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Faux News

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faux news had2 retract& apologize over fake stories a 1000* this yrs alone Pls stop watching with immediate effect
Seems like bad news but a man with an exclamation point on his head just asked me to find ten radioactive bear hides http…
I guess that will shut down Faux News.
Here's something should watch! As opposed to Nemo movies and Faux News.
.Even the Faux News editor said "The opinions in this piece ... do not necessarily represent official positions of the US Gov't.
Biggest source of fake news isn't the MSM or even Faux News. Who? I'll give you a hint . . . He also has a fake tan! http…
Will Shep be ONLY FAUX news anchor to start calling out 45⁉️He sure could use help over there😋
.You're quoting, BTW, from an unsigned Faux News OpEd. Please stop waving it around like it proves something. It's toilet paper.
She was an HRC hater during the campagne, u could tell. Move her 2 Faux news with Hann…
do not do this. It was faux news that brainwashed them. We have to educate the fooled voter…
You have been watching Faux Fox News again!
I seriously wonder how he still has a job at FAUX News.
wouldn't that be Fox aka Faux News strategy
Exactly! Where there's smoke there's fire! Someone at Faux News with integrity!!!
Why float the idea? Testing the waters, no idea how 2 raise government revenue. Contradictory faux news is common with th junta.
I'm shocked, shocked I tell you that Wikileaks isn't honest - next you're going to tell me that Faux News lies - oh…
You are such a COWARD can't take REAL journalists that will not kiss your *** like Faux News does on the daily!
I'm thinking Shepard Smith forgot he hosts a show on Faux News. Wow.
You mean like how Faux News downplays right wing extremists?
I would ask where you right wing nut jobs get your made up claims bit I know where, Faux News and Breitbart.
Go watch Faux News...I hear they are talking about the War on Christmas...again
FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS! Faux News is the television version of the National Enquirer!
At this point, Paul Ryan might as well go on InfoWars or Faux News seeing as the majority of America has no respect for…
So you gonna act like you didn't see Karl Rove melting down on Faux News with his national polling and scratch pad…
of course Breitbart is going to say Trump is ahead.. they are worse than Faux News... and run trum…
.needs to be on Fox News a.k.a. "Faux News" ASAP...or just taken off the air entirely.
Keep it up folks. The dinosaur media (including Faux News) is feeling the heat!
Joe "Doctrinaire" Kernen is stewing inside listening to Auletta thrash right-wing Faux News. Looks likes he will explode any moment.
"Sheep" Smith needs to be fired from Faux News!!!
Faux News is airing a thingie about Ben Franklin, produced by Bill O'Reilly... How awful.
Paula Faris will end up working for Faux News.
There's stupid, and then there's your *** What's the matter, slow interview circuit with Faux News, er noise?
Could you get through the week without an autocorrect faux pas?
Gucci's PR faux pas in Hong Kong over luxury offerings to...
Strangest part of this campaign; CNN is more Fair & Balanced to conservatives than Faux News. Go Anderson Cooper!
yeah, that woman is a moron & rabid Bernie supporter. Faux news adds more & more obnoxious liberals
wont see this on faux news.Obama's second term is on pace to be the best ever for private sector job growth
Curious to know how many of you are cutting Fox News out of your life, and if you miss it? Or you are better off not viewing it? News
Cruz complains about the media favoring Trump.all the major radio programs are pro cruz...and Faux news hated him until ratings
Somehow nothing about Faux News makes me feel like laughing!
I haven't watched Faux News since 8/2011, they're trump news PAC, watch CNN fairer.
I can't imagine as his politics certainly mesh with Faux News...
No longer watching your program, I am not interested in faux news.
Seems like the Faux "news" creeps can't dance to their own tune.
Choking back the faux tears...I am touched (NOT).
sorry bill o *** faux news is trumps media. You don't have to have him on you can pass on him
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Agree, although they were probably told not to. Probably afraid of losing their jobs. That's FAUX news for you.
- Oh much does faux news anticipate he loses by to Hillary in the fall?
- not as derogatory as the inbred *** that watch faux news. Enjoy HRC as POTUS. :-)
I'm not watching faux news! It's literally on every news channel.
You're gonna ask racist Faux news why they shut down comments about this article?
The president was SO spot on calling out for faux news!
15 people show up at Cruz Rally in Indiana. put your FAKE poll away FAUX NEWS we. know its not real
You should seriously consider doing a cable faux news show when you retire fr the Presidency. It'd be quite interesting, fun & funny.
Faux news brings out the best in its captive audience. The haters gunna hate.
The Trumpistas are showing their true colors, aren't they? Even Faux News can't take it.
. I don't watch Faux News since they have become Trumpy News!
Well Lyin’ Ted has just been busy infecting the airways with his faux-Christian nonsense hasn’t he?
Fake reality TV from Faux News, why not hear from the other members of SealTeam6 oh they were flown into an ambush
Sally,there is NO "Biden Rule" ,so watch something beside Faux News..
I sure hope faux news is proud of the dumb a $$es that listen to their crap. She is a classy young woman,...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
U.S. toddlers have so far shot at least 23 people since January 1
I just tuned into the Megyn Kelley show on Faux News radio, and could swear she was slurring her words. Was she drunk?
Hannity is in the "ratings" business. MSM FAUX NEWS CNN MSNBC. Media Press'itutes. Social media Rules 4 Truth
FAUX NEWS will do anything to promote Fear/Anger/Hate
Donald, boycott Faux News until they bring back and fire Crazy Megyn!
The has a simple theme to it's Latest News section! With Gerry's faux-pology still above the fold.
Forced to listen to Megyn Kelley and Faux News - wow. I mean, as a former journalist, what a nightmare of pure conservative bent propaganda!
Fox News should change its name to "Faux News" because almost everything they talk about is fake and the information is inaccurate and bias.
Faux(NOT)news is really embarrassing themselves with this romance with Raphael. Adulterer/liar & totally untrusTED.And this is FAUX
No hurry! America is fine, enjoying Pro-Trump on Hannity and a few moments of CNN, better that Faux Estb. News
LOL! When was the last time Sarah spoke to the press? Scripted Faux news "interviews" don't count.
I'd take Helga Pataki's faux journalism over Fox News any day of the week.
just turned on Faux news. Hannity has Trump on for the whole hour. only time to watch Faux
something is seriously awry when I'm enjoying Faux news
and the crew at Faux News can't wait to refute anything Newt is saying. Traitors👁
Why, this can't be right according to Faux News. They say Trump is10 points behind Cruz. Lying Ted +Lying media!
Paid by donners with special interest. Ask Faux News now an "Entertainment" company. Why don't ppl know this!? 😝.
Listen to full speech before any faux outcry of racism.
author a & Faux News toadie. No credibility. Pardon was based on excessive sentencing. They r still felons.
ICYMI says threatens Agricultural Lands, habitat and stability
At his FAUX news salary, he eats at McDonald's?
Half of energy consumption came from last year
If Megyn "90% MAN" Kelly's JAW gets any bigger, FAUX NEWS will need a super Wide-Angle lens to fet it all in one frame.
MT step by step account of how Nick Lang died - Mistakes, lack of attention led to death: lawsuit
She's outstanding. Way above anyone on Faux News. The only surprising thing is that it's taken so long.
Faux news may be one of the worst, but the others are not much better. Journalism has a taken a wrong turn in this country.
no coverage on faux news of Panama papers.
- The many fashion faux pas of actress Nicole Kidman, At the Academy of Country ...
a Faux News construct about the financial oppression white conservatives suffer at the hands of other white conservatives.
More targeting him. It will never stop him. Give up faux news.
domain names
Faux news is a entertainment station already. Don't you think the others will have the same fate?
haven't watch Kelly or faux news since 1st debate.I only watch Hannity 8f Trump is…
It's okay Mr. Trump. True conservatives who love this country are no longer watching her show or Faux news.
HAIR BY CHELYNN NEWS eyelashes - Getting eyelash extensions or going the faux eyelash D.I.Y route can be quite ...
the recovery has been faux growth driven by cheap Fed credit and financial engineering.
where ? And according to megyn ? How about some true polls just once faux news
I dated a guy once who had a Faux News sticker on his laptop and even I wanted to punch him
can't believe an hour of Faux News is being devoted to this Faux candidate! Wants to STEAL conv from us!
Give us our due in Cong: Valmikis: After the Congress faux pas on Rajya Sabha membership for Sufi singer Hans Raj…
He has to share that news because that's what Ruperts puppets do at Faux Business and the now irrelevant WSJ
📷 bieber-news: February 26: Justin attending the PAS DE FAUX fashion installation at the EPOCH Creative...
And the lift the cap scam continues. Faux support & push polls. .
Shailene Woodley and Rosario Dawson come out for Bernie Sanders
hannity makes alan colmes look like Chuck Norris...ppl are dropping him and Faux News fast
Just signed up for my Mark Levin TV! Stoked!!! No more Faux News or Re-Greta
if I wanted to listen to the likes of Michelle Bachman, I'd watch Faux News. Enough!
Hitlary Clinton endorses the KKK. Where is CNN and Faux News ?
It's about time...I don't watch Faux News anymore. They have an agenda and it has nothing to do with "fair &...
Roger Stone will soon be a Faux News contributor along with Mark Furman and Stacy Dash...
left one of the TVs on Faux News on election night 2008 & 2012.
U sound like Faux News. The President does not make laws, only signs them in. congress makes them
So they got suspended for saying the exact things the loony tunes on Faux News spew out every single day?
What else does one expect after 24x7 of whipping up hate w/ made up lies? (Faux News, Hate(talk)Radio, GOP debates)
Faux News is hot trash. Talk radio is hotter trash. The are fact free zones.
Faux furs take this winter by storm
You are the Tokyo Rose of Faux 'news' hacks. A sham. A bad joke.
Men keep ruining their chances with this one Tinder faux pas
F. Glenn Miller sentenced to death for Kansas murders incited by Jewish hate .
every time someone says Faux News I just want to slap them. The real faux News is CNN etc.
Yes, but his name will be at the bottom like everything else at Faux News
Little Giant Ladders
I'm sure Faux News will give him a slot. He'd fit right in.
Once Liberals hire the remaining press gallery, there should be no more embarrassing news out of Victoria. https…
Who polices the police? >> RCMP accused of rewriting history of Parliament Hill attack -
Murdoch owns them and the commentators and Faux News! Isn't he also the one that provided the canned responses?
Or you could continue to be a blissfully ignorant faux news moron, that doesn't have a clue.
This is a noticeable attempt to look "balanced" it does lack all objectivity though. Fair and balanced? No to Faux (Fox) news
Reminder: MU will be running a full test of our emergency plan & alert systems at 12:50 p.m. today. Details:
Faux news has ALWAYS been the controlled opposition if yr just waking up to that fact. Ailes/Murdoch both CFR
"Tomorrow Mizzou will really make national news". More threats from the terrorist. .
Starbucks faux outrage: When did this “War on Christmas” start anyway?: In 2006 John Gibson (t...
Faux News mission accomplished. Fox didn't want to give Trump time 2 shine He had good zingers but GOPe cards stacked
harper may have responded to "faux news" but Trudeau doesn't. Cons so uncritical they fall for any old lie. h…
An Article to help you understand why your uncle who watches Fox faux News is totally deceive. All his facts are "pants on fire"
Great Faux News chart, but I don't believe it!
I hope Cruz,Trump and Carson call out Faux news for purposely having a audience stacked against them. All cheers For Rubio and Bush!
Reading comments on here tells how Faux News traps the ignorant.
Faux Christians, Faux News viewers and various other RWNJs round out the lot
. Ya gotta wonder, . Has he even got a map?. Can he read, or is he just. Programed by Faux News Propaganda.
that's just Teapubs and Faux Christians and Faux News watchers
Say's the FAUX news ManBoy for hire with his preppy head up his tight GOP ***
resigns from amid 1st Amndmt faux pas. Learn it! .
Notice anything about which states have poorest people? Amazing how the GOP and Faux News get people to vote.
well, it is Faux News. They love amnesty and Jeb.
Faux News moderators are true to form. Mis-representing status quo data/
Softball questions from Faux News... No crybabies yet
which is exactly why all the faux "news" pages are RAGING and calling for his head on a platter. Go look.
. FAUX News won't give him enought time
I guess Fox likes this loser ... totally unfair and biased Faux News.
And the & Faux News found a good way to capitalize that business! .
This debate is on the FAUX News Channel
Why does the crawl line at the bottom of the screen show "Republican" in blue as opposed to red? Another Faux News ploy?
Mizzou police ask students to report 'hateful' behavior - I hate racism but hate this faux movement more.
makes me feel dirty just turning to faux news. EW!
Faux Furt Ball II - Puttin' on the Leash - Palm Springs Life: Palm Springs LifeFaux Furt Ball II - Puttin' on ...
Faux News finally found dirt on Bernie Sanders. His real name is Bernard.
Megyn Kelly...and Shep Smith.just two of the fast and unbalanced girls at Faux News...
Mark Fuhrman (sp?). Of COURSE Faux News continues going to this *** anytime they need a "cop's" perspective.
Asked by Faux News about the likelihood that she’d become a candidate for President, the former Alaska governor an…
and she didn't mind Brit Hume giving her knees rug burns to get to Faux News either?
mrs.Brit Hume learned that the hard way. She got to Faux News old-fashioned way, on her back in motel with Brit!
Scott Wiener rocks it like a boss against the forces of "truthieness" at Faux News via
‘Court is not a legislature’: Roberts rips GOP as if 'don't make us do your fu**ing job.' Faux News wrong again. |
didn't watch Faux News anyway. I'm sure Sarah will spin it as a "liberal media conspiracy".
Andy Levy is a Rethuglican who works for Faux News. Don’t listen to him.
Bill Hemmer on Faux News apparently does not know what Hyperbole means. Rand had to explain himself about 3 times
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my fav clip is Craig T Nelson on Faux News complaining that when he was on Food Stamps the govt didn't help him.
WHAT ABOUT BENGHAZI?? It's always about Benghazi faux news!!!
Do you have substantiated proof of that or do you just watch Faux News? I guess the answer is B.
Someone help me have watched faux news for two hours, I can't feel my brain ah.
This is news? Infiltration via communication and faux actors; old school. Nano tracking and RFID tagging...
Really? How asinine must something be before even a Faux News watcher can tell that it's a totally insane idea?
WOW! FINALLY! I hope he rips into that imitation real>Faux News! They need to be stopped! Like oxy-rush limpbauls!
And you know Faux news is the bible
After 30 years on Death Row, an Alabama man is free after having his conviction reversed:
Hot, breaking story from Faux News on the death of Lincoln. Guess who was the mysterious accomplice? ;)
He is the prototypical Faux News viewer. He drinks Rupert’s kool-aide by the gallons.
I hv relatives (ashamed 2say) that watch Faux News, bt yet think they're experts on
I hope Hillary never goes on FAUX news. She doesn't need the crap. She is too good for that station.
lol you have been reading too much Jerusalem Post and Faux News. Now run along
Who wouldn't buy this 'Texas Chainsaw' NES game? Art by …
I do realise I'm reacting to a Daily Mail headline. A horrific 'news' outlet trying to faux-outrage people in defence of an awful policy.
I'm glad you like faux news . I just can't stomach the lies especially from OReilly. Kelly and Hannity just satire a joke
Faux news is nothing more than the PR division of the Republican party, they would not know truth if it hit them
don't take it personal when I say FAUX NEWS will never trust them
In other news I think I'm the only one who doesn't "get" Nintendo.
Here's one this exec would have liked to take back:
Facts are facts nobody can change the truth. Look and you will see. Listen to Faux News, you'll be deaf, dumb & blind
People know how good he is, if they don't listen to Faux News where lying has become a religion.
Have you been drinking the Faux News Kool-Aid?
Pavlovian Republicans: For the Republicans in Washington, it is not food they are salivating over but a faux f...
A J.C. Penney senior exec "inadvertently" released the company's Q1 sales data too early. Luckily, it was good news.
go yell racism and faux news. I'm guessing your about to explode if not doing that every 2 min
Photos in a skip due to redecorating. Fans kicking off with faux rage as usual ...
Fashion Faux Pas! All the Worst Dressed Stars Ever at the Golden Globes, shocking choices! -
Jeff, buddy, why don't you stick the faux news up your *** and twirl it around... *** (didn't forget)
I bet you watch Faux News and read the Drudge report! ADD or Alzheimer's ?
try Rand, Rafael, and Rubio and keep watching faux news
dude you're really not helping the DEMS, are you sure you are not a faux news reporter this is why your ratings suck
U do know even GOP comittees have cleared on Benghazi? Y wld u keep bringing up? Trying out for Faux News?
NBC Alyssa Marino falsifies CBS Alix Bryan reports fraud "just in case". Rolling Stone UVA rape is fake . S…
Her proven record according to Faux News!
GREAT news for the trade : faux fur has never been so popular and sales are on a continuous upward trend :-)
she's a faux news correspondent and Koch Bros help pay her salary. Poison pen. Nuff said for me.
the RT.WING public buying into the lies of faux news I watch for laughs
FAUX NEWS- leading with Russian jets "NEAR " UK air space ,can you feel the fear,murdochs neo con fear mongers on crack, FYI near is not in😂
= perfect ex. Brilliant, but we have a grossly undereducated general population fed by Faux News
So, what faux pas did Hillary commit that forced the news media to divert attention and fawn over her crappy drink selection?
Whoopi is just as sick of Candice as I am. She talks over everybody & thinks she's on Faux News or something.
Outdumbs people on the couch. used to have a brain on CourtTV. A serious Faux News condition.
And they got three faux Fox News commentators to do the follow up! FOH
Website Builder 728x90
So, apparently the big campaign news today is that likes crappy faux-Mexican food?
Bill, I hate when you have two running of the mouth R-CONs & one little meek liberal! Might as well be watching Faux News!.
I guess you can't speak ill of Faux News, um, I mean
Tammy Barbour and Sam Clark DiBrell sharing . "Let's open our minds beyond Faux News. I started not to share this...
I loathe Nicole "Screech" Wallace. She is annoying. Like nails on a chalkboard. Send her to Faux News, better fit.
An invasion of artificial outrage in America What really makes talk radio and Faux News viable.
MT Because need a little right now - Faux News provides it cc
. Funny...Faux News never notices 'no-go' areas like Stamford Hill and Golders Green
Faux News: And then the Pharisee told Jesus 'Hey Moron, poor people are lazy. The Romans are the job creators.'
the king of Saudi Arabia owns 50 percent of Faux News. Thats why they all tow the line on climate change.
Faux News stays snarky with Elizabeth Hasselbeck saying Obama shouldn't do 'during wartime'...
CNN Don Lemon just reported Ofc Darren Wilson did not have broken eye socket. Just more lies from Faux News.
And not a moment too soon. Let's challenge that other Faux News horrific interviewer, Sean Hannity.
Stuart Varney on Faux News is the worst fearmongerer on that sad excuse for a news channel. Where'd you find this worthless ***
Blacks listening to Faux News is likened to Cochise listening to General Custer.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Conservative Jesus said this in 1967, when the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense wound up on the Floor of the California State Assembly. As Governor he advocated and signed into law the "Mulford Act" prohibiting citizens in the state from carrying firearms in public. The NRA supported the measure. This is one of the many aspects of the legacy of Ronald Reagan that the Tealiban don't want to talk about. You'll never see this on Faux News!!
I wonder how Faux News and CNN would have covered the Boston Tea Party.
Every time a Rethugnican politician lies, the Founding Fathers turn over in their graves.At the moment, George "I Can Not Tell a Lie" Washington is spinning like a drive shaft. And a woman runinng for office in Lousiana first bad mouths the "lamestream media", (as opposed to Faux News which hasn't put a real, honest, true segment on air in the last decade?) THEN, when the interveiwer asks her to produce ONE SINGLE SOURCE for her stance that "global warming" or "climate change" is nothng more then liberal lies and that the planet is actually getting COLDER, her handlers grab her up and scramble for the exits like rats leaving the Titanic. And THEN, it's all the medias fault and the liberal democrats are playing "gotcha journalism". (When you are too stupid to answer a simple question to support your beleifs with facts and eveidance, the only "gotcha" is the revealation of your ignorance.) New Rule. From now on you have to pass a simple test to run for office. And, if your scores are low enough, you are not ...
You know what the irony is? "Faux News" is a hugely liberal news source that only recent started turning on Democrats.
So, now a letter has surfaced showing that the U.S. State Department has devoted its resources toward an effort to silence Fox News' reports that Hillary's State Department knew from the getgo that the Benghazi attack was perpetrated by terrorists, having nothing to do with a YouTube video. Way to go, Megyn Kelly! Where does the federal government get off in suppressing a free and independent press? (And the liberal progressives still call it Faux News. Ha!)
And as an obvious, "Faux News" jokes are jokes stupid people laugh at *paraphrase of Chris Hitchens*.
Faux News reporters and anchors or Stepford Wives Club?
Extra, Extra Read this post. Stacy Dash is joining Faux News as a contributor.
Faux News. The Alternative News Channel. A fact. Fmr. Pres. Bill Clinton's approval rating rose 10% after his impeachment. So go ahead Republicans with your Benghazi narrative. It'll make President Obama even more popular among Americans. Americans know Benghazi is nothing but Republicans politicizing a tragedy.
Okay, Wall St defrauds homeowners and money managers and throws the Country into ressession. Bush bails them out with $7,000,000,000,000 and the Fed devalues our currency by another $10,000,000,000,000. The banks pay some minimal fines, admit no wrong doing, no one goes to jail and in 2013 alone they give out $30,000,000,000 in bonus money alone. On the other hand, kids get together to peacefully protest this Wall Street theft. They get pepper sprayed and beat up and are portayed as evil on Faux News. Now an Occupy protester gets a 7 yr sentence for turning and hitting a police officer with her elbow after he grabbed her breast. To use Faux News terms, "Where is the outrage?"
Faux News business model and mission statement!
The President of the United States shredded "Faux News", that is "Fox" for those who don't know.
New dream job: Become a welfare cowboy like Cliven Bundy. Gonna get me a herd of emus, find a national park I like, and set up shop free of charge. All I need is a bunch of fat white supremacists with AKs and Faux News to protect my freeloading *** from the Big Guvment
Wow! Didn't think Elisabeth Hasselbeck could get any more stupid but 6 months or so on Faux News managed to take her down a few pegs.
Waco, Ruby Ridge and the beginning of a larger secessionist movement with Sandoval and Faux News fanning the flames.
Do you feel stupid sometimes? Do you sometimes reach up to scratch your head and end up scratching only thin air? Do you look at a letter from your insurance company saying that they have to double your bill because of Obamacare and just reach into your pocket instead of actually looking on the exchanges like a rational person because Obamacare is evil and nothing good could possibly come from it? You may be a victim of Faux News, the only national news network that has won the right to purposively lie to you for political gain in an actual bonafide supreme court case. Warning: Faux News is highly addictive and contagious, afflicting 47% of the adult population, is highly toxic, and if consumed in large doses has been shown to reduce understanding and knowledge of current events. If you think you may have been infected with Faux News, please seek immediate re-socialization from an infant-murder clinic near you.
Faux News talking blonde Heather Childers now writing skits for SNL. Congrats UConn on your NAACP win. Diversity rules.!
All over my alternate page at any given time are memes and links about the "Evil Obama" and comparisons of him with Hitler and remarks about how we are being brainwashed just like they were in Nazi Germany. I agree about the brainwashing, but not about the source. That so many could be so worried about our loss of freedom and yet nothing about the Supreme Court's decision to let our rights be bought and paid for by the One Percent just shows how far it's gone is beyond my understanding. Faux News has managed to convince the masses that Obama is the enemy and that we need to "take back our country." Well we do need to take it back, but from Koch Brothers, who would rather spend millions on keeping the working people from rights than to pay workers a living wage. I fear with all my heart all's lost if we don't get dems in all forms of government this year. We had the chance four years ago and we blew it. Yet even many who once stood with me on this are now being apathetic or saying things like both p ...
I understand his logic very well, if it is done while President Obama is president I can find a way to make it seem wrong. That is the only position that I am capable of and that Faux News will broadcast".
A panel discussion by a group of Republican women looking into ways to get more women to embrace the Republican Party concluded that getting more women to marry men would make them better women and better homemakers and as a consequence grow the Republican Party so that it could compete for more women voters. Say what? Yes you heard right! But like the guy in the scratchy infomericals likes to say, there's more. They also concluded that feminism is solely responsible for date rape! OMG! I kid you not I heard it with my own ears. And this is April Fool's Day so I fact checked this and yes what I heard with my own ears and saw with my own is true! And on this very day Paul Ryan who I have come to conclude is a functional *** unveiled his new Ryan Budget which is pretty much a re-hash of past Ryan budgets and it was immediately debunked by not Democrats but Faux News and other right-wing pundits as crazy and not passable. It includes such tried and true Ryanisms as privatizing Medicare, ending Social Secur . ...
Funny moment in Faux News: the commentators were up in arms that former New York congressman Anthony Weiner was writing a column because they couldn't understand why anyone would hire a washed up former politician. Bonus points for if you can guess which one of washed up former politician turned Faux News contributors was in the very next segment: Sarah Palin? Mike Huckabee? Rick Santorum?John Bolton? Karl Rove? The answer is.John Bolton for y'all scoring at home.
I must say I didn't like Reverend Al Sharpton when I first started my political life. However, I love his "We Got You" segments. Of course people assume I only watch MSNBC but I watch multiple news outlets including Faux News (I need a good laugh every now and then)
As an amateur meteorologist/ climatologist, it takes a lot of restraint to listen to some , let's say ill informed to be nice, opinion about global change. Here's the scientific report ( not Donald Trump): For people throughout the Eastern United States who spent January slipping, sliding and shivering, here is a counterintuitive fact: For the earth as a whole, it was the fourth-warmest January on record. It was, in fact, the 347th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average, the government reported Thursday. It takes a bit more to generate a valid thought other than watching Faux News or looking out your back door!
One of my favorite moments watching Ron Paul debate on Faux News... "The war has not gone well one bit. Yes, I would leave completely! Why leave the troops in the region? It was a fact that we had troops in Saudi Arabia, and it was one of the three reasons given for the attack on 9/11. So, why leave them in the region? They don't want our troops on the Arabian Peninsula. We have no need, for our national security, to have troops on the Arabian Peninsula. Going into Iraq and Afghanistan and threatening Iran is the worst thing we can do for our national security. ... It's the policy that is wrong. Tactical movements and shifting troops around and taking in thirty more and reducing by five, totally irrelevant! We need a new foreign policy that says we ought to mind our own business, bring our troops home, defend THIS country, defend OUR borders..." "Congressman Paul, you're basically saying that we should take our marching orders from Al Qaeda if they want us off the Arabian Peninsula, we should leave?" "NO! ...
ExxonMobil & BP must have made a big gift to Roger Ailes because all the windbags on Faux News radio are talking about the climate change hoax. None of the arguments stand up to scrutiny, but then again, it's not like their listeners will scrutinize anything when they are told that all the other forms of media in the world are biased. Fact is, we now export more oil than we import. The US could have oil independence now if not for big oil selling to the highest bidder - dollars trump energy autonomy.
Once again we have persons who know full well they are lying doing so for purely political reasons. This one, not surprisingly, from a familiar teller of tales, Ann Coulter, or I as I sometimes think of her, that crazy guy in the blond wig and black dress. First, the story she told Tucker Carlson, on Faux News, of course: Conservative pundit Ann Coulter on Feb. 2, 2014, offered what she called a "shocking and horrible" personal story on Fox & Friends Weekend illustrating lethal consequences of the health care law. Coulter told host Tucker Carlson that she woke up Saturday morning to an email from a friend who said her sister "almost died because of Obamacare." Coulter zipped through the backstory: The woman "had been thrown off her insurance plan, you know Blue Shield completely just pulled out of California." The woman tried to "get on Obamacare, (but) couldn’t get through the website." Then she got a fever, but she didn’t want to go to the emergency room without insurance. (my editorial note here: R ...
Ok I know I am gonna get some flack for this because Shepard Smith of Faux News for a "opened/closeted" *** man he is stupid. I mean the man is dumber than dumb. I mean lord the man had no idea what Ganache was sorry for the misspelling. *** he had no freaking idea what Parmesan/Reggiano crisp was wow with the money he makes the man can not take a food etiquette class.I
Today's Head Exploder: The administration has granted another delay to small businesses regarding signing up for Obamacare. Charles Krauthammer, Faux News talking head, compares granting the delay to the kind of things they do "in a banana republic." This implies lawlessness and what ever the dictator chooses to do. Granting a delay in implementation requested by the business community is not equivalent to running a dictatorship. The delay in implementation of the mandate applies to businesses with 50-99 workers. Krauthammer and his ilk should keep in mind that if our country was really being run the way they keep insisting it is run they would not be on television mouthing off about the President and his "lawlessness." They would be locked up in some dark cell or just disappeared. End of rant. Chuck out.
James Carville working at Faux News?! What a sell-out.
Fox Sports = Faux News = Rupert Murdoch and it just needs to go away.
.To be fair, sometimes you got to b!+c&-slap a journo. Not here, but I'm thinking Wall St. Journal, Faux News, etc. #
Oh Lookie. Drones were available to save our men. Another "Faux News" story. OH WAIT. Its from the UK. .
Watching the Today show. Jenna Bush looks as lost and confused as her dad. How the *** is she not at Faux News?
Another section should be on that terrific sign which would read, "YES to, the John Birch Society, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul & Jay Leno... and NO to Faux News, the Weekly Standard, the NY Times, the Bushes, Clinton's, Obama, Romney, Christi, Ryan, McConnell & Boehner." Kevan Rowlee
Here's the thing about Melissa Harris-Perry: SHE APOLOGIZED, COMPLETELY. Here's thething about Martin Bashir: HE APOLOGIZED, UNRESERVEDLY. And then, he fell on his sword. Every conservaprat, Republican't, Faux News lemming and leader with fresh meat in their beady little eyes, screaming for these people's drawing and quartering, needs to take a cue from these truly contrite commentators and understand that they have acknowledged without question they went over the top. Can the mouth-breathing *** on the right do the same? They cannot, and will not, as long as they tenaciously cling to the numbskull notion that an apology is a sign of weakness. For them, Jesus forgives so they don't have to. Happy freakin' new year. ;-)
Pretty surreal seeing Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine, hammer & sickle and all, on stage at The Kennedy Center Awards. Im sure it will be a top story on Faux News.
Even though Tucker Carlson lost his bow-tie and graduated to a "big boy" necktie...I still want to punch him in the, he's so immature I should give him a spanking, but...ew.he'd like that. Leave it to Faux News to give him a place to spew his ignorance.OY
Pope Frank is really touching quite a few nerves with neo-cons like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh lately. Which is a *** of a lot better than touching kids like the last pope did. Anyone who pisses off the neo-con demagogues the way he has is A-OK in my book. To hear Sarah Palin talk, you'd think His Holiness unloaded a truckload full of sand into her *** Rush is throwing a pissy fit as if the Pope took away his oxycontins. All because Pope Francis stated the simple truth, that our current global economic system perpetuates wealth inequality and creates poverty by necessity to benefit the wealthy elite. Suggesting that Western decadence and imperialism is held perpetually aloft on the backs of 3 billion poor and exploited human beings does not sit well with the Faux News crowd. They don't much like it when their worship of the golden calf is exposed, when their money changing tables are flipped over in the temple. So, way to go Pope Frank, for actually being a seemingly legit dude, and highlighting t ...
Haven't we ALL come to the point the we doubt the veracity of Faux News ???
Just when you thought it was safe to be thankful that Elizabeth Hasselbeck and her remedial thinking were out of our lives and irrelevant, Faux News goes and gives her a show. Well, she's still as irrelevant as she ever was, but she does have her own show now. The unintentional comedy potential is astronomical and if she has Sarah Palin as a guest they will break the scale.
*Ahem* Hi. My name is Kelsey, and I'm a new co-admin here on the page (as was briefly announced by 'We the Individuals' last weekend). I wanted to write up a short introduction myself, just in an effort to meet some of you. So here goes: I'm 26 years old, and I've been interested in politics ever since I was very young. I was raised in a Republican household, and as I grew into my teenage years I began to study the issues for myself and breakaway from the typical Faux News talking points. I started following Ron Paul's campaign in 2007, and became active in Ron Paul's 2012 campaign in 2011 - my efforts extended as far as to become a State Delegate for Ron Paul here in Iowa. I credit a lot of my ideology to Ron Paul (go figure, right?), and because of Ron Paul I was led to study further into economic policy, foreign policy, etc.. and I've yet to stop learning. I always want to learn. I've been a fan of 'We the Individuals' for awhile now, and I've been friends with the owners of the page throughout ...
Kass was once a worthy successor to Mike Royko. Now he's just a tired hack itching for a Faux News gig.
I stopped watching Faux News. They don't focus on Agenda21, Bullet stockpiling by IRS & DHS. I like Lew Rockwell & Info Wars.
It's because the Teabaggers, right wing nuts and racists are so ignorant that they can be conned by a drug addict(Rush Limbaugh) and a sex pervert(Bill O'Rielly) and the liars on Faux News.
Some of the more ludicrous “Pants on Fire “ statements from left and right! All these statements were made by the indicated person or source. It is likely that many of the mindless recipients believed these lies without validating the source or the material, especially if they were promulgated by a major news service (like “Faux News”). All of these have been fact checked by Politifact and rated as “Pants on Fire”, (as in Liar, Liar, etc). If you have ever perpetuated one of these baseless canards, take yourself out and kick your own *** 1. Rhode Island "didn't ratify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to pay federal income taxes. So Rhode Island doesn't even have to pay federal income taxes." R.I. State Representative Charlene Lima (Democrat) - wrong amendment, wrong interpretation, just plain wrong! 2. "Soldiers Donating to Tea Party Now Face Punishment Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice." Rhode Island Tea Party – Clearly wrong, also issued by Faux News, wrong then, too! ...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sometimes I feel we are preaching to the choir. We *** and moan about the *** tea baggers and GOP, and the havoc they have created in government. We keep pointing out the lies told by Faux News, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and all the other evil minions in their party. But, we must take the blame for these *** being there. A lot of democrats sat home and did not vote. Why? Who knows. Maybe we were too complaisant. Maybe we were engaged doing something else. We now see the results. We have a chance to rectify the harm that was done. It's called voting. 2014 is around the corner. Yes, they have tried to make it harder by gerrymandering, cutting hours and the days to vote making longer lines. Yes, you need specific IDs to vote. The reason they did this is because they know they cannot win honestly. We must bite the bullet and do what we must to vote. Once they are out of office, we can return to what our forefathers dreamed and that was a government for and by the people. All people. Poor, ...
The individual mandate portion of Obamacare is the brainchild of the conservative Heritage Foundation. They came up with it when Hillary Clinton was the 1st Lady and was trying to put forth healtcare reform in the 90's.. its based on the republican tenet of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Mitt Romney actually enacted it as governor of Massachusetts. If people would just stop listening to Faux News and Lumbaugh and their ilk and actually learn for themselves how rhey can benefit from the law they would probably support it.
Yes well, U probably heard that from Faux News, or Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Enough said.
Hey you. Alan West & Dr. Carson it's nothing to brag about being a Faux News contributor. Believe me those racists hate your black butts 2!
Don't you love how flummoxed the talking heads at Faux News get when someone they thought was on their side speaks the truth instead? Thanks, John McCain...
Today is the first day of Nagasaki Kunchi in Nagasaki Japan! That is all for holidays. But 10 years ago today, Arnold Schwartzenegger won the California Recall Election to oust the sitting Governor Gray Davis from office. Also, 17 years ago on this day, Faux News... excuse me, Fox News began broadcasting. I wouldn't say it was the beginning of the end for journalism as we know it because CNN was doing a fantastic job of undermining journalism ethics during the 1990s. As for birthdays, today is a big day for: Damian Kulash - 38 - American musician known for being the frontman of OK Go. He started out as an art-semoitics major in Brown University. The year that he graduated from Brown University, he won Brown University's Weston Prize in music composition. He then moved to Chicago and formed OK Go in 1998. They were playing the local circuits in Chicago until they were featured in National Public Radio's "This American Life". When that happened, they were signed to Capital Records. They released their first ...
It takes more than saying "both parties suck" and "government is dysfunctional" to legitimately call yourself a CENTRIST. Give me some level-headed ideas for SOLUTIONS to this mess if you really want to prove yourself something other than a "libertarian" apologist. Rabid right wingers with no regard for the choices of voters (unless they are from red states and districts), drone on with talk-radio/Faux News soundbytes, and who consider themselves to "vogue" to be Republicans aren't any more centrist than Ryan, Cantor, or Paul Broun. So please, either shut up or fess-up to being the dipstick you're claiming not to be.
Now just imagine the pablum that would come from Faux News if it were PBO instead of Pope Francis.
Liberals like to refer to it as Faux News but Fox News is not just commentary it's news. And cutting edge.
Laura Ingraham of Faux News a panelist on Intelligence Squared. Please can someone pick me up from the floor?
“horrible person kills self” just not brimming w/ comedic possibilities--but Faux News advocates for prison suicides
Watch this - An example of Faux News professionalism
tell U.S. Citizen Rupert Murdoch: Hands off our NBN. Say NO to FauxTel & Faux News
"Faux" news should be taken off the air. It's a health hazard.
I must add that the aforementioned comment applies mostly to Faux news watchers.
no wonder u r on midnight Faux News. you sound so stupid for an educated person.Fox Hack/hater. don't teach ur children ur hate.
It is sad, Faux News feeds on paranoia. Sadder are the people who repeat the faux facts from Faux News
yup. But they probably watch too much Faux News to actually know that.
Everything that is going on in the world today... faux news is interviewing zimmermans bro...why?
I get tired if all the Libs "Faux News" if they've ever watched the news channel!!
Quite the witty one in your own private Idaho!. Too many RWNJ low info voter talking points tho. Too much Faux News you lose!
Antoinette Tuff is a reminder that Christian faith and progressive-minded love for the common man go hand-in-hand.Eat it, Faux News
eats for lunch. She may be a FAUX News flunky, but, props go out to her.
Whenever I feel the need to publish faux news, I like to use Arial too.
least I live in the real world & not some Faux news fantasy of how the 1950's were so great for 'americans'
Yes! They will never lie or ignore the truth like Faux News. I have great respect for Chris Hayes.
was worse. Plus, I could show you proof and you'd dispute it. That's what the GOP does. Unless it's Faux News.
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