneak preview
Newsnight : Suzanne Evans - Penelope Keith ? Maybe - UKIP ideas would make Fawlty Towers material !
What connects Fawlty Towers with the Cellinos covered in roses?. Flowery ***
Fan of Fawlty Towers? Don't miss the Faulty Towers Dining Experience at The Venue on 14 May ht…
If only everyone who opted to 'rant' on camera were first required to watch Dennis Miller, The Belz, and both seasons of Fawlty Towers.
My guilty pleasure... Fawlty Towers! Could literally write all episodes word for word. 😬
Watching a Fawlty Towers on Gold. It just doesn't get old.
Just caught a bit of Manuel on Fawlty Towers and reckon he'd do a better job than Roberto
Fawlty towers is such a classic series
Watching Fawlty Towers on TV with Nic. Absolute classic TV that they couldn't make today.
Love a bit of fawlty towers. Absolutely classic comedy
On right now on best Fawlty Towers ever with Joan Sanderson as Mrs Richards
Wow! XD I'd believe that first one, but that last sounds like a Fawlty Towers reference :P
Huh, somebody in that chat watched Fawlty Towers.
Just as long as it isnt O'Reilly's men from Fawlty Towers. ;)
Never a dull moment watching Fawlty Towers
Murder Mystery time again! Join us on May 7th for Fawlty Towers: Sybil Strikes Back! Call 01270 625283 to book.
Nevermind about comedy today. I am gonna watch Fawlty towers every single day !
31 years old and only just discovered Fawlty Towers!!
I had a chuckle on this one. Reminded me of one of the Fawlty Towers episodes
When I was ill, it was either Adrian Mole or Fawlty Towers - should have had a Sue Townsend/John Cleese binge on Sunday!
He says that he may quit Tottenham and get his old job back at Fawlty Towers
languages is akin to a Fawlty Towers sketch
throw in Fawlty Towers and we have a perfect trifecta
Due to a public holiday here, my restaurant options were limited tonight. The one I ended up in was like an Italian Fawlty Towers. Woeful.
Fawlty Towers was the best I will watch it forever. My family has quoted it for years! My son will learn to appreciate it too
i have never known this to be repeated or publicly celebrated yet it's above Fawlty Towers. that's w/e but just WHO'S BEEN WATCHING THIS??!
I'd say better, fawlty towers relied too much on shouting and slapstick
My favourite thing about the Fawlty Towers bloopers is that it's basically John Cleese pulling faces for half of it
Just watched all of Fawlty Towers again for probably the 7th time
I'm wading through the 3 series of Reggie Perrin again. I think this was up there with Fawlty Towers as a sit-com.
The American guest from the Waldorf Salad episode of Fawlty Towers really annoys me omfg
Fawlty Towers is still my favourite.
It was John Cleese the guy from Fawlty Towers
The more I hear him the more I think Ranieri sounds like Manuel from Fawlty Towers
Towers Fawlty The flash was bouncing off Baldie so I covered it. Basil x
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ffs he's not on TV now you *** If you want funny watch repeats of Fawlty Towers.
When in Hitchin I always stay at the same hotel.Everyone knows me now which is nice but it make me feel like the Major from Fawlty towers
"Doctor At Large". 11/15. ... guests are the possible suggested prototype for "Fawlty Towers".
Oh forget him! Your book.was great & I look forward to the next one. Sorry to hear that the real Fawlty Towers hotel was demo'd.
I so love Fawlty Towers, it never gets old. Would a reunion ever be considered?
Let's take this beyond Fawlty Towers shall we? via
Hi John,Why was Fawlty Towers only on TV for a short time? I thought it was the greatest show at the time? Any dvd available?
I want to thank you for Fawlty Towers. My family and I watch the episodes constantly. You have gained a new generation of fans.
Bit of fun to finish the weekend. Priceless! Basil confronts 'burglar' - Fawlty Towers - BBC
One thing I'd change about life is the fact that Fawlty Towers consists of only 12 episodes.
Great flight with chocolate, toy for the kid and Fawlty Towers on TV: I was laughing out loudly (sorry to other passengers!)
my Monday night plans when you're all quizzing is watching Made in Chelsea and Empire in my Fawlty Towers hotel room 😁
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