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Favorite Song

Favorite Song is a song by American recording artist Colbie Caillat.

Kids Choice Awards Love Yourself Choice Awards 2017 Childish Gambino Sam Smith Justin Timberlake Fifth Harmony

I added a video to a playlist Favorite Song of All - Phillips, Craig & Dean (With Song Lyrics)
Fifth Harmony winning Favorite Music Group and Favorite Song at the Kids Choice Awards 2017
Ariana is nominated for the Kid's Choice Awards 2017 for "Favorite Female Singer" and "Favorite Song w/ Side To Side h…
Fifth Harmony is nominated for Favorite Group and Favorite Song at the 2017 Kids' Choice Awards
'Favorite Song' Award goes to Justin Timberlake for "Can't Stop the Feeling!'
Your choice for Favorite Song at the goes to Justin Timberlake!
I just voted for "Pillowtalk" Zayn to win Favorite Song at People's Choice Awards 2017! Cast your vote:
Tell us your favorite song from this iconic acclaimed album!
This is my favorite song by the Agonist though.
Remember young Nidora as I hum my favorite AnseRa song.❤️.
Enter Sandman is my personal favorite. Badass song.
Caroline is my new favorite song thankyou
A female's favorite song will say more than her mouth will!
We got only 4 days left to vote. Do the VOTE part by RTing. Favorite Song - Soul/R&B
Dating a dj is fun because you can always hear your favorite song ?
Francis Forever is really my favorite song rn
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Shop & Listen to DTLR Radio Live in The Store Daily!! Follow 2 get Updates by the min & check 4 ur favorite…
My favorite Young Thug song of all time
Snapchat tribute to my favorite song all time by my favorite artist all time, the 🐐
Ok guys your favorite song (the snippets) ... of these four songs. . IMPORTENT ! count…
We found your new fave song, single "Gravity!" LISTEN:
I love 2 Pac, she ruined that, I love jump she ruined that and now she ruins my favorite song ever, I give up
Finally got to perform my favorite song with my brother . With what's going on, this song speaks…
I'm voting for Love Yourself for Favorite Song - Pop/Rock
I'm voting for for Favorite Song Pop/Rock - Love Yourself
I'm voting for for Favorite Song of the Year "Love Yourself" - Pop/Rock
21st Century Girl and Wings are my favorite non solo song of the album
Forever favorite song, music video and album
I just picked nominees for Favorite Song for 2017. Cast your vote now! Write "This Town" Niall Horan in here:
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Page's Favorite Song- Rumble by Link Wray
One Direction nominated for 'Favorite Music Group' and 'Favorite Song' at Nickelodeon's 2013 Kids' Choice Awards. Yay!
Don't miss the "Favorite Song of All", by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir -
Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo is my Favorite Song in 2004 Would y'all tell Tom Skilling
Favorite Song ft Childish Gambino will always be fire.
Iconic Pair of Indian Cinema: The Venus of Bollywood with the Thespian! & Favorite Song?
So won Favorite Song at last night's Awards. Thank you very much
Quote This with Your favorite 5sos song
That moment you're listening to your favorite song & zone out thinking you're in a music video.
"What's your favorite song off This Unruly Mess I've Made? Or, top 3 off the album?"
Hey .. what's YOUR favorite song on your new album ?!
It's just El Dorado is my favorite song 😭 But it probably had to do with NA stops' venues so they cut it...
I love this song so much... That's my favorite song 🌟
What's your favorite Panic! At The Disco song? I want to start listening to them more 💖
After NYC, my tired-self went straight into the studio and wrote potentially my favorite song I've written in a while. L…
So my favorite song at the moment is about a guy who has the mentality of Dexter but more twisted
“Your voice became my favorite song.”
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, Your voice became my favorite song. .
Slow Car is my favorite song by Tracy Chapstick!
Rather be is my favorite white girl song.
vote for Bad Blood as Favorite Song of the Year at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards!
I liked a video from Chance The Rapper - Favorite Song (feat. Childish Gambino)
After all this year, a thousand years is still my favorite wedding song ❤️ thank you
Dessert by Dawn is my new favorite song ♫
Born Slippy is still my favorite song from that soundtrack though. sorry Lou boo
Your voice became my favorite song.
Favorite Christian song? — Any songs by Lauren Daigle or anything that plays on 94.9
Tell us your favorite song with hashtag + hashtag of song too!!
Anyone else obsessed with this song? Its probably my favorite or 2nd favorite
When you hear your favorite song playin. (Vine by
My favorite song on the album and the most emotional video I've ever shot. Feb. 23, 2016
your favorite song from Meet The Vamps album and Wake Up album ??💜💜
No hands is still my favorite pre game song 😂
Listening to your favorite song before bed can help you sleep better, wake up easier and enhance your mood for the upcomi…
I liked a video from Udit Narayan ... Favorite Song in Maithili... Interview of Lalka
Saira Banu and Mehmood on the Lobby Card of the film 'Padosan' (1968). Which is your Favorite Song from the movie?
1% and I have to talk about Aaron Watson singing my favorite song at south point
"I remember song lyrics from my favorite songs from five years ago but I don't remember what I learned in school last week."
Best Music Video Worldwide Favorite Artist Song of the Year Artist of the Year 👑 https…
You're my beautiful melody, you're my favorite song. My everything. I admire you alot 💝. Mind following me &
When you ask what their favorite Travis Scott song is & they say. "the one that goes "don't you open up that window"" htt…
What song is currently your favorite? — Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
Must be nice by Lyfe Jennings is my favorite song! Now that's real 💯
What is your favorite song from Bye
I can't remember how many days it's been since the weekend but I can tell you what her favorite song is
Just so everyone knows my favorite song is Cannon in D. Period.
I'm also waiting for my favorite song Antidote
hey now That's been my favorite song as long as I can remember 💖
FourFiveSeconds is my favorite song, this song came to me like a rain comes to flowers 🌺💞
Our new favorite song! Darius Syrossian - FunkFlex - Coming Soon in 2016 Vinyl Only Limited Press by Rimming Records
One time - Justin beiber just came on pandora, this use to be my favorite song in middle school. 😂😍👏🏾
"A Perfect Christmas. My favorite song in their album so far!!😍👍 .
If I had to choose 1 favorite song it would have to be this or pantie raid pt2 by Joey badass
Because this is my favorite RiRi song 😍
is my fave album where all the songs are my favorite coz of various song tune. Lovin' ol d tracks
My friend made a cover of my favorite song from Wind Waker! Check it out!
Love is like hearing your favorite song for the first time. Then listening to it over and over again till you hate that song.
Someone just told me their favorite song is John Lennons Imagine. Wow. So courageous. So brave.
When your favorite song comes up on the radio and its a stoplight! Instant karaoke jamming dancing session in the car
When the DJ play your favorite song at a festival
"What's your favorite song on the album?"
Let's Get Married is my favorite PND song
My 9 year old daughter, Natalie, adores you. Her favorite song is Stand By you. Can't wait to hear more f…
" Behind every favorite song is an untold story."
Mellotron by Tapioca and the Flea will forever be my favorite feel good song ❤️
hey Kim what's your favorite song on up all night :)
cool that was my favorite TLC song of '95 wish I could download her performance!
lol I didn't notice, I was listening to it in my car. It's my favorite Christmas song!
I hope you make a video for sober one day it's my favorite song by you ever
I don't even know this was your favorite song I just pack a song from my playlist
"What Do You Mean?"Justin B to win Favorite Song at People's Choice Awards2016! Cast your vote:
Okay, guys. I've decided "Favorite Song" is my favorite song from Ben Rector's new album. And not just because it's convenient.
I liked a video Favorite Song of All - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
I liked a video from Mega Ran: Your Favorite Song (in-studio)
Guess what! Nothing Personal turns 6 today!! What's your favorite song off Nothing Personal?
Every Taylor swift song is my favorite song.
Like That by Jack and Jack is still my favorite song
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Springsteen will always be my favorite song 🙌🏼
Meek made a video to my favorite song 🔥/ jump out the face
Whistle While You Work is my favorite song about an awkward ***
When your friend is super annoyed and your favorite song is on
Get our latest album on iTunes for just 9.99 or your favorite song for just 0.99 click now Otra Historia by EXP.
//this is probably my favorite song in the whole movie. not counting I've Heard It Both Ways. .
*** down G'z up will forever be my favorite song.
You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite Disney song.
Meeting you is like listening to a song for the first time and knowing that it'll be my favorite.
Miguel finally put this on an album 🙌🏻 probably favorite song in the world .
New post on my blog: First Click: Let me play you my new favorite song
When I was young, my favorite song was..get money, get money.
What is your all-time favorite song? — Songs by Coldplay, Maroon 5, OneRepublic and A Rocket to the Moon
You know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along
My favorite happy song is Favorite Song by Colbie Callait
Please continue voting Toni Gonzaga as Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ, Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Song for...
Favorite Song of yours big homie is, Plug but out of GTG is has to be Believe Me. Molly calls the plays, I tell 'em huddle up
TobyMac - "Favorite Song" (Featuring Jamie Grace): via you are my favourite song xxx
this is my favorite song all time. Listen to it this very second
Chandelier is forever my favorite song on the radio
Girl put your records on, tell me your favorite song ♪♫
One of my favorite things about is how they sometimes customize the intro song according to the theme of the episode.
Come to visit my grandma and she is showing me the lyrics of all about the bass and how it's her favorite song 😅
Also so happy for who wrote my favorite song of the year. You will never guess which one's my …
Died With You is my favorite song on the album!
Question: What is your favorite song?
Leave the night on by Sam Hunt may be my favorite song ever 😍💕
Definitely my favorite song of The Ways Of Yore: . Burzum - The Reckoning Of Man .
N'sync's Gone will forever be my favorite song.
um my favorite song lately is I'm not the only one by Sam Smith. Hbu?
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Is it weird that my dad's favorite song is blurred lines?... lol
Last night's concert was incredible, including my favorite eastoncorbin song. "Like clockwork..."
“Bought ya girl some new knee pads!”this is my favorite song you just don't know the words but I stil…
I'm Greg from live in Utah... favorite song: too many to chose from
HEY my favorite song from is STAY WITH ME, by Sam Smith. (: my meez name IS (P3ANUTxo)
7 Artists Pick Their Song of the Summer - Seven of our very favorite artists pick the song they’ve been list...
"An Ocean Between the Waves" is probably my favorite song of the year.
My favorite song about variable interning in is "Irreplaceable" by Defoncé
I swear this was&will always be me& favorite rap song together tho."Girls Kissing Girls,Cus its Hot Right"
what is your favorite Justin's song?I'm in love with "Mirrors".When I was on the concert,all hall was singing this song❤️
.You didn't say your favorite song :) lololol
Don't take days off by is my favorite I wish it was some lyrics I could read !!! That's a real song
All time favorite song from him other than make em bum dem
Hickory Wind Playing my favorite song at Camino National Night Out
Funny the way it is if you think about it. Somebody's heart is broken, it becomes your favorite song.
I don't even have a favorite song :3
Starting another new song today! All I will say is it's one of my favorite songs of all time. And it was written by…
Ride will always be my favorite song. Lana Del Rey
Favorite song ever i'm so proud of jack and jack
Where does your favorite song rank inour Top 25 ?
is one of our all-time favorite songs. We hope you like it too. It is on our new CD available on
This baby has be bout to shout all in my office! THANK YOU Quin'Ton Lee. This is one of my Pastor DrCharles E. Rodgers favorite songs & Chris absolutely loved Talking Toms! I can hear Jeremy Kelsey tearing up that ending! Yas shoud have been lost & confused but God!
No sleep 'til Manhattan: 8/29 at Joe's Pub. I'll play your favorite song... darlin'. Tickets: .
I just figured out what my favorite song as a 4th grader means and its not appropriate.
What is your favorite song to hear played at a wedding reception?
STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! bAND members of original bands please send in your MP3 favorite song that you have done to the following Moose Jaques at Moose Radio John Bunch at TFOK Radio KHWL in Altus Bladerunner Radio These fine folks will play your music.
Cyd the Kid serenades the Brunch Bunch with one of her favorite songs :)
Listen to WOW's The 100 Greatest Christian Songs Of All Time What's your favorite song on the list?
Msg.196. "Heart beats fast Colors and promises How to be brave? How can I love when I'm afraid to fall But watching you stand alone? All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow" — dedicating one of my favorite songs to u...i hv recently a crush on a boy……).ur lovely face broke my dil…. Dear oli vai(3rd year)…… plz dont u ever dare to come in front of me..Cause i don't know what i will do with u after seeing u next time!!!plz dont make me too weak to fall in love wd u...! Plz…
One of our favorite songs in the film. Two weeks until the soundtrack will be out!
What is your favorite song to watch the Fountains of Bellagio dance to?!
Meow. 15 seconds of one of my favorite songs.
Thanks Steely Dan for a GREAT concert last night in Bethlehem, This is NOT the video from last night, but sure was very close enough. Its Steely Dan singing my favorite song by them called "Time Out Of Mind". Enjoy!!!...
One of my favorite songs. Lyrics are amazing! Hope you like it
Good morning friends and family. There are times in life when a very special moment happens in your life and you wish you had a camera to capture it. Well this morning one happened for me and I had my camera near by. My mother, who will be 94 in a couple months, is staying with me this week. She was out walking this morning and I was playing my favorite song for her that her and dad sang in church and on the radio all my life growing up. She had paused to enjoy the moment and I knew Heaven was on her mind and I grabbed my camera and captured it. Keith Vaught Chester Vaught Lois Vaught Bryant Jeffery Vaught Melissa DeFord Steve E. Vaught Brittany DeFord Justin DeFord
My favorite song life music at the hotel so much fun
Excerpt from the latest do you think you are: Pres. Pub/SCH Bartendress: Whitney Victoria Scott 1. What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard? So a guy walks into a bar with an alligator. The bartender says, hey dude, I’m sorry, you can’t have that alligator in here. It’s a liability. The guy says, no, it’s cool. He’s tame, he’s a pet alligator. The bartender says, I don’t know, man, that sounds crazy. The guy says, let me prove it to you. So he pulls his pants down and puts his… “business” in the alligator’s mouth. At this point everyone’s alarmed. He keeps it in there for five minutes, ten minutes, and nothing happens. So the man pulls up his pants and says, see, everything’s okay. Then he looks at the rest of the customers and says, would anyone else like to give it a try? And a guy at the end of the bar says, I’ll give it a try. But I’m not sure I can keep my mouth open that long. 2. Who is your favorite superhero? I like Batman, because he’s like a real person. And at ...
This is an adorable "Must Watch Video" How do you stop a baby from Crying (Answer: Play their Favorite Song) Just Like CityFM89 is Playing your song All Summer Long
I live life.I love life...I embrace life. Life is too short to worry about what others think about what you do. Yeah, I put myself out there posting videos of my trying to sing some of my favorite songs. I know I am not the best singer out there but you know what. I am going to do it again to some other tunes I like so if my voice isn't to your liking.don't hit play. I am Danny Torres and I approve this message.
This is my favorite song I hope you love too.
"How Long Has It Been" track from "Favorite Song of All" album by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
I go through my notes to find lyrics in there from last night that I don't remember putting in there. Well, I have a new favorite song
Favorite flowers in my new old fav Luke song
Tim played my Mom's favorite song. I miss my Mom..)
- Brenda Song was my all time favorite Disney star sha
Gimme a girl that's beautiful, without a trace of makeup on, Barefoot in the kitchen, singing her favorite song. 🌾
nothing better than a song feat. the cast of my favorite TV Show !! everybody go watch it! http…
I have a new favorite song. Thanks,
Me and my crew and we party every week or so on the radio that's my favorite song Childish Gambino
My favorite song ever written, I got to perform it tonight. Written By BILLY STRAYHORN ''LUSH LIFE"
Zac & Casey from Alpha Rev are in the house!. Tell us your favorite Alpha Rev or The Rocketboys song in the...
I would never tell anyone that your voice is my favorite song.
Here comes your favorite song I REALLY DON'T CARE by on Listen here
This is exactly what I'm like when my favorite song comes on too... How about you?
When your favorite song comes on and you're like:
When the DJ turns to boring music when your favorite song was on 😒😒😂
Getting ready to play at a cocktail party, their favorite song is Send in the Clowns . Love any song by Marvin Hamlish :-)
When your favorite song starts playing on the radio as soon as you park.
When my favorite song come on I just
tell ya favorite big titty auntie that "Beautiful" by Pharrell & Snoop just came on the radio. . that's our song.
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My new favorite song. Love Runs Out by OneRepublic.
🌠💘🌌 “Hands Down: Ariana Grande - Break Free, is my favorite song by her so far.
Has anyone heard the saying when it rains it's a sign of the deceased going to heaven? I want to blow your mind with how our God show up and show out..My aunt Linda Rodney had the stage name of "Chocolate THUNDER". The forecast for Thursday called for sunshine ALL DAY..her memorial began at 3:00 and @ 3:00 on the dot, it begin to rain heavily, lightening, strong winds, and THUNDER. As they prayed and read scripture, we strained to hear because of the extremely loud THUNDER..the time came for us to sing her favorite song "How great is our God"..the sky calmed as we sang and gave tribute to our aunt Linda..we sat through the remaining of the service with wind blowing and watching objects blow across our seating area, lightening, heavy rain, and THUNDER...BUT when the words were spoken "this concludes the services for Linda Rodney, the sun was shining so bright. There was no wind, rain, or thunder. The angels cried tears for aunt Linda, the thunder roared making her presence known, then the sun shined so b . ...
Made this this morning cx What's your favorite song from each of their albums? (If you can pick, it's pretty hard for me XD)
Game 3...Who is ready for another game? This next prize comes from a lady who a big music fan, like myself. Seraphina Donavan has offered up a copy of her book Been Loving You Too Long, which is book 1 in her newest trilogy. Post your favorite song below for a chance to win it!!
My buddy boy and me singing eieio his favorite song.. played it like 100 times already..
When your favorite song comes on in the club
Aloha Panjos FB friends As all of you already know on June 30 th Corpus Christi lost a Legend Bubba Jacob. I first met bubba in 1968 while attending a friends birthday party at Panjos Pizza Parlor it was also the very first time I had ever eaten pizza it was a Friday night and I was amazed at every thing that was going on, in the big window we could watch the guys making pizza after pizza and the whole place was rocking to rag time music being played by this young man playing the piano and singing very loudly. Every one was joining in and singing along to all there favorite song I don't think there was a song that he couldn't play and Sing all the words to and all the kids got free bubble gum too. I had so many favorite songs it would be hard to say witch one was my favorite but the past christmas we had a party and the last song I asked him to play was. "We left our wife's at home " lol I love that song we had a good time singing it together. I so miss my friend. If you have pictures or story's you woul ...
Question for all The S&D'ers out there - How's BNL in the post-Steven era? I've always liked them, but I feel like most of my favorite songs are Steven-fronted songs. Do they still play those these days, or have they been retired? And if they do play them, does Ed sing lead on those, or does someone else? I know his departure is sort of old news, but given the chance to see them on TRB, I'm genuinely curious!
Mehfil at home singing my favorite song and sharing with u all..hope u all like it:)
Want to win tickets to ATTILA this Monday at Upstate Concert Hall? Leave a comment with your favorite song by them! (ONE COMMENT PER PERSON!) Winners will be picked tomorrow at 9:00AM
Miggui's favorite song is Blurred Line! Watch and RT!
Chris Auxt playing my nephew's favorite song so he can sing along!!!
We've fallen in love with this little performer. He's dancing to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance at a school recital. What's your kid's favorite song to dance to?
brandon's favorite song Regional convention 2014 song made my heart rejoice seeing all the people who attended the convention :) such a heartwarming.:) amazing :)
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That moment when your favorite song comes on
So y'all know how my favorite song right now is No Flex Zone?!? Guess who's comin to Legends tonight?!?! Rae Sremmurd bout to turn Legends into a NO FLEX ZONE!! THEY KNOWW BETTA!!
Alrighty! Last quiz for a little bit :) One of my favorite songs!! Make me proud Deathbats! Name this song... What you want is law!! You crowd me with all that you stole!! Oh how the mighty fall!! ~Shaza
Roberta favorite song and singer Salena !! Lol
If u rockin w me in any way, shape or form, then you'll go to the event page for my new album join, download the CD for FREE off datpiff, invite ur friends, share & let me know ur favorite song.
My girls have such an incredible strong bond!! (Mia's favorite song by Hannah Montana) So cute I have to record her singing all the words ♥
Q: What's your favorite song and it doesn't have to be your own? Me: the Neighbourhood's album :) Luke: Do u wanna build a snowman
Psalm 19 was our Favorite Song this Sunday. God's self-revelation in Creation and His Word is meant to spark worship:
Nyghel Mr'Independence Byrd Senior Recital Gospel Tribute. They sang his Auntie's favorite song. His Great Grandfather Song, His Great Grandmother's Favorite Song - And My favorite Song. Needless to say -- I sat in the crowd crying -- so if the video start shaking you know. I will post a better video later -- Great job guys Paul Hawkins Jr. - Myel Byrd - What a Night - Help Send these young men to Spain to sing and study this Summer -- Nyghel - -
Band: The Beatles Do I like them: YESSS Favorite Song: I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND LMS for your band
*NSYNC Challenge 2014. Day 6 - Favorite Song off Home for Christmas. My favorite song is "Merry…
USA! Did you hear the guys took home 'Favorite Music Group' and 'Favorite Song' at the last night? Thanks for votin…
One Direction won Favorite Song (Story Of My Life) and Favorite Music Group at the 2014 Kids Choice Awards.
Hey guys! Got some pretty amazing news! Remember me asking yall to vote for me a few weeks ago?? Well I found out today that I made it into the top 10 in 4 of those categories! God is so GOOD and He has blessed me with some amazing friends and family that help push and support me in everything I do! I am now going to ask you guys once again to please head on over to this link and click Jesse Reece in these categories! Favorite Soloist, Favorite Male Vocalist, Male Horizon, and Favorite Song!!! I never dreamed that I would ever be in the same top 10 with one of my favorite artist in the industry Jason Crabb. God is so good! Now please head on over and Vote Vote Vote!
Subscribe for more free dope hip hop songs(: Download Acid Rap- Chance The Rapper - Favorite Song (...
Taylor needs to win Favorite Song and Female Singer in Vote now!
Taylor is nominated for 2 Kids' Choice Awards (Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Song). Voting starts today at
"Legs" by ZZ Top is my favorite song about a girl who just learned to use her prosthetics.
brb judging you by your favorite Green Day song
When you sing along to your favorite song with the artist that sings it (creds to
i played my favorite song ('sometimes') for my dad earlier and he TOTALLY DIGGED IT
Got a great idea for a song the other day, then promptly realized that one of my favorite bands already wrote it.
have i told u my favorite song off ¡UNO! is stay the night right and now acoustic version oh sweet jesus
I can't stop listening to ! Love that song, it's my favorite right now!!! xx
"Selfish" by Slum Village really was my favorite song for a min when i was younger
On a different note studio is my favorite song so far👋
I restart the whole song when I miss my favorite part."
Everyone wants to hear their favorite song in the videos but we pick songs that peopIe at the schooI Iike and pIay at parti…
the feels I get listening to by Such a heartbreaking song. is my absolute favorite song. :)
Cookie Thumper is my favorite Die Antwoord song but the chorus aka the best part is in Afrikaans so I can't sing along sigh
The boys are nominated for 'Favorite Song' 'Music Group' 'UK Fave Fan Family' & 'Fave UK Band' at this year's
Calon lan is unbeatably my favorite song..
Dude, I still do. Hands down my favorite album. Every single song is just phenomenal!
What's your favorite episode of Season 4 so far? — I think 'Bats', especially because of the song. OuO
Vote Wrecking Ball by as your Favorite Song on Kids Choice Awards.
Lullabies is my favorite All Time Low song rn I love it
Rob your favorite song is playing now on
The song Michael wrote (amnesia) will bring you to tears so fast. It's my favorite new song so far
Audio: ilovemjforever: Lil Darlin: ZZ Ward I think she’s going to be my new favorite artist This song..gets...
Do you have a favorite worship song? Maybe it's something that other people don't really care for. Check out The...
USA! 1D are nominated for Favorite Song & Music Group at this year's Find out how you can vote!
hi conor, can you follow me please? My favorite song is r u crazy omg it's perfect!
Take One For The Team might be my favorite song off of Good Fridays
finally actually listened to the lyrics of Eric Church's "give me back my hometown" and I have to say it might be my favorite song ever
5 likes and ill answer Whole name: 2. One girl I trust 3. One guy I trust: 4. Current crush: 5. Mood at the moment: 6. Last text says: 7. Who i miss: 8. My best friend: 9. Who i tell everything to: 10. Who makes me laugh the most: 11. Someone who is always there for me: 12. Who i do crazy stuff with: 13. Who makes me smile: 14. What is my favorite song: 15. Who I hate: 16. Who annoys the crap outta me: 17. Somebody I want by my side right now: 18. Someone i love: 19. Last person who called me: 20. Question I'm always asked:
Enjoying feeling baby girl wiggle around to her favorite song.
My little girl Amaya peacefully sleeping... Until her favorite song comes on! ORIGINAL. Let's see how many can be like.
Going to the ceremony by Kid Cudi is my new favorite song. 💕
Don't you just hate when your favorite song comes on and people keep the music low and talk the whole way through it?!!!
My favorite song to vacuum to is harlem shake...
7 pm class to Allure tonight! $5 first time drop in and tonight only, free class if you sign up for march! Got a favorite song ? You can't help but shake your booty when it comes on? Post it on the wall and vote on your favorite songs by liking the persons song choice...
I have to say Balmain Jeans is my favorite song on Satellite flight: Journey to mother moon
Maybe if some of you *** in Lynchburg would learn your school work like you learn lyrics to your favorite song then you could possibly do something with your life!!👏
My monsters a rock n roller ...his favorite song Sail by Awolnation. man I love him
Always sane is how I remain. Forever continuing On & On like your favorite song.. ~ Sheshakespere
My new favorite song; sung by Steve's oldest boy. An education fund has been established for the benefit of Steve's 4 year-old son Lucas & 4 month-old son Liam. If you would like to contribute, make checks payable to: "Lucas & Liam Kraft Education Fund" and mail to: Lucas & Liam Kraft Education Fund c/o State Bank of Lincoln 508 Broadway Street Lincoln, IL 62656
The band I got Metallica there ok favorite song nothing really like for a band
Band I got: The Black Eyed Peas { Given by the lovely, Johna } Fan: Yeah. Favorite song: Imma Be . Welcome back to 2009, everyone. ;'D Like my status for a band.
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu sung by Milan Gautam become my favorite song.!! You are amazing bro :) ;) :P
For sharing purposes only (i.e., not for sale). This is "Black Radio" from the Robert Glasper Experiment released on legendary jazz label Blue Note Records last 2012. This one right here won the Best R&B Album award at the 2013 Grammys. My personal favorite song from this album is "Afro Blue" featuring Erykah Badu on vocals.
"Cause all of me Loves all of you Love your curves and all your edges All your perfect imperfections Give your all to me I'll give my all to you You're my end and my beginning Even when I lose I'm winning Cause I give you all of me And you give me all of you"...favorite song!
WHO *** I just had the best lunch with my dear Friend Herb Grant, of The Columbus Dispatch-Editorial writer/copy editor ·-May 1994 to present! Boy did I have I so much to fill him in on and Herb is a very Good Egg who does care about my 'In the Name of Justice" nonprofits work to reduce crime through treating my friends like me with a mental health diagnoses, addiction through sober positivity homes as well as helping to assist the 1-28 children in America who now have a parent or both in prison. We do not want them to follow in the footsteps of their parents and it does take a Village to raise these children! I told Herb all about my National civil rights bootcamp on mass incarceration- crime reduction training in Orlando that is based on the six principles of Dr. King's seen here in some of these photo's also shown at the end of this blog-scribe! So nice that my local paper does care about philanthropy work! As I walked away from Herb dropping me back at my office I told Herb that I so appreciate his s ...
February is National Children’s Dental Health Month Kids can take charge of their teeth by taking these steps: 1. Brush at least twice a day, after breakfast and before bedtime. 2. Brush all of your teeth, not just the front ones. 3. Spend at least 2 or 3 minutes each time you brush. (We like to play a CD – the kids get to pick their favorite song to help pass the time.) 4. Use only toothbrushes with soft bristles. 5. Ask your dentist if an antibacterial mouth rinse is right for you. 6. Learn how to floss your teeth. 7. Brush your tongue to help keep your breath fresh. 8. Visit the dentist twice a year. 9. Besides brushing and flossing, you need to be careful about what you eat and drink. Avoid sugar and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water instead of soda. 10. And don't forget to smile.
So happy brendon wrote me a letter, I feel so good omg! This my favorite song now.
Young love:) my favorite song you likes it perfect.. Kip moore
Riding around with my boys listening to "Streets of My Hood" by Matt Taylor my sons new favorite song!!
When your friend plays your favorite song Vine by: Curtis Lepore
When my favorite song comes on the radio and it reminds me of him .. And I can't help but listen to it and have to force the tears from fallin.:/
No lie, today my computer teacher told us to go on Dance Mat Typing (it's typing practice) and I was typing really fast so he said "obviously you don't need typing practice. Why don't you do something fun? Go on iTunes and listen to your favorite song and then type the lyrics" so I was just like ".heh?" So I did it and I was listening to Paramore, Evanescence, Elton John, and Flyleaf in SCHOOL! Best day ever xD
Eli's favorite song right now, it's not itsy bitsy spider like some 4 yr olds, lol
Well it's my favorite song ever and it's Kaskade's birthday so :D. Everytime I watch this I swear it gives me the chills bc that night was absolutely amazing! Ryan Raddon!
Band I got: Three Days Grace Do I like them? Meh, they're okay, I'm passed that genre of music now. Favorite song: don't really have one Favorite album: again, don't have one. "Like" if you want a band to evaluate.
Justyna Wereszka: Tennis Tip Part 3 OF 3: FOCUS ON ACTION THINKING! Recovery is also a very important aspect of Action Thinking. Don’t allow yourself to waste this time on regretting bad points or analyzing the previous game. Rest, towel, drink, snack, relax your muscles and stick to your routine. Between the points you have approximately 20 seconds, use this time wisely! Make sure that your heartbeat is under control, allowing you to start next point under calm internal conditions. Put your racquet in the other hand to rest your dominant one and go to your “Safe place” on the court like Sharapova does. Flex and release your hands and legs to release the tension you may be feeling. It is very difficult to control your Action Thinking without controlling your eyes. Focus your eyes on the strings. Fix them even if you don’t have to (it can be one of your rituals), keep your gaze on the court not on the fans, planes or other potential distractions. Related to the eyes control is sound control. Conce ...
New favorite song: Trap livin by A-class music.I can definitely relate
I love when I'm in my car by myself and my favorite song comes on. I jam like a beast! But, its all fun and games until you notice the car next to you staring at you like you're a loon straight out of the psych ward.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
thnks everyone who had been prying for me and my family. Had been throwing up non-stop since Tuesday afternoon so by Friday thought might be a good idea to go in to the ER and maybe get some fluid in me and maybe still get to the Grand Caynon but that didn't work out so well my Liver didn't like that idea and wanted to shut down on me with total tyneol shut down so spent the whole weekend clenseing my system of it. But through they world of prayer and grace of God once again we have BEEN Granted and the doctors got it out of my system with no ill effects--lo liver trace plants and not even any medicines All I have to say is Praise God and my family has been blessed once again. My favorite song for as long as I can as always been Amazing Grace and I think it will be for the rest of my life. Pleased take a few minutes and listen to the words to the song and you will understand why I love this song
RETRO TIME!!! On this date in 1982 - Alabama's album, Mountain Music, was released. The 97.7 WCTY Country Timeline is coming up at 3:40pm. What's your favorite song from super group Alabama?
Noah is gonna be a rock fan for sure. Every time I play and sing he smiles. His current favorite song is rebel yell lol
In the deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky that's the place where i trace my blood line and it their i read on a hill side graveyard you'll never leave Harlan alive. By far my favorite song who can tell me what its about without looking it up winner gets a coupon for five free hi fives.
Your favorite song is my favorite song, now whats the chance of that?
I've noticed just how different ladies from my hood are to Sebokeng girls... for real lol check how they respond to their favorite song Sharpeville ladies : tjo phamisa volumu ke pina yaka yeo hle Sebokeng ladies : tjo! tjo! phamisa phamisa phamisa tjo utlwa eya hle. lol well "hle" is always there Sebokeng ladies dance like colored people.
Band I got: BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Do I like them: Yes. Favorite song: either Bewitched or Candyland. I can't decide! Like for a banddd! :D
- Baby fast asleep, until her favorite song
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