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Father Ted

Father Ted is an Irish sitcom that was produced by Hat Trick Productions for British broadcaster Channel 4. Written jointly by Irish writers Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan and starring a predominantly Irish cast, it originally aired over three series from 21 April 1995 until 1 May 1998, including a Christmas special, for a total of 25 episodes.

Father Dougal Mrs Doyle Bishop Brennan Dave Allen Louis Smith Graham Linehan Richard Wilson

A few episodes of Father Ted will help fill in the blanks. 😂
How to win in Iowa? "Please pray one minute a day: Father God continue this spirit of revival"- Ted Cruz in Waukon.
you should send Will on a copy of father ted. Comedy gold..
having u as "president" is like having Ted Bundy as your father
pls put her in k thx!. A beatboxing lesson from a father-daughter duo
and Ted Cruz's father was in on the plot to assassinate JFK? He is a serial liar.
Love having on commentary on You're guaranteed a Father Ted or Dustin the Turkey quote! "Go on ya good thing!"
'I worked with Father Ted - and look what happened to me': Catching up with 'Fr *** Byrne' http:…
What a great photo! The legend that is Father Ted star Maurice O'Donoghue and you Garrett! 👍
For a second I thought it said "shouting Father Ted in the breakroom" and idk which one I like better.
My favourite episode of on now on 2. 'That would an ecumenical matter' ☺️R.I.P Thanks for…
Todd Unctious at it again!. Warrant for arrest of Father Ted actor Gerard McSorley issued
Because you were such a big cheating *** By the time next week, you have to... KICK BISHOP BRENNA…
14 reasons why Father Ted's Eurovision is actually better than the real thing via
Here's Pauline McLynn, Mrs 'ah, go on' Doyle from a lovely guest on 1 on 1
Met some really inspiring individuals at main stage this morning
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
That would be a reserved matter, eh Father Ted ?
Is this from an episode of Father Ted?
Father TED would not have been impressed.
If you don't think Father Ted is the greatest tv program ever then idfwu✌🏼
Gosh, it's been so long since we watched Father Ted. Might have to drag it out again at some point. :)
Hehehehe! Now I have to go see if Father Ted is on Hulu so I can binge.
Ya'll can blame and for me posting this. Tis one of my fav Father Ted moments. XD
When did Dougal from Father Ted get a Lego character?
This is a decision I have trouble with, I absolutely love both!
So we just forget about Ted Cruz father being a possible part of JFK's murder? I don't think so. Cruz is Cuban and should not be in congress
Found these in a charity shop, well chuffed
Still makes me laugh. Irish fans in Poznan during Euro 2012. euro2012
WATCH: Game of Thrones and Father Ted get their opening titles merged and it's amazing via
A conservative estimate of the crowds at the O'Donovans homecoming!
"lying" Ted? His father was pro-Castro and killed JFK. needs to nominate himself!
seriously, you are channeling Father Ted
Awesome, I'll make sure I watch it! Thank you for the reply. I'm off to watch more Father Ted!
Is that Rhys Weaver trying to bag a better trophy than the one Father Ted provided ?
Father Ted was the best and needs to be shown more! via
Reading this Thurs. Jan. 5, 7pm: Tim Brady on the life of Gen. Ted Roosevelt Jr. HIS FATHER'S SON by Tim Brady https:/…
i can't believe I missed this one. It looks like Prestige Drama Father Ted
Did you call Trump out about these issues when He attacked Barack, he insulted Rosie, accused Ted of a mistress, o…
Ted Blackman, my father imortalized by Aslin in 1979
I think it might end up being like Father Ted's golden cleric speech!
But they literally provide zero evidence. This is like speculating Ted Cruz's father was involved in JFK assassination.
Remember that episode of Father Ted where he wins an award and gives a 6 hour long victory speech insulting everyon…
Was it started by Ted Cruz's father?
Unhappy with Graham Linehan for using Radiohead as suicide music in Father Ted. Stereotyping/ignorance much?
This is brilliant from Father Ted's Irish Bar in New Zealand, Glen Up yours Owen Keegan 💩.
I hope you can bring us Murphy's Law, the Catherine Tate show, Coupling, Father Ted and especially Mrs. Brown's Boys
Breast Cancer Awareness
NEWS! 16th Feb will feature ARDAL O'HANLON (Dougal in Father Ted)! Mailing list presale from Saturday…
Just tried explaining this to my teenage daughter… she doesn't even know Theme From Shaft! Watching Father Ted now…
Finished watching Fawlty Towers now onto Father Ted. Thank you Netflix
Zenit St Petersburg use Father Ted reference in response to thankful Dundalk fan
Ha ha - don't mention red buttons 😅 Will be like episode of Father Ted where Ted warns Dougal not to press red button on plane 😅✈️
Do you think Xtianity isn't mocked? Life of Brian, Father Ted, Dave Allen, Billy Connolly?
i find it best to take the *** out of the whole situation. Father ted style
no your not the only one, father Ted mocked Catholics and was awarded Ricky Gervais mocked Christianity and was rewarded!!
I'm all for but this reminds me of the Father Ted Eurovision episode.
Father Ted /Jack Mrs Doyle inspired altered crockery 'Ah go on'
You no got some Father Ted to be watching?
This Louis Smith ban is madness. Dave Allen's entire act was based on taking the *** out of Catholicism. Life of Brian, Fath…
Despite being called lying Ted, insulting his wife, accusing his father of killing JFK he endorsed Trump
We'd better ban Father Ted, Book of Mormon and Life of Brian too then? What a lot of nonsense. Get a s…
Trump says father of Ted Cruz involved in JFK assassination. Trump says laziness is an inherent trait in black people.
I wonder if will be calling for the banning of re-runs of Father Ted and Life Of Brian ???
Still one of the greatest shows ever made...
I loved Father Ted. I don't forsee an Imam Tedhamed any time soon.
Get a life. Dave Allen, Father Ted, Vicar of Dibley etc all took the *** out of Christianity. W…
"Free to mock Islam" check out some that have. What would have happened if Father Ted was based on this "religion"
Can you prove that Ted Cruz's Father was not connected to the JFK assassination? Photo sure looked like him!
I put Mass, but then I watch too much Father Ted.
Superb piece from including a reference to Father Ted. Blasphemy? Down with that sort of thing.
Trump also said Ted Cruz's father was involved w the death of JFK. Did be apologize for that?
. Hope everyone connected with, and whoever laughed at, Father Ted, gets banned and / or prosecuted
"People who oppose Father Ted are the REAL fascists."
We all laughed at Father Ted comedy on BBC - what Louis did was no worse.Thi…
yes: with shows as various as Python, Father Ted or Red Dwarf you can see the influences, but married to an original approach
He should have just rolled with it, let it carry on for ages like a Father Ted episode.
It's an insult to father ted I'm sorry
21 times Father Ted was the most feckin' hilarious show on the telly via
Great. Maybe ban repeats of Father Ted next?
The priest looks a bit like Father Dougal from Father Ted!
Irish children dress up as Father Ted.
So will this see the end of any jokes about any religion! No more shows like father ted? PC insanity rules!
Father Ted Yarn Club packs have been posted 😁 postman stalking can commence tomorrow…
. Or as father ted might say ' down with that sort of thing '
I guess that's the end of Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted re runs.
Note to British Gymnastics: these kids are dressed as Father Ted figures mocking the Church. Going to ban them from compe…
hey Ted, any word on when Trump is going to give you your balls back? Did your father kill JFK?
Is the writer of Father Ted, Graham Linehan, a Christian? Doubt it.
Ted Enberg Hopes to Follow in Father’s Footsteps Thank you for the kind words sir
In solidarity with I've watched Life of Brian and Father Ted today. But I draw the line at The Vicar of Dibley.
.Do we think Louis Smith wld hv bn suspended if he'd bn filmed laughing at an episode of Father Ted? (& yes -…
Louis Smith's ban is nothing short of censorship. Father Ted won awards for mocking the catholic religion. But Islam is a spe…
Father Ted is next. Can't have anyone mocking catholicism surely now? No more kicking Bishop Brennan up the *** :-(
looks like something off Father Ted here. Must be Bishop Brennan as I'd love to kick him up the ***
I swear to god I've seen Richard Corrigan in a episode of Father Ted.
may as well finish it now -Mr Rinder has won it. in Father Ted he would be Rob. the dancing Judge
Thanks for the like. I aw your notification and I think I'm right in saying Pat Mustard was the name of the milkman in Father Ted.
Whole of the Moon is a great song - especially when sung by Graham Norton's character in TV show Father Ted 😄
He seriously shouldn't be this hot with a moustache and a Father Ted accent but of course he is. It's Jamie Dornan. htt…
ANNOUNCEMENT: the rescheduled dates for 'Father Ted' are now on sale
. Father Ted. The Thick of It. Horrible Histories . League of Gents. Spaced. Monty Python. Alan Partridge. Vic and Bob too?
(Because all the TV I watch is cartoons). Archer. Bob's Burgers. Daria. Father Ted. South Park. Twin Peaks. We Bare Bears
The Divine Comedy's A Woman Of The World. Which was considered for Father Ted at one point.
Boris Johnson with Father Ted with Dougal are shown the main buttons for trident nuclear missiles.
"Father Ted meets Dave Allen in a clever and hilarious set of quirky Irish tales. UK Revewer.…
The episode with my lovely horse on more 4. I love father ted
The Lovely Horse episode of Father Ted is on in half an hour. More 4
Was wondering, since you & I are Father Ted fans, who are your fave characters and least fave characters in it?
When my father came over here penniless with $100 sewn into his underwear, thank God some well-...
- in the words of Mrs Doyle of Father Ted fame - oh go on go on go on go on - you know ya will!
Can't help but think of the Father Ted episode with booze cart and father Jack doing the honourable thing.
This has hints of Father Ted to it. Doonesbury on Trump, again.
I have been surrounded by artists and paintings throughout my life. My father Ted Dyer is an a...
How we feel about Father Ted followed by
Father Ted greatest show of al time
Is there anything to be said for having another mass Ciaran Fitzgerald
DOUGAL WE ARE NOT WATCHING ALIENS! What was on writing the script for Father Ted. Such a national treasure.
Father Ted followed by with 3 provincial football finals on the cards.Perfect
The moron probably did a Father Dougal off father ted and pressed a 'do not press' button!
You should always carry string, according to my archaeologist father, because then you could ...
On our flight : Rafael Cruz, Sen. Ted Cruz's father. He is a Texas delegate
Because finding this out is infinitely more important than finishing my cv...
If you are a candidate running for the presidency, you don't go saying things like Ted Cruz’s father being involved in the JFK conspiracy.
Question who do I have to bribe to get My Lovely Horse by Father Ted Crilly and Father Dougal McGuire on
Is this just your version of the Father Ted sketch in the caravan with Ted, Dougal and the cows?
or just Father Ted and the unparalleled My Lovely Horse 😃
So that's the insperation for Father Dougal in father ted!
is father ted in the opposite bed :D
Father ted: ‘Dougal, here’s a mad guess, just out of the blue, em, did you press the button?’
might be best use of Father Ted reference ever
Yeah, and Ted Cruz's father killed JFK and 9/11 was a conspiracy right? You Trumpkins are amazing.
Beautiful. I'm in the mood for that to be honest. He also sounds like a character out of Father Ted.
We're as excited as Father Ted & Dougal to be starting walking football this time tomorrow!.
luckily it was father Ted who heard it 😂
Those *** have just put Father Ted on AU. I was about to go to sleep !
Ecumenical Matters The Father Ted Podcast has a new episode to hear on Soundcloud! Episode 11 - A Song For Europe
Sean also did loads of other stuff. Does great audio books and docu's on TV & was in Father Ted
Father ted, one of the best tv series ever made.
Watching Father Ted on catchup TV after Mass. I love Sunday mornings!
I watched that episode of Father Ted last night, with "The Field".
Love the over 75, 5 a side episode of Father Ted.
Father Ted and Black Books are both on Netflix.
We're more "Fr Ted Economics" than "Leprechaun Economics", the money is just resting in our account! See why here:
George gets his day in the sun in Episode 12 of The Father Ted Podcast. Released in a few hours
Episode 12 of The Father Ted Podcast will be going up in a few hours. Also
I see Tom (I shot JR) from Father Ted has moved to Wales.
Actress Pauleen Mclynn known for her roles in Father Ted & Shameless will be giving a speech for the greyhounds.
"Before that, she was my daughter, but now I am her father" a poignant TED talk by Ziauddin Yousafzai.
I have concluded that bcs Ted was never really validated by his father, and his mother was always gone,
for the last couple of days I've done nothing but watch Father Ted. I'm tired of being sick. :(
My father is a well known artist, Ted Dyer, who has been painting for many years. Our work is ...
Now Ted, before living Ted, who is a good guy now, even though his father assassinated Kenedy. BS!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Should parents be candid with their children about violent events in the news? One father's strategy
Ted Cruz is a walking mockery of the Bible. . His father said he was "ordained by God to be president"
just bleeped my favourite line in Father Ted: HAIRY JAPANESE *BLEEP* ? I bet would be *BLEEP* livid if he knew!
Watching old episodes of Father Ted reinforces the fact it's the greatest sitcom ever.
Watched the Victor Meldrew ep of Father Ted earlier; we've been hollering ever-decreasing impressions of him non-stop since
Count Arthur Strong is a great series, recommended for fans of Father Ted
The episode of Father Ted where Dougal persuades Ted to say 'I do not believe it' to Richard Wilson. That, but a pitch invasion.
The greatest episode of all time,even better than Father Ted kickin Bishop Brennan up the ***
Japanese yodeling meets Father Ted's 'My Lovely Horse' song. Thanks for this
The best thing about Ireland qualifying for Euro 2016 is the Father Ted flags.
Ted: Shall we phone him now... Or shall we watch it again? I think we'll watch it again! (Nods at Jack & he plays it again). 😂😂
Dougal: "I don't even know how to spell the 'Philippines'.I know it begins with an F, but..." 😂. Ep.
Watching Father Ted again. For the tenth time (at least). Never gets old, always funny. Magical.
I swear is here tonight at the wedding.
Oh honey, we had Father Ted over here. LOL. BRILLIANT!
If you like that style of comedy, I highly recommend another brilliant Irish comedy called Father Ted.
Zoned put watching father ted whoops
him becoming a father is bad and Ted and Robin getting together is worse. It shouldve ended with fade out at the train station
Unlike that old-time bible thumping Rafael Cruz style ...
Is there anything to be said for another mass?
Why do they put Father Ted on so late
Laura Zylak, I'm thinking this is a perfect Father's Day present for Ted Zylak. What do you think?
Donald Trump: Ted Cruz's father made horrible statements about me. What else did you expect from the father of someone l…
father ted and reeves and Mortimer are two of my favs too.
Fast Show, Father Ted, anything with Reeves and Mortimer... so many.
Father ted themed flags have been done.
So Father Ted's funfair is in Blackrock this weekend pmsl. Holy pan! Man eating fish! ***
Aqib Talib shot in Dallas last night.Donald Trump suspects father of Ted Cruz involved,or that's what he heard.
Enda Kenny rockin' out at Bruce Springsteen, Croke Park, Dublin via So Father Ted-like I love watching this
Ted Baker - medium brogue notebook. Great Father's Day gift, especially for dads who love fishing!
This is very much not the impression of the west coast of that I got from Father Ted...
Did anyone else hear a loud " f**king *** " then? Reminded me of the Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep episode of Father Ted😂
Whenever I hear The Cure now I just think of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted singing "Go on, go on just walk away".
Ha! The pace of the game reminds me of the 5-a-side in Father Ted.
You see, what Ted should have done is locked the door so Father Stone couldn't get into the bathroom while he was in there
My father in law said many years ago that the jungle was singing it in late 50s, long before Gerry & Pacemakers' version
Looking forward to hearing Ted DiBiase speak on Father's Day
It's like the speeding milkfloat episode of Father Ted!
In the airport. Terrified I’ll invite a stranger to come and stay, just to make conversation, like Father Ted did with Father Stone.
so I was searching for an old Father Ted meme today and this happened...
Case in point smearing Ted Cruz's father as being part of JFK assissination
The Old Philippine Free Press Editor, who is Anti- Marcos, was the Father of Ted Locsin, who now idolized Bon…
Murray v Djokovic is a bit like being the 2nd best priest in the world.
Father Ted of course! Never watched the magic roundabout.
yet another Father Ted fleg for the Euros
That scene with the priests lost in the knicker section in Father Ted is me trying to escape the make-up section in Boots.
This Father Ted-themed flag for Euro 2016 is the stuff of dreams |
ted cruz when asked about the conspiracy on his father and JFK
Ted has a dapper gift for every discerning dad in mind this Father’s Day
She'd have had a lot of ammunition with Ted and his phony father who hid in Canada after his part in JFk assassination.
Looking forward to the Father Ted fundraiser for tonight
Caught up on thehalf of The Lobster I kept falling asleep during yesterday. Colin Farrell is appeallingly Father Ted-ish.
A great bunch of lads at Bloom yesterday
Goat crisps. It should be on the Irish flag along with Johnny Logan,Kerry Gold and Father Ted
ever seen Father Ted? Housekeeper once sang 'Bishop Piggy in the Middle'.
Don't think I've ever seen the Father Ted with Richard Wilson in it before.
You sure that isn't Bishop Brennan from Father Ted?
Now u sound like something out of Father Ted!
Rafael Bienvenido Cruz-Diaz (Ted Cruz's father) will be a delegate from Texas to the Republican National Convention in July.
Father Ted is actual the best thing ever n if you've never watched it kill ursel !
father elected delegate to the Republican National Convention
Have just discovered that never watched Father Ted. Not sure if our marriage can survive revelations of this magnitude!
Mensch's accent seems so bizarre. Like Father Ted meets Home and Away.
If you don't think that Father Ted is one of the greatest tv shows of all time then we can't be pals 🍀📺
Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, has been there for most of his son’s political triumphs, including the night in 2012...
I'm watching this ep of father ted and I'm dyin I love this show
Father ted is one of the greatest things to come into my life
Watching "Father Ted" & still laughing though I know what is said next
I love that episode of Father Ted any excuse to watch that again
The 24 quotes from Father Ted you still say
you could always follow it up with the Father Ted episode: Speed 3. Lovingly made and much less property damage.
Surely it would've been more apt for Father Ted to close the show with 'my lovely horse'
I really appreciate anyone who shares even half my love for Father Ted. Getting rarer and rarer that people get my references.
Get an auld episode of father ted into ya! Always cheers me up!!
Free random Father Ted quote for every dm
If ever there was a time to use Father Ted's My Lovely Horse as a backing track, this would be it
Ted Cruz's father elected delegate to GOP convention -
This reminds me of when Father Ted tried to convince everyone the money was just resting in his account.
Canny wait for a media question to come up about belief in God so I can talk about father ted and bag me sel 8 marks
For every unfortunate event in Ireland's history, there is a Father Ted scene to perfectly react to it.
Any I might of had,disappeared when he stabbed Ted in the back at 11th hour by attacking his fath…
TRUMP accused his father of killing JFK. He accused Ted of affairs that never happened. SCREW PLEDGE and screw you!
NEW YORK (AP) — Republican front-runner Donald Trump rehashed unsubstantiated claims Tuesday that his rival Ted Cruz's father has links to
8 out of 10 cats and Father Ted, spoilt for choice on the telly tonight 😃
That's like something out of a Father Ted sketch at Old Trafford!!
My favourite Father Ted bit is when they're hammering the car to get rid of a dent and it time skips to the car being completely destroyed
Will giggs chant and father ted combination, could it get any better 😂
Trump screams "SAMSQUATCHES ARE REAL GOD DAMMIT" when his aides question him choosing Bigfoot for VP.
Will Griggs on Fire featuring Father Ted and the Dancing Priest
. His carpet needs a hoover too 😂. - the nip. just said that in a father Ted voice in my head ❤
Still waiting for the real thing to be as good as the Father Ted version
I remember when Norton Was just an extra in Father Ted !
Me trying to show enthusiasm for football would basically be Mrs Doyle in Father Ted. "Go son." *smugface*
'Mrs Doyle' from 'Father Ted' aka has brought her two hens along to the and one has peed on poor Ray LIVE!
oh my gosh! That's Father Jack from Father Ted
Sound all us Irish have to shout about now are Big Jack Charlton, Guinness, Father Ted and the foot in mouth. 🍀🇮🇪
I've been on this Father Ted binge lately. I love the one when the bishops visit and Dougal convinces him to leave The Church.
Feel like this should belong on Father Ted. "I'm limbering up to take some SERIOUS MASS, Dougal."
You know that scene in Father Ted where Dougal & Damo are playing Street Fighter? That caused me to punch my father. C U in court.
sort of like Fr Dougal McGuire from Father Ted.
really should book mark the "Father Ted showing Dougal perspective" picture
Just flicked between E4 and ITV and the hypnotist guy on has literally exactly the same voice as Dougal McGuire on Father Ted
I know someone that doesn't find Father Ted funny, called his son Dougal. It takes allsorts to make a world.
. Good to see Father Ted and Dougal top right :))
One of my favourite Father Ted scenes. .
My Lovely Horse. The one that characters Father Ted and Father Dougal sang in the Eurosong 96,on the episode 🐴 😂😂
Cameron has got so close to using the Father Ted defence "the money was just resting in my account". We should give him…
Dunno - just miss Father Ted - to die at a dinner party in Richmond is the way I want to go. RIP Dermot Morgan x
Hadn't Father Ted had already dealt with this, the "small or far away conundrum"? Father Dougal never got it, but that's Dougal.
Oh God I love chips! (Said in Dougal from Father Ted accent)
Listening to Kings of Convenience for the first time and can't help thinking of Nick Drake starring in Father Ted.
Thanks to Jack, Victor, Father Ted and Father Dougal for covering our gig in the Islay Inn tonight!
Brian Eno's fleeting appearance on the final episode of Father Ted, originally broadcast on May 1, 1998
it's like the episode of Father Ted with Dougal and the cows.
. lives in one and he bought it off Father Ted! 😀
The weather today reminds me of the caravan holiday scene in Father Ted. When the camera pans outside.
that is a huge discovery, we shall watch now. My favourite is Mrs Doyle from father ted sells Ice cream in Bing
President Trumped: Why in the World Would Ivanka Trump Name Her New Baby Ted? Does she resent her father?
I wondered if Grandpa would be calling him Lyin Ted too, but someone suggested Cryin Ted. Seems likely. Ivanka must hate her father.
Rick Perry: Ted Cruz is best to beat Hillary Clinton | will punish you if you defy to be good servants of Father.
Hey Ted, you and your father R just as radical as jihadists. What do I know. Jesus told Heidi you'd be POTUS.
I like Ben Carson. He reminds me of my father. When Ted Cruz did that Iowa BS, he lost my vote & my trust. I believe anything about him now
Which makes Ted Cruz an American..Seeing as how his father is American.
Ted's mother was born & raised American and his father was a legal immigrant.
Two country lads wandering aimlessly in Womenswear "jaysis, it's like Father Ted, without the knickers!"
Tough loss after a great season. Father Ted would be proud.
I don't give a *** for Religious Fanatic Ted Cruz, his silly Father or his Dumb Wife. An affair..w/another Weasel?
Nope, she named him after Ted because her father is a sicko!
But isn't Ted Cruz the father of Ivanka's baby Ted?
Two things:great night at (love Sunday's there) & it's fecking windy out there now (may be watching old episodes of Father Ted)
father Ted is such a beloved thing in my life, it's a real shame to see the creator act like th…
you know that father ted episode where they go to the mainland and dougal is REALLY hungry and asks the policeman for chips? that's me rn
Ivanka Trump masterfully trolls her father by naming her newborn son "Ted". Actual "Theodore" unlike rival Ted Cruz.
I'm guessing the Notre Dame Father Ted patch isn't for this but it's worth a mention
Eric we need to capitalize on the Ted Cruz scandal he is such a low life and has been disrespectful to your father
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
/ holy cow I see the resemblance mr. Haney must be Ted Cruz's father. still a problem.not old enough. Born May 2014
Ted Cruz had a pleasant Easter Sunday with *** must die' Pastor Swanson and father Raphael, then prayed that Jesus loves them the most.
maybe Ted was cheating and he's the father.
DID YOU KNOW Mark Levin;. Mark Reed Levin is father in law of Canadian senator Ted Cruz
That was a quote from Rafael 'Ted' Cruz's father. Good to know you think it was silly.
Cruz's father backed Castro, says Cuban Canadian born Ted Cruz is the anointed one. Wow…
I'd be sad if Ted was my father, too.
Never though the guy who made father Ted would give into the offense brigade
I will make a promise to watch Father Ted. I do enjoy a lot of British sitcoms.
Connecting with my religious side by watching Father Ted
Ted cruz is more like obama. . • Ted is a lawyer… So was Obama. • Ted’s father was not a U.S. citizen at Ted’s...
I feel like all the laugh track/studio audience shows I like are from where we live. Father Ted Still Game etc.
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