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Faulty Towers

Fawlty Towers is a British sitcom produced by BBC Television and first broadcast on BBC2 in 1975 and 1979. Twelve episodes were made (two series, each of six episodes).

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Wow. Ab Fab, and Faulty Towers are on Netflix. Now they need to add Lenny Henry's The Chef and Monty Python.
is like faulty towers. Made us change in a bathroom then when we do check in for 3 of us there is a bl…
Faulty Towers - 1 amazing season. too bad 22 min didn't do that too
Faulty Towers is on Netflix and the Mr is picking up dinner. That's a Good Friday night for me!
Faulty Towers "The Dining Experience" 2 at the Ffyrnes tonight was excellent! Lots and lots of laughs .. so funny and good food..brilliant!
loss is gain. The old mandarins at Faulty Towers licking their wounds. Ouch! Sad for the new mandar…
London laundromat - more work from on shady property deals
I think this is how parents feel about 'faulty towers' short lived (although hopefully not) but perfection 💕
Thank you for such an entertaining experience! 😂👏 The show is now featured in one of our tours! -…
Ew yuck . the sickly smell of corruption lingering on the Thames :(
A busy 4 day event all over ! ... . now to get ready for The Faulty Towers Experience for the next 2 days ... . nice to be busy!
Do you live in Fawlty Towers Ryan, as now your Basil's Faulty? 😂
Any truth your renaming stadium , faulty towers next season ? WHUFC the club that keeps giving 😂😂😂😂
Faulty towers on the Netflix. Thank you for this beautiful nonsense
Right I think is off to deal with his new born child! I fancy watching some Faulty Towers! night ~…
Interesting on the luxury housing market...who's buying these homes? Our recent report tries to provide some answer…
Don't forget the Faulty Towers Dining Experience is happening here in the Clarion Saturday the 8th of April! Limit…
Great “Faulty Towers” event last night Manuel clearing glasses from ArtBar ceiling!
Its like faulty towers dont memtion the war. Even though its true what a mess of a part…
Brexit is the most British joke possible... but it's real. It's actually a walking, talking, goose-stepping Faulty Tow…
"Many new homes are left unused by wealthy investors based overseas"
Murmurs from the faulty towers in March especially are always spicy. When it comes to Metrofm l wl go JuliusMalema on you…
If you've ever wondered who buys the new London flats sold for min 20 times... by via
what like we do to them you mean? Ello Ello, Dads Army, Faulty Towers,
Alton Towers should change their name to Faulty Towers
Everton are a disaster movie - but instead of having 'The Rock' at the helm to straighten things out, we have Manuel from Faulty Towers !
Saw 5 lovely Lakeland Terriers today 😍 they were named after characters from Faulty Towers.
Our Event for May will be Faulty Towers!!. Looking for an evening out? Come along and enjoy yourself with a...
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Faulty Towers: The Crisis in Higher Education via 5 years later, the feeling is still this.
Rowan would be an interesting character name... basil so linked 2 Faulty Towers!
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what character did Joan Sanderson play in an episode of Faulty Towers
understatement, it was so faulty towers. Anything that could have happened, did. It was so bad I couldn't stop laughing.
Gotta love Ranieri...just comes across like Manuel from Faulty Towers.
Faulty Towers & Only Fools & Horses are just something else. Funniest X
is it true, you and Connie Booth used to practice Faulty Towers around the halls of your flat? Thought always makes me smile. 😀
Get booking your tickets for our May event of Faulty Towers. Tickets have been selling fast for this
It's like an episode of faulty towers in this court room today.
stage show comes to Brisbane later this year
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Great review about our show from the weekend at by
Grant Shapps,Tory General Election Head impression of Faulty Towers Manuel. "I know nothing!"
I gets better. There's a stretch in the middle that's basically a terrifying faulty ride at Alton Towers.
New Kanye west parody coming soon! It will be called Faulty Towers instead of 30 hours!
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You've heard it millions of times, I've just seen Faulty Towers again and have been crying with laughter! You F'ken genius!
Basil, Sybil & Manuel are going to this month at Have you booked your tickets?
I would never go to - it's more like faulty towers. Always a ride breaking down and it should of never been reopened.
poppy. Faulty towers died years ago and no one noticed. I find that sad
After Faulty Towers. Heard that's an underground classic
Now available to stream, read my thoughts on deranged HIGH-RISE led by (via
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Watching and the hotel scene looks strangely like the Faulty Towers set from years ago. Am I right?
It's great to be back in Faulty towers again for another summer of chaos 😂😂
Just been past a place called Vaulty Manor. I really hope it's modelled on Faulty Towers.
Yes, the Monthy Python movies are so crazy funny. Now I'm def a fan of Faulty Towers too! 😂
I was a huge Python fan from the early days. Still love it now. Faulty Towers, a classic. Poor Manuel. 😂
Carry on movies are just hysterical, I also used to love 'Rising Damp' & 'Faulty Towers' X
I wonder if I'll feel that same nostalgia watching Geordie Shore in the future as my parents do watching Faulty Towers now
off to London to the Faulty Towers Experience for Sunday lunch :)
Child: Excuse me, where do I put this plate? . Catering assistant: On them trays. Me: You missed a chance for that old Faulty Towers joke. Ca:
What about Manuel from Faulty Towers? Since its a she then Manuelita.. or even Manuel..
For all those Faulty Towers lovers.we are bringing them here to The Kingscliff Hotel! Its going to be a great...
how mad is it becoming Faulty towers DONT MENTION THE WAR
Faulty Towers dont mention the war, FFS why cant you mention Hitler?
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Not but members in attendance at faulty towers night
This is like a Faulty Towers sketch - customer repeats, & repeats issues, and Manuel deliverers/answers to something else
Fan of Fawlty Towers? Don't miss the Faulty Towers Dining Experience at The Venue on 14 May ht…
Just my .02 but this book feels like Faulty Towers meets Brett Easton Ellis
I would quite happily quit uni and watch Black Adder, Green Green Grass and Faulty Towers for the rest of my life 🙊✌🏼️
Gordon Ramsey is just a *** on T.V. This guy was actually deranged. Like a cross between *** s kitchen & Faulty Towers.
why would anyone wanna go on that, ever 😶 Alton towers is like my local theme park, it's always been a faulty ride
NEW Faulty Towers: Tenure and the Structure of Higher Education by Roger E. Mein
heard your lift is a bit faulty so think Towers will be first 😁
Faulty Towers and Blackadder were the best British T.V shows ever made!
The Faulty Towers Dining lot dropped by today. Basil was whining, Manuel was wineing
Barnstaple. Faulty Towers continues, in shower this morning and realise we only have 2 hand towels and a bath mat for 4 people.
On your Father Ted commentary you say Faulty Towers is the best British sitcom. Better than Fools & Horses? :P
nah not reached that point yet 😂 that is true though. I mean faulty towers in drama was priceless
Watching Faulty Towers again on The Germans is one of my favourite episodes of any series ever...
I stayed at faulty towers last night
Went to a 'faulty towers' style b&b last night. Sounds amusing doesn't it - it wasn't at the time!
how was the hotel in the end? Hope it didn't turn into faulty towers ;-)
Well done to my mother in 'Faulty Towers'
Modern day Faulty Towers but love the people and the view is great
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Just airing my view... Faulty Towers is 7.76GB if u interested
red dwarf, father Ted, faulty towers, Monty Python, the it crowd, brass eye, pets, house of rock
if you cared you might communicate better. It was faulty towers like today, total shambles. Good job you have a monopoly
Hotel Paradiso is exactly what you would get if Punch and Judy met Faulty Towers at The Bates Motel
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience - Waited upon by Basil, Sybil and Manuel, this is fully immersi...
Good grief. Like something out of Faulty Towers.
'Not-so-faulty towers' - discusses our changing skyline in her latest
Martin until 2pm now? worse than faulty towers total farce UK justice stinks
The Basil & Co. Comedy diner show returns to the this weekend & it's one not to miss:
A most entertaining afternoon at a worthy rivel for the faulty towers experience:) Congratulat…
it's mad - I've done the same with my girlfriend who hadn't ever seen Faulty Towers!
I've embraced how comical things are, it's kind of a bit Faulty towers :)
9 day pft back in the faulty towers days I did 16! Imagine how much I wished I was dead.
With all due respect, the British had the best comedy series! "Some Mothers do have em", "Alo Alo", "Faulty Towers", "Mind Your Language" 💟
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
the annoying thing is I admire our club for our business sense but it's getting like faulty towers with the whole..
This weekend the Basil & Co Comedy dining show comes to the
sorry that was meant to say faulty towers! New phone can't turn off predictive text! Auckland this week and next.nice place
Every B&B I saw in Tenby yesterday said 'No Vacancy' - great to see! Got me thinking about a 'faulty towers' B&B...
Can't help think of the Faulty Towers ep where Basil bets on Dragon Fly!
Been a year since I left faulty towers still have nightmares about it.
I'm at the faulty towers version of a dentist. I'm actually fearing for my safety.
More like Faulty Towers, or Doc Martin. Except now I'm reading the Vanity Fair Tinder article. Oy.
Oh somehow the farm we are squatting in has become an inn because of our sentient snake statue renting a room. Are we Faulty Towers?
I love all the old British comedies too, like Dads Army, Allo Allo, Monty Python and Faulty Towers! Much more my humour 😊❤️
for real! Hahha Lol. Me is not going Faulty Towers. West Midlands Safari Park here I come at least the lions know how2behave!
Who's heading over for the Faulty Towers dining experience next week?
Reminder of the Faulty Towers showcase at the Warwick Hotel on Sunday, Jan 11 - cocktails at 6:30. RSVP to Paul
"Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience" at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on March 18–A... Deals IN Toronto
Jim Murphy does a magic impression of Major from Faulty Towers.
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Faulty towers is on Netflix. .I am going to be awake for awhile.
"I could run this hotel, if it weren't for the guests." - Basil Fawlty John Cleese, born on this day - Oct 27, 1939 in Somerset, England. Sluggish? Blase? Doldrums? Keep in the video medicine cabinet a few issues of Faulty Towers, Monty Python, and A Fish Called Wanda, - then call them out in an attack of the blahs. When yoga, running or chum chats won't do it - John Cleese's orchestrated and repressed madness will. John and his best partner Michael Palin (who claims that after Sarah's VP run in the US - he was no longer the funniest Palin in the world) have delighted and deranged millions of dark, cerebral and twisted humor addicts around the world for almost 50 years. The English got so bent out of shape after centuries of obligatory manners and imperialist ventures - they needed an outlet so decidely extreme as antidote - that the deities of maniacal mirth delivered John Cleese and his cronies. Smart advertising has used John for their commercials as well as smart business for his in your face funny tr ...
what if I just yell Faulty Towers was better
Holy cow John Cleese is 75 today. Celebrate by Faulty Towers. So epically funny.
Masquerader : Three little pigs and faulty towers:
Dining with a twist! Our review of "A very, very funny dining experience"
Happy 75th Birthday. Loved seeing you recently on Stay away from parrots & faulty towers. Thx4 years of laughs. xox
Fantastic review and great photos of from -
Basil and Sybil and brushing up on their service skills in readiness for next weeks Faulty Towers The Dining...
Steenkamp ‘was set to leave Pistorius’ Prosecutions 'Faulty Towers" performance a disgrace to SA justice
The new boss :) Great night had by all at Faulty Towers Dining Experience, if you missed it, a second show has...
faulty towers and Allo Allo are my favs. Brings back great memories growing up xx
Masquerader : Three little pigs and faulty towers: property whichever way. You shall only get what Nature has for you
Three little pigs :Let truth prevail. Say directly what you want to say. Are you, your editor & proprietor afraid ?
Not many tickets remaining for our Faulty Towers Dining Experience show on Nov 12 .use the link for online sales!
Anoop Kohli: Three little pigs and faulty towers
"Faulty Towers.Britain's best loved comedy. - ohmydays
Faulty Towers the Dining Experience in Dolans Tues and Wed night. What would it be like to Dine at Faulty Towers?
Sit coms, people tend to be trapped in a situation the can't escape. Trapped in a marriage, business (Faulty Towers) or prison.
well it was like Faulty Towers but I had a brilliant time on Islay. Went to Skye & Outer Hebridies this year. Awesome!
'brilliantly staged, improvised and perfectly timed'Fab review & pics of the show from …
timed perfectly for my Faulty towers hotel style breakfast experience :)
Left over pizza, all day on my sofa with the Mrs, 4 films and plenty of faulty towers!
The fact that my 12 year old brother has seen faulty towers and I haven't is surely blasphemy
What about Faulty towers and Dads Army?
The best 2 things to come out of UK is Fab 4 & Faulty Towers
Someone at work asked if I had ever seen Faulty Towers & I got to truthfully say, "I was BORN watching Faulty Towers."
Just about to kick off with 'Faulty Towers'. On the look out for any 'Health Inspectors'!
sidebar to Prime Minister of Faulty Towers - which sane and sober judge will give a different judgement to today's one? quit while ahead toe
Faulty Towers and Carry on Films have such good humour. British Comedy at it's best. :)
Faulty Towers is pure genius. Best of British Comedy.
New SkillsMinister in Faulty Towers comparison as he admits lack of sector knowledge, from
General Franco, Don Qixote, Rafael Nadal, Catherine of Aragon, Manuel off Faulty Towers: your lads took one *** of a beating tonight :-)
*** was tarintino thinking making 'Four rooms' after pulp fiction and resevroir dogs, its like he fancied tesco value beans on burnt toast rather than prime steak. One of the worse things ive ever experienced in my entire life. But in saying that, its worth watching just for Tim Roths gastly impression of an american Manwel from Faulty Towers! AWFUL!
I've just been watching George Osborne's speech in response to their devastating defeat by Ukip in the Euro and council elections. Very much as in the Faulty Towers comedy episode "Don't mention the war" when there were German guests at the hotel, Osborne carefully avoided admitting the Conservatives got the mood of the electorate totally wrong hardly mentioning Ukip. He did however lambaste the Labour party and was scathing of the Lib/Dems. It seems the Conservatives response to Ukip is very much "Don't mention the Ukip vote". They must be scared of the power of the common mans vote in disrupting their comfortable closeted, sinecure lives as part of the great EU monolithic dictatorship
OMG! It's like an letter from Basil return address Faulty Towers!
Happy Birthday Mom from Vancouver, having a great time here! Samson scored you a hat trick today for your birthday present. Enjoying this fancy River Rock Casino pool with Georgia :-) we love you!!! XOXOX And the "Faulty Towers" Play in west Van today with Aunty Fayanne was superb!
Uncle T was amazing in Faulty Towers dining experience today! Love being up town but cream crackered..beddy byes and a…
Getting ready to open the doors to Faulty Towers. When we've got the space we do like to spread out
A very fun Faulty Towers show with the After Dark crew. My first one this year was a Faulty, my last one this year was a Faulty. Pleasing symmetry.
Faulty Towers at Sneem Hotel fabulous evening can we have it again please. Such fun!
Looking forward to new year at faulty towers with
no the 'Diamond' River Hotel... Very Faulty Towers. Kind of like it for that...
My tomorrow night is going to be me sitting at home watching faulty towers with gill and dave
British Comedy dosen't do well in remakes. They tried Faulty towers and could only think to make it work by GETTING RID OF BASIL
We could actually be staying in Faulty Towers.
Of all the things I could be watching on I have decided on Faulty Towers.
Going straight, 'Allo 'Allo!, Faulty towers, The last of the summer wines and Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em to name a few
you guys are like the Faulty Towers crew thanks for the entertainment though. COYG
Such a hungover mess! Hate wasting my days but literally all I have done today is mong in bed and watch faulty towers! #
Its a bit like modern faulty towers lots of huffing and puffing for about 3 episodes
A few left 2 Nights at the Richmoor Hotel in Weymouth with Faulty Towers Evening JUST £99 FOR TWO!
Don't forget to get your tickets for the Faulty Towers Dining Experience, this Monday 30th December at the Sneem Hotel. Tickets €45.
“Watching Faulty Towers with Again. Never gets old” Not. Y fave Beitcom, but YES to this!
YES. Faulty Towers was literally the first socially uncomfortable experience I had
Night Sandra and all hope you have relaxed today after your trip at Faulty Towers x x
I'd rather stay in a concentration camp rather than this fuking hotel am in, faulty towers as nothing on tis place!! I wipe ma feet leaving!
Might just stick me middle finger up me *** and watch faulty towers instead of watching the 2nd half?
Well Faulty Towers has improved. They must of remembered me. I have a microwave in my room 2 wine glasses and a room on level 9 with a view of Etihad Stadium . 20 days and counting down.
Does anyone know any private lanlords that have flats to rent at the moment? Looking for a one bedroom flat near town if poss need to gt out of faulty towers before end of febuary! Cheers :)
Midnight, and Angela and I are watching Faulty Towers. Such a bad dad.
Monty Python, Faulty Towers and Black Adder all night on BBC Canada! Love it!
Frequently my life feels a bit like Faulty Towers. I won't say how or who...
Faulty towers is one of the best shows going! 🙉😃
Watching Faulty Towers, its still so funny!
Love actually! a regular choice for my boys (20 and 17) and I (52) and then Harry Potter, Faulty Towers, Only Fools & Horses
Just bought tickets for Faulty Towers The Dining Experience at the Fringe (Y)
I'm gunning for a Manuel, like in Faulty Towers lol
{{{ honeey.. you ARE home.. that's a A Hotel In Torguay called 'faulty towers..' }}}
this is my constant internal monologue every time I'm in the country. Faulty Towers between my ears
This reminds me of the fictional Faulty Towers. Maybe they got the idea of the set from this ?
Absolutely pissing myself at faulty towers
My interpretation of Kubricks The Shining was his attempt to do a humorous version of Faulty Towers.
I don't have pizza. Or faulty towers. So I have veg in prawn sauce and open all hours. Still had a bottle of wine!
Had the best xmas for a long time,visitors from everywhere staying at my faulty complaints from the guests yet,just beautiful.happy new year to everyone.xx
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Fancy getting yourself in the mood for our next play? How about the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience?!
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So apparently faulty towers is in Netflix!
'And next to introduce the queen, my mummy' 'he's from faulty towers, he sounds stupid'
In Ugie Eastern Cape. Staying at Faulty Towers. It was hailing so any place is better than on a bike. Hope this place is not haunted😈
I have called my new friend Manuel. Inspired by Faulty Towers.
Hah any carry on's at faulty towers report ! Miss Horn ?! Lol xx
ah *** there's a faulty towers restaurant in London I want to go there!
Photo: Faulty towers on bbc entertainment!
Arrived at hotel at Gatwick! Funny place. last night ordered grilled salmon, vegetables . It came with Brussels sprouts, cheese cauliflower and roast potatoes...must have been the left overs from Christmas lunch! Very bazaar . Just had breakfast - continental consisted of cereal and toast, you get a cooked English this came automatically I didn't eve want one. Talk about faulty towers. Just waiting waiting for transport to airport now
"A blow to the head like that is worth two in the bush." - Faulty Towers
the power of bigger screens and higher definition! Faulty Towers looks worse!
So here's the thing, we all are so exposed to American sitcoms that we miss out on the superior ones (The British sitcoms ) . The 1st one I ever saw was Faulty Towers and since it was too old for me to connect to it at all , I stayed away from them for some time. But this is the one that got me back to them and I totally loved it, do give it a chance. 2-3 eps in you'll start to get the hang of the accent and the overall style of it , sadly it just concluded this year with a 1 hour finale :'( If you happen to like this go for Sherlock and Doctor Who writer Stephen Moffat's incredibly funny Coupling and by the time you finish that you'll be addicted to Britcoms maybe even more than their American counterparts! -Nmk
actually, when they showed Faulty Towers in Catalonia’s TV Miguel became Mexican
We should have filmed this Christmas meal at Millroy manor! It could be the next episode of Faulty Towers!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sat watching my faulty towers box set
This hotel is the funniest I've ever been too, it's just like faulty towers! I wonder what they are gonna do next, having a great time.
Life is complete. Both seasons of Faulty Towers.
Weren't you in Austin Powers or was it Faulty Towers??
Watching Faulty Towers Series 1Episode 1 , waiting for my mini to arrive, unbelievably hilarious, almost Christmas ;^)
Only Fools then Faulty Towers in 1st and 2nd for me.
Hey Everyone! Merry Christmas! Its funny how Christmas changes over the years for the Rupperts. When Leslie and I were young, hitting Grandma and Grandpa Ruppert's house at 6am for breakfast, only to up and head to Nonny's house around noon. And then making it back to our house by 8pm to pass out while opening presents. Then the move to Washington which caused our family holidays to be disjointed and sporadic, but helped to make us closer as a family. The same could be said about the move to Hawaii, but we don't talk about those dark times anymore *shudder*. Now adays, the holidays are more important than ever with Leslie and I both having our own families and in-laws to shop for and spend time with. As much as I will miss my favorite Christmas traditions of staying up late Christmas eve and eating little smokies in bbq sauce and cheesy taco dip while watching Faulty towers episodes until we pass out. I cant wait for all the new Christmas traditions that pop up year to year. This year will be Mason's firs ...
For the next two days my house will become faulty towers while I entertain my house guests. Who else would discover on stephens day last year that they actually did make the potatoe gratin they wished they had during dinner xmas day and just forgot to put it out.
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE This is from John Craine - well its time too tell a funny one ,this one is courtesy of pablo, its not got a lot too do with the pub in those days, but its about the characters and the yarns we used too tell.This one is a little bit crappy so put down ur lunch,rite for those who didnt know our friend pablo he was from a small village in chilli, south America and used to be a builder/maintenance man for michaels hotels.Anyway one day we were telling him aussie yarns tryin to make him astrayain when he wanted to tell us kimmy,darhoon and myself a Chilean story ,he started tellin us about a tradition they had in the small village he was from ,where the men used to have a type of bucks night the nite before there weddin, anyway his mate invited the whole villages men to his bucks nite but instead of skimpy girls strippers drinking lots of frothy stuff like in astraya, in chille they have exotic food ,that they normally only have for special occasions, well pablo said they had a great t ...
Only Fools and Horses followed by father ted, followed by faulty towers. Tipped off with a ruck of ironing and a few festive tipples. Wish all Tuesdays were like this!
Faulty Towers season 1 episode 1. Reminds me of my younger days with no other choices on tv but watch ZNBC. Good stuff
Ya know what, the last couple of days I've been watching Faulty Towers and I've never laughed so hard in me life! What a hoot!
Faulty towers never fails to make me laugh
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience, at Musikhuset, Esbjerg, Denmark on the 17th of September 2011. A really funny and entertaining evening with classic Fa...
As far as comedy shows go little Britain is up there with faulty towers and Only Fools and horses
January 11th is your chance to be part of the Faulty Towers dining experience at the Grange Cleveland Winery. Delicious food and very funny service
Faulty Towers at its finest, fire alarm going off when it's windy .. Brilliant
Genuinely starting to belive I work in the real life faulty towers
she may think he's Manuel off Faulty Towers? Understandable.
Faulty Towers ceiling flooded and room full of furniture to be moved soaked! Can't wait to get out of this place and sign it back for good!!!
well the cleaning of faulty towers has officially ended! with a sore back, aching legs and tired hands i now chill with a brandy and watch James Doyle cook my tea
Well we're in the Indian equivalent of Faulty towers.this could be interesting!
Loads of great albums in 2013. The one Big Ron keeps going back to is Monster Magnet "The Last Patrol". Best album and best cover art. Just my opinion and what does Big Ron know. As said by Manuel in Faulty Towers " I know nothing about the horse " :-P
It brakes my heart seeing elderly people alone for Christmas, I just want to build a house and plonk them all in there with mince pies and faulty towers
Hi all, had a good weekend, Saturday evening went to a Faulty Towers experience at the Charing Cross Hotel inLondon with Pete, his work friends and there other half what a laugh a good time was had by all. This evening I went to St Andrews Church in Hornchurch for a wonderful Carol Service so so touching so glad I was able to make it. I hope peace will reign in all our hearts. Bye for now xxx
Canny beat a bit of faulty towers :)
Had the most funny time in Torquay with the lovely Lorraine Saint, out until 4 in the morning. Hotel was like Faulty towers and i think our room was a cupboard, by the time lorraine went into the shower all the water had gone(twice) great time cant wait until the next time.x
In pj's watching faulty towers, the one with mrs Richards so brill customer service "is this a piece of your brain" love it off to bed soon xxx
Ah Red Dwarf! Next to Faulty Towers, this is my favorite British television program.
Spending my Saturday night ironing shirts with the iron set on 'warm' so the electric doesn't cut out because I live in faulty towers/the Bottom house.
Tonight I'm staying in Faulty Towers, old school tv with one channel, *** burns in mattress, used looking non matching towels and a notable collection of pubes inside the bath are just some if the elegant features here. Luvely.
Right out to a faulty towers dinner with my big sis
Tonight was one of the funniest days at Faulty towers wow indeed. I couldn't stop smiling. I'm lucky i don't work there everyday because then I would en up crazy. Well I know I'm crazy but I mean then I would be mentally ill. But tonight was a funny site. It's like I want to say a Godfather expression. It doesn't matter how much you try to leave but then they pull you back in again ;). That's how it is to work in the restaurant business. You love to hate it, and then you hate to love it :)
Just had a faulty towers dining experience. It was one of the funniest things ever. Quite brilliant. Thanks kids
Clockwise (Directed by Christopher Morahan. Starring John Cleese.) Good start. Funny and clear picture of Cleese’s time dependent headmaster, Brian Stimpson, sets the scene for a cracking farce. However, just like the fortunes of Stimpson, the comedy, plot and quality tumble therein. The sense of some other amateur writer attempting a Faulty Towers remake with the wrong script is a strong one. The plot is durable, a little erratic at times- a monastery randomly turns up at one point- but nothing comes together well. The audience feels that we have found a failed attempt to achieve anything- all the gear but no idea. The farce’s grand finale/collapse involves demented grannies, police and childish headmasters- it sounds great. Yet Cleese is halting an jarred. Nothing funny happens and the audience gains the impression of that kind of bad dream where nothing scary happens but we are terrified by it. Everything seems to be set to be good, but nothing, no-one and anything actually delivers. Overall Ratin ...
Leaving faulty towers for the last time this year. Love this place!!
On our way to London for a 'Faulty Towers Dining Experience!' :)
This is me singing your song, by ellie goulding at a faulty towers night at thomas danby in leeds, i would like to thank the catering team and my course lead...
Stuck at faulty towers waiting for someone to remove my GHDs from the socket.Help! Glynn Makin
Out for an Indian at the new restaurant in Westhill. It's like Faulty Towers. FFS. I've never seen anything like it.
Just walked into my digs for the weekend. Faulty towers eat your heart out fs. The bloody receptionist only has 4 teeth, and it looks like they outnumber her brain cells 2 to 1 Can't wait till this weekends over and my holidays start.
Just had a really funny night at the wyvern. Faulty towers, brill.
Went to Matalan for a Christmas jumper and walks out with th Faulty Towers box set instead. Wise choice Angela 󾮟
Faulty Towers Justin and I are in London for a few days having a break . Last night we went to the Charing Cross Hotel for the Faulty Towers Dining Experience . It's all done as if you were having dinner in there restaurant with actors playing Basil, Manuel and Sybil . They looked just like them and acted the parts brilliantly well . Poor Manuel as usual suffered at the hands of the inept Basil and Sybil was great keeping them all in line . They incorporated parts from the tv show with Manuel's pet hamster , the bet on the race horse and of course there just had to be Germans at the meal , you can guess what hapenned there . If you are in London we highly recommend this hilarious evening if dinner and laughter . Gordon and Justin
So pumped for our new room mates at faulty towers . Top quality
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Here we go Freddie mercury tribute night Looks like Manuel out of faulty towers pmsl
Went to Isaac`s school nativity play at Cottingham Church of England School. It was a very original interpretation, being based around "Faulty Towers "Inn, including Manuel the waiter offering ham sandwiches to Mary and Joseph. Not very kosher! As baby Jesus, lying in a moses basket, was passed to Mary, he fell out, head first, on to the stage. Unmarried mother, unsanitary birth conditions, child endangerment .should J.C. have been taken into care?
Stargate sg1 season 1 to 7 Box sets. Good condition and no scratches on disk. £5 each or all 7 for £25. Back to the future Dvd box set. £10 Dinnerlaides complete collection £10 Faulty Towers Complete colletion £10
Friday 13 December – Wind Ridge Function Centre. Engineers, builders, financers and a family birthday came together at Windy Ridge for an evening of entertainment with the Faulty Towers crew. The participation was fantastic. Our young people had such a hilarious time and loved being part of the fun and they have all said they are defiantly going to watch Fawlty Towers. It is great the John Cleese fan club will never die at this rate. Saturday 14 December – Our last amazing group for the Christmas season were great. With the lovely group from Chatfield who took Basil’s humour with much laughter and a grain of salt, Century 21 who laughed the night away and the staff from Manukau Surgical who were ready to let their hair down and be involved in every aspect. Thank you to you all from the Faulty gang. We appreciate your business. A massive Christmas shout out from the Faulty Towers Dinner Theatre. Have a stunning time with friends and family and I look forward to posting our fun and hilarity ne ...
Faulty Towers dinner show was hilarious. Well recommended.
Seb Coe was the sports personality of the year in this year. On TV the comedy of this year was . Faulty Towers series 2.
Last show with Faulty Towers tonight then The Chuckle club with the best in standup comedy starting tomorrow night till Friday!
Can't believe there are only 12 episodes of Faulty Towers. What is wrong with this world?! Saddle up John Cleese and put the *** btw
I do love my country sometimes, and Pointless has today shown me that 100 out of 100 people know that Basil & Sybil Faulty starred in Faulty Towers, but that only 49 out of 100 know Nick Clegg is our deputy prime minister! :-D
not a python fan or a faulty towers fan, hate the young one.Black Adder nope don't like them either. (Also im english ***
Faulty Towers is the best! Such a hilarious series. Your husband has good taste :)
Faulty Towers The Dining Experience next week ! Tickets £42.50 for the best meal of your life!
Who loves Faulty Towers?! Here's your chance to dine on the stage & be served by Basil/Sybil/Manuel!
After meeting John Cleese is forcing me to watch an episode of faulty towers. Star struck, much?
How's these Egyptians! How they just negate the constitution? Faulty towers
Faulty Towers is actually pretty good tbh
Lets go end of this month? If we dont stay in faulty towers hotel ill behave
The Goodies, Faulty Towers, and Young Ones are the best. BBC shows ^^
I have survived the night in Faulty Towers!
Have sent feedback after Chat ended & suggested for a bit of a laugh they read the transcript: exactly like a Faulty Towers script
Oh, so we waste our money on payin faulty towers? Mxm! RT"Malema to be gagged by the SABC? The drama that is our Fawlty Towers!"
If you have never seen faulty towers you are missing out... It maybe from the 70s, only one season and British but its a classic!!
Hotels issues are a lot less funny than Faulty Towers. I'm sure its the lack of John Cleese.
got faulty towers on and a lie in tomorrow. Just like uni again
Train is in. Off to Mackie Towers Hotel, West London. Like Faulty Towers, a bit but get mates rates so its decent...
in Reading as we are doing Legoland. The hotel is a bit faulty towers but its been a laugh:)
Still haven't found an apartment for August in today's hunting more like Faulty Towers :(
Faulty Towers The Dining Experience - coming to Rotterdam!: via
we were on Sunday (fab view, but faulty towers) but now in a Fisherman's Hut.its lovely, TripAdvisor it!
We are staying in faulty towers... Without the personality..
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In stitches listening to that woman "black green yellow with pink dots on ya"like ur man from faulty towers ! She's gas!!
Dogs and grandads are a fun combination. It's like faulty towers meets pingu meets animal hospital
My life is like a Christmas special of faulty towers. Murphy's law, anything that can go wrong...
sounds a bit like Faulty Towers to me!
Faulty Towers is fantastic. Don't worry, I didn't just realize that.
For that to really happen, someone has to pass them to death, dressed like Manuel from Faulty Towers
just like to thank you as I have just watched series 1&2 it was funny as foock funniest thing since faulty towers
I've absolutely no idea what youre talking about.The only place I ever heard "dont mention the war" was when Faulty Towers was on
Spanish version of Faulty Towers. Well there is a market for everyone I guess.
the amazing part is..I never see bassey as a hottie..he reminds me of the waiter in faulty towers..
If I end up that drunk you know your flat is turning into faulty towers/Magaluf weekender...:')
Thankful I'm watching Faulty Towers in Australia and not England because of the censorship in some episodes. As if they can't say war on TV.
I'm watching faulty towers with the boys what r u up 2?
gotta tune in then. I love faulty towers. One of the best shows ever!
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